Your Taurus Factors and Uranus

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Uranus (all that is weird in astronomy, all that is strange in astrology) is in Taurus (your money) until 2026.

Premium Members – If you have your birth chart, see how many factors you have in Taurus, in the Second House of your personal horoscope. Maybe you already know you have the Sun there (you’re a Taurus) or that you have a stellium there (more than three factors). Read on…



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88 Responses

  1. Buenos dias Jessica,

    Thanks again for another amazing blog post! Always so interesting. I’m strongly Taurean & Scorpio and I have some asteroids like Vesta at 0 degrees Taurus, 19 degrees Psyche in Scorpio and I believe Proserpina. I’m having a hard time trying to interpret these asteroids to understand a bit more of my money story. Could you kindly provide an interpretation of these?

    Quick facts about me, I have good savings, when I buy I tend to buy local and invest in purposeful businesses that give back to the community. I have a small ecommerce business besides my main job and my goal is to be debt free. For me that is the ultimate freedom to not owe anyone! I’m pushing myself to be more risky so this learning finance game is very interesting to me specially having the perk of using astrology as a forecasting tool.

    1. Thank you and good morning from Hobart. You are a classic Taurus-Scorpio type who invests meaning in money. So you believe in freedom and independence, before you believe in big loans for status symbols. Taurus is at heart about one’s ethics or morality; values as well as valuables. It is also rather fixed and grounded, so the values you have in life are seldom up for sale; you fix them early on. You should definitely be researching what happens to your money when the Moon goes into Taurus and Scorpio every 28 days. That way you can see how these cycles help you gain or protect you from loss. The life path is really about being true to your own values and ignoring the rest. Uranus in Taurus until 2026 gives you unusual, unique chances to save money, or make it, by distancing yourself from what is normal, usual or common and finding your own weird and wonderful way to make it work for yourself. The Tarot can help with that too.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your article! I only have Chiron in Taurus. Do you find this to be a significant placement? Thank you for your work!

    1. Chiron in Taurus women get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable – with money. Sometimes with houses, apartments, land. Often, with their tax return, or the purchase and sale of possessions. Frequently with charity. There is no morality with Taurus. It can be very, very bad (greed, corruption) or achieve saintly levels of good (philanthropy without expectation of personal benefit). There is a bigger sliding scale with Taurus than any other zodiac sign. We find people who are essentially land-grabbers or thieves, along with charity fundraisers with hearts of gold, and people who are extremely generous with their friends and family. Chiron is basically the placement which suggests punk rock levels of experimentation (he was found in 1977). You may eventually mentor, tutor or guide people with what you have learned. You may also attract mentors, tutors and guides. Sometimes a male family member or godfather. Have a look at Chiron on Search and in your flipbooks.

  3. Do you have a chart for the Soloman Islands: and do you have anything regarding how things will play out with Australia and China?

    1. Good question. The Solomon Islands achieved independence on 7th July 1978 and we use 00.00 hours (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer). The Moon at 26 Cancer is the problem here. Transiting Pluto at 26 Capricorn, in opposition in a rare 240+ year cycle, is triggering the takeover by China. Pluto is always about domination, total control, absolute power. There is hope for the Solomon Islands. Pluto is out of Capricorn in March 2023 and returns in decreasing cycles, gone in a few years. Certainly as the next Australian government completes its term in office (we are obviously days away from voting). So you’d have to say the China problem remains but not for long. I suspect the answer lies with an ICAC with teeth – an independent enquiry into corruption by politicians in Australia. China has obviously been caught before, trying to wield influence through the Australian university system.

  4. Hi Jessica! I have Mars in Taurus at 22 degrees. Uranus will be going over those degrees in 2023-2024, but so is Jupiter. Am I going to be spared during transit Uranus conjunction my Mars?

    1. Transiting Uranus in conjunction with natal Mars in Taurus in your Second House is a liberating moment of truth for your usual tactics with money, charity, business, property. An electrical storm illuminates the sky so you can suddenly see clearly. You are a lifelong warrior for cash, and it may result in a job in a fiercely action-packed, competitive field involving money, or just a personal life which produces the occasional forward thrust or epic battle. Uranus tends to arrive without warning, unless you are a psychic or astrologer who sees it coming. That is why my profession finds it so hard to cope with people who do not! You are perfectly entitled to use the Tarot and Oracles on this website to give yourself some clues. You can either have a relatively small, manageable shock to your usual system, or a big one. As a rule, the less restricted, trapped and constrained you are with money, the less Uranus has to do. It usually pulls the rug, only if you are choked by your own commitments. Jupiter you know about. You will save or make a fortune. This suggests a contest, competition or feud which has finances or property at its heart, but you gain tremendously. Again, the Tarot can help you here.

  5. Hey Jessica
    I do not have anything in Taurus, but I do have 4 signs in Scorpio.
    Wondering how that affects my chart.
    Thanks heaps

    1. Juanita, you have a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. That sounds rather dramatic, but very commonly, it is there in the charts of people who inherit family money, or family property. Or – they may find they are in a position to buy out family members if an apartment or house goes up for sale. It is also found in the lives of women who enter quite complicated relationships or marriages with men who have very different values to their own, or whose parents do. So there is a gap between your life budget and his/theirs and that has to be sorted out. Sometimes the choice to separate or divorce brings a ton of classically Scorpio issues with it. Cutting your losses for example, and losing money in order to get rid of a bad relationship! I hope you can see how Scorpio functions. You will find 2022 and 2023 are very hard work. A real stretch, emotionally. Perhaps this is a family legacy question or you are paying your partner for work but need to leave him, and so on. You don’t say anything about your life so rather than play a guessing game, let’s just say, 2022 and 2023 are often emotionally and financially intense, but the situation eases as 2023 goes on. By 2024 you will be over the hump.

  6. Hi Jessica, just brilliant again. Thank you so much for the consistently super articles !! Remarkable how astrology has correlated with markets (if not world events), so frequently and precisely in recent, as well as long past. (Although, as I always say, not everybody is “fluent” at interpreting astrology – and you are the best!!)
    Being a traditionalist I have only observed crypto-currency from a distance, although I just saw the volatility reported on, and remembered your predictions. It is so fascinating how Taurus rules values, as I read that a big criticism of crypto (as also noted – in my interpretation – by one of the founders of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, in a pinned tweet) is that the lack of regulatory oversight allows corruption. Of course, all financial markets are connected (eventually), but I guess the positives of having a currency that is (in aim) a “disruptor innovation”, are mitigated by the negative potential for it to be used to further augment inequity..
    Thank you for this fascinating article! ☺

    1. Thank you very much. Your comment really extends the feature. Dogecoin is something I need to look at; the joke cryptocurrency which is having a serious impact. I’ll see if I can find the chart.

