Friday 16th November 2018: Keep it real and clear, Cancer. Connection, communication, travel and networking are major themes as March 2019 takes hold. You will be plugged into the universe just as you wish – locally or globally. Prepare everything now. Pre-empt muddles.

What it means to be Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, an ancient symbol for motherhood, and no matter what your gender, you are at your brilliant best when you nurture, protect and care for people and animals you cherish. The crab carries her home on her back and thus, you are associated with a deep identification with your home town and homeland. The downside of your sign is patriotism gone mad – nationalism – and the attitude ‘My family, right or wrong’ even if it’s wrong!

Your Week

You have good work-related news on the way, firmly in place on Christmas Eve (London time) and certainly locked in by Christmas Day. You can blame the delay, reversal or rescheduling on Mercury, who is moving backwards and forwards, but his final shadow is over just on December 24th. Read your full Cancer Weekly Horoscope: 12-18 November 2018

Your Month

Karma and Your Former, Current or Potential Partner You have been living with Pluto and Saturn in your opposite sign of Capricorn all year. They are joined by the South Node (karma) from Tuesday 6th November. Read your full Cancer Monthly Horoscope: November 2018

Cancer in 2018

MOVING ON AND MOVING FORWARD Cancer, in 2018, you will move on from particular relationships in your life and find a way to move forward. You are ruled by the Moon, as you may know, and we have an eclipse in Cancer, your own zodiac sign, on July 13th which dominates the year. Read your Cancer 2018 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Would you like to know more about Astrology and how your birth chart works?  Here are some handpicked posts for you. When you’re finished you can discover even more Astrology Basics.

The Ninth House

The Ninth House of your horoscope is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter. It describes travel and travel in the mind. Real journeys and intellectual, educational, academic or spiritual journeys.

Why Birth Times Matter!

Unless you can do some detective work and figure out a likely (real) birth time. Otherwise you could be in serious error. And here’s why –

The Eighth House

The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. Robert Hand notes, “Death. Inheritance. Other people’s money” in his book, Horoscope Symbols but neglects to mention sex.

Discover more Astrology Basics.

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