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A combination of tough life experience and her own inner strength has helped the Determined Woman develop a core of pure steel. She is strong, but also feminine. She is open and approachable, but nobody’s fool. She has a spiritual side, but she is also ruthless, when she has to be. Thus, she is complex.

People are intimidated by her, and sometimes scared by her. This can be a difficult cross to bear for the Determined Woman, as she also has strong feelings. The Buddhists say their religion is kindness. Well, strangely enough, that’s her viewpoint too. Yet she also has to play the role of action woman.

She believes that one has to to be cruel to be kind. This is often the only way she can blend her natural compassion, with her chosen role as a deadly authority figure. She has what it takes to axe people or situations which she believes would be better removed. But she can only do it if she believes she’s acting morally.

The role of children in her life also has to be taken into account. The connection may be personal (she draws strength from her role as mother) or less personal (she has a broad concern with the next generation). She may not always be conscious of how much she leans on this, but it’s always there.

If she is on your side, and you need her help, you have come to the right woman for the job. If your values and principles are shared by her, then you will have found a steely, formidable, one-woman task-force to assist. And if you’re against her? Be careful. She has what it takes to end your dream.

The burden this woman carries is significant. She can never be trusting, spontaneous, free. Because of this, she may decide to switch roles or situations at some point and move on to an easier existence. Your view of her will be entirely conditioned by which side you’re on. But you have to respect her.




Some people describe The Light as God. Others, who are not religious, call it the Life Force. Because The Light is so hard to define and describe it is a very personal thing. One thing everyone agrees on, though, is that it represents all that is good, powerful, mysterious and enduring about human existence.

People find The Light when they are alone. When they meditate, and have a special moment of illumination (one of those ‘Aha!’ moments when they literally open their eyes and see the light). They can also find it when dreaming or praying. And, unusually, when in the depths or depression or exhaustion.

This last example is best understood by the phrase ‘The darkest hour is always before the dawn.’ If you have drawn this Oracle answer, then it may describe this darkness-to-dawn process. The moment just before you emerge from a dark day, to discover that there is hope, guidance and goodness there to put trust in.

So which will it be? Which path will lead you to The Light? With this Oracle answer it is better to focus on the end result, rather than the process. So it doesn’t really matter if you find this special, sacred guidance through meditation – or even through depression – the point is, The Light is waiting to be found.

Sometimes it can feel like a religious conversion experience, or the restoration of faith (when all faith had been lost). It really depends on what you know to be true about the world, and what you are ready for. Some people feel it as a connection with nature, and the universe. Suddenly they realise that the planet has a pulse.

This Oracle answer describes a special and unforgettable experience that has been written about in song, and described by poets – and painted by artists. It’s about that remarkable moment when you are by yourself and open your eyes to a new reality that seems more powerful, sacred, inspiring and uplifting.




This Oracle answer is about the need to reconnect with people you have chosen to cut yourself off from. If you don’t, then you will miss out on relationships with real potential. There is also a risk that other people will appear and take them away from you. Time, and life itself, may also erode what is currently still there.

Even the offer of something or someone new may not be enough to tempt you during this phase. That alone should show you where the problem lies. The issue is not the value or worth of the people in question, it’s actually your own attitude. Something (or someone) has distanced you from human relationships.

You may feel stubborn about staying by yourself. You may feel defensive. You may feel complacent – or cynical. You may even have lost interest entirely. None of these emotional states are likely to get you very far. Thus, the first step in reconnecting yourself to others is to begin working on your attitude.

You can sit there passively, if you like, and wait for someone to come and rescue you. But there are no guarantees this will happen. Alternatively you can leave the situation you find yourself in, and seek help. Once you have lost the negativity, you will be amazed at how different those same people look to you.

If you are lucky then a new relationship may still be on offer once you have transformed yourself. And then you can begin again, with an entirely different kind of connection. One that you contribute to, energetically and passionately. One that you can value, appreciate and nurture for a long time to come.

If it’s solitude you seek then you can have this, but in a way which feels peaceful and fulfilling. And also in a way which leaves others feeling involved in your life, rather than distanced from it. And if you really want affection and intimacy? Well, it’s out there for you. But first, life reorganisation is required.