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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for 27 September – 3 October 2021. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week including your Premium Extended Forecast

Astrologer's Diary

First, do you have factors in Libra in your horoscope? Read this as anything you accept or agree to with a duet, or duel, will change, be delayed or even reverse by early November. Yes, it’s Mercury Retrograde in Libra – so just knowing you’ll need Plan B or C can help, as can treating the discussions or paperwork as a dress rehearsal. This may be a break-up or a new relationship but if either of you have Libra factors in your chart, wait a month.


Taurus Weekly Forecast

Work, health, lifestyle, unpaid work, housework and/or academic priorities will take you backwards and forwards, Taurus as Mercury is moving the same way. Wait until November 3rd to know the full story, as there may be a reversal, delay, retracted statement, rescheduling episode (more than once) or other classic Mercury Retrograde outcome. If you started this story in your life with your fitness, health, wellbeing or mental health after September 7th then life or other people may take you back to the drawing board or change the story for you. This could be rescheduled appointments with a hypnotist (say) or second thoughts about your third attempt at a diet. This is the same with work, unpaid work or study. Expect a circuit by November 3rd. Expect to go back on your word, or for other people to do that with you – as a possible risk. This is a very good week for a dress-rehearsal, first attempt or beta-test for work, study or unpaid work but apart from that, don’t assume or judge too soon. If you are one of those Taurus people who love to rush to the big announcement on Twitter, for example, you may have to eat your words with a work matter or alter the narrative by November. Be careful about this period in your life, Taurus, as 2022 is very hard going with your career, unpaid work or academic life and what you do or say now, may have a bearing on that. So, box clever and don’t commit just yet – the astrology is pretty clear, here. If you did assume or judge too early, remember to read the Mercury Retrograde dates on this website for 2022 so it won’t happen twice!

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