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Saturn in Your Chart – Five Rules to Try

Where Saturn has the same degree or even one degree away, it may have a bigger impact on you than other people.

If you have your natal chart (personal horoscope or birth chart) to hand as a Premium Member, have a quick look at Saturn. Does this famous planet make patterns with other factors? Is it at the same number (degree) as anything else, or even just one degree away? Saturn may have a bigger impact on you than other people. Here are five rules for managing this chart factor…

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173 Responses

  1. This is fascinating and absolutely spot on for me. I was sexually abused for a long time by a trusted family member. The thing is I carried the resentment (although I have mostly healed and forgiven, just so much easier to forgive!) towards my mother, as she suspected all along but ignored it largely out of, you guessed it, fear. So I can totally relate and our ‘delicately emotional’ relationship has really, along with money, quite been the untold story of my life. I am curious enough to ask you though……… I have Saturn in Cancer at 14 degrees, I notice that it makes an aspect to my Moon in Aries also at 14 degrees………..Can you please explain to me how this plays out in my life? Also, would this aspect have any marked influence on my incredibly low self-esteem? I’m definitely not your typical moon in Aries, give me a back row seat away from all the hustle any day of the week and I’m quietly content. Thanks so much xx

    1. I am so sorry to hear you are a survivor of family sexual abuse. Of course, the key word there is survivor. You will have strength that other people do not. Your chart reveals Saturn at 14 Cancer in the Fourth House of family exactly square the Moon at 14 Aries in the First House of image. If your birth time is correct to the minute, then you also have the Descendant in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, and of course the Descendant can describe an enemy, opponent or rival. The person who was against you, was within your own family circle. Taking the Saturn-Moon square apart, you will work hard on this as transiting Saturn moves across 14 Capricorn, followed by Jupiter at 14 Capricorn, creating what is known as a T-Square. The work comes in January 2019, August 2019, September 2019, October 2019 and then in February 2020 you get the reward, which is the grand solution and the sign-off. Jupiter is the planet of big win-win answers and as he squares your Moon in Aries and also opposes your Saturn in Cancer, he will squeeze a useful outcome from the situation. Taking the square apart, every time you try to promote yourself, attend to your hair/face/body/wardrobe, push yourself forward, be upfront – you hit the old fear that was born in the family situation. It would not be a huge surprise to find that the abuse was at its most affecting when you were at an age when girls usually start to pay more attention to the mirror. In astrological terms, whenever you ‘do’ your Moon in the First House of appearances, reputation, title, role and so on, you always hit the Saturn. If you have incredibly low self-esteem you may want to look at that. The rest you know from this article. It’s so typical of astrology that you should be asking about this, as you begin the one cycle which can help you get stuck into the core issues and come out of the other side. You were born in 1975 and so in 1981 when Saturn moved to 14 Libra, this planet (in transit) was square your natal Saturn and opposing your natal Moon. Have a look at that period, to begin with. Nobody should unlock abuse alone and I hope by now you have found the right professionals who can support you and perhaps the camaraderie and understanding of other survivors. There is also the emotional question of your mother, of course, and you would not be the first daughter to have major issues with a parent. The money matter is quite separate. You deserve to have an Aries Moon in the First House which works har for you, though, as you are someone who could and should be using her image, brand, looks and the rest to achieve her goals. It is also time to find the ‘system’ which serves you best, in making you feel most comfortable, accepting and secure about that very painful Saturn in Fourth house placement. I think those transits ahead will help you make amazing progress if you want to go that way.

  2. Oh thank you so much! Absolutely I need to find what life ‘system’ to work with, because right now I don’t have any direction in life. So thanks for highlighting this, and the fact that there is light at the of a tremendously dark and winding tunnel. You are spot on about the time period, I had just hit 10 years old. I have worked through everything by myself, no therapists involved, although I would love to have someone to talk to. Thank you for being my little guiding light. xx

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn in Pisces at 8 R. What does it mean? 8 is not a hot spot in my chart at all.


    1. On second thot the process by whih some of that happened again brought a lot of suught when I look way back, my parents divorced when Saturn was in Cancer and this brought a lot of suffering to all of our lives, but it was for the best.

      Then my dad remarried when Saturn was in Libra but the process by which that happened – getting an annulment from the Catholic church – brought enormous suffering to my mom and me all over again.

      Not exactly on the squares but definite milestones in my youth.

      My mom later remarried and her 2nd husband adopted me so that was the true happy ending for all of us.

      I still have trouble understanding how Saturn in Pisces 8 R trine my sun in Scorpio is really working for me no and going forward.


      1. Thank you for passing that feedback on CG. Saturn at 10 Pisces is not trine your Sun (orb is too wide) so it isn’t working for you – in fact it’s not in aspect. (I use exact orbs, with no more than a one degree gap).

    2. You have Saturn at 10 Pisces in your Twelfth House. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is associated with the child who keeps secrets, or covers things up, and is found out – and pays the price. This is also the child who keeps a diary which becomes a container for all her Saturn worries and fears. As a child, there may be the very first clue or sign of something which becomes a bigger problem, years later – again, it is usually secret, or hidden by the child/the other person – and sometimes it is literally forgotten, for a time, as the conscious mind does not want to let it in the house. Solitude and introspection often feel quite natural to a Saturn Pisces person, but the question has to be asked about how much is good for them. It really depends on the context, however, as other factors in Pisces will change the story. You have Chiron and Ceres there so you may want to look at those, alongside Saturn. Chiron in the Twelfth House is the person who gets away with the most outrageous, jaw-dropping things in secret, or behind the scenes. This is the chart of someone whose time in the confessional box of a Catholic church would stun even Father Brown. Ceres I am sure you know about. Back to Saturn in Pisces. As well as issues with covering things up/hiding secrets (always a burden) we find issues here about the aura and its protection, particularly against psychic attack. Some good basic housekeeping with the chakras and aura is usually invaluable, no matter if the person understands the aura and believes in its reality – or not. Denial or avoidance of aura/psychic attack realities is common but it can result in someone who is wide open to whatever garbage comes their way on the astral plane. Again, this may be evident in childhood; this is the small boy who fears ghosts, or won’t go into particular rooms – for a very good reason. Finally, the Pisces/Twelfth House placement for Saturn is very much about someone who will operate behind the scenes, with no credit, no recognition and no acknowledgement, allowing others to be the name or face. This is okay up to a point, but it can become a burden. All these issues are worth considering. The Sun’s transit through Pisces from late February through late March of any year will usually help to turn a spotlight on the pattern and then it can be managed.

      1. As usual you hit the target, my psychic thing started when I was a kid and I kept that to myself for obvious reasons, still do.

        I am very comfortable working in the background and sometimes others get too comfortable with that also, so I have had to learn to set boundaries.

        I try to get away with positive things that help others, I try to keep it clean and above board.

        Still working on the psychic cleansing 🙂

        ok I understand now

        Thank you –

        1. Thank you for the feedback. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House people usually benefit a great deal from turning to tried, tested and trusted sources on the sixth sense, the astral body, the chakras and the auras. Dion Fortune wrote a very early book on this, but Linda Williamson is another good source. The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain is a good resource.

  4. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in Aquarius, and I have always struggled to find a group of friends I feel at home with, do you see any relief. thanks K

    1. You have Saturn conjunct Mercury at 27 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends and this began in childhood. It’s rather like being in the Peanuts gang and trying to get your speech bubble out to Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the rest – and finding that it floats into a brick wall. I am sorry that friendship has been such a struggle for you, but Saturn tends to do that! The Node crossed 27 Aquarius in May/early June so I am not surprised this is on your mind. Karma, past life debts and credits and reincarnation have all played their part. You should find a book group, a writing group, or perhaps a literary society to pursue – or head towards classes, courses, education, academia, libraries. This is a lifelong message for you. Here, you will find all sorts of interesting company. I’m not saying it won’t be swings and roundabouts. Yet over time you can learn to take the highs with the lows and even see the funny/philosophical side of people, organisations and so on. Every low point will turn into a high point with your friends and you can shrug off the high points because these too pass. In this way you can learn to surf the waves, and surfing with these book-mad companions is entirely worth it.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I consider my Saturn conjunct Venus at 25 degrees Aries square moon the aspect that has defined my life the most. Since my divorce 12 years ago I have either been single or in a terrible relationship. I would like a partner, yet haven’t been in love for 7 years. I’ve heard this is all par for the course with Venus conjunction Saturn… but I have so many chart factors at 25 and 24 degrees, is there a greater lesson here? I’ve done a lot of work to try and shift the pattern, will the astrology support my efforts?

    1. Thank you. You actually have a whopping pile-up at 24 and 25 degrees so this is about far more than Venus conjunct Saturn. Saturn at 25 Aries, Venus at 25 Aries, Moon at 24 Cancer, Panacea at 25 Capricorn gives you a Grand Cross. You also have Mercury at 24 Pisces, Aesculapia at 25 Taurus, Hygeia at 25 Aries (tied into the cross), and Vulcano at 24 Pisces too, right on your Mercury. You want love. Actually, the only really relevant thing here is the Moon in Cancer, which is in your Fourth House of family and home, where you have children (or don’t) and share a residence with a partner – or not. Venus conjunct Saturn in Aries in your First House is not about marriage. It is about how you promote yourself, push yourself – and how you address matters of image, appearance, brand, reputation, title and so on. There is great fear here, and you need to look at that, because if you are using the internet solely for dating you will find it very hard work indeed. The internet is so superficial and based on faces, not who we are – so every time you come to Facebook or Tinder (or whatever) your Venus-Saturn will want to be at her seductive best on the one hand, while feeling badly defensive, anxious and very keen to put up walls. Space does not allow me to address that large pattern in your chart but you are free to creatively play the signs as you wish. My eyes are drawn to the focus on Pisces (dreamy, unrealistic Pisces) in your chart and that Taurus/Cancer combination which is all about home, possessions, precious objects, valuables, wealth and so on. Dreams could be interesting for you to explore. I would say the next 12 months is about you, you, you – not anyone else – and figuring out who you are, how you got here, what serves you and what doesn’t.

  6. Jessica, I’ve been having a horrible time these past 2 years. Multiple moves, job changes, upheaval, illnesses, deaths, and of course as a result, depression. I know things are supposed to get better by this winter. I know you said to look at Jupiter for luck with Saturn but I have both planets in Virgo! I have been and am under tremendous stress and feel like I just can’t catch a break. I am going for therapy, do regular meditation and try to do productive things. Please advice!

