Friday 28th July 2017: When things do not go according to plan or people go off on a tangent, it can be hard to see what purpose anything might serve. Actually, old ground needed to be broken up in your life, with a part of your world which is just crying out for change. Get ready.

What it means to be Taurus

You are well-known for your charities, precious possessions, amazing houses or apartments and above all, your finances. This is being put to the test, Taurus, as you go through the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle in 2015-2017. What you do not need in your life, you will release. What you must create, to stand the test of time, will be created. Did you know that the final week of May, through to the third week of June, of any year, is when you have your best chance in 12 months to crunch numbers and get real?

Your Week

Minerva in Scorpio is really about what's wise, regarding the other person, or the other side. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and she was usually portrayed holding an owl. She was her father Jupiter's counsellor, and it may be that this week brings some useful counselling or advice your way.
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Your Month

It’s All About The Message With not only the Sun, but also Mercury (communication), Mars and then Ceres in your laptop and notebook zone, July is all about the message. Communication and Information What is this news and negotiation all about?
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