Tuesday 21st November 2017: The secret you are concerned with, or the role you are playing behind the scenes, suggests a need for self-control, to gain control. Premium Member? The Moon enters Capricorn today so if you have factors there, your ambition, mission and position dominates now.

What it means to be Aquarius

You are the water-bearer who fed the Roman baths and thus supplied the entire community with what it needed. That ancient symbol is sometimes mistakenly described as the wise man holding the jug of truth – but an Aquarius in Ancient Rome really was the name given to the man who carried the water, that brought everyone together in the pool. This idea of tribalism and community is at the core of who you are. With Saturn in this zone of your chart, 2015-2017 is a test of this – yet it will teach you and change your life.

Your Week

If you think about the one, no-strings, upfront, generous offer of help you had with your goals or roles in late October/early November – you will realise it actually contained more than first appears. You didn’t follow up, but now you can and should. Read your full Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 November 2017

Your Month

Aquarius, we have an unusual month in November, when so many planets and asteroids end their stay in one zodiac sign and move into another. This is your cue to end your time with particular situations or people and start the move towards your future. Read your full Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: November

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