Saturday 18th November 2017: A new beginning involving your family, home, property or home town/homeland is worth your time and energy - 2018 looks promising. Premium Member? The New Moon falls with the Sun and Moon at 26 Scorpio. Factors there? This is big new financial or property start.

What it means to be Leo

Ruled by the Sun, traditionally associated with Kings and Queens (the sun is a potent icon at Versailles), you are well-known for leading, guiding and mentoring the young. You typically do this in a dynasty but if you don’t have children, you may extend this role to a class of teenagers (if you become a teacher), or a young audience or demographic in quite another field. You have heirs, not children. You have a throne, not an armchair. You leave a legacy, you don’t just live. This is Leo’s quest, no matter how hard it is.

Your Week

Leo, make sure that your house, apartment or other residence is your number one priority this week, and next week too. You have opportunities not possible in 12 years in front of you. A typical example would be a first home at the right price (at last) or a mortgage with low interest rates. Read your full Leo Weekly Horoscope: 13-19 November 2017

Your Month

You could actually perform a miracle this month, Leo, and get rid of one or two people, organisations or situations which you constantly have to keep at bay. Nobody really likes feeling on guard all the time. The issue for you is actually low visibility. You just can’t see who/what makes you feel defensive. Read your full Leo Monthly Horoscope: November

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