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Free Weekly Astrology Class: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus and what it means for you and the world, as you experience the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom and independence (Uranus) transiting through the sign of Taurus (economy, money, property prices - and food!).

Welcome to another free online weekly lesson in Introduction to Astrology. Thanks to all of you who have sent messages @jessicacadams and welcome if you are here for the first time. You can always catch up on previous lessons as you learn at home.


Uranus in Taurus – The World Economy Revolution

In this lesson I have given you a short podcast on Uranus in Taurus and what it means for you and the world, as you experience the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom and independence (Uranus) transiting through the sign of  Taurus (economy, money, property prices – and food!) for the first time in your adult life.

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Class Notes

In astrology we use synchronicity (a word coined by Carl Jung) or – deeply meaningful, heavily fated coincidence – to explain what a planet does in a horoscope and what it means.

We take the year a planet was discovered and named, look at the Roman myth behind the god/goddess the planet was named after, and see what was happening that year.

Ideas and themes come. Astrologers have been tracking Uranus since 1781 and that was the year a German astronomer called Bode suggested the new planet be named after the ancient Roman god who was the father of two kinds of lightning. Sheet and forked lightning, in fact…

So Uranus was immediately associated with electricity. And what do you know, in 1781, an Italian scientist accidentally discovered what he called ‘animal electricity’ in the laboratory. That discovery, made by Galvani, gives us the word ‘galvanised’ which today suggests someone gripped by the need to act – someone feeling a little ‘wired’ or hyper-motivated.

Are you getting a feeling for this planet? Uranus is also associated with the battery, as Galvani’s discoveries helped Volta (who gives us the word voltage) develop that too.

So, rolling on from the year 1781, Uranus has always been associated (by astrologers) with the latest technology, electricity and lightning flash events and sensations. Shock is associated with Uranus for this reason too.

Uranus in Taurus (the shock in the economy) hit us all in March and it will continue to hit us in May 2020. Why?

Introduction to Astrology April 9th 2020 page 001 600x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Uranus in TaurusIf you have been following the lessons, please look at your PDF 2020 Ephemeris (kindly supplied free online by and make notes on why May 2020 in particular is another zig-zag. Another electrifying moment.

Are you picking up another obvious prediction? Right. Electric cars. That’s been a ‘given’ to astrologers since Uranus went into Taurus in May 2018, so for about two years now. Petrol is over.

Now, here are some more notes for you on Uranus. Please use this, and what you find on Search, to start making detailed notes on how you see this planet working in your own horoscope (if you are a Premium Member you will have a full chart with asteroids) and even just as an Aries, a Taurus, a Gemini and so on. Previous lessons will show you how to do this.

Uranus and Erratic Rhythms

Uranus was the father of lightning, which has an erratic rhythm. The revolutions which accompany Uranus transits are often accompanied by music or dance which has a spasmodic pace. Punk and post-punk, independent music reveals this. Talking Heads frontman David Byrne designed his jerking movements for the Once In A Lifetime video by watching footage of epilepsy sufferers. A real-life epilepsy sufferer, independent music legend Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, also danced like lightning. The pogo, that staccato solo effort born along with British punk, is the most famous example of an erratic dance. The well-known phrase ‘dancing to the beat of a different drummer’ describes the symbol well. One of the curious things about Uranus transits is that they tend to arrive with odd dance crazes or musical crazes. Think about life since 2018 and ask yourself what we’ve seen since Uranus went into Taurus. Prediction – there will be more.


eric nopanen 8e0EHPUx3Mo unsplash 600x399 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Uranus in Taurus

Photo by Eric Nopanen

Punk and Uranus

Punk was born in September 1976 when Australian band The Saints released what historians agree is the first single in the movement – (I’m) Stranded – which appeared on their own Fatal label, beating the Sex Pistols, the Damned and the Clash in the queue. Uranus, as a symbol of the push for independence, could not have failed to be in the mix in September 1976, when ‘indie’ was born and musicians began controlling the means of production. Uranus stood at 4 Scorpio that month, in an unusual conjunction with the North Node, also 4 Scorpio – and opposite the South Node at 4 Taurus. It was the beginning of a radically different music business. A financial revolution manifested through a record.

Uranus in Taurus and Financial Independence

Being free of banks, breaking free from banks, being freed from mortgages and overdrafts and credit card debts, inventing your own bank, using electric money (cryptocurrency) to revolutionise the banking system…are you starting to see how Uranus in Taurus has been working since 2018? He is here for a few more years.

