Introduction to Astrology: Dates With Destiny

We all have dates with destiny. Watch for the days when planets and other heavenly bodies line up at the same degrees in your chart. If they also happen to line up at the same sign, pay even more attention.

Can we avoid our fate if we don’t want to invite something difficult in the door? Yes.

That is what astrology is for. Destiny is negotiable, as wise astrologers say.

Astrologers Who Predict Headlines

Some astrologers can predict the future, and some can’t. Some choose to and some don’t!

Maggie Hyde is a skilled predictive astrologer who readers of the Observer will remember, saw big corporate events, like those at British Telecom, many months before they occurred.

As she explains in an article called The Judder Effect for the Astrological Association Journal, she was originally given her column because of a stunning 1999 prediction about Bill Gates and Microsoft, which impressed the paper.

Using an astrological technique known as progression, Maggie Hyde saw Gates leaving Microsoft in January 2000 – or losing his power there. Reader, he quit. It was a date with destiny.

These kinds of bang-on, far-sighted predictions can sometimes create what my friend Maggie calls a judder effect. You’ve taken astrology out of vague generalisation which could mean anything (which is too often the sad state of Sun Sign columns) and into serious territory.

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100 True Predictions in 100 Days

I have a series on my website called 100 True Predictions in 100 Days which deconstructs the horoscopes behind accurate news forecasts. If you are curious about the way dates with destiny work in astrology, have a look.

Sting is a fan of the astrologer and author Steven Forrest, among many others. Forrest believes “Destiny is something for which we must strive; Fate is what happens to us if we don’t.” For him, destiny is a divine plan. It’s what we should aim for. Fate is what happens to us when we stop trying. So true.

Dennis Elwell, writing in The Astrological Association Journal in 2004, noted:

“Only when you are too inert to shape yourself, are you at the mercy of the Pattern Maker.”

Elwell quotes Llewellyn George. “We are ‘free’ according to our wisdom and we are ‘fated’ in proportion to our lack of understanding.”

Former British PM David Cameron chose June 23rd, 2016 as the date for his referendum on the EU. I am sure he had no idea that on that day, Uranus at 23 Aries lined up with Ceres at 23 Aries and Mars at 23 Scorpio. Uranus has been a symbol of independence, revolution, freedom and liberty since his discovery and naming in 1781.

Astrologers and Their Charts

Astrologers often leave their charts alone for months. Some of us even drop out of the profession, only to come back a few years later. It is common to find pro astrologers having a crisis of faith about their technique, or even about the whole strange business of peering into the future.

Sometimes I have ignored my chart. When I was a baby astrologer, I applied for a mortgage on Mercury Retrograde to buy a house I wanted in the country. It was wildly inconvenient for me to avoid the application and I boldly decided I was going to ignore Mercury Retrograde and pretend it wasn’t happening. I went through two months of nonsense and lost my $600 deposit, which was a lot of money at the time. Lesson learned.

I mention these stories because they show a great truth about astrology. Once you’re ‘in’ that world you have to stay

there. I often wonder what would have happened, had I lost my belief in horoscopes altogether and changed my world view. And you?

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The Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

Dennis Elwell: “Princess Diana met a tragic death in Paris. She often sought advice from astrologers and psychics, so the obvious question is why the advice was not of more use to her.”

I once spoke to Diana’s medium, Rita Rogers on the telephone about this. Rita confirmed to me that the princess had more than basic astrological knowledge.

So why, why, why did that dreadful day come to pass? It’s pretty simple really. The advice, coming from Rita at least – and probably many others helping the Princess – was ignored.

As she told The Daily Mail, Rita warned Dodi about the accident, down to details about the colour of the car and the tunnel. She warned him to use his own driver. I believe her. Rita Rogers is a brilliant medium.

Astrology does not, and cannot, predict death. After someone crosses over, it can show you what their transition achieves (because everybody who leaves the planet, changes it a little, through their exit). That’s it. I sometimes have readers writing to me, worried that Pluto by transit means they are about to fall under an elephant. Oh dear. No.

I realise this is not a topic you are going to find in every astrology book, but it is my belief (which I cannot prove here) that every transition has a huge purpose and that the astrological chart for the moment a soul departs, describes that purpose.

The Passing of a Princess

This exact line-up of aspects for August 31st. 1997 at 00.00am in Paris tells a big story. I am using modern astrology, which seems right for the passing of a very modern princess. The key to Diana’s passing is also Dodi Fayed’s chart (born on April 15th, 1955), which tallies exactly with Diana’s as we would expect.

These are Diana’s transits – Born with Psyche at 21 Cancer Passes with Aesculapia at 21 Cancer.

Dodi Fayed born with Moon at 21 Capricorn, Jupiter at 21 Cancer Born with Neptune at 8 Scorpio. Passes with Bacchus at 8 Scorpio Born with Saturn at 27 Capricorn Passes with Neptune at 27 Capricorn. Dodi Fayed born with Neptune at 26 Libra Born with Jupiter at 5 Aquarius, Passes with Uranus at 5 Aquarius. Dodi Fayed born with Chiron at 5 Aquarius Born with Chiron at 6 Pisces. Passes with Ceres at 6 Pisces.

