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Men and Astrology – Part I

If you want to understand men find out their sun sign, which reveals where a man shines the brightest (or not). Part 1 of a two part series.

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Astrology and Your Body

If you are concerned with health, healing and your body, there are some tried and tested clues in your astrological birth chart.

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Introduction to Astrology Lessons

Introduction to Astrology: Love!

Lovers have charts which describes the relationship – what it’s for, and what kind of journey it will involve for both of you (hopefully The Love Boat rather than The Titanic).

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Introduction to Astrology: Murky Retrograde

To really understand Mercury, you must return to the Romans and understand the way they traded and did business, as they gave us the archetype for Mercury in the first place. Our modern astrology comes from them.

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Introduction to Astrology: Understanding Pluto

We associate Pluto with something very big becoming something rather small and the idea of downsizing, putting someone in their place, shrinking people’s positions, lowering their status, dwarfing their importance and so on, is tied to all Pluto transits.

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If you have an interest in writing and a passion for storytelling and Astrology then you have what it takes to be a Sun Sign Astrologer. With the Sun Sign School you can learn from some of the most influential astrologers of our time. The Sun Sign School offers online courses and tuition from a range of highly visible and successful media astrologers. Find out more by visiting the Sun Sign School website.

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