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Thursday, May 26th, 2022: Saturn teaches patience. This is why people who begin a new job, and launch into a new career, can be so astonished to find themselves intuitively knowing what’s coming next – even if they are totally inexperienced – it’s the need for the longest stretch. People who don’t stretch themselves enough in this cycle, find the names and faces may change, but the lesson remains the same. The hard yards, work.

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What it means to be Taurus

21 April – 21 May

The highest expression of the Sun in Taurus is compassionate philanthropy. Charity and generosity for its own sake. Equal to that is conservation and preservation, no matter what the price tag. This is your shiniest, best-ever self. Taurus the bull is a symbol of bull markets on Wall Street and gold bullion. The downside of Taurus is greed and a willingness to sell out the planet for money. Another common downside is cheap behaviour – a Scrooge complex.

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Your Week

You will be involved with a boundary-free group of people at this time. It may be a loose, informal network (like a share household with attached friends) or something more formal, like a meditation circle or political party. A religious group. The same issues will arise. Read your full Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 23-29 May 2022.

Your Month

Friends and Groups Well, you have an opportunity or solution involving friends and groups, which is both rare and useful, Taurus, near May 3rd, 2022. Read your full Taurus Monthly Horoscope for May.
Your Year 2022
Famous Taurus People Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, April 21st Audrey Hepburn, May 4th Bettie Page, April 22nd Adele, May 5th David Attenborough, May 8th Michael Palin, May 5th 2022 – Your Education Year Some people might say life is an education. Read your full Taurus Yearly Horoscope for 2022.

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