    1. I am sure you are completely fed up with this transit, which has seen Neptune in Pisces moving from 6 through 14 to date, opposing much of your Virgo stellium. Of course you have Virgo-Pisces clashes in your chart anyway, if your birth time is right, as the Nodes are in Virgo-Pisces and so is your IC/MC axis. In plain English, your unconscious mind (Pisces, Twelfth House stellium) controls your body (Virgo, Sixth House stellium). Illness and depression may be worth a closer look on this basis. Virgo rules the body and it also rules your job. So you have had work changes, but also poor health. You have an exact opposition between Mars at 13 Virgo and Ops at 13 Pisces. This has been triggered by Neptune at 13 Pisces, travelling through your Twelfth House, so it may help to understand what this covers. The Twelfth House is itself ruled by Neptune and we associate it with altered states, usually caused by drugs, prescribed drugs or alcohol. It is also very much about the world of dreams and the unconscious. So, you are exploring that with therapy and meditation, which is exactly right. Of course, not all therapy and meditation is the same – having said that. If you are not being helped, consider switching who you see, or what you use. As you are so strongly Virgo you express yourself through duty and service to others. This is the person who walks the dog, feeds the cat, does overtime, perfects the details of the service, or the delivery, gets stuck into the housework and still (usually) has time to think about the nutritional content of supper. Neptune opposing all this, and thus triggering an inbuilt opposition from Hygiea to Mars, has absolutely knocked you for six. What works now? First, knowing this does not go on forever. Secondly, figuring out creative ways to serve your Pisces side and your Virgo side. Your Pisces side wants to dream, meditate, channel, escape, swim, surf, sail, take long baths and tune out of reality. In fact, your Pisces side thinks the real world is far too real. Your Virgo side, as above, is all about understanding how the body – its condition, its physical state, its shape, age, gender, size – is actually boss of the work that you do. The body is everything; it defines the kinds of roles and projects you are given and it is as much a part of you as the product you deliver or the service you provide. So here are two very different zodiac signs, which both need your equal attention. It’s rather like answering two doorbells at once, as the astrologer Sue Tompkins once noted. Oppositions are demanding things. We are led back again to your career, your status, your success and so on, because while all this has been taking place, Pluto has been crossing 13 Capricorn, conjunct your natal Panacea at 13 Capricorn, and then moving to 17 Capricorn, conjunct your Bacchus. I would suspect that normally you are every company’s golden ‘find’ as you are so ambitious, take such pleasure in success and the system – and know how to work like a dog when you have to. What has happened across this dual Neptune-Pluto transit will never happen again in your lifetime, but it does need deeper thought about ‘who gives you work and why should you do it’ to quote The Clash. You mention deaths. Were you given enough time off to get over those losses? Did the deaths have some other message for you about success, work and the rest? For the next 12 months you need to be on the receiving end for a change. Find people – younger, perhaps, maybe with that male energy, force, determination that you sometimes find in young men – to help you. This may be your therapist of course, or someone else who can help you with body issues, or the mind-body-spirit connection. Reach out for the right person to feed you. To supply you. Maybe it’s just the energy, maybe it’s something else, but I do not think that assistance is very far off, and it will be genuine, useful and make a tremendous difference. Good luck!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I’m gemini (19/06/1976 10H40 am) with Saturn in Leo. What does it means ?
    Thanks for your answer,

    1. Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House can only be interpreted in very broad terms without your birth chart, but as a general statement about your sexuality, pregnancies, children, young adults – this is about one or two burdens, over your lifetime, which you have to come to terms with. It takes time, but time also heals situations as they go on. Leo and the Fifth House describe courtship and also ‘royal bastards’ (children born out of wedlock) and we get this association from Leo’s ancient connection with Kings and Queens in Europe. The idea of courtly love comes to us from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and sometimes Leo passions are crushes, unfulfilled. Leo is very much associated with writing for children (Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, J.K.Rowling) and also with children’s charities and causes which benefit young people in general. Teenagers fall under Leo – and so do adults just past their 19th birthday – when Pluto was in Leo during the last war, the R.A.F. won the Battle of Britain with the ‘fighter boys’ at the helm. So, to be born with Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is to face unavoidable, difficult life lessons (Saturn) regarding any or all of these themes, and there is usually a need for a sound strategy or way of managing, preferably from tried, tested and trusted sources.

  8. HI Jessica, thank you for your article. With Saturn moving into Capricorn and given that I have a huge stellum in Capricorn I feel that this is going to have a major impact in my life.
    So much doom and gloom surrounds Saturn and having experienced many difficulties in my life, I am trying to be more aware. I was born with both Saturn and the Moon at 0 Aquarius and Uranus at 0 Virgo. Which I imagine would be important. You indicated that we should use our Jupiter to our benefit and for me Jupiter is also in Aquarius as is the SN. With all of the challenges I have experienced such as being molested by an older cousin, losing my baby at full term and being temporarily paralyzed due to a tumor in my spine (I am fine now!) I am looking to understand what this transit holds for me. Your guidance is much appreciated!!

    1. Thank you. Your last comments about your spinal tumour, your miscarriage and also your cousin’s molestation sound like Leo to me. Leo rules the spine, and also pregnancy/babies and of course Leo rules the business of sexuality. The North Node at 18 Leo and Ops at 18 Capricorn in your chart are exactly linked, and as you probably know, the Node is about karma. I am very sorry to hear you have been put through these dreadful experiences, but we all have the Node somewhere and if it’s in an aspect like that, it can be very hard work. Oddly, you mention this as the transiting (travelling) Node is preparing to cross Leo again, so by 2018 you will have been given a chance to look back, remember, deal and heal. So, you are asking me about Saturn, but actually your entire answer is your Leo Node in the Fifth House. There is a chance here for a rebirth and new life (new you) once you have allowed yourself to face the fact that the old you belongs to a long-gone part of your life. This kind of resurrection or rebirth experience helps you understand the mother-child connection better in general in your life (not just the child you so sadly lost) and it can also help you figure out what future role children or young people are to play in your world. The answers could be quite dazzling.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for writing about this challenging planet!

    I have Saturn in Libra at 15 degrees.
    I also have Psyche, Salacia and Fortuna at 15 degrees.

    Could you help me figure out how this impacts me?

    I’m currently experiencing a very strange situation at work with a man who I feel is embodying Vulcano transiting my 7th house.

    There’s an unspoken but visceral tension there that makes me very nervous ( even just acknowledging this here has my solar plexus fluttering)

    Very grateful for any light you can shed.

    Kind regards,

    1. So you’re working with Vulcan? Interesting. Is one of you travelling away soon, moving to another part of the world or engaged in business in another region or country? Much as I’d love to say this is Gone With the Wind meets Love Story, I do feel that you or Vulcan will be utterly absorbed with a travel plan or move very soon and that’s actually the priority.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I have Saturn in Aries and thisc transit has been a tough one , both my parents were ill at seperate times , the realities of lifecand death came knocking on my door , my cousin passed away from pancreatic cancer , I’ have had to learn to learn to not worry so much about all the what ifs especially when it comes to my kids and the desicions they make but it hasn’t been easy nor do I expect it to be , I’m hoping that once Saturn leaves Sagittarius things will become lighter , I thought Saturn in Scorpio was difficult but this one is hitting closer to home for me , but I am staying positive and hoping for the courage to deal with whatever life brings .. can you give me some insight into how my chart is being triggered and if I have been through the worst of it ?

    Thank you

    1. None of this is really about Saturn. Your parents’ illness and your cousin’s cancer, your children and so on are all Cancerian concerns in the Fourth House, and you have the Sun, Venus and Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House. Thus, you have been affected by the slow opposition of Pluto moving through Capricorn, right opposite Cancer in your horoscope. This only happens every 240+ years so you are being ‘Plutoed’ and once Pluto is beyond 18 Capricorn the final clash with your Fourth House/family/home placements is over. It gets easier in slow stages, as Pluto moves around your chart, with the breaks getting longer and longer each time, until you are finally at November 2019 when Pluto is passing 19, then onto 20,21,22 and so on. Read more about Pluto online to understand the cycle.

  11. Hi jessica as always would love to understand my own chart better. I have had secrets Saturn in pisces 12th house from childhood both abuse and psychic experiences…..these have helped me help others although I still am wary of sharing this.
    My question is Pluto and venus/mars and saturn…….would love to hear your insights….relationships have never been easy for me guessing its that hidden side of me!
    many thanks x

    1. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House turns up again, with childhood abuse – for which I am very sorry – and your psychic experiences too. Focussing solely on relationships, your life path here is about financial independence. You are strongly Scorpio. Sex is sex – that is also part of your life story, coming to terms with your own and other people’s instincts – but actually, you will weigh, value and come to understand sexual relationships, marriages, common law marriages, one-night stands and the rest better, if you put a price on what you have. Scorpio is about the power of money, and this may be expressed through your house, business, bank account, apartment, debts, possessions, charity and so on. It is only when you have money or property to share, or lend, or even give – that you begin to learn what a relationship should be to you. It’s true for the need to pay out/pay back as well. Doing so, helps you fathom your emotions and sexuality so much better. I do feel you will have an opportunity to do this as Jupiter goes through Scorpio again from October 2017 through the end of 2018. For you, a relationship is almost like ‘let’s make a deal’ and this can help you make friends with your sexuality and other people’s and understand it in a way that feels safer and softer for you. I hope that helps.

  12. This is an interesting read–thank you. I find it noteworthy that my adoptive mother, my 16 year old son and I all share Saturn in Taurus. She is a Scorp sun and he is a Cap sun. They both are savers (I can’t save two nickels) and steadfastly hope to become rich and I am sandwiched in between as a Sag sun, hoping for spiritual wealth, instead. Could this Saturn connection mean that our financial fates are intertwined? Also, my Saturn is at 2 Taurus and I have Chiron in Aries at 2. The other close signs are Diana at 0 Sag and Fortuna at 03 Sag. Might this mean that money issues are tied to a woundedness and restlessness? Lastly, off topic, but I realized my son has Sag on the MC at 10 and my sun is in Sag at 10. Could this mean that I can help him with his career? Or is it just a fluke? Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. You, your son and adoptive mother all have Saturn in Taurus? That has to be past life karma. Yes, your financial fates would be linked. We commonly find people dying in debt, or dying wanting to give back/donate – so souls agree to incarnate together and meet again, to settle debts as best they can. Often these debts are about the things money cannot buy, too (priceless). I might pick you up on Chiron being exclusively about ‘wounded’ status as actually he was a teacher as much as a victim of a wound – and for the vast majority of his life as a centaur he was also a musician! Regarding your lifetime financial patterns, you’ll need to strike deals all the time with men, rather than women. This may be your male boss, the father of your son and so on. Negotiation is a big part of your path. You will be dealing with Saturn made flesh in other words – not exactly fluffy bunny territory – yet you will learn about your values from these males and one way or another, figure it all out.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    As always Thanks for a very informative article.
    I have Saturn 02° Leo 07′ 58″ What can I expect over the next year or so?

    Thx, NP

    1. NP you have a Leo stellium so it’s not just Saturn at work in your Fifth House. The Node is crossing through Leo so karma is at work – from recent years but also other lifetimes. The Fifth House is associated with lovers, babies, children and young adults in the context of playing father, leader, mentor, guide, teacher, and so on. What strikes me here is that we have the opposite Node in Aquarius, the sign ruling groups, teams, clubs, societies and other circles of people. There is a strong opposition with these Nodes through 2018 so you are going to have to figure out who leads, or how leadership should be shared. Find out more about Aquarius-Leo by hitting Search.

  14. Hi Jessica, in my chart I have Saturn oppose moon, Saturn sextiles Uranus, Saturn trine chiron, Saturn square Neptune and Saturn semisextile Venus. Did I read somewhere that sextiles are positive, that it is something you already worker out in a past life? I definitely feel that I have had a lot of learning to do my whole life, with emphasis on the last few years haha. Thank you for another great article, I always love your writing!

    1. Sextiles aren’t positive, they just ease flow. All aspects can be positive or negative, but some feel easy and so people naturally express them more, while others, like oppositions, are such hard work people often avoid expressing them. Saturn at 20 Virgo and Venus at 20 Libra make an exact semi-sextile and that’s really it, for your chart (I don’t work with wide orbs). You’ll attract pairs/twos/duets/twinned situations with that placement. This is the person who has equal loyalties between two places, or two very different people. This may be your parents. Sometimes Libra expresses itself as black/white or Caucasian/Asian and so on – John Lennon had the Sun in Libra and his partner was Yoko Ono. Your whole life will be about mastering, and making the most of, these equal-but-different connections. It is very common in the charts of people who emigrate and live between two places, or those who travel between one location and another (more pairs).

  15. Hi Jessica your articles are phenomenally interesting! I have Saturn in Gemini and wonder what this means for me ? Best SG

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House has to be seen in context. You also have Vesta and Proserpina there. Unless you really were born right on 12.00 noon I’ll ignore the angles (though forgive me if your mother swears you were!) Basically, your greatest challenge in this lifetime will be communication, education, language, literacy, publishing, the worldwide web, multimedia – and even the fundamentals of hearing, reading, writing, and so on – at various times in your life Saturn will be triggered in many different ways. Vesta describes projects, courses and plans where you are repeatedly seeing male-female imbalance. Proserpina describes your role as bumblebee, collecting nectar from a range of different ‘flowers’ or sources and buzzing around, linking one to the next. You are the ‘bridge’ between powerful people or organisations and are a real-life Go-Between, though I suspect it is rather hard work for you, with Saturn in Gemini too. Particular paid or unpaid work will reveal this. I have seen literary agents with Proserpina in the Third House before now. We associate Gemini with everything from cartoons, to drawings, to all aspects of the media, as well as the usual emphasis on public speaking, theatre and so on. Mastering effective communication, comprehension and understanding with others is your great task in life – I am reminded of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words but what on earth is it saying?’ here!

