Tuesday 20th March 2018: Others have been all over the place, all the time, for weeks - and this has affected the smooth running of arrangements with much younger faces, be they your children or just a rising generation. Even future potential pregnancy has been affected. Be tough. Make rules.

What it means to be Scorpio

The scorpion’s sting is in its tail, and this sign has been associated with sex and death for centuries. Sex and death are also the gateway to money (the bride’s dowry, or the groom’s last will and testament). Ruled by Pluto since 1930, your sign is also associated with the quest for power and the realities of power-sharing. No wonder your relationships and marriages are so intense! Right now you are in a cycle, until 2016, which is less about sex and more about friendship, though. Turn to that amazing group.

Your Week

You can stop a potentially difficult situation in its tracks this week. And if another Scorpio or an Aries is involved (born late March through late April) you can double that message. No matter which zodiac signs are involved, you do have a potential issue on your hands. Read your full Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 19-25 March 2018

Your Month

Scorpio, you need to rest, recover and repair yourself in March. You have been through a lot, both recently and in the past. Shakespeare’s ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ have come your way. No wonder you need to be reborn. You can be, but you will need to give yourself time and space. Read your full Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: March

Scorpio in 2018

ENDINGS AND NEW BEGINNINGS Scorpio, the natural cycle of endings in nature – followed by new beginnings – is an organic process. There is really no point in dramatizing the end of summer and start of autumn. It has its place in the scheme of things. Read your Scorpio 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
Vesta ruled fire and Romans thought that as long as the virgins kept the flame alive, Rome was protected. Allowing the sacred fire to die out would lead to the Vestal responsible being stripped and beaten.
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