France has a ‘birth’ chart too set for October 5th, 1958. You can see it on my website if you are curious. There are many ways the French chart chimes with the transits for the day of the crash and the horoscopes of this ill-starred couple.

What is really striking is Fortuna at 4 Sagittarius, the sign of the foreigner. Fortuna is the blindfolded goddess who spins the wheel of fate and fortune without realizing what she does. This is the role France played in the tragedy, according to modern astrology.

I once spent the afternoon with the lovely Debbie Frank, Diana’s astrologer for the last eight years of her life, at the National Portrait Gallery. We had afternoon tea, gazed at paintings of the royal family and talked horoscopes. Debbie is one of the most intuitive and intriguing astrologers in the business. Her colleagues and contemporaries in our industry all know she expertly navigated the Princess through the most difficult years of her life with amazing results – particularly for the charities and causes Diana supported.

Diana’s birth time was originally given as 2pm, then corrected to 7.45pm on July 1st. 1961 in Sandringham, which the Princess confirmed with Debbie. This gives her a Sagittarius Ascendant, also confirmed by Diana’s psychic and healer, Simone Simmons.

One of the reasons we know this Sagittarius Ascendant is correct, is the T-Square formed in the heavens when Diana died. She was born with the AC at Sagittarius 18 and passed away with the True South Node at 19 Pisces and True North Node at 19 Virgo.

Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. Diana was in Paris as a guest of Mohamed Al Fayed with, Dodi, when her car crashed. She had also been working on an international campaign against landmines. That is most certainly Diana’s Ascendant or Rising Sign.

I once had an unforgettable telephone conversation with Simone Simmons. Diana confided in Simone, that she had been given a dossier about the landmine industry, which she had compiled during her crusade against them.

After the BBC made this public, Simone told me she had received contact from intelligence insiders, all around the world, wanting to support her and confirm her views.

The Express reported that a retired soldier, Rory Allen (who had worked with Diana on her campaign) claimed she had been killed because of her humanitarian efforts.

So many people have come forward about the death of the Princess but in terms of Diana’s horoscope, Allen’s timing was remarkable.

According to Simone Simmons, the Princess had been preparing a report called ‘Profiting Out of Misery’ in which she was going to name names in the arms industry.

Today, the French investigation stands, unchallenged. Officially, Diana’s car crash was an accident and not the fault of photographers or foreign intelligence agents. It was the fault of Henri Paul, the driver of Diana’s car, who was affected by alcohol and prescription drugs, driving at nearly twice the speed limit.

Nobody I ever speak to, at astrology events, accepts that. The hands shoot up in unison. The crash was not an accident.

Diana loved astrology. Astrologers loved her, too. What does the astrology tell you, about how and why she passed away? We have new software, new discoveries since the devastating days of August 1997. What can you find in the handwriting of that chart?

Look at the zodiac signs being triggered, and the horoscope factors concerned. They have a story to tell which goes behind the headlines. You will see it as plain as day if you look.

Why Statistics Don’t Work in Astrology

The unique blend of the person, the times he or she lives in, the place – and the other people involved – creates a combination of factors which can never be repeated.

Dates with destiny cannot be fed into a computer and tested for their ‘truth’ because this is not how horoscopes function.

Statistical tests of astrology generally fail. Even when strong patterns are detected, like The Tenacious Mars Effect, it is possible that what we are seeing is a striking piece of synchronicity.

This was one of the ways that I came to astrology, aged 19, at the University of Tasmania. I stumbled across the famous Gauquelin data on the shelves. The remarkable research done by Professor Hans Eysenck, Sybil B.G. Eysenck, Michel and Francois Gauquelin made astrology credible in academia.

I prefer to believe The Tenacious Mars Effect is a staggering example of synchronicity, implicating Michel Gauquelin himself (like Mars the God of War, his research saw him battle both astrologers and scientists) rather than any great statistical truth about humanity. If it is not, the implications are Orwellian.

Isn’t this what every evil genius longs for? Statistical proof that if you force the birth of a baby at an appointed time, you can engineer a generation of outstanding military men, blessed with The Tenacious Mars Effect?

I am sure that astrology was never meant for statistics. For me, it is actually astrology’s great gift to the world. The horoscope releases you from the tyranny of numbers.

In astrology you are not, and never will be, just another number. We use numbers, but in unique patterns that are unrepeatable, just like you. Never be doomed by statistics!

It is liberating to know that you have a unique horoscope, as singular as a fingerprint. When read in combination with the times you live in, the people around you and even the organisations or countries which affect your life (they all have horoscopes too) you have a glorious one-off. Yes, astrology reads dates with destiny, but it also allows you to modify your fate. There is a substantial difference.

The horoscope, like the person, is unique. This is the case, even for twins, as you can see in another section of this book. Twins have largely similar horoscopes, but they grow up to have different friends, then different husbands or wives, different children, different employers and different homes. All these aspects of twins’ lives also carry horoscopes. They create a one-off combination of patterns, which each twin responds to, using free will. You can read more about twins later.

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Twins and Destiny

It is quite true that twins who have their umbilical cords cut moments apart, can have the same general horoscope. Dates with destiny will also trigger these horoscopes on the same day, at the same time. What researchers seldom take into account, though, is that each twin will have her own circle of people, who also have horoscopes, which are also triggered (or not).