      1. Thank you I am a lawyer – matrimonial and family specialism. A go between exactly. I would like to know my goal and ultimate calling..!

        1. Psyche in Scorpio describes what you will be remembered for after you pass over. Psyche was the woman who was immortalised by the Gods and so we associate this asteroid with perennial achievements, despite a rather rocky road getting there. Of course your job relates to Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign which rules death, sex and marriage as I am sure you know. So what you achieve here outlives you. The money you win for your clients will be left in their legacies, to their children, and onto their children, and their children…you get the picture.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Could you explain me how does it play out my Saturn in Virgo at 7º, making an aspect to Vesta in Aries 7º? And does it makes any aspect to Panacea at 6º in Sagittarius, one degree away?

    1. Saturn at 7 Virgo in your Sixth house is quincunx Vesta at 7 Aries in your First House – and yes, Panacea at 6 Sagittarius in your Ninth House will be drawn into the pattern. Your greatest hard work, effort, challenge and tough karma comes from your workload and also your body. This ties into the way you physically look and appear and there may be issues here about gender, sexism and so on with Vesta in your First House of appearances, image, identity, title, role and – also, the body. Panacea in Sagittarius is about a side-story involving travel, foreigners, religion, beliefs, academia, education, the worldwide web, publishing. You won’t have the same soundtrack in your life all the time, but whenever planets move to 6, 7 of the signs the familiar music will play again. I think you would get a lot of value from looking at the part religion and religious people have played in your life. This may be Roman Catholicism or some other faith, but Sagittarius rules beliefs, and of course beliefs often influence how we feel about our body. Celibacy is a condition of entering the priesthood or a convent and the Church has strong rules about sexuality. That’s just one example.O Other beliefs require diet rules (Virgo again, the body). I am also reminded of Vesta here, because that whole idea of one male/two or more females does enter into so many religions. We come back to Catholicism again, where a convent’s highest authority is the Pope!

  17. Hi Jessica, my head is in a spin with all of your information!!! What do I need to be aware of specifically? I have just finished a contract teaching at a primary school for students on the autism spectrum and don’t want to go back because it involves so much work. I want to move forward to a new career, but do not know which one. I am also taking up a role as President for my Lions International Club in July and co ordinating a community festival in November. I have always been a glass full, kind of person but am starting to loose my way and energy. Please advise. With much appreciation!!!!

    1. Too funny. Jupiter at 25 Leo in your chart and you are taking up a role as President for Lions International, as the ‘karma’ Node moves across 25 Leo for the first time in years. Teaching your autistic students is also a classically Leo pursuit. You will be fine. In fact, you will be more than fine. Fate will take a hand and there will be past life credits, advantages and help available. You were born to mentor, lead, teach and guide a far younger generation and you should really reach out through Lions International and see what comes your way.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn at 6 Taurus along with my Desc at 6 Taurus…how does this affect me?


    1. Your birth time should be exact for that aspect but your clock time of birth is slightly out (not on the half hour, or hour) so I am persuaded that someone kept a good record for you. This is about your money, house, apartment, charity, business, possessions – as a lifetime pattern. Your former, current or potential partners will always be involved. Often, enemies, opponents or rivals too. It is very important that you are adequately protected and defended in all paperwork, in particular, and get everything in writing. Second opinions can also be useful. Uranus will cross this point in your chart in 2019 so please be sharply aware of the details of whatever arrangements you have in place (like interest rates on a mortgage or interest return on investment) and make it your business to start reading the financial pages and watching the trends from as early as May 2018 when Uranus the planet of revolution enters Taurus for the first time in decades.

  19. Thanks for another insightful article, Jessica!
    I tried checking my Saturn return on Astrodienst, needless to say couldn’t understand how to.
    My Saturn is in Pisces, and Jupiter in Gemini. Does this mean I need to communicate about something related to Pisces topics? I have Venus and Neptune making angles to Saturn. And my ascendant is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. How does it all work out for me? Would be great if you would explain in for me. Thanks!

    1. Your Saturn Return in Pisces is not due until 2023, which is a very long way off. Neptune at 17 Scorpio in your Eighth House is trine Saturn at 16 Pisces in your chart (by one degree – almost exact) so look at this as your focus. This is very common in the horoscopes of people who fund raise, donate to charity or put in unpaid effort behind the scenes, with no recognition, credit or acknowledgement. The Eighth House rules serious finance, property, philanthropy and business. It is also very common in the charts of people who have skeletons in the closet (family secrets) which affects their last will and testament – the terms of their will. I am sure you can see the Twelfth House/Eighth House connection. How does it work for you? i have also seen this with people who have to cover up secrets from their business associates – for years – lest it damage the deal.

  20. Jessica,

    I have both Jupiter and Saturn in Libra. so if Saturn teaches life lessons and Jupiter is the gift giver, what do I make of these planets both in my marriage and relationship House.

    Thank you for your insight.

    1. You also have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House so actually, you can read all three in unison. It will manifest in the quality of the relationships you share with your former, current and potential partners. We also find rivals, enemies and opponents here too. In 2010, 2011 Saturn in transit (travelling) went through Libra and so these years would have taught you an enormous amount about balancing the scales with another human being. Pluto is about the need to control – and the necessity of learning to compromise. Any time the Sun goes through Libra from late September through late October you will be shown, very clearly, how your triple placement works. Recognising old patterns can be the way through them.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Waving from New Jersey.

    You write;
    Look at what you do, to make yourself feel better about outcomes you quite rightly fear. Do you have Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House? Then you may be so scared of ‘not making it’ and so paranoid about ‘not living in the right area’ or ‘not being successful’ that you end up desperately taking jobs where you are exploited, to the point where you have work-related injuries. Then you really do have to lower the bar with real estate, status and the rest. This is an extreme example but I have it in my files. It happens.

    My answer is yes, and retrograde to boot. You can add me to your files. For me, it was a matter of having to provide shelter and food so while I tried to hold out, I ended up with crappy jobs. What’s interesting is I was exploited at a job I had been at for 10 years and ended up with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As I mad plans to escape, the RA backed off, and once I left the job to move, my body rejected the drugs I was on rather spectacularly as the deal to sell my house fell through just as the sparks of the economic meltdown was being struck.

    Thanks for the information. Off to listen to some Jimmy Sommerville.


    1. Thank you Jeff – waving to New Jersey. Your story is pretty remarkable and I am sure other Saturn in the Tenth House people will find aspects of it familiar. This also sounds like a classic case of Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, deciding to take control by providing you with Rheumatoid Arthritis – so that you had to transform work, to get over it. I have also seen a Saturn Tenth House person working as a camera operator in the film industry develop a chronic back problem that stopped him working/being exploited – and I also have in my files a Saturn Tenth House woman who adopted the Grass Roots lifestyle in Australia (market gardening) down to the worm farms. She quit the city and her job. Grass Roots, by the way, is Australia’s most famous sustainability and self-reliance lifestyle magazine.

  22. Hi Jessica, I just love this article. Although Saturn is my least favorite, I have great respect for him. My Saturn is in Taurus and understanding what you have written, this is revisit, review and reassess my income streams. I can so relate, I was made redundant (not my fault), and soon after my boss hired another person to continue my research! That was devastating, I was depressed, anxious and fearful of what the days would bring. I found you, thank you 🙂
    I enrolled to retrain, found a job, earned minimum but it gave me focus, something to do and most of all, I found time to devote to my children, house and rediscovered frugal living. I had to also reassess my marriage and now both of us are more committed to each other.
    My questions are will this fear and cautiousness that I have now developed carry on especially as I am applying for other roles, I am very hopeful of a good one coming through but very wary too of what it will bring – politics, power, I don’t deal with these very well. How do I resolve these? Appreciate your inputs, Best Jos.

    1. Thank you Jos, I am glad you love the article – though I am sorry about your redundancy which is typical of Saturn in Taurus in the Second House. Frugal living is a clever way to use this placement. You have Mercury at 2 Taurus and Ceres at 25 Taurus so actually, your entire financial, lifestyle and property situation is about to change radically. This is a slow revolution and it will not be like anything else you have ever experienced. it begins July, August 2018 as Uranus at 2 Taurus conjuncts your Mercury. This will be an exciting, rather shocking, liberating time of some of the most important paperwork and negotiations of your life. It stretches into September that year then you have a break before coming back to the same issue in April, May 2019 and a final change in January, February 2020. I expect you will be drawn into the global currency changes and the major shift we are going to see in taxation, the world economy, banking and so on. Please hit search to see more about this – you are looking for Uranus in Taurus and you will be swept up in it. Ultimately Uranus will move to conjunct Ceres at 25 Taurus in 2024 so this is a long-term cycle. This is not just about the money, the house, the apartment, the possessions, the charity or the business – it is a case of the known financial world turning upside-down around you – and your own values changing quite radically.

  23. I also have Saturn in Taurus as well as Mercury and the Sun but it is the trine to Diana in Cap that has me curious. I love reading your spin on the asteroids/other chart factors!! Can you please tell me more about these placement?! Thank you so much!!

    1. Saturn at 13 Taurus trine Diana at 13 Capricorn is a useful one for you to decode. You can do it yourself. Saturn is hard karma, Taurus is money, Diana is freedom, Capricorn is career. They flow together because it’s a trine. So every time you try to be independent and autonomous in your career you rub up against the tough reality of having to earn cash. And every time you feel too restricted by the cash, you are pulled towards going it alone professionally. Astrology is about finding a creative way to make that trine work.

      1. Im a bit confused by the phrase “feel too restricted by cash”…did you mean lack of cash?? snap, just thought of something. Taurus is also values…I have more an issue with what I “do”at work not so much about the money, I want to be my own boss as a massage therapist so I can “do” the type of work I want.
        Also I finally noticed that transiting Jupiter is also squaring these points at 13*! Further driving home the point?? and to add something else i was recently looking through the ads for offices to rent in the area for my massage business and found one within reasonable distance in a nice area and the contact persons name is Diane!! I havent called yet to see about it.
        I used the oracle to first see where I am in life now then did again to clarify the outcome with renting at this location. I got Vesta/3rd house, then Venus/8th house. For the 1st, I do want to get a second cell phone just for business use, my husband needs to go with me as he has the phone plan in his name ( he has his mom on the plan too)….
        the 2nd i havent quite figured out yet…the other interesting thing I noticed was the aspects coming up soon and they involve my venus/vesta in gemini being touched on by transit merc/pluto!! and right after by mars….
        the more i dig the more synchronicities I find…though Im still trying to figure out what it all means, lol. I should use the Oracle more often!

        1. Thank you. Taurus is certainly values – that is the literal bottom line. There is some good synchronicity there with Diane as well. People with Diana transits/triggers do find real-life Dianes/Dianas coming through. Your Astrology Oracle readings are working for you. One way to familiarise yourself with the cards is to ask ‘If my life was a magazine/newspaper cover, how would it be reported now?’ and run tests that way.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    I love reading your blogs so much. Thank you! Two questions:

    1. I have Saturn (28° Leo 22′ 24″) in Leo — What do you think I should know regarding this astrological aspect. I would like marriage and children someday soon but I am already 38 years old. Does having Saturn in this area create obstacles for me and if so how best can I overcome this?

    2. Have you ever done or will you ever do a blog on Victoria and David Beckham’s relationship astrology and predictions of outcomes as one of the most public couples and interesting chart readings?

    Thank you so much for everything you do. It’s fascinating!

    1. Thank you. First – David and Victoria Beckham – if I have timed birth data, I will have a look some time. So you are 38 and want to get married and have children, Elle. The Leo placements in your chart are really about finding alternative ways to parent/guide/mentor younger people. You are a born teacher. I am not sure if you realise this. You are also the kind of person who could take on books/websites/multimedia for children or young adults and make it work quite splendidly. We associate strongly Leo people with cat-lovers, creatives (they understand kidult entertainment more than most, like Harry Potter) and with a leadership role. This is your birthright and you’ll find many, many different ways to explore that over the course of your lifetime. To find a lover who can meet you halfway or fit in with your world, become who you are. Make it really obvious online. But make sure you have sorted out the best way for you to mentor/guide/lead the young first – in your own heart and mind. Know thyself!

