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This Oracle answer points to the need for good strategy in a tricky situation. Others have been against you. There may still be a real risk for you. Consequently, it’s time to manage the situation. Understandably, your first instinct will be to remove any further potential for problems. But take care.

It is essential that you stop, focus and ground yourself. You may feel confident enough to race ahead with your plans now, but this Oracle answer tells you that any haste or carelessness could trip you up. Do not sabotage yourself. Don’t attract another attack. There is just enough time to pause – and think – so do it.

If this answer appears in relation to a question about the future, then be aware that you may be heading for a situation which brings out the worst in other people, and delivers a very real threat to you. Is your goal worth that? Are you aware of the risks? You may get away with this, but you may not.

If this Oracle answer describes your past, or your present, there is a strong message about awareness, clarity, common-sense and caution. There is something far too cocky and carefree about your response to the situation, and you need to consider every alternative, every scenario, every angle.

Do you plan to take what has been used against you, and turn it against those people who are still lurking in the background – or hidden from view? Try to understand yourself and your motives better. Ask yourself if continuing the battle is the best thing to do. Battles can become perennial wars.

There is a way out now. You’re lucky – you’ve found yourself in the right time, at the right place. To take proper advantage of this useful situation, though, you must stop long enough to proceed with a plan which not only has the best chance of success; it also minimises the potential harm for yourself and others in future.