That’s what makes the event. People, together, make things happen. I am amazed that astrology’s critics ever thought otherwise. Astrology is about the interplay between people.

Astrologers make this mistake too. They read their chart in isolation. They put in the transits, but they leave out the people around them and even the place. To do this stuff properly, you need all the alchemy of every factor to figure out a useful formula.

Imagine an old-fashioned overhead projector with one sheet of film, laid over another, laid over another…and so on. Visualise different horoscopes being printed on all sheets.

This is actually the way we used to give lectures at The Astrological Lodge of London, near Baker Street, in the good old days before laptop computers. It illustrates perfectly why moments in time are a combination of horoscopes, not just one.

The real clincher, for an astrologer, is looking at her own chart before a private reading. You will also be woven into the story.

If you are interested in this approach, then it is time to pursue the work of astrologers Maggie Hyde and Geoffrey Cornelius in particular, and also my all-time favourite science book, The Shape of Things to Come, by Jane Teresa Anderson.

When to Launch?

When to launch your business, election campaign, perfume, book or ship? The difference between a bestselling book and a fizzer is often the cost of hiring a good, experienced astrologer to gaze at the charts.

Avoid Mercury Retrograde. If you can launch any time, why then? You might also want to avoid Full Moons. They spell D-Day, and they are common at the launch of military campaigns, but do you really want battle stations for your boutique opening?

Put the chart in context. A New Moon suits a new beginning, but not if it pings your horoscope in all the wrong places and it also uncomfortably hits the charts of your colleagues.

If you are thinking about your career, look at what is happening to your Tenth House (Capricorn) and/or Sixth House (Virgo) before you launch. Otherwise, you may have a fizzer.

Avoid oppositions, in general. Not just in your chart, but in the world’s chart. If Pluto in Capricorn is opposing the Sun in Cancer, in July, the planet is stressed. Nobody is in the mood for ‘new’ when they are dealing with pressure. People have enough to cope with, without trundling along to see your new shampoo.

You can check these oppositions by tracking the heavenly bodies at my website.

If you really want to have a great launch, mix sociology and astrology. Former Vanity Fair astrologer Michael Lutin first taught me about this basic principle in an unforgettable lecture at an Australian astrology conference.

Think about the demographic you are trying to reach with your launch. Are these people in their fifties? Forties? Thirties? Twenties?

Millions of people in your market have the slow-moving outer planets in particular zodiac signs. Sixties babies have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo. They are the mineral water, gym, health food, vitamin and cosmetic surgery generation. Sell to them.

Seventies babies have Uranus or Pluto in Libra. Their parents had the first no-fault divorce in history. They are preoccupied with love, sex, marriage and commitment. They are deeply concerned with equality, which Libra rules. Speak to them! They want peace. They don’t want guns and they don’t want Trident.

Why did Harry Potter rule the world, with a particular generation, for so many years? They were born with Uranus or Neptune in Capricorn. Hogwarts taught them about hierarchy. When this generation is old enough to rule the world, they will change the world. Sell to them!

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Useful New Moons

Not every New Moon is useful. Don’t get caught. Some of them are precious gifts, though, designed to help you on your way.

What you want is a nice, bright, shiny New Moon in the house of your chart which is relevant to your launch. Make sure this house is in good shape and check that there is nothing else going on that gets in the way. Check your transits. Know your Dates With Destiny.

If you want to launch an adoption application, or you want to launch an online course for young people – choose a New Moon in Leo in your Fifth House, which rules the ‘heirs’ to your throne.

Make sure your Fifth House is in okay shape in your birth chart – and that there is nothing major in Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio creating squares and oppositions to obstruct you. Go!

If it’s about launching yourself as a brand, you’re looking at Aries/First House. If it’s about launching a business based on trade, then it’s Taurus/Second House. If it’s about launching a new club, then it’s Aquarius/Eleventh House.

One of the reasons I created our quarterly Horoscope Journals (with brilliant designer Janine Brown) was to ensure that every member of my website could track her New Moon cycles and use the pages of the journal to set goals, make sketches, clip pictures from magazines and generally work her astrology.

Time is not what it appears. I like to think of astrology as time-wrangling and it’s the greatest gift your horoscope can give you.


Edited extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.

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54 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I am launching something on 8th April. Can you tell me how this will go at the time of the event and into the future?

    Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure why you chose 8th April; 10th April would have been better (Venus 24 Aries sextile Jupiter 24 Aquarius) and especially if you wanted the custom of online groups, networks and Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Presumably you do? Thursday 15th April is also good with the Sun at 25 Aries sextile Jupiter at 25 Aquarius. There’s nothing wrong with 8th April but I’m curious as to why you selected it.

  2. Thank you for interesting article, Jessica! I’m going through an interesting time, to say the least! Both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and I’m an Aquarius and transiting Pluto conjunct my Venus. I definitely see the first signs of both Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is such a downer. I’m also staring at some health problems now! Saturn scares me but it definitely reaches discipline.

  3. Hi Jessica – I am not sure how I found you several years ago, but I am so thankful I did. I always appreciate when you are able to provide feedback and even when you can not I do my best to decipher the astrology on my own.

