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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your monthly astrological forecast for February. Discover what the stars have in store for you this month including your Premium Extended Forecast

Cancer Monthly Forecast

Ambition and Position

Let’s talk about success, ambition, achievement, position and mission. You have until May to make a move. If your more outrageous ideas could help the rest of us move forward too –you could get away with your plans – and be admired for your efforts. People working with this cycle are often the catalysts for more widespread change in your chosen field, industry, business or other sphere, because they move the goalposts in some way, and show the rest of us what’s now possible. You can set new benchmarks if your big push succeeds. This is a pivotal time for your family firm if you are in a business with relatives – and wider clan. All families have unspoken rules about what is tasteful, or desirable, or ‘right’. For one reason or another, you will now need to put those rules to the test. In extreme cases, you may even be pushing the letter of the law, in order to do so.

Targets and Arrows

You’ll have a strong sense of there being a specific target you have to hit, and if luck, time and the Universe are on your side, you may well score a bull’s-eye. What you prove, could become the new rule – forever. You will know the score by May, when this historic transit of Chiron and Jupiter in Aries finally ends.

Chiron’s family challenge is simple: ‘Go as far as you can and should.” Often, Chiron turns up as a foster parent figure; mentor; tutor; guide. Someone like this may now be at your shoulder, encouraging you.

You will have a most interesting time, in the light of this, when Chiron travels through your Tenth House. This half-comet, half-asteroid (known to its closest friends as Comet 95P) is all about challenging convention. This will be one of the most experimental and daring periods on your Curriculum Vitae.

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