  7. Morning Jessica, Hope you are well. The theme of Uranus certainly resonates, I have always had a strong need for personal freedom and individuality, but like most people, hamstrung by finances and the real world! I am currently focusing on our plans to get semi off grid and escape the city, filled with organic vegetables and flowers and a simple home – our treehouse. And demonstrate to our sons there is a way to live, with the earth, rather than controlling it. (awaiting ever increasing cost estimates, grateful to have found a possible rural builder who is in sync). This year I have been climbing the financial escalator which keeps going in the wrong direction. No matter, I am still walking up the steps! I would be grateful for any comments re my chart.

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio including the lunar nodes, so your entire life will be devoted to your relationship with money and property, possessions and your own values. The hardest years are 2022, 2023 and the benefit and gains begin in 2023 and are there by 2024. For you this is self-sufficiency. You have also rejected the values of others and put your children and Mother Nature first. Luck will play a part when Jupiter goes into Taurus, which is not far off (he is one sign behind now, in Aries). You can capitalise on the luck by reinvesting what you save or make, back into what matters to you. I’ve seen this most recently with a reader who found the land next to her family’s property, go up for sale. It happened out of the blue; they were able to purchase; they now have a big garden, which they also wanted for self-sufficiency.

  8. Hello Jessica
    Thanks for the very comprehensive and timely blog post. I am a sun Taurus at 28 degrees, so my Uranus shock is expected in 2026. I have felt like a ship blown off course for a few years now, and after trying to navigate I’m now just letting the adventure unfold. I’ve been using the tarot, as you suggest, to deal with specific issues as they arise through this period. I’d like to know which questions I should ask the tarot about 2026. Can you see anything else in my chart which may indicate what I should expect in 2026, and if possible how I should prepare for it?

    1. Thank you. You can ask about the future as far as 2026, sure. Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite created a whole suit of Tarot cards devoted to money (Pentacles/Coins) which can be very useful. You have three factors in Taurus and a stellium in Scorpio. So yes, you have been blown off course. The reason for this is that Uranus in Taurus since 2018 moved into your Second House of budget and bank account, and nothing has been the way it was. Now you are in the extreme zone with the nodes also in Taurus and Scorpio, setting off the differences between your attitude towards money, and other people’s/large organisations. Usually it’s the family or a partner. There’s a gap in values. This ceases to be such a huge deal from 2023 but for now, one step at a time on the escalator which keeps stopping and starting. Follow the steps with the Tarot. A single-card reading is quite enough to work with. And work the card with your imagination. Stage-direct the action and see if your chart helps you with particular decisions: use your flipbooks in the online library to help you do that.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have three factors, Sun 16° Taurus 21′ 04″, Saturn 00° Taurus 53′ 54″, Hygeia 09° Taurus 19′ 30. Kindly guide and advice on the road ahead which will help me to navigate in right direction please.
    Thank You Very Much.

    1. Thank you. Okay, so for a lot of the time, you inhabit your Second House. You have twelve houses to live in, and you do inhabit your Second House frequently. So you may be a compulsive shopper, for example. Or a big charity fundraiser. You may run your own business, or be in business for yourself with a couple of other people. We tend to find the Second House produces a capitalist, socialist, communist, environmentalist or shopaholic. Your values define what you prefer. Uranus in Taurus has been with you since 2018 dramatically changing the way you shop; the way you save; your income. It will be here until 2026 so expect more of the unexpected. Uranus is about freedom. Try to minimise who/what weighs you down, holds you back and so on. The less there is to trap you or confine you, the less Uranus has to do. Try to consciously evaluate your own independence and add it up.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I am not very good at attempting to read my birth chart (am learning), but think I have quite a lot of Taurus in my second house. Can you shed any light on whether the impacts are positive or negative for me etc?
    Thanks so much for all you do, I love your blogs ❤️

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Lesley. It depends if you think freedom is negative, or if you think financial independence is negative. Some heavily Taurus people do. They would rather have the same bank all their lives to know where they stand. If you are more persuaded that being your own person is valuable, you will already have left your bank (since 2018) and switched to one or more alternatives, or kept the bank on the side, but mostly engaged in other ways of amassing money or borrowing it. Uranus in Taurus is a long rollercoaster and there will be bumps. COVID-19 was a bump in the beginning, in 2020, when millions of us stayed at home and business was hit, along with retail. An economic shock. So that played its part in your thinking. You may have started hoarding cans of food or soap then. A lot of heavily Taurus people did. This is the same cycle that began the last war, after all. You will do best in this cycle if you are flexible, open to change, light on your feet and not bogged down with heavy loans. Try not to borrow if you can possibly avoid it. And always understand that whenever there is another bump, it will be there to liberate you. To set you free from someone or something that would otherwise have restricted you for years. Try to let go.

  11. Hi Jessica. I have Fortuna and Panacea in Taurus. Would you please describe how the transit of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus can affect me?

    1. Sure. In general you are in a budget reshape cycle that began in 2018 and ends in 2026. The last thing you ever thought you would find yourself doing with finances, has come to pass. That is very likely COVID-19. So, for example if you used to spend on travel, you no longer do that. If you used to spend on living in two homes in two different regions or countries, you no longer do that. It is possible that you don’t engage in recreational shopping any more, because of COVID-19 infection risk, but get everything delivered. You may also have found that demand has skyrocketed or vanished (depending on the sort of work you do) so you now have quite a different budget to play with. Changes your family make with their will could have affected you, or you may be altering your own will, for whatever reason. This shapeshifting goes on until 2026. There may be other extreme changes in your life budget. You may be employing people, for example, which you never did before. You may have a different taxation system or a different accountant. You may be taking out your very first investments in antiques, say, or collectables. Uranus rules the backflip or sideways flip. You will make or save a lot of money once Uranus is out of Aries and into Taurus in 2023 and by 2024 should have found a huge opportunity or solution for yourself.

