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The Seven Deadly Sins are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. When this Oracle answer appears one or more of these ancient sins is clearly affecting a sexual relationship between a man and a woman – probably yours! Both of you will be trapped by what appears to be an overwhelming problem.

The irony of your situation is, the problem may feel overwhelming but it is easily overcome. One or both of you are in a position to escape this negative situation at any time. Thus you have your first choice with this scenario – to act independently of the other person and break free by yourself.

If this happens, the other person may decide to follow you, in which case you will have the potential for a renewed relationship as you will both be free to operate in a new way. Alternatively your partner may follow your example, but for one reason or another, a reunion will not be possible. The relationship may end.

Your second choice in this scenario is to do nothing, and remain stuck, while your mate decides to leave you and break free. Or you could follow his lead and pursue him, hoping for a very different kind of partnership. It is entirely possible, of course, but it’s also possible that you might go after him and find it’s over.

No wonder this Oracle answer demands so much heavy thought and consideration. In a perfect world you would both think the same way, at the same time, and break away from the stuck cycle of negativity which is obstructing love and passion. But a perfect world is not always on offer – that’s the reality.

One thing is certain though. If you do nothing, then nothing will change. You will both continue to be stuck, trapped, blocked, overwhelmed. One or more of the Seven Deadly Sins can make every day feel darker than it has to be. More importantly, it disempowers both of you – quite unnecessarily.




This answer is about the financial, property or business possibilities for you and two more people. It’s a three-way situation that involves plenty of questions and few answers. Thus the need for further exploration. Are the three of you looking at amazing potential, or will your quest turn out to be disappointing?

There are no guarantees with this answer. But the interesting thing about the discovery process which waits for you, is that it will turn up valuable riches in its own way. Namely, the chance to get to know yourselves and each other much better. You three are remarkably different people. So it’s time to look at that too.

There is a reasonable amount of mystery with this situation. Almost as if you’re completely in the dark. With energy, patience, a sense of humour and enough faith, you should be able to come back with some useful findings – maybe even a financial reward. There could be treasure at the other end!

This is a very good time to find out how you work as individuals and as a group. Should you define roles for yourselves so that each of you accomplish different tasks and play to your strengths? Alternatively, is the curiosity so high that you are all prepared to go in as a group, and try to function as best you can?

If you are doing a specialised reading (using the free readings menu at then look at the other Oracle answers which accompany this one. If they revolve around work and money – or property and business – in a very specific way, you can fill out the general answer.

This is really about a financial magical mystery tour. A few thrills and spills, perhaps – or a rather empty search. The motto ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is appropriate here. But what’s truly useful is the chance to bond with two people who are so different to you – but in future, could be part of your team.




If this Oracle answer turns up as part of your possible future, you need to take precautions. It talks about a period of imbalance in your life – particularly in regard to money or other valuable assets. It’s not a particularly stable or settled time, so if this is what lies ahead, see if there is anything to alter in the present!

This period of financial uncertainty can be managed, but you will need to have a firm strategy to do this. The passing of time will help. As you become more used to the rather unpredictable new rhythm of your finances (balancing the budget) you should slowly learn how to get back on your feet, and ground yourself.

Do not panic and lose your financial footing. With enough persistence, skill and energy it should be possible for you to keep things together – at least until this particular phase finishes. Think laterally too. If your idea of management is to focus solely on one issue until the other one becomes problematic, think again.

The easiest way to hold the facts, figures and financial realities together may be to develop a way of keeping two concerns relatively balanced. This may be ingoings and outgoings, or perhaps two debtors. Even two credit cards! Prepare to be a patient student of life. Learn as you go. Encourage yourself.

It may be possible to bring in outside help – in which case it is certainly worth the attempt – or even repeated attempts. However, most of the work will be down to you in the meantime. You will need to focus, and juggle, simultaneously. The more you can develop inner skills, though, the easier your task will become.

There are outside factors in this situation which must be taken into account too. Other people in the picture are also living in fairly uncertain or unpredictable times. Even though there is no direct connection with you, it’s essential that you factor them in. They are, in fact, the background x factor to your cash issues.