    Do you see any dates with destiny that predict to align me with true love (and expanding my family), creative work (yoga, meditation, podcast, radio, momming, animal loving) that produces financial abundance, and a new image (personal appearance)? Is there anything that stands out to you in terms or dates or themes I should be aware of and may not be focusing on? Thank you for all your help, you are very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you so much. I know, astrology can be tricky at first, but you will eventually become your own best astrologer. You will radically change your finances 2021-2026 and put a higher price on independence and freedom, instead of (say) marrying into a financial partnership, or marrying into an apartment or house set-up. You will become your own person, financially and find you love the space. Doing things differently; doing the last thing you imagined you would end up doing; being your own person – it all works for you now, and it will work for you later as well. Explore the latest and greatest ways to make money online, bringing your existing talents and skills into new areas. When people suggest something, don’t ignore it, find out more about it. I just had a reader with a very similar chart to yours, who is discovering innovative and inventive new ways to monetise a website for book lovers. This is all new to her. She’d never heard of affiliate sales and never considered offering authors a promotional package, but she is now. I have no idea what your forte is, but look at what other people are doing to fill gaps in the market. As for marriage, love and sex – it’s always going to be hard work for you. And a really big deal. You will never be by yourself for very long, with that heavily Libran chart. Just be absolutely aware of the need for your own financial and property independence, to 2026.

  4. Hi Jessica, I loved reading this article, fascinating.. it makes me feel sorry that I don’t know more about astrology, however I am currently involved in tarot. I would appreciate your advice on the timing of launching my art exhibition in Melbourne. A particular gallery opens proposals twice a year; March/April, Sept/Oct. There are several spaces within the venue (street frontage, middle gallery and rear of the gallery ) I don’t know if there is a choice on the dates however I do know to avoid mercury retrograde periods, I have the dates on my calendar (not sure how I would frame that in the proposal ! )
    I used the members access oracle this morning and did my best to interpret the cards; Jupiter and the tenth house which may have a link to timing that I haven’t worked out. I also consulted my own tarot deck. Specific question: which gallery space within the venue? street frontage or rear gallery space ? Front= Queen of Wands/6 of wands.. frightening ! made me laugh, (introvert scorpio over here), Rear gallery space= 8 of wands/5 of pentacles which also made me smile, visually it looked like the energy would flow to the back of the venue and reach the ‘outsider’ / or less obvious space anyway. I also asked about time/timing; Ace of Cups. As I understand it there is not a specific time associated with the aces ? The letter W / M on the cup had me turn the card upside down and then it was March May. Kind regards, Michelle Caithness.

    1. Michelle, Tarot is a good companion to artists and of course Pamela Colman Smith was a painter, illustrator and set designer. Jupiter/Ten is fantastic to see; luck with career. You were right about the actual spaces – street or rear. Pamela’s Tarot doesn’t really deliver timing unless the phrase ‘Ace of Cups’ has personal meaning for you. You are skipping Mercury Retrograde, which is sensible. March-April and September-October are better from March 13th (a few days to go) and the New Moon on September 7th is helpful. As you have your own deck, work with that and those dates.

  5. Hi Jessica!
    I know with Jupiter entering Pisces this year, an expansion for me in all things 4th house is coming- but my questions lie in another baby/marriage. My fear is I am getting older, and not sure if another kid is in the cards. I grew up a lonely only child and don’t want the same for my son. Do you see any dates that may indicate finding a partner and having another baby?
    Thanks a bunch!

    1. It’s 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 which delivers the lifetime partnership you want. It will be extremely unusual, the last thing you expected, give you tremendous freedom, not fit any rules and be invented to suit you and the other person. Of course you can enjoy love and sex until then! You will have an incredible opportunity with a house or apartment (the one you are in now or another) from May, June, July, December and in 2022.

  6. Hi Jessica thank you for all your articles and commentary I thoroughly enjoy reading them and reflecting. I feel stuck after having retired 12 months ago and managing health issues a year prior. I feel displaced and immobile which I find frustrating as I had a very active working and family life prior. It is as though I have left my confidence somewhere and cannot quite seem to find where that was. I do know and sense that there is something in the pipeline for me but not quite sure which way to focus my energy and where to launch into something new and exciting. Would appreciate if you can see what my dates with destiny look like. I appreciate the time and energy you put into your craft and also that you share it so freely. Thank You

    1. You have retired after health issues and now you are feeling a loss of confidence, so I’m sorry about that. Some of this is Covid, you know. We are all going through a really, really odd time and although we are coping, there are some strange effects from the world’s general slowdown and shutdown. Once you are well into May you will see an opportunity to escape from the real world, into a very different kind of success for yourself. It will feel like another reality or another world to you. By June you want to float in this balloon forever. You can’t do that, but by July you will realise that December could be the month you make a final commitment to 2022 and another wonderful balloon ride. This will speak to your ambition. Your mission and your position, too. You won’t need much persuasion.

  7. Hi Jessica Next Friday (on the 19th) I am settling on a property in the beautiful south west of Western Australia. We were previously meant to settle on the 25th but the date was moved because our finance was (unexpectedly) approved very quickly. I’m hoping the date is propitious for this event and then we end up eventually living a wonderful life on the property. Many thanks.

