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Some natural laws are so powerful that they rule everything else. The natural law of justice is one of them. If you have this Oracle answer then your situation may well be under the control of a court. Alternatively you may be dealing with karma. Or perhaps a non-legal, non-religious sense of what is fair.

This answer tells you that justice will prevail, however the situation is manifesting. And who is to say what is fair? In this case, it’s some kind of ultimate authority. It may be a judge. It may be a friend, partner or family member – or an employer. Often, it’s just the Universe. A higher power balances the scales.

Should this balancing of the scales come down to the decisions of just one person, it is important that both sides respect the enormous responsibility this person carries, and understand the tremendous effort involved in making a situation even – or equal. Whoever is in charge of this process has a difficult job.

There must also be the special ability to stand back from one’s own interests and situation, and view the outcome impartially. In the grand scheme of things, both you and the other side, or the other party, are now equal. Your position or personalities are no doubt quite different, but things will be left even. Fair – at least, given all the facts and realities of the moment.
Each of you in this situation have no doubt brought different things to the story. What an act of Justice does is take all this into account, and bring in changes that ensure the final outcome favours neither one side, nor the other. What is required here is symmetry. Order. Harmony. Justice has its own kind of beauty.

There is no way Justice can work without some kind of threat, of course. In this situation, it is wisest for both sides (yourself and the other) to be grateful for the fact that neither of you have to face the reality of that threat. Instead, you can face facts, and face each other. Justice has been done. Now, move on.

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