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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for June. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Libra Monthly Forecast

Power and Control at Home

Pluto Retrograde from June 11th will take you back to 2022 and early 2023. Familiar questions about who wears the pants, who is top dog and so on, will return in your family or household. Luckily, this is all on the way out. It’s been imminent history since March 23rd this year, Libra.

For whatever reason, you are now looking at a completely different future with relatives, live-in partners, flatmates/roommates – or issues about the property itself. This transit can extend to your hometown and homeland too. What you now have is a rewind, which will enable you to replay strategies that worked last year and avoid the rest. Self-control gives you control, and willpower empowers you. It’s the same with the actual house or apartment, the garden, or your pin on the map.

Well-Being and Workload

Saturn Retrograde on June17th and Neptune Retrograde on June 30th suggests you will be covering your old tracks from March, April, May and the first fortnight in June. This may be returning to a familiar wellness question, Libra, or you may be stepping backwards with your work, unpaid work or academic concerns. You have been in a bubble for many years, not inhabiting what most people would call the real world. This has been tied to your health, perhaps, or just to the job, your unsalaried role or your course. Since March, all that has changed. There is now a situation which is impossible to get out of, or impossible to get into! It does not last, but while it is here, you do need new rules, new systems, new strategies, new reality checks. Going backwards will help you sort all that out. Do you have Virgo natal chart factors? If so, a correct life-work balance, with a sharp eye on your well-being, should be your watchword in 2023, 2024 and early 2025.

Financial and Property Gains and Breakthroughs

Well, after weeks of delay or repeat, repeat hiccups, you can at last move forward with an inheritance; a payout; insurance; shares; house or apartment transactions and the rest. You stand to gain or save if you take the opportunity and run with the solution, Libra. It’s there from the very start of June.

Mercury Direct on June 1st, Jupiter Conjunction North Node June 1st, and Jupiter Sextile Saturn on June 19th all lead in from Taurus, the sign of the bull. It also rules gold bullion and bull markets. Perhaps you’ve been personally affected by the US trillion-dollar debt shemozzle. Whatever the story, you have so much to look forward to. If you are launching a business, remember this is the cycle that launched McDonalds, M&M’s, Cheerio’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other massive successes. Not that I eat any of them, but your astrologer has a duty to pass on the message.

Your Reputation, Appearance and Title

Ceres in Libra June 21st and the South Node in Libra on July 17th is a classic crossroads for questions about how you are seen – and you appear. There would appear to be a bargaining process or deal-making interval from late June, into July. A common example would be marrying but not taking your husband’s name. Another common example might be your title at work. In any case, try to park the emotions outside the door. The less there are strong feelings involved, the better, as you, he, she or they must figure out a new arrangement. It becomes heavily karmic from 17th July, in that life 18-19 years before reveals debts or credits.

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