    1. Yes, it is obviously a big change, but you’ve also needed it for months, without realising how much – very likely! What comes to pass once you are well into next week will permanently alter things for the better, giving you a greater sense of control over own destiny and a much greater sense of being settled, secure, at home in the world and so on. Congratulations.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    “Time is not what it appears”. What a great aquarian thought! It caught me so much. If sometime you would have time, write about it in an article, please. I am here at your website since 2013, I really like your view about astrology and life in Earth. As I see my birth chart I can count on some radical changes in the near future (I have learnt by you so much, thank you very much. But even not enough!). I hope, that I will have enough energy to cope with them so this will be quite intense to me, as I can see, besides a lots of really hard work. It would be great to have some rest, to get ready, but it is impossible now. I think, you are right, astrology is a tremendous gift to us. I am curious, what do you think about the nature of my Pluto transit? I feel it more helping to me at my job for now. But really I do not know what to think about it. In April Pluto turns retrograde, exactly on my Sun. And then it will turns direct, and I am afraid a little bit of 2021-2022, only because of the nature of Pluto and because of everybody says “scary” and “dreadful” about Pluto transits. Help me enlighten how to get on with it, please. Thank you for your answer in advance, Susie.

    1. Thank you. No need to be worried about a Pluto transit or a conjunction to your Sun. Susie, this timing is neither scary nor dreadful. There is a lot of rubbish on the internet passed off as ‘astrology’ but a Pluto-Sun conjunction is empowering if you use your willpower to position yourself in the best possible light, at work, with your unpaid work or with study (as you are a Sun Capricorn and will experience this transit in your Tenth House of ambition, position and mission). You were actually born with a Sun-Venus conjunction at that late degree of Capricorn, so what comes to pass will force a change (Pluto) which potentially gives you more control, influence and power (also Pluto) with your social status, career, unpaid work or academic status (Tenth House) but also involves a complicated relationship (Venus). When it comes around, use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Tarot on this website to give yourself a three-way personal reading.

  9. Jessica I cannot thank you enough. Your site and your meetups have been life altering. Astrology has taught me so much I cannot out it into words. Hugs from New Jersey!

  10. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for replying to my initial inquiry. I have to ask and I’m sure it will not surprise you, but why…
    As for marriage, love and sex – it’s always going to be hard work for you. And a really big deal. You will never be by yourself for very long, with that heavily Libran chart. Just be absolutely aware of the need for your own financial and property independence, to 2026.

    As you can imagine for a Libra stellium – I wonder does this mean I will never be happy or lucky in love? Whatever additional light you can shed is very much appreciated. Thank you!

    Another quick thought about making money online – I read tarot and oracle (with many different decks I read for myself and close friends and family who ask) and am always humbled by the clarity and accuracy of the messages I receive. Coupled with my lifelong love of astrology, I would love to learn more about astrology to provide professional guidance – like say lovescopes and cures for folks like me, haha… thank you Again

    1. I never said you would not be happy or lucky in love. You will have to work hard at it. Some people work hard at their career; you will need to put effort and energy into partnership. Your cards will help you there, as they will with money questions too. Your partnership may end up being your greatest achievement if you do the work. Thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica, I met you at a session in Melbourne a few years ago and you pulled a knight of cups tarot card for me and said I’d meet a man. You asked what factors I had in pisces (only Diana at 4 degrees) and about my Neptune (which is at 9 Sagittarius). With Neptune now in pisces, do you have any further insight about the timing of this destined meeting? Thank you!

    1. Did I say, meet a man (to have a sexual relationship with, or marry?) Or work with? You should have met him by now. He would be travelling or moving, sincere, affectionate, solid gold, and sincere.

  12. Hi Jessica, I was asking about my love life but I think the man is my new boss. I’ve only known him for a few months but he seems like a decent person. By the way, in terms of destiny, I have a doctor’s appointment later this month about the return of a suspected benign growth. My mum died of cancer/a malignant growth 19 years ago so I feel there are karmic overtones in relation to this health issue. Unlike my mum, I quickly follow up any medical issues I have (she avoided medical attention). By the time they remove the growth I’m guessing it’ll be April/May and I’ve stellium in Aries and Taurus including the South Node and Psyche at 29 Taurus and panacea at 15 Aries. Do you see anything in my chart or get any psychic insights about this situation? Thank you!

    1. I’m so sorry your mother passed with late diagnosis cancer. Your life is different and because of her, you act on medical issues quickly, but you are still concerned about your situation. For surgery always look at Virgo/Sixth House. You have a little group of horoscope factors there, including Minerva, a symbol of wisdom. You know what to do – and you are doing it. In fact, Minerva in Virgo is your inner doctor or complementary healing guru; you may make changes to your food, drink, fitness and relaxation following this. Owls often arrive with Minerva so watch out for them; good omens of clever answers and brilliant insights.

  13. Thanks very much Jessica, I shall consult my tarot cards again and work with your information. Michelle.

  14. Thank you Jessica. I have started to make small changes like walking around the block when I can and I’ll make more changes when this is all over. I’m really grateful for your insights. All the best.

  15. Hi Jessica I,m launching an online art shop on the the 18th of this month?
    Love your articles -is there any similarities between Meghan astrology and Dianas death? Could Meghan be digging her own grave?