  25. Hi Jessica, to say I am having a horrible few years is putting it lightly. Can you please tell me if it is due to Saturn and it’s position in my chart? It seems everything is going wrong from relationships to work and everything in between. Will it get better? Soon? Or should I expect more grief ? Please advise on what to expect and if it will be something I will have to face again with Saturn. Thank you.

    1. You’re strongly Sagittarian and Saturn has been going slowly and inexorably through Sagittarius, so you are no doubt being ‘heavied’ by this cycle, more than others you know. What will work very well for you over the next 12 months is a major idea, project or course which benefits from smart male energy. You are strongly Gemini as well as Sagittarian and we associate this with websites, books, concepts, films, education/academia and so on. You need to park your mind somewhere, other than with what has recently disappointed you. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius soon enough but you need to make your connections with people before that. Find people who stimulate you, support you, educate you and who can delegate/share – you were born to throw yourself into ideas that can grow.

      1. Thank you, I had no idea I was strongly Sagittarius and Gemini, I was under the impression that my Saturn in Leo R was causing all this ciaos and issues with relationships, personal and professional.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn in Leo which squares my Uranus in Scorpio. That is the only aspect I could find between Saturn in my natal chart and other planets. How does this affect me? I have low energy all my life. This has kept me from doing a lot in my life. I have also suffered from low grade general anxiety and the related depression. I remember reading another article of yours where you said that people with an afflicted Saturn feel tired in general. I was wondering if this lack of energy and quick fatigue I have experienced all my life was because of Saturn in my chart or for some other reason? I have a Leo stellium in addition to my Saturn in Leo so becoming a mother was a real life changer for me. I had my two boys at 36 and 39 and this has made me the happiest I have been but at the same time made me deal with the following – a traumatic birth, parenting away from all family in a foreign country, inability to take the easy way in parenting and an inability to find anything as interesting and fascinating than motherhood. This has pushed me through a tremendous process of growth which I am grateful for and I am closer than every to my birth family and to my husband. My issue now is about day-to-day life. I am unable to work towards long term goals because parenting is taking up all my limited energy. What planetary patterns should I look for which will indicate more balance in life for me?

    Thanks for your articles Jessica! I am seriously addicted and I check your site everyday for new posts. I am a member for life for sure!

    1. Thank you! You have a lot of factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees of the signs and they are all locked into your Saturn at 1 Leo in the Fifth House, which describes your boys, the traumatic birth, parenting and also the relationship with your husband. You could focus on Saturn exclusively in Leo in the Fifth House and work with that, as a clue to help you find your way through anxiety, depression, fatigue and so on. Of course you have a Leo-Aquarius opposition pattern in your chart. You are strongly Aquarian and this is the sign we associate with the group. Look at your relationship with social media, your circle of friends, and more formal organisations like societies, unions, associations, societies, teams and the rest. I do feel you need to figure that out and there may be some ‘wounding’ there from past experiences. Leo-Aquarius polarity in the chart often manifests as issues between Me/Them and if you feel your body is taking the strain of emotional or psychological issues here, it may well be that unresolved situations with other people as a collective are really contributing to tension levels, energy and the rest.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this interesting article! I have Saturn in pieces, along with moon and Chiron In second house. I also have Uranus in opposition to Saturn. I always feel lots of pressure from Saturn. It seems that in every house it moves, it hits me hard. My fear is next year when it hits my sun in Capricorn. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you so much for your input!

    1. You have Saturn at 24 Pisces aspecting quite a lot in your chart, so yes – Saturn does heavily influence your entire life. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House describes one or two secrets, usually, which are a lifelong burden. If the truth became known the sky would fall. This is also the chart position of someone who operates behind the scenes, with no recognition. Transiting Saturn is something we all go through. No need to fear it, please. Saturn will conjunct a number of chart placements you have in Capricorn and the Tenth House. It is not the only planet doing this. In fact, your Tenth House (position, mission, ambition) is being slowly reshaped, and quite apart from Saturn, you also have Jupiter and Ceres poised to go through this zone of your chart, in November, December 2019. Certainly by 2020 you would be gaining hugely from solutions and opportunities not possible in 12 years as we see nothing short of a transformation. You may want to read more about the triple transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn closer to the time.

  28. Hi Jessica – My saturn is at 23 virgo opposing my sun at 29 pisces. Jupiter is also in virgo at 2 degrees. After reading your article I was trying to think of how saturn impacted my childhood and I can’t pinpoint any one specific thing – would jupiter sharing the same sign blunt the effect in some way?

    Right now I’m in the midst of my nodal return (28 Leo) and have been having tough time since the 2016 US election – both strain to some close personal relationships and dismay bc I worry about the future for my kids. I’m wondering how saturn is influencing this if at all – I would love to know your take.

    Many thanks, Ally

    1. Ally you have Saturn at 23 Virgo square Neptune at 22 Sagittarius. (I don’t use orbs beyond 0-1 degree). I also use the Natural House system so I need to spin your chart. Saturn is in your Sixth House which rules your workload, your lifestyle, your duty and service, your housework and most of all – your body. Neptune is in your Ninth House which rules your travel, worldwide web, publishing, academic, religious/spiritual and educational agenda. Both these areas of your life give you things you can’t square. That is literally what a square is. Saturn won’t affect the situation with your love life or your children. This is fundamentally about the tiny details of your everyday life, your physical state and your body, and how you approach the work you must do, both paid and unpaid. You can dig up more by looking up Saturn and Neptune, and also these two signs/houses.

  29. Thanks Jessica for all your insights on Saturn and his family tree, I do wonder if Saturn placements have an element of resolving inherited paternal failings/challenges?

    Although I read about Saturn placement and aspects, I never seem to be able to apply or get past them. Have been acutely aware of image and how I want to present to the world vs how I do (the gap is wide) yet although I understand this I can’t seem to make changes. Body/health issues and difficulty managing weight (lifelong unresolved hormonal issues) are a big part of this. This all impacts my ability to put myself out there in relationships and career – both areas where I’ve had repeated cycles of doing well then becoming outsider/shunned. (Not related to Saturn cycles as far as I can tell). One relationship with a Leo (abusive) did teach me lessons about self worth but there hasn’t been another relationship since (raised his daughter on my own, for safety reasons, almost 24 years) So no more lessons from that aspect (Juno 5º) other than dealing with PTSD.

    So I would love your thoughts on how I can work out my Saturn issues, which despite whatever I read I am unable to learn and apply the lessons – Saturn feels like a curse affecting all my houses with planets 4º-7º !

    1. Thank you. Yes, Saturn is often related to a father with problems! In the myth, of course, his children were a constant threat to him. Your issue is weight, and your body. Saturn in Aries is about the body, to some extent, but for the hormones we look to Virgo and the Sixth House. You have Uranus at 20 Virgo opposite Diana at 19 Pisces. Just one degree short of an exact clash. Diana is in Pisces in the Twelfth House of the unconscious mind, and Uranus is in the Sixth House of the body. You will unlock your weight issues if you look at that very simple opposition. Have you looked at your blood type and your food? Just a hunch. Your mind, body and spirit connection is absolutely crucial to your whole life story. Understanding that the body houses the soul is going to help a lot. You have the kind of chart where, unless you make the connection between ‘body as temple’ for your spirit, which is so vibrant and powerful, it’s never really going to make sense for you. We live in a world where bodies do not house spirits, they are used for pornography, or for the diet/fashion industry…or whatever. I think when you finally realise that your body is really about your soul, it will be quite exciting for you. And yes, the weight would drop off.

  30. Hello Jessica,
    Like Miss M , I too was molested by a close family member and also have Saturn in the 4th house. I only recently reconciled with my mother who also may have been aware of the abuse. We did not speak for most of my adult life and I am in my 50’s!

    I have had years of therapy and feel I am a balanced whole person, plus the fact I have a degree in psychology was very cathartic.

    May I ask, what you see with my particular Saturn Line-up? I came from a very dysfunctional home and am curious what the stars/planets have laid out for me to deal with.

    Many thanks and blessings to you, for your tireless dedication!

    1. This must have been very hard to deal with – molestation by a family member – and a missing relationship with your mother. As a psychologist you would be interested in placements in Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart, using the Natural House system. You don’t have Saturn in the Fourth House using that system, but you have Saturn involved in a Grand Cross. This is the ‘cross to bear’ and it is unusual. You were born with the MC at 13 Cancer, IC at 13 Capricorn, Saturn at 13 Capricorn, AC at 12 Libra and DC at 12 Aries. The signs tell you the nature of the burden. Cancer is the relative and also your mother. Capricorn is your ambition (your job is obviously tied to your experience with the family). Libra is relationships. Aries is image. You would find that any time you have outer planet transits across 12, 13 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn you have to deal with the same issues, but each time it becomes easier. Jupiter is a tremendous helper/healer and moves across 13 Capricorn in January and February 2020, when you will take the next giant leap forward. Thank you for sharing your experiences C.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind understanding and clarifying the unclear.

        Best Regards,

  31. Hi Jessica, thanks a lot for this amazing article.
    I have Saturn at 17° in libra but i also have vesta and ceres at same degree. I’m always attracting males Libra or scorpio to my life. Amazing passion and sometimes deep love but it always ended up suddenly with a disaster or a lot of drama and negativity. Does having libra in saturn affect relationships or marriage? cause I’m always struggling and never being able to commit, either something bad happen or I feel I’m with the wrong person so I don’t know anymore if it’s them or me 🙂 ? But I’m almost convinced that It’s better to drop the idea of getting married or even be in a normal relationship :). so could you please clarify how saturn is affecting my chart and is there any chance that having my jupiter in scorpio with mars, ceres, diana, aesculapia and ops will be helpful for me in this matter or affect other areas in my chart starting october 2017? Thanks

    1. Thank you. You are struggling with relationships, marriage, love and sex and want to know if your horoscope has the answer. Actually you may be relieved to find that love is not the whole of your life. I know that we live in a world where we are sold the marriage/sex message 24 hours a day, but actually you have the sort of chart which suggests it’s never going to dominate anything for you. In fact, love/sex is just about as important as money (for example) or your projects, ideas and the rest. This may be a former lover, or a potential lover, but the right person for you would also understand that life is about way more than a relationship or marriage. I do feel you can either go back to this person, or discover him in your future. He is very interesting, rather spiritual, quite clever, a multi-tasker and brings quite a lot to the table. So I am very optimistic on your behalf. Please don’t ask ‘when’. But if you want Mr Fascinating, then it is Mr Fascinating you will have.

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica, after reading your words i feel so happy and positive not only about my love life but my whole future. i’m so grateful for your helpful and honest answers, very insightful 🙂 !

  32. My first saturn return I think coincided with the leo/aq nodes? As per advice I’ve thought back to remember 1995 – 2008. A number of significant events occurred, namely motherhood in 98, learning to swim and drive whilst also having post natal depression. He is 19 now and hopefully about to embark on a wonderful journey my quirky Aquarian! I strongly identify with the Leo aspects, I thought the nodes would bring positive change….but my love intetest who thrives on complicated relationships is sticking to the same old script.. as warned! Do I have to wait til Dec 17 for the karmic stuff or will it be longer than that? I’m trying hard to change my attitude and be philosophical. Not being so attached is working to a degree, is it a Leo thing to be loyal in the face of adversity??

    1. If love is your priority then that’s not really a surprise – you have a whopping stellium in Leo. You can look at timing using the Astrology Oracle as I am sure you will be shifting your own deadlines, as this person also shifts priorities too. The general story with your Leo stellium is that decisions to pursue pregnancy, or avoid/terminate, always begin the life cycle of the Leo-type lover, as this is the sign we associate with heirs and spares. All royals need offspring or pretenders to the throne, in order to define who they are, and hang onto their role in life. Even in very late life you still find heavily Leo people having to make choices about step-parenting, or even becoming a step-grandparent! So it comes back to the world of children, time and time again. I do not know if the person you are in love with is a parent. But it is significant, if so, as the Node goes across Leo and your Fifth House through 2018.

