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Good Books for Good Causes

By purchasing the books below you will help good causes around the world. And just by following a link to Dogstar you can help turn the lives of unwanted dogs in Sri Lanka around.  Jessica Adams is one of the patrons of Dogstar, a charity set up by some British animal lovers and their friends in Sri Lanka to transform the lives of homeless street dogs. Working with local temples, they perform miracles every day.  Here are some before and after shots of Errol, an unwanted stray who was taken in by the small team at Dogstar. If you can sponsor a dog with them or just want to make a small donation please do so here. 

Errol Before and After @DogstarTweets 300x220 - Books

Errol before.

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Errol after.

Some Girls Do…

Edited by Jacinta Tynan. Some of Australia’s favourite female writers recount the true stories of their teenage years in this bumper collection. All royalties plus $1 for every book sold go to the SISTER2sister Program, a mentoring program for disadvantaged teenage girls, which is part of Life-Changing Experiences.

How We Met

True confessions of love, lust and that fateful first meeting – How We Met celebrates the surprising, sweet, funny and downright weird ways in which people have found love. Join a who’s who of writers as they share their sometimes romantic, sometimes bittersweet true stories of finding the love of their life – the one they are with, or the one that got away. All royalties from sales go to PEN, a worldwide association of writers, which works to promote literature, defends the freedom to write and to read and campaigns for writers around the world persecuted for expressing their views.

Girls’ Night In Anthology Series

There are four adult anthologies in the Girls’ Night In series and two collections for children. All have raised $2.5 million for the children’s charity War Child and continue to raise funds every time a new copy is purchased.

Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary Collection

In 2014 Penguin and HarperCollins will release the Girls’ Night In series for the iPad and Kindle helping exceed the original fundraising total of over US/AUD $3 million for the children’s charity War Child.  Jessica Adams is a team editor on all books in the Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In series, and has acted as both patron and trustee for War Child in Britain and Australia.

Astrology and New Age Books

Astrology and New Age books from Jessica Adams, click through for more information on each title.

Amazing You! Psychic Powers

Do you sometimes just know who’s going to ring, what’s going to happen or who’s going to walk through the door? This is your amazing psychic self at work. Flex your psychic muscles by practising the quick and easy exercises in this book.

Amazing You! Astrology.

What do the stars reveal about you and your life Do you know what your Venus sign is Are you and your favourite boy an astro match? Astrology shows you how you can change your everyday life by discovering just how amazing you are. It is part of our stunning new Mind Body Spirit series for teenage girls – Amazing You.

Essential Astrology For Women

Written with Jessica’s signature flair and humour – and packaged for her funky contemporary market, Astrology for Women is a must-have for any woman keen to follow her star. Jessica brings her fresh contemporary take to women’s Indian Moon signs, Chinese Zodiac signs and also surveys money, career, home, family and business predictions until 2025.

The New Astrology for Women

New, expanded edition of the best-selling Astrology for Women, the ultimate guide to your whole horoscope and how it affects your love life, relationships, friendships, career and future. New features include clearer tables, more intriguing insights in the relationship chapters, a 5-minute compatibility guide, inside information on the man in your life, and a full personality profile, based on all the signs in your horoscope.

Fantasy Futures

Fantasy futures is based on a prediction system Jessica Adams created for her own use, as a way of combining everything I knew about tarot, astrology, and time. After relying on it for two years, she’s ready to share it with the world.

Handbag Horoscopes

Pocket guide for women for your star sign, describing what the stars foretell for them for the next five years. Gives a description of your ‘soulmate’ and provides advice about life and love in general.

20-20 Vision

Shape your future using psychic oracles, cosmic secrets and speed astrology.


The indispensable horoscope bible, Astrolove, contains all the essential tips you need to navigate your way through your love life from Jessica Adams.

eBooks from Jessica Adams

The following ebooks are individually offered for sale but are also offered free with a premium membership. Click through for more information on each title.


What follows are the fifty-four most common chemistry experiments you’ll find in any relationship. They describe most of the games that peo- ple play according to their Sun, Moon, Mercury,Venus and Mars signs. You don’t need the Rising Sign for this, by the way – it only describes your image, and that doesn’t matter here. Think of relationships as a dialogue between all the different sides of you and your partner. It’s the way the individual signs in your character – your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars Sign – communicate with the different ‘people’ locked inside your partner’s personality too. It’s like having ten people in bed. To begin with, the most common chemistry connection of all is this one – a planet in the same sign.That means you’ll have matching twin sides, and an instant bond. It doesn’t guarantee the longevity of the partnership, but it does guarantee an incredible sense of recognition and familiarity, right from the first date.If you have planets in Aries and so does your partner, there will be a feeling of togetherness from the start.
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Asteroid Astrology