  12. Hi Jessica, Thanks fir all your very interesting articals, i woukd love it if you could give me an insight as to my future, ive been having some health issues lately and also i woukd love to move home and relocate to another place. Im at a crossroads in life, also my money situation is very tight. Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of health. Go into the reasons you are having health issues. Does it get you time off work? Is so the core concern may be that you dislike your job but are not doing anything about that – so your body is intervening. In astrology, the Sixth House is about duty, service, daily routine, chores – but also your physical and mental health. It is commonly the case that there is a subconscious resistance to work, unpaid work or an academic career so the body pulls you out of that. Once you sort out work, the health issues can subside. Or – it is about housework. Being a mother and also having a job. Have a look at Virgo/Sixth House in your flipbooks here. You will move by May 2023 as one offer is irresistible. The money will no longer be such a heavy concern after March 2023. Long-term, if you use your willpower and self-control, you’ll be in a powerful financial position but you are going to have to really work at it. It will be worth it.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I am new reader, thanks a lot I learn a lot. I have a question. I am taurus rising, moon asc and ops. No factor in Scorpio. Since 2018 my life changed too much and income stoped although it recovered a little bit,but still not well. Recently my family want to change bigger house, because of unurus I became concerned the plan. Also I have Saturn in my second house(Gemini, so many factors) I remeber in your blog you said it was a long life obstacle for Saturn second house. But I am taurus rising. We want to change bigger house. Looking forwards to your reply. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini with four factors in Taurus in your natal Second House of banking and property. You want to move to a bigger house with the family. This seems most likely in July, or in December 2022, January 2023. The only issue is who controls the situation in the family. Try not to let the money or property develop into an issue about who is in charge, or who has all the power. You have Saturn in Gemini in your Third House, not your Second House, using the Natural House System. You can pick up flipbooks from the library here which will help you decode your chart.

  14. Hi jessica, I have hygeia at 00° and north node at 09° in taurus. does it mean that i will have a big choc ? i have quite a lot of factors at 00° and fortuna at 19° in sagittarius. how should interprete it ? will it impact my career and finances? will I be able to have a new opportunity or good move? I am have actually some interviews… does it mean that i should expect to receive “no” as an answer from them?

    1. I have answered you elsewhere. The Sagittarius factors in your chart have nothing to do with money or jobs, unless you are emigrating and working for a foreign company. Thank you.

  15. Hi jessica, I have hygeia at 00° and north node at 09° in taurus. does it mean that i will have a big choc ? i have quite a lot of factors at 00° and fortuna at 19° in sagittarius and uranus at 14° sagitarius. how should interprete it ? will it impact my career and finances? will I be able to have a new opportunity or good move? I am have actually some interviews… does it mean that i should expect to receive “no” as an answer from them?

    1. You will need to rethink your life budget in 2023 as the transiting nodes move slowly backwards to 0 degrees of Taurus-Scorpio. Life as it was 18, 19 years ago will have something to tell you then, about your need for closure or the universe deciding you need some kind of settlement, or need to reckon up or make good. It will be translated into valuables, money, property. Beyond 2023 Jupiter (abundance, expansion, opportunity, solution) will pass over that section of your chart so as you go into the mid 2020’s you will hopefully shore up your interests. You are taking job interviews in May, presumably to mid June, on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and Gemini. Get it in writing, if they are talking salary, benefits, bonuses, and read the fine print before you sign – should you get an offer.

  16. I have chiron (8), Fortuna and Bacchus in Tauro, exactly at 18, as Uranus is now. Should I be worried about the shocking event? Thank you my generous Jessica!

    1. The shocks to the cryptocurrency market are already happening, so this feature (which I wrote some time ago; it’s only being posted by my website colleagues now) is coming to pass. It is possible you have Bitcoin so have seen it plunge in value and (on paper) have lost a lot of money. Hopefully not. In general, Uranus has passed the conjunction with Chiron so you have already had one budget shock. I suspect that was COVID-19 and its impact. Now, you have Uranus passing two more factors in your Second House of life budget, values, bank account. You don’t really get through 2022 and 2023 without dramatically rethinking your financial future. This may be retirement, superannuation/pension, a legacy left to you by your parents, your own will naming others and so on.

  17. I have Moon at 26°  Taurus 57′ 28″ and the SouthNode at 13°  Taurus 58′ 29″ R.

    How will this affect me?

    1. Your life budget reshape is there for the long haul as you have the Moon at the very end of Taurus, so as you go towards the mid-2020’s you will be radically rethinking your old way of calculating costs and price tags. Taurus is at its core about your values, and as this planet is associated with whatever overturns or goes on its side, it may be that your old values are overturned. Your old system.

  18. Hi Jessica
    As a result of some very intense therapy and self development over the past few years, I’m finding myself drawn towards counselling/equine counselling/play therapy modalities and creating an online presence with online offerings. When would it be a good time to look towards studying and looking at my chart, does this look to eventually be successful?
    Thanks heaps.

    1. Study is Sagittarius and/or Gemini and right now Mercury Retrograde is with us. Not useful. Wait until after June 19th to look at courses and classes online. Any Zoom services you can provide will be popular once you qualify as we are entering a long cycle with Gemini transits past 2026 when people of all ages want to learn with new technology. What happens from 2026 will make even Zoom look old-fashioned.

  19. Well I never looked at it this way until I read your article. I too, have not shopped, unless it was unavoidable, in a supermarket since 2020. Everything is bought online and home delivered. I never realised what petri dishes supermarkets can be till COVID hit.
    I sold my unit in August 2021 for a ridiculous price. Then moved to another suburb nearby which had a better lifestyle but for half the price. I am retiring on 30th June at age 60 which is early retirement but the work/life balance never balanced as I ran my own business. My husband turned 67 this week (Taurean of course) and we are now comfortable enough for retirement and will travel in our caravan so life has definitely changed dramatically for us. I am going to miss my business but exhaustion tells me that we have done the right thing.
    Thanks again for all your wonderful articles.

    1. You are setting yourself free by travelling in a caravan and have ticked all the Uranus in Taurus boxes. Even online shopping and delivery has liberated you from the tedium of finding a parking spot, taking a trolley around the aisles, and the rest. You sound completely in tune with your horoscope as you have also downsized and found more room to move. Have a terrific trip.

  20. Hi Jessica

    I seem to have quite a lot going on in both Taurus (5)and Scorpio (7) do you know what this would mean to me? Thank you xx

    1. Try not to assume anything about your money, house, apartment, charity, possessions, shopping, business interests during the eclipse. Anything or anybody new should be viewed with suspicion until you know what you are dealing with, or whom.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Interesting post. I have stelliums in both Taurus and Scorpio. Between 2020 and 2021 I can confirm my life went from suddenly tragic to suddenly amazing. I still cannot believe how so much happened in such a short while.

