Thursday 30th March 2017: You can take your ambitions further on this Jupiter-Pluto square, either by moving on up, or by steadying your position. If you have an obstacle standing in the way, then it may be rolled aside more easily and rapidly than you imagined. Keep your eyes on the prize.


What it means to be Capricorn

The mountain goat is your ambitious totem animal, unafraid of heights or impossible tasks. How can Billy Goat Gruff get up Everest? Patience. It’s like building the pyramids or hauling bluestones from Wales to Stonehenge. Nobody can ever believe anybody did those things, but Capricorn has a gut instinct about such achievements. It just takes hard work and time. And respect for the boss. And also, perhaps, the desire to become the boss. You’ll love the opportunities for success which appear, from late 2016 into 2017.


Your Week

Developing a new and unexpected relationship with your home town, country, family, household or home is what March and April are all about. You wisely rejected particular places, people or situations quite recently. Being independent means not knowing the ropes, but you can find out as you go along.
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Your Month

Internet, Multimedia, Communication, Education Capricorn, it's amazing how a stoic, sensible, practical earth sign like you can end up floundering. Even you have not been able to control the currents since 2016, though.
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