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Be cautious if you are inviting this energy into your life. The fierce impulse which usually comes with this Oracle answer can be very disruptive. Look at the people and factors in your present and join the dots between now, and tomorrow. If you can see a difficult situation building then there is still time to change and avoid it.

This Oracle answer is about strong feelings, unusual stress, and a burning mission. It describes a physical and emotional state which most of us only know on occasion – although very driven, Type A personalities may feel it all the time. This answer is about the impulse to seize the moment. But you must take care.

First of all, there may be a strong drive to achieve on some level – to conquer territory which does not currently belong to you, or ‘take’ a person, place, project, position as your own. This is how the world works. But make sure you know the likely reaction of those who will be left on the outer.

Another option is your own urgent, spontaneous reaction to some kind of perceived threat from others. You may feel as if you have to defend yourself. As I you have to compete. Even as if you have to fight. But be very wary of rushing into any kind of immediate response. Try to strategise.

Good advice from people who have seen it all before – whatever you may be facing – is invaluable at this time. Are there older, wiser or more experienced souls around you who have been down this road before you? The issue may be your own ambition or others’ uncontrollable aggression.

The key to managing and controlling this phase in your life is to understand how easy it is to be ‘seized’ by a feeling or a conviction – and how much harder it is to actually do the research, weigh up the logical pros and cons, and so on.
The old adage ‘Cast not the first stone’ is good advice now. The ripples may swamp you.