    I got out of an abusive marriage but lost a lot of money and investment. Moved into a small rented place with my little daughter and within a year miraculously managed to buy a beautiful flat in London. I find it spectacular how much upheaval and building back up happened.

    Really keen to hear what you think should I look forward to in the upcoming years.

    1. You are a Libra Sun with a Scorpio and Taurus stellium. Since 2018 you have had the double whammy of Uranus being in Taurus in your Second House natally and in your Eighth House, in your solar chart. So publicly and privately you have been through upheaval (the world turns upside-down on Uranus transits) but also the space, freedom and independence. The Uranus in Taurus transit continues until 2026 and it is classically the last thing we expect, coming to pass. So, you evolve into a different person – at least in terms of your life budget, values and financial position – in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. Jupiter (opportunities, gains, rewards) goes into Taurus once he’s done his time in Aries in 2022, 2023 so you have some useful choices to make as you approach the mid 2020’s. Your daughter will be your main concern, ongoing – so that’s your principal investment.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    This is a really interesting article, thank you.

    I have a number of placements in Taurus – including Chiron. What do you think I can expect from the conjunction of the electricity of Uranus with the maverick planet?

    Also, I have a number of planets in Scorpio so I’d be really interested if you had any insights into that.

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Essentially 2018-2026 is about putting a price tag on financial freedom and greater independence with your house, apartment, business, possessions, valuables and so on. Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with your chart factors, and in opposition to the Scorpio factors, suggests a really long stretch for you, as you may be at odds with yourself over some choices, or find that the family, or a partner, is going in one direction and you are going in the other. You will make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes through Taurus, May 16th 2023 until May 25th 2024 and can literally capitalise on what comes so easily then. It may be a time for tremendous bargains and savings or effortless gain. Over the course of your lifetime, you will need to make peace with yourself and others over all that you own, earn and owe so you are living a compromise that actually works for you. Taurus-Scorpio differences can turn up in marriages or common law marriages, where one partner’s values are quite different to his/her mate’s. This can be a clash between a materialist, for example, and an environmentalist. As for Uranus conjunctions with Chiron in Taurus, that’s really where your inner Sex Pistol comes out. Chiron was found in 1977 when John Lydon and Malcolm McLaren were collecting large cheques from record companies, being sacked and moving on to the next one. You can use the Tarot to explore your Taurus-Scorpio side more and to validate the timing on predictions.

  23. Jessica, my dear, you are a Star! I wish I would have found you sooner, but better late than never. With what I’ve learned (or assuming I’ve learned) so far from reading your site, I think I’ve dealt with the worst of Uranus on the Taurus side, thankfully, but would very much appreciate your help in understanding what I have awaiting me on the Scorpio side of the transit.
    In Scorpio, I have Sun @ 0, IC @ 2, Saturn @ 10, Mercury @11, Vulcano @ 13 and Ceres @19.
    2018 (MC @ 2 Taurus): My husband of 40 years passed from ALS. I was his sole caregiver for 3 years, so while his passing was not a surprise, it was still a shock. Uranus: shock, Independence, freedom, liberation, upheaval.
    2019 (MC @ 2 Taurus): My husband co-owned, with his sibling, land adjacent to our homestead. The sibling inherited my husband’s half upon his death, so to preserve my way of life, I purchased the land. Uranus: my money, property.
    2020 (Panacea @ 8 Taurus): Covid-19 pandemic. Uranus: upheaval, the unpredictable, independence, freedom (from unsupportive people I thought were my friends).
    2021(Panacea @ 8 Taurus): Investment losses in the stock market. Uranus: upheaval, the unpredictable, my money.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your husband has passed away and of course it happened on a transiting Uranus opposition to your Sun and IC (Immum Coeli) in Scorpio and the cycle continues. Uranus in Taurus in opposition to your large Scorpio stellium is ‘the challenge to change’ and it can happen very quickly. The opposition to Ceres at 19 Scorpio will be the last fence you have to jump. After that you will be left in relative peace. Something that happens on an opposition, notably for a heavily Scorpio person, is a life review. If something/someone comes along and pushes you on your Scorpio traits, you examine those more deeply and can often double down on them. I am sure you know that Scorpio as a constellation was given that pattern by astrologers, because of the scorpion’s passionate ‘dance’ when mating: the promenade a deux. Scorpions can kill each other when it happens. The old astrologers had a wry sense of humour; ‘Until death do us part’ is of course the wedding vow and perhaps you and your husband both promised that. There is always the legacy to deal with, and you have been through that with land adjacent to your homestead. Occasionally an opposition will see someone becoming consciously less Scorpio; the challenges from the outside world or other people are so great that they park those traits outside, for a few years. That can happen too. Have a look at Scorpio/Eighth House on this website and in your flipbooks as it’s where you live, much of the time.

  24. A truly brilliant article, I literally take notes of diary dates and planetary movements, like I am sitting in a lecture hall!☺ Xx Thank You, Jessica (& team!!)
    ..And did you read in the past 24 hours how the (Merc rx influenced) Twitter takeover has been put “temporarily on hold”..? Of course, we read it here first! ☺
    Loving the new Scorpio lunation, and crypto article too – just trying to wrap my brain around it!!

    1. Thank you so much. Kate Silas (Profit With the Planets) has been very inspiring and sparked my interest in the strange new world we are living in. Elon Musk is being absolutely predictable, according to the astrology, isn’t he? I have no idea if he uses it but I have my suspicions. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is really like a church jumble sale or a village bazaar, when everything changes hands very quickly and there’s a lot of muddle. People under-price things drastically, or over-price, then reduce, don’t they? I don’t know if you’ve ever had a stall; I certainly have and that is exactly what Mercury Retrograde is like. Some astute people can make the cycle work in quite a cunning way, and I suspect Musk is one of them. Let’s see.

