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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023: The Ninth House (a new test of patience) rules foreigners. Education, study and teaching are also Ninth House concerns. If these involve you now, it should be an informative time, if you do the homework – and you will be doing a lot of networking and analysis. Publishers and authors are Ninth House concerns, too. Once again, expect to source a lot of information with one eye on a new strategy. The main rule with this cycle? Balance the right brain with the left brain.

Something Else for Thursday

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What it means to be Cancer

22 June – 22 July

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, an ancient symbol for motherhood, and no matter what your gender, you are at your brilliant best when you nurture, protect and care for people and animals you cherish. The crab carries her home on her back and thus, you are associated with a deep identification with your home town and homeland. The downside of your sign is patriotism gone mad – nationalism – and the attitude ‘My family, right or wrong’ even if it’s wrong!

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Your Week

Well, Cancer, your zone of groups is packed with Venus, the North Node and Uranus this week. It’s all about the hive mind. Group psychology. The team, club, band, society and so on. Perhaps, Twitter. You’re at a point with a group where you have to face a crossroads like no other. Read your full Cancer Weekly Horoscope for March 20-26 2023.

Your Month

Foreigners and Foreign Countries You begin a rare cycle in March, when Saturn moves into your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. Academia, publishing and the worldwide web can also be found in the Ninth House. Having floated, cruised and bobbed along since 2011, you now have to anchor. Read your full Cancer Monthly Horoscope for March.
Your Year 2023
If you want to move into a new house or apartment in 2023, your karma must be good, as whatever you did the last time the South Node was in Libra will pay off. From July 18th 2023 until January 11th 2025 you could be thrilled with your housewarming. Read your full Cancer Yearly Horoscope for 2023.

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