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Taurus Weekly Forecast

Taurus – The new developments, and rebooted developments, with your staff, employer, colleagues, professor or classmates are the very start of a massive change in your life in 2024. We could say it all seems very new, and yet you have felt this coming for a long time. Perhaps you hoped it would happen and yet you are still not sure how it’s all actually going to land.

So many unknowns, and yet weirdly, so many knows. And this could go back years for you Taurus in terms of the people. It’s really a two-step as you sign off from Pluto in Capricorn in January and sign onto Pluto in Aquarius.

So it’s the absolute end of the way you used to operate with the worldwide web, publishing, and/or foreign places and people. That person you were is no more. It is also the start of an amazing new doorway into a world that comes without a guidebook. But you can be sure there is real power there.

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