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Virgo the Virgin reminds us that people born under this sun sign are all about the body.


Virgo is the only sign of the zodiac to be defined by her physical condition. Virgo the Virgin reminds us that people born under this sun sign are all about the body. This makes health, medicine, doctors, diet, healing, drugs or physical fitness extremely important to the Virgo identity.


Virgo shines most brightly when she does the job. Capricorn is more interested in getting to the top. Virgo has a strong work ethic and is proud of her attention to detail and her ability to connect all the wheels turning in her organisation or industry. Without her, the machine falls apart.


The Sixth House, ruled by Virgo, is associated with the daily routine, covering eight hours each for work, rest and play. It is crucial to Virgo to have a balanced lifestyle and if you are typical of your sign you will have a regular, ordered way of sleeping, eating, labouring, relaxing and exercising.


To find out who you really are, and how comfortable you feel about being a Virgo, look up the heavenly bodies in the Sixth House of your horoscope. Virgo rules the Sixth House in astrology. Find out more about creating your chart in the Members’ Lounge on this website.


You will develop a powerful new relationship with the world of children, teenagers or students this century. Youth related projects or young people in your family give you incredible influence. Stephen Fry, born August 24 1957 has read all the Harry Potter audiobooks in Britain.



Stephen Fry

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