Uranus and the Nodes

Any revolution which begins under aspects involving Uranus and the Moon’s Nodes lasts for all time as the Moon’s North Node and South Node symbolise repeated cycles. In 2012 the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot faced two years in prison after Vladimir Putin cracked down on the ‘hooliganism’ of the women in the band. All three Pussy Riot members were born after the September 1976 conjunction between Uranus at 4 Scorpio and the North Node at 4 Scorpio, but the remarkable thing about their 2012 trial is that the North Node returned to Scorpio that year. The case was said to have ‘galvanised’ Russia’s anti-Putin movement. A nod to Galvani’s jumping frog of 1781, galvanised when Uranus was found.

Challenge for you – what will happen when the North Node goes into Taurus and the South Node goes into Scorpio? What might you predict? And when is that going to happen? You can use my website to source information, but also do use’s resources which Alois Treindl has generously supplied free.


kenan kitchen Bbq3H7eGids unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Uranus in Taurus

Photo by Kenan Kitchen


Why Astrology is History and History is Astrology

Check what happened to the world economy when Uranus was last in Taurus from 6th June 1934 until 10th October 1934, and again from 28th March 1935 until 7th August 1941, and 5th October 1941 until 15th May 1942.

Making your own notes makes you a budding pro astrologer. Don’t just assume anything from what you see online or in astrology books. Look at what history is telling you.

Rationing. How did it liberate people? Didn’t it restrict them? But if Uranus was in Taurus it must have delivered independence, so how did it do that?

Answer: Dig for Victory. Growing vegetables, fruit and herbs and keeping chickens set people free from shopping. Your task should you accept it this week is to predict how Uranus in Taurus is going to change our lives in 2020, 2021, 2022…and beyond.


Want More From Astrology?

You can learn from some famous, best-selling full-time professional astrologers at The Sun Sign School. The foundation course will set you on the road to using astrology as a career, if you have the ability.

Astrology works. Use it! See you next Thursday.


Feature Image: Jan Kaluza

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55 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica for sharing your gift with the world. I “ran across” your website a few years ago. Little did I know that those were going to be some of the most trying years of my adult life. I have undergone a spiritual transformation. Your insight and information has helped me much. The last couple of days, I’ve noticed that the air felt different. My spirit felt different. A lot of my close relationships have ended and I have been going through a grieving period. I had been meditating on one relationship in particular that is very important to me, but also very draining. I had decided to let the relationship go and the person in question reached out. Then tonight, I’m checking your site reading this article, and I see his name attached to a garden. Signs are always everywhere. This is a very challenging relationship, but one deep down in my heart, I cherish and I want it to work because he is the father of my son. I am still unsure of what lies ahead, as we all are. But thank you for sharing this. It allowed me to appreciate “now.”

    1. Thank you, I am so glad the astrology has helped with your transformation. You have been letting go of who/what did not work, which is right for the times. You also had a sign there, about the garden and this man’s name. As the father of your son, he has karma with you. And you want it to work. What did that garden say to you? To me it says, recycle. So when things fall apart in a natural way, like an apple core going to seed in the soil, you give the whole thing time, space, light and air – and it becomes the next tree. A garden is actually a really creative, productive sign. A good sign. As much as you have been grieving with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, Saturn has gone now. Jupiter has replaced him. That’s growth.You will know what to do, when to do it, what to say and when to say it. Any questions about that, use your Astrology Oracle cards.

      1. Thank you. Ascendent and 2nd House is what the oracle gave me, which I partially understand. There is a huge element of “appearances” in our relationship. Moreso from him rather than him. I’m a Leo, he’s a Scorpio. I have a Scorpio stellium so I understand him,however, I have grown tired of a superficial relationship because we are parents. He is in a relationship with a Virgo, and I am seen as a threat. So anytime I try to initiate a friendship, I’m met with resistance. At this point in my life, I’ve experienced so much loss, I want to live a peaceful life. That includes being at peace with her. Thank you for your insight.

        1. Those cards are about looking rich, or looking poor, or looking middle-class, or appearing to be down-at-heel. Celebrities like Kate Moss play with that a lot. She is a very rich woman but looks like a musician’s girlfriend, quite deliberately! The Ascendant is image, the Second House is the cost of a wardrobe, haircut, shoes, watch, car, bag and the rest. Look up Second House, Taurus, Ascendant on Search and go further.