  33. Hi Jessica! Thanks for this article. I quite like the notion that we end up in the reality we make for ourselves.
    I am watching my chart trying to follow your method (new to me) and I’m not sure if my Saturn in Scorpio at 12° actually opposes Ascendant in 14° Taurus or not. Generally it is considered a yes (eeek!!), but I was reading on the other comments that even 2° is too wide?
    Also, it seems like it is inconjunct Diana in 12 °Aries (did I make the math right?? Beginner alert..). I was wondering if this might have something to do with certain feelings of shame and self judgement I have sometimes being my most indipendent, wild self as woman. It feels like a “legacy” from an ancient past…Does that make any sense at all in my chart? In case I guessed it right… Any advice from the stars to make peace with my wild feminine is welcome! 🙂
    Thanks xx

    1. Other astrologers use wide orbs up to nine degrees but as I work with asteroids, I only allow 0-1 degree orbs, or the chart would look like an over-decorated birthday cake. The North Node at 29 Taurus, South Node at 29 Scorpio, Moon at 29 Aries and Neptune at 28 Sagittarius are far more important than your Ascendant. The Ascendant is just your appearance, name, body type, and all the superficial stuff – pink or blue sweater? You could find out quite a lot about your horoscope just by looking at how that pile-up at 28, 29 degrees has manifested in your history. Your Moon in Aries is the woman who needs to be needed in emergency or military situations. I have seen women with this placement take jobs rescuing people on ski slopes. I have also seen it with women who do very well in crisis careers or in family situations where Mum always has to come to the rescue, as if Thunderbirds had all pressed the red button at once. This is no doubt your wild woman side. Now, look at how money affects that. Look at how travel/emigration/foreign connections have affected that. Unlock the zodiac signs and houses to see how you’re playing it.

  34. Okay, You have with this article. My Cancer is only (** eek) in MC and South Node.
    Can you please enlighten me as I am preparing slowly making shifts and dip a toe into the crypto- money revolution space. Just wish I’d jumped on this pony when you first mentioned it and not today. x Hindsight is a bi$ch, even with an astrologer wisdom like yours on side.

    1. Thank you. Your Scorpio chart signature will be useful as you figure out the new landscape of money from Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio in October. Of course the big player here is Uranus in Taurus and he will slightly cross over the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle in 2018. I am sure by 2020 you will be completely on top of the biggest change of our lives, financially – and that is the mainstream acceptance of one world digital currency. And that’s the straight part! Do make sure you have the best advice you can afford, it’s going to be a wild long-term ride.

  35. Hello Jessica 🙂
    Thank you for this great discussion about Saturn. As you would know, I’ve got Saturn transiting Sagg at the moment! Big life lessons and learning curve …
    I see from my chart that I’ve got Saturn in Pisces at 22 degrees. I’ve also got a number of factors at 22 degrees in other signs, most particularly Neptune at 22 Scorpio. What do these placements suggest to you? Your sagacious thoughts will be, as usual, gratefully received xxx Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your Saturn at 22 Pisces hooks into key areas of your chart, so it’s fair to say that what you do behind the scenes, by yourself, without anyone else really knowing/seeing/understanding – affects so much else about your world. You have Chiron at 21 Pisces conjunct Saturn, by one degree, so this is a big part of who you are. It often begins in childhood. This is the little girl who prays to saints, or keeps a secret locked diary, or retreats into imaginary worlds, or reads while other children are playing games. Later on in life, there can be an attraction to the occult (which means ‘hidden’ and so relates to Pisces and the Twelfth House) and the world of Tarot cards, mediumship, magic and the rest. There is also very commonly a chain of roles behind the scenes, over the course of the lifetime, with the world at large being unaware of how much the Saturn and Chiron in Pisces person is actually doing! One of the odd things about this placement is that it can be barely conscious. In other words you may not be aware of just how much your own ‘underworld’ affects just about everything else. It’s worth a look.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    My Saturn is in 6deg Libra and Jupiter in 5deg Libra. It’s all about relationships for me, in fact I define myself that way. Even if I feel I want to be alone, someone just barges into my life unexpectedly. I have transformed from a stubborn, jealous, possessive , angry and manipulative person to a calm, cool, accepting, and selfless one through my lessons learned through relationships. My kids gives me the most happy moments, they treat me like a queen. With my parents, my siblings, and my spouse, I always have issues. But I always forgive them and they keep on doing the same things with me and now I’m tired of pulling things together.
    Please provide your inputs Jessica.

    Fiery Aries

    1. Well, Fiery Aries, you just gave yourself a reading there! The ‘calm, cool, accepting’ outcome is extremely important. In fact, if you want to keep that state of mind, you could have it for life. Aries can often put out her/his fire by leaning on other signs in the chart. Aquarius is very common because it is two signs away, and Aries types often use that. Water signs like Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer in a strongly Aries chart can also help.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please give me some insight on what’s going on with my Saturn right now?

    Thank you!


    1. It’s really about money or property. You have a big Taurus-Scorpio chart signature and Saturn was across that when he was in Scorpio. Even now he is still aspecting this. You have an asset or gift you’re not seeing. Perhaps you are too focussed on waiting for something to come good – you are hanging on for some kind of reward or return. By all the laws of astrology when Jupiter (harvest, abundance) goes into Scorpio from late 2017 you should be on your way and your timing will be right.

  38. Hello Hello Hello!

    You have quite the conversations going – you have hit a great topic here!
    Thanks for your blogs. They are so easy to read.
    Now, I am a little confused about my Saturn though. . . . .
    My whole life has been hard bloody slog! Is this Saturn at work or something else?
    I would love you insights into this topic.
    Have an awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. You have a lot of Sagittarius and Pisces in your chart and these two signs are ‘square’ in astrology – they are hard to square. Probably because of the people in your life, you tend to find it hard to get a solid footing and keep things grounded. There are often issues about travel, travellers, foreigners/being foreign, emigration/immigrants with Sagittarius and this square pattern in your chart will take a fair bit of creative juggling. I am not sure if the export/journey/regional/foreign theme is about you, or about where you come from, in terms of your family tree. Finding a way to stabilise and secure things – a foundation – even in constant currents and flux – is a challenge, to be sure, but there are ways to do it. You may have to come up with a very particular way of surfing through life in order to do it. Feeling all at sea, or having someone dominating your life who was somehow not quite planted in the real world, is a pretty classic manifestation of this combination.

  39. Thank you this is so interesting. I have Saturn in Taurus and have ALWAYS struggled with money-I can make it but not keep or manage it, it’s a lifelong battle! Plus I am always fearful of not having any security. Does my chart indicate I can ever crack it?!

    1. When in doubt lean on your Leo side. You are strongly Leo so you have a fantastic connection with babies, children and young people. This is where the growth is and also the feelgood factor. Maybe that has its own value – priceless, in fact. Yet, if you wanted to, you could find a way to profit from this rather natural gift in your horoscope. You sometimes see this chart placement when mothers benefit from having a child in some way, or when there is a profitable flair for teaching, tutoring, or otherwise finding some paid work involving younger people.

  40. Hi Jessica
    I have Saturn in Sagittarius 9 degrees and have noticed I also have all 9 degrees in the following; Salacia in Capricorn, Asc in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra and Desc in Gemini!
    Can you please help me clarify how these 9 degree placements affect me? Thank you for your incredible insights! I’m still learning!

    1. Jupiter in Libra really helps you here, as there is an abundance of good, solid-gold relationship history here, and you are in a position to share/give as you are rather blessed. If you don’t want to do that, or don’t feel you can, it may be worth asking yourself why…At the same time this is your defence. Saturn needs walls to protect/guard and your particular castle, moat and drawbridge is composed of these many, many bonds. You have a stellium in Cancer too and sometimes this manifests as ‘This is my family/these are my people’ and that can be the protection. Changing position on that could be interesting. You are really quite strongly Cancerian.

  41. Thanks for yet another fascinating article, Jessica.
    I have Saturn in Aquarius 7 right next to my South node at 8 and in a very busy part of my chart. I have lots of friend groups and dont really belong in just one. Diana is close by as well, and I do love dogs (sometimes more than people!) So I guess my question is about how Saturn would impact upon me with my nodes so close by?
    I am going back to read the article again. It certainly deserves a second read!!
    Best wishes

    1. Zigi, Saturn at 7 Aquarius conjunct the South Node at 8 Aquarius (and opposite the North Node at 8 Leo) means whenever the 7/8 pattern is triggered there are issues with friends and groups. Diana close by is your way through – which may explain why you sometimes prefer dogs to people (she certainly did). The Leo node is important – it is about children, the generation gap, kidult entertainment/activity (from Harry Potter to riding) and your ability to enter into the world of children, teenagers and young people. As the Node returns to your own Leo Node across the 2017-2018 cycle you’ll see this first hand. Groups which feed or supply children or younger people would be a characteristic use of this T Square.

  42. Saturn at 18 Cancer is unaspected in your chart. Saturn in the Fourth House usually describes your father or grandfather. This is the boss. Rock solid, and a huge influence on you. You have picked up some of this man’s solid-rock influence, yet he would have been rather intimidating either to you as a child, or perhaps to other people.

  43. Hi Jessica, just thought to join the Saturn conversation with my case! My Saturn is in Libra and between 2010/11 – 2012 (my “saturn return”) everything started going wrong at the same time, and almost all of it was the fallout of my own choices. Then 2012 – 2014 Saturn entered Scorpio, opposite my Sun and it – no exaggeration!! – was rock bottom for me. Homeland, money, career, relationships, I had to start everything over from scratch and develop literally an armour of steel to withstand it all! Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius and I have a stellium in Sagittarius, I am “re-doing” my academic / foreign / intellectual trajectory with lessons carefully learnt from this five year brutal experience. But strangely enough, while emotionally this whole Saturn experience matured me by a hundred years it actually forced me to sacrifice everything comfortable in return for finally beginning to achieve what I dreamt of doing since childhood. Isn’t that crazy?! Now when I look back I realize that I’d have never had the courage to voluntarily go down this challenging path…. but now that it’s done… wow, it’s like I am a person reborn. Does this Saturn story make sense?!

    1. Your Saturn story makes a good deal of sense, although there are other transits in there too. You might well ask ‘What has Saturn done for me?’ It teaches you the value of emotionally rewarding and soul-fulfilling relationships, friendships, family connections and so on. In fact you have Jupiter in Scorpio to thank for that.

  44. Hi Jess,

    I am certain you have tons of comment awaiting reply. Trying my luck nonetheless!

    I have been reading on Saturn in Capricorn as I have my Saturn return soon – it mentions difficulty with father figures. My relationship with my father – although now I have broken all ties with him, he is still married to my mum – was awful at all times. To begin with he was absent, and when was around – terribly controlling, negative, hostile and just an awful human being. I suffered mental, psychological and physical abuse which has affected me on a deep level. I feel like I have pulled through this, but I think I still suffer PTSD symptoms from the abuse – flashbacks and to some level paranoia (that ruled my teens and early 20s) I fear his control over my Mum’s life will somehow make it creep back to mine in the future.

    I just wanted to see if I am well and truly out of his shadow once and for all, and how to deal with my father issues should they arise in the future.

    Thanks so much!

    1. I am very sorry about the relationship with your father and all that you have suffered. Saturn in Capricorn can certainly show up as a very difficult Dad. Some people find their fathers are in the same/a similar profession and that piles the pressure on – fathers can resent sons because they feel threatened. Sometimes it is not so much career, but the myth of Uranus (father) and Saturn (son) is quite literal – the son seems to get in the way of the mother-father relationship, because the mother sides with the son for part of the story. The absence you experienced is common. Distancing, rejecting, putting miles in between you and somebody else is exactly what Uranus did with his own children, whom he shoved back inside his wife, the earth (Gaia). The main thing now is to see what you can do to fix things. The thing I love about Saturn is that he became the great god of Italian agriculture, who oversaw the Golden Age in Roman mythology. Saturn’s transition from trapped son, to cursed son, ended in tremendous satisfaction, fulfilment and growth, not only for himself, but all of Italy. I am going to suggest you get stuck into the myth of Saturn and see the full story for yourself as I think it may click with you. Over the next ten years, you will find yourself slipping comfortably into the final, rewarding stage of the Saturn story, which is when you realise you can move into your own ‘golden age’. In fact ageing makes Saturn easier. You may or may not be a gardener, a financier, a developer of products or property…but Saturn was a tremendous builder in the end and did bring abundance to himself and others. In this way too you will be vindicated. I suspect the shadows of the past will vanish altogether.

