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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024: Groups? You are likely to be still in a bubble with people or plans which allow you to escape reality on some level. You are operating blind at this time, so be careful. Of course, the end results could be great. But you have such thick blinkers on, you are unlikely to know right now. So, get external advice and get as many opinions as you need. Examine friendship. One group has already been a whopping reality check.

Something Special this Tuesday:

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What it means to be Taurus

21 April – 21 May

The highest expression of the Sun in Taurus is compassionate philanthropy. Charity and generosity for its own sake. Equal to that is conservation and preservation, no matter what the price tag. This is your shiniest, best-ever self. Taurus the bull is a symbol of bull markets on Wall Street and gold bullion. The downside of Taurus is greed and a willingness to sell out the planet for money. Another common downside is cheap behaviour – a Scrooge complex.

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Your Week

Taurus – Jupiter in your money, property, charity and business zones in Gemini continues to make the right aspects. You will gratefully receive or be in such a good position that you can give. You have your own values and your own life budget. Read your full Taurus Weekly Horoscope for July 15-21, 2024.

Your Month

Neighbouring Places and People July is all about your regional travel and neighbouring relocation zone, as 2025-2026 and its biggest plans begins – in July 2024. The future looks so much bigger. Read your full Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July.
Your Year 2024

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