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Sometimes you reach a stage in your life when you are free to do what you love. That is what this Oracle answer is all about. It describes a dramatic, life-changing moment when you realise a big choice is being offered to you. If you accept the challenge, you could turn a special dream into wonderful reality.

What will it take to do this? First of all, you have to find a way to bring everything down to earth. Just as you can visualise the possibilities of this role, idea or plan – you should also be able to see how it could all come together. Then it is up to you to create the ideal circumstances for things to fall into place.

This will take considerable faith and effort. But if the Universe is showing faith in you, perhaps it’s time you returned the favour. Certainly, this Oracle answer is about divine intervention. This is no ordinary choice you face. It comes from heaven, not earth. It may even feel meant to be – or ordered by the cosmos.

Christians and Buddhists both see life in roughly the same way – the ‘golden rule’ of kindness and compassion applies. It’s often expressed as‘do unto others as you would unto yourself.’This special offer to choose what you love, and do what fulfils you, meets that rule. This is not just about you. It’s about others too.

It may even feel as if you have the blessing of a higher power. How else to explain the awe-inspiring, miraculous way such an opportunity comes about? There is no point in merely being impressed, though. You must be practical about making space for something new in your life, or it may always remain as a vision.

One thing is certain. Only good can come of this idea or option. It may feel bigger than you – it may even feel out of your reach. Nevertheless, it promises so much for you, and the people around you, that it has to be worth your trust. It may feel as if you are going on a hunch or a prayer, but it’s worth the risk.

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