  45. Hi jessica, i have saturn in pisces 29° trine Psyche in cancer 29°, how would you describe that? Many thanks Kerry-lee

    1. If those are the only factors at 28 or 29 in your chart, then essentially what you cover up and hide is directly connected to a family situation which will live forever – it will outlast you. Psyche was the target of Venus, who resented her beauty, and was subjected to various tests and trials. At one point she also fell helplessly in love with Cupid, son of Venus – so there are often daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, son stories going on with Psyche in Cancer. Sometimes it’s a generation or two back. What you conceal, or what you do without anyone knowing, may be part of this.

  46. Dear Jessica, I see that my Saturn is on 13 degrees of Virgo, accompanied by North node at 8 degrees in Virgo and ascendant at 8 degrees Virgo as well. Things are progressing soooo slow and despite of all positive aspects, it just feels like the grip of Saturn in never to be escaped or managed. Is there any chance being out of the shadow and moving to more successful/ prosperous times? Thank you very much !!!

    1. You are strongly Leo and you are coming into your own over the next 12 months – once you realise that the key to everything is a project that guides, leads and ‘mentors’ children or young people. You don’t say what your career is. If you were a teacher I would suggest that you work closely with people whose life path is ‘parenting’ a far younger generation. If your full-time role is full-time parenting, I would suggest that you take it further so commit to your children’s education. If you were J.K. Rowling I would say, expand Harry Potter into new forms of media. The Node is crossing Leo for the first time in many years – do use it – this is not about cash it is about the pride, soul satisfaction, recognition and importance of understanding that children or young adults need a Queen or King to rule them all. You can help that.

  47. I tried renewing my subscription on its expiry after one year but the site does not let me. It says you have already purchased this product. Is access to your site a once in a lifetime offer? 🙂

  48. Reposting this as I think you may have missed my request.
    Hi Jessica, Such a great article! This is very intriguing to me as I feel Saturn quite a bit for some reason in various angles of my challenges.
    I have Saturn at 5 Aries, Juno 05° Leo, Fortuna 04° Aries, NorthNode 06° Taurus,
    SouthNode 06° Scorpio and Ops in 12 Cancer. What are the additional implications of this Saturn influence (main focus on image, appearance, packaging, profile, reputation, title, wardrobe, etc.) due to the Aries factor.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I didn’t miss your request but I have a queue of 3,081 people in Comments at the moment and as I am also a travel editor for a HarperCollins series called Holiday Goddess, I have to fit in readers’ questions alongside globetrotting. Your Saturn pile-up is important (never mind Ops, though, the orb is too wide). What we have here is a life path dedicated to learning about the differences between two people, two sides, two totally different organisations or individuals which are poles apart. You could also learn or teach your whole life, in the context of multimedia, education, academia, publishing. This is the person who draws on his/her wisdom (I don’t know if you are a man or woman) to master issues about difference, conflict, separation and so on. I’ve seen a similar chart with a person who took on Conflict Resolution at University as a thesis.

  49. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for very interesting article.
    As for me, I would like to ask you , in which way I can use the rule number three – with Jupiter and Ops. I have Saturn 0 deg Leo, Jupiter 22deg Aries and Ops 4 deg Sagitarius. If Saturn makes me hard time, in which way I can use Jupiter and Ops?
    And is there any influence between Saturn in 0deg Leo and Uranus 0deg Scorpio in my birth chart.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Looking at your chart as a whole, you have strong Virgo/Scorpio/Taurus factors here, so don’t worry so much about Saturn. Your life path is about working steadily, making a nice income stream, perfecting the details, becoming an artisan/craftsperson in your chosen field or profession – and understanding that while money does not grow on trees, it’s hugely satisfying to make your own money by your own dedication and watch it accumulate. You are up for a long, long Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus transit for many years, starting in October this year.

  50. Hi Jessica, very insightful article on this seemingly “difficult” planet! I have Saturn at 7 degrees Virgo in my 4th house. Curious to hear how this manifests itself in my life, you mention this can lead to major family issues & ive always had difficulties with my family, especially my father. What about the Virgo aspects? My Jupiter is in Leo & I’m currently writing a children’s book so curious to see if this book will be the salvation to the Virgo/4th house Saturn influences (esp since my family are unsupportive of my literary dreams)? Any insight would be much appreciated. All the very best to you.

    1. Your ideas are set to travel over the next 12 months and this may be your children’s book, or another project. I feel there is more than one idea here because you have that kind of chart. By ‘travel’ I mean you could find an overseas publisher, or take the concept to another part of your country, or the world – sometimes people take writing workshops in Greece – sometimes they find an Indian ebook translator! This is a major 12 months of exploration for you, if you want it. I am not entirely sure why you would stay put, but sometimes people do. Family and father problems are baggage, non? You will be at a point by June 2018 where you can turn your back on the baggage and be free. Convert it into inspiration for a project.

  51. hi Jessica
    I’m gemini (07/06/1986). I have saturn at 5 deg sagittarius and have been dealing with issues about my husband and his ex partner for three years. I also have neptune at 4 deg capricorn, pluto at 4 deg scorpio and psyche at 6 deg cancer. my husband, his ex & I all have north nude in aries and south nude in libra. we got married when north nude was in libra and south nude in aries. I also have libra ascendent and aries descendent. interestingly my husband is aries and his ex is scorpio. his ex and I have vesta in aries and I read somewhere that vesta in aries is about women who end up in love triangles. I’m afraid if this is going to be a lifelong pattern and I have to be in love triangles struggling with rivals my whole life. I’d really appreciate your insights about all these patterns and specially what saturn and nudes are going to teach me. thank you for your kindness

    1. Well, I’ve never heard of the North Nude and South Nude before, but you have Pluto in Scorpio, so hey…seems appropriate. Don’t be afraid of anything in astrology, even your Nodes! Your husband and his former lover are best handled by one of two tactics. Side with her against him. Or disengage from the triangle. Remove your jealousy and your need to compete and win against this person. Read more on Vesta here and read the myth of the Vestales in Ancient Rome to understand why this archetype is so potent in your chart. I once knew a man with a Vesta problem whose ego depended on him having a harem of women dance around him. He was very handsome and one of the few men in an all-female world (ballet). He would not have sex with any of them, because of his strange beliefs about his kundalini energy (he thought being celibate made him a better dancer) so of course he kept the women hanging on…and on. Until one day they decided he was worth laughing about, rather than obsessing about. Reader, he quit the scene. The women found men who would actually shag them and were a ton happier!

  52. Hi Jessica
    I have Saturn 27° Scorpio 26′ 54″ R. It all has echoes of a situation that took place before in my life where I had to make a choice. Not sure I got it right then but have tried to make the best of things. I feel I am at the crossroads again and any insights you can give me to make a more informed decision would be welcome.
    Many thanks

    1. You have a T Square in your chart leading from Mars at 8 Pisces to your Nodes at 8 Gemini and Sagittarius. Vulcano is also at 8 Cancer. The ‘T’ in T Square stands for tension but also tenacity. With determination you can clean up and sort out almost any situation. Mars, of course, is also about trouble, very frequently, but right up until June 2018 you are in a position to remove whatever ‘ammunition’ might be used to complicate your own and other people’s lives. Mars can heal, strangely enough. Without Mars, no surgeons – and no life surgery either.

  53. Hi Jessica, thank you for your time. I’m honored by the time you spend on our comments. It was lovely to read your response and I’m incredibly grateful for your wisdom. Yoo mentioned conflict resolution and although I’m very good at evaluating two sides I do wish I had actual credentials. I am a woman living in Texas. Something to think of for the future. I willl surely read Travel Goddess as I’m an avid traveler since birth but now I will have someone incredibly gifted to follow.
    Once again many thanks.

  54. Reposting…as seems to have slipped through the net 🙂

    Hi Jessica – yikes I was reading California Girl’s comments and your responses – I have Saturn, Ceres and Chiron all in Pisces. My organisation is going through a restructure and oddly enough I have something going on behind the scenes that I can’t talk about that is work related and is going through the legal system now. I suspect I am looking at some kind of resolution (in my favour I hope) over the next 2 – 4 months (hopefully). Can you tell me if this is the case or whether I am being overly optimistic? Also, could you tell me if my chart looks good for a relocation/promotion in the next 4 – 6 months? Hanging out for a break here lol!

    1. You need to ground what is in your mind so that the choices become real. Like a lot of strongly Pisces people you are being affected by transits in Pisces and the Twelfth House which rules intuition, hunches, guesswork, fantasy, imagination and the rest. The fact is, there is money there if you want it, within 12 months. There is also a woman who could play an important part in helping you. I can’t say if this money is tied to your current position or is from another source. Yet – Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, assets, property and possessions will reward you, if you can reach for it and make it real. I think you also need to be quite firm and proactive in dismissing a couple of situations or people which, quite frankly, are not particularly nice to have around. Nothing will happen until you pop a few bubbles in your mind and haul down the potential and turn it into something solid.

        1. Thank you. Not run off my feet at all (checks watch, puts the kettle on) but much as I would love to answer each and every person in the queue, it always takes longer than most people would like. From 2019 I will be training astrologers (Premium Members only) so in the fullness of time it may be possible to have a number of people answering questions on this website who have learned my methods. No more long queue! Let’s see if it can happen…

  55. Hello Jessica. A Capricorn, my natal Saturn is in Libra 2 degrees (super galactic point) square my Sun 0 degrees and quincunx Jupiter in Pisces 3 degrees. What would be my life challenge(s)\lessons – relationships or career\life purpose? How could I use Jupiter to help me? When Saturn moves into Capricorn the end of this year, he will be squaring my Sun again. I was thinking that this could be good for me since Saturn is my ruling planet but, now that I see this natal square, I’m a bit worried. How do you see that aspect playing out for me?

    1. You are using a completely different system of astrology to me, so I need to overlook the Super Galactic Point, whatever that is, and the fact that you are using wide orbs, and just focus on your life lesson. Pluto at 19 Leo in the Fifth House is exactly sextile Neptune at 19 Libra in the Seventh House. Mercury at 18 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition is one degree away, making a quincunx to Pluto and almost exactly square Neptune. Every time you see a horoscope factor moving across 18, 19 by transit you will be made aware of this pattern, which is about equality, fairness and the exchange of bodily fluids by two consenting adults. This is more of an issue in August 2017 as of course Jupiter is moving to 19 Libra but for you, I expect it will feel like a familiar album played for the second time. Everything comes down to effective communication and always will. That is the lesson. The feelings are there. The passions are there. They always have been and always will be – yet Mercury’s involvement in your undeniably romantic Libra-Leo pattern is the key. All feeling no talk will never work. All desire, no negotiation won’t work either. There are also massive issues here about gender equality, justice, and so on. I have seen this pattern in the horoscopes of women who must deal with sexism in their relationships or marriages but also women who are trying to create lesbian partnership in a straight, straight world. Once you master this area of your life you will well and truly walk away from your current incarnation having learned the lesson that fate has decided.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I was born with Saturn at 3 Scorpio along with Jupiter at 3 Sagittarius, can you shed some light on how these aspects affect me? I am also keen to know about how Saturn moving into Capricorn this Dec will affect me since I have a large Capricorn stellium in my chart.
    Thank you and love your work as always!

