Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033

Uranus is associated with revolution, freedom, independence and radical change. When Uranus enters Gemini in 2025 the world will see radical new border revolution and new transport inventions. First published on 20th September 2021.

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Astrology Predictions for the NHS

The NHS was founded on 5th July 1948 in London with an astrological chart that shows a complete replacement in 2022 and 2023. The horoscope for the National Health Service reveals a perfect storm that will affect nurses, doctors and patients.

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UK COVID-19 Predictions 2021

Following on from your questions after an appearance on This Morning on ITV, I’ve looked into the future of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – living with COVID-19 in 2021. The good news starts at Christmas 2020.

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Free Weekly Astrology Class: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus and what it means for you and the world, as you experience the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom and independence (Uranus) transiting through the sign of Taurus (economy, money, property prices – and food!).

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The Astrology Show – Financial Astrology

Financial astrology – with Kate Silas (ex Wall Street) and Olga Morales (W.D.Gann expert). In 2020 what can astrological financial charts tell us about the future? Jessica Adams saw four years into the global economy headlines in her book 2020 Astrology, too. Read on and listen to these exclusive podcasts – at The Astrology Show.

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What Is Astrology?

Astrology itself is a meme. A popular notion or idea; a trend; a fashion. It has also survived, as all the fittest ideas do.

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The New Age of Aquarius

What is #TheNewAgeofAquarius and when does it begin? Why will simple people power change the planet, and how does your personal astrology chart chime? Hint: If you are an Aquarian it’s time to set your alarm.

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Mercury Retrograde 2020! Dates and Details

The dates and details of Mercury Retrograde 2020 in depth, for you to plan far in advance and use this cycle to your advantage. How do you avoid the disruption? Includes personal chart specifics for Premium Members.

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Super Virgo Weather 2019

We’re in for super Virgo weather in 2019 with a high number of patterns, including the Virgo New Moon, in this sign. How is your zodiac sign affected and also your personal birth chart?

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Supermoon Equinox Astrology 2019

Did you see my comments on the Equinox in The Express in Britain? By Thursday, March 21st, you will have two new chapters starting in your life thanks to the Supermoon Equinox. What are they? If you are a Premium Member, there may also be some timing secrets based on your personal birth chart.

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Uranus in Your Astrology Chart

Uranus by zodiac sign and house, shows you where you create, discover and invent all that is new and different. You’ll do this partly because you reject everything, on a regular basis. Also, because you are rejected too. Read on to find out more about Uranus in your astrology chart, what it means, and how to use it.

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Uranus in Taurus – True 2018 Predictions

Uranus in Taurus and true 2018 predictions about global finance – and your finances. Do you have Taurus factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees? You’ll be first affected. Here’s how astrology called economic drama one month before it happened!

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Our Strange, Stuck, Aries Weather

Uranus will turn retrograde – or appear to turn backwards – on Tuesday 6th November 2018 – which is a strange end to the year and an odd start to 2019. Why? Flashbacks! Yet a revolution in your life is almost over.

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Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

Major events in your life are predicted by ‘perfect storm’ conditions when a number of patterns in your horoscope all unfold on the same day. If you think about it, this makes sense. A new job, for example, can result in changes to your finances, to your house or apartment (you might move) and thus to your household or family.

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The Eleventh House

The Eleventh House of the horoscope describes your communities – groups of friends and acquaintances – and social media.

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