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Saturday, June 15th, 2024: Pisces rules your income, house, apartment, business, charity and valuables. Saturn and Neptune transiting Pisces have blocked you at the same time that you have been offered one of those classic ‘real but not really real’ scenarios which is a version of the real world, in a funny sort of ways. Research and get answers about what stopped you and blocked you.

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What it means to be Aquarius

21 January – 19 February

In Rome, the Aquarius was the water-bearer (literally) who supplied the Roman Baths. At your best, you feed communities. You supply groups, teams, clubs and other circle of people with what they need. The highest expression of Aquarius is to raise friendship to a fine art, on a par with marriage or parent-child relationships. The downside of Aquarius is putting the group first and the individual second so that even family ties can suffer.

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Your Week

Aquarius, your Tarot Card is the Three of Wands. The sense of familiarity and ‘been there, done that, wrote the screenplay’ you have about a digital or media issue now, may well be down to past experience as the Aries North Node weather goes right over some karmic matters from a few years ago. Read your full Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for June 10-16, 2024.

Your Month

Reality Checks – Business, Tax, Banks The financial, business, property or charity ‘new reality with no reality’ in your life is not over yet. You have Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, transiting your Second House of personal income. Read your full Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for June.
Your Year 2024

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