    1. Thank you M I will look at Saturn’s transit across your Capricorn stellium. Saturn enters Capricorn on 21st December 2017 and remains there until December 17th 2020, so it is book-ended by Christmas Day, which is appropriate, as at this time of year the Romans (who gives us our modern astrology today) celebrated Saturnalia. This is about learning how to ground yourself in the real world, stabilise your life and deal with money, pure and simple. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius are under transit from Jupiter across this period as Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 9th November 2018. This is big in terms of your travel, export or emigration agenda then. However, it will definitely have an impact on your cash flow. It would be all too easy to feel all at sea (Jupiter conjunct Neptune) despite the fact that you feel your ship has come in. This is a heady combination of planets in the chart and even though other regions or countries can offer the most extraordinary trip, or head trip, your Saturn cycle is all about a serious, sensible, stable strategy. You have enough Taurus (money) in your chart to persuade me that erratic global trends involving currency exchange rates, major banks, digital currency and the rest could affect you on a personal level. There seems to be some reluctance to identify with your Taurus traits and instead you are dancing to your Sagittarius tune, at that time. Remember, Taurus the Bull is your friend. He keeps his four hooves firmly planted on the ground and he observes that magic mantra from World War Two ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ You could take the trip of a lifetime or move on this cycle but there is no point in even contemplating that until you marshall your resources.

  57. Hi:

    I’m nearing my 2nd Saturn return and am currently dissatisfied with my job and living conditions. Can you suggest how to best prepare for what’s coming? Better yet, how to use my Jupiter to succeed?

    Thank you,


    1. Good question Jose. Saturn will move to 16 Capricorn and your Saturn Return in February 2019, July 2019, November 2019 so that year is dominated by this phenomenon. Salacia is conjunct Saturn at 15 Capricorn so the two go together. She is often ignored by astrologers because she is a new discovery, but this Trans-Neptunian Object is important too. Saturn will also conjunct Salacia on the way through. You also have Ceres in Aquarius, part of a huge line-up and as Aquarius is about the group, I suspect a lot of 2019 will be taken up with a trade union, body corporate, private members’ club, charity, society or similar. You will be between a rock and a hard place, as they say, because that is what Saturn does. However in the context of your entire life it’s really not that important. One thing about 2019 you need to do is stabilise and settle. You either need to ground yourself fully in the location where you are, or move – until you feel at home. If you are not settled or don’t have a powerful sense of belonging to a place, it is harder to communicate with, and sort out, groups of people. For more on Ceres in Aquarius look up both because that is really what will dominate 2019 for you, in the context of your position, mission and ambition.

  58. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for Interesting article on Saturn
    I have Saturn 12° Leo 01′ 49″ how does that impact me. Since Saturn transited to Sagittarius I am having mixed experience in relationship don’t know where it will lead. When Saturn transits to Capricorn what it will be for me? Please look it to my chart.

    1. Over the next five years you will either have to choose to fully commit to the person you are with now, or seriously commit to a new lover. Not only Saturn but also Vesta and the MC are in Leo in your Fifth House of sexual relationships – and the Node is not only crossing Leo (rare) we also find a question here about a particular house, block of land, apartment or home town in the background. Why? You also have a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of property. The only issue i would raise here is male-female politics as Vesta commonly results in women asking questions about men who have a harem situation around them (one or more women dancing attendance). This can be mother and sister, or former wife and daughter, and so on. This is going to be an utterly serious decision and there are no guarantees, but the tryst is there if you both want it. I suspect that will come down to negotiation, proof and most of all action. Yet there is something heavily fated going on here. Karma, I suspect. You knew each other before.

  59. Hello Jessica, what an interesting article!

    Natally I have, Saturn at 0 degrees Virgo, 4 degree Sag sun, retr Jupiter at 4 degrees cancer – any basic comments on this? Is this all doom & gloom?

    Since my saturn return in 2007, nothing has been easy. No satisfaction or really achievements job-wise (never felt like i have reached my full potential, some sort of blockage…) and a really messy, unfulfilling, cold marriage…Any light of hope?

    One thing that I am trying to clarify in my mind is how much astrology defines our life, is there a percentage of free will /hard word/making the right decisions to reach the outcome you dream of. In other words, how much of a fatalistic approach should one have in life (e.g. bad natal chart, difficult transits hence no matter what I do, I am bound to fail…). Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry about the cold marriage and the lack of job satisfaction. The most important thing I can tell you about your choices, now through June 2018, is that if you want to axe any situation that you no longer need nor love, you can do that. You have Mars at 10 Leo and for the first time in many years, the Node is crossing Leo. We associate Leo the Lion with the King and this is part of who you are, although you are not expressing it, either in your royal bedchamber or in your kingdom at work. Your question about free will and fate is a good one. The answer is, we live in a multiverse, as so many scientists including Stephen Hawking, believe. Within the confines of a reading, you have a wide amount of choice. The old saying ‘When life hands you lemons make lemonade’ is a good one for the next 12 months. It might sound like a piece of silliness, but actually it is true. People can and do build soft drink empires from whatever they can work with! When you are presented with the choice to chop and change, cut out something or axe the dead wood – it is your call. You may decide it’s too much. You may let the moment go as a parallel universe you never ‘popped’ and never chose. I do feel that you could easily travel or move, should you make your bold move. Most of all I think you need to remember you’re a Mars Leo person and remember that King Arthur is a Leo archetype. There is a sword in a stone, but it’s up to you to extract it.

  60. Dear Jessica, I would love to hear your thoughts about Saturn in my chart. I have a few things happening natally at 25/26 degrees. The last few years have been stressful, complicated, pretty unhappy and I just see no end in sight. I think my 8th House Saturn is about my mother and sisters who have done everything possible to be vindictive and nasty. Secrets – there are many, but I have recently found out, that behind my back they have manouvered things to cut me out of my mothers will – very 8th house don’t you think? My husband I think may be suffering from a serious (incurable, degenerative) illness, but refuses to get diagnosed. I fear my future looks very bleak… Work is not consistent for me and I have debts to pay. I just can’t see how things can improve by (northern hemisphere) winter. Any ideas about how do deal with saturn in my chart? Many thanks for this and all your wonderful articles xx

    1. Thank you. Your sisters have cut you out of your mother’s will – heavens above. Your Saturn is not in the Eighth House in the Natural House system; it is in Pisces in the Twelfth House. Very different. You have Neptune, the IC and the Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House, actually. The IC rules your family tree, so it is literally planted in the house of money, property and possessions. The Node tells you, this is karma from previous incarnations. Neptune tells you, you need to be far more of a realist about saving, spending, shopping and earning. Now – on the subject of past lives – they may have been your mother/sisters before – they may have had quite different relationships with you. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is to get straight back into your Aquarian side. You have the Descendant and Diana in Aquarius. I appreciate there are also issues with your husband making you unhappy, but your chart suggests you need to go it alone, remove yourself from family and husband for a while, and start the Aquarian path. Diana is fiercely independent. She was the goddess of wild places and swam naked with her nymphs. In Aquarius she is all about nature, solitude, wilderness, swimming – but also with her main groups protecting her and looking over her. The nymphs were a community, you see. The future looks extremely bright if you can do this. Your Descendant is your husband and in Aquarius too, it suggests that if you’re going to get back in touch with your sexuality and womanhood, you need to find out how to live out the Aquarius story. Look at the sculpture and paintings of Diana too. You may have synchronicity around her. Many women do when Diana comes knocking. It’s part of the guidance and the healing. You know, you have a family tree – and roots matter – and yet although they say ‘Blood is thicker than water’ I think you are about to prove to yourself that it really isn’t. Aquarian types ‘feed’ groups, communities and circles but remain apart from them. You have a very special role there if you wish.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    How does this planet affect me. I was born at 1.26pm on14/01/1967

    1. You may want to get your chart done at or and calculate the asteroids by hand, then let me know your chart placements.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    I have my natal Saturn at 28 Leo, you have commented on this very placement in another article. I have had the tough lessons on my Saturn return.
    I am now interested in how my natal Saturn impacts my other chart placements. I have Mars at 27 Cancer, Vesta at 29 Scorpio, Ceres at 29 Sagittarius.
    I think I have gotten kicked around a bit since 2007 by Saturn and I want to understand these placements. I have developed a great since of humour and I am very resilient.
    I returned to college in 2008 and am working towards a new career, and it’s been very tough
    emotionally and financially. I want to understand my placements before Saturn enters Capricorn.

    Kind regards,

    1. How will your chart progress now through the end of Saturn in Capricorn? You have that Gemini-Sagittarius pattern which is typical of people with ideas, concepts, plans – who need to plant them. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is very much about that, and also in opposition to Gemini. Saturn is across your Ninth House of travel, distant places, the worldwide web, knowledge, information and the spread of knowledge, too. Gemini, of course, is the actual message – and the medium you choose – and the messenger, which happens to be you. Saturn will eventually go on to trigger other issues, like your ambition (Climb Every Mountain, as they used to trill in The Sound of Music). Everest is there to be conquered and obviously what you have in your hands has massive potential. Yet – Saturn tells you – if you don’t make this real and do it with enough research, homework and good timing – things do wither on the vine. You have a feather in your cap from your return to college. You have your education behind you, and across you. Maybe this is a case of ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ or maybe some of your Everests are too daunting. Maybe you need to find a different environment or place to plant and grow, what intrigues you and fascinates you. This is yours to explore.

  63. Hi Jessica
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this Saturn Article and your in-depth June Gemini horoscope. You really are a ‘float’ for me during this time, helping me keep a float. What an amazing talent you have! I understand now the ‘fear’. Slapped me in the face frankly reading this article (several times). Reading your article/ dates for childhood saturn and the issue I’m having now that I was forced to experience as a child. This cycle has returned as me now in the leading role (instead of my parents) in a similar situation. I’ve have been trying to run in the opposite direction during this cycle because I’m scared (only admitted this to myself a few months ago) but it keeps coming back and deep down I can honestly say maybe I don’t want to run away even though it could tear my world apart as it did when I was a child. If am interpreting your article correctly, even if I continue to try to avoid or run the very thing that I’m fearful of happens anyway?
    Thank you…

    1. Thank you for your thank you. I am so very sorry about your childhood experiences. First of all, you have a dazzling future ahead of you. Perhaps you know that. Salacia and the South Node are in Aquarius, the sign which rules groups, communities and networks. The Node is crossing Aquarius very slowly at the moment, into 2018. Beyond that, Pluto will move into Aquarius eventually and utterly transform your life. Perhaps you know what an Aquarius was in Ancient Rome. He was the water-bearer who supplied the Roman Baths, among other communal places. He could probably have taken a dip, or at least got his feet wet in the pool, but his real job was feeding the collective need. The Roman Baths was comprised of young, old, rich, poor, male, female. If you ever get the chance to visit the Roman Baths (the Temple of Sulis Minerva) in Bath, then I am sure it would awaken something in you. Individually nobody could afford their own swimming pool. As a group, they could all swim. The baths went beyond swimming, though. It was about discovering the common ground people share, despite their superficial appearance or status. Eventually the Baths became a source of people power. You will spend your life in and out of these ‘pools’ of people and you are very much needed there. You may start the groups or join them and change them, just by your presence, but you were born to be involved with them. You will find peace of mind, spiritual purpose, power, great truth, self-confidence and calm through this. You are also heavily Virgo as I am sure you know. Virgo rules the Sixth House of your horoscope, which is the body and its impact on the mind and spirit. Of course it works both ways. You are a natural healer. You are going to combine the groups with the healing. There is one more destination waiting. You will probably move there, eventually, or take extended sabbaticals there – but this is where you will really hit the heights. When you are good and ready, you will take that journey.

      1. Wow, this sounds really exciting! This has lifted my spirits. I visited Bath as a student but was too poor to pay for admission…I wasn’t aware of the history…I am going to book a trip over the summer for some me time. Thank you Jessica.

        1. You’ll love the Roman Baths but go early at opening time and if you ever get the chance to return off-season in winter it’s even better (no crowds). You may have some Minerva synchronicity when you go – look at Minerva in your chart when you travel.

  64. Re-Reposting:

    Hi Jessica

    I’m looking at my birth chart from you and there’s Saturn at 26 Scorpio.

