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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for November. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Libra Monthly Forecast

Scorpio Season

scorpio 297x300 - LibraLibra, the first three weeks of November are about your bank account, will, any legacy naming you, mortgage, shares, cryptocurrency, property and so on. It’s an intense time but the final week eases up.

As this Scorpio cycle occurs at the same time as one or more other financial cycles, this is when most of the financial negotiations, business correspondence or property transactions will occur. Even if you don’t get to the signatures or handshakes stage, though, there will still be plenty of question-and-answer sessions, and a reasonable amount of research, either at work or home.

The Second House is about your value system, as much as anything else – it’s about what you will, and won’t, sell out for. This is a good time of year to become more aware of that, and to try and balance your feelings with your head. What is the point of making a clever property decision, in market terms, if you love your old home with all your heart? What price can a ‘clever’ business strategy extract, in terms of your values, if other human beings lose from your big gains? There are two key financial cycles in Sun Sign Astrology. One is Mercury in the Second House, the other is Uranus in Taurus the Eighth House. These are crucial times for fact-finding missions and networking, and you can cover a lot of ground very quickly.

I believe you’ll gain enormously in April, May 2024 by saving or making money. The core of that can be traced to November 2023.

Sagittarius Season

2021 sagittarius 300x300 - LibraIn the final week of November, you are tipped into Sagittarius Season.

This is the time to sort things out with your brother or sister. Cousins too. You’ll be better informed now, and more logical about things. As long as you don’t ignore your feelings (or theirs) you should come up with useful results now – no matter if you are organising a family holiday, borrowing their car, or even tackling really serious sibling or cousin issues. This also applies to short trips away, and to all forms of transport (cars, bicycles, motorbikes, boats, aeroplanes). What adds up and makes sense now, has to also be emotionally satisfying or intuitively ‘right.’

Mercury goes backwards now. Allow for a long loop, backwards and forwards. Allow until January 3rd, 2024, for the circuit to break.

The Third House famously rules brothers, cousins and sisters, and your transportation and travel (particularly locally, or on short-haul flights.) It also rules communication, though, which is where computers and telephones come in. This is going to be an incredibly busy time for you, as you’ll be touching base with so many information sources. You’ll have access to a vast range of sources, contacts and networks now, but unless you can put the fact-finding in perspective, you could end up without a plan.

So many x factors will complicate your dealings with a brother, cousin or sister now, that you may want to wait until this cycle is over, before you start making up your mind. Whatever the nature of your brother or sister ‘business’, though, what is allegedly settled or final, is often subject to change. All the more reason not to make or accept promises too quickly if they are going to cost either of you time or money.

Cars, taxis, trucks, boats, aeroplanes, trains and buses can be unreliable now, or you will face transport strikes, traffic jams, accident delays, or schedule changes. This is traditionally a circular time to buy a new car, get a truck repaired, or to take any kind of holiday. The Third House traditionally rules short trips away, so if you have one of those on the agenda, you may want to have Plan B or C until Mercury is direct and out of shadow again. The Third House also rules communication, which covers a broad canvas – computers, telephones, fax machines, mail – but also your dealings with the media. Have back-up.

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