Saturday 18th November 2017: Look at that pin on the Google Earth map again, as it may be near or far, but this utterly foreign experience is also utterly right for you. Premium Member? The New Moon falls with the Sun and Moon at 26 Scorpio. Factors there? This is big new financial or property start.

What it means to be Pisces

You are ruled by Neptune, the King of the oceans, and symbolised by the fish. You have different perception of reality to other people. This could make you a theoretical physicist like Professor Brian Cox, who famously thinks astrology is bunkum, but believes in parallel universes. It could make you an Einstein (another Pisces) who saw things in his head that could only be proven years later. Artists, photographers, drinkers, stoners, poets, actors, escape artists and fantasists of all stripes are born under your sign.

Your Week

The world is your smoked oyster this week, Pisces. There are aspects of Europe, the Americas, Australasia or even more exotic places, which are calling. It may be the locals or the locations. Sometimes it is a personal reason; sometimes it is a professional reason. Read your full Pisces Weekly Horoscope: 13-19 November 2017

Your Month

You will spend days or weeks by yourself in November and get your faith and belief in life back as a result. Read your full Pisces Monthly Horoscope: November

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