    1) Scorpio always confuses me (and I have the most factors in this sign) and so this Saturn is confusing as well – coupled with the fact that I have repressed a lot of my childhood (some of these have only come to light through therapy this year after my dad died this February).. I am not entirely sure what my Saturn at Scorpio can mean.

    2) You also mention degrees close to the Saturn degree, and I have four at 27, as you can see. The Venus at 27 degrees Virgo and DC at 27 degrees Virgo in my chart intrigued me – because from another post of yours, I believe in September 20, Sun 27 Virgo conjuncts Moon 27 Virgo??

    So how do I put these all together? Money sex and body?? What kind of situations or decisions could they be?

    (I know with DC you always question birth times, but I’ve had it confirmed from mum dad and doctor via birth certificate, so fingers crossed)!


    1. I think I’ve answered more than one question from you Shaolee and some of what you need to know is in the other reply. You sound as if someone who would love to learn astrology and there are many ebooks that come with membership – you can also buy my book 2020 Astrology at Amazon if you did not download it free last Christmas. Thank you.

  65. Hello Jessica…I feel Saturn defines the way I lived my life. Lost my father to a cardiac arrest when I was a teenager, and always lived life with a high sense of duty and responsibility. I always thought Saturn was in my tenth house alongwith Mars, like having the brakes and accelerator on together at the same time, with the engine running but not going anywhere. I have not had a professionally successful life due to duties at home.. Saturn ties into Vesta, Proserpina, Vulcano if we were to see the closest numbers. Ops is in Cancer too, Jupiter in Pisces. How can I work with this data?

    1. You have Saturn at 2 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and sadly lost your father during transits to your natal Saturn. Using the Natural House system takes Saturn out of your Tenth (not sure what house system you are using there) and puts it firmly into your Fourth, which also describes your family tree, your roots, your houses and apartments, your home town and homeland. Mars, Apollo and Ops are in the same place, also in Cancer so you may want to look back at transits to that stellium in the Fourth House over the years, to see how it has manifested. In general your personality and life are dominated by your Aries stellium. Aries is male, a heavyweight sign, likes to win, tends to intimidate the nervous, but impress the right people. Aries is ruled by Mars, which you mention, so that may be what you have been picking up. You can be quite tough if you want to be – if you have to be. Figuring out masculinity and its place in your world, and sorting out energy, timing, stay-go impulses is worth your time. You could be in a more comfortable position. All your life you will be in an impressive one, but you also need to make peace with yourself and your place in the world so that you can be more relaxed about it. I suspect one way through would be to understand that if the occasion calls for it, you can ‘fight the good fight’ at a moment’s notice – but you don’t have to be on guard all the time. This rather reminds me of Dad’s Army and the Home Guard. Ready, willing and able when required but not necessarily poised for action stations all the time. And this brings us back to fathers and to masculinity again. Have a look at male role models; not just your father; there may be some clues there about how you developed your personality and where you are now/in future.

      1. Brilliant! You can count on me as your lifelong fan 🙂

        “likes to win, tends to intimidate the nervous, but impress the right people.” Have finally given up trying to please all by underplaying myself. Like you said, the strong confident people can deal with me happily. Mars in Cancer is its downfall, is that why I have not been able to be assertive and energetic all the time?

        The absent father figure perhaps makes me hanker after an anchor. I have no real male role models. I look upto my mother(born March 27, 1942) who was orphaned as a baby but lived a courageous life with competence, virtue, integrity and strength. I am grappling with masculinity but its only shadows in my head. 🙁

        Thank you so much. You are truly gifted and special. :*

  66. HI Jessica, I have scoprio Saturn in my first house how can I use it to my adventage or what should I be aware of? Thanks!

    1. Saturn is in Scorpio in your Eighth House in the Natural House system. Saturn rules the limitations, restrictions, hard karma and hard work that we are born with. The Eighth House is associated with sexually intimate financial arrangements (the marriage and the mortgage, or the divorce and the settlement) and also with ‘Til death do us part’ in Church on wedding day. This house is also linked to legacies, the last will and testament and all deadly serious paperwork, like life insurance or the ‘mort’ part of the mortgage with the bank! It’s a lifelong learning curve with Saturn there but it becomes easier as time passes. Seeking older and experienced people for advice is usually very helpful.

  67. i am sorry to be going for two bites of the cherry here, but I was blown away by your previous comment to me. You mentioned I should get back to my Aquarian side over the next 12 months. I have never associated myself with an Aquarian connection or path – I seem to identify so strongly with the Taurus practical, loyal, cautious side. I hear what you say about heading out on my own over the next 12 months…what are the key themes I should be focused on over these next 12 months and how does this get me through this Saturn in Sag cycle? How do I make positive changes for the future without losing all I have and ultimately feeing very alone? Thanks Jessica

    1. You could put more energy into the group you are already involved with, or try the new group which will be on offer to you within 12 months. It’s the way forward, so go once, twice and see how you feel!

  68. Hi Jessica – sat here reading this and I’m stunned!

    I have Saturn in Leo and have a fear of pregnancy and childbirth! Always wondered why this was such a strong fear – it’s starting to make sense! I’m also rubbish at choosing partners. Thanks for your amazing insight and work!

  69. Thank you for another fascinating article … I’m quite a novice to reading my chart so I wonder if you could offer any insights.
    I have Saturn 18 in Capricorn… so my work provides challenges ? And yes that ties into to a story from my childhood when I told my dad that I wished to be an air hostess… his response was not positive so in order to make him proud I abondoned this glamour job for the most difficult, service to others, job that I could find .. and I’m still struggling 30 yrs later.
    But I also have Aesculpia & ceres at 18 .. do these have any effect?
    And please Jessica … am I ever going to find my soul mate?

    Many thanks
    S x

    1. Blimey, S, so your dad switched your career path for you – and you are looking for a soul mate. They might be connected so let’s have a closer look. (By the way, there are no soul mates!) Okay – so the most important thing is that you stop working so damn hard, and shouldering such heavy responsibilities for other people. You need to delegate. You also need to shed the plans, projects, various workload. Unless you do this you will never be able to find a career path that fits in with the rest of your life. Looking at your chart, I am not denying that you are a genius at taking things on. The problem is, you take too much on. And actually if you were working for an airline, you would not fit in with the team, okay, because you are carrying far too much, mentally, emotionally and physically for a light aircraft to take off. Having said that, if your dream is flying, remember age is no barrier and if you were to utterly transform your current workload, you could get into the space to train. Now…love. There is no soulmate, as I mentioned before. There are people we have serious karma with, and we often marry them, or move in with them, to do the karma. I think love and sex spells property for you. The apartment or house. That is out there for you, as Jupiter goes into Scorpio from October 2017 through November 2018, and who knows which lover could move their bags into your space…or which space might be a new home for you! Yet, S, until you stop just ‘getting through’ life with all that stuff on your shoulders, you are not going to be able to make the property move. That’s where the heart will be, or at least the pants on the floor.

  70. Thank you Jessica … aaand OMG you have nailed me/ my life on the head …I’m just getting through life !!
    So how do I stop doing this .. it’s what my Capricorn dad taught me?
    I’ve recently been involved in working in a nightclub which has given me such delight & my children bring joy as well as issues but. I need more joy in my life huh ?


    1. I’m glad the reading made sense. The night club is good but if you are also working during the day, you can see how almost 24 hours of workload is not really helping your love life. I am sure you can find a way to get your life back. That will open up the road to the kind of home life you want.

  71. Hi Jessica! In my natal chart I have Saturn in Sag – I also have a stellium in Sag. I had quite a hard time with Saturn in Scorpio (my Sun is in Scorpio along with some other factors). Is there going to be something I need to consider during Saturn in Sag? Thanks a lot for your guidance. Best, Sanam. PS- I wish you came to India and did tarot / astrology – we are big on that stuff here!!!

    1. I’ve been invited to India, to an astrology conference, but I am working on a book about Pamela Colman-Smith, so Ireland and England must come first – thank you. We are nearly at the end of the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle but until it breaks at Christmas, you may want to take your time/take good advice with travel, foreigners, publishing, religion, academia, education, the worldwide web – which Sagittarius rules.

  72. Hi Jessica, very interesting article about Saturn. I have Saturn in 8th house and all my life I’ve been dealing with controlling and abusive men. My first husband, whom I had a daughter with, made my life a living hell after the divorce and tried to take away my daughter from me for years. Last year she moved in with him but I know that he manipulated her into it. I’ve been fighting him off in court for the past 10 years. I’m exhausted. If there was a live example of Saturn- that would him him. Manipulative, controlling, abusive. My daughter has Saturn and Jupiter in 4th house. I can see the Saturn in her 4th house with so much drama it home but I’m hopeful that she has Jupiter there too. My question is, how should I deal with my ex… he’s making my life a living hell but I can’t just let go, I have to fight him. Is Saturn in 8th house ever going to get easier?

    1. You have Saturn in the Third House. Uranus, Pluto and Vesta are in your Seventh House (Natural Houses) which might explain more to you about your ex-husband. You also have Proserpina in Libra in the Seventh House. I am sure you know the Seventh House rules marriage and divorce. Your daughter is playing the role of Proserpina and your former husband is playing the role of Pluto. Vesta is any situation where one male dominates two or more females. Prince Andrew who has two daughters and a former wife, has it prominent in his chart. Spin your horoscope and see the new story. I hope it helps you understand what is going on – you can read more about all this on here, or in your Premium Membership ebooks. You are in an extremely good position to find solutions now through October as Jupiter goes through Libra.

      1. Thank you so much!!! Yes, the story is exactly like Pluto and Proserpina. Wow. I didn’t realize my Saturn is the 3rd house. Where on your site can I see what houses my planets are? I can see my chart but I don’t see houses there.. thank you!!!

  73. Hi Jessica
    You were right !
    The new Dr Who ….is the first female.
    You were also right every time you replied to my query about my love life … over the last 4 yrs I’ve had an off & on secret relationship with a Virgo (24/9/63) with a rekindle in the last 12 months. … he is constantly on my mind … can we work this out in the future?

    Thank you for your generosity

    1. Thank you S. Virgo will make up his mind about you or another lover in March 2018 as Virgo has a bridge to cross. You could keep this in a bubble but it would never be real, ordinary or normal. If you want to float, then float on.

  74. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for useful text about Saturn. Reading your texts I am trying to discover meaning for my Saturn placed in Gemini and squaring Moon and Sun. As a Virgo Sun, it is my 10th house. Career path is full of ups and downs from the beginning and I can’t explain myself what I have done wrong? With Master in technics and MBA I have lost job last year and despite many trials still nothing. It is obvious that education is not most important although I was investing in it energy, time and money. In one post before you have mentioned that Ceres is crucial for me (I am currently in construction business although I have aeronautical engineer diploma)
    How to overcome this rollercoaster and start with stable and predictable phase? Is it possible?
    Thanks and regards !

    1. So MV you are in the construction business and lost your job. You need to sort out the communication between yourself and the group around you. This may be a trade union or a social circle which involves professional connections. The people power could be formidable if you were all on the same page but there is resentment in the ranks. Not everybody feels united or together. This is really a shame, because actually, everyone is remarkably similar in terms of their ideas, outlook and opinion. Yet – there is this sense of separateness or exclusion affecting the community as a whole. Construction is about Amish-style ‘raising’ of buildings and it does depend on a shared sense of unity and common focus. This is missing and it needs to be fixed. Reaching out is useful. So is stressing the essential similarity of everybody’s thoughts/opinions. I would keep a wary eye on Facebook if you do happen to be involved with that particular website as it is so easy for problems to occur there, as we’ve seen.

      1. Thanks a lot!
        Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are not ways to express myself. I don’t like social networks and don’t use them at all. Except Linked in. Onestly I don’t have connection with anyone from my previous projects and it scares me. . When I tried to connect someone I was rejected or ignored. Is this Saturn in Gemini style? Can I overcome it?
        Thanks !

        1. Saturn in Gemini is about fear and communication so perhaps it’s not surprising that you avoid social media. If you want to work on Saturn in Gemini you have to take down the walls very slowly and carefully. They probably went up at school. There are often issues here about writing, public speaking, language, comprehension and so on.

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