Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019

We have several life-changing cycles in the sign of Leo, between 2017 and 2019. If you have Leo factors in your chart they will be triggered.


We have several life-changing cycles in the sign of Leo, between 2017 and 2019. If you have Leo factors in your chart they will be triggered. Leo is associated with leadership, particularly of children and young adults, who inherit the authority of adults. It rules your heirs to the throne – godchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, young in-laws, stepchildren. Leo also rules former, current or potential lovers and partners.

If you have one or more factors in Leo in your natal chart then the North Node in Leo has either already lined up with these or will do so, by 6th November 2018. The North Node rules karma. What goes around, comes around.

If you don’t have your natal chart, you can pick one up as a Premium Member now. These charts show you all 34 factors in modern astrology – not just the planets. If you find out you have a Leo stellium (three or more placements in Leo) then the Leo ‘weather’ from now to January 2019 will strongly affect your sexual relationships and the impact of children or young people on your world. We have a chain of eclipses in Leo which will alter everything.



The lion symbol has dominated heraldry since the 12th century.  Astrologers in ancient times made the connection between the kings of beasts, and the king of a nation. You will find the lion in the coats of arms of England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Montenegro, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria.

The star Regulus inside the constellation of Leo means ‘little king.’ This may be one of the reasons why Leo is associated with the young – little kings and queens; princes and princesses. This photograph from Buckingham Palace, which arrived on my Twitter timeline, says it all. If you want to know what Leo looks like, this is it (below). Even Leo types who don’t have children (like Beatrix Potter) tend to gather a young court or dynasty around them. In her case, it was her vast readership.


LEO FIFTH Twitter at MirrorRoyal 600x399 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
The Royal Family and Leo weather.



From the long association with lions, Leo, kings/queens of the jungle and royal families in astrology –  we work with the idea of courtship (literally, the romance in the royal bedchamber at court) and so Leo and the Fifth House in astrology are very much about your sexual relationships, be they brief encounters or enduring marriages, and the children that do/do not result. As the North Node goes through Leo, 2017-2018, the past will return. And return.

As I write this in July 2017 the North Node stands at 25 Leo, so if you have chart factors at 29, 28, 27, 26 Leo then the Node has already done its work and raised typical Leo/Fifth House questions, harking back to your past. Your North Node always sends us back to the past. Old questions, familiar themes. This may send you back years or even decades.


xmmsdtigsfo 432x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019


The astrological weather in the sign of Leo the lion is remarkable, looking ahead. We also have the powerful planet Ceres moving across 0-29 degrees of Leo from Sunday 24th September 2017 and she stays there until Thursday 28th June 2018.

The Node brings karmic choices. Old debts and credits for your soul, based on this and perhaps other lifetimes. What you did, in the context of your royal bedchamber, or any heirs to your throne, comes back at this time, to be dealt with.

The potent dwarf planet Ceres, however, brings tremendous change. A new world. A new order. You might say, your heirs and spares, your royal bedchamber and your courtships are under reconstruction. So this isn’t just about completing the circle with others – it is about transforming the way it all works. That is what Ceres does.



Along with the Node in Leo and Ceres too, we have two long Mercury Retrograde cycles through the sign of the lion, into 2018 –  which will shuttle the discussions or paperwork back and forth. So, this is beginning to look like a key two-year phase for personal Leo concerns (the younger people in your world who will inherit the legacy of your personality – or your genes) and global issues (leaders and those who succeed them). Perhaps this cycle is about ‘young lions’ or princes for you. Potential stepsons, maybe, if you are dating a divorced older father. Maybe it’s about the little boy you want to have, one day. One thing is certain – with two Mercury Retrograde in Leo cycles coming up by 2019, this is going to be a very long conversation.


Leo The Gilbert Scott 448x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019



The North Node takes 18.6 years to revolve, so any cycle of the Node through Leo has a ‘once every two decades’ feeling about it. The Node in Leo does not happen every day. Because the Node also works backwards through the zodiac signs (it will pass from Leo, not to Virgo, but into Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries next) astrologers associate the patterns of 2017-2019, with a ‘Back, back, back’ pattern. Perhaps into an old lifetime, if you are open to the idea of reincarnation and past lives.

You may find that what took place the last time the North Node was in Leo, from October 21st 1998, until April 9th 2000, is replayed now. Perhaps a child was born then, and that child is now an adult, about to leave home.

Another example would be an old relationship pattern returning to haunt you. The return of a former lover. A fated ‘fork in the road’ choice about a pregnancy you did not pursue, 18 or 19 years ago.



Sue Tompkins, writing in The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Flare Publications, The London School of Astrology 2006) notes “To get a feeling for the meaning of the Nodes, imagine going out with some plan in mind and then  unexpectedly bumping into someone (perhaps someone you haven’t seen for 19 years) who is following their own particular path. The meeting may herald a change of direction for you. The conversation you have with each other could do that. There might be a feeling of fate about the fact that your paths have crossed.”

If you add in the Leo eclipses in 2017, 2018 and early 2019 the sense of rarity about our forthcoming Leo ‘weather’ increases.  Eclipses can only take place on the Nodal path and as Stonehenge proves, they were momentous events.  Twice a year, any full or new moon crosses the Sun’s path and we see an eclipse. These two eclipse seasons move backwards around the calendar taking 18.6 years to finish one cycle. The points at where the Moon’s path crosses the Sun’s path are the Nodes. Thus, the sense of ‘Back, back, back’ in time.



If you have Leo factors at these degrees (allowing up to one degree’s orb) then on the dates in question, allowing 24 hours either side, you need to be aware of blind spots, missing information or incomplete pictures. These will concern your sexual relationships (past, present, potential) and any children in your world. We include godchildren, stepchildren, young relatives and also young adults with whom you have a professional involvement, on this list. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. So allow time to pass before you take action or pass judgement on these important matters.

An eclipse is exactly what you might assume. An unclear, patchy or obscured period. It is neither negative nor positive. It just does not show you, what it normally should.

On a world scale we will see cover-ups involving the British royal family, but also the American White House family. Leaders and their children, and their young relatives. I will look at the global impacts of these eclipses later in this story, but for now, here are those eclipse dates in full, across this unusual two-year period. This photograph of Donald Trump and his dynasty says it all. In fact, there is a toy lion in the photograph. I am sure you have seen this image before. It came to me on Twitter and has  been shared across the internet. Donald’s ‘heir’ is riding Leo the lion, ahead of a chain of Leo eclipses.


twwitter trump family portrait 600x391 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019



The strange dance of the Sun and Moon on these dates will have a powerful impact on world leaders, their children, and their sexual relationships. In your own life, you may prefer to make important life choices another time.
August 7th 2017 Sun 15 Leo – Moon 15 Aquarius
August 21st 2017 Sun 28 Leo – Moon 28 Leo
January 31st 2018 Moon 11 Leo – Sun 11 Aquarius
July 27th 2018 Sun 4 Leo – Moon 4 Aquarius
August 11th 2018 Sun 18 Leo – Moon 18 Leo
January 21st 2019 Moon 0 Leo – Sun 0 Aquarius



How much do eclipses matter? Put it this way. The Ancients risked death by hauling some enormous stones, a very long way, to create Stonehenge. The 56-hole Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge is a stunning eclipse predictor.

Astronomer, Professor Sir Fred Hoyle first pointed out this was how the circle may have been used. Writing in Stonehenge (Wooden Books, 2000) Robin Heath notes many visitors think that the central stone construction, is all there is to Stonehenge and hardly notice the concrete filled Aubrey holes as they step over them. He writes: “But, as Hoyle showed, these are numerically perfect for predicting eclipses, and can also show the Sun and Moon positions, lunar phase and the state of the sea-tides.” The circle of the 56 Aubrey holes was dug around 3000 B.C.



Eclipses mattered then, as they matter now. They are always cover-ups and they frequently affect world history. Kennedy was assassinated after Oswald left his job, to go to Texas – on an eclipse. Princess Diana died days before an eclipse.

Eclipses are neither good nor bad, as I’ve said to readers on my website, many times – but they blot out the light. They never reveal, they always conceal. This chain of eclipses in Leo will look rather like a patchwork quilt, full of missing patches and concealed folds. Those particular eclipses were dark in nature, because the personal charts of JFK and Diana were angled that way. If we had any clear birth data for the Trump dynasty (it is conflicted or missing) then perhaps we would find the Leo weather hits those charts too, until 2019. Perhaps we would find that toy lion in the Trump photograph  has a message for us. This is the real thing, below – the ancient constellation of Leo the lion.


Leo - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019



Leo, that historic symbol of emperors and kings, is about bravery, nobility and strength. It is also about bloodlines, the human heart and desires. Arranged marriages for dynastic purposes did not always mean joy in the bedroom (King Henry VIII is proof of that) and so both the mistress and the courtesan are associated with Leo and his royal bedchamber. Queen Elizabeth I knew she would lose her power if she married, so she remained the Virgin Queen, entertaining admirers, who could but throw their cloaks over puddles, so the story goes. Courtly love and distant infatuation is associated with Leo as much as a four-poster bed. So are Royal Bastards, who were genuinely called thus. Today, the stigma of illegitimate children has vanished, but centuries ago, affairs, heirs and spares were a deadly serious business. The Fifth House, and Leo, its ruler, maintain the association.



Princess Margaret, a Leo, is one of the best 20th century examples of what we might call A Very Leo Love Life. She was in love with a divorced man. As the ‘spare’ to her sister, that kind of marriage was simply not allowed. What was allowed, was Princess Elizabeth, her sister, meeting Lieutenant Phillip Mountbatten, son of Prince Andrew of Greece, at her parents’ coronation. That was a proper dynastic match. If you dig deeper, into the history of royal bedchambers, you find the whole question of bloodlines and the line of succession is the actual problem. This Leo story surrounds the House of Windsor. Prince Charles is married to a divorced woman. He is himself divorced. The curse of the royal bedchamber never quite goes away with Leo. The 2017-2019 transits will ignite it. Back to the future!



The long-standing association between the sign of Leo, the Fifth House and education comes from the fact that one could be born king, yet also had to learn how to be a monarch. We associate the zodiac sign of Sagittarius with academia, but Leo is about guidance and training across the board. At heart, Leo the lion is about raising the young. Leaving the legacy of your personality to a younger court – those who inherit your guidance – is a Leo tradition.

Leo and the Fifth House are about education –  be it informal or formal; teenage boys in the Royal Air Force in the last war were trained to become gunners, observers, pilots. All British royal children are taught etiquette – and how to ride. Leo guidance can be unexpected. Professor Higgins teaching commoner Eliza Doolittle how to speak and behave, in Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is one example. 



Leo education is about Miss Marion Crawford (Crawfie), governess to the young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, teaching them about the sport of kings, with the help of 30 toy horses – and yes, the young princesses were allowed to put a harness on her. History records that their father, the King himself, said his sister Mary was a horse ‘until she came out’ as a debutante. Harry Potter, created by a Sun Leo, is an education of another kind for millions of children. Leo sets an example, at its best.

Leo and the Fifth House are sometimes written up as a grab-bag for everything in astrology. You can pick up some books or click on some websites and find this pairing given over to everything from folk dancing to sushi cookbooks. The word ‘creative’ is thrown around a lot with Leo but in actual fact, it has nothing to do with creativity, per se. Leo diversions, distractions, entertainments and pursuits are about binding the young in the dynasty to the old. There is a serious reason for the weekend bonding. This goes beyond those astrology books from the Eighties with all their Morris Dancing and macrame references to leo the lion and the Fifth House. It’s about dynasty survival.

This really takes us back to British royal history, when arranged marriages and an overload of child care could result in parents who barely knew each other and children who hardly saw their parents at all. This kind of separation could result in such cold hearts in the kingdom that daughters could overthrow fathers (as in 1688). Not surprisingly, Queen Victoria went to great lengths to find entertainments and outdoor pursuits that young and old could share in her dynasty. The family that plays together, stays together (or at least it doesn’t attempt murder within its ranks, as Richard III was supposed to have done).



Horse racing is given over to Leo and the Fifth House, but gambling is not something children are permitted to do – although they can jump up and down when a favourite steed crosses the finishing line. Thus, it might be said that riding and polo are Leo pursuits, but Paddy Power betting slips, not so much. Football, which binds the generations together, is Leo if it’s read in that context – as a way for adults to play at being children, and children to play at being adults.

Leo is not inherently creative. Not at all. There is a popular idea in astrology, that creativity equates ejaculation/insemination in the horoscope –  and so there is a tenuous connection between Leo and, say, quilting or the bassoon. It’s an outlet for the ‘seed’ that is sown, seems to be the general concept with this sign. Yet – look at the most wildly creative group of musicians in history and there is not one Leo among them. Rather, Leo seems to be about finding something which small children can enjoy as much as their parents. Lion kings are trained by their games.



Part of the issue with Leo stories in our lives is the ancient tradition of the male ‘heir and spare’ and this takes us back to questions of fertility, birth order and the rest. Hereditary leadership brings problems in the power structure. For the record, Leo is a male zodiac sign, ruled by the Sun, which is associated with fathers, just as the Moon is associated with mothers. When Pluto was in Leo, Hitler tried to set up Germany as a Fatherland.

Primogeniture is the state of being the first-born child in a royal family. It’s feudal. It means all the land goes to the eldest son. The Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 in the United Kingdom changed this sexist rule, so that the crown can go to the eldest child of either sex – male or female.

Back in the 20th century, Princess Anne only occupied the position of “spare” to the heir, Prince Charles, until the birth of her younger brother Prince Andrew when she was nine. He then jumped over her in the line of succession.
Closer to home the Leo archetype is about the father who is king in his castle – the mortgaged family house he pays for. His sons and daughters stand to inherit that, but also the influence of his personality, values, skills, talents and the rest.



What happens when the heir has no children, and the spare may be gay? What happens when the royal bedchamber, that home of royal privilege, allows the ruler to do whatever he pleases, with whom he pleases, whatever the laws of the day might say about sex?

Sexuality is primarily associated with the marriages of Libra (gay and lesbian nuptials, equal to heterosexual pairings) and the deadly serious property and financial transactions of Scorpio lovers. Leo is associated with gay, lesbian and transgender stories because of its perennial concern with romance, infatuation and the loaded question of the line of succession.

Pluto in Leo in the Forties was marked by Evelyn Waugh’s novel, Brideshead Revisited, about an aristocratic family whose heir had no children of his own, and whose male spare was an alcoholic – and very possibly gay. Sebastian Flyte was also as close as wartime novels could become, to the anti-hero of ‘the love that dare not speak its name’ with his friend, Charles Ryder.

During the Pluto in Leo years, on December 31st 1948, the Kinsey Report stunned the United States of America and the world. It claimed 56% of American men were unfaithful. Of the 5,300 American men interviewed, 90% masturbated and a whopping 37% achieved orgasm with other men. The love that dare not speak its name, spoke its name as this Leo pattern rolled on. If you have exact patterns in your chart involving factors in Leo and the Fifth House, it is very likely that your sexuality and your love life history is complicated. Maybe it’s a Kinsey Report all by itself.



When the Americans drove out the British and King George III the aristocracy did not end. Just as royalty in Europe intermarried within their own class, we find American society from the 18th century following similar lines. The American ‘aristos’ were the children of British upper-class families who could not inherit, due to their birth order. Instead, they came to America looking for land. Today the aristocracy has moved to democracy and thus the occupants of the White House. You might also want to look to Virginia for an old American Leo story.



Leo placements can be found across the British royal family tree, of course, but the immediate branches of the House of Windsor show strong patterns in the sign of the lion. Prince Charles will have his Ceres Return in Leo, as will Prince George and Her Majesty the Queen, across that crucial Ceres cycle – Ceres enters Leo on Sunday 24th September 2017 and stays there until Thursday 28th June 2018.

This is how astrology predictions are made. Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince George will be at the heart of a new kingdom, with a carve-up of rights, roles and responsibilities, between 24th September 2017 and 28th June 2018. There will be a deep change in either the line of succession, or the way the royal jobs are handled. 


Princess Anne and The Queen Mother – Sun in Leo
Her Majesty the Queen – Ceres, Proserpina, Neptune in Leo
Prince William – Hygiea and Proserpina in Leo
Prince Phillip – Neptune, Vulcano and the Moon in Leo
Prince George – Apollo, Vesta and Ceres in Leo
Princess Diana – Bacchus, Minerva, Uranus and the North Node in Leo
Prince Charles – Ascendant, Pluto and Ceres in Leo


prince william kate middleton prince george vanity fair july 2014 2 lead 425x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019



Queen Elizabeth I was the Virgin Queen who never married, nor had a child, but was courted by admirers. Leo is associated with hives, bees and Queen Bees in particular. In fact, the Virgin Queen is the name given to the female in the hive (they don’t call it Royal Jelly for nothing). The males are called drones and they die after mating. Bees are an interesting reversal of the usual sexism surrounding Leo. Here, the Queen rules.



The male lion has a sharp barb at the end of  his penis that hurts the lioness on exit after mating. This is why lionesses regularly swipe lions when the sex is over.  Male lions are also notorious for killing their cubs. When they take over a pride (another Leo key word) they can destroy all the offspring, thus bringing females into heat again, so they can mate with them and start their own bloodline.



Drones die for their Queen Bee. Monarchs, forced to wed for dynastic reasons, have mistresses and – yes, Royal Bastards. What about the long association between the zodiac sign of Leo and love-at-a-distance? The rush of the crush?

This really comes from medieval literature, created to entertain the nobility, where knights performed services for their ladies. The term amour Courtois (courtly love) was popularized by Gaston Paris who used the knight Lancelot as his model. Courtly love arose when a mistress required that her fair knight did brave and noble deeds at her request, to prove his dedication to her. It did not necessarily have to end in sex although it was based on desire. In 1936, C. S. Lewis wrote The Allegory of Love, describing this kind of affair in terms of humility, courtesy and adultery. Lewis is best-known for another Leo tale – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.



In the East, leading families and their courts included a harem, and concubines, but also eunuchs. This takes us back to the idea of the royal bedchamber and the mistress, but also the Queen Bee and her drones, although eunuchs were of course unable to perform. Again, the bloodline for the Leo line of succession remains protected, with this kind of squeaky, celibate fandom

Strongly Leo ladies like Madonna attract a male court. The documentary In Bed With Madonna is a textbook example of how a lioness runs. This takes us all the way back to the First Crusade of 1099, when poets would declare themselves the ‘vassal’ of the lady, married to their lord. The rich and powerful female head of the castle was flattered and kept busy with the attention when her husband was away on Crusade or other feudal business. Poor knights could social climb this way.

We are back to the problem of Royal Bastards and the line of succession, here. As well as the classic Aquarius-Leo conundrum. The leader needs his round table of knights and his court, and vice versa. Adultery can’t be allowed to break the circle or the leadership. Leo courtly love was deemed either to be purely spiritual, heroic and admirable (the knight’s loyalty to his master could not be allowed to get in the way of anything else, even his fervent admiration for his wife)…or, in fact, adultery. The lady, being the prize at the end of the knight’s conquest. We associate fans, and royal fanfare, with Leo.



Leo and the Fifth House is associated with romance, rather than sex, death and money (that belongs to Scorpio) or the sexual marriage of equals (that’s Libra). Leo is about the kind of sexual longing that is necessarily from afar (like Camilla’s for Charles). It may be consummated, but it’s dangerous – forbidden. Should it go any further it may become Libra or Scorpio in nature. Money and property changes hands, then. Courtly Love had rules in the 12th century. Andreas Capellanus wrote De Amore, with maxims like ‘He who is not jealous, cannot love’ and ‘When made public, love rarely endures.’


pregnancy 511x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Cubs! Leo, pregnancy and the Fifth House.



Courtly love is a long way from the Sixties and the introduction of the contraceptive pill. Yet, even with modern-day contraception, Leo stories continue to be told in our history. Rumours that dangerously charming, wonderfully real-world, fiery, feisty, red-haired Prince Harry is not the son of Prince Charles, continue despite firm denials. Princess Diana, with her chain of fans and admirers (including the odd troubadours and minstrels, like Duran Duran) certainly spun a Leo real-life tale, but then she was born with the Node in Leo. She had done it all before. Perhaps she incarnated to do it all again. She also had a Leo chart signature.

