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When you come across this man, you will encounter him at a point of incredible financial achievement. He is a gifted businessman, no matter if he is trading organic vegetables at the local market, or climbing the capitalist mountain on Wall Street. He derives his self-esteem from doing well financially.

It is important to remember that the way he appears, at the time this Oracle answer appears, is not necessarily a lasting comment on his character. He is just in a phase of amazing abundance and growth, and thus presents this to you. When times are different, he may be different too.

This man is grounded by nature, so he can be allowed time off to fantasise about spending what he has made, or making it go even further. In his own best interests, though, it is important that he does not dream for too long. He didn’t get where he is today by forgetting about reality. And he can’t afford to do it now.

Can it all go further? Yes, if he is willing to continue to work this hard, and strategise this cleverly. Like everything in life, though, this man’s continued success is about good timing – and the ability to read the environment correctly. If he loses touch with this, then he may well suffer loss too.

Perhaps it is this inner knowing that keeps him grounded. And if you are interested in him on a personal or emotional level, you will no doubt find him extremely attractive. Just remember that he is not necessarily in the right time and place for an intense relationship, when this answer emerges.

Intimacy, connection and commitment – to lovers, soulmates, family or friends – comes second when this answer emerges. This doesn’t mean they can’t enter into the picture. But it may take a reasonable amount of effort to remind this man that the whole point of making it, is to spend it on the other things that count.




A state of flux can be to your advantage if you seize the moment, grab a great deal and really exploit the chaos and uncertainty. A good example of this might be a car boot sale, where amidst the noise and crowding, a vendor with a priceless antique can sell it to you at a bargain price.

More specifically, this Oracle answer is about general uncertainty and indecision. If you want a peaceful life with plenty of guarantees – and this answer turns up in the future position – you need to think twice. What is it about your present situation that is actively inviting this kind of muddle into your world?

Should your Oracle reply be talking about the past or present then you’ll probably know exactly the kind of messy situation it is describing. A state of play where nothing is fixed and final, and everything is subject to change. One fluctuation inspires another.
This tends to happen when there are no rules and regulations. If people can change their minds, they will. If a price can be moved up and down, it will be. Another example of this Oracle answer might be a major day of stockmarket swings. Nobody has a permanent or ‘real’ answer about anything!

In conditions like this you can either watch the ‘surf’ and cleverly time your movements to take full advantage of unstable conditions – or you can lose your footing, and lose the plot. During a state of flux it’s important to remember that very little can be controlled, except your own inner certainties.

For that reason it helps to know yourself extremely well and to have a shrewd idea of where conditions are headed. Focus and concentrate. Don’t be swayed by the general mayhem around you. Be particularly cautious with people who are poor communicators, unreliable or flakey by nature! It’s a guarantee-free time.




Whatever your question is, the answer in this case is religion. This is about organised spiritual belief. It may be Catholicism, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism. The religion in question may be Protestant, Presbyterian, Hindu or Anglican. There are endless possibilities. But it’s primarily about the institution.

The first issue to take into account is that religion can give your life a structure and meaning. It comes with rules and regulations, passed on by those in charge, from God (or another higher power). Thus, the religion is a conduit to the divine. It is your way of being connected to something greater than yourself.

A religion sets out what is right and wrong, in a clear way. In a confusing world full of contrasting messages about morality, that can be very comforting and reassuring. It honestly depends on your personal point of view. One person’s welcome rule book is another person’s idea of all that is wrong in the world!

Essentially, religion is about trust and faith. Trust that those in charge are right about the rules, or spiritual laws, they are enforcing. And faith in something greater than all of us – a heavenly force for good. Without that basic trust and faith, religion simply cannot exist.

Religions also have hierarchies. They have their own power structures and class systems. The Pope is head of the Catholic church, for example. This Oracle answer reminds you that there is a pecking order in religion, just as there is in the world of business and politics. It is part of the package.

The majority of religions have been established for thousands of years. This is also worth remembering. Where does this longevity come from? What is it about each religion that has helped it survive in the modern world? Everyone will have a different answer to this. And your answer will be very important.