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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for September. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Virgo Monthly Forecast

Duets and Duels

Next year will bring the chance for a new sexual relationship if you are by yourself now, and if you are happily with someone, a massive next step. A new home, for example, or a child. If you are in a bad marriage or relationship, you will see a welcome solution.

If the duet in your life is work, or business, then this may be the main story. Again, in 2022, if it’s already good, it can get a lot better and if it’s unhappy, you’ll find a way out or through.

Duels are much the same. Weirdly, 2022 is the only year in 12, that you gain from a contest or battle. Perhaps your weak opponent is going to hand you victory, Virgo. Certainly, if you have been at odds with the other side, you will find solutions from just after Boxing Day, almost until Christmas 2022. It’s a terrific cycle for resolution.

I mention this now because you have prep work to do. September is really hard work, Virgo. If you are going to see all the benefits from love and sex, or a professional double-act, or a triumphant duel, then you need to do the work now. Let me explain.

The Seventh House transit of Neptune, so dominant in September, rules your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, and ex-partners. It also rules your enemies and opponents. Put up firm boundaries now. Pull up the drawbridge. Fill the moat and mean it. Lines in the sand should be cemented. Sea walls erected. Anchors dropped. These oceanic metaphors are appropriate for this Neptune transit. It’s so easy to feel all at sea. Yet, by working hard (as only a Virgo can) you should be able to attend to the details of containment. You can control this situation and duck out of September nicely on top of a Full Moon that would cause other people a bit of trouble.

There is always something fascinating, if utterly unfathomable, about the marriages, affairs, business partnerships and working relationships which turn up when Neptune is in the Seventh House. The bottom line with Neptune is – what is this two-way street achieving?

Even the battles can be somehow lacking a reality function. The distortion and noise that we see in a Virgo marriage on this cycle are the same as the blur that occurs when we look at a Virgo feud. It’s hard to get hold of, for an outsider. Lord knows what it feels like to be on the inside!

Typically, there are two problem areas with personal or work duets at this time. The first is that one person in the relationship appears to have lost their personality, their identity, and their separateness, to the point where they’ve lost touch with the idea that you are separate people. Merging can only take you so far. The second problem is that this rather confusing relationship is encouraging both of you to do break or bend the rules in some way. Your double-act is not respecting other people’s boundaries, or reality. It can be on that level, Virgo.

If these Neptune transits continually infiltrates your life to the point where everything gets messy, you will need to draw the line. And really, Virgo, that’s a good thing because 2022 looks so promising. From the containment and control of September comes the thrilling high of next year.

Image and Profile, Name and Reputation

The focus of attention now is you. It’s about how the world sees you, and how you present yourself. That means your image, your persona and your public face. This cycle is all about what you look like to others – on the outside. The Virgo Weather could incline you to narcissism, but it’s beyond that. You do need to see yourself as others see you, and that means being rather self-involved.

You’ll be fired up about these issues now. Or others will be. Even temporarily ‘seized’ by what needs to happen. Slow down and cool down or ask others to do so. That’s a plus for your concerns about image.

Mars in Virgo (part of the Virgo weather now) is about attack or defence. You may feel like ‘attacking’ goals which relate to your look, style, role, name or public profile now. Or defending your reputation, say.

You need proven techniques for managing this. Meditation helps. So does demanding yoga. A really wild stretch of wild swimming. Mars in the First House is about heat and action regarding your image and appearance, so it makes sense that heating up (sweating) or being active – makes you look stronger and fitter. This is pretty old astrological thought about this transit.

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