  25. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for that.
    I have my only Taurus placement at 7 degrees in my descendant but have a lot of Scorpio placements. I seem to have missed the 7 degrees placement from last year as noting really happened. But…. my job required the vaccination and the consultation period was happening in October last year. So as a result I have had to leave my job which happened in March this year. Would you consider that my Taurus 7 degrees Uranus shock? Not so much of a shock because I knew it was coming. Can I know what having Taurus being in my descendant means?
    I regards to Crypto I have bought a few blockchain stellar assets which are expected to shoot to the moon as they say. Can you please let me if indeed that will occur?
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. It is unlikely you were born at 6.00am on the dot. Very few children are. So if your birth time is earlier or later, that will change your DC (Descendant) and the other angles, like your MC (Midheaven), AC (Ascendant) and IC (Immum Coeli). A Uranus conjunction is rare, shocking and if you do in fact have a Taurus Descendant, would have up-ended a partnership, duet, duel or two-way situation. The DC always describes your other half in life. Not the sign so much, but the type. A Taurus type as your spouse, work partner, or even your opponent – is concerned chiefly with money, business, charity or property. Moving on to cryptocurrency, you have a stellium in Scorpio with Jupiter at 8 Scorpio which is beneficial for joint finance. Transits to natal Jupiter will increase and expand your chances of doing well, assuming that you purchased at the right time – astrologically. Watch the Moon in Scorpio every 29 days or so and see what happens to your assets. The Moon’s conjunction to natal Jupiter on a regular basis should show up. From there, track Mercury, in particular, going across your Jupiter and sooner or later you’ll detect a pattern. Just be aware that you have transiting Uranus (the challenge to change, suddenly) opposite your Scorpio factors in this 2018-2026 cycle and that’s pretty unpredictable and disruptive; again, you’d be watching those patterns.

  26. Hello Jessica, I just read that Elon Musk decided this night to put the Twitter deal on hold, your analysis was so accurate, just amazing ! I am a bit confused when I read your post on Taurus and Uranus. I have multiple factors in Uranus and if I understand well i may experience multiple shocks in the years to come (2022 to 2026). Could you please tell me how it could affect me as money (and how to make my living) is already a complicated topic for me since 2020 ? Thanks

    1. Thank you. I suspect Elon Musk is using Mercury Retrograde. Either that or he is just providing us with textbook astrology outcomes. You are a Sun Aquarius with Taurus factors right up to 28 degrees so 2018-2026 as a whole is a slow revolution in the way you shop; the way you add up your life budget; the way you save or make money. You’ve already had at least one shock and of course that was the pandemic, which in 2020 and 2021 radically altered the way you dealt with your budget. There may have been another reason but that is the most obvious one. You will actually save or make a lot of money October-December so take advantage of that cycle. There is also gain from a house or apartment, perhaps a block of land or alternative residence, in 2023-2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus and your solar Fourth House of real estate, at the same time that Jupiter goes through your natal Second House of money. A family or household member may be involved.

  27. Morning Jessica,

    Thank you so much again for you amazing and accurate insights.thank you for caring!!

    I have 2 factors in Taurus
    Juno- 03 degree Taurus 54’ 21”
    Ops- 27 degrees Taurus 04’ 28”

    But have a lot In Scorpio please may you kindly advise how significant the Taurus factors and Uranus / The Scorpio lunar Eclipse is going to affect or impact me…
    Unfortunately I already have so much going on I do y think I can take no more, even tho I’m a Virgo (26/08/1983) there comes a point when enough is enough specially when your trying to make people of power listen when it involves children with special needs including my own and the way schools are run and the bullying that’s happening that young children are taking there lives but in the eyes of power and schools this is ok clearly…. I will win this war for these children. Thank you kindly Jessica

    1. Thank you. Okay, so the eclipse is strictly about your house, apartment, superannuation/pension, taxation, insurance, possessions, charity and so on. The Moon has only just gone into Scorpio (joint finance) so you have a day or two to become aware of a path you don’t want to go down. Not because it is necessarily negative or positive, but because you don’t have full vision and awareness of what you need to know. The issues with your child are different. I am sorry you are going through this. You have Pluto in Capricorn transiting your solar Fifth House of parenthood. That’s common to every Sun Virgo. In fact, since 2008 you have been dealing with questions about how much willpower you have; how much self-control you have. Pluto transits are intense, hard work and relentless until you summon your strength and lead, mentor and guide – rule, actually – as a parent. The cycle ends in March 2023 when you will get a long break from it, and eventually it will be history. You’ve mentioned people in power twice, and bullies, and this is typical of Pluto. Sometimes the issue is the world itself and the way it overpowers us – the universe is seemingly dominating us – and our sons or daughters are in the middle. It can also be a son or daughter who is power-tripping you; manipulating you. That can happen. And finally, other children being little plutocrats, or teachers/masters taking over, is another very common outcome. You have a Fifth House natal pattern in Leo, at the same time that you have Pluto transiting your solar Fifth House, so this is your time to firmly take the reins and hold them, hold your head high and set a dignified example of leadership, not only to your own child, but to others around the situation. Leo is Queen to a younger court. The Garden Oracle can help you in a more personal way, but this cycle does stop in March, then peters out altogether as you go into the mid 2020’s.

  28. Hi Jessica! I have Ceres in Taurus at 26 degrees. Uranus will be going over those degrees in 2023-2024, so is Jupiter. Will I be spared during transit Uranus conjunction my Ceres?

  29. Hi Jessica great subject especially in times like we are going through at the moment. Everyone I have spoken to are saying they are so tired of it all. Seems like we are getting hit from all angles.
    I have Ceres at 26 degrees in Taurus with Uranus going over those degrees in 2023-2024, so is Jupiter. Will I be spared during transit Uranus conjunction my Ceres?

    1. Thank you. You have a pattern at 26, 27 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus which suggests Uranus at 26, 27 Taurus will bring a complete change in the way you work, the way you earn and save money. Scorpio is joint finance, Capricorn is your career, academic career or unpaid work, and Taurus is your own income. Leo rules younger people – sometimes your own children – sometimes a role as a guide, mentor, leader to those born 20 years or more after you. So this is an important transit at 26, 27 and you will be far more independent after you make the necessary shifts in your life. Uranus transits are ‘freedom from’ or ‘freedom through’ and they can feel liberating; exhilarating – once you realise that you have been given more space to restart. You are likely to find that people, set-ups, situations or organisations that would have tightly bound you long-term, are removed. It takes great insight at the time to appreciate what is happening as Uranus can be quite sudden and rapid, but with hindsight, you’ll see that you were being released.

