Thursday 23rd May 2019: This cycle in your Tenth House of ambition, achievement, position and mission is about being open to a quick education in what is possible, no longer out of the question, outrageous or impossible. It is about allowing Chiron the centaur to show you what is now no longer quiet so audacious as it once seemed.

What it means to be Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, an ancient symbol for motherhood, and no matter what your gender, you are at your brilliant best when you nurture, protect and care for people and animals you cherish. The crab carries her home on her back and thus, you are associated with a deep identification with your home town and homeland. The downside of your sign is patriotism gone mad – nationalism – and the attitude ‘My family, right or wrong’ even if it’s wrong!

Your Week

Until June, your relationship with your God, the universe, astrology, heaven and earth, the angels, your inner demons and the rest - the lower astral if you muck around with spells - is at the absolute forefront. Read your full Cancer Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 May 2019

Your Month

Friends and Groups Spell Change and Freedom Friendships, group commitments, communities and circles of people you belong to – or are affected by – dominate May 2019. We associate this new cycle with ‘freedom from’ and also ‘freedom through’ so you are likely to face choices about either. Read your full Cancer Monthly Horoscope: May 2019

Cancer in 2019

MAKING DEALS IN 2019 This year you will be negotiating important deals so that you can make a small but important sum of money go as far as it can. There is a great need for investment in a house, apartment, garden, block of land or business. Read your Cancer 2019 Horoscope

Astrology Basics

Would you like to know more about Astrology and how your birth chart works?  Here are some handpicked posts for you. When you’re finished you can discover even more Astrology Basics.

The Fourth House

Cancer is a sign very much associated with home. House, apartment, land, garden, home town, homeland.  I often find crab shells in the water, which are reminders that Cancer carries her/his ‘home’ as part of himself or herself.

All About Your Birth Chart

What do all those planets, asteroids and the rest mean in your personal birth chart? Sometimes called the natal chart this is the key to everything you need to know.

Find Your Rising Sign Without a Birth Time

The Rising Sign or Ascendant describes what people know best about you – what really stands out – even if it’s not the real you! It is always opposite your Descendant, which describes your main partner or soulmate in life.

How Astrology works

Astrology is concerned with time because astrologers use a book called an ephemeris which looks like some version of Doctor Who’s Tardis instruction manual.

Discover more Astrology Basics.

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