Andrew Morton’s famous biography of the princess (aided by her) has echoes of De amore libri tres, by Andreas Capellanus, in 1184. Capellanus wrote about ‘pure love’ which went as far as a kiss and embrace, and ‘modest contact with the nude lover, omitting the final solace’. Diana’s most famous troubadour was gay, so there was no question about Capellanus’s ‘final solace’ there – Sir Elton John gave his saddest serenade at her funeral, Candle in the Wind. Her most famous lover was her last lover; the son of a man who removed the royal warrants from Harrods after a bitter feud.

Astrology has a way of resonating, no matter how thoroughly modern our lives become. The Leo archetype is a good example of this. How was it that the late 20th century with all its computers, mobile phones and satellite dishes, ended up reading like – say – the saga of King Henry VIII?



For Roman leaders it wasn’t so much the bloodline that mattered, as the family name. If a man recognized a child as his own, and the law accepted this, then the son could become an heir. If, however, the child was not recognized, it could be left out to die (exposed) or be raised a slave. Claudius first accepted a girl as his daughter, then changed his mind and had her exposed. Emperors, however, often adopted their successors.



Scorpio is usually written about in astrology books as the sign to associate with the unacceptable side of sex. Leo is not immune. Promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted disease. There is nothing particularly noble, regal or dignified about V.D. but it skyrocketed during the Second World War when Pluto was in Leo and in 1943 the Archbishop of Canterbury was moved to speak out about it.

Vladimir Nabokov produced Lolita in 1955 during the long Pluto in Leo cycle. The power of sex. The power of the teenager. This was not a charming tale of courtly love, knights and damsels. It was the story of a nymphet step-daughter and her middle-aged stepfather. In the same year Francoise Sagan, then eighteen, published Bonjour Tristesse about Cecile, a teenager taking on her widowed father’s mistress.



Other Leo transits involving the slow-moving outer planets are also good timing devices, if we want to look at the unhappy truth about the bedchamber. In 1976, Saturn was in Leo, the planet of sombre, sad, serious situations in the sign of youth. Jodie Foster played a child prostitute in Taxi Driver. In the same year, mothers received Thalidomide compensation payouts from the drug company which had affected their babies while still in the womb. In 1977, Saturn in Leo rolled on. Roman Polanski was jailed for sex with a thirteen-year-old girl. That was also the year of the ghastly Yorkshire Ripper. This goes beyond the romping of King Charles II and into darker territory. Perhaps it’s not surprising. Leo the lion is associated with empires and emperors, which takes us to Ancient Rome. 



Modern astrology is based on Roman/Latin ideas, symbols, names, gods and goddesses. The archetypes were shipped to Britain and over a period of 400 years of Roman rule, the charts, the planets and the deities – like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – found their way into British hearts and minds. Astrologers there then gradually exported their horoscopes, and theories, to the United States, Australia and beyond.

The Roman Empire was based on a royal family of emperors whose sexual appetites could only be stopped by assassination. Julius Caesar seduced wives. He famously loved Cleopatra. However, he also loved Servilia, who was suspected of having prostituted her own daughter. There was a song about him, quoted in The Twelve Caesars (Suetonius/Robert Graves/Penguin). ‘Home we bring our bald whoremonger; Romans, lock your wives away! All the bags of gold you lent him, Went his Gallic tarts to pay.’ If you’re looking at Leo the lion, you can’t really ignore this very early tale of leaders and their love lives.



Emperor Tiberius gives us a horrific variation on the ‘royal prerogative’ of the ruler’s bedchamber. Often, he did not even bother with a bed. He had a private sporting-house at Capreae with girls and young men, known as spintriae, who would tiberius 1 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019copulate before him in groups of three. Boys and girls were dressed as Pans and nymphs, prostituting themselves in the caverns. According to Suetonius, he called the little boys who swam with him ‘minnows’. Babies were not immune from his depravity. Today he would be in prison. Then, he was a symbol of royal power gone mad. Nero seduced boys and married women. He raped the Vestal Virgin Rubria. He tried to turn a boy, Sporus, into a girl – by castration. He married Sporus with a dowry and bridal veil, to complete. He desired his own mother, Agrippina but instead found a mistress who resembled her. It goes on. Absolute power, in Rome, corrupted absolutely. We are into Scorpio territory here too, with all the poisonous murders and the vast riches that surrounded the nobility in the ancient world, but Leo is certainly a symbol of empire and emperor, and the Romans took this power to its horrific logical extreme. The Roman Empire was an absolute monarchy gone absolutely mad. Which brings us to genetics.



The history of empires and royal families is also the history of intermarriage so that property and power remains in a tight circle. Emperor Hirohito of Japan (1901-1989) was the longest-reigning ruler in that country’s history – and he also married his distant cousin, a Princess. In Rome, Nero was thought to be born from his mother’s adultery with his own stepfather. History tells us, monarchy – the great Leo symbol – blurs lines.



Who are the most famous Royal Bastards? Edmund in Shakespeare’s King Lear is one. Henry Fitzroy, son of King Henry VIII is another. The Duke of Monmouth, son of Charles II is yet another. In fact, the surname ‘Fitzroy’ means ‘son of a king’ and was used by many pretenders to the throne, who were born out of wedlock, to the wrong woman.

In medieval England, a bastard’s coat of arms was marked with a Baton Sinister – a bend. History also tells us that Cleopatra had a bastard son by Julius Caesar – Caesarion. Charles II fathered at least 20 illegitimate children. His most famous mistress was Nell Gwynn – another mother. Always lurking at the life stories of strongly Leo people is a lingering question about the Baton Sinister. Pregnancies, planned and unplanned.



Discovered in 1930, Pluto was in Leo during the Second World War. Pluto is a symbol of power, the loss of power, and shared power. During the war, it was channelled into questions about sex, pregnancy, adultery, parenthood and children. This cycle which could only have happened once in 240+ years was intense, transformative and unforgettable. It changed the planet.

This was the war when lovers were separated, sometimes by death. Women could be widows while they were teenagers. In 1947, British divorces had doubled within two years. In Nazi Germany, childless Hitler was exploring the idea of breeding a master race. In February 1939, British peers passed the Bastardry Bill making blood tests compulsory in paternity lawsuits. Again, with Pluto in Leo in 1944, genes, or hereditary units, were found to be made from DNA. Leo has always been about bloodlines. The Pluto in Leo children of the war years grew up to become Beatles fans and helped turn teenagers into a new world force.


Avedon Pinterest 429x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
The Beatles by Avedon (Pinterest).



If Pluto is power and Leo is children and young people, then Pluto in Leo during the last war gave the younger generation tremendous power and influence. In December 1938 as Pluto crossed 1 Leo, German Jewish child refugees began arriving in Britain. One year later, children from Paris were evacuated and British children were sent to the safety of the countryside. The image of a small child carrying a gas mask at a train station is one of the enduring memories we have of this Pluto in Leo war.

More power. On July 20th 1939 a five-year-old boy became the new Dalai Lama. A month later, Judy Garland (seventeen years old) became the star of The Wizard of Oz starring Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion, of course. Suddenly, children and teenagers were front-page. Front and centre of the war effort and the reasons why people were fighting. From the Dalai Lama to the ‘fighter boys’ of the R.A.F. they were suddenly coming into their own.

Conscription – The Call-Up – put teenage boys front and centre too. Adolescents became powerful, and so did – appallingly – child soldiers. Numbers –  young males – the sons and heirs –became the difference between winning and losing the war, on all sides. In June 1940, with Pluto continuing its transit through Leo, the young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret became heroic symbols of nationhood as they stayed at Buckingham Palace with King George VI and the Queen Mother, despite being targets.

On October 13th 1940 young Elizabeth was a classic Pluto in Leo teenager in power, fronting up to the microphone to give a radio broadcast to child evacuees. She was only fourteen years old. She was sixteen when she registered for war service.

The Pluto in Leo battle for power put innocent children at the heart of the war. Anne Frank was sent to a concentration camp and never returned. She remains the most famous young diarist of all time. A dreadful price was paid by all children at the core of the power struggle over children, timed by Pluto in Leo.  In 1944 Hitler ordered the mobilization of all children over the age of ten.


It is a truth of astrology that both world wars in the 20th century were fought during long outer planet transits of Leo, the sign that rules children and particularly teenagers – young adults. That First World War classic, Testament of Youth, is a lasting statement about the Neptune in Leo years and the young people who were wiped out (a whole generation) by the First World War.

Neptune dashed in and out of Leo in 1914, 1915, 1916 while Kitchener called for volunteers. The Russian Army was notoriously made up partly of children. If Neptune is about unreality then the German chlorine gas on the Western Front was part of that. The young men who gave their lives did so in a mist of patriotism, but the Neptunian reality was gas. The young died for Lord Kitchener, Empire and the King. Teenage runaways who enlisted were a hallmark of the First World War. Australian James Martin was 15 when he joined the Anzacs and died at Gallipolli.

This was the young poet Rupert Brooke’s war. “If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is for ever England.” This was also the war which saw a poster asking “Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?” It was a war about fathers and sons, and the loss of those sons. It was a war about leaders, and the people – and so would the second one be, when just nine years after Pluto’s discovery, he entered Leo and armies of young men, the heirs and spares in their families, would give their lives one more time for king, president, dictator, emperor.



Quite apart from the Dalai Lama, who became Tibet’s spiritual leader when very young, during the Pluto in Leo cycle – a schoolboy also became King of Jordan. On August 11th 1952, Crown Prince Hussein was attending classes at Harrow, at the time, but succeeded  King Talal, who had become ill with schizophrenia. The Second World war lionized young men, the heirs and spares, as much as it decimated a whole generation.


hiroghioo - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Hirohito. Pluto in Leo emperor.


Japan also had a royal bloodline to consider and as emperors and empresses and empires are associated with Leo, the story of Japan in the 1940’s is also central to that Pluto cycle. The most extreme outcome of Pluto in Leo was the surrender of Emperor

Hirohito in Japan, to the allies, in August 1945 after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His empire was on its knees even though he had been worshipped as a living god until 1946. Emperor Hirohito ruled until 1989 when his son Akihito succeeded him. As an island monarchy, Japan remains symbolically Leo. The mushroom cloud at Hiroshima is a photograph of Pluto in Leo, doing its worst in a country where an Emperor was God.



On 30th August 1999 across the last North Node in Leo cycle and within a fortnight of the total eclipse in Leo, East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia. Leaders Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao, who will later become President, show the way. All eyes should be on Indonesia across this new Leo weather and the return of the Node. The old Aquarius-Leo issues of the people, and their leader, will return. When we look at Leo the issue is always leadership, dynasty and heirs, so beyond the striking story of Japan, Emperor Hirohito and the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for his empire – we can look across to East Timor and modern leadership issues, about to be triggered.



In 1999 during the last Leo Node cycle, a referendum rejected a proposal that Queen Elizabeth II be replaced as head of state by a president, elected by the parliament. As both Her Majesty and Prince Charles have horoscopes heavily weighted in Leo, it seems likely that we’ll see a far larger push for another referendum in 2017-2019. This may be connected to the Ceres Return in Leo set to be experienced by Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince George. If so, we could time a campaign for a new referendum for the passage of Ceres through Leo, as before.  Again, this is how astrological predictions are made. The Australian government and/or its opposition will relaunch a campaign for a referendum on a republic, between 24th September 2017 and 28th June 2018. You can see the Australian chart here (click to enlarge) . It’s a Leo free zone.



Australia Juno 0 Cancer Mars 8 Cancer Uranus 27 Cancer IC 29 Cancer 600x332 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
The Australian horoscope set for February 7th 1788 at 11.00am.



There are a couple of charts for Australia. The one set for 7th February 1788 at 11.00am in Sydney shows an empty Fifth House – not so much as one asteroid appears in the royal sign of Leo. Monarchy does not define Australia’s identity. One look at this country and its architecture, art and fashion history and that’s clear.

Leo is associated with monograms, precious jewellery and regalia of all kinds – regal trappings – even in suburbia. Imperial, royal or sovereign status was always signalled by this kind of paraphernalia – notably the crown. Middle-class Leo types wear hats instead. Tiaras, sceptres, bracelets, gloves and rings are all Leonine. Gold is the Leo metal. It’s notably absent from Australian museums, with the notable exception of Dame Edna Everage (Average) who is a potent symbol of a Leo-bypass, Aquarius-heavy nation. It will be interesting to see what happens when Pluto finally moves into Aquarius.



You can learn about Leo as much from a country with a Leo bypass, as you can from a period of history which exaggerated Leo themes. Versailles (recently the subject of an acclaimed new television series) has given astrology the myths. All these ideas about Leos being courted, and conducting courtships, and versaille 1 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019holding court are nothing without the historic definition of a royal court – and that was Versailles. The Leo archetype revolves around the royal household. The nobility. The bodyguards. Foreign royals in exile who come for refuge. Minstrels and fools. Beyond the Leo court we find butlers, chaplains, ladies-in-waiting, pages, secretaries and the rest. Versailles also had its amusements and jesters. Like all zodiac archetypes, Leo echoes down the centuries. Royal fools in courts of old magically became The Goons, favourites of the young Prince Charles – Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine, Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers continued the tradition. At the Palace of Versailles. Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV, was also his advisor – she famously shared the court with the Queen. Madame de Pompadour was a patron of architecture and art. From all this we expand our astrological understanding of Leo. Loyalty and service from the lower orders is essential to the monarchy but Leo can also become a patron. From this, we develop the idea of the notorious ‘patronising’ Leo archetype. In the 21st century, royal family members work as charity patrons. The royal warrants on selected British brands reflect another kind of patronage. From this comes the idea of Leo generosity. We also associate favours, favourites and favouritism with this zodiac sign and the notion of ‘playing favourites.’ This is the way an astrological symbol is built up. Astrologers find synchronicity.



If Leo is associated with young people, then the transits of Uranus alongside Pluto in Leo should surely have brought a youthquake – and they did. On April 12th 1954 Bill Haley released Rock Around the Clock and the teenager was born. The Moon was in Leo that day alongside Pluto. In the same year, fresh-faced Lester Piggott, who was just eighteen, became the youngest jockey to win the Epsom Derby. Author William Golding created Lord of the Flies in the same year and scared us with the power of teenage boys, in quite another way. Boom! Welcome to Uranus in Leo, the sign of the heir and spare. When Uranus (revolution, rebellion, freedom, radical change, independence) moved into Leo, the year 1956 became a kind of milk bar explosion of new youth excitement, energy and risk. Juvenile delinquents! Elvis Presley!

kerouac - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Kerouac and Leo cycles.

In 1957 The Beat Generation arrived and Jack Kerouac turned teenagers into beatniks, with the publication of On the Road. The heady combination of both Uranus and Pluto in Leo in 1955, 1956, 1957 resulted in a whole generation of babies who – by the time they reached the age of consent in the 1970’s – would lose their virginity on the contraceptive pill. Thus, the Leo royal bedchamber was not just refurnished. It was destroyed and rebuilt. In 1967, when Jupiter (optimism, hope, expansion, solutions) arrived in Leo, both abortion and homosexuality were decriminalised in the United Kingdom. Compare that to life thirty years earlier. Uranus and Pluto in Leo shifted the earth and then Jupiter arrived to finish the job.



The Summer of Love, when Jupiter was in Leo in 1967 gave us the hippie (the clue is in the name – child-bearing hips are Leo) for the rest of time. This cycle ran from the arrival of Jupiter in the sign of the lion on September 28th 1966, until the last joss-stick burned on October 19th, 1967. Chiron in Pisces supplied the drugs. (Chiron was the centaur who specialized in medicinal herbs on Mount Pelion, according to myth). When Uranus moves into Leo again in 2039, children and teenagers will again be reborn, to rebel, to radicalize and to revolutionise our world. In 2041, both Chiron and Uranus will be in Leo. Once again, a youthquake and a sexquake will be in store. I will be a very old (Leo) lady astrologer by then, but I will be fascinated to see how this cycle manifests.



Why is the Fifth House and Leo, its zodiac ruler, so powerfully associated with leaders, the line of succession, sons, daughters, heirs, affairs, divorce, fertility and so on? You only have to look at history since 1135. This is about the time we see the lion becoming the dominant symbol in British royal life.

1135 – King Stephen and his cousin Matilda are at war. The throne finally passes to Matilda’s son Henry.
1189 – Richard the Lionheart ascends the throne. His brother John succeeds him.
1399 – Richard II is deposed by his cousin, Henry of Lancaster.
1415 – Henry V marries the French king’s daughter, and becomes heir to the throne of France.
1483 – The boy king Edward V disappears in the Tower of London after his father dies. Prime suspect is his uncle, Richard III.
1534 – Henry VIII falls in love with Anne Boleyn, while still married to Catherine of Aragon, but is refused an annulment of his marriage to Catherine, by the Pope. He breaks with the Catholic Church and becomes Supreme Head of the Church of England. Poor Anne is beheaded in 1536 and Henry marries four more times.
1558 – Henry VIII’s daughter Mary takes the throne. She marries Philip II of Spain but has no children. On her death, her sister Elizabeth takes the throne. This raises a familiar Leo question – the line of succession. Heirs, spares and pretenders.
1688 – In the Glorious Revolution, James II is overthrown by his daughter Mary.
1701 – Mary’s sister Anne is made heir to the throne.
1714 – George I is on the throne but James Stuart, ‘the old Pretender’ and son of James II tries to take the crown – and fails.
1745 – Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie and grandson of James II invades England, unsuccessfully.
1760-1820 – King George III goes mad in power, and is replaced by his son, the Prince Regent.
1837 – 1901 Queen Victoria takes the throne – ‘the grandmother of Europe.’ The marriages of her children to European royalty secure her dynasty. The old Leo associations – lions and lionesses, princes and princesses, climb at this time.
1936 – Edward VIII becomes king but abdicates over his marriage to Mrs Simpson, a twice-divorced American. His brother becomes king as George VI.
1952 – Elizabeth II becomes queen on the death of her father. Her heir, Prince Charles, will divorce Diana, Princess of Wales and go on to marry a divorced woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles. His son, Prince William, and his heir, Prince George, are currently heirs to the throne after him. The story continues.



Leo patterns in the chart can offer up a long and winding road to love, or children, or variations on the above. Madonna, a Sun Leo, is a good example of someone who has taken the long and winding road through that sign. Beatrix Potter, another Sun Leo, never had children at all, but children today have inherited the land she left the nation in The Lake District. Peter Rabbit books paid for it. She married late and her husband’s young family became the Potter heirs and spares. Had Potter been born decades later, she might have been interested in the story of another Leo, the first test-tube baby in history, Louise Brown.

The Queen Mother, a Sun Leo, was never meant to be Queen but her husband’s brother fell in love with a divorced woman and the throne was passed on. Her daughter Princess Margaret, a Sun Leo, fell in love with a divorced man she could not marry. Her grandchild Charles himself divorced and then married a divorced woman. Princess Anne, her Leo Sun granddaughter, also divorced.



Donald Trump and his dynasty of children and young in-laws and relatives is a good example of the Leo mythology at work. He has cast himself in the role of leader, and holds court over a tribe of young lions and lionesses. Here are two of them. 


Eric and Donald Trump Jnr 450x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019




The President, elected in 2016, has been compared both to King George III and Henry VIII. I do not know if he has yet been compared to Tiberius. Does Leo turn up in his birth chart? It is hard to say, because the first ‘birth certificate’ the world was given, was not a birth certificate at all. There are still two conflicting birth times for Trump.
The Leo mythology at the White House suggests we can expect trouble at the court, though. Those eclipses, and the arrival of not only Ceres but two long Mercury Retrograde periods in Leo, points to all manner of complication by 2019.



