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How do you repair a situation which is not only painful for others, it still holds the potential for further problems? The answer lies in your own ability to be practical and take charge. Just as importantly, you need to keep your sense of humour alive too. It doesn’t mean being unfeeling. Just philosophical!

There are always those who will respond badly to any kind of attack, either because they have that kind of personality, or because they are stuck in a negative phase of their lives. There is someone like this around you now. Your ability to gently see the funny side of the situation will help you balance this.

If those around you are allowed to turn this situation into an opera, or even a soap opera, you could all spend the next few months (even years) wasting time and energy on the pain of the past. This Oracle answer suggests you are too wise to let this happen – thus your desire to quickly take charge, and start the repairs.

If this answer turns up as a reply to a question about the future, be aware that it points to a conflict situation where one person will clearly feel victimised – or suffer – and you will be left to clear things up, and sort things out. If you can see the seeds of this situation being sown in the present, it’s time for questions.

If this Oracle answer is about your past or present, then there is a clear message about the need to quickly and tidily remove any further ammunition for problems. You are in a position where you have the time, space, mental attitude and opportunity to bury a hatchet (or more than one). So do it.

Only once the chance of further pain has disappeared can those concerned be helped by you, to deal with what has happened, gain closure and move on. Of course, you may decide to just walk away, once the immediate danger has passed. But you are also well qualified to bring about healing, and a little perspective.