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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for November. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Cancer Monthly Forecast

Scorpio Season

Scorpio istock 300x290 - CancerChildren, sex and the next generation are in the spotlight now. There is no other cycle where your sex life (or lack of it) seems quite so important. It’s the same with pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren or grown-up children.

Sex is so personal; I have no idea what will come up for you now. But I do know it will be a) vitally important and b) your chance to get total clarity and insight.

If you have Scorpio factors in your natal chart, then November will be about the financial side of the marriage (for example), or the property involved in your love life.

Cancer, this relentless spotlight on your sexuality is useful. It can show you what and who you like and don’t like. And what and who needs to be appreciated, reworked or set aside. The Fifth House of your chart, which Scorpio rules, is about courtship, the bedroom, your heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne.

If you do have Scorpio natal chart factors, there may be questions here about your will or legacy, naming them, or child support, for example.

Children (your own or other people’s) do need a second and third look now. The world of children can include areas like adoption, abortion and fertility – and childcare and education. What happens now depends on where you’re at in life, but you will find that everything about your connection to them is now up for general inspection and scrutiny. Do you congratulate yourself, now, or send yourself a ‘Must Do Better/Think Harder’ memo?

Scorpio Season is intense and lasts until the third week of November.

Sagittarius Season

bigstock Zodiac signs Sagittarius co 28834046 300x300 - CancerCancer, this cycle begins with a bang in the final week of November. It concerns the Sixth House of your solar chart. This is about your lifestyle, wellbeing, workload and daily routine.

Let’s consider the health, fitness and wellbeing aspect of this cycle first. The Sun reveals (within a few days of this cycle beginning) what you can be proud of, in terms of your health – and what is clearly in need of attention. You’ll get a better view of what’s actually functioning, or not functioning, now (and that includes your doctor as well as your attitude towards).

From the last week of November, Cancer, the diets, gurus, opticians, ‘miracle’ cures, doctors, hospitals, clinics, nurses, surgeons, health insurance staff, and so on, take your attention.

The Sixth House is also associated with part-time and full-time work, and the chores you do at home (if you don’t have a job), together with any outside interests which you think of as your duty (volunteer work, for example).

Cancer, if you have Capricorn factors in your natal chart, then major career issues start to unfold now. These will be underlined in December 2023, January 2024, as there will be reshuffles in your profession which affect you. So, it’s not just about work, per se, it’s about your CV (resume) as a whole.

Whatever your chart looks like – Between now and this time next year, you’ll have a second chance to organise yourself, balance your health and wellbeing with your duty to other people – and to get the kind of lifestyle you can justifiably be proud of.

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