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This Oracle answer is about the need to reconnect with people you have chosen to cut yourself off from. If you don’t, then you will miss out on relationships with real potential. There is also a risk that other people will appear and take them away from you. Time, and life itself, may also erode what is currently still there.

Even the offer of something or someone new may not be enough to tempt you during this phase. That alone should show you where the problem lies. The issue is not the value or worth of the people in question, it’s actually your own attitude. Something (or someone) has distanced you from human relationships.

You may feel stubborn about staying by yourself. You may feel defensive. You may feel complacent – or cynical. You may even have lost interest entirely. None of these emotional states are likely to get you very far. Thus, the first step in reconnecting yourself to others is to begin working on your attitude.

You can sit there passively, if you like, and wait for someone to come and rescue you. But there are no guarantees this will happen. Alternatively you can leave the situation you find yourself in, and seek help. Once you have lost the negativity, you will be amazed at how different those same people look to you.

If you are lucky then a new relationship may still be on offer once you have transformed yourself. And then you can begin again, with an entirely different kind of connection. One that you contribute to, energetically and passionately. One that you can value, appreciate and nurture for a long time to come.

If it’s solitude you seek then you can have this, but in a way which feels peaceful and fulfilling. And also in a way which leaves others feeling involved in your life, rather than distanced from it. And if you really want affection and intimacy? Well, it’s out there for you. But first, life reorganisation is required.




This answer points to a man who is younger than you, with a gift for pulling ideas, performances, songs, art – anything creative in fact – out of the ether. He is interesting, attractive and talented. No wonder so many people want to get closer to him, and his considerable gifts. But how accessible is he?

Because this young creative has an ego, it will take a certain kind of person to either collaborator with him, or become emotionally close to him. He is consumed by his own skill and talent – and entirely focused on his latest ‘thing’ no matter if it’s a composition, a play, a website or a poem.

Not surprisingly, he finds it hard to relate to anyone who can’t share his fascination for his creative output. If you want to have any kind of relationship with this younger man, then you will have to genuinely understand and appreciate his latest endeavour – even if it’s entirely at the ‘wait and see’ stage.

For all his self-confidence there is also something awkward about this man. It may disappear with age or experience. Half of him seems to be completely at ease with himself and the world. But the other half seems a little forced, and somewhat uncomfortable. His inner conflicts are on show.

Depending on your point of view, this will either make him even more charismatic and interesting – or it will give him away. His underlying lack of poise will either endear him to you, or turn you off. If your question is about love and partnership, you will certainly need to take his lack of maturity into account.

This man has the ability to reach into the zeitgeist though – the spirit of the age – and pluck out something which is so of the moment, that it can’t fail to speak to those who are also in the flow. Will it last? Will he do anything with his latest creative discovery, or will it be wasted? Much depends on his self-discipline.




This man is lucky enough to have money, and all the trappings of wealth. However he also needs to be careful that he doesn’t lose what he has. You may come across him when there is a significant financial or business turning point in his life. And the connection may be personal or purely cash-based.

He is ungrounded. He may appear to have both feet on the ground but there is a part of him which finds it hard to settle, and to truly commit to plans. He may not be fully conscious of this trait in himself, but there is an aspect of his nature which is purely escapist. He literally longs to escape.

It is this inability to plant himself or his investment on solid ground that puts him at risk of wasting his money, or even having it conveniently removed by other people. You are almost duty bound to bring this man back to the real world, if you have his best interests at heart. He may need a reality check.

If the issue for you is about a purchase, sale, trade or deal then you will have to get it in writing, in great detail, and work very hard to make him see things as they really are. This person is unfocussed. And although this may not be an issue – if alcohol or drugs are in the picture, his concentration will dip further.

If you intend pursuing paperwork or promises with this man you also need to understand that he is substituting other kinds of soul satisfaction (relationships, creative fulfillment, inspiration) with cash. This may explain the intense psychological hold a particular sum or money or asset has on him.

Can he change? Yes. One wake-up call and he can shake himself out of his current dreamlike state and actually do something sensible with his assets. There is tremendous potential here for him to double his money – or better, use it to found something substantial and long-lasting.

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