  30. Hi Jessica, thank you so much and I will look up Kate Silas, too!
    Yes, of course you are so right about Mercury rx – you have guided us through too many to count, thank you again!! Xx – and I have distilled your guidance into my own personal Mercury rx creed of “3 D’s”: ‘Delay, Defer, and honour Divine timing!”
    (Actually – the Divine timing is the most fascinating one for me, because it shows – through frustration – where my ego (aka fear or insecurity) is driving the wheel, as opposed big-L Love (trust and operating from a feeling of security). So – in short, Merc Rx is a great reminder for me to “(re)lax”!! (Singing optional, haha).
    And it is sooo coincidental that you have mentioned a church jumble sale, or bazaar – this is precisely what my home looks like right now, as we are mid-biggish renovation and I am going through all our items and putting a value on them, much like a sale, but to see whether it “sparks joy”.. (halfway through the declutter).
    …and Many Moons ago I did have art market stalls of my work – a passion of mine – but it did attract many (less-developed) Neptunian types into my world, so I left that and went into something Very Saturnine, but which negatively affects my health, stress-wise – so, in the words of U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but have learnt (the hard way – thank you, Pluto in Cap) I can’t ignore my creative side. (Or calling?!) I can’t thank you enough, Jessica!! Happy (& safe!!) Full Moon Eclipse.. xoo

    1. Thank you. Kate is often on Twitter and we talk about her financial astrology discoveries. I like your Mercury Retrograde creed. Divine timing is an interesting way of looking at it. I’ll remember that!

  31. Hi Jessica, I only have IC at 20 Taurus, but do have Sun, Mercury, Vulcano, MC and Diana in Scorpio. I am hoping to change my line of work to online since I want to work from home. Is this a good period for me to try for that? Appreciate any advice you have to offer, thanks

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a little Virgo signature in your Sixth House of work. In your natal chart we find Jupiter with all his opportunities, solutions and sheer luck, helping you in your Sixth House, in the sign of Aries. This holds until October, then resumes January-May. You’ll get what you want – working from home online – and should try until you get something far bigger and better for yourself. Just be aware that Mercury Retrograde is with us until the third week of June, so there may be computer problems, people not being straight with you, or making mistakes – paperwork issues – and so on. If you do get a gig then get it all in writing and read the fine print on delay, cancellation and so on. But you should be delighted by October.

  32. Hi Jessica, so many interesting insights to Uranus, thanks for another great post.
    I only have north node in Taurus but Sun is very close to 0 degrees… I have zero assets and not working at present. There are many reasons but between the gender pay gap and the change to the property market over the past 10 years, it has all seemed like a rigged game. No matter how hard I worked the goal posts kept moving until the gap got so big that it seemed foolish to keep hope. My soul said stop. I have spent the past 3 months in service to ageing family members, so that has been my work so far this year!
    I’m wondering how I can make the most of this cycle to improve my income?
    Thank you! Jessica

    1. You are a Sun Aries with the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio and Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, so the family money, possessions and property. You have lifetimes of being rich and poor and have chosen to incarnate for the rollercoaster period 2018-2026 with the pandemic and Bitcoin as well. You will in fact make or save money in 2023, 2024 once Jupiter goes into Taurus. From 2023 the rather stuck karma for you disappears and you are no longer on a hamster wheel. Your soul said stop, which was correct. You are working without pay for the family and that is priceless to them and to you, as you will later on realise. I do understand you need to know how to improve your income. Try to create a new life budget until the nodes move out of Taurus/Scorpio next year. Forget other people’s price tags, properties and so on. Make your own list of what money cannot buy. Not having to work? Priceless to some people. The whole point of this Uranus in Taurus cycle in your Second House of values until 2026 is to leave the past behind, become quite radical in your approach to all that you own, earn and owe, and invent your own way to feel enriched. That’s not hippy talk; it’s actually real on this cycle. It’s the same as the last war and so we are already seeing high inflation, food shortages and the weirdness of ‘funny money’ or cryptocurrency. Take a deep breath, make a new life budget that suits you, not the world, and then focus on 2023-2024 when you will be out of the stuck circuit and saving or making cash. For whatever reason. Have a look at Scorpio/Eighth House in your flipbooks as you live there, a lot of the time.

  33. Hi Jessica!

    Sorry to bother you — I did not see a response to my previous posted question (below) — is no answer my answer? Just wondering.

    Thanks! S.

    Sue-Z says:
    13 May 2022 at 8:58 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hi Jessica! Great article, thank you! Will my Jupiter return (Taurus 16) or husband’s (Taurus 14) bring some real financial relief with Uranus also in the house? I know Jupiter is “big” and Uranus is “shock”, so I am trying to be realistic while also being hopeful. Have been trying to keep the ship steady for many years now, but one thing after another just keeps making it harder to keep things afloat. Your insight is always most appreciated! Take Care, S.

    1. I should explain how this website works because readers do get confused about the standard message from WordPress. I currently have a message at the top of the page showing me I have 14,222 comments. I get to them when I can and tend to answer a whole page of them – but it’s random. There is no moderation, it’s just in a very long queue. So now your message has appeared, and I can answer. You have your Jupiter Return in Taurus and so does your husband. That is fantastic, Sue. You were born with Pluto at 16 Virgo so there is a perfect trine. Jupiter trine Pluto. That will be activated when transiting Jupiter goes to 16 Taurus, and so you will gain opportunities, solutions and the luckiest breakthroughs with your money, likely through your work (Virgo) or through a work option (also Virgo). Your husband is a couple of degrees ahead of you, so his turn will come a little earlier. Have a look at your chart. You were born to capitalise on good fortune and it will always help you take control of your lifestyle and workload in a powerful way.

  34. HI Jessica I have my MC and Aesculapia in taurus -how could this impact me please as intend to look for another job as soon as I can.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium in the Tenth House of career. You currently have Mercury Retrograde in and out of Gemini, which rules work in your solar chart, until just after the middle of June. So make allowances for rescheduling, rethinking and rehearsal time. Things will come together in a more orderly fashion into the second half of June. Long-term, from March 2023 you will happily experience what a career feels like, without constant questions about your willpower and self-control, particularly with employers who are powerful, or organisations which are powerful. In a way they have been your teachers and shown you that you don’t get very far, as a professional, without imposing strict rules on yourself.

  35. Thank you, Jessica! I very much appreciate you and the work you do. 🙂
    Take care, and be well. S.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    What does it means if I have ASC R in Taurus and the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, and a stellium in Scorpio? How does it will affect me until 2026?

