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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for January. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Libra Monthly Forecast

Your finances, house, business interests, apartment, shares, insurance, legacy, income, debts? You can catch up with what just happened to you in 2021 and what’s ahead – on YouTube. I talk more about Ceres in Taurus there and this unusual cycle. I suggest this only because the cycle goes on for so long, Libra, although it really begins on the 19th of January 2022.

Uranus in Taurus, the True North Node in Taurus, the True South Node in Scorpio, suggests a major fork in the road. You will find you collect karma from about 18-19 years ago, and have to settle up, or receive, as others settle with you. It’s really on that level even though it translates as money.

The difference in your financial position, your property situation and your attitude to what you own, earn and owe will be quite astonishing, once this cycle is over. Okay, so that’s 2026, but a five-year plan isn’t a bad idea.

Uranus is asking you to forget about now, or then (financially) – and head straight for the future. You’ll be aware of this planet’s background effects on you for the whole time it’s here, as you will either be waiting for a break, in order to go forward – or uneasily aware that other people could move their agendas forward at any time, which immediately means you have to change course too.

This strongly applies to your income, savings, debts, banking arrangements, lease, mortgage, insurance, possessions, investments, budget, accounting and anything else which rules your financial situation. I believe January will hammer it home, Libra, because of that node cycle shift on 19th January.

You can double that message if you have anything in Scorpio in your natal chart! It will immediately involve your marriage, partnership, ex, or a close relative.

This cycle also rules values. What you will and won’t sell out for, and what you consider to be above mere money. Your principles and ethics will be in focus during this cycle, and once again, you will either have your own agenda for change and progress, or find that you are forced to keep moving, because the rest of the world seems hell-bent on forcing you to change course. COVID! If you believe your values are worth it, you may stage your own revolution in this cycle.

Uranus works best in your life when you go with the natural flow of progress and change. Sometimes technological advances or new inventions and ideas push everything (and everybody) forward. That’s really Bitcoin and the rest.

That’s your cue to go to the next level as well. If you try to stay where you were, you will not only be intensely uncomfortable, but you may also find that in years to come it’s almost impossible to make up for lost time, or lost progress.

Libra, this is the ideal time to loosen up and become more flexible about cash, property, possessions and values. Are you ready to move forward at a moment’s notice? That’s how quickly things could open up for you. Are you prepared for jolts and bumps along the way, as others suddenly decide that now is the moment to push their agenda? A great deal depends on how free you are to use the moment, switch your position and even take advantage of the occasional prod or poke. This is true now, but it’s ongoing, in 2022.

The more you leave your old financial existence or values behind, the greater the sense of progress and possibility will be. Don’t be left behind, keep going!

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