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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Virgo Monthly Forecast

Courtship, the Bedroom, Children and Young Adults

Virgo, you have faced so many control and power issues as a parent (or trying to be a parent or avoiding parenthood) since 2008 that you are an old hand. You will now be taken back to last year, starting the 11th of June, and continuing to Christmas. Back then you learned willpower empowered you. Self-control put you back in control. This may have been a tussle with your own parents, perhaps, or big questions about who/what was in charge of your sexual relationships.

Pluto retrograde from June 11th is useful, even though you may have assumed something was over, from late March. It actually is over – you just need to rewind and replay and go back over old ground. Only then, perhaps, can you quote Mr. Lenny Kravitz. Lots of Virgo lovers will return to an ex on this transit. Even if you are free, single and child-free too, you will still see ‘Issues, Revisited’ (as opposed to Brideshead Revisited) on this long retro cycle, which takes you into 2024 too.

Duets and Duels

This return cycle regarding parenthood, the bedroom, courtship or the world of the next generation – affects your marriage. Perhaps your long-gone marriage, too. In other cases the issue is the third person in a love triangle. It really depends on your personal chart, but the appearance of not just one, but two planets going backwards in your zone of duets and duels, rings bells. Saturn Retrograde on June 17th, Neptune Retrograde on June 30th suggests that you need to turn your eyes to March 2023, a second time. What happened around the final week? You will now be required to look at necessary new adjustments regarding the other side, or your other half. You will be going over old ground to do so, but revisiting this will give you the advantage of ‘Been there, done that.’ Sometimes the duel is with a proper enemy or opponent, Virgo. Retracing your steps can be useful if you are prepared to learn from any mistakes made, March through June.

Foreign Opportunities and Overseas Expansion

Well, this is a sight for sore eyes. Mercury Direct on June 1st, Jupiter Conjunction North Node also on June1st, and Jupiter Sextile Saturn on the 19th of June gives you a couple of clear windows for foreign relations, international connections and multicultural opportunities. It may be America if you are British, or the African nations. It may be learning French if you are in Sydney and don’t want to fly.

Around June 1st, all the stop-start and go-slow of April, May, can be forgotten. Normal transmission will be resumed. Virgo, it may be that your interests here pull in the worldwide web, publishing and/or academia. If so, you will be doubly pleased. The thing is, you only have this level of vast opportunity and terrific problem-solving, once every 12 years. And It’s here until May 2024 so do use it.

Finance, Property, Charity, Business

A lot of Virgo people have factors in Libra in their birth charts. If so, June and July do look like a bridge to cross with accountants and/or lawyers, regarding the other person, or the other side, in a particular double-act – or even a battle. Even if you don’t (or you don’t have your personal chart) you are still up for a lot of number-crunching, Virgo. Ceres in Libra from June 21st and the South Node in Libra from July 17th suggests the middle of 2023 will involve a substantial new deal or agreement. Agreeing to differ will be part of it, for you or others. Given the action in your Seventh House of partnerships and pitched battles, as well as this activity in your Second House of finance and property, plenty of Virgo people will be splitting up; moving in; getting engaged; breaking up; divorcing; marrying; separating. That’s a good example of what I’m talking about. In any case, Virgo, karma is pretty hard to avoid.

As you will realise from the 17th of July, life as it was 18-19 years ago is now coming round again. You will recognise what you are owed or owe. Whatever the nature of the carve-up or the amounts, in June and July, please ensure it is done in detail, in a way that is practical for both/all parties and preferably with professionals overseeing it. This is heavily karmic for the future.

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