Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction

If you're going to make just one Iran horoscope astrology prediction - it is this. January 30th, 31st and February 1st 2018 are D-Day.

Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction

Just like people, countries also have ‘birth’ horoscopes. Beautiful and ancient Iran – home of Persian cats and also cool revolutionary cats –  has seen many birth moments in her history, but the astrology chart for Iran which works best – for the current break for freedom – is 1st February 1979.  Deep breath, because the Supermoon at the end of January 2018 is huge. If you’re going to make just one Iran horoscope astrology prediction – it is this. January 30th, 31st and February 1st 2018 are D-Day. And it’s the start of something that goes on for years, with an ultimate outcome from 2020 as we slowly enter the Age of Aquarius. Iran is Aquarian!

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Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction 2018-2020

The remarkable astrologer Bill Sheeran is really the Iran expert outside that country.  We have Iran’s ‘birth’ date and history here but I recommend you read Radical Astrology by Bill Sheeran for the full background.

Bill Sheeran – “The revolution which ended the Pahlavi dynasty gathered momentum in 1978, and was effectively successful when the Shah left the country on January 16th 1979 on a 1:24pm flight. Ayatollah Khomeini arrived from Paris around 9am on  February 1st 1979. This is often used as a chart for the symbolic beginning of the Islamic Republic.”

Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction – Jupiter in Scorpio

This 1979 chart for Iran really sings. February 1st 1979 gives us Uranus 21 Scorpio. Wow. She was born to trigger revolution on the share markets, her own economy and in world trade. We have Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs) going across 21 Scorpio, for the very first time in 12 years, in 2018.

Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction – The Pain of Saturn

Neptune 20 Sagittarius  and Venus 26 Sagittarius tell us that Iran longs for the world. Sagittarius is very much about travel, foreigners, foreign religion and belief and a global outlook. If she was a person, not a nation, she would be a backpacker as a student, and then a world citizen as an adult. No wonder the pain has become so great. From 2015-2017 Saturn (hard, heavy, tough, cold, restrictive) was in Sagittarius. It takes a hell of a lot to spawn a revolution and Saturn in Sagittarius has obviously been too much.

If you look at Saturn in art and sculpture you will see the bearded old man, gloomy and stuck, terrified and terrifying. This is surely an image of what has come to pass for young Iranians in particular, these last 2-3 years.

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Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction and the Winter of Discontent

Marjorie Orr is the legendary Scots astrologer who has a particular view of Iran, based on the 1st February 1979 chart and she has named this current uprising as ‘Winter of Discontent’, predicting it will linger on.

Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions can be as simple or complicated as you like. Obviously the country is an Aquarian, so if she was a person, what would you predict for this Aquarian type?

Firstly that she shines with groups. She is never part of a group (like the United Nations) but she feeds it. I find this fascinating given the massive swell of American and British support for the current demonstrations and protests. Iran is very much the ‘feeder’ of these global alliances but she is always just a little bit outside.

Aquarius was the Roman water-bearer who carried the water, to fill the swimming pools, at the local Roman Baths. He gave the community what it needed but never got in the pool. That’s Iran. This nation is about pooling resources and sharing the same space, enjoying what a group can achieve together. Now, as Pluto slowly prepares to move into Aquarius, we are about to see destiny begin to reshape this remarkable nation.

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Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions take us into the Age of Aquarius. This begins with a first course, like all really remarkable menus! The first course is 2020, 2021. As I write this on 2nd January 2018, that is a long way in the future, but we are going to see a new power structure in the world and also in Iran.

If you are curious about Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions then just remember Aquarius is about the community; the group; the club; the team; the people power. If you were trying to describe the power structure it would be level and shared between people. All people. Rich, poor, black, white, male, female, old, young. Let’s go back to the Roman idea of the Aquarius, the water-bearer, who ‘fed’ the Roman Baths. There was no discrimination then. If you visit the amazing Sulis Minerva baths in Bath (the name was taken from the natural thermal spring) today – you will see this for yourself.

Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions across 2019, 2020 and beyond – stretching into Pluto’s long transit of Aquarius – suggest a massive change, with power no longer being with a few at the top of the pyramid, but redistributed among the people.

Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions can be complicated or simple, as I mentioned. We could talk about the transit of Jupiter (currently in Scorpio) and Saturn (currently in Capricorn) through to Aquarius, conjuncting Iran’s Sun. We could talk about Pluto, that epic agent of transformation, also going into Aquarius and ultimately conjuncting Iran’s Sun.

Yet – if we are talking about Iran Astrology Horoscope Predictions we can also begin at the beginning.