The young heir apparent, Barron Trump (the clue is in the name) is ten years old and also known as Little Donald. The other members of the dynasty include wife Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and – Tiffany Trump, Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Junior and Eric Trump. Former wives Ivana and Marcia Maples are also in the family tree. Watching these charts, there is a sense of America’s deep past returning. Even that wig on Trump, below, looks strangely like a lion’s mane. There is strong symbolism here.


donald trump new york magazine saving our democracy - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019


In the astrological chart of the United States set for 2nd January 1776 (when the nation was first officially dubbed ‘The United States of America’) we find Leo factors. In fact, the U.S. has her North Node at 16 Leo so she will experience her Nodal Return when the transiting North Node moves to 16 Leo between December 6th and 17th, 2017. As we’ve seen, this is big. It can only happen about every 20 years. There is karma here with the United Kingdom and the United States. It goes back centuries. It is due at Christmas. We can expect a major event then, affecting The Special Relationship.



This Leo Node point is the ‘Nixon’ point in the United States chart. When Nixon quit, America’s North Node at 16 Leo was transited exactly by Jupiter at 16 Pisces. That happened back on August 9th, 1974. It’s also the ‘Obama’ point in the United States chart. When Barack Obama was made President on November 4th, 2008 the country’s North Node at 16 Leo was under transit from Chiron at 16 Aquarius, which was of course also exactly conjunct her South Node at 16 Aquarius too.

I know a lot of astrologers use the July 4th  (Born on the Fourth of July) horoscope for America, but the 2nd January 1776 chart is reliable in every way. In fact, I have given it a whole chapter in my ebook, 2020 Astrology 



Quite apart from that Node Return for America (her Nixon and Obama moment) we will see powerful Leo weather as early as Saturday 2nd December when Ceres 17 Leo conjuncts the transiting North Node at 17 Leo, which in turn is just one degree away from America’s own North Node at 16 Leo. This is a White House White Christmas but it will follow on from a White House Whitewash, a few months earlier, in August. Let’s have a closer look at that, because this is a tremendous cover-up we need to be aware of.

If you are asking questions about American politics then, have a look at Carolina. In fact, I made a prediction about Russia, Trump and Carolina one year ago. Why this part of America? Because it bears the full brunt of the eclipse. 



Months before this Nixon/Obama karmic moment in the American horoscope, the moment of truth for The Special Relationship with the United Kingdom – we have a cover-up relating to  leadership questions. Both are connected.

The cover-up takes place as follows – Monday 7th August, 2017. Full Moon. Partial Lunar Eclipse. Sun 15 Leo opposite Moon 15 Aquarius.  As you can see, that’s just one degree off an exact eclipse hit on America’s North Node at 16 Leo (and of course it pulls in her South Node at 16 Aquarius, the opposite sign).



This is concealed or missing information about a classic Leo-Aquarius question. The President and the people. It may also be about the President and the party, which Aquarius rules. Finally we associate Leo-Aquarius with ‘Camelot’ versus Communism. We saw similar patterns in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. What goes down in Christmas 2017 owes a lot to what was blotted out, back in August, a few months earlier.



It goes on, into 2018. You have to wonder how the White House will shape up on Thursday 9th August that year, with the Sun at 16 Leo conjunct Mercury Retrograde at 16 Leo, exactly conjunct America’s North Node at 16 Leo. Mercury Retrograde is about media muddle, misinformation, hacked computers and telephones, and negotiations that are based on deceit, or announcements/paperwork that is later rewritten or even scrapped.

This is a particularly important date, Thursday 9th August, because a couple of days later, this happens (below) and it’s very close to America’s North Node at 16 Leo again.
Saturday 11th August
New Moon. Partial Solar Eclipse. Sun 18 Leo conjunct Moon 18 Leo

I hope you can see from these patterns why it would be unwise to just swallow the news, at these times. In fact, anyone who is associated not only with Buckingham Palace but also the White House should be aware that an awful lot of events will be off radar then.



I am writing this on Sunday 9th July, 2017 so about one year into the future, but even peering this far ahead, it’s possible to see that the period around 9th-11th August 2018 is about misinformation and missing information, relating to the President’s children, younger family members, and any youthful successors to the Presidency (the heirs to the throne). In this we also include the standard Leo associations with courtship, the royal bedchamber, pretenders to the throne and so on. The search, when it comes, should really go all the way back to that White House Whitewashed White Christmas of December 2017. Everything is connected in a chain, because the Leo weather is also connected, in a chain.



If Leo is about the line of succession, the heir and the spare, the royal bedchamber and courtship – then our world leaders should keep us fully occupied across the Leo weather of 2017-2019.

A couple of things to watch, in 2017, where world leaders are concerned. Mercury (news) goes retrograde shadow on Monday 24th July so the message will go backwards and forwards for some time, across the middle of that year. What you hear and read is not final. To make this muddled and muddy period even more complex – the eclipses  on August 7th and on August 21st follow on from some very new ‘news’ concerning Buckingham Palace and the White House, from Monday 24th July. After this, the headlines and details will be rewritten when this planet goes back over the same position from Thursday 31st August.

In fact, it may not be until Sunday 10th September (when Mercury in his bizarre pattern finally moves out of Leo) that we have our July story straight. That is just the start of this cycle which will see repeated ‘hits’ on Leo in the heavens until January 2019 on that last Leo eclipse which book-ends the two –year period of patterns in the sign of the lion. Across this period we are going to see a complete reshaping of the House of Windsor and the White House, with the public being kept in the dark at crucial points.

1101960311 400 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Princess Diana’s astrology chart and the eclipse.



The  historic Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday 21st August is a deep concern. There is always concealed or missing information on an eclipse. It can take years for the truth to come out – if in fact it ever does. This particular eclipse is part of a series we associate with Diana, Princess of Wales.  This goes beyond the simple association of Leo with royalty. It is part of a Saros Series. I wrote a long prediction about this in August 2016, if you are curious about the Diana cover-up and how it is set to return in August 2017.



Ceres is about division, compromise and new arrangements which carve up the territory. She was found on the same day, January 1st 1801, that the United Kingdom was created. She is a dwarf planet and I used Ceres to predict Brexit, which will carve up Europe. Ceres in Leo will be with us for many months so we will see a new carve-up of rights, roles and responsibilities with monarchies, empires and presidencies. People you know with Leo stelliums may experience this with their own ‘dynasties’ or ‘kingdoms’ involving godchildren, children, youth, and so on. Of course, those royal bedchambers are also going to reflect this extreme astrological weather. The lion is of course incorporated into the coat of arms for the United Kingdom so this is quite literally the breaking up of the old coat of arms – a nation divided, as Ceres moves across the sign of the lion. Ceres enters Leo on Sunday 24th September 2017 and stays there until Thursday 28th June 2018. This is going to be a tremendous territorial divide of world leadership, particularly in respect of those leaders’ children, successors or dynasties. It will take around nine months to complete. It’s a pregnant pause for Buckingham Palace and the White House. 

Ceres is about chopping and changing; dividing territory, status, position. In Leo we are going to see this playing out in people’s personal lives (heirs and spares, pretenders to the throne, courtship, the royal bedchamber) but also among world leaders. It will be personal, because Leo is always personal!



Fortuna is also passing through Leo for some of this cycle.  Jupiter’s daughter. This asteroid is associated with the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. She spins the wheel of fate and fortune, blindfolded, without knowing or seeing that she sends us high, then low. She is a familiar figure from Shakespeare and Fortuna tends to bring a random, spinning quality to life. She is an important part of the Leo pattern story, alongside Ceres. Ceres is the big carve-up and the new order. Fortuna means every high point is a low point in the making, and every low point is a high point in the making! Both of these key factors will ‘station direct’ or stand still, which is like running on the spot, across Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th March 2018. This emphasizes, but also freezes, the story. It’s like pause on your DVD player. Watch what happens then. It’s a fact of life that Leo is opposite Aquarius (below) in astrology as well. So when we experience the leadership/dynasty stories we also have major issues about Aquarian themes – friendships, groups, equality – at the same time.


Aquarius Seventies 402x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019



Aquarius and Leo are opposite each other in the zodiac and the former sign describes groups, teams, communities and circles of people, while the latter obviously describes leaders, kings, queens, emperors, presidents and so on. The North Node in Leo will be opposite the South Node in Aquarius throughout 2017 and 2018 so we will see some classic conflicts between the people and their leaders. The difference between Leo and Aquarius is rather like the difference between King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. They can’t be separated, but the relationship is often fraught.



We’ll see a lot of this ‘King Arthur versus Knights’ in January, February 2018 as the new year begins. On Saturday 27th January, for example, Venus at 12 Aquarius is opposite Ceres at 12 Leo. A couple of days later, Venus at 14 Aquarius is opposite Fortuna at 13 Leo. This is about the Democrats, the Republicans and their leadership in America. It is about the Prime Minister, the Leader of the opposition and their respective parties in England, Australia and beyond

You may want to pay particular attention to the Total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of Wednesday 31st January 2018 when the Sun at 11 Aquarius is opposite the Moon at 11 Leo. In your own life you may see conflicts between the mass, the majority and the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ in any situation. In extreme cases, this may be rather like the Czar abdicating, the monarchy falling and people power reigning supreme…but in your book club.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity is a challenge for both signs and both sides. Groups need leaders. Leaders need groups. This mutual dependency can work very well, unless Leo is overthrown by someone who wants his/her throne – or the people find Leo too tyrannical, too autocratic – and revolt. It is also true of these two signs, that Aquarius can only function up to a point as a commune/community/communist organisation before it becomes clear that someone, somewhere, is going to have to lead the way or mere anarchy will take hold.



A very Leo thing happened in 1999 on the last major Leo Node cycle. Sun Leo U.S. President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial for allegedly lying about his affair with Sun Leo intern Monica Lewinsky. Lacking a monarchy, or a royal bedchamber, America has the White House and the Oval Office. That year is a good example of Leo-Aquarius ‘weather.’ The Democrats were the people. Bill was King. The people rose up against him, but he kept his crown.

It would be unusual if there was not a direct or indirect replay of the Clinton/Lewinsky story of 1999 between now and 2019, on the final Leo eclipse. The North Node in Leo is about debts and credits from the last cycle, after all. The Node in transit can sometimes confront us. Just when you think someone/something was well and truly ancient history, it will come up again – prompting decisions.



You can watch another patch of Leo weather across Friday 27th July 2018, on the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon with the Sun at 4 Leo opposite the Moon at 4 Aquarius, followed by the Sun at 5 Leo conjunct the North Node at 5 Leo on Sunday 29th July. Northern Ireland has a Leo-Aquarius story to tell in her history. Northern Ireland consists of six counties that remained part of the United Kingdom when the 26 Southern counties became independent. It is often called Ulster, the name of one of the four ancient kingdoms of Ireland.

Across that last North Node cycle in Leo, which was October 21st 1998 through April 9th, 2000, Northern Ireland saw the Good Friday agreement. Now that Ireland is playing a new, important role at 10 Downing Street, the Leo-Aquarius weather is back. The mythology of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will return.



Leo is a symbol not only of ancient kingdoms, old empires and monarchies – it is also a symbol for some aspects of the Vatican Palace, and the Vatican itself which had its Jubilee Year in 2000. The Pope in this instance is the ‘King’. What will return from that Jubilee Year as the Node in Leo also returns?



Russia as a whole tells a strong Leo-Aquarius story. The leader and the people. The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, completed in 1762 for Catherine the Great, was assaulted by Bolsheviks in 1917. It’s a symbol of the Russian Revolution but also about these two zodiac signs. The leader and the people. The palace and the peasants. On the last Node in Leo cycle 1999-2000, Vladimir Putin became acting President and then President. Russia will have her karma from those years now.



If you have Aquarius personal chart factors, and particularly if you have a stellium (three or more placements) then the big focus on Leo will automatically highlight the Eleventh House of your chart in the natural house system as the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius will cross this axis of your chart. The Eleventh House of your chart, ruled by Aquarius, using this house system, is where we find your friends. Your clubs. Your associations, societies and teams. Your political parties, bands, charities, book groups and ensemble casts. Aquarius is about the community – your circle – and it describes people power. Watch the travelling or transiting planets and other heavenly bodies as they pass across that Leo-Aquarius axis. If they pass the same degree as one of your Aquarius placements a major story will unfold. It will involve questions about who leads, and who follows – and why. That Leo/lion symbolism will come knocking.


Jupiter in Leo 448x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Leo comes knocking 2017-2019 with a chain of Leo eclipses.



There is always a deep transformation in the balance of power when these two dwarf planets are aligned. In fact, their fates were tied together back in 2006 when astronomers decided Pluto should be demoted and Ceres should be promoted, both becoming dwarves at the same time. We’ll see major downsizing/upsizing/reclassification at the White House and Buckingham Palace, and also in the seats of other world leaderships, very close to June 4th 2018. Again, it’s that classic question about leaders and their heirs, successors and pretenders to the throne.

The quincunx pattern occurs on June 4th 2018 with Pluto at 20 Capricorn, a sign we associate with ambition, social climbing, and the business of getting to the top and staying at the top. Ceres is at 20 Leo. June looks like a significant month for all those issues about leaders and their successors. The very next day, Tuesday 5th June, we find Ceres at 21 Leo conjunct Fortuna at 21 Leo. When you see a couple of patterns being bumped across a two-day period, you usually see something major in astrology. Keep your eyes on the first week of June 2018.  The lion will roar.


Greta Garbo and Leo the MGM Lion Twitter HistoryPics - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Greta Garbo and Leo the MGM Lion. Source Twitter @historypics



The United Kingdom chart set for 1st January 1801 shows, as you would expect, a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House. Jupiter 1 Leo, Minerva 8 Leo, Saturn 23 Leo. Thus, it’s really just a case of watching the triggers, or conjunctions, as the Leo weather passes through. In modern astrology, using software like Stephanie Johnson’s wonderful Solar Fire program, we can use orbs of one degree to judge close or exact events.

Leo Kings Queens 449x600 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019On Friday 21st July, 2017, Mercury at 24 Leo conjuncts the North Node at 24 Leo, just one degree away from the United Kingdom’s serious, sombre, stuck Saturn at 23 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, his spares (the siblings), his sons Willian and Harry and his grandchildren George and Charlotte. That’s news. It’s also karma. Another baby for Kate? An announcement about the succession?

On Sunday 23rd July, 2017, the New Moon falls at 0 Leo, just one degree away from the United Kingdom’s Jupiter at 1 Leo. Fresh start. New beginning. Optimism, growth, hope for the heirs and spares to the crown.

The story rolls on across the British summer. Then, next to Jupiter at 1 Leo, on Thursday 28th September 2017, we have Fortuna at 1 Leo and Ceres at 1 Leo too. That is a random, fortunate, fated carve-up of the Royal Family’s line of succession to the throne. It can also happen, at best, every 12 years. So it’s historic. Again, we have to ponder – another baby for Kate? A marriage for Harry? Another kind of shift? Monday 21st January 2019 is the cover-up, which surrounds the aftermath of that 28th September 2017 decision. On that day there is a total eclipse with the Moon at 0 Leo, just one degree away.



Eclipses bring cover-ups, patchy information or missing jigsaw pieces. Mercury rearranges the jigsaw again. We have a second Mercury Retrograde in Leo, coming from the start of the shadow on Saturday 7th July 2018. This is why you need to look at 2017-2018 as a complete story. As always, make allowances for the ‘news’ not to stick. The full dates are included in your 2018 Diary Dates, below. At this time we can expect more global leadership stories which are bound to change.



Thursday 20th July
Mars enters 0 Leo
Friday 21st July
Mercury 24 Leo conjunct North Node 24 Leo
Sunday 23rd July
New Moon. Sun 0 Leo conjunct Moon 0 Leo
Monday 24th July
Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins at 28 Leo
Thursday 27th July
Sun 4 Leo conjunct Mars 4 Leo
Monday 7th August
Full Moon. Partial Lunar Eclipse. Sun 15 Leo opposite Moon 15 Aquarius
Wednesday 16th August
Sun 24 Leo conjunct North Node 24 Leo
Monday 21st August
Total Solar Eclipse. Sun 28 Leo conjunct Moon 28 Leo
Thursday 31st August
Mercury enters 29 Leo (Retrograde)
Sunday 3rd September
Mercury 28 Leo conjunct Mars 28 Leo
Tuesday 5th September
Mercury Stations Direct 28 Leo
Friday 15th September
Venus 23 Leo conjunct North Node 23 Leo
Sunday 24th September
Ceres enters 0 Leo
Fortuna enters 0 Leo
Thursday 28th September
Fortuna 1 Leo conjunct Ceres 1 Leo
Saturday 2nd December
Ceres 17 Leo conjunct North Node 17 Leo

Thursday 25th January
North Node 14 Leo conjunct Fortuna 14 Leo
Wednesday 31st January
Full Moon. Total Lunar Eclipse. Moon 11 Leo opposite Sun 11 Aquarius
Tuesday 6th February
Ceres 10 Leo opposite Mercury 10 Aquarius
Friday 9th February
North Node 14 Leo opposite Mercury 14 Aquarius
Monday 19th March
Ceres Stations Direct 4 Leo
Tuesday 20th March
Fortuna Stations Direct 5 Leo
Monday 4th June
Ceres 20 Leo quincunx Pluto 20 Capricorn
Tuesday 5th June
Ceres 21 Leo conjunct Fortuna 21 Leo
Friday 8th June
North Node 7 Leo opposite Mars 7 Aquarius
Wednesday 13th June
Venus enters 0 Leo
Tuesday 19th June
Venus 6 Leo conjunct North Node 6 Leo
Thursday 21st June
Venus 9 Leo opposite Mars 9 Aquarius
Friday 29th June
Mercury enters 0 Leo
Tuesday 3rd July
Mercury 6 Leo conjunct North Node 6 Leo
Thursday 5th July
Mercury 8 Leo opposite Mars 8 Aquarius
Saturday 7th July
Mercury Retrograde Shadow 11 Leo
Friday 20th July
North Node 5 Leo opposite Mars 5 Aquarius
Sunday 22nd July
Sun enters 0 Leo
Wednesday 25th July
Cupido enters 0 Leo
Thursday 26th July
Mercury Stations Retrograde 23 Leo
Friday 27th July
Full Moon. Total Lunar Eclipse. Sun 4 Leo opposite Moon 4 Aquarius
Sunday 29th July
Sun 5 Leo conjunct North Node 5 Leo
Thursday 9th August
Sun 16 Leo conjunct Mercury Retrograde 16 Leo
Saturday 11th August
New Moon. Partial Solar Eclipse. Sun 18 Leo conjunct Moon 18 Leo
Sunday 19th August
Mercury Stations Direct 11 Leo
Apollo enters 0 Leo
Sunday 2nd September
Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends 23 Leo



You can see how a patchwork of patchy information is spread across 2017, 2018, thanks to not only eclipses but also Mercury Retrograde in Leo. We have to ask hard questions then, about our leaders and their dynasties. As you’ve seen, we have a total eclipse on Monday 21st January 2019, with the Moon at 0 Leo and Sun at 0 Aquarius. This returns us to the theme of the people versus their rulers – as you’ve seen, it hits the United Kingdom horoscope exactly. However, anybody or anything (country, organisation, institution) with Leo-Aquarius patterns around 0, 1 degree will see the blackout. I know that we don’t have a strong set of birth data for British Prime Minister Theresa May, but she ‘signals’ Leo with her choice of leopardskin shoes, the same way that Donald Trump signals Leo with his toy lions and dynasty. This graphic landed on my Twitter feed. You have to wonder what lies behind the door of 10 Downing Street in January 2019.



Daily Star co uk 600x400 - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019
Theresa May. Leo (leopardskin) shoes and more.



jfk - Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019

In 1962, between January 4th and March 25th we had a staggering line-up in the zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius. Jupiter,

Saturn and the South Node were in Aquarius. Uranus and the North Node were in Leo. The patterns ran from 0 degrees to 29 degrees of the signs. All of which makes the cycle of the Nodes through Leo and Aquarius (and those eclipses) across 2017-2019 look like a karmic replay of early 1962. We also had a total eclipse on Monday 5th February that year, with the Sun at 15 Aquarius alongside the Moon at 15 Aquarius. The Aquarius-Leo patterns continued in July 1962, when on Tuesday 31st there was an eclipse with the Sun and Moon at 7 Leo. On August 15th, a fortnight later, we saw another eclipse with the Sun at 22 Leo and Moon at 22 Aquarius. There is a tremendous sense of old debts and credits about 1962 arriving for 2017-2018.

