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Substack Trump Shooter 300x280 - CancerSun Sign School guest tutor and my friend, Penny Thornton, made an astonishing cautionary forecast about Donald Trump last week.

Did you read it here, yet?

In this brand-new feature at Substack, I look at the way modern psychics and astrologers cross over their warnings with on-point accuracy.


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Cancer Weekly Forecast

Cancer – It would seem you are in mid-transition here as the past is the past and the future could be so much better – if everybody could just get over themselves in a situation. The attack and defence is now rapidly becoming history. Pluto is almost done with your opposite sign of Capricorn. Ceres vanishes at Christmas.

What happened, has happened. The future points to groups, or one big group, with all the community and pooling of resources that could make for exhilaration and liberation. This is really in the background of this entire situation, Cancer. The trick to all this is to remove any further ammunition that could be used to prolong the battle. Nobody really wants a waste of time and energy anymore, do they? There is too much else that is so appealing. The end of the Capricorn transits is imminent. Your opposition in your opposite sign, too.

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