  2. Hello Jessica, my world has recently been upended as I know it! Apart from the more obvious global issues, several weeks before all global hell broke loose, my partner (the only breadwinner for our family), was fired. He is struggling tremendously even to find a basic packing job. I have deeply considered my decision and have decided to complete a tertiary pathway position to see if I get accepted into the University of my dreams to study early childhood teaching. I know it’s a long shot, and my partner is happy to play house dad to our children alongside casual work, should it arise. Meanwhile I’m going to study my little heart out and pray, dream and hope for Uni acceptance next year. Please can you take a look at my chart to offer any guidance, hope or just a major reality check. I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m hoping for a much longed for lucky break. Thank you x

    1. You and your partner, and the children, are being completely re-routed for a reason. I’ll get onto that in a moment, but first of all, you may all be in shock, and shock requires more rest, more sleep, and more grounding. If you are not already doing that as a family, allow it into your life at home. Grounding can be achieved by getting your feet literally on the earth, if you are lucky enough to have a garden or park nearby. Don’t underestimate the enormity of what is going on and do give yourself as much meditation and snooze time as you need. You can lower the stakes with University admission by enjoying yourself studying a range of courses now, at home, quite free. If you want to teach, look at Eton. They are offering free access to their classes. Go right around the world online and see what is being offered. It’s very inspiring. I am sorry your husband was fired, but he will find work again – okay? It will come. You will also pick up work. Do that alongside the leisurely study at home, and start getting ready for University and a teaching degree. You have what it takes. Teachers are gold now. Guitar teachers, yoga teachers, every kind of education is being sought. I have a friend whose child is learning advanced chess by playing against a tutor in Russia. The child is in Australia. You should both tap into what is going on out there. The upending is typical of Uranus in Taurus. So is the ‘breaking loose’ of anything. You will all be free, more independent, with more room to move, autonomy and space as a result of 2020. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can and will educate others and. you will get there partly by educating yourself – you will find it really exciting, actually, and it can all be done online, and often very affordably or even free. Build in rest breaks often, though. This is a huge change…

      1. I will definitely check out that site you mentioned and thank you for providing that example about your friends child. That’s super inspiring! I really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Dear Jessica, thank you for your incredible insights. I am amazed at the accuracy of the predictions. Uranus in Taurus – if I understand it right affects the fifth house. Looking at my chart, I have 4 factors in Scorpio and 3 in Aquarius. I also fall in the group born in the sixties. Can you please look at my chart and see based on the placements and transits, how this period affects me. Having 6 factors in Virgo, do you see that I would continue working during this period through 2026. THank you!

    1. Thank you. Using the Natural House system, Uranus in Taurus is in the Second House. You are strongly Scorpio and Virgo, and you are going to reshape your lifestyle, workload and budget – meeting change, with change. Scorpio rules sex and money, complicated relationships, and partnerships which bring in your family, or the other person’s family. It can be as much about a former partner and child maintenance, as it is about a potential lover bringing in questions about apartments, houses or income. Uranus will ultimately oppose, or clash with, that Scorpio side of your existence more than once, and this idea of ‘meeting change with change’ is really important. The more you can do now to loosen up your situation, get nicely flexible, and so on – the better. Scorpio is a fixed sign, as is Aquarius and yet you must unfix, what is fixed, about yourself and your life. Luckily your strong Virgo horoscope patterns suggest 2020 will be really useful in that regard. You are very good at figuring out the tiny details of your day-to-day existence and can perfect and finesse your skills, abilities, talents – so that you are always highly employable. In other words, from now until 2026 you will become the sort of person who can offer one client or employer X, while being ready to offer another Y. Career pivots are vey wise.

      1. Thank you so much for your response. I feel fortunate to have a response when you have 1000s of messages to respond to. I have two children, one who will be finishing her college in June and will be facing the working world with many millions unemployed currently. The other, is working but not sure what her situation would be given the economic situations. So, I am trying to stay nimble and address the impending changes that we could face esp if my spouse is laid off during this time.. Having to stay flexible in this process is necessary even though I had set plans. Are these Scorpio factors that Uranus opposition could be requiring being flexible and bend with situations as they come up with – meeting change with change? Thank you as always! BTW, I listen to your podcasts – love the accent and how eloquently you convey the message. You are a blessing to many of us with your insights.