John F. Kennedy was President in 1962. Soviet missile bases were in Cuba. The threat of nuclear war – the Cuban Missile Crisis – was averted when the USSR decided not to send the missiles. Leo and Aquarius. The leader and the people. The king of Camelot and the Democrats.

Specifically, on January 29th 1962, America and Britain walked out of nuclear test ban talks with the Soviet Union. The Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node were in Aquarius. Uranus and the North Node were in Leo. The old monarchy of the United Kingdom was up against Aquarian Communism.



The First Lady of the White House in 1962 was Jacqueline ‘Queen Jacqueline’ Kennedy, who was of course a Leo. The people paid the taxes and she took the televised tours. Marilyn Monroe, rumoured to be President John F. Kennedy’s mistress, was found dead on August 5th, just ten days before the eclipse which saw the Sun at 22 Leo and Moon at 22 Aquarius. Like all eclipses, it was a cover-up. It will  be very interesting to see how the karma of 1962 returns, now through 2019. We’re back to Leo’s royal court again – the bedchamber – Camelot – and the rest.



In the new Leo cycles of 2017-2019 a complete split is possible between the male heirs in the United Kingdom with one male Royal breaking away by himself, in search of post-Brexit new horizons. The Wars of the Roses originally ran from 1455 to 1485 and saw the the royal houses of Lancaster and York against each other. This looks like a Royal flying the flag for new British trade deals around the world, but without belonging to a Royal Family. You have to wonder who will play Edward V or Henry Tudor on this journey. Prediction (July 2017) House of Windsor = New Wars of the Roses by 2019.



Sun Leo Barack Obama could plant himself and his ideas back in the White House across this historic period of Leo weather for the United States. The former President may be going grey but his astrological chart shows he has not gone away – not if the people, agree. There is huge potential here for him across 2017-2019 to move his plans, if not himself, back into Washington.



Between 2017-2019 Australia could easily see another woman rise to become leader of one of the two main political parties and perhaps even the nation, making history a second time. Julie Bishop?



Astrology is just history repeating itself, and astrologers use an unusual form of timekeeping to record events. They also do something few others do and predict the future. This is useful because it can be comforting (there is nothing new under the sun) but also a warning about what not to do – next time. As George Santayana said “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Astrologers always remember the past because they usually own an Ephemeris, which is like a a telephone directory of planets, and their zodiac signs, from 1900 to 2050. We flick backwards and forwards through the big book and can see, at a glance, why 2017-2019 is like 1962.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity of 1962 is a stark reminder of what can happen if leaders behave like Roman emperors. That was the year that Camelot fought a battle with Communism and we, the people, nearly went nuclear, thanks to our kings and leaders.

If you know people with Leo chart factors or have them yourself, then watch the transit of Ceres and the North Node in particular across Leo to see how your Fifth House will play out 2017-2019. There will be a lot to learn, but also a lot to learn from – if you also want to peer back at your own past and see how themes repeat. This is the last time we will see a slow-moving Leo transit until 2026, when Jupiter goes into Leo. Another Summer of Love? Much depends on what we do in the summers of 2017, 2018.

Jessica Adams will give a talk on Eclipses, Nodes and Stonehenge, discussing the Leo patterns of 2017-2019, at The Astrological Lodge of London on Monday 6th November, 2017. For more information visit




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228 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    what a wonderful a detailed article about Leo weather! You did a great job as usual. Well, I think I should be influenced in the years that come. I have many factors in Leo: Saturn 0 deg, DESC 3deg, Juno 15deg, Vulcano 20deg, Aesculupia 23deg and Venus 25 deg in Leo.
    I would like to ask you if transition of Ceres and ND in Leo can and will influence more than one possible area (for example become mother and at the same time to be a teacher or mentor as a profession) rules by Leo or it will be only one (for example only become a mentor for younger generation).
    Recently as you wrote ND passed throuht my Venus in 25deg and I cannot say I realised something familiar. But maybe I not so sensible to realise it immediately.
    Only one thing what actually happend is that for the first time in my life I do mentoring for short period in one company for young HR employee. But it will last only 1-2 months and that it will end. Does it mean that I should constantly looking for new opportunities or they will come to me if I am open to continue to do this job.
    And I think that eclipse in 2019 will be big for me, while I have Saturn in 0deg Leo and at the same time Uranus in 0deg Scorpio and another factors in 01deg – IC in Gemines and MC in Sag. Could you please explain me in which way I am going to feel this eclipse?

    Thank you very much for all your help and great job that you make for us!:-)

    1. Okey dokey, so you could easily begin (or restart) a sexual relationship in the next two years, as we see this Leo traffic pass over your chart. You two would be very different people, but have the same amount of affection and passion to give. I am sure there is a house or apartment in the background, as the extra reward. Don’t pass this opportunity up. It could be amazing. It’s up to you, but sometimes things just feel fated!

  2. Jessica ,

    What a great article, thank you. Hope you come to the US. I would love to attend a workshop or talk.


    1. I’ll be in America for much of 2019 and would be so happy to meet you there, Amber. We’ll put dates up on this website closer to the time.

  3. Dear Jessica
    This article is a fascinating read … a wealth of historical knowledge … thank you.
    So I only have Uranus at 16 Leo & hygea at 17 Leo with ceres at 18 Aquarius … but what does that mean for the future ?
    Thank you sincerely
    Sassy x

    1. Sassy, the most important thing about the Leo weather until January 2019 for you is actually the Aquarius patterns, triggered by traffic in Leo the lion, right opposite Aquarius. This is about group dynamics and the hive mind. I have mentioned King Arthur and his knights in a couple of other replies. This is also true for you. We might also say this is rather like Robert Plant (Leo) and Led Zeppelin. Issues about leadership, leaders and group co-operation are going to be huge, through 2019. Aquarius, of course, rules the band, club or team with vastly different personalities and people on board. This is what makes your life so interesting, because it is never a dull moment with one particular collective. However, unless you are all on the same page, and giving each other space – and understanding that Leo need to be King/Queen/Prince/Princess among yourselves – you are never going to sort things out. Together you can do so much. Separately, not so much. That’s your story Sassy.

  4. Hi jessica
    Amazing artical. I have leo and Aquarius at 4 degs but also north node and south node close at 2 deg. For interpretation do I read all four meanings or are the nodes not relevant.

    Thank you

    1. Actually what we have here is Leo-Aquarius-Taurus weather, turning around in a circle for the next couple of years. This makes life rather random and hard to control for very long, but on the plus side, it means you are always on the way up – rather as if you were being spun around on a wheel when you always get to the top. Leo rules education, learning, training, mentoring, guidance and so on. I do feel you’ll be either passing knowledge onto others, or picking it up yourself. The world of books, or the worldwide web, will take you up and down, but you’ll always end up on top of the world.

  5. Hi Jessica, another brilliantly outlined article. You never fail to deliver quality and informative posts, always a pleasure to read!

    So I have 11 Leo and 19 Leo and can see the Eclipse and Mercury shadow dates that hit on 11 degrees next year…… the moment I am studying but really don’t want to do what I am studying for. I recall a while back you mentioned something about fate stepping in as far as my career goes…is this a time when it could or is this more to do with children in general? I have children, but I am also studying to be a teaching assistant…when really I don’t want to be, but I don’t know Arthur from Martha about finding meaningful work……….I know I don’t want to do a menial job, I want to make a difference. And I know next year will be crunch time for me to get back in the workforce, mainly from pressure from my partner.

    I would really love to hear your insights as always. Thanks so much! xx

    1. Thank you very much. Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, is the story here. Aquarius is about groups, trade unions, bands, clubs, societies and the rest. I do feel you have a major group story, now through 2019, as the Leo weather will pass over the Eleventh House of your chart which is where you figure out group psychology and the hive mind. I am sure you can see the Aquarius stellium in your chart, alongside those Leo factors. This sets up a classic difference between Leo ‘me-ness’ and Aquarian group thinking. To keep life simple make sure that you do your level best to keep everyone on the same page and to ground the situation. Try to pull it together and make it work in a sensible way. This does rather remind me of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and it is worth reading up on Leo/Aquarius to get the picture clearly.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you – as always a great and very educational article.
    In my natal chart, I have Pluto at 15 degrees in Leo and Ops at 16 degrees also in the sign of Leo – however, nothing in Aquarius.
    On August 7, we have the partial lunar eclipse and a Full Moon in Leo at 15 degrees where the Sun will be conjunct Pluto and the Moon will be directly across in Aquarius also at 15 degrees.
    I wonder what this will mean for me. Culmination of what in the 4th house? Anything else?
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Juakali, thank you. I’m not sure why you are talking about the Fourth House here, because it is ruled by Cancer. Your Leo stellium is about teaching, mentoring, guiding or training on the one hand – and studying, learning, acquiring knowledge on the other. Leo, for all its associations with sex and children, is also very much about one generation advising the next. Travel in the mind is a big part of the Leo experience and you will have the choice to move or travel in order to teach or study, by 2019.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    Another wonderfully informative article, I have my ascendant at 28/29 Leo, Pluto at 26, Venus at 25 and Ceres at 29 Leo, my moon is 13 Aquarius, North node at 1’52 Aquarius so South node at 1’52 Leo. I guess the next 2 years are going to be exciting for me, Non !

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your whole chart, but in general, if you have a stellium in the Fifth House, you will be making decisions about sexual relationships, and particularly those where children are involved. Again, it is hard to say without knowing if you are married, single, living with someone – and so on. It may be, for example, that you consider a relationship with a divorced father with adult children, but then find you must deal with loaded questions about becoming a stepmother.

  8. This was quite an article Jessica. When i read it i knew it was going to have a personal impact on me. I have several Leo factors in my chart. How do you see me being affected by the Leo transits?

    1. The Leo weather will affect the balance between yourself and your former, current or potential partner. You don’t say if you are in a sexual relationship or not so it is hard for me to be more specific. There will be questions here about equality between the pair of you, and there may be a deeper question about the legality of your relationship, be it marriage or common law marriage. Again, it is hard to say if I don’t know if you are gay, straight, transgender, single, married, living with someone – or the rest!

  9. Dear Jessica,
    As always, very interesting article!
    I have in Leo 21 Bacchus, 19 Apollo and 3 Ops. What does it mean to me?

    1. You are a born teacher, mentor or guide and will qualify in the next two years, or begin training in some other way so that you either end up with formal recognition of your studies, or useful knowledge under your belt. You could easily learn to teach, or find that you are required to start teaching/training others, but continue learning yourself. Leo is the female ‘professor’ figure no matter how she uses it. Sun leo J.K. Rowling teaches children by writing fiction, but you will find your own path.

  10. Hi Jessi a,
    Thank you so much for all you do!!
    I look to your posts from the US to give me hope with all the craziness going on. I am a little confused if you can help me understand, I thought that in August the eclipse would reveal what is being covered up, but I am confused because I think from your post, that actually it will cover up rather than reveal the truth.
    I think that since there was a watergate moment in August/September, I was holding on to the possibility of the truth being revealed regarding all the Russia/Trump connection.
    All the Best,

    1. Thank you Gail. September is indeed the Watergate moment for America, as 1974 repeats. Of course, history tells us that the Nixon affair was a long and drawn-out business with one cover-up after another. Eclipses conceal they never reveal. So what we have here is August (two cover-ups, involving the White House ‘Leo’ dynasty) and then crunch time in September. More cover-ups will follow in a chain until we see the last of them in January 2019. If I had reliable data for Trump I could be more specific, but the whole situation with his paperwork has been so strange from the very start.

  11. Fantastic read! With my chart having Leo factors, my daughter born July 21, 1998, son born May 23, 2000, and my partner a Leo through and through, born August 12, 1965, I’m feeling somewhat excited and anxious about what is to come for me statting this week, personally. My partner’s work is in education. A true, magnetic leader. We are not married, but feel destined to be together. We compliment each other very well, and have tremendous respect for each other. Curious of your take on this week where my chart, children and partner are concerned? My I Ching speaks of a wonderful surprise, saying it’s a surprise or shock, but all good. Makes me anxious! 😉 Anything you can tell me would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

    1. The Leo weather is long-term, until January 2019, which is why I wrote such a long piece – thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Until January 2019 you are very likely to look at marriage or common law marriage in a new way, as balancing the scales between you and your partner will be very important. It may be that you come to a new legal definition of what it means to be on one side of the scales with him. I know you are not married at the moment but for the next year or two, you will reach a point where you have to figure out how society or officialdom sees you two, as a couple.

  12. Hi Jennifer I am very anxious regarding this Leo cycle. the eclipse in 1999 and 2009 both include decisions I made regarding my children, one terminated a pregnancy and one I gave a child up for adoption. How will this one affect me? I have Aquarius at 15 degrees sun sign Aquarius at 15 degrees Mercury my moon is 11 degrees Leo and my ascendant is 3 degrees sagittarius

    1. Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called Jennifer! Read my lips. No need to be anxious about an eclipse…or even very anxious. It is what it says on the packet – missing information and a blind spot. The child you gave up for adoption is the focus. Clearly this child has now become an adult. Across the next two years, you may want to pause before judging/acting at eclipse time, because you will not have all the information. That’s all. Just be wary of those dates I have given you – the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in particular.

  13. Wow, Jessica you have outdone yourself with this monster article on Leo Weather! I’m going to jump up to the top and reread it after my questions. I’m so captivated by your many references and examples; I think I speak for most of us when I say how much it helps us retain what we are learning from you. Thank you!

    I’d love to know what you see in my chart please. Leo-Ceres28, Sun26, Merc22,Vul19,Jup18. I’m guessing what stands out for me is my natal Jupiter 18 will be conjunct the Saturday 2nd December Ceres 17 Leo conjunct the transiting North Node at 17 Leo.

    Lastly, I will also experience my Ceres return ( I will reread articles on your site). but I want to comment on my Chiron return. An agreement for a major family owned property purchase (that I’ve been hoping for) has been struck! This is a wonderful opportunity for a more rural life and a lucrative business. While we have yet to close, I was dumbstruck to see Chiron was exact my natal Chiron on the day we reached an agreeable price with the sellers! Your write up in Astrology 2020 is enlightening and so much more far reaching than the Wounded Healer description that always left me wanting and feeling deflated. Maverick! That’s me, that’s my husband and me, we always try something new and cutting edge…we have succeeded in many ways but it’s always been the courage to try that which most people never think of, that I identify with the most! I love that Ceres is associated with agricultural. While our focus will be animals and not crops, I recall your forecast regarding my Scorpio stellium… “you’ll be surprised how well they will do with Jupiter entering Scorpio soon”. As a childless Leo, you are spot on about legacy and play. My husband and I will eventually leave this new farm and business to our niece and nephews and it will hopefully delight them to see (my first order of farm business ) a lovely green croquet lawn to play on! Adults and children playing together! Many thanks always !

    1. Thank you for this feedback about Chiron and also your nieces and nephews. It’s interesting to see how Leo manifests in the chart. What we have here is a new kingdom for a new king/queen/prince/princess. This feels more like a nephew than a niece, though – or perhaps some other male in the ranks. You may want to ensure that it’s all managed smoothly as although there is something energising about a big, fresh start in your kingdom, you want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable about it. This does remind me of Prince Harry on some level. He has that kind of ‘cut, thrust and parry’ approach to life and yet, particularly when he was younger and more brash, not everyone coped with that. There will be a fair amount of adjustment here. The other thing that reminds me of your chart through 2019 is the King Arthur legend – the Sword and the Stone.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I have my sun in Leo at 6, fortuna and Venus in Leo at 17 and Cupido in Leo at 23. I sense this phase is going to revolve around a complicated relationship. I can’t see anything else that’s relevant. Please do share your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. What we have here is a classic dynasty situation, although you don’t say if you have children or not, or are in a sexual relationship or not, so it’s hard for me to simply guess. The question is, how can natural good fortune or abundance be shared among the ‘family’ members. If you were Beatrix Potter, a Leo like you, and never had children, we would be talking about your husband’s young relatives. Leo is associated with generosity and nobless oblige but it looks as though by 2019 there will be a major question about how to share, how to give, and with whom to share.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I’m single. While i’m in a relationship i don’t really see much coming out of it so it’s very difficult to see a dynasty situation here. Siblings and their kids, god children are the most obvious recipients here from the look of it. If you see something more … please do share 🙂

        thank you.

        1. That’s exactly it. Your nieces and nephews and your godchildren. Your lover’s young relatives. If you look at the way the British royal family ran through the centuries you will see this repeatedly. So by 2019 the dynasty will be reshaped even if you never have children of your own.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for your article. I’m Gemini with Leo rising, Moon at Pisces and I have Mars and Saturn in Leo too. Leo weather talks about children and dynasty but I don’t have children. Maybe one day… What does it means ?

    Thanks for your answer, dear Jessica.

    1. What does it mean if you have Mars and Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House and no children? See Beatrix Potter. No children, married late, left all her property to the children of Britain in the Lake District and her legacy to children, was her series of famous illustrated books.

  16. Hello Jessica and thank you for this wonderful article!
    I have been wondering about the Node/ Ceres conjunction as my midheaven is 13 degrees Leo. I was born March 28th 1991 so am too young to look back to the previous Leo cycle, although it did coincide with my starting out in youth drama groups which led to my current career. My ascendant is 2 degrees Scorpio and I can feel I am entering a crucial patch for my career. Oh, and Ceres is rising in my birth chart. How do you think this will play out?
    Many thanks for giving your time so generously,

    1. Catherine, what degree is Ceres in Leo and what degree is your Ascendant? To be rising, you need an exact conjunction. I can’t see a chart, thanks.

  17. Hi Jessica, Enjoy the blogs w/my husband. I am a Leo stellium (Sun, Moon, Jup., Venus, Minerva, Apollo). I do live in California and eclipse would fall right on my birthday this year. Are there any specific things I need to watch out for?? I’m actually trying to get pregnant this year or next. Thank you!

    1. This is not so much about your pursuit of pregnancy, as the finances of the kingdom. You can’t really be Queen or King, or invite Princes or Princesses into the court, unless the royal coffers are organised. By January 2019 you may want to consult the best advice you can afford to manage what is going on, as even Her Majesty the Queen had tax issues a few years ago – and no matter if this is taxation, income, currency exchange or business, you will need to get this on a solid footing.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I only have Panacea in Leo. But will my stelliums in Aries and Sagittarius be afflicted? Right now I don’t have kids and have no intention to. Only my boss’s kid (Sun Virgo) is starting to get on my nerve recently.

    1. Panacea in Leo in the Fifth House describes how you fix, correct and secure situations involving lovers, children or young adults. You always face right/wrong questions when you do this, as Panacea was a symbol of healing and cure in Rome, but there were always moral, legal or ethical issues. You may want to examine Panacea more in your ebooks and on this website as she will wake up in your chart by January 2019.

  19. Hi Jessica, wonderful indepth article, amazing amount to comprehend. I have a stellium in Leo. Moon @ 3, Uranus @ 27, ASC @ 4, Apollo @ 18, and North Node @ 17. Any suggestions as to how this will play out for me?

    1. It’s hard to say if I don’t know your status – married, single, straight, gay, common-law marriage, child-free, children – but in general you are having your Node Return and so 1999-2000 is coming back, symbolically. Ask yourself who you were in bed with, at that time, and how the issue of children or young people was dominating the discussion. It may have been your affair with a man who worked for a children’s charity and perhaps you got involved in fundraising. You see…it really is personal. But it will come back.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you for the insight. I am divorced, single with an adult son & daughter both estranged. I also changed sex from Male to Female over 10 yrs ago. 1999-2000 was an extremely bad phase of my life. Marriage breaking down and the eventual realisation I could not longer as a Male. 2003 I left the marriage and last saw my children in 2004. Hopefully this time round it will a far a happier period of my life . xx

        1. Changing sex from male to female on the last Leo cycle rings true. As you’ve seen, Leo can be about complex sexuality. You’ll develop a dynasty/family feeling over the next two years and Jupiter in Scorpio will bring abundance with money, property or possessions within the family tree. This covers three generations. There is a feeling of more than enough to go round, on the money-go-round and this is a very reassuring karmic return for you.