    1. Good luck with your new online art shop; art is ruled by Taurus and we have Uranus in Taurus so anything radical, experimental, cutting-edge will do very well. I have a few charts for the Princess of Wales and also the awful events around her passing. I also have a chart for Meghan. What I wrote about her when she first emerged in 2016 still holds for me; she has the greatest resemblance to Princess Margaret. Both married captains. Both divorced. Both rejected Britain. Both had a complicated relationship with Her Majesty the Queen. Both look rather similar in one photograph. You can search Meghan Markle here and find the original prediction.

  16. Hi Jessica, I am studying for something that I’ve never done before and have my first exam soon. I am due to finish it in June/July time. It could be an exciting opportunity or may come to nothing! In the meantime I have had another opportunity arise that is in my old line of work. I am not sure which path to go down! Do I turn to astrology or tarot or the oracle? I asked the Oracle and got Diana and 12th house and I wasn’t sure how they linked to my question?! I’m a Gemini. 29.05.84. Any guidance muchly appreciated!

    1. Diana is a symbol of freedom, independence, autonomy, roaming, women, feminism and a life without a husband or children. Diana was a huntress. The Twelfth House is about psychology, psychics, astrology, dreams, meditation and all inner activities, like religion. I don’t know what your question was, but that is your answer. You will be extremely successful, whatever you choose, from May 2021, with a big leap forward by July this year; again after Christmas; for much of 2022. Ask the three methods: Tarot, Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and be clear with your question and firm with your time frame. You’ll get a three-way confirmation.

  17. Hi Jessica! Thanks for the article!

    I am planning to launch an eco-friendly brand for the masses. You said to look for second house/Taurus factors. But I have Pluto, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio!

    Should I look for a date between April 14-20th? With sun in aries? Just after new moon? Although pluto will square the Sun and my natal MC-IC axis too.

    Or a date between April 21st to 25th? That will have Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus.

    Could you please help me narrow down between these ranges of time? I will be so grateful

    I am also trying to take advantage of all planets being direct!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and skills with us ! Hope you are well and safe 🙂

    1. Hmmm – if you are heavily Scorpio – you have transiting Uranus opposing Scorpio factors from the zodiac sign of Taurus, until 2026. You don’t say what degree your Scorpio and Eighth House factors are. If at 7-10 avoid launching now until the end of April as Uranus is at 7-10 Taurus. It’s hard to say more without seeing a chart. If your Scorpio factors are clear, then the New Moon in Taurus, which rules business and nature, falls on Tuesday 11th May at 21 Taurus. Again, if that does not clash with your Scorpio factors, you might want to use that for launch. It’s almost a perfect sextile to Neptune at 22 Pisces which is useful. You also get in ahead of Mercury Retrograde, so you’re clear. If you are serious about a business launch, though, you need your chart, so please understand this is broad advice and you should not use it for more than a general indication. You run your brand, not me!

  18. Hi Jessica
    I don’t know how I missed this article originally but it was a real treat to see it today! I always look forward to seeing what’s new on your site and each time there is a new article I like to take my time and enjoy it. I have been so stressed and overwhelmed with one obstacle after another lately and it is a great distraction. My husband and I are leaving the country and starting a new business. can you tell me what an ideal time would be and also any transits that that i should either make use of or avoid? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much. Jodi always makes the lessons really easy on the eye; she is a great designer. I am sorry you have been dealing with one obstacle after another. You are emigrating and starting a business with your husband. This is the year to do it, but you must have a business plan which helps you in 2022, in particular, and can take the changes of 2023 and beyond. So think very long term when you do it. Of all the years you could choose to embark on property and business transactions, though, 2021 is right for you. Skip the Leo weather around July and August to make it easier for yourselves financially. It’s a bit of a stretch then. The most important decisions for you as a couple and business partnership are made in December 2021, January 2022. If you emigrate May, June or December you will be delighted with the ‘holiday from reality’ feeling you experience and luck will be on your side then.

  19. Thanks Jessica!

    I just paid for being a Premium Member, waiting for the paypal payment to kick in! (just in case, my birth date is 11th October 1986, at 12.53pm in Pune, India)

    My Mercury is at 10 degrees, Pluto at 6, and Venus at 20

    I already have a company incorporated at 9th Feb 2017 (In india, it takes 2-3 days to incorporate a company and have to minus the weekends as holidays). The chart ended up having a grand cross (Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus)
    And Jupiter had just turned Retrograde! Jupiter Retrograde has been protective and lots of inner growth has definitely happened, but I wonder if it is responsible for us not being able to launch yet!

    May be launch earlier? around April 1st? Really want to avoid Jupiter retrograde again!

    I am trying my best to pick a good day, because the challenges of the earlier chart really did play out as expected! That’s astrology for ya!

    1. Thank you so much for taking out membership. You incorporated your company on 9th February 2017 and are having problems. Some of that comes from the Sun in Aquarius in the chart – you will have three transits in conjunction with the Sun – Jupiter, Saturn and after the year 2023, Pluto. This is very much about how the company fits in with wider networks involving large groups. If you are saying you want to relaunch the company then this is also about your own horoscope too. You need to know that you are in the most unpredictable financial cycle in years, not ending until 2026. It’s hard to say more without a chart in front of me. When your membership is processed, use the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Your Oracle to help you further.