We have a Supermoon in Leo, opposite the Sun in Aquarius, at the very end of January 2018. This is a Full Moon which shines brighter. It’s big, loud, obvious, arresting, and it will make the whole world stop and watch. As it is visible in Iran over those nights of 30th, 31st January and 1st February, stop and think of Iran.

This is the actual data – with many thanks to Tracey at Serennu –

31st January 2018  – Iran the Aquarius Nation Begins Her Transformation!

13:26:39 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (11 aq 37’4″) opposite Moon (11 le 37’4″)
13:29:45 UT – Total Lunar Eclipse (11 le 39’0″) 

Why is this period (across 30th, 31st January and 1st February) so important in the new story of Iran? Because she was ‘born’ on 1st February 1979 with the Sun at 11 Aquarius and Saturn at 12 Virgo, very close by. This total eclipse falls across both features in her chart.

Later on the South Node (karma) comes along at 11 Aquarius and stands still on Monday 23rd April 2018. On Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th April Iran will deal with the issue of ‘the people versus the leader’ in a dramatic fashion. Old karmic debts and credits will be collected then.

The cover-up which took place near 31st January 2018 will be hinted at then – possibly even revealed.

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Here Comes D-Day for Iran

I am really not going to pretend this is easy. A Full Moon is always D-Day. In fact, D-Day commenced on a Full Moon. There are tremendous mixed feelings. Inner conflict. Conflict, also, in the streets of this amazing place. Yet – this is a moment whose time has come. History is knocking. Iran can and will be part of the Age of Aquarius but first she has to oversee what I am calling The Capricorn Effect. Saturn (fear) and Pluto (a change in the balance of power) and then ultimately the Node (karma) and Jupiter (the healing, the growth) in the sign we associate with old men in suits who rule the world.

This goes beyond Iran into Trump and the rest. From the end of the old, by 2020, we will have the new – the New World Order. The big blinding flash for Iran as we go through these historic transits (accented by the 31st January Supermoon in Leo, opposite the Sun in Aquarius) is about community. The astrology is really clear. Power at the top is over and it starts now in a small but important way. From 2020 onwards it becomes so clear – Iran will be about people power, spread horizontally, not in the usual Capricorn ‘mountain’ of hierarchy.

Watch as Jupiter, Saturn then Pluto pass the crucial 11 degree Aquarius spot in Iran’s horoscope. This is transformation which can only happen every 240+ years. Power to the people.

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The Deep End

When those Romans got in the baths, they were only in the deep end because the local Aquarius had personally carried the water. The baths were more than a swimming pool. They were a peculiar, successful, Roman way of bringing everyone into the water – slaves, masters, Britons, Romans, everybody.

This is essentially who Iran is and little by little, as we see transits through Aquarius of striking importance (like this January 2018 Supermoon) we are going to see her utterly transform her nature. The old ways of having interest groups, political parties, religious sects and the rest are going, going, going, gone. That was her old identity. Ahead of the massive shift of Pluto into Aquarius she will find quite a different way of being herself – communally – and the clue lies with younger people. Here’s why. (And here is why the revolution is actually going to work, for women as well as men).

Along with ‘feeding’ the community baths, the Aquarius in Ancient Rome supplied the community as a whole. Everyone had to access water – slaves, masters, the lot. The water was the one thing which bound them all. At some point after this Aquarius Supermoon at the end of January 2018 and also the end of the Node cycle in Aquarius, the penny will drop.

For environmental and economic reasons, Iran will have to share the power. Perhaps water will be one of the issues

The Iran Horoscope and Generation Aquarius

AQUWEEK2018 profile e1580059881402 - Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction
Iran the proud Aquarius – watch this nation!

If you are curious about Generation Aquarius (born with the slow-moving outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, in Aquarius) I suggest you hit Search. For Iran, though, it is these Millennials who are at the heart of the biggest transformation of the nation possible in 240+ years. These future players in Iran’s destiny were karmically given a big, big horoscope signature in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. No matter what their actual zodiac sign, these young Iranian Millennials have Neptune (the escape) and Uranus (revolution, liberty, freedom, radical change) in Aquarius, which rules that big power shift away from people at the top, to the community as a whole.

The wake-up call on that Supermoon for a sizeable chunk of these Iranian Millennials will be extreme. Why? They will feel the Sun passing over their Neptune and Uranus placements in the sign of groups, friendship, camaraderie. Aquarius is really not about gender, age or colour or religion. Men and women are all in the pool. Black and white. Old and young. Rich and poor. This is going to be the biggest wake-up call for this generation and humanity should support it. We have much to learn from the essential humanitarianism of these younger Iranians!

We can talk about this more on Twitter @jessicacadams

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