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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021: What you see here is your Sun sign horoscope – your solar chart. And yet it shows the weather of 2018-2016 so clearly if astrology is a human weather forecast. Thus, husbands, wives, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends are part of a long lesson about freedom. There may also have been a feud or battle (or still is) which achieves the same. Review it now.

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What it means to be Scorpio

24 October – 22 November

Scorpions mate in a promenade a deux, when they could cannibalise or sting each other to death. Sexual union for Scorpio is risky, if only because a marriage and mortgage can end in divorce, and ‘til death do us part’ means what it says. At your best, you are the most famously passionate, emotionally involved lover of them all. A keen awareness of finance and property makes you a successful player in business or with charity. Your downside? You can be lethal.

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Your Week

The focus of attention now is you. Your name, your face, your body, your ‘packaging’ – Scorpio, if you have anything also in Aries in your natal chart too, then the Aries ruling planet Mars governing the First House of self-promotion is also about your reputation. So, your image, your persona and your public face. Read your full Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for 25-31 October 2021.

Your Month

You’ll become better-known for what you do behind the scenes, now, and that may be meditation, Church, Tarot or therapy. The Sun’s spotlight will swing on all the things you achieve privately, or by yourself – away from other people’s attention – and this cycle is very much about your inner depths. Your sub-self. Read your full Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for October.
Your Year 2021
What a year 2021 will be, with the family, your house or apartment, home town or homeland. Perhaps, with property investment, your household, or live-in partner. It’s all about home, and you are now seeing very heavy new questions, which also offer stunning, sweeping opportunities and satisfying delivery, if you stay the course. Read your full Scorpio Yearly Horoscope for 2021.

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