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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Aries Monthly Forecast

The Aries Weather

You have until June 9th, if you have been trying to get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable, with your public face; image; profile; wardrobe and so on. Chiron in Aries has shown up as mentors, guides or influential figures urging you to see where the goalposts have moved to these days. Mars, your ruler, in Aries is here until the ninth day of the month.

Pluto At Large

Your principal political party, band, team, club, society and so on will see big changes at the Jupiter-Pluto trine near June 2nd. Expect reshuffles or changes in the balance of power in your immediate social circles or networks. Pluto always redistributes the control.

Finance and Property

Mars in Taurus speeds up quite radical new choices about finance, business, charity, property, valuables.

Revolutionary choices about your bank, say, or cryptocurrency, shares or shopping – the house or apartment – are now emerging. The pace will be fast and furious as Mars, your ruler, is in Taurus until July 20th.

Uranus in Taurus, in your solar and natal Second House of personal income, assets, and so on, brings very sudden freedom and independence. So, freedom (from) or freedom (through) what is basically yet another moment of revolution. You have been experiencing them since 2018, Aries.

House or Apartment Matters

If the issue is your house, apartment or land priorities, then I have some more dates. Likewise, property investment.

The Cancer weather passing through, brings a spotlight with it, squarely on your house, apartment, town or country after June 17th, when Venus, Mercury and the Sun all pass-through Cancer, with a new beginning near the new Moon in Cancer around July 5th. This is when you might reshuffle the family or household; renovate; redecorate; attend to overdue repairs – or even move.

Travel, Internet, Transport

Jupiter, that great symbol of opportunity and growth, is now in your sector of travel, internet and transport near this shift to property focus for you, Aries. This is a big month for short journeys, the worldwide web, the media, commuting and all the Gemini-ruled matters of life. You can double that message if you also have Gemini natal factors.

Gemini also rules neighbours and neighbouring places, so for some Aries people the big new opportunity is just across the map.

The Web and Media

The other focus of Gemini weather is the web, as discussed, and the media. This may be your bicycle, caravan – perhaps – or your train season pass. Equally, an Internet Service Provider or an online newspaper subscription.

If the web or media is your stock in trade, then of course this is bigger. It will concern a newspaper, for example, or a television station. Life will race along with Mercury in Gemini until June 17th.

You can afford to be optimistic about the really big moves involving transport, short journeys, the web, the media – Jupiter rewards bigger thinking.

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