  20. Hello Jessica,
    Fascinating article as usual! We Leo’s appear to be in for quite a ride over the next 2 years.

    I have a large stellium in Leo and am beyond curious to know, how best to navigate the next couple of years.

    I do head “respectfully” all your advice, and inquire now how best to weather this “Leo” karma/storm/weather.

    I have mentioned previously 98-2000 were the worst/hardest years on record for me and I deeply desire to make this Leo go-round MUCH different if possible!

    I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and generosity of spirit in sharing your knowledge.


    1. Thank you CP. I mentioned the Pope and the Vatican in the Leo story because they also resonate to Leo. You will be dealing with a major authority figure, rather like the Pope – or perhaps even literally through a religious organisation. There is a clear choice here, by January 2019, about what the ‘king’ thinks is right and what you are prepared to do. Authority is a major issue here. Of course, most of the time, kingdoms run on subjects obeying the king, but we do have the example of King Henry VIII, whose love life closed the monasteries, to consider! You need to take your time deciding and really think it through, but the law will be handed down, one way or another.

  21. Jessica, thank you for another great blog post.
    I only have minerva in leo at 17 degrees. Could you tell me what this may mean? I have two children oldest born 2002 and youngest 2004. I’ve had an unsettled relationship over the years with their father and things seemed to have calmed a great deal a now that he’s moved on with someone else which has Brought me a lot of relief. Im wondering what this could be about my past ready to come back to me? I notice that I also have another heavenly body at 17 degrees (Ops) if that affects anything?

    1. Actually, the Leo weather hardly affects you at all. A bigger concern is your Sixth House (mind, body, spirit) now through January 2019. You need to look at how your state of mind is affecting your body (sleep, energy) and how your state of body (relaxed or tense) is affecting your state of mind. There is the potential for life-changing healing ahead but you may have to work at it.

  22. WOW!!! What an amazing article. Even if you didn’t have any factors in Leo it would be riveting reading. I do have a Leo stellium though with factors at 6,17,23 and 28. And your article shows alot of activity this year at least in 17, 23 and 28 so not sure what I am in for. I am 56 so clearly past child bearing. Both my children are in their thirties and I have a grandson who is 2 so intrigued to see how my Leo factors will affect me.
    Thanks again for another amazing insight into the world of Astrology.

    1. Thank you Michelle. The eclipses will certainly have an impact on you and the children. I know that there are some solid gold bonds there (to quote The Style Council, A Solid Bond In Your Heart) but it looks as though somebody needs to travel alone for a while. This may be you, or one of the adult children. The eclipses will tally with a solo discovery tour for one of you and this will have an impact on all of you. Once someone finds himself/herself there is much richer potential for those relationships to become fuller and more fulfilling.

  23. Thanks for your response Jessica. I should have been more specific about my situation. The issues of balance and power directly affected me in 2010 in a former relationship. He is aquarious and these issues destroyed the relationship. When i read your post, i instinctively felt there may be a replay on some level with him. I am currently not in a relationship and am not gay. It’s time for me to either close the book with him or move on so my question was centered on that.

    1. Okey dokey so you are asking about your former lover. There is definitely a need for closure here and profound healing. You don’t mention a third person. Was there a child involved, perhaps, or did either of you have another lover in the mix? If not, I suspect a third person will be part of the story by 2019. There is a lot to clean up and sort out here. Most of all you need to do the noble thing and remove any potential for further conflict. Things can heal. Actually the healing rests with friends and groups – Aquarian matters. This applies to all three of you. Being part of a group or turning to friendships can be a relief and a release from the politics of rather a painful emotional situation.

  24. Jessica – WOW! I do hope to see you in America in 2019, for sure. I am not very good at this stuff, but find your information compelling. I have a Leo Asc. at 2 degrees, and Pluto in Leo at 19 degrees. No Aquarius other than North node. Could you please tell me what I should look for? Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    1. Don’t worry so much about your Ascendant unless you have an accurate birth time (and if so, it will only be about your image). Pluto at 19 Leo is really about the balance of power involving children or young adults, and perhaps by default, the balance of power with a former, current or potential lover. You can find out more about Pluto on this website. One word – control.

  25. Dear Jessica
    Thank you very much for sharing that fantastic and valuable amount of information. My question is : according to my birth chart, how does my career looks in 2017?. I lost my job in April and has been hard to find something that I’m interested in.
    Thank you, laura

    1. Laura, career really isn’t a Leo issue at all, unless you were involved with children or young people (or were a concubine at court!) Actually, this Leo weather through the end of the year is far more about sex for you. So maybe I wasn’t joking about the concubine status. There is real passion here if you want it. And in some ways, the energy you used to put into work, you could easily put into working on this relationship. You don’t say if you are single, married or with a lover – but this is epic in nature and will require a lot of deep thought. Further ahead, of course career options come back – you were just hit by Pluto in Capricorn, as so many have been, unfortunately.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Wonderful article and lot of information. My N node is in 9 deg Leo, and Vesta in 26 degree Leo and Salacia in 14 deg Aquarius. I was a person surrounded by friends but Im striking on my own now due to several realizations and realities. Another concern is my job.
    Please let me know how I’m affected.


    1. Thank you Fiery. Actually the main story in your chart to January 2019 isn’t about the Leo weather. It’s about Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Money and property. You will need to strike a crucial deal with a person or organisation which is pivotal to your plans for an apartment or house. Striking this deal and making it work is worth all the time and effort you can pour in. Get good advice. Read hearts and minds.

  27. What a detailed and brilliant article. I don’t have any Leo in my chart. How will this impact on me, if at all?

  28. Holy Moly what a read. I was getting so annoyed at my phone ringing and all the interruptions as I was consuming this masterpiece.

    I’m very curious how this will all play out for my son who is AC Leo. Born: 25/1/2014 18.46pm
    What might I need to look out for as a mother my little lion. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much (although I hope the telephone has stopped ringing). Your son will have a major career breakthrough or other success by January 2019 when he will win an award, achieve a promotion, have a hit, or get the job that others are all talking about. You’ll be very pleased for him.

  29. Dear Jessica, really a good article! Congratulations!
    I only have Jupiter 1º Leo. But I have four factors in Aquarius.
    Even if eclipses will only conceal things, I am apprehensive to realize that, considering one degree more and less, several points on my Birth Chart will be affected, especially on August 7th 2017 (Diana and Ops 15º Aquarius, Bacchus 15º Gemini, North Node 15º Virgo, South Node 15º Pisces, Minerva 14º Cancer, Proserpina 14º Capricorn, Mercury 16º Aries, Hygeia 16º Pisces), followed by January 31th 2018 (Psyque 11º Aquarius, Sun 11º Taurus, Venus 10º Aries, MC 10º Libra, IC 10º Aries, Salacia 12º Aquarius) and August 11th 2018 (Apollo 18º Gemini, Moon 17º Cancer, Pluto and Cupid 17º Libra, Mars 19º Aries, Uranus 19º Scorpio).
    I am single, have no love relationship, I do not have children, I do not have children in my daily life. I commented on another opportunity I am currently verifying the possibility of studying abroad in 2018 (you told me it could happen in 2019), but for now I have hidden this from the people with whom I live on a daily basis. I wonder if there is a link with the eclipses.
    Another fact, which I have also commented, is a story which I thought I had put an end back to May, but two weeks ago I discovered that I was wrong. He hates me, he loves me, he does not want me, he is obsessed over me, he has power / authority over me, I am his toy, and he has already promised that I will not get rid of him. My life has revolved around this point for the past two years and it repeates itself again and again no matter what I do. Only those who live with us on a daily basis know the true story, but many only know half a truth, his truth (sun in Aquarius), but who really cares (and apparently has factors in Leo) do not even imagine that I exist.
    I can not understand what all these factors triggered at the same time could mean, at what point in my life could be a cover-up? There are already so much secrets, missed facts, cover-ups, half truths. And I’m aware that he / they’re hiding something from me too.

    1. There is a lot going on here. Actually the accent in your chart is on the younger generation within your own and other people’s families. There will be a very important change here – a new beginning – and it may affect the property or financial position of those around you. One generation passes a legacy to the next. This is the most important development now through January 2019. This appears to be a baby or small child, no older than that. Have a look at the younger branches on the family tree. Sometimes the issue is children who were not here very long – they passed young but left a legacy of their personality within the family. More usually it is about the children who populate your ‘dynasty’ now through 2019 and major changes there.

  30. Hi Jessica

    Fascinating reading!
    I have Leo in Mars at 25deg, Fortuna at 24, North Node at 27. I also have a stellinum in Aquarius. Also a Leo potential lover, I note he has Leo in Mars & Mercury also. Your prediction 11 May about my karmic return with this person was right on, you said there wasn’t long to go. Our communication had stopped, I let go, he returned out of the blue a month later early June. Thank you for your amazing insights.
    I was just wondering what you saw the next two Leo weather years bringing for me?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. I am glad the prediction was spot on for you. Now through January 2019 you will be spending a lot of time and energy developing the relationship with a strongly Leo man. Is this him? If he has at least Mars and Mercury in Leo then he is formidable, impressive, big on plans and ideas and very aware of his authority. You two are all about the communication. Not so much sex. Not so much emotion. It’s about how you understand, speak to and write to each other. If you can master that then this could be a very interesting connection. In fact he has a sizeable project by January 2019 and he will need support and encouragement to make it happen. Perhaps that is where you come in. If it is not this male, it will be another, also very Leo in nature.

  31. Great article Jessica, as always!
    How do you think the Leo weather could play out in my life. I have a husband and children. I would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks

    1. Not so much the Leo weather but the Cancer accent in your chart will make a house, apartment, holiday home, business premises or other residence firmly in your plans and there is a brilliant new idea or plan to take there. Jupiter trine Jupiter, you see. It’s coming!

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all that richly detailed information. Very informative and interesting plus so enjoyable to read and think about – I felt like I was lost in a page turner of a novel and didn’t want it to end even though it was such a generous article My Ascendant is 26 Leo and Descendant 26 Aquarius and would I be correct in saying that Minerva and Diana make aspects to my DSC ? I also have Saturn 22 Aquarius so will there be something coming up with that and the transit of the Nodes?
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. You have a younger person to guide, mentor or help over the next couple of years. Leo leads the next generation. You may be teaching or training. Perhaps this is a young relative, child or godchild in your world. It’s part of the Leo Ascendant journey and it pulls the rest of your chart in, so that ‘travel in the mind’ becomes a theme for both of you. There is a great deal here to gain from. The younger person is very likely to have Leo placements too.

  33. Hi Jessica. Thank you so much!

    I have been going through hell these last 3 years.
    2 grown children living in London.
    I live in Germany.
    Married since 1988, going through a divorce.
    Husband disappeared with new GF to the South Pacific to avoid paying maintenance.
    My children, my family and petswere my whole life.
    Since moving to Germany in 2010 with my husband and children i was working part time as nanny.
    My children then left for London.
    Marriage broke down, husband left.
    I spent almost 1 yr 2015/16 in a psych clinic.
    Now I am trying to start my life off from scratch. Jobless. Looking for work as childminder in creches etc.
    Have diploma in Childcare and development.
    I dont want to move to London (as much as my children are nagging me to), as I really feel strongly that after dedicating my whole life to my family and being dependant on my husband, I need to learn independance and what it freedom feels like. Me time.
    My son has a 1yr old. My daughter is trying to get pregnant.
    Any any advice you can offer me would be so appreciated.

    20. Jan. 62 – 10:57pm JHB South Africa

    Sun 0°20′ Aquarius
    Moon 1°34′ Leo
    Mercury 19°00′ Aquarius
    Venus 28°46′ Capricorn
    Mars 20°39′ Capricorn
    Jupiter 15°01′ Aquarius
    Saturn 2°01′ Aquarius
    Uranus 29°39′ Я Leo
    Neptune 13°20′ Scorpio
    Pluto 9°45′ Я Virgo
    Chiron 4°06′ Pisces
    Ceres 13°59′ Taurus
    Juno 10°11′ Aries
    Vesta 19°37′ Taurus
    Node 18°00′ Я Leo
    Fortune 15°34′ Aries
    AS 16°48′ Libra
    MC 11°13′ Cancer

    My (almost ex)husband:
    5. Nov. 63. – 6:25am JHB South Africa.

    Sun 12°02′ Scorpio
    Moon 2°38′ Cancer
    Mercury 12°07′ Scorpio
    Venus 29°32′ Scorpio
    Mars 7°33′ Sagittarius
    Jupiter 11°04′ Я Aries
    Saturn 16°38′ Aquarius
    Uranus 9°18′ Virgo
    Neptune 15°16′ Scorpio
    Pluto 13°46′ Virgo
    Chiron 10°22′ Я Pisces
    Ceres 11°47′ Scorpio
    Juno 2°26′ Scorpio
    Vesta 29°07′ Scorpio
    Node 13°06′ Я Cancer
    Fortune 23°11′ Cancer
    AS 2°35′ Sagittarius
    MC 17°13′ Leo

    Birth times are very accurate.

    Vee xx

    1. Going through hell is not good, Vee. The most useful thing I can tell you, overall, as a total life theme is this. When you plug into groups, it works for you. Friends are as important as family. If you nurture friendship it will always repay you. The best support and help you will find, will come from clubs, teams, societies, classes, and so on. Your strongly Aquarian chart is about the community. You may not always merge with the community as others do, but each circle of people needs you on some level. This is always going to feel far easier for you than more complicated relationships. I note the huge amount of Scorpio in the second chart. This clashes with your Aquarian side. You need space, lightness and room to move. Friends provide that. And acquaintances can sometimes feel like real friends too.

  34. Wow, thanks for the article.
    Any views on my stellium? You have mentioned before my first born 1999, now off to university in the Autumn, so spot on there!
    I’m wondering if my Venus is a major talking point?
    Yesterday at work, I had a young disabled man who l had to adapt the usual schedule for, it was a delightful morning.
    My job involves presenting, I’m aiming to move up in the company, plus I’m learning a second language.
    I have just had my Ceres return, but not sure how it affects me.
    Finally, I want to split from my partner, but I am unsure when/how to tackle it?
    Hoping that’s not too much for you! Kind regards. S

    1. I am glad the astrology was spot on about your teenager. And you also want to break up with your partner, S. There is a lot going on. Your Ceres Return was in the Third House of communication so you have well and truly found out how to be heard, read and understood and how to make space/give space in situations where others all have an opinion too. You all had to make it work, and you have. That will sit with you for a while. The Leo weather now through 2019 is about a group of young people – like a band, troupe, class, club, team or similar – and your guidance. It may well be that disability is part of the story. This is actually more important, overall, than your choice about your partner.

      1. There is a young marketing team at work that I would like to be part of. Also think that our company should aim at pushing the brand at a younger generation.
        I am going to confront my partner about the drink, is he not going to be an issue much longer? I’m hoping for a split to be agreed without any heartbreak.

        1. This is a classic Leo-Aquarius story. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table again, or Geri Halliwell and the Spice Girls, or Diana Ross and the Supremes. Take your pick! There is something about teams between now and January 2019 which would be hugely challenging though undeniably packed with potential. A similar theme is playing itself out with your partner. There are issues there about individualism and independence, versus the hive mind of any group. I mention this in case you were thinking of an intervention involving friends or perhaps Alcoholics Anonymous. This is someone who may need to be dealt with one-on-one. Everything is possible here.

  35. Hi Jessica!
    Quite a fascinating article!
    I got Apollo at 17 degrees Leo; should I be beware of August the 11th ’18? Looks like some “taking charge” moment or am I wrong?

    Much love,

    1. Thank you Lena. Yes, Apollo is about leadership and taking charge. This asteroid was prominent in the charts of both Churchill and Thatcher. Your Apollo will be crossed more than once, so by 2019 you will have made your key choices about children or young people and how to set an example, guide and show the way. You can read more about Apollo on this website.

  36. What a beautiful read Jessica! With my many points in Leo being aspected by the eclipses and conjunctions that you have mentioned in your article, which by the way feels to me in my mind as getting my romance back on after many years of being single and not looking, do you foresee a resurgence for me or will this mainly affect the 4 sons in my life who happen to all have either their MC or ASC in Leo? Lots of Leo happening for us!

    1. You will either develop a more important relationship with one of your sons, or begin a relationship with a younger lover. You may do both. If a younger lover, this would be a typical fire sign type with an accent on Leo, Aries and/or Sagittarius. The most strongly Leo of your sons (I can’t see any charts but you would know) will be travelling or moving with a major project by 2019 and you will have to decide if you are going to follow. I would say that this son in particular could be hugely successful if he finds the right place to nurture his plans.

  37. Hi
    You brought me into tears. Thank you for sharing your insights. They are very meaningful.

    My venus in 21 Leo sextile by Saturn 20 Gemini. I am using 1 degree orb.

    At a very young age I started to atract older men who has children.. this continued until I married. Not one or two I had a few. It wasnt nice when they reveal themselves. Nothing serious happened as i alerted parents especially my mother who has Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Leo. She fought fiercely.


  38. Hi Jessica,

    Another great and very informative article – thank you!

    I am in a complicated relationship….very complicated :(. I have my moon at 28° Leo and fortuna at 04° Leo – will this cause further complications?

    Thank you in advance, much appreciated.

    Best wishes.

    1. Jupiter going into Scorpio in October will force a decision, probably by November 2017. You two could take the same life path together or split up at that point – you are different but equal. In fact, you are both facing one of the biggest choices of your lives. I see Scorpio the scorpion snapping at your heels. This is about sex, death, finance, property and business. And sometimes it’s all wrapped up. Hit Search and read more about Scorpio because this is the theme between the pair of you and it really is now or never, by November.

  39. Hello Jessica, thank you for such a beautiful and detailed article regarding the upcoming Leo weather. Please can you advise on any thoughts how this might affect me with Leo rising and most of this taking place in my 1st house?

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you. It’s taking place in your Fifth House, Ashleigh, not your First House. You are another one who will feel the Leo weather through opposition to Aquarius, the sign ruling groups and friends. You have an Aquarian chart signature which is way more important than your Ascendant, which is only your packaging and presentation – your profile. The Leo weather clashing with your Aquarius stuff will produce a classic Leo-Aquarius split between leaders and followers, the group and the individual, people power and the solo artist. It’s like Paul McCartney and the Beatles circa 1970 or Bill Clinton and the Democrats a few years back! Read more about Aquarius-Leo to understand how to handle it.

  40. Hi Jessica, with the opposition between the NN in Leo and SN in Aquarius, the next couple of years are likely to be interesting. My own personal chart is also being directly hit with Mercury at 28 Leo and Psyche at 15 Leo, Panacea at 6 Leo, Mars at 3 and Venus at 19 Leo. Back in 1999, I left Europe for Hong Kong, having met my future husband; we pursued a ‘long distance’ relationship before I was back in 2001 pregnant with our first daughter. (Sounds a lot like what you are describing with Leo karmic patterns). I have an opportunity to go back alone to Hong Kong in 2018 but have decided to stay put this time and prioritize my teenage children’s needs over my own. Do you think that I am reading this right? Having suffered countless rejections by academia (my personal Aquarius I think) I am also thinking of getting into writing independently but with my only Gemini factor in Ceres (at 25 Gemini), I am not sure whether writing independently is a good idea. Should not ‘writers’ have much more Gemini factors? I would be very grateful for any thoughts…

    1. Yes, you are now picking up old karma from 2001 when you became pregnant. You’re asking about a lot of different things here but the most important thing about life to 2019 is the healing process that wil take place for your Leo side. This may be medical or spiritual, involve a doctor or a psychologist, a Reiki master or a nurse. If we take Leo to be that side of you which is mostly concerned with sexuality and also parenthood, it may well be that there is an emotional issue to repair there – or even a physical one – I sometimes see this pattern with people who need to see a gynaecologist, for example. Nothing to do with writing unless it is for teenagers or children – and you don’t say what kind of writing it is. In general, your Leo side needs help and you’ll get it. You will be a different person once this has taken place, no later than January 2019.

