Wednesday 18th September 2019: Ask yourself what it’s actually costing you in terms of time, to sort out what has gathered (like so much seaweed) with your finances, business interests, charity or property. Do you really want to keep dragging through this net? Is something else a better investment?

What it means to be Aquarius

In Rome, the Aquarius was the water-bearer (literally) who supplied the Roman Baths. At your best, you feed communities. You supply groups, teams, clubs and other circle of people with what they need. The highest expression of Aquarius is to raise friendship to a fine art, on a par with marriage or parent-child relationships. The downside of Aquarius is putting the group first and the individual second so that even family ties can suffer.

Your Week

The recent Full Moon in Pisces fell across the financial axis of your horoscope, which is where you deal with family inheritance, council and government tax, mortgage and rent, investment and property income, charity and trust funds, insurance and pensions - and the rest. Read your full Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: 16-22 September 2019

Your Month

New Income, Tax Bills, Property, Charity, Banks, Credit and Debit Cards, Legacies, Inheritance, Business You have a big month ahead for your calculator, Aquarius, so get ready to stare down the dollars, pounds or euros. You will end up figuring out for yourself who/what is an unnecessary expense or waste of money. Read your full Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: September

Aquarius in 2019

You begin 2019 with a change in the balance of power at work, with your unpaid work or at university. Promotions, reshuffles, demotions or departures would be typical. There may also be restructuring which changes the way people share the controls. This might also be about your industry, field or profession as a whole. Read your Aquarius 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Would you like to know more about Astrology and how your birth chart works?  Here are some handpicked posts for you. When you’re finished you can discover even more Astrology Basics.

All About Your Birth Chart

What do all those planets, asteroids and the rest mean in your personal birth chart? Sometimes called the natal chart this is the key to everything you need to know.

The Tenth House

The Tenth House is ruled by the zodiac sign Capricorn and Saturn. This is where you climb to the top, achieving your goals and becoming successful.

The Third House

The Third House, at its core, is about being heard and read. Thus we go into areas like literacy, translation, speech impediments, deafness, public speaking, and of course vision, as one has to read, in order to translate and transmit.

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