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A state of flux can be to your advantage if you seize the moment, grab a great deal and really exploit the chaos and uncertainty. A good example of this might be a car boot sale, where amidst the noise and crowding, a vendor with a priceless antique can sell it to you at a bargain price.

More specifically, this Oracle answer is about general uncertainty and indecision. If you want a peaceful life with plenty of guarantees – and this answer turns up in the future position – you need to think twice. What is it about your present situation that is actively inviting this kind of muddle into your world?

Should your Oracle reply be talking about the past or present then you’ll probably know exactly the kind of messy situation it is describing. A state of play where nothing is fixed and final, and everything is subject to change. One fluctuation inspires another.
This tends to happen when there are no rules and regulations. If people can change their minds, they will. If a price can be moved up and down, it will be. Another example of this Oracle answer might be a major day of stockmarket swings. Nobody has a permanent or ‘real’ answer about anything!

In conditions like this you can either watch the ‘surf’ and cleverly time your movements to take full advantage of unstable conditions – or you can lose your footing, and lose the plot. During a state of flux it’s important to remember that very little can be controlled, except your own inner certainties.

For that reason it helps to know yourself extremely well and to have a shrewd idea of where conditions are headed. Focus and concentrate. Don’t be swayed by the general mayhem around you. Be particularly cautious with people who are poor communicators, unreliable or flakey by nature! It’s a guarantee-free time.




If you draw this Oracle answer in reply to a question about the future of a relationship, you have to consider the role that a love rival might play. In all cases (past, present, future) this answer is about the need to heal a painful love triangle where two people are tied to a third.

This story is as old as love itself. From Shakespeare to modern history (Princess Diana’s famous Panorama interview about herself, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles) there are endless stories about difficult, three-way relationships. But there is a way out, and a way through, if you can take the journey.

You have two options here, assuming you want to escape. The first is to take strong action and withdraw completely. This is going to take energy and effort, and it could be messy. No doubt scars will remain. But it will also give you a relatively clean break from a situation which is going nowhere fast.

The other option is to let the whole thing fall where it may – to allow the inevitable collapse of the situation. This will prolong the pain and also end messily. Yet if you feel unable to do anything else, it may help to know that even if you don’t act, this situation simply cannot last forever.

You have some wonderful things to learn from this love triangle which will help you shape happier, more fulfilling relationships or marriages in future. This is a good time to analyse your role and responsibility in everything that has happened. What pulled you in? Why did you play your part?

It’s also important to remember that the act of withdrawing from this situation leaves you free to move in other directions. Yet the two who are left behind will have no such freedom – until they also pull out, they will have to deal with the hole that you have left behind. You will be gone but never quite forgotten.




This man works extremely hard and as a result there is no shortage of money in his life. If you are interested in him on an emotional or personal level, you are bound to be impressed by his practical approach to life. There is something very sexy about a man who is grounded. And he is.

Whatever the connection you have to this man, remember that he will be going through a productive, intensive work phase when you encounter him. There is unlikely to be much time off – at least until the job is finished and the next amount of money is through. His fierce concentration is for work and money, not play.

Because of the nature of his chosen field, he has to do his job thoroughly and completely, or risk letting his standards slip. Beyond the actual engagement with making money, though, there is a deep connection with his own talent, his own skill, his own abilities. It’s true to say he could happily lose himself in his work.

If you intend to have any kind of intimate relationship with this man – or lead him in the direction of property, commitment or family – you have to remember his limitations. Even though his current preoccupation with productivity may not last, it still requires enormous faith, confidence and energy to divert him.

If you are a strictly all-play girl (and almost no work) then he is unlikely to blend in with your lifestyle. However if you work as hard as him – and are also preoccupied with processing pay cheques – then there may come a point when you both have to wonder what comes first, the relationship or the job.

Ideally, this man will be grounded enough to understand that one cannot labour forever, or go on counting the cash at the expense of having a life. If he is smart enough to know the difference between workaholism and materialism – and a conscious decision to work and earn for a time – you’ll be in good company.