  20. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I’ve been a premium member for a few years and I’m learning, slowly, to read my chart and my family member’s charts. I was hoping you might take a peek and see if things are on the up soon. Honestly it’s felt like the biggest slog the last 5 years, with a few small family victories (yay) but still such a heavy feeling. My daily life is lived for others (my 3.5yo and 1yo) and my life’s work and employment has been on the back burner with my partners business taking a very prominent front seat. I have to say I find being a stay at home parent of very demanding kids a bit of a shitshow. It’s horrendous a lot of the time if I’m honest. I’m sure my introvert nature and inability to get any time alone is only amplifying this feeling. I love my kids but I’ve really had enough. As I’ve mentioned we are trying to relocate this year. I would also like to relaunch my spiritual business (intuitive readings and healing essences) so I can do something for me and engage with my purpose again. I’m starting to get active online again even if just a few minutes a day when the kids are asleep. Is there a good time to launch again? At the moment I feel like I’m just compromising around the clock (much of my adult life until partnership and children I was solo and running the show like a slippery Pisces!). I realise how lucky I am to have a family but sometimes I really crave the stillness I used to have.
    I’ve looked up my partners chart and we have some interesting conjunctions:
    His Sun conjuncts my Diana 18 Taurus
    My sun conjuncts his Jupiter 15/16 Pisces
    His Vesta conjuncts my Mars 21 Pisces
    His Pluto conjunct my Descendant at 5 Scorpio

    There’s a few more but these stood out. I think we’re a good team but the see-saw is out of whack. I know I’m in the thick of 12th house action this year – I guess I’m looking for any light you may have? Thanks so much 🙂

    1. You are a sensitive (the old-fashioned English word) and so, a healer and psychic. We need you. You are also dealing with the basic need of every sensitive for peace, quiet and solitude. The children are not offering you that and we are are home more, because of Covid, which makes it tougher. Your partner has a mixed bag of aspects with your own, as his Sun puts a spotlight on your need to be free, without marriage and children (Diana). Your Sun puts a spotlight on his natural good fortune, good luck and generosity (Jupiter). Your need to compete, to fight and win (Mars) is up against his need to play the gender politics game with family, friends and you. His Pluto wants to control your ideas about partnership (Descendant). So, beyond your physical need to be alone and quiet, as all sensitives have that, you have a really complex marriage with pros and cons. You want things to be better, so you are thinking about moving, thinking about how to make more money and so on. Given where you are, what can you do? Time will heal. There needs to be healing, repair and recovery before you can even think about a strategy. You work with healing essences. You also need to look at Reiki, spiritual healing, possibly medical help (doctors can be useful) and other activities which can help you get better. Only you can ask for what you need. Have a look at the free YouTube options; later on this will help your own business. There is no point in plunging into helping others until you are fixed. It will take a few weeks, maybe 2-3 months, but you will achieve this, if you take firm steps now. After that, you can put yourself on the same page as the family. You all have similar ideas about life so have a lot in common, actually, and can build a future together. I would include others around the situation as well. You’re all pretty alike, and what is required by 2022 is a new sense of unity, togetherness, purpose, solidarity. I feel you’ll be renovating or building a place, once you can sort that out. But first of all, heal yourself.

  21. thank you so much for my reply! Ive got taurus in the 10th and Uranus in the 2nd so this might be investing -thank you 🙂

    1. Taurus actually rules your Second House and yes, Uranus is in Taurus. Professional financial advice is your best bet, as I can’t see a chart in front of me. Thank you.

  22. Wow – yes! Thank you so much, I am so appreciative. I will heed your words (and I’m a stones throw from my #1 healing place – the ocean – for the next month or so…)
    It’s funny you mention the house – I feel we will renovate too – I’ve even seen inside it although we have no idea where it is! Thank you again for the light and the hope 🙂

  23. Hello, Jessica

    Thank you so much for keep conversation going on regarding the interview. I also realised that you haven’t forgotten about other posts like this one. How do you manage all these? Hope you have a good sleep and rest.

    My question is that I have 6 stellium and almost wherever the planets are in, I would have opposition. Could you have a look at my chart and give me some advice on how to mitigate the impact of negative aspects, please?

    Regarding Libra generation, I found it is very interesting. I often feel people are so so blind about marriage. It is not for romance or happiness. It is about social contract and it is not history yet. I am very frustrated with people who get married and then cause problems without thinking about extended family, like Harry and Meghan. Family is something taboo to talk about. Family has to be somewhere everybody is happy and safe. But reality is very different for many. That pressure, the family is the best thing, needs to be examined and better understood. Many people suffer regardless of class or their background. It is universal like time. Looking at how we define the family or marriage, I feel, we can even overcome discrimination in wider way.

    I think I have a purpose now.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Oppositions are best fixed by adding people to any situation where they stretch you. Look at a piece I wrote on Sacred Geometry many years ago, using Search. That will help you change the patterns in your chart and your life. The Beatles had oppositions galore but their destiny changed when they began hiring new colleagues and living with new partners. Suddenly, fantastic new patterns emerged.

