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When something ends, the new beginning is never very far away. This Oracle answer is about the need to balance both factors when reacting to change. When we lose people or situations, there is quite naturally grief or sadness to deal with. But to ignore the potential for amazing new growth is to deny what life is about.

It’s important to have a balanced view of the situation. That means allowing yourself to see all the angles, and all the possibilities. It means opening your eyes so that you can see why there is hope for the future, even as particular people or set-ups may be on the way out. This is no time for one-track negative thinking.

At the same time, if you cut off the natural process of grieving then you will never be fully equipped to enjoy the new day which is dawning, even as the old life is disappearing. So it’s important to allow yourself the time and space to process the departure, or the ending – but hopefully in a realistic way.

This realism is part of the journey. The Universe itself is about simultaneous endings and new beginnings. When fruit falls from the tree and ends in the soil, it rots and provides its own fertiliser, for the new seeds which emerge, to become tomorrow’s harvest. This remarkable process covers all of life, including you.

This Oracle answer describes a situation which could easily become unbalanced if you let it. If you wallow in grief, or refuse to have hope, or even over-emphasise the loss, then you will actually hold up a natural process of change and new growth. There may be others around who need to remember this too.

When an ending and a beginning unfold at the same time, there is always a journey ahead. It will involve mourning, healing, time, space, distance – but always a strong sense of hope for the future. This hope will not be misplaced. Tomorrow could be brighter, bigger and better than you imagine.

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