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Libra Monthly Horoscope

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Libra Monthly Forecast

Duets and Duels

You are at your best when you pair off with people, and when it’s ‘Two against the world’ when you both fight the good fight. It is even more satisfying if you can leave one bad marriage for a terrific one – or one rotten partnership for a dream duet. Double the satisfaction if you ever felt that your former two-way street was unfair.

Libra is about duelling as much as duets, your sign having rulership over the Seventh House, in turn ruled by the scales of justice (and life can be quite unjust). Venus also rules the Seventh House. She was unfaithful to her husband and at war with her daughter-in-law, so there is more to your sign than ‘Give Peace a Chance.’

I mention all this because Jupiter in Aries, together with Chiron in Aries, is barrelling through your Seventh House until Halloween. So you have opportunities galore and tempting challenges, shall we say. Jupiter is a gas giant in astronomy. To the Romans he was ‘Optimus Maximus’ so this is the cycle when you should go for the greatest and best. Chiron is another old Roman archetype; he is the music teacher who should not exist but certainly did. A centaur with a stringed instrument.

In love or war, though, or any sort of partnership (or good fight) there is a sense of providence on your side. Jupiter rules dumb luck. Right time, right place, right person. You are there now, for another couple of months or so, then the whole thing is replayed in January-May 2023, so you can’t really complain.

Chiron is about what should not happen, could not happen, must not happen – and does. So we can see a few separated or divorced Libran couples in the public eye exchanging rings again – or perhaps, straight women turning for lesbian lovers. It happens. There is a parallel development in your natal chart because Mercury Retrograde in Libra is back and forth, also in your Seventh House.

For quite a few Libran types, this will reverse across their natal Sun, so this may even be a question about your profile, name, image, reputation and so on. Have a look at your birth chart.

The partnerships, duets, pairs can be professional as well as personal. The quarrels or contests can be, likewise, political or business, as much as sexual.

Courtship and Heirs to the Throne

Aquarius rules your courtship/s, heirs, pretenders to the throne – and your younger court. Commonly, it’s about marriage and children, or one-night stands and unwanted pregnancy.

Saturn is in Aquarius in your solar Fifth House in September and Ceres is at the end of her stay in Leo in your natal Fifth House. That’s a double whammy.

Publicly and privately the issue is a compromise with/over/for your son or daughter. Maybe nieces, nephews, grandchildren, godchildren. Less commonly it can be played out with interns, or a youth audience, or a teenage demographic. It is usually more personal than that and can be about a godson, say, or a daughter.

The courtship is really the royal bedchamber, seduction and serenade. So it’s that part of being married, or that part of a fine romance.

Saturn is a symbol of tests and trials, waiting games, obstacle courses, the gift of patience, the common-sense (but dull) solution and the wiser, older person giving counsel.

You’ll find a huge concrete bollard is lifted out of your life in March 2023 when Saturn goes, but until then, you have to be sensible about this. You can try to get what you want or need, but you may find others just don’t get it. Don’t bash your head against a brick wall, Libra, just filter your load and put the least on yourself that you can. As I said, it’s over next March.

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