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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for January. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

January is about your money, house, business, apartment, shares, charity, valuables and so on. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, during Capricorn weather in your solar Second House. Uranus in Taurus and the True North Node in Taurus, for the first time in years, in your natal Second House. Boom. It’s about values, bottom line.

Allow until February 14th, 2022, to see finality and firm sign-off choices for you or others about the property, bank and the rest. There may be cancellation, delay or retracted statements so get it in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B.

Ceres is also in Taurus in your natal Second House. Situations which other people become incredibly passionate and emotional about can’t help but affect you too. Nevertheless – try to stay as detached as you can about what is going on.

Rich or poor, unless you dig deeper and find out what and who you value most – and what is really priceless – you’ll never have control. The key to Pluto, now transiting your solar Second House, is to use self-control to have control and willpower to find empowerment.

Other people’s values will really reflect your life now. Their idea of what (or who) is most bankable will sweep you along. Sagittarius, a creeping awareness that what was so valuable or worthwhile about you or your life before 2018 is so not, today, in the grand scheme of things, is really normal now.

With work and a salary in particular, you have no guarantees that it will even last one quarter to the next. I would say that without COVID – this is that cycle you are in.

If you are still adhering to a set of financial rules which make it impossible to trade on the real you – your soul, your spirit, your inner contradictions, your secret complexities, your hidden assets then is a great time to scoop up the glittering prizes, which are within, then privately set your own agenda.

A ton of luck is available via a house or apartment, investment property, the family circle (perhaps) or the household. But it’s really showing up as a real estate solution or godsend.

This cycle also brings decisive, dramatic, final chapters affecting what you earn, own or owe after enough delays and rescheduling. Sagittarius, you need to find the qualities deep inside yourself which are worth far more (to yourself and the world) than the rather dated pre-2018 stuff you’ve been dabbling in so far. This means an inward search for what’s genuinely valuable. Priceless qualities. Precious ethics. Valuable skills. All that.

In all cases, it’s an excellent time to ask yourself what you value most. It’s where your buried treasure is. Once you uncover it, you will be in a great position to know yourself, set your terms, and create your life budget according to your own value system – never mind other people’s.

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