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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for January. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Gemini Monthly Forecast

Two really big things are shifting in your work, unpaid work, career and study zone in January. You have sensational opportunities to volunteer, go for an award, enrol in a course, accept a promotion, take a new role – which kicked in as December ended. At the same time, Gemini, the most significant rethink about your lifestyle, wellbeing, daily routine, health, workload, peace of mind in years, is also here. The True South Node is in Scorpio. So, there is a big cycle of karma revolving and it will take you back to life as it was 18/19 years ago. You obviously did the right thing then, as you are about to collect, starting in a small way with clues and signs now, but peaking in April.

During this cycle you will long for people, places, plans and professional or unpaid work possibilities which seem bigger and better. They may be uncharted and unexplored in your life, or just a long way off. Amazingly, the opportunity to discover these enormous new vistas of potential will be handed to you on a plate.

With enough faith, hope and optimism, Jupiter says, all this can be yours. When Jupiter passes through your Tenth House of success like this, Gemini, along with Neptune – you may consider switching jobs, or courses, or putting out feelers in new cities, regions or countries.

To make the most of this cycle, make sure you are prepared to see the big picture! Forget any attitudes or ideas which keep your world small and expand your perspective. Is what/who you want really so unattainable, so far off, or so vast? Is it all really beyond you, or will your attempts to make it there, turn you into the kind of person who can succeed? Jupiter gives you the opportunity. It does not take the journey for you.

I do feel that with the True South Node also in your work/unpaid work/study zone in 2022 that all sorts of wheels are turning to ensure that you are in a superior position, especially between now and May.

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