  41. Hello Jessica – thank you so much for this article. I will have to read it several times I think. I have Mercury 22, Hygeia 25 and Minerva at 13 leo. My Juno is 2 Aquarius and I also have Lillith at 6 and Pallas at 7 Aquarius too. Just wondering if the Leo/Aquarius weather will impact me at all? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Don’t bother with Lilith (Jewish) and Pallas (Greek) and stick to the original Roman family tree of astrology – it will make far more sense to you! You don’t say if you are married, single, gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, in a common law marriage, child-free or with children – so this is very difficult to interpret. However, there is a younger male with love to give who will be a major feature of this cycle. I can’t say if this is sexual or family/godchild but it will make a terrific difference to your life.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    As always great article, Thanks for a detailed information. Please look it to my birth chart what does Leo weather affects me in future.


    1. Not so much the Leo weather, but the fact that it opposes Aquarius, the sign of groups, camaraderie, unity and the hive mind. You will be part of a very successful shared enterprise over the next year or two, as your Aquarius IC is under transit. You may want to read more about what that sign means. This is an Eleventh House matter and people power will work very well for you.

  43. Hello Jessica,
    I’m always hugely fascinated by your articles and just interested to know if you could possibly tell me if the Leo weather will bringing anything my way at all?
    My personal big issue is my on-going search for a relationship has sadly brought me no children of my own, and feeling very realistically that that opportunity may very almost (if not has) passed me by. I am aware that families come in many different forms, but keen if you could possibly share anything of interest.
    I have 3 factors in Leo – Saturn at 14 Leo, Vesta at 14 Leo and Diana at 6 Leo.
    I don’t know if this has any bearing on anything, but I have a good few other factors around 14, 15 and 16 – all in different signs, including Moon, Mars, Neptune, Juno, ASC & DESC.
    Always really appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.
    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Saturn, Vesta and Diana in Leo in your Fifth House are complicated. Saturn describes who or what you fear and put walls around, to protect yourself. The Fifth House is obviously your royal bedchamber as well as heirs to your throne. Vesta commonly turns up with men who have a harem of women around them. Female family or sometimes the ex who will not go away – or a bevy of female admirers. Diana famously rejected both marriage and motherhood and asked her father to set her free from them! So you see, it’s complex. But let’s have a look. Far more important than the Leo weather is the Jupiter in Scorpio weather. There is a huge amount of money you could be saving, earning or otherwise gaining – by the end of next year. We also have Uranus in Taurus for several years, beyond 2018 – and both signs rule finance. If you are prepared to bring this lump sum, pay rise, bonus, inheritance and so on down to earth, you could be travelling or moving, if you wish. That way lies adventure. And who knows what adventure may bring to your personal life?

      1. Thank you Jessica, always interesting and insightful!
        I had a feeling you would say that. this year is about pushing through my self sabotaging ways, despite the not so favourable Leo weather, I do want to be a mother – whether biological or not 🙂
        Many thanks as always!

  44. Hi Jessica,

    What a great and interesting blog, thank you for that.
    As I have a few Leo factors in my chart im wondering if and how they will affect my life throug 2017/18/19. Im having a push/pull thing with a virgo man for some time now. He has Mars,Venus,Ceres, Fortune & MC in Leo. Also maybe important I have a trememdous pull towards traveling/moving.
    Again thanks for the blog! Hope you can shed some light 🙂


    1. It’s hard to say if this is the man in question – without seeing the Virgo’s full chart – but you are certainly up for an unforgettable time with a multi-talented, impressive, rather fascinating man. I mentioned in the story that Leo is associated with whatever entertains the generations together. This, to me, looks like someone who is capable of fascinating both adults and children with his skills. This may be his career or his hobby but I do get the feeling that part of your attraction to him, rests with what he actually does, or offers the world. You will get so much from this man. If it is not your Virgo with his big Leo signature it is someone else destined to come along, but there is solid gold for you there, emotionally or sexually.

  45. Hi Jessica

    My chart shows:

    29° Leo 22′ 02″
    09° Capricorn 11′ 07″
    25° Leo 05′ 31″
    13° Cancer 36′ 50″
    25° Libra 33′ 00″
    16° Virgo 00′ 42″
    26° Virgo 21′ 21″
    21° Scorpio 43′ 31″
    19° Sagittarius 55′ 42″ R
    19° Libra 46′ 22″
    18° Taurus 16′ 40″
    14° Virgo 03′ 04″
    29° Cancer 16′ 51″
    05° Cancer 39′ 16″
    27° Gemini 09′ 04″
    27° Sagittarius 09′ 04″
    27° Virgo 52′ 03″
    27° Pisces 52′ 03″
    11° Taurus 03′ 24″
    29° Virgo 30′ 30″
    19° Libra 36′ 15″
    00° Libra 08′ 36″
    14° Libra 24′ 08″
    06° Cancer 25′ 27″
    03° Gemini 01′ 52″
    10° Pisces 59′ 41″ R
    06° Cancer 54′ 58″
    12° Aquarius 03′ 51″ R
    04° Taurus 35′ 55″
    18° Pisces 29′ 01″ R
    23° Gemini 34′ 54″
    11° Gemini 06′ 38″
    20° Leo 12′ 12″
    20° Aquarius 12′ 12″

    What does this mean for me?


    1. You’ll learn a lot about human nature and money through the powerful influence of a younger person, child, teenager or young adult – it is impossible to say if this is personal or professional as I don’t know anything about your single, married etc. status. There will be a key financial, business or property episode and you will need to make some kind of deal, either with him – or yourself. If this was Princess Diana I would be talking about Prince William’s inheritance.

  46. Dear Jessica, ( I am reposting mainly because this article seems so important, but I guess all of us with Leo factors think that!)
    How very fascinating! I have a large Leo stellium (juno 1, Vesta 2, North node 8,, Sun 15, Baccus 24, Mercury 26, Uranus 29) and Aquarius ( Saturn 7, South node 8, Diana 9, Proserpina 17) and seem to have quite a few direct hits with the important Leo sun/moon interactions coming up. I am definitely looking at a cusp in my life. By the end of this year I will have submitted my PhD which is challenging the power of academia in the health field. A little controversial when those same academics get to mark it. I don’t have children (but I teach my craft to the next generation enthusiastically) and the person that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, died suddenly last year. So the past ,present, future partner thing is in huge flux. Everything is changing, and yet maybe it’s not? Maybe I am recycling?I am reading the Juno/Diana/Mercury combination here as potentially a commitment to the younger generation but through communication with them not through personally having children. I would appreciate your thoughts on what is most important for me to consider through this important feeling time.
    Best wishes

    1. Zigi, you were born to teach young adults and that is your Leo path. I am very sorry that you were bereaved last year. You have until January 2019 to explore mentoring/guidance with those old enough to be your own children – so, 20+ years your junior. Without seeing your chart it is hard to see if you will date someone who has children from a previous relationship, for example, or if you will acquire a godchild, nieces or nephews – but in general, that large stellium is about all levels of ‘ruling’ a junior court and it very frequently involves the acquisition of younger faces, later on in life. If you sincerely want that ask your partner to help you in spirit.

  47. Dear Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Leo – Mercury 17deg, Saturn 28 deg, cupido 12 deg, and vulcano 6 deg.
    Aquarius factors are Salacia 10 deg and Juno 3 deg.
    An astrologer in my hometown said that I will get an amazing opportunity in my job or business, maybe even a relocation to another place or country by Sept-Oct 2017. I have already had a promotion and hike and is quite happy with the my family life feel too.

    What can you tell from my chart regarding my career and a particular friendship?


    1. Leo is not really about your career at all, unless you have a Leo job, VSN. So this question does not really relate to this story at all – have a look at Capricorn/Virgo in your chart if you have been told about a career peak. It’s possible this astrologer got it a bit late but actually you received it early – sometimes a wrong birth time can do that.

  48. Brilliant, thanks Jessica.
    I have a millennial daughter, from a teenage pregnancy born in Nov 1998 a son born Nov 2006. I have a few Leo factors, could you take a little look see how we will fair.

    1. You should be very happy with your family and property situation by January 2019 with all those Scorpio factors in the Eighth House, which rules apartments, houses, gardens, lifestyle and security. You will begin this new cycle in October 2017. In general your Leo factors here are about greater intimacy in relationships and a way of life, that suits both generations – so your son and daughter should be pretty happy.

  49. Wow! That’s quite an article!
    I admire the insightful way you tie up the history, present and future together to create this astrological picture. Enjoyed reading it.

    I have a stellium in Leo and moon in Aquarius. Moved back to US this year to reestablish myself, looking for a job. Please tell how does this affect me.
    Thanks for an awesome read.

    1. Thank you. Nothing to do with your career at all, unless you work with children or young adults on some level, but in general Leo-Aquarius is about your leading role with a group, team, club or other collective and the transits to January 2019 are about figuring out how to lead that group, but also play an equal part within it.

  50. Thanks Jessica! Excellent and extremely interesting post! I have Fortuna 14° Leo 55′ 23″ and Panacea 14° Leo 42′ 37″. What is the impact for me?

    1. You don’t say if you have children or not, or are single or married, so it’s very hard to say – but in general, you will either redevelop the relationship with children in your world now or begin one. So a godchild may be born for example or you may fall in love with someone who has children from a previous marriage.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your interesting article and time.
    I have MC Leo 28degree and IC Aquarius 28degree. Could you explain what it may mean?


    1. Your MC is your career or calling in life. Your IC is your family tree. Your MC sign describes your highest achievement, not necessarily your job, and your IC usually says something about what went down in the family tree. You’ve read about Leo-Aquarius here. Leadership/groups.

  52. Thank you for sharing with us a remarkable wealth of research – and really enriching our understanding of the subject(s) with very digestible, on-point, real life examples.
    I don’t have Leo factors and am not particularly interested in ‘children’ as such (this doesn’t explain it well but society seems to see ‘children’ as a different class of people). Having a child is a big question mark for me. My boyfriend (who I hope to marry next year) has a small 6 year old son he is separated from (by geography and a terrible relationship with the boy’s mother). My boyfriend adores children and is very good with them. My Venus is Aquarius; his is Leo! I own property; my boyfriend has a very small stake in a disputed property alongside a (suspected looming) custody dispute. This seems to be, among many other things, a power dispute between unmarried parents. (I would also like them to sell the property so David and I can move on with our life). If we get married there will be much to consider about inheritance.

    I wonder what is coming at you looking at mine and my boyfriend’s charts?
    Thank you so much Jessica. I hope to come to your talk in November in London so I will keep an eye on the Astrologer’s Lodge website for more information.

    This is my boyfriend’s chart:
    born on 22 September 1972 local time: 3:30 am
    in Bristol, ENG (UK) U.T.: 02:30
    2w35, 51n27 sid. time: 02:23:53

    1. Thank you. This does sound like a complicated situation with David and his former wife, and their son. Do come along to the Lodge talk on the Nodes in November and say hello. The property potential is there for you until January 2019 and it looks good – but you are going to have to sort out a group situation, to get to it. This is not so much about the child or the ex-wife, it is about a circle of people (ruled by Aquarius in your chart) who need to connect, communicate, co-operate and collaborate. Once that is sorted out, you can make your moves with a house, land or apartment. Aquarius typically rules bands, teams, clubs, unions, political parties, boards of directors and all round-table situations. This could work out very well for everybody but there has to be a united effort and a really clear sense of shared direction. Perhaps it’s the body corporate. You will already know what I’m talking about, perhaps, or you’ll certainly know in 2018.

  53. Hi Jessica! Thank you for such an insightful article, as always! I have Vesta in Leo – does any of this affect me? Also, in an earlier question that I asked you ( in a different post) – you mentioned that you are working on a book regarding Pamela Coleman Smith – after that I pulled open one of my drawers to take out something and out popped a tarot card with the life timeline and biography of Pamela Coleman Smith!!!! such a cool coincidence. Also, any idea on when you would post an article on upcoming Jupiter in Scorpio ?? I’m so excited about that – I’m going to open a bottle of wine and read it. Warm Regards, Sanam

    1. Thank you Sanam. Pamela Coleman-Smith has a funny way of popping up at the moment. I pulled a random book from a friend’s shelf yesterday, on The Holy Grail, and the first page I turned to had a piece on W.B. Yeats and the Tarot. I would say these cards are calling you – do you have a deck? I will be releasing a podcast on Jupiter in Scorpio for Premium Members ahead of the October ingress.

  54. Wow!! Great article, Jessica!

    I checked my chart after reading your article and my eyes popped out. I have L O T S of Leo factors in my chart! Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Apollo, Bacchus and Panachea that I can see. I guess I will be busy the next two years. May I know what areas of my life will be affected, please? The only major thing happening in my life right now is a project I am working on. It is a complicated, political and highly visible project in the company. Yes – boring life:)


    1. Thank you Viridity. You are going to have to reach for the money (and there could be a lot of money) and make it real. Your Leo factors will be sandwiched between abundant Jupiter in financial Scorpio, and life-changing Uranus in the business and property sign of Taurus. Perhaps that is your company project. You could easily move or travel by January 2019 but if you want to be somewhere else, then you’re going to have to bring this fantastic potential down to earth, ground it and plant it. There is no point in daydreaming about it, speculating or anything else. You have to want it, believe you can have it, and incorporate it into your life. I suspect the clincher for you will be figuring out what you want from your home and travel agenda. That’s the motivator.

  55. Another thorough and impressive analysis, I’ve bookmarked this to reread over the next months. I have Pluto 14 Leo, Saturn 29, Ceres 11 and Ascendant 26. This article has me trying to recall ’98 to 2000 to see what might repeat in my relationship with my children and grandchildren. It’s good to have that kind of heads up to avoid any missteps that might have created problems, or to be expectant about good times. Many thanks again.

    1. Thank you. A wonderful breakthrough with family and property is coming by January 2019. It is very likely to be a wedding, family reunion, major property transaction or all three. Two sides of the family, or two families, will be joined. It reminds me of the Windsors and the Middletons, this chart, and there is a strong sense that we have a couple, or two sets of in-laws, who are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but also rather the same. This helps seal the deal. The house, apartment, garden, land or holiday home involved offers good things to more than one of you.

  56. Hi Jessica…I have a few things in Leo: sun (23 degrees), Minerva (13 degrees) , Cupido (23 degrees) and Apollo (15 degrees). I have been experiencing a good deal of karma as it relates to something I did in 2012-2013, relationship wise. I’m literally in the exact same position as the person who I had previously wronged and I have been accepting of it since I feel like I deserve it all. But it’s exhausting. However, does Leo season have anything else in store for me? I’m really hoping not…

    1. The most important thing I can tell you about life to January 2019 is not about relationships, it is about money. You will have Jupiter in Scorpio (business, finance) and Uranus in Taurus (cash flow, values) pinning down your Leo factors. There is potential for confusion here unless you all keep it simple and stay on the same page. I am not sure if this is personal or professional but you’re going to need to address any confusion or mystery, possibly by bringing other professionals in to help – perhaps by just sorting out the communication issues. There is financial or property gain here but it’s locked up until you can resolve these issues.

  57. Wow. That was a lot to ingest on both a personal level and a world view level. The time from now to 2019 is going to be fascinating for sure.
    Anyhow, I’ve been dealing with a karmic relationship since Dec. of 2015. She broke up with me last July and we’ve been going back and forth for about a year now trying to assess our feelings for one another and how to move forward, either as a couple in the future or as individuals. She recently came to visit me, told me that she still loved me, expressed her desire to be affectionate with me during her stay, and kissed me goodbye when she left. She’s coming to visit me again, and I can’t help but feel like this is setting up to be a log, drawn out pattern with us. She knows how I feel and she knows what I want. I’m ready for marriage and children. I see glimmers of what could be with us, and then she retreats into her old habits. I’ve told her I can’t keep doing this and have been advised that this pattern may never end unless I end it. You’ve told me my love life is going to get interesting in August and Sept. How will these Leo patterns apply to me? Her birthdate is 5-10-89. I’m just exhausted and wish to know if I should hang on. You know us Leos like to do that. Thank you for all of your past, present, and future advice, Jessica.

    1. I’m sorry this woman is exhausting you with this relationship, which is like the Clash song, isn’t it – Should I Stay Or Should I Go? You want marriage and children, but nothing has moved. You are the only person who can change this. You are going to have to put tremendous effort in. There are two sides to you. One is sexual and passionate. The other is spiritual. One is all head, the other is all body. You might even split the two when you think about yourself. You are going to have to make a decision about who you actually are, and how to function in the world, and then you can get on with the real business of building your family tree. There are some really lovely possibilities here, in terms of creating a family. This has nothing to do with her. Focus on yourself. There is a point to all this hanging around (‘You Just Keep Me Hanging On’) and it is important – you are becoming wiser, more soulful, more spiritual. Yet, you can also begin your new life when you are ready. Think about property and family, roots, belonging and building the future. It’s within reach but you are going to have to break free of this near-paralysis in order to reach for it. Then everything is possible. If she is not part of that, then so be it. Once you know who you are, it is easier to find someone who is a match for you. At the moment, it is likely you don’t actually know who you are, so getting yourself together is the first step. I hope that helps. I’m sure your intuition (which is formidable) will tell you that anyway!

      1. Growing up in Latin American culture, I’ve always been exposed to mediums and the like, but I’ve never gotten such spot on advice with the consistency you’ve provided. I don’t know how you do it, but I am quite grateful I found your website. My journey of self discovery shall continue, and whatever evolves with me I will keep close. Whatever does not I will let go. Thank you again.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I have Leo on 3 places in my chart. Any thoughts on this… Thank you.
    14° Leo 51′ 11″
    13° Leo 29′ 56″
    14° Leo 20′ 30″ R

      1. We have those two long Mercury Retrograde in Leo cycles coming up, which will affect your chart. Until January 2019 the most useful thing I can tell you, is that if one of your children ‘dangles’ for a while or is in a state of suspension, try to let the process happen. A typical example would be career indecision, university indecision, or some other waiting game. It is sometimes necessary for people to do nothing and get stuck, in order to become enlightened and more aware. So you may have to be patient. It’s rather like Pride and Prejudice, where Mrs Bennett is frustrated by the inability of her daughters to move on and move out. Yet – the waiting game is the making of the family.

  59. Thank you Jessica for another fascinating & informative blog.
    I have a Leo ex ( 9/ 8/ 1956) … is that enough of an effect ?
    We have reached a point in our ex-relationship where we are able to work together like Bert & Ernie … but I seriously wonder if our home will ever be sold ?
    And Is there any chance of love in my life in my future?
    Thank you S

    1. Bert and Ernie is good, but you’re not two gay men are you? Leo has nothing to do with selling your home. Of course you can find a sexual relationship if you want one. In fact there will be at least two choices until January 2019 as those Leo cycles revolve.

  60. I’m really enjoying the site 🙂 I have several leo aspects in my chart, more than three. I never considered myself very ‘leo’ though so is it still worth researching? I have an imbalance of air in natal chart too is there anything I can do to counteract this?

    1. Heavily Leo types often have issues about the group/the individual and it’s rather like that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table scenario. Or, we might say, Paul McCartney and The Beatles circa 1970 or Geri Halliwell and the Spice Girls! You can see Salacia in Aquarius in your chart in the Eleventh House of groups, clubs, teams, social media networks like Twitter, and all ensemble casts of people. She is tied into your chart in exact patterns so your personality and life are very much about making groups work. How do you figure out ‘all of us’ when there is also ‘me’ in the equation? Sometimes this will be your issue, sometimes it will be a friend’s or even a former friend’s! Understanding the Leo-Aquarius polarity in your chart and Salacia in Aquarius in particular could be useful.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    I have *so many* factors within 24degrees of Leo/Aquarius, my chart is packed with them. The eclipses in 2014/2015 turned my life upside down more than once and was a very tough time in general, when they were actually happening – but when the dust settled it was all for the best outcome for me.

