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This answer points to a man who is younger than you, with a gift for pulling ideas, performances, songs, art – anything creative in fact – out of the ether. He is interesting, attractive and talented. No wonder so many people want to get closer to him, and his considerable gifts. But how accessible is he?

Because this young creative has an ego, it will take a certain kind of person to either collaborator with him, or become emotionally close to him. He is consumed by his own skill and talent – and entirely focused on his latest ‘thing’ no matter if it’s a composition, a play, a website or a poem.

Not surprisingly, he finds it hard to relate to anyone who can’t share his fascination for his creative output. If you want to have any kind of relationship with this younger man, then you will have to genuinely understand and appreciate his latest endeavour – even if it’s entirely at the ‘wait and see’ stage.

For all his self-confidence there is also something awkward about this man. It may disappear with age or experience. Half of him seems to be completely at ease with himself and the world. But the other half seems a little forced, and somewhat uncomfortable. His inner conflicts are on show.

Depending on your point of view, this will either make him even more charismatic and interesting – or it will give him away. His underlying lack of poise will either endear him to you, or turn you off. If your question is about love and partnership, you will certainly need to take his lack of maturity into account.

This man has the ability to reach into the zeitgeist though – the spirit of the age – and pluck out something which is so of the moment, that it can’t fail to speak to those who are also in the flow. Will it last? Will he do anything with his latest creative discovery, or will it be wasted? Much depends on his self-discipline.




There is no shortage of money or property in the picture for these three very different generations of people. This may be your family or someone else’s clan. It could be a collection of individuals who are unrelated, but connected during a peak financial moment in their lives. This Oracle answer is about abundance.

All that glistens is not gold, of course, and the interesting thing about this particular group of people (who range from pensioners to children) is that there is a really good appreciation of the things that money cannot buy. Good hearts and minds. Wisdom. Good intentions. Even the importance of animals.

From the very old to the very young, there is no particular preoccupation with the trappings, the property or the potential gains to be made. These people have made a trade between their basic enjoyment of life, and the need to be concerned with money. They know it is there but it does not spoil their lives.

Sometimes people like this can miss opportunities, or even suffer loss. Because they have used their money to buy happiness and security, they can become so immersed in the good life that they forget to manage what they have. In this case, however, there is a rather useful older person who never misses a trick.

It is this impressive, wise figure who quietly dominates the entire picture. It could easily be the grandfather in a family or a paternal business figure in a large organisation. He, too, has learned enough about life to understand that it is what money can achieve – not money itself – which is the point.

Nevertheless, the realities of financial management are never very far away for him, and the smallest change will put business, property or cash flow back on his radar. Should you have any suspicion at all that this older, wiser person may be missing the numbers, though – or the potential profits – a gentle reminder helps.




This Oracle answer describes a man who is all about growth and abundance. He is an impressive person, and comes with plenty of status symbols – from property to possessions. He is established, secure, confident, and to a critical pair of eyes, rather smug. He is happy with himself and his world.

The Money Man in your world is rather cut off from other people as a result of his intense interest in dollars and cents, pounds and pence, or euros. And at this particular point in both your destinies, there is a special sum of money to consider. He certainly seems preoccupied with spending it, or saving it.

To understand this man you need to get past all the surface impressions (anything from his designer clothes to his enormous home) and look for what makes him tick. Why is he so hidden, behind all his trappings of wealth? Why is it so vital to him that money often has to come first?

There is a part of you that understandably might want to meet him halfway. To share in his good fortune. To accumulate some of it yourself. It really depends on your attitude. Perhaps you dislike ostentatious wealth. Maybe you are an anti-capitalist by nature or believe in people before profits.

‘People before profits’ is something you could never say about this man. But he hasn’t arrived at this point in life by being entirely cut off from those who would do business with him. He can connect when he has to. And he may very well choose to connect with you – if you can make a good deal.

The deal may be personal (a date with the Money Man) or even a marriage. It may be purely businesslike and involve a signature or two. It could be professional. Sometimes the trade is psychological, or spiritual. But do not underestimate his attachment to the material world.