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Sunday, May 28th, 2023: The oddly familiar part of this South Node Scorpio cycle is the strong sense of Deja vu that accompanies certain health or wellbeing discussions. It is extremely likely that the recurring situation which has the biggest influence over you is thematically similar to life 18-19 years ago. Thus, feel philosophical about what is unfolding.

Something Else for Sunday

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What it means to be Gemini

22 May – 21 June

At your most admired and applauded, you are the messenger who knows how to use words and images in exactly the right way to be heard and read, as no other sign of the zodiac can. The Gemini twins reflect your ability to be in two places at once, online and in the real world – or on the phone and in the room. The downside of Gemini is all head and no heart. A way with words and ideas, perhaps, but nothing of value to say. The worst downside? Habitual lies.

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Your Week

Gemini, take care before you head off on a trip this week or think about relocating. You have Mars with all his impulse in your zone of short journeys. Pluto is in your zone of long journeys, meanwhile, and that can change everything. Look at alternative paths to get to your destination. Even, compare destinations. Read your full Gemini Weekly Horoscope for May 22-28 2023.

Your Month

This month begins a terrific new phase for self-help, psychic work, therapy, religion, your quantum approach to the universe (multiverse), spirituality, hypnosis and life on the inside. Gemini, by May 2024 you’ll be in a much better position if you take the solutions that roll from this month. A little bit more astrological housekeeping. Read your full Gemini Monthly Horoscope for May.
Your Year 2023
Gemini, you may be travelling or moving in 2023 to get away from the past and head towards a future which you can create. Read your full Gemini Yearly Horoscope for 2023.

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