    I am hoping not much upheaval this time around, as I have only had a breather. Any clues for me to tackle this one?

    Many thanks and much appreciated!

    1. The most important thing I can tell you about life between now and January 2019, P, is to take the money you will earn/win/be given and make it work as hard for you as possible. You are another one of those Leo-Aquarius types who will experience the major financial cycle, Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, creating squares all over your chart. There is fantastic potential here for you, but you must look at career and property at the same time, as well as the family tree, and make it all work together. You do have the potential to make a little bit of money go a very long way but you’ll need to do your homework and also work rather hard. Yet – so much is possible.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article!

    Could you tell me a bit more about what the leo weather may mean for me, I’m currently single and childless. With aesculapia in Leo you mentioned that I might have a relationship opportunity next year, is this likely to be with someone from the past or someone new? And I’m also wondering if that is likely to involve children in some way or whether the child aspect is more covered by the fact that I work in education and volunteer with a charity that provides equine therapy to children.


    1. You are doing your Leo mission by working in education and volunteering with a charity that provides equine therapy to children. Good on you. Just remember, you are not single and childless, you are free and child-free! Okay – so until January 2019 you will have the chance for a relationship with someone who may be younger (or just the Peter Pan type – forever young). He is strongly Pisces/Neptune. I have no idea if you already know him. Perhaps you do. He’s imaginative, has a strong female side, lots of love to give. He’s an escape for you. Not necessarily the white picket fence. You could have the most fantastic journey together. He would teach you a lot about what it means to be free, open, playful. Of course you can say no and just remain friends. Being with him will feel like being on holiday.

  63. Hi Jessica

    Really insightful article, thank you 🙂
    I have some Leo and Aquarius factors.

    I have Moon 10 degree Leo
    MC 9 degree Leo
    Vesta 26 degree Aquarius
    IC 9 degree Aquarius
    Salacia 14 degree Aquarius
    Vulcano 23 degree Aquarius

    How will this affect me in terms of love?
    Currently single, ended a long term relationship with a Taurus man earlier this year. Would love to meet the right person and settle down, feel the time is right for me. Any insights?

    1. I suspect the transits of Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio (money) will create a chain of T-Squares until January 2019 so you need to get the best financial advice you can afford. Watch currency exchange rates in particular. Rather than juggle or feel all at sea with cash flow, you need to ground yourself and stabilise the situation as much as possible. If you are curious about this you can hit Uranus in Taurus on Search.

  64. Wow, lots of information to think through and process, lol. I have MC 08 Leo, Proserpina 18 Leo and Apollo 26 Leo…would you explain how this will affect me over the next two years?


    1. Jim, the most useful thing I can tell you about your life until January 2019 is really Jupiter in Scorpio/Uranus in Taurus and their fantastic impact on your finances. Actually it goes beyond money or property. This is about the family, or an alternative ‘family’ in your life. You will be in a position to establish yourself. Leo is really about the different generations and closing the gap. You don’t say if you have children or not; if you’re in a relationship or not – but now through January 2019 is really about sharing and enjoying the wealth and security between young and old and finding ways for everyone to reconnect.

      1. I am pretty much speechless and this couldn’t come at a better time. I have 2 children, one over 18 and one under, and currently not in a relationship.

        I don’t have “blood” family left other than my kids, my Mom has passed, my relationship with my father is not the greatest, and I don’t have any siblings. I do have a group of co-workers I consider family, we have worked together for 8 years and they have helped me through the most painful points in that time. Could they be the alternative family? The financial part is wonderful to hear, myself and my coworkers struggle to make ends meet and this would be such a huge relief.

        1. It’s about your children and please do not overlook your father, though I am sorry the relationship is not the greatest. You’ll know by next year if it’s your co-workers who are the family here, but I have a funny feeling it will be real family, family.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following fcators in my chart,

    Mars 22 Leo
    Fortuna 27 Leo
    Moon 27 aries
    venus 28 scorpio
    cupido 29 scorpio

    My knowledge in astrology is too basic to interpret this. I have two kids, daughter 11 and son 6 years old. From 1999 and 2000 I was in Uni, social phobic, began to know my husband (arranged marriage) and started falling in love with him. We have been married since year 2004. We have sort of grown apart, and have no sex life which bothers me a lot, but not him (typical pisces 20feb, 1976).
    He spent many years to settle his brother.His parents and brother, his wife and little son still live in our house. Hopefully they will move out this year, but this has done a lot of damage to my self esteem and our relationship. He has Saturn in Cancer.
    I also have some Aquarius factors if you can look into my natal chart.
    I will be grateful for any insights into the near future.

    Many thanks!!

    1. That’s a crowded house and I’m not talking about the band. I am sorry you had an arranged marriage. So, what can you do, over the next 12 months, to make life happier? Basically, accept transformation when it comes. You have that Leo eclipse right on your chart and by July 2018 there will be a total, dramatic change with the family situation. Let it happen. What you should really be focussed on is the new beginning which comes after that. In other words, you need to start thinking about where to move to next. I do think you could very easily relocate and if you believe you would be more fulfilled in a different part of your country (or the world) maybe you should start some constructive daydreaming now. You can’t be liberated to move onto new horizons until you have gone through a major ending in your life, but as it is also natural – part of life is letting go and allowing the past to recede – try to accept that. I also think you could look at the children and how they react to life. Children have their own patterns and personalities, as you know, even when they are very small. Ask yourself if it serves them and also serves you. If it doesn’t, then look at thoughtful ways to change that. We can always change, at that very young age. Finally – look at religion, please. Same issue. Ask yourself if the part that religion/religious people plays in your world, is useful to you. Be really honest about that.

  66. I have many planets in Leo and Aquarius… I’ve been really struggling on the career and personal fronts for a few years. :((((( Considering my Leo factors, can I hope for an improvement in my life soon? Or more “lessons”?!?
    Moon Leo 0 deg
    Saturn Leo 25 deg
    Mars Leo 27 deg
    Apollo Leo 22 deg
    Salacia Aquarius 10 deg
    Juno Aquarius 8 deg
    My Sun is Gemini 18deg

    1. You will be blissfully happy by January 2019. This is not so much about career. It’s about feeling at home in your own apartment or house, within the right area for you. It’s all about your environment. A relationship that has passed could easily be revived. You could turn it into a friendship, or perhaps something more. You’ll love the new lifestyle. Just make sure you look after it and maintain it!

      1. Wow…Thank you Jessica; I actually triple cheched your reply to my comment….. I had to convince myself it was for my comment…. :))
        The last few years my life resembled a bad movie almost….. ! I’m definitely ready for something blissful! :))))

  67. Same thing as another answer I left for you, Rose. It is about communication. You asked me about the Nodes before. You have a very similar chart pattern to Sir Winston Churchill, whose entire life was devoted to BBC Radio but also ‘translating’ between England her allies in France. Even dealing with America was a translation feat. You have incarnated to explore the worldwide web, speech, language, writing and the rest and truly develop it for yourself. It is the golden key that turns the lock to so much of what you want. You have to find the tone, pitch and language that works for you. It’s rather like dogs recognising a pitch only other dogs can understand! If you are willing to try this will open each and every gate to what you want. It may even lead you back to a country far away with a rich culture, heritage, history and…language.

  68. Hi Jessica, I haven’t thought much about Leo till now – thank you for this in-depth article. I have Jupiter at 28 Leo and the Moon at 17 Aquarius so I am wondering how weird things are going to get on the two eclipses that land on top of or next to those numbers August 21st 2017 Sun 28 Leo – Moon 28 Leo and August 11th 2018 Sun 18 Leo – Moon 18 Leo.

    1. A major turning point with Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (property, abundance, lifestyle) is coming by January 2019 and it will involve the younger generations of your family or a partner’s family. You have Juno in Libra too, also tied into the pattern, in your Seventh House of partnerships, alliances and duets. This looks very much like two sides coming together, or two sides meeting in the middle. There will be a real bonus involved, in terms of the apartment, house or general lifestyle advantages – and a sense of different generations finding common ground.

  69. Hi Jessica. I love weather and I’d rather approach it with childlike delight than grown-up dread. I’ve got lots going on at the moment and some days it feels paralyzing and others liberating. Besides Apollo, Vesta, Proserpina, Descendant and Sun in Leo, I also have Salacia, Jupiter, Ascendant, and Hygeia in Aquarius. Uranus is making his way to my Mars in Aries, and Jupiter is headed toward my natal Uranus in Libra. On top of that, Pluto is circling my moon in Capricorn. The upcoming lunar eclipse is on my Ascendant. And next year’s solar eclipse is on my Sun. What can I do to make the most of this weather? Where should I focus my energy? Thanks for your insights.

    1. The Libra patterns in your chart are the most important, between now and January 2019. You will see an unforgettable balancing act take place with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your enemy. There may be lawyers involved or just a sense of divine justice. Understanding that you can be ‘equal but different’ with someone else is a major breakthrough by January 2019. It is very important to you that you achieve fairness and symmetry with others, and you are going to see a substantial decision which proves it’s possible. It’s a turning point for you.

  70. Hi Jessica! You pretty much answered my query in the cancer weekly. Thank you, gives me hope and strength. Sorry if the question was inappropriate or too personal x

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please share what the Leo weather means for me? I’ve had Saturn in my 5th house since 2014, maybe longer, but definitely noticeable since 2014. My husband and I separated in 2014, reconciled in 2015 and separated again in 2017, so I’ve been single mom for a while now. My husband told me today that there is a strong possibility that he may be moving to AZ? Can you see how this will affect me? Will I be raising the kids while he is in another state? Also, I have property concerns. My home is unsaleable due to an upside down mortgage. I am dying to move. Do you see any of this changing for the positive anytime soon?

    1. Saturn hasn’t been transiting your (solar) Fifth House since 2014 – he only moved in there December 2014 – so there are other things going on. Have a look at the Libra placements in your chart which will help you understand the patterns with your husband. You are strongly Libran, actually, but look up the planets in that sign and what they mean and how to handle them. Your immediate concern is your life as a single parent, your husband moving to another state, and an upside-down mortgage. I will look at your life now through December 2017. Remember you can rebuild or walk away, okay? Change is never easy for any of us, including me, but you always have the choice when it comes. You can either put in a lot of time and energy trying to put things back together with family and property, and make it work for yourself – or you can just leave the whole situation and start again. I wish you well.

  72. This is great to read, thank you Jessica!! Amazingly, this year, my birthday falls on the new full moon, and I wasn’t aware that in my own chart, I was born on the last degree of a North Node Leo and South Node Aquarius!!
    Interestingly enough, since mid June, a former has come back into my life since first meeting her in my Leo return, January 2015… a relationship long thought about since it’s demise, and importantly since it was a first… and now we are in uncertain, but certainly optimistic waters!! I have confidence about it all because of these moons and eclipses because I am certain of all the previous and upcoming contrast has allowed me to approach this next chapter in whatever relationship we deem it, to be a great evolution! I feel it has come back for a “2nd chance” with fresh eyes, and it is certainly different in a good way already, this time. Her moon is also in Leo, as well as other aspects of her chart, and so I wonder, do we have karmic pasts form our composite chart, and this period’s nodes?

    July 23, 1989, born at 22:14, boston massachusetts usa
    May 16, 1986, born at 20:02, paris, ile de france, france

    1. It’s always interesting when a former lover comes back. For the record, I don’t use composite charts. I will look at the main transits now through Christmas 2017. Actually your Aquarius Node is the one to watch. You have so much emotional support from friends, or the groups (or maybe lots of friends and groups) that you may need to factor that in, before you think about an exclusively one-on-one relationship. I think you’ll discover that a group can feel like a family, or even a kind of collective ‘marriage’ which gives you that security you need from life. Your May former lover needs to understand that. For you, social media is beyond digital. It is worth its weight in gold, spiritually and emotionally.

  73. How much aspect degree to be “significant” for the August Eclipse’s in aspect to one’s chart? I’ve heard 3 degrees, but I wonder is 4 degrees really that different? Mostly the Conjunction and Opposition?
    I wonder about Ceres in Leo. What issues might that bring up? Not well versed enough w/the Asteroids. Also, w/ the Mercury Rx and the Eclipses, things seem like they’ll be in flux till Mercury Stations and Eclipses over? Also, w/ Transiting Mercury Rx opposing Transiting Neptune adding to the in flux conditions? Or , maybe when dreams become reality…in time?
    I am finding, though, interestingly enough a correlation to the issues of the Summer of 98 to one of the exact same issues now that I’m facing.

    1. I only work with 0-1 degree orbs. The best way to test this is to use the free information on this website, and then figure it out for yourself. I think that’s the best way.

  74. Dear Jessica,

    another wonderful article, thank you! Also love reading all the questions and responses too. Would love to know how the Leo weather will affect me. Venus 28 Leo and Jupiter 25 Leo. 1999-2000 were tough years with two small children born 95 & 97. Added to the Leo weather is Uranus conjunct my North Node as well as my Chiron return. What kind of weather should I be preparing for? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the questions and responses are useful too. Until January 2019 the most important thing I can tell you is about a choice involving both children. You will have to make it quite intuitively. A typical example would be two different paths in education or career, for example, but with you at the centre, having to figure out a way to accommodate both paths, and both people. This is karmic in nature and you may have had to do something similar before. As a general word of advice, eclipses can blind us. We don’t see. So please be aware of the eclipse dates I mentioned and understand that you don’t have to make your choice like this! I do understand that you may feel as if you have to react to the situation, or to them, but in actual fact you would be better off focussing on yourself. Give yourself enough time to remove whatever is blocking your true vision of the situation, so that you can get the full measure of both your offspring and the situation around them, then take measured action. This is very unlikely to make sense until you actually move through the eclipses but when you do, I hope it is useful.

  75. HI Jessica, can you shed any light on my Leo weather? Leo/Virgo. Jup Leo and also mercury leo. A Leo man just popped into my life after 19/20 years. We met at a work induction. Xxxx he is a colleague researching the formation of stars. Xxx

    1. Until January 2019 your Leo weather allows you to experiment with your own power. Not only in relationships, but also with work, success and life in general. You need to find out just how heavily Leo you are – the Queen and her throne – and figure out who/what you are going to either leave in your world, or cut right out of it. Being yourself will entail very particular kinds of connections with others. Not everyone can deal with your strength. A huge part of the story through January 2019 will be the baby you never had, or the baby somebody else never had, Delia.

  76. Happy Birthday Jessica – great article
    Any insight into how this is going to impact my year forward? More hard lessons or finally a break in sight?

    1. Thank you. The most important thing for you between now and January 2019 (the Leo weather extends well into January 2019) is your involvement with a group. This is probably women. I don’t know if you are male or female. Your Moon at 15 Aquarius falls in the Eleventh House of societies, ensemble casts, private members’ clubs, teams, charities, political parties, rock bands and other communities and circles. We also include Twitter here. People power is packed with potential as the Node crosses 15 Aquarius and we also have an eclipse in that sign, in your Eleventh House, in August 2017 – which will hopefully push you into joining forces with others when the time is right. You may pour more energy and time into an existing group or find some new collective you can embrace. Feminism may be at the heart of it. Aquarius rules equality between the sexes and it also rules equality between all sexual preferences, from transgender to lesbian, to gay. I know nothing about your lifestyle but Aquarius in general is worth reading more about. Together you can achieve something great. There would be a great deal of abundance to celebrate if you decide to embrace the spirit of The Slits crossed with the Suffragettes and the 1966 England football team!

      1. Thank you Jessica. I am a straight male in a committed relationship for going on 19 years. Last few years have been really hard on work and personal front.

  77. Hi Jessica…This is my third attempt at reposting and hoping for a response…

    An extremely interesting much to note.
    I recall you told me sometime ago that I have a strong Aquarian signature..with Sun and Moon in Aqaurius, I also have Ceres, Aesculapia and Chiron in Aquarius…and Leo in Jupiter…I am happily gay with a partner children of my own but work in a local children’s charity – day nursery. My main concern is my future i.e. retirement and property without a mortgage….Just wondering what impact this may have if any….!
    With thanks as ever…

    1. Thank you – one of the reasons I am training astrologers in 2019 is the need for a group of us, to use my methods, to answer questions – as the waiting list today is now 3,437 people and there is only one of me! In the meantime I do urge you to use your Astrology Oracle and also to try and figure things out with a notebook – you will be amazed at how it works, once you give it a try. Between now and January 2019 the most important thing to focus on is the chance for victory and a new role or position. I talk a lot about Leo ‘queen’ status on this website and you will have the chance to seize the day and become ‘queen’ of a situation, if you are prepared to grab your moment. To make it real you will have to be bold and understand that once you grab the crown, there will be quite a lot of chopping and changing and some rather tough decisions. Yet, you may want that. It is your choice.

  78. Dear, Jessica,
    I have Jupiter 04 Leo, Juno 13 Leo, Apollo 14 Leo, Panacea 28 Leo . How it will affect my future ?
    Thanks .

    1. Your Leo placements are locked into a Scorpio pattern in your Eighth House of money and property. Between now and January 2019 you will have a large lump sum of money to save, spend or trade with. It is very important that you don’t just focus on the money – you also look deeply at your roots, family tree, heritage, culture and sense of place in the world. Your sense of place is about so much more than what a particular part of the world is worth, financially. This goes into major questions for you about security and groundedness. Jupiter moves into Scorpio from October this year and by November 2018 you will have made or saved something substantial. Take your time deciding what to do – the best advice you can afford will help – but don’t overlook the priceless worth of knowing where you come from and where you want to be. The family tree and your roots will have a great deal to do with this.

  79. I am Leo, Leo, Leo…7 planets in Leo including 28 Mercury w/ 4 in Gemini & my Southnode. I have no children of my own but I am taking care of my sister so that my nieces can get on with their lives & I am a director in a company where most people are 20+ yrs younger than I am. I am also very involved with my other nieces & nephews & children of friends. Aunt to many. Retirement will probably happen in 5 yrs although I would prefer to work longer. Better for me financially.

    It appears that I am going to have to dance around all of this. There have been lots of changes & surprises in the last 2 years. I was hoping for less but that seems unlikely. Do you have advise for me?

    Thank-you for all of this information. I like information. It helps. With much appreciation, AR

    1. I think ‘Aunt to many’ is a great way to describe those very Leo, Leo women like you! Likewise, directing a company where you are dealing with people 20+ years your junior. Okay, AR I will look at the most important story until January 2019 when this cycle ends. Okay, what you begin in August with your body and your sexuality (this is personal reading) is the start of a major transformation in your life. The fact that you never had any children is part of the story, as you will see. You are going to get deeply in touch with your body, your sensuality and your life will become far more fulfilling as a result. I also note the Aquarian chart signature. There will be one group in particular around you, like an ensemble cast, society, committee or charity – and you will accept the outcome, which is that one person must star, and the rest shine. This is like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, which I talk about a lot in this story. Perhaps you will be the star. Perhaps you are content to let another person be the star. This is really what that Leo-Aquarius weather is about through January 2019. It will be in the background, adding lustre to your life, while you focus on not only ‘feeding’ the group/s in your life but also starting new collectives and communities. All of this is part of your physical awakening. Rediscovering your body and sexuality can happen alone or in company (someone in the group could easily come down and join you). You’re going to get so much from this cycle.

  80. Excellent article Jessica!
    I don’t have too many factors in Leo or aquarius:
    MC 13 Leo
    Cupido 15 Leo
    Fortuna 9 Leo
    Moon 12 Aquarius
    IC 13 Aquarius

    When I think back to 1999-2000, I was at the top of my game in so many ways. I was rocking it in my career and hitting the gym. I was in great physical shape and getting tons of attention from the opposite sex! Any chance that will repeat itself this time? I don’t have any children just complicated relationship! Bless you for all you do!

