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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

You have your enemy, opponent or rival – perhaps. You may have your partner, former partner or potential partner, in love or work. Perhaps you have more than one set of scales in your life, Sagittarius with one reserved for your former girlfriend (say) and another reserved for a rival in your career. A business duet? The old wife and old life you’d rather forget?

If your scales are currently empty and there is no other half, or even no other side, then get ready for the biggest change in 12 years. Jupiter in Gemini is coming at the end of May and will be with you until June 2025.

This idea of a set of scales or a seesaw is central to the next 12 months. Solutions and opportunities will appear in the final week of May, and you’ll probably be tempted to say ‘Yes’ in June.

This is the sort of cycle when de facto couples marry. It is also the cycle when eligible prospective partners pop up or make a move, having been friends or colleagues to date. Sagittarius, if you also have Libra natal chart factors you can double that message. Then there is amicable separation or divorce. That can happen, in a more positive way than perhaps either of you thought, on this transit. Successful counselling can also help you stick together, to quote Mr. Ferry.

Hold your Sagittarian horses until the end of the month, though. Until May 14th, you still have Mercury Retrograde in your zone of courtship, the bedroom, children, teenagers and younger people. When mail or email is affected as part of the story, you know what to blame. When transport or travel involving this person (or both of you) is hit, it’s the same. I am sure you know all about this cycle because it went mainstream a long time ago, but essentially April was not normal and the first fortnight of May will be a rerun or cancellation.

Sagittarius, as you rewind, reschedule, rethink and general put the prefix ‘re’ in front of whatever was under discussion about/for this person in early May. Again, there may be a terrific next step from late May or in June; this is the man on the other end of the see-saw from you, or the woman on the other end of the scales. Your co-parent, most probably.

Beyond this, there was a blind spot or cover-up in April on the Total Eclipse. This may have been about this specific person, or the sexual or parental side of marriage, as a whole. A Total Eclipse has an impact for years. That late April blackout, or a long road where you were driving blind, as if your headlights were knocked out, was very much about the world of children (say) or your other half.

Now, you realise just how in the dark you actually were. There is a lot of catching-up to do in the first two weeks of May, as you realise how utterly misled you were before. Take a deep breath and move on. You now know, what you never knew, nor saw. That’s fine.

There was a large amount of karma to get through 18 or 19 years ago with the bedroom, or children – your soul still has a debt and credit sheet of spiritual scores to settle or have settled by January 2025.

This person at the heart of it all, or the general area of marriage, sexual relationships, work partnerships, feuds or rivalries was karmically loaded. Thus, not an awful lot you tried to do or say, to change things, made much difference at all, in April, because you still had the pull of old debts and credits, spiritually.

One way or another with the North Node in Aries in your solar Fifth House, you have to be paid out, or repay – symbolically. So, for example, if you never did finish a relationship in an ethical or fair way, echoes of that may be with you now, Sagittarius.

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