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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for January. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Taurus Monthly Forecast

Taurus, you won’t know where you stand with your career, unpaid work or university/college term until Mercury Retrograde is over, February 24th. This may be because you lose your position, resign, switch careers and so on. If applying for jobs, going for interviews, filling in forms, have Plan B, C and D up your sleeve in January.

Three times a year, for about three weeks, Mercury appears to move backwards. It’s retrograde then, and everything it rules, from communication, to business – and travel – goes backwards too. Issues are picked up, then put down. People change their minds. They’re too late – or much too early – and sometimes they don’t turn up at all. Purchases are taken back. Connections are made, then lost. Have Plan B, C and D if you are involved (say) a vote on your role in the organisation for the future. Or mutterings about a new job for you.

Commonly, the atmosphere at this time is busy and lively, but also shambolic. Possessions are lost or stolen. Prices are not fixed. Electronic goods frequently do not work – and there are no guarantees for anything. This is about your ambition in life, basically.

People recycle ideas, issues, plans and deals to see what will happen – but more often than not, what takes place leaves them stuck exactly where they were before! There is typically a vast amount of analysis, discussion, gossip, sales talk – and loose talk – when this planet is retrograde. Some of it will stick, and some of it will not. This is about your profession. (Or other field).

Astrologers advise against signing anything important at this time because what appears to be gospel truth, or a done deal, could turn out to be anything but. It is wise to avoid negotiations during Mercury retrograde cycles because you may change your mind later or find you could have swung a better deal somewhere else. If you can ask for time to think and ponder now, it’s probably a good idea. Once this cycle is over, you will be in a better position to make sense of what has been ‘decided’ or under so much discussion.

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