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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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Astrologer's Diary

First, do you have factors in Libra in your horoscope? Read this as anything you accept or agree to with a duet, or duel, will change, be delayed or even reverse by early November. Yes, it’s Mercury Retrograde in Libra – so just knowing you’ll need Plan B or C can help, as can treating the discussions or paperwork as a dress rehearsal. This may be a break-up or a new relationship but if either of you have Libra factors in your chart, wait a month.


Aquarius Weekly Forecast

The Libra weather now is in your Ninth House, which rules foreign people and foreign countries, as well as the world of publishing, academia, education and the internet. The big picture. If you know you have Sagittarius factors in your natal chart, then this week is really important in terms of your plans. Allow for changes, delays, reversals until 3rd November.

I would say that anyway without a pandemic when every airport and plane is a potential risk for new variants of COVID-19! What we are seeing in your chart, if you do have Sagittarius factors, is a rather stuck situation until January 2022. To make that stuck situation, which is so repetitive and over-familiar by now, far less complex – do not assume anything is complete now.

In fact, Mercury Retrograde guarantees nothing is ultimately fixed, final and finished until 3rd November. So have Plan A and B, get everything in writing and read the fine print. This is so obvious with travel and travelers, anyway – but it may be your plans for a website with a foreign readership too.

What if nothing is in Sagittarius in your natal chart or you don’t know? Then proceed to just treat this week as part of a stop-start process with foreigners, foreign countries, the web, education, books or university/college. It will pause, perhaps reverse and change shape more than once by 3rd November. I post the Mercury Retrograde dates months and years, sometimes, in advance, so you can plan ahead. If you used that feature, an awfully long time ago, you would never have been pursuing publishing (say) or a trip anyway – Mercury Retrograde can be a doozy, usually because of other people’s cancelled or delayed plans and these things have a domino effect.

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