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The Tarot

The Waite-Smith Tarot

There are many Tarot decks but only one has sold over 6 million copies, and shows the work of the most under-rated British artist of the 20th century… her name was Pamela Colman Smith. The Waite-Smith deck was built on astrology. The wands suit was given to fire signs. The Pentacles suit to earth. The Cups to water. The Swords to air. Her cards, inspired and guided by the author and Golden Dawn leading light Arthur Waite, are very special.

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Tarot Parallel Universes

Using Parallel Universe or Multiverse theory – the Many Worlds hypothesis – you can find answers with the Smith-Waite Tarot on this website. What is possible?

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Tarot as a Stage Set

If you are a regular reader of this website (and if you are a Premium Member you will have the Tarot guidebook) you will know all about the approach to a reading so many favour.

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The Tarot Show – July 2020

Would you believe a $30,000 set of Tarot cards? In 2020, an amazing Sotheby’s auction result has people looking twice at the value of collecting

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The Tarot Show – June 2020

Pearl Jam has the tarot world abuzz with their latest video which features the band members as different tarot cards. Can you work out the mystery card? Plus, much more…

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Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast

This is a podcast of the four special Astrology and Tarot events held around Australia in Summer 2020, exclusively for you as a Premium Member. It gives you examples, diary dates and all the information you need to read your own past, present and potential future.

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Exclusive Edition – Pamela’s Tarot

The Tarot deck created by Pamela Colman Smith is the most popular kind of Tarot card pack in the world.

In this guide, Pamela’s Tarot, you will find out more about the meaning of the cards, by discovering more about her.

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Tarot Podcast – Time Mirrors and You

How do you reimagine the past, and play with potential futures? Time mirrors! The old days of Tarot readings locking you into one outcome have gone. Science tells us, reality is there to be made by looking backwards and forwards. This podcast is based on a workshop in Melbourne in November 2019.

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