        1. Thank you. All of you need to remember the magic word is ‘pivot’. Think about life as a Twister game. You are playing it with the whole world. When they pivot sideways, you have to do the same thing, to stay in the game. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and admitting how fixed one is, is the start. Once you acknowledge that it’s actually rather hard to pivot, you become more conscious of the ways you block that. This helps you move those obstacles. All of you, including the children, will be playing Twister with work, money, education and government or council allowances, before you know it. It’s unpredictable, exciting, can even be fun – and you have to keep moving. It is the only, repeat the only, thing that is going to work when Uranus in Taurus opposes Scorpio factors by transit.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I have Uranus in Sagittarius.. how will that impact me? In which are of my life? So much changes going on
    Thank you

    1. You were born with Uranus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. So, you regularly invent, produce and create – as a traveller, student, teacher, publisher, writer, ‘student of life’, explorer, worldwide web adventurer. Yet, you are never satisfied with the end results and often reject – chopping and changing. This makes life constantly interesting but rather unstable, long-term. You’re part of a generation who have revolutionised the tourism industry, snapping up cheap weekend flights, innovations like Eurostar (train travel below the English Channel!) and most of all, the web itself. This part of yourself and your life is now about to take you backwards, 19 years, to around the year 2001. This happens from May 2020 until early 2022. In fact there is past life experience here too. You were likely a migrant in a previous existence, or committed to education in some way, perhaps as a pupil or master. The South Node going into Sagittarius and your Ninth House will eventually conjunct your natal Uranus and that means a revolution. It will seem oddly familiar.There is karma here to collect or repay. For more on this whole episode look up South Node in Sagittarius, on Search – and the North Node and South Node, as a whole.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I have Uranus in Leo, Moon in Leo and also Mars in Leo and Married to a Leo – can you tell me how this impacts on me? Have had huge changes through 2018, 2019 and into this year too.

    Thank you

    1. The Aquarius weather coming in, which began in March 2020, involves Saturn, Jupiter and then Pluto in Aquarius – for the first time in your life. This will oppose your Leo factors. You have a packed Fifth House, which concerns your decisions to have children or not, and your godchildren. It is about sons, daughters, young relatives (cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren). It is also about terminated or lost pregnancies from the past and the relationship or marriage you were in at the time. It is about adoption, stepchildren and IVF. The Fifth House, ruled by Leo, is also about paid efforts involving younger people – those young or old enough to be your own offspring. It is also about unpaid efforts. So, we might be talking about teaching pupils mathematics, or coaching and mentoring unemployed young adults in their twenties. Whatever you have set up in regard to this will be challenged and changed. In 2020 it’s hard work and requires tremendous energy and patience, so it had better be worth it for you. In 2021 you are rewarded for the work of 2020. From 2022 the whole situation seems less intense. Yet from 2023 it is back, and this time the stakes are really high, as Pluto slowly begins to oppose your Leo factors from the Eleventh House. I strongly recommend that before you go barrelling into new commitments and plans about this younger generation, or sexual relationships – that you use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, and your journal. There is also another oracle book I’ve given Premium Members which may be useful. Work this. Figure out where the land lies before you go off exploring. You can come up with a creative, thoughtful, intelligent response to this weather, but it’s long-term and it will need a bit of forethought.

  6. HI Jessica

    At the outset I want you to know how much of a crutch and guide you are for me! Thank you so much and may you always stay blessed.

    I wanted to let you know that Everything you predicted is coming to a pass ! Global economy and its resultant mpact on me – because of my cancer, Virgo, Taurus & Scorpio factors – U had said I would be in a 3 Yr reshape starting 2018 – and oh boy it has been that!! I have accepted (albeit reluctantly) I need to meet change with change! I wish I had earlier … I am putting together a business plan to start a small online wellness powders /wellnews chews initiative – locally sourced, high quality and possibly ayurvedic ( I live in India so sourcing & production wise easier!).

    The question is – I have limited funds and I don’t know if I should just plunge ahead with my limited savings with a beta test asap and raise capital on the back of that ( which I hope I can) OR do you foresee a job for me anytime soon ( I am in a generally high paying field though have been on sabbatical since last year which was needed but the timing is wrong i guess to get