Wednesday 29th March 2017: A stellium in the grounded, down-to-earth, patient and plodding sign of Capricorn suggests you can protect the future, where your money is concerned. This also applies to your house, business, flat, charity, company and so on. A commitment or pledge is hovering.


What it means to be Gemini

Born under the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury the messenger, you are identified with words more than images, although you classically know how to put film, photography or art together in a way that says what words could not. With careful development you can take your writing, songwriting, public speaking, singing, journalism, lectures, debating, language acumen and/or linguistic skills into rewarding jobs. Four giants of British songwriting and singing – McCartney, Weller, Morrissey and Gallagher – are Gemini.


Your Week

It can help to have feedback or reaction, about your friend – and a particular group or network. It may be The Beatles, it may be the Democrats. You’re in new territory here, when the new world of friendship, or group thinking, seems very new indeed.
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Your Month

Groups and Friends Gemini, in March you need to decide if you must deepen your involvement with a particular group, in order to be free - or actually rebel against it. Perhaps you will reject one circle of people in favour of another. That is one possible outcome of this liberating, exciting month.
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