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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023: Capricorn, your cultural background, your heritage and your own country could have an intriguing effect on you now. Logic will have nothing to do with how you feel as this is karma from the past. So once again, you need to ask yourself if your need to belong to a certain place, or live in a certain space, is about closure, particularly if life 18 or 19 years prior shows you an awfully familiar theme, going around.

Something Special this Tuesday:

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What it means to be Capricorn

22 December – 20 January

The mountain goat who climbs patiently to the top is widely admired for her/his persistence, stamina and vision. At your very best, this is how you live your life. You set goals and reach them. You rise in high society and shine brightly in corporations, companies or the academic establishment. At your worst, you are a social climber who uses people to get ahead. Doing anything for success is another classic Capricorn Sun downfall – is making it, so crucial?

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Your Week

Capricorn – Ops in Scorpio is about the shining hope with the group. This may be you who is really starring in a lead role with this circle of people, or perhaps you are one of the small crowd, with a superstar who is upfront. In any case it’s all positive, as Ops always is. Read your full Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for November 27 – December 3, 2023.

Your Month

Scorpio Season Do you have Aquarius factors? Then November is life-changing from January 2024. By February 2024 you will realise people power can do anything if your allies and friends join with you in that force-field known as the hive mind. This is about your social life, friendships, Twitter, Substack, groups and networks. Read your full Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for November.
Your Year 2023
If you are romantically involved with Libra, or wish to be (or wish not to be) this is an historic year for you, Capricorn. Make or break, sexually and emotionally. Read your full Capricorn Yearly Horoscope for 2023.

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