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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024: When the escapism of religion, or the Tarot, or therapy is over – you’re able to go back to reality. The escape seems all the sweeter for its brevity. What if you feel that this is all a little unreal though? A little too ‘bubble’? Time to act.

Something Special this Tuesday:

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What it means to be Aries

21 March – 20 April

You shine when you push forward and lead the way for others, competing to be first in the game of life. When you are upfront and unafraid, fighting the good fight, or pioneering unknown territory, you are at your brilliant best. Coming first and being first are reflected in the First House, which Aries rules. The downside of Aries is self-interest, aggression and selfishness. Narcissism is a sure sign that you have gone too far but it’s easily fixed.

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Your Week

Your Tarot card this week is the Two of Pentacles. Your old way of earning, saving, investing or managing money has been left far behind in this Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus cycle as more liberating possibilities opened up. The vast business, property or financial possibilities of 2023-2024 can now be reviewed. Read your full Aries Weekly Horoscope for May 20-26, 2024.

Your Month

You have been enduring March and April when nothing worked as usual in your life with foreign places and people. Leo, instead you were caught in an endless time warp, when the situations around you were on repeat, and nothing you did to be proactive really worked. Read your full Aries Monthly Horoscope for May.
Your Year 2024

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