    1. Thank you. Between now and January 2019 you can (and should) liberate yourself. This is not so much about your Leo placements as the fact that Uranus (freedom) is making so many hits on your horoscope. Sometimes it is hard to see why we actually trap ourselves. We should be travelling, or even moving, but we stay confined. That feeling of restriction will not stop until you take a deep breath and do something definite about your situation. In fact, you could change your entire life by January 2019 if you are prepared to trust your intuition and do whatever it takes to free yourself from who/what is chaining you. Then, everything is possible. The world is yours to explore.

  81. Hi Jessica, Happy Birthday xxoo…Dear Universe I just looked at my chart and I’m wondering if I’ll survive this Leo weather as I have many planets/asteroids at the degrees mentioned. Also, my husband and I are going to Europe for the first time and guess when we are leaving and returning?….YES! I kid you not 8/7-8/21. These dates were definitely planned by the Universe as we knew nothing of eclipses at the time my husband and I were picking his vacation dates. Please advise, lol, thank you.

    1. Thank you, I did have a very happy birthday in Tasmania with family, friends and old boyfriends! Leo rules love, lust and relationships as you’ve just seen. Second honeymoon for you and your husband by January 2019. Either that, or you’re going to fall madly in love with somebody else (!) but I think that in any case, there is some kind of revival or resurrection of love and desire. I am assuming this is your husband, though I don’t have his chart in front of me. If not, you could easily go back to an old flame. Let’s hope it’s just passion born again in Paris. It’s safer.

      1. Well all my old loves (not that I have had so many)including my first marriage and my 16 year old first love have died, my first husband whom I left pretty much after my son was born died of aids, which I’m beyond grateful My son or I never contracted and my first love died of cancer a few years ago. I swear I feel like I’ve like multiple lives in one. My now husband of 26 years was born 10/22/64 and he is a Libra Sun 7th house 29 degrees. He has a Taurus Moon 2nd house, 19 degrees, Cap Rising 10 house 17 degrees, his True Node is Gemini 24 degrees 3rd house, 28 degrees Saturn in Aquarius 3rd house, 22 degrees Leo in Mars 3rd house, Taurus in Jupiter 23 degrees 2nd house. God and the universe knows it hasn’t been easy. Also what advise for our flying 8/7&8/21. Thank you Jessica

        1. It does sound as if you have packed many lifetimes into one! Those degrees all make sense when you look at the entwined relationships. Flying? Check on the day. I’m also flying and will do the same. We’re going to see ripples around the world – everything from new passport charges, to the new immigration rules coming in via Trump and so on – is already making ripples, and I am writing this on Wednesday, U.S. time. This hasn’t even begun.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    This was a fascinating article! I only have Leo as my ascendant so I don’t think this Leo weather will influence me much.

    My question is more general , since Leo rules children and lovers, does that mean this is an auspicious time to have children if you wish? Perhaps it’s too long or complicated to answer here, but myself, and I’m sure many other readers would love to know the astrology behind our fertility and the best times to try conceiving children as well as what the stars have to say about why some women get pregnant so easily, or even unexpectedly, while others struggle, and some do not want children at all?

    Thank you for your time, Erika

    1. Thank you Erika. It’s a good question and the answer is, only a personal consultation with an astrologer who is experienced in fertility can really help. In general, we look to transits of the Fourth House (Cancer) and Fifth House (Leo) to see if someone is more or less likely to give birth, adopt or become a stepmother. Sometimes women find that baby hunger (as it is sometimes called) becomes replaced by a different kind of hunger – for work and money! There are so many different ways to play it. I have known women with charts similar to yours, who become brilliantly successful in their chosen field, and start to add value to their family tree, shoring up wealth to pass on to family members, or to leave in a legacy. Sometimes the need for ‘heirs and spares’ or ‘pretenders’ to the throne comes by realising that younger nieces and nephews can matter quite as much as one’s own children. Again, with your own chart, by January 2019 I would be amazed if you hadn’t gone home, in every sense of the word. You could potentially make a lot of money, but I think your roots are calling you.

  83. Hi Jessica. Thanks for all your work, thus is huge post and very interesting. I did follow link to the post you made last year to start this eclipse off, re: UK and USA. Melania Trump announced she’s heading to Canada as first solo trip, where she’ll attend and meet Prince Harry at Invictus Games. He spoke about continuing his mothers landmine work in the tv special just this past week. Thinking on your prediction last year, these announcements days apart are interesting. Are they tied into this do you think?

    I’ve looked at past eclipses linked to this in my own chart and life. Events are personal but did experience something tied to both 1981 and 1999. An event, a cover up (buried memory) and then trigger in 1998ish. 1999 – 2000 significant loss. Didn’t fully remember everything until 2 years ago and have been processing ever since. All events occurred from other people who have significant Leo (mars or a node). I don’t have much Leo so wanted to ask if you can shed light on what this 2017 eclipse might mean in my chart? Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, there is a chain of cover-ups involving Princess Diana and it was possible to use astrology to predict it well over a year ago. I will be very curious to see what happens on the actual eclipses. Now, your own life – the buried memory is a very big deal and it is so typical of this cycle. I understand that you want to keep your buried memory private. However, you now know enough about Leo to understand what it can mean, across the board. Between now and January 2019 the most important thing I can tell you is to pursue healing. It will take time. Leo rules the heart and this is open heart surgery. There are no band-aid solutions here. This has to be brave and determined. Not only you have been damaged. In fact, what heals and helps one, helps all concerned – particularly two other people. Once you have bravely fronted up to this process, you will be amazed at how the emotional, psychological and spiritual scar tissue fades over time. And you will have more heart, in all areas of your life. Good luck.

      1. You’re very good. Two other people fits. Thank you.

        Have a very Happy Birthday

  84. I only have Leo in Vulcano but I am of course very Aquarian. Not much is posted about Leo Vulcano. What does this Leo weather in store for me?

    1. By January 2019 there is a clear choice – liberty, freedom and independence can be yours. You will have to do the work. You can ask for help, which may take time, but you can also do this yourself. It will take tremendous effort, faith and energy but it will be worth it. Once you are free you can move or travel. If this does not make immediate sense now, it will later.

  85. Hi Jessica – another fascinating article, thanks!

    I’ve got Pluto at 15 Leo, conjunct Venus 18 Leo, Fortuna 16 Leo – the stellium trines my moon at 15.58 Aries. I’m a Cancerian and most full moons, if they are aspected, affect me one way or another. And the final pass of Pluto square my Moon is getting closer although it won’t be quite exact this year.

    The eclipse on 7 August at 15 Aquarius is worrying me as it will be opposing the stellium, more or less exact opposite Pluto. Although Pluto has been demoted he seems to have a lot of oomph in my life.

    Any comments you have on how this could affect me gratefully received. Ta!

    1. We have to look at the Leo eclipses as a pattern stretching to January 2019 so it’s not just about 7th August. In general this period, ending January 2019, is about moving or travelling. It will, in fact, be timed with the Moon. You are right when you say you are powerfully affected by the lunar cycle. The old cliche of ‘finding myself’ is actually quite true. You will have to find yourself. For whatever reason, the emotional bonds and solid-gold friendships and relationships, and personal ties, are not enough. I would leave this in a good place, though, so that when the time is right you can return and do something more with what and who you possess. This side of your life will need reorganisation and thought, yet it is also true that something about a sabbatical, trip or total change of scenery will be very compelling to you. I also think that when you are at peace with yourself and your environment you will be able to turn to a plan, project or concept and do something else with it. Lots to think about there. And finally, Pluto’s demotion is part of Pluto’s meaning. Click on Search to find out why.

  86. Hello Jessica, I have Mercury 22, Mars 18, Fortuna 27, Apollo 9, Panacea 24 and the Sun 4 in Leo. How will this affect me? I have had a bad 4 years, and I was wondering If things were finally improving, specially in my love life. Many thanks

    1. You could easily have an affair with a man who also has a lot of Leo in his horoscope. At the very least he has other fire signs, like Aries or Sagittarius, which click with yours. It is very unlikely he will want to settle down as he is a traveller by nature, or not yet ready to commit to one place. He offers energy, passion and a lot of inspiration for you. In fact, being with him will make you more aware of your own Leo qualities – enthusiasm, fearlessness, adventurousness. Of course you might decide you don’t want an affair. But he’s out there, through this cycle, which ends January 2019. If he was to commit it would be because he has found the right place to plant his plans. Only he can decide that.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    I have been in a situationship for 13 years with someone I thought was my twin flame. He had a child with another woman while dealing with me, and last year I got pregnant. I had my son in April. My entire pregnancy and even now.things are very difficult. What will happen in these next two years?

    1. I am sorry that this man had another child while he was with you. Between now and January 2019 you need to liberate yourself. Only you can break free and although you could try the ‘Help, Doctor!’ game that 1970’s Dr. Who assistants played with him – I don’t think you’d get much out of that. Rather than being rescued, you can rescue yourself. Freedom is delicious and it is out there for you. In fact, once you are free, you can travel or move and all kinds of possibilities dwell around the next corner. I know it will be hard work to break free but use who/what has been against you to break the cords. You are going to have to be tough and determined. Once you have fronted up to what needs to be done to be independent at last, you can remove whatever has been blinding you to the realities of your situation. Being able to see clearly and do what you want, when you want is worth the effort. I realise how vulnerable things might make you feel, but the only alternative is to trust yourself and know that you can do whatever it takes to protect yourself. And you need to see, very clearly, the apartment or house you might move to. This is the most important thing I can tell you about life between now and January 2019.

  88. Fabulous article Jessica and I see that Princess Diana’s brother has been attempting to prevent Channel 4 from showing the documentary ‘Diana: In her Own Words’ due to air on August 6th 2017.

    Jessica I seem to have a great deal going on in my chart however in reality my life has ‘stagnated’ for want of a better word. Over time I’ve gone from being a party animal, to a very sociable person to a recluse. I just can’t be bothered seeing anyone at all and over the last few months I’ve gone for weeks at a time seeing no one other than my husband (and staff when I do the weekly shop).

    I have N Pluto at 16 degrees Leo which will be impacted on by the partial Lunar eclipse and my Ascendant is at 27 Leo (ditto solar eclipse).

    I have Venus (19), Jupiter (25), Aescalapia (25), Cupido (26) and Descendant (27) in Aquarius.

    Ops (8), Pluto (16) and Ascendant at 27 degrees Leo, as already mentioned.

    At the moment transit Neptune is opposing my Natal Saturn.

    Transit Saturn is conjunct my N Chiron (with Solar Arc Neptune) and opposing my N Moon.

    Transit Pluto is conjunct my Solar Arc IC / Part of Fortune.

    Solar Arc Chiron is conjunct my Descendant.

    Solar Arc Saturn is quincunx my N Moon.

    (All are exact)

    There are other aspects not quite exact such as Solar Arc Moon, 26 Leo, is now 1 degree away from my Ascendant and there are many other aspects too numerous to mention such as progressed Sun is now conjunct Panacea (9 Gemini – exact).

    Over and above a number of planets in Leo and Aquarius being impacted on by the lunar and solar eclipses, on the day of the Solar Eclipse transit Saturn and Lilith will conjunct my N Chiron at 21 Sagittarius opposing my N Moon at 20 Gemini.

    In September I see that as transit Lilith and Saturn still conjunct N Chiron they will be joined by my Progressed Moon conjuncting N Ceres (18 Sag).

    And then in early November my Progressed Moon will oppose my Natal moon exactly.

    This then is seemingly the start of what is known as Saturn chasing the Moon (or vice versa) for me and will drag on until 2043, if I’m still around, LOL.

    Can you see anything positive in all of this Jessica? Any words of wisdom or advice?

    1. Thank you. I don’t use a lot of this – Lilith is Jewish not part of the Romans’ astrological family tree of Jupiter, Mercury and the rest. I don’t use the Progressed Moon or Solar Arc. So I’ll just address the most important things, now through January 2019 using the techniques I know. the issue here seems to be your husband. If not him, then another leading man who appears in your life. The issue is reaching this man – who inhabits a different space to the rest of us. He seems to be on a holiday from reality, in fact. You are going to have to meet him on his own terms, and this may involve forgetting about the real world – this man is by no means grounded. In fact, the practicalities and normalities of life just aren’t in his realm. So if you want coupledom or closeness you will have to try and see it his way – which is nobody else’s way! In return you get sensual satisfaction and rich affection, but you really are going to have to take reality vacations to get in there with him. If not your husband, this is obviously another key player who comes along by January 2019.

  89. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks again for great article. Considering many questions that swamped you as huge wave, I have redeveloped my question.
    Many Leo factors are in my horoscope:

    South Node 14 Leo,
    Cupido 16 Leo,
    Psyche 17 Leo,
    Ascendent 25 Leo and
    Mercury 27 Leo , Rx

    Aquarius factors:

    North Node 14 Aquar
    Mars 12 Aq , Rx
    Descendent 25 Aquar

    Single, no own children or around me either.
    Hoping for changes. Are hopes real ?
    Can you please give me your insights, advice, comment ?
    Thanks a lot !

    1. If you don’t have any children, godchildren, nieces or nephews in the picture, then what develops until January 2019 will be about young people reaching you through work, study or unpaid work. You are destined to complete your Leo South Node mission. I think it’s far more likely that you will have the chance to date someone who has children from a previous relationship, so the potential for becoming a stepmother becomes real. The Leo stellium in your chart is about mentoring, guiding or steering the generation born 20+ years after you, and one way or another, you will find a way to do that in the next year or so. It is also entirely possible that you will be asked to be a godmother, for example, or a baby may appear in the family, requiring you to become a substitute parent/babysitter/aunt!

  90. Thanks, Jessica.

    I have Leo in Mercury at 14 degrees and Leo in Saturn at 28 degrees.
    My degree placements fall exactly on the partial lunar eclipse as well as the solar eclipse. Can this be a positive aspect or is it usually challenging? What am I in store for:-)

    “Sun 15 Leo opposite Moon 15 Aquarius. Full Moon. Partial Lunar Eclipse.
    Total Solar Eclipse. New Moon. Sun 28 Leo conjunct Moon 28 Leo.”

    1. Eclipses do what they say on the packet. They cover up, conceal and hide. It is neither negative nor positive, it just is what it is – blotted-out information and a shadowed picture. For that reason you may want to reserve judgement and delay action on the eclipse days, but also the day before and after. Just assume you can’t see and don’t know. And assume that about the people around you too. Light will dawn later.

      1. Thanks, Jessica! I have Leo in Mercury and Saturn at the degrees you mentioned are significant. I don’t know what area of my chart will be affected. Is it finance, work, relationships, love? I was wondering what it all means pertaining to the planets and degree placements in my natal chart.

        1. You don’t say if you are single, in relationship, gay, straight, with or without children so it is really hard to say – but in general, if you think back to your attitude towards the younger generation as it stood a few years back, all those ‘definites’ you had about sons, daughters, stepchildren, adopted children and the rest – may not be so definite, now through January 2018. Skip the eclipses, though – too unclear. You can hit Search for more on the Leo eclipses of August 2017.

  91. Hi Jessica! I think my note to you got lost in the website crash. Am a new premium member and really love your writing and analysis – thank you. I am a cap/gem rising, a couple planets around 28 degrees – what is in store for me in August? many thanks!

    1. I’m sorry about the website crash. And thank you for the compliment. Your Pluto at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of workload and body is the one to watch, now through 2018. You have a lot of traffic aspecting 29 Virgo. Jupiter at 29 Libra. Saturn at 29 Sagittarius. Uranus at 29 Aries – as well as the eclipse. You will be reshaping the way you look after your body and deal with your paid or unpaid job, as well as your housework. You may need to figure out people politics at work or university in particular, or with your chores, and find the willpower to get that true feeling of empowerment which comes when you are running your body, and not the other way around. Do avoid the actual eclipse days, though. Too muddy.

  92. Hi Jessica,
    I am also a new member. I just recently came across your website and it’s fascinating. Thank you for the article. What does the North Node return mean for those of us who have our North Node in Leo when we were born?

    1. Thank you so much. You have karma with a lover, or a child (even a child grown up) and must figure out the karmic landscape now through January 2019 as agreements which were made, or decisions which put you on a fork in the road, now return with all their full meaning and weight. This is not ominous at all, it is just life, but a person or situation you never really took that seriously will certainly become so much more serious to you through 2018. This is another fork in the road.

  93. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve just finished reading the e-books you made available, I very much enjoy your writing style. I’m facing a big fork in the road and I could use your insight. The day of the eclipse in Aug 1999 brought an old friend in my life, whom I later married. We’re facing harsh times now and I can’t find the best solution here. It would require major compromises either way.
    There’s not much safety in my line of work and I’m trying to find a solution to this as well.
    Could you shed some light ?

    Thank you.

    1. I understand. One thing at a time. The marriage is the key. Take the pressure off by allowing yourself until at least January 2019 to reshape what you have together. I am sorry things are so hard. However, every kind of relationship can be moulded into something else and in fact, you two are fated to do this. Please skip the eclipses in August (look those up) but in general, don’t feel you have to make every choice now, and slow down. This can and will evolve into something different like a chemistry experiment, which it was, from the start. Use your Astrology Oracle for more personal questions about this person.

  94. Hi Jessica,
    I’m new to your premium members section and starting to expand my understanding of astrology beyond sun signs. Thank you for providing so much information and explanation. Your insights are amazing.
    I can see I have South Node at 23 Leo and Desc at 11 Leo and wondering if you can help with how the eclipses will affect me.
    My husband and I would love to buy our own home again. We’d love to give our kids – not to mention ourselves – that security. My husband and I had a string of tough financial hurdles over the last 10 years, but even as a SAHM we’re very slowly making ground. I’d like to be contributing more to our progress (feeling mainly responsible for the earlier failures), but also feel somewhat trapped between being there for the kids (who need extra support) , his longer hours and feeling overwhelmed about how to juggle it all.
    Many thanks.

    1. It will be fine by 2019. Your Leo weather is about the karma of children and you have earned yours. Please aim and hope for the best. You will be ultimately thrilled with your home and the family/partnership situation. The fun will be the fine details – the colour of the paint in the bathroom and so on. The big picture is really rewarding – keep your eyes on the prize.

  95. Dear Jessica,

    Very interesting article, lots to read about and take in.
    I have in Leo 7 Hygeia, 27 Apollo and 22 Ops. What does it mean to me?

    Thanks again!

    1. This is about your godchildren, potential stepchildren or children you have/want to have (you don’t say what your situation is). What goes down now through January 2019 will utterly change your life, either because you say ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ to an opportunity. Once it’s finished, by January 2019, it’s in place for years to come. Watch.

  96. Interesting. In Australia we are being rocked by many politicians being found to be ineligible for Parliament (section 44 of our constitution). A person of dual nationality cannot be a member of Federal Parliament. Many politicians have found to have inherited citizenship because of their parents place of birth, and if the politician does not actively denounce that citizenship before nomination then they cannot run for office.
    The result is that our Deputy Prime Minister may now not be eligible for office, An interesting example of nationality and inheritance in this Leo free nation

  97. Hi Jessica awesome article as usual 😉 I have Northnode Leo33 and Southnode Aquarius33 and my husband and I in the last week have decided to quite randomly it seems to move to completely different part of the North Island and everything seems to be just flowing towards that…just wondered your thoughts on it as he seems just as keen as I am though a little nervous…many thanks

      1. Thanks for that advice…luckily we will not be actually moving until October so will stay mindful of the retrograde

  98. Hello Jessica,
    Great article, I love being a premium member!

    So I have Apollo (01), Panacae (25), DESC (19) in Leo and have a stellium in Aquarius, Diana (01), Salacia (17), Moon (18), Ceres (26), ASC (19), Aesculapia (01).

    What should I expect from the leo weather for the two years ?

    Thanks very much !

    1. Strongly Aquarian people always love a group and a gathering. This group may literally be your family tribe, or a group of friends (for example) or a more formal organisation like a political party or an astrology conference. This is more than just a one-off, though. By January 2019 your involvement with this group will spell great things in terms of lifestyle as well. It does seem as though two people or two sides will be involved.

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