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Thursday, February 29th, 2024: Now is a good time to promise yourself you will stop more often than you start up. You can see how an overheated financial or property matter could create long term issues, right? The brilliant (Leo) Mambo artist Dog Trumpet musician Reg Mombassa once produced a painting with the legend CAST NOT THE FIRST STONE written on it – that’s excellent advice now. If you cast the first stone now, you could be sending ripples out until January 2025.

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What it means to be Cancer

22 June – 22 July

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, an ancient symbol for motherhood, and no matter what your gender, you are at your brilliant best when you nurture, protect and care for people and animals you cherish. The crab carries her home on her back and thus, you are associated with a deep identification with your home town and homeland. The downside of your sign is patriotism gone mad – nationalism – and the attitude ‘My family, right or wrong’ even if it’s wrong!

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Your Week

Cancer – Juno in your zone of ideas suggests it’s time to wed oneself to a concept or marry a proposal, rather than propose to marry. Juno is a symbol of promises and follow through. In Virgo, this is a high potential plan. Read your full Cancer Weekly Horoscope for February 26 – March 3, 2024.

Your Month

Capricorn Weather, Duets and Duels Key dates in this transit are 21st January (when Pluto left Capricorn), 7th February (when Ceres moves in) Mars in Capricorn (until 13th February) and Venus in Capricorn (until February 16th). Ceres will be in Capricorn until December 7th. Pluto goes back into Capricorn from September 3rd until November 19th. Read your full Cancer Monthly Horoscope for February.
Your Year 2024

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