Wednesday 26th July 2017: Friendships, social media, the groups you belong to - and your circles - suggest a rather random situation, lately. Nothing has really fallen into its usual kaleidoscope patterns. Now, at last, you can turn the wheel and begin to return to who/what you recognise.

What it means to be Pisces

You are ruled by Neptune, the King of the oceans, and symbolised by the fish. You have different perception of reality to other people. This could make you a theoretical physicist like Professor Brian Cox, who famously thinks astrology is bunkum, but believes in parallel universes. It could make you an Einstein (another Pisces) who saw things in his head that could only be proven years later. Artists, photographers, drinkers, stoners, poets, actors, escape artists and fantasists of all stripes are born under your sign.

Your Week

You are not the only person this week to be figuring out which side you are on, or whose side other people are on. There are major questions right around the zodiac for individuals, as well as groups. There is most certainly a question here about your circle, team, club, society and so on.
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Your Month

Jupiter in Libra and Your Horoscope in July Every 12 years or so, Jupiter – always associated with breakthroughs, relief and release – moves through the sign of Libra in your horoscope.
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