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Peace of mind is a state of mind. This Oracle answer is about changing the way you think about yourself and your situation, so that you can escape from your own anxiety or fear. This is particularly important if it’s interfering with your sleep patterns, or your ability to relax. It’s time to work on yourself.

If this answer appears in relation to a question about the future, think very carefully about the decisions you are making, as you may end up in a situation where you have to work very hard to find peace, balance and harmony. Is that really what you want? Are you prepared to pay this price?

As a comment on the past or present, this Oracle answer tells you to centre, ground and focus – and realise that everything which causes you so much pain is actually not ‘there’ at all. It is your imagination. Your visualisation. Your thoughts. The images in your mind’s eye. Nothing actually exists!

Fortunately, many people have suffered like this before you, and there are a huge number of books, articles, DVDs, films, CDs and tapes available to help you think yourself back to peace of mind. There are also medical or mental health professionals who can help – or spiritual leaders. Even your local yoga teacher.

It is a mistake to think you are alone. You are sharing an experience which millions of people go through, all over the world, in every city and town, every single night. If you feel that you are unable to solve your problems by yourself, you must ask for help. It is always available. It’s just a phone call away.

Nothing is good or bad, until thinking makes it so. You are using your mind to create some overwhelming, negative, difficult ‘realities’ with which to torture yourself. Don’t do it! If this must all remain a secret, write it down. Doing so will help you put it in perspective. Alternatively, ring an anonymous helpline. But act.