Why use asteriods when there are so many of them? Firstly, you don’t need them all. Just the Roman or Latin-named asteriods which fill the gap in the family tree of the planets (Neptune’s wife, for example). Secondly, when you complete the family tree of astrology, you end up with two exciting new developments. At last we have an equal number of male and female heavenly bodies to work with. And by using a grand total of 34 symbols in a horoscope (from the Sun, via Salacia to the North Node) we have reached a Fibonacci number. One of the codes found in nature and art.
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Life Sweep The Miracle Of Clean Space

Cleaning up and clearing up can have powerful and profound consequences. It makes things very clear in your mind, because your bedroom (even) is one of the biggest influences on how you see yourself and your world. It’s the last thing you see at night. The first thing you see in the morning. You are virtually hypnotising yourself with what you see around you. It’s constant advertising. Stage designers in the theatre place props very carefully and deliberately to send messages to the audience about the story – the theme – the characters. What are you designing as your props in the stage set that is your room or home? This also applies to the things you hide. The things you know you have, tucked away, in a kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ way – yet they are never out of your mind at all.
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The Age Of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius in astrology happens on a regular basis. We just began a new ‘age’ when friendships and groups, community thinking and pooling resources, is back in again. Yes, it’s 2020 and Saturn is in Aquarius. Jupiter will go into Aquarius just before Christmas (a nice Christmas present after a tough year) and from 2023, Pluto also goes into Aquarius. That’s big. It’s unusual. Do you have any Aquarius planets, asteroids, points or angles in your personal chart? Check now if you are a Premium Member and look for any factors at all in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. They will be in your Eleventh House of diversity, equality, people power and ‘circles’ if so. (I use the Natural House system, which means anything in Aquarius in your natal chart is automatically in your Eleventh House. Teenagers in your world in 2020, who were likely born with one of the slow-moving outer planets in Aquarius, like Neptune, are strongly ‘born’ under this sign. We’ll look at that in a moment and how they change the world from 2023.
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Pamela's Tarot

The 1909 Tarot deck created by artist and storyteller Pamela Colman Smith and editor, journalist and author Arthur Waite was born from The Golden Dawn. People sometimes call this deck the Rider-Waite or Smith-Waite, but actually it’s Pamela’s Tarot. Any question can be addressed by the cards. I have used my own deck to choose quite a wide spread here, all laid face-up on my desk, in a particular order – so that I can see how their message actually gives us guidance on using the Tarot. What to do – and what not to do.
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The Astrology Oracle Guide

This guide is to help you go further with your Astrology Oracle readings so you can explore their full potential. As you know, in order to ask The Astrology Oracle a question, you must draw two cards. The first card is from the Symbol Cards deck and shows you the ‘what’ of your question. The second card is from the House Cards deck and reveals the ‘where’ of your question. We work with symbols, or archetypes, when interpreting what one of these cards means. The language of images and stories, which cuts across time and space. Jupiter has always been a symbol of expansion and growth. To the Indians Jupiter is Guru – we get our ideas about ‘guru’ figures or teachers, from their astrology. To most of Asia, Jupiter was at one point the Chinese Year Star. Again, associated with good fortune. In this in-depth guide I will show you how to get more from the cards and your readings using lots of new tips, tricks and techniques.
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Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology eBook

The people of Stonehenge went to a great deal of trouble to dig a specific number of holes (56) around the outside of the famous stones, in the inner circle. Using just that number (and no other) and four markers, it was possible to foresee the drama of eclipses. Today you can apply that to your own horoscope and see eclipses coming. They are times when you are in the dark. You may have a blind spot about something or someone, or just not see through what/who is being concealed. If you are a Premium Member, you can download the guidebook, Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology, to find out more about the unique way this ancient collection of time-circles can be used as a horoscope.
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Fiction Books

Fiction books from Jessica Adams, click through for more information on each title.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When Alice met Nash, she fell head over heels. Two years later, she can’t quite remember what it was that had seemed so brilliant about him. All they do is argue – especially about money.

The Summer Psychic

When Katie Pickard is sent by her newspaper to interview Brighton psychic Jim Gabriel about his predictions for the year ahead, she is shocked and sceptical, especially when he predicts that he’s going to marry her.

Cool For Cats

It’s 1979 and Linda Tyler is an assistant cook, engaged to a bank clerk in a sleepy town called Withingdean, when she answers an ad in a music paper. Suddenly, she gets the job that everyone else in England wants.

I’m a Believer

Jessica Adams’s characteristic humour is combined with an exploration of more serious issues that affect us all. I’m A Believer is a wonderful novel about love, life and what lies beyond.

Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry

Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry is a witty and, at times, hilarious contemporary novel about weddings, relationships, finding the right partner, shenanigans amongst friends and Australian eccentricity.

Single White E-Mail

Victoria ‘Total Bloody Relationships Disaster’ Shepworth is single and knows all about Saturday nights alone. A broken relationship with the guy she thought was ‘the one’ has led to a string of disastrous dates. Now she’s fed-up with being on her own and is once again in search of the man of her dreams.

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