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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aries Monthly Forecast

The Aries Weather

For some years, now, you have been trying to get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable, with your public face; image; profile; wardrobe and so on. Well, that now goes up a notch, Aries. You are about to have a reputation or appearance makeover or find different ways of promoting yourself.

Chiron is joined by Jupiter this month. Jupiter’s ingress is in Aries on May 10th, 2022. Mars’ ingress in Aries is on May 24th. Venus enters Aries on May 3rd and remains there until May 28th. These are the dates to watch.

The Jupiter-Pluto Sextile

On May 3rd, an unusual pattern in Capricorn, which rules your career, unfolds. Expect reshuffles or changes in the balance of power in your immediate work sphere, or your field. This also applies to your academic career or unpaid work. Pluto always redistributes the control.

Finance and Property

Aries, you may want to avoid Monday the 16th of May for decisions about finance, business, charity, property, valuables.

Why? The Sun in Taurus is involved in a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. You’ll have a blind spot, or there may even be a cover-up. To let the world catch up with itself, avoid Sunday 15th and Tuesday 27th May too, for choices about your bank, say, or cryptocurrency, shares or shopping.

Friday, May 13th also sees the Sun in conjunction with the True North Node in Taurus and in opposition to the True South Node in Scorpio. Yes, I know. It’s an easy date to remember!

What was going on 18 or 19 years ago with a house, apartment, bank matter and so on? Aries, karma returns then. You are owed, or you owe.

Retrogrades in Taurus

We also need to talk about these retrogrades in Taurus. This is doubly important if you have anything in Taurus in your natal chart, Aries.

Expect rescheduling, delays or backward turns with the paperwork, your computer or discussions with from Mercury backtracking in Taurus on May 22nd. The entry of Venus in Taurus on May 28th suggests it becomes about deal-making in the most personal way. As with all these things, get it in writing and have Plan B and C please.

The Financial Loop

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, in your solar and natal Second House of personal income, assets, and so on, began on April 27th and the loop resumes on May 24th, so hopefully you read my big Mercury Retrograde caution dates here, which I posted two years ago, and have avoided really big choices.

Even if you have walked right into this, Mercury Retrograde in Taurus ends with the final loop on June 13th, so you’ll have plenty of time for retracing your steps, rewriting agreements, retracting promises and all the other ‘re’ words that come with this notorious cycle. If you are active on the share markets expect flux from May 24th until June 13th. Of course, you may gain from the chaos, Aries, but you have to know what you are doing.

Thursday, May 5th and the days either side is likely to be an unpredictable period for you, financially, with the Sun in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of upheaval. So, this month really does require a bit of fancy footwork from you.

House or Apartment Matters

If the issue is your house, apartment or land priorities, then I have some more dates. We need to talk about Ceres, which can bring deal-making with family members, but also the sort of personal intensity or emotion you would expect (with family or partnerships) applied to people you deal with on a purely business level. Tenants or landladies, for example.

Aries, try to keep the feelings moderated as you’re going to have to come up with a new arrangement and it will be easier if it’s not complicated by strong emotion. As Ceres enters Cancer and your natal Fourth House on May 16th, it looks like a compromise or carve-up with your house, apartment, town or country is on the way by July 23rd.

Travel, Internet, Transport

Ceres, that great symbol of forced compromises, is in your sector of travel, internet and transport just before this shift to property focus for you, Aries. And she’s not the only player here, so you are going to have a complex time with short journeys, the worldwide web, the media, commuting and all the Gemini-ruled matters of life. You can double that message if you also have Gemini natal factors.

Gemini Weather

Ceres remains in Gemini until May 15th. Mercury is Shadow Retrograde all month having started the loop on 30th April. Mercury’s first backward turn in Gemini takes place on May 10th. Mercury disappears from Gemini on May 24th. We then have the New Moon in Gemini on 30th May. The replay takes place from June 14th to 19th.

You will do far better in May if you have Plan B and C for any short trips and expect a higher risk of cancellation, delay or rescheduling. Of course, we are in a pandemic!

The Web and Media

The other focus of Gemini weather is the web, as discussed, and the media. Technical issues, product recall, refunds on phones or computers and so on, are more likely in May. I’m more concerned about May for (say) an electric car purchase for you, or a domestic flight (if you are even travelling) than usual. Why? Mars Retrograde in Gemini goes over the same ground from September 4th until March 17th next year.

Be sharply aware of the terms and conditions on all Third House and Gemini matters in May, Aries. This may be your bicycle, caravan – perhaps – or your train season pass. Equally, an Internet Service Provider or an online newspaper subscription. If you are an Aries in the media then have a back-up plan, more than you usually might.

May is Rehearsal Month

May is very good for rehearsal, beta-testing and trials. Use it for rough outlines and tentative sketches on paper, rather than launches or big new beginnings, as we honestly don’t see Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, followed by Mars Retrograde in Gemini, all that often. And Mars is your ruler!

To be on the safe side with really big moves involving transport, short journeys, the web, the media – you would wait until Mercury had finished the Gemini loop on Sunday the 19th of June then take a deep breath and go in. Yet, you’d still want to read the terms and conditions closely because you will hit delays or obstacles after September and into early 2023, as I’ve said.

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