Modern Astrology 2050 – Premium Member eBook Edition

Modern Astrology 2050 is the follow-up to the number one Amazon bestseller, 2020 Astrology. This new handbook for the rest of your life, covers your personality and future, based on your unique birth horoscope.

Modern Astrology 2050 – Premium Member Edition contains your birth chart data and horoscope wheel based on the birth data supplied in the premium membership profile.

Before ordering this product please check the birth data in your profile to make sure it is correct.

Members wanting this book for someone else can purchase Modern Astrology 2050 – Personalised Edition with Birth Chart.

Find out more about compatibility and chemistry with friends, partners or family. Explore what life until 2050 holds for all of us. Learn the truth about modern astrology discoveries like Salacia and the asteroids.

Modern Astrology 2050 is for every fan of which attracts 29 million hits, or page views a year.

Please note: time and date on the generated natal chart; may be shown as the equivalent UTC or Coordinated Universal Time, to the local time you entered in the birth chart information form. The natal chart is generated based on the actual time, date and place entered in the form.

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ISBN: 978-0-9924160-2-7 – Digital Edition
PUBLISHER: Jessica Adams Proprietary Limited
FORMAT: PDF eBook, delivered by email
PAGES: 284

Track Your Astrology Chart to 2050

Using the cycles of the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses, North Node and South Node, you can now track your future until the year 2050, by using your stelliums.

This new book by Jessica Adams, based on her number one astrology bestsellers and multi-million hit website, helps you to understand your personality by your stellium signs – and predict the next few decades, too.

If you have a modern astrology chart, you will have 34 factors – not just your Sun Sign – and have stelliums (unusually high numbers of chart factors) in some signs. All the planets, asteroids, angles and other factors in your birth chart will show you the handful of stellium signs which make up your true personality. And fate.

Four, five, six or more factors in the same zodiac sign and house is a stellium.

If you have less than four factors, use just three factors in any sign, to get the most from this book.

The lunar cycles in Jessica’s new book show you when to act, and when to stand back. The node cycles show you how karma operates, from the past, into your future. In fact, you can even look up your past lives. If you already have your natal chart from Jessica Adams, via her website – you’ll be ready to go.

Look up your stelliums, look up the future cycles of the Moon and North Node/South Node – and plan your life, based on who you really are.


ITV 2013 - Modern Astrology 2050 - Premium Member eBook Edition

“She’s the British astrologer and psychic who predicted the Coronavirus pandemic.”
– This Morning, ITV


daily mail logo png transparent - Modern Astrology 2050 - Premium Member eBook Edition

“Her millions of followers – including celebrities – lap up her predictions”
– The Daily Mail

the guardian new  - Modern Astrology 2050 - Premium Member eBook Edition

“She not only predicted that 2020 would be the year of the virus, but that it would be an ‘October surprise’ that would bring down Donald Trump. The US president was diagnosed with Covid-19 that month”
– The Guardian

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