Australian Election Astrology 2019

Expect shocks on the road to Australia’s election, May 18th 2019. The banks will play a bigger part in the results than you might think. It’s also a Full Moon election. Intense! Are you ready?

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Astrology Charts: Alexandria and Kamala

American politics star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a natal chart – or astrological birth chart – which spells serious 2020 success. Kamala Harris is also a Sun Libra political powerhouse – will she become President?

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Eclipse Cover-Ups Revealed

This is a whole chain of cover-ups, secrets and lies affecting the President’s children and young in-laws – and it began on 11th February 2017 and will not finish until 21st January 2019.

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Astrology and the 2017 UK Election

Theresa May and the Conservative Party are 20 points ahead of Labour as I write this on 19th April 2017. That seems to make horoscope predictions pretty irrelevant. But the public opinion polls have been wrong before – and astrology was absolutely right.

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