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About the Garden Oracle

I began writing The Garden Oracle many years ago and it has been through a number of changes, to get to this point. Just like a real garden, it was seeded, replanted and is now grown – but it will go on growing for you, over time. The 100 cards in The Garden Oracle have been designed to add to, and confirm, your daily, weekly, monthly and annual stars.

The sunflower on the cover of The Garden Oracle is a famous image in the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite. The Smith-Waite Tarot shows the sunflower many times.

It is the flower to associate with Sun Sign astrology. Sunflowers follow the Sun’s daily transit. When we look at a solar chart in astrology to interpret your horoscope, we are also following the Sun’s same transit.

To get the most from The Garden Oracle, premium members can download the accompanying guide now, so you can work with the Past, Present and Future spread – or find numerous ways to use the one-card spread.’

The feature, The Garden Oracle, will also tell you more

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garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle

How to read The Garden Oracle

To tune in, psychically, you need to begin by asking The Garden Oracle about the present. What is the main story in your life? If your life was a magazine, what would be on the front page, summing up your world now? What’s the headline?

This is like tuning in a radio. There are no pre-sets. You have to find the perfect level. If The Garden Oracle is powerfully accurate about life for you today, you can trust it to talk about the future.

You can also ask about the past, of course. Tuning in is very important and you need to take the time to do it.

garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle

The symbolism of plants

The Victorians used the language of flowers to convey different messages when they sent a single stem, or bouquet. This is where “Say it with flowers” comes from.

All plants have strong meaning in our culture. Oak trees represent massive growth from something small, like an acorn.

Lavender has healing properties, confirmed by many different scientific studies. Sage reminds us of wisdom. Carnations are associated with weddings. Roses, with romance. Apples with doctors. The Lotus with Buddhism.

garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle


The meaning can be personal for you. So, if you draw Black-Eyed Susan and you happen to know a Sue with dark eyes – that may be her. Heather may mean a woman named Heather.

A daffodil can mean Easter. A Dutch Iris may be Holland. The poppy may mean the First World War to you. Perhaps the marigold reminds you of the old saying, “Let’s call her Marigold and hope she will.” I am sure you know about rosemary from Shakespeare: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”

In this way you can fill out the written meaning of each card. Allow yourself to experiment.

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garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle


In spiritualist churches, the clairvoyant reading of flowers was normal practise for the guest medium. I have read a whole vase of flowers for a friend before, when I’d forgotten to pack my Tarot deck.

As you become accustomed to using The Garden Oracle, you may find that the colours and shapes of the plants on each card, speak to you on the psychic level. If you are a natural medium or clairvoyant, it’s worth a try.

garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle

Read the Oracle Aloud

Normally, in a psychic reading, the clairvoyant will record her/his predictions for you. Hearing things out loud makes a difference. Try reading your Garden Oracle forecasts aloud.

garden oracle logo small 150x150 - The Garden Oracle

Download the ebook

As a Premium Member you can download Jessica’s e-book The Garden Oracle for more on how to get more insight into each card and how to read the Oracle.

green garden oracle flower logo 150x150 - The Garden Oracle

The Garden Oracle

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