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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Taurus Monthly Forecast

The Next Generation

The world of children, babies, teenagers or young adults (the next generation) will turn up the heat this month. You are heading towards a Full Moon decision near 20th September, Taurus, and at every point the crosscurrents between yourself and others will be clearly shown to you. From this comes a choice which will put you on a different path for the rest of the year. Perhaps even until September 2022.

Children in this context means your own sons and daughters, or other people’s. It also covers pregnancy, fertility, abortion, miscarriage, adoption, and so on. Right now, you’ll be all fired up (or others will be) about an issue directly connected to the above list. You are an earth sign, and you need to use that sensible, grounded, down-to-earth approach in September, according to your solar chart.

Find a technique (mental or physical) that will ground you, stabilise you, centre you and do get outside opinions from people you trust and respect, who have no vested interest in the situation, but can give you excellent impartial opinions.

Sometimes the issue is not (say) your son, or a godchild – but younger people en masse. You may be a teacher or work in a children’s hospital. The same message applies in your chart. Slow down and cool down in September.

Do not let passion or anger, impulse or emotional ‘fire’ turn up the heat. It can happen, during a Mars transit of your Fifth House. Most importantly, ride things out, see all the angles and then make a perfectly imperfect choice near September 20th, Taurus. It can be comforting to know there never was any ‘perfection’ about what you had to decide.

Friends and Groups

Neptune is now busy in your sector of friends and groups and feeling all at sea; drifting; floating; keeping your head above water; losing your footing – are all classic outcomes of this cycle. You’ve had this for years, Taurus, so it’s nothing new, but in September it becomes more focussed. Or to be specific, the lack of focus is in focus. Neptune transits can have a confused and confusing quality.

Look at the friend and/or group repeatedly if you must to try and figure out the realities of what is really not particularly real at all! Is this connection actually adding to both your lives, or is it creating a mess, a muddle, or a fuzzy haze?

Drugs and alcohol can cause problems now, so if the friendship depends on getting drunk, or doing a lot of dope/cocaine/acid/ecstasy then be aware of that. Your ability to function in the real world is impaired enough already in this cycle, without any more confusion.

The internet, and particularly Facebook, is notorious for sloppy boundaries. Don’t get caught out in September, Taurus, as you need firm lines in the sand, not a rising tide that obliterates them.

You’ll be affected quite strongly by a group of people at this time. It may be a loose, informal network (like a shared household with attached friends) or something more formal, like a meditation circle. Once again, drug and alcohol use can blur the picture. Be aware. Obviously, if you’re blind to where it’s all going (and what it’s creating in your life) then when you wake up and pull out – there will be a moment of truth. The point at which you realise you have stumbled into a shambles is the point at which you may feel you’ve landed on terra firma after a long period of treading water. The Full Moon on 20th September feels like that moment for you.

The Gains of 2022

Taurus, if you can contain and control the boundaries within the group, and the friendship, then you will love the results next year. You will have bigger and better options for your social life, social media and existing circles with that forthcoming Jupiter in Pisces transit, December 28th, 2021, until May 10th, 2022, and then October 28th, 2022, until December 20th, 2022.

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