  24. Hi Jessica! I asked about some advice in regards to 2021 and 2022 for me in terms of my spiritual and healing journey after a really hard couple years of family loss and the sale of my childhood home. You’ve confirmed that teaching is my vocation (which I absolutely love) But I forgot to ask about my creativity. I’ve always loved music and singing (was in a choir in high school and took piano and guitar lessons) but I never wrote music until this year. Melodies have been coming to me and I’m listening. I feel this is something I should explore. I’ve also found some really interesting connections between my photography, poetry and music that I’d like to share with the world. I also love music as a medium because its low impact– not a physical thing that we can see or touch-only hear and feel. A pure exchange of love vibrations. It’s also so soothing for my nervous system. Do you see any of this in my chart// the timing of 2020/2021/2022? or playing a role in my vocation? I’ve always been shy about feeling like my art was “good enough” so I repressed a lot of my creativity for most of my life. I also think I mentioned a job interview at an art school in California. I guess I just wonder how you see music in my chart/ life purpose. I see it mostly as a hobby and not something I’d really pursue professionally unless it pursued me. Thank you so so so much! xxxxxx

    1. You will find the job interview at the art school in California puts you on the right path. It is either the stepping stone to teaching or a fork in the road which puts you on an even better path, but you will be in the right place by January 2022. You will pursue music with others who are like-minded once you figure out your schedule, lifestyle and routine. What you thought was just something for you, turns out to be friendship as well, and the music will do the talking for you. You will experiment with new instruments, techniques and mediums, in the end.

  25. thank you so much. I’m sending you tons of love and gratitude from Brooklyn.

  26. I love all of your articles! Do you see any progress being made for me in my career? I currently have pluto transiting my 10th house, and it will conjunct my mars I believe in 2027. I’ve heard scary things about that. I’m hoping it’s indicative of something great happening with my career. I’m an actress and covid has made me re-evaluate my plans. (I wanted to go overseas) But now I may just stay in Chicago and keep trying to pursue my dream here and be closer to my family. It just feels like I’ve been waiting forever to make my dream a reality. Any guidance would be appreciated!

    1. Thank you. Astrology is not here to scare you so please don’t be concerned about Pluto eventually transiting your Mars. I have replied to you in more detail elsewhere. To give you more information about acting as a profession – the business is changing so radically with Uranus in Gemini (the voice, the media) from 2026 that if you want a long-term career, you may want to look at other options apart from the standard or conventional. From that year, beyond 2030, we are going to see the arrival of interactive, hologram-based drama and comedy, with immediate live translation. That will be interesting for you. Closer to the present, you are in a very tough cycle for emigration and even travel, as I’ve noted – but that’s in another section.

  27. Dear Jessica, happy holi, spring is officially here.
    I was wondering if you see any dates I may have with destiny in the next couple of years please?
    My wishes (and I keep putting in the effort) include moving back to India (Mumbai/ Delhi with a lateral if not step up in work opportunity/ financial stability), meeting a life partner, marriage & children, and quietude.I’ve been living in London for 4 yrs 1 month.
    Hope you get a chance to respond. Warm wishes.

    1. You are a Cancerian who shines at home, so if you want to return to India, you should. In fact all obstacles to that are mostly gone, and by 2023 you will no longer question where you belong, how to belong, or what to do about it. You will be permanently settled. You can move back to India sooner than that and in fact there will be a cash incentive to do that. You want to marry and have children. Again, all obstacles to that disappear by 2023.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another great article. I’m so glad I found your website! The Natural House system makes much more sense to me than the Placidus system, which had my Gemini stellium in the 10th house of career instead of in my 3rd house of communication. Salacia is in my 10th house which you say “If you have Salacia in Capricorn in your Tenth House then you may have two jobs, none of which most people would call real work. Yet…it works for you.” That describes my work over the years, often a part-time job along with my mostly seasonal business, which I’d really like to stop doing, ( I’ve done it for ten years now until Covid shut down the craft fairs and festivals I sell at). and focus on my songwriting. I’ve been writing songs for decades, it’s been my dream to write HITS for artists/bands, but I always had to work for money and put my songwriting on hold. I now have paid time off to focus on my songs and creating a demo. When is the best time to launch in April/May/June of ’21 for super success? I’m 55 yo and I don’t want to put it off any longer. My North Node is in Gemini. 19 years ago (South node in Sag) I put a lot of effort into my music but life got in the way and now I really need to make the right moves. This is my life purpose – I’m a Gemini sun with a strong message that needs to be heard and lyrics/melodies are always running through my head. Is there one band/artist for me to work with now? Or will it be several? I so appreciate your advice! thanks! Laura

    1. Thank you Laura. That’s so interesting about Salacia in your Tenth House. Your songwriting is one of your two ‘non-real’ jobs. You want super success from your music. Jupiter at 10 Gemini is very good for songwriters and singers (but particularly writers) and you will have it in a few years’ time when Uranus goes to 10 Gemini and March 2029 should be rewarding. That transit can only happen once in your life. It will involve technology that has not even been invented yet. And it may be other sorts of writing, apart from lyrics. That is rather a long time to wait, though, and you want to start things now. You have done this before in a prior existence and perhaps more than one. You could easily find huge satisfaction and joy in 2021 by splitting yourself into two or more identities, using different names, and writing for other people – but also yourself. On the psychic level I am seeing a woolly hat and scarf, rather Seventies in nature.

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