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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for May. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Libra Monthly Forecast

You are slowly moving through the last weeks of an epic, life-changing, finance-changing pattern, Libra. It peaks in intensity in May and will be reflected in your values, for many years to come. Jupiter’s last stand in Taurus in the Eighth House of your solar chart is about inheritance, legacies and wills. Marriage and mortgage. Divorce settlement. Jupiter has been a symbol of tremendous growth and expansion for around 2000 years. The Romans associated him with all that can be maximised. Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

First things first! If a work partner, sexual partner, or former spouse is involved. The facts and figures dating from the end of March and April were never the full and final story. Right up until the middle of May, you will be circling the circles, as the story never did add up, or the words did not hit their targets. Part of this is the notorious Mercury Retrograde cycle, which began with a shadow and will not end until the last shadow on May 14th depending on your time zone.

Beyond the most recent lack of confirmation and certainty, it is also really clear that you need to catch up with the end of April, when you had blind spots, or were completely caught up in a story with your other half, or the other side, that left you in the dark. In late April in particular you were flying blind. I hope you took the eclipse advice and did not choose that period to start dating someone new, for example.

Your bank, your property, your business, charity and the rest is where the most stunning options are, so try to accept the jigsaw puzzle with his face in it (or hers) will always miss pieces.

Now, you know – what you did not know. So, mid-May is a time of acceptance (hopefully) and a certain resignation. You will make a new beginning from that point. By May 25th, you will be completely over the endless fixation on the whopping solutions, offers and opportunities involving all the dollars, pounds, euros, property, taxation, bank, company, charity fundraising and so on. Ready for something completely different?

If you have factors in Gemini in your natal chart, hit the ground running from the final week of May with the web and make a wow-factor decision in June. If you are blessed with Gemini planets, asteroids, nodes and so on – Jupiter in Gemini from the last days of May until June 2025 will open up incredible potential with the internet, your phone, your communication in general (perhaps involving the media, education or publishing) and related issues like AI.

Libra, even if you don’t have Gemini factors, the close of May and early days of June are still offering you something so special. A foreign country and foreigners (even if they speak the same language) is here for you, on a plate. It may be spaghetti if it’s Italy or sangers if it’s Australia. This will be an amazing menu of choices overseas or with other cultures in your own town. You will still be salivating by June 2025, but start now. If publishing or academia is involved, nobody would be surprised.

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