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a large Scorpio stellium. The Ascendant is the least important part of the chart. The nodes suggest past lives spent being both rich and poor. You have reincarnated to learn about money, property, charity and valuables. It’s happening now, with major transits in Taurus, opposite Scorpio, but also within Scorpio and the Eighth House itself. What you did 18 or 19 years ago is coming back to you, as you owe, or are owed, spiritually. Long-term the challenge to change is there until 2026, with Uranus in opposition to the transiting Moon, every 28 days, so the need to be flexible all the time is there. Scorpio is a fixed sign and the time has come to unfix what is fixed. You will likely change your will or find others change their legacy, which benefits you.

  37. Hi Jessica I only have chiron at 26 of taurus and minerva 24 taurus. I see Uranus hits these degrees from 2024 onwards, what shocks are likely to occur for me? I also have several planets in other signs between 24-26 degrees that will make aspects to Uranus at this time. How may those aspects impact me? I will also have Jupiter in taurus round this time too, what may that add. Many Thanks.

    1. You have the Sun in Cancer and a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. In your solar chart you have Saturn transiting your Eighth House in Aquarius until March 2023 when he will be replaced by Pluto in Aquarius, for many years ahead. So in both systems I use for you, there are major ongoing challenges and changes with everything you own, earn or owe. Of course the house, apartment or other residence is always central to a Sun Cancer person. The hardest part is over next March. The waiting game, tests and trials vanish that month. From March 2023 onwards the challenge is to use willpower to become powerful and self-control to have control. Resisting gambling is a very common example, or resisting cryptocurrency gambling – that is another very common example. Saving is an example. Uranus in opposition to anything in Scorpio is always a shock and you cannot predict that in astrology. The arrival of COVID-19 is a very good depiction of that. I predicted a virus in January 2020, as most people know, but I could not predict how badly the WHO would handle it. So we had economic shocks, which you were also affected by, throughout 2020 and 2021. What you can do, which will work very well for you, is get yourself into a flexible position so that if you have to switch direction suddenly, you can. Try not to weigh yourself down financially. You will also find a massive load off your shoulders from March next year, as I said. The Tarot can give you more information on that.

  38. Dear Jessica ;I have not gotten an answer about my question instead I get a message that says “my comment is awaiting moderation”
    What does it mean ?could you please answer me.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Ana, it just means your question is in the queue. As I look at the website today I can see 14,236 comments. I’m not moderating it at all; I’ve literally just not seen it, as it may be at the end of a very long scroll. If you ever have a question and don’t see an answer, that’s the reason. The Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website are all accurate if you follow the steps and can sort out your question for you. I use them myself.

  39. Thank you so much Jessica!

    And thank you for taking the time to answer me. I appreciate it.

    That explains a lot. Hope I will be strong, the last few years have been really tough.

  40. Hi Jessica , Can you look at my Chart and tell me how i Will be Affected. Thank You

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium but Jupiter is on your side. By 2025 you will have saved or made a lot of money, perhaps through receiving an inheritance or by knowing that one is written into the long-term future. The chaos out there with the world economy, owing to COVID-19, but also China and India, is something that can be made to work for you if you free up your situation so you are not heavily weighed down by, say, mortgages or loans. The more free you are to experiment, move swiftly and take advantage of rapidly changing conditions, the better. It may be that your house or apartment value increases without your even trying, or that you discover your skills and talents command a much higher price, partly as a result of new demands in the marketplace, as a reaction to the pandemic and economic uncertainty. You’ll surf this.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for writing these blogs they are very inciteful.
    I have the following:
    – Moon 1 degree Taurus
    – Chiron 18 degree Taurus
    – Uranus 2 degree Sagittarius
    – Ceres 10 degree Scorpio
    – Jupiter 6 degree Scorpio
    – Ops 13 degree Scorpio
    How does it affect me until 2026 and how should I prepare for the upcoming aspects?
    Thank you!

    1. You have already had quite a few shocks with your life budget as Uranus in Taurus has formed a conjunction to your Moon and opposed Jupiter, across the Taurus/Scorpio financial angles of your chart. I expect that was COVID-19 or perhaps cryptocurrency. Maybe there was another reason. So you already know what Uranus in Taurus does. It turns your known money, property, business or charity world upside-down without warning. There will be more of that ahead on the Uranus-Chiron conjunction, so as a rule of thumb, create a flexible financial situation for yourself where you can meet change with change, at a moment’s notice. It can be quite liberating. Uranus in Taurus is not necessarily negative; it has already liberated billions of people from shopping centres (COVID-19) for example and supermarkets, which are also ruled by Taurus and the Second House. You can ask the Tarot how the conjunction to Chiron will show up in your chart, but in any case you will save or make a lot of money in 2023-2024 as Jupiter goes through Taurus.

  42. Dear Jessica,

    Hope you’re doing great! I have a stellium in taurus and scorpio (Uranus in Scorpio). Also, currently Chiron in Aries is at the same degree as my natal Chiron in Taurus at 15°. I’ve been feeling very out of sorts lately. I’m lacking clarity regarding work, the future and serious health issues since mid-2019 have been really getting in the way. Things (health, work) go up/down and off late it’s been a real struggle to figure out how I should move forward. I desperately need things to get better. Could you please advise what’s in store? What would be the right approach in this scenario?

    I’ll really appreciate your take on this. Thank you so much!


    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio and Taurus stellium, Supriya. The health and work solutions are there now, until October. They reappear January to May 2023. It is very important to understand the Sixth House cycle of Jupiter and Chiron in your solar chart, which is half the story. This means that if you love your work, you will honour your body, because your body has to do the work. You can’t split your head from the rest of you, and put the head first, and ignore life below the neck. Your body is a machine for the job and machines need maintenance and repair, so never downgrade that. It works the other way too. If your job is not what you need and want, and you are lying to yourself about keeping it, or doing it (because you lack the willpower to change it) then your body may ‘serve’ you by malfunctioning so that you are forced to stop work, or work fewer hours. The Oracle cards and Tarot on this website is a good resource for you to use, so you can find out what is going on. Health issues since 2019 have gone on too long. I suspect the issue is your job, its nature, impact on your lifestyle and your deepest feelings about serving others.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Just joined and am amazed at the breadth and generosity of info on this site. Thank you! I’m curious about Uranus in Taurus in terms of my chart – I have moon and venus in Taurus in the 5th house, as well as Psyche and Panacea (didn’t know that previous to joining here, so, thank you!). I’ve definitely gone through massive change (for the better) with finances since 2018 but recently going through some weird stuff re superannuation (have wanted to shift some of my super to another fund for the past year but was held up due to emotional blocks around family, then worked through those blocks recently but the stock market tanked so not worth moving it – I think); LOADS of ongoing expenses; and strange hold ups in trying to change banks (due to system stuff). The latter I am thinking has been related to Saturn/Mars, but, seriously, the money thing in terms of working with systems and structure has got me confused and it feels like I’m being slammed. Wondering the best way forward? Finding a balance between taking action and taking a step back and letting be? Or being less cautious and just going for it? Any thoughts?
    Oh, for what it’s worth, the rest of my super is now invested ethically and I’ve just managed to change banks (after a few stops and starts due to technical glitches and old system stuff putting a hold on things) to one that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels etc. So, totally fits in with what you’ve said in that regard.

    1. I’m so pleased you like being a Premium Member. Your superannuation/family story is typical of your Taurus pattern in the Second House (not the Fifth House in the Natural Astrology house system; the Second House) and the transits of the North Node and Uranus in Taurus now. Ethical investment, against fossil fuel, is very wise and I am sure you have looked at Ultraviolet lighting and COVID-19 as part of that. You are a Sun Gemini with a Taurus stellium which is about values. What you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you count to be so precious it’s priceless. This year and next year are the big final reshape for you, in terms of your life budget. You will get a break from a highly political or power-based/control-vested situation from March 2023 and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, having been put through one, two, three, four, five or more situations with the house, apartment, business interests, funding, valuables, revenue, charity, possessions – which tested your ideas about holding the reins. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024.

  44. “If you roll with the weird inventions with money, shopping, property, business, charity when Uranus comes along in Taurus, you could end up rolling in it.”

    “The trick is asking what would set yourself and other people free, financially, and how you are going to fund that. That’s Uranus in Taurus.”

    Okay, hello again, Jessica. As I alluded to in my previous comment to a different post, I am the successor PR for both my father’s estate (he died 26 years ago) and my sister’s estate (she died of COVID-19 complications in Oct 2020.) They (and others, unwisely) chose my brother to probate their estates. My brother died (also of COVID-19) on my birthday last year, leaving 3 estates un-probated. After 3 years of frustration, the judge threw my father’s probate off the books in 1999. When my brother died and none of us had the deeds to our father’s property, I investigated and petitioned to be successor PR.

    My brother was also my sister’s guardian and POA (she was an invalid) and was responsible for paying all her bills. Some claims did not get paid before he died. I am left to find the funds to satisfy those claims. I know my brother received $350K-$500K in investments from my sister’s ex-husband for my sister’s upkeep. But my brother’s attorney is disallowing all claims, stating a lack of liquid assets to pay the bills!!!!!

    Without getting into the minutia, my brother did all kinds of things that were fraudulent, illegal, or at least deceitful. I struggle to keep rage and revenge out of legal matters. But so far, I have not succeeded and have vented to anyone who would listen.

    Ultimately, it falls to me to distribute our father’s property to my oldest sister (my only family member still living), my brother’s estate (his wife and kids), and me. So, with respect to “asking what would set yourself and other people free, financially, and how you are going to fund that. That’s Uranus in Taurus,” I have had to take out a personal loan to hire two lawyers. That’s the ‘fund’ part. Do you have any insights on how this will turn out or when I should do what?

    In August of next year (2023), Jupiter moves from my 10th to 11th House in my ‘un-natural’ chart. Is that a significant transition? Is it different in my natural chart? (I guess I need to get that ephemeris.)

    Again, using my ‘un-natural’ chart, between April 9 and April 19, 2024, when Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct, they come real close to my ‘un-natural’ Ascendant at 21 degrees 8 of Cancer. Is there an equivalence in my natural chart? And what would be the significance of this?

    Does my Sun-Uranus conjunction add any significant nuance to Uranus in Taurus?

    As for just Taurus factors, all I have is Bacchus–which is smack on square my Jupiter and also square my Mars, Trine my Moon, and whatever-that-other-angle is to my MidHeaven; and I have Psyche in Taurus, sextile my Sun and Uranus conjunction. What does that do for me?

    You said in today’s horoscope for me to learn lots quickly. This is me attempting to do just that!

    Since my business is art (as a painter in oils, watercolors, and encaustic–painting with fire–and photographer), “roll(ing) with the weird inventions with business, when Uranus comes along in Taurus, you could end up rolling in it.” Does that mean I should look into NFTs? What about a different ‘weird’ medium like encaustic? Or something else? Is there a timing factor in this? or other chart aspects I should consider? Psyche?

    And is Bacchus what makes me over-spend on my art supplies, courses, submissions, etc? Not to mention food? We eat real healthy. But seldom drink.

    Many Many questions. But You are So so appreciated !!!
    Many thanks,

    1. Thanks Kitsy. Okay, so siblings are Gemini/Third House and family is Cancer/Fourth House. Wills are Scorpio/Eighth House. I use the Natural House system for prediction accuracy. Let’s see what is going on, then get to the NFT/art issue which is Second House (what you sell). At 12, 17, 25, 27 Gemini you have a widespread pattern, showing up as your brother and sister. At 4, 8, 13, 17, 28 Cancer you also have a broad pattern, showing up as the family. Note the same degree, 17, so you go to whatever sits at 17 Gemini and 17 Cancer for the first clue. Minerva is at 17 Gemini and Venus is at 17 Cancer. Minerva is semi-sextile Venus. You are the wise woman (Minerva) regarding siblings (Gemini) and no doubt the others go to you for answers. Every time this happens it pulls in Venus, and your leaning towards complicated relationships, with the family. These are typically mother-son or husband wife or wife-lover or daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. It can feel like that, even if it’s not literally that. Transits of the slow-moving outer planets or nodes at 17 will trigger the pattern for months, even years. You now have Uranus at 17 Taurus for the first time in your adult life. As Uranus goes back and forth over 17 Taurus it will liberate, radically change and revolutionise that pattern in your personality: the Minerva-Venus pattern. Dig into that. Your online library will help. What happens will come out of the blue, feel like an electrical storm, operate like a lightning bolt, and rapidly change you, and the situation. It will set you and others free. Now to the art. Psyche at 28 Taurus will eventually be crossed by Uranus at 28 Taurus. This is art that is immortal, triggered by radical new inventions in the world of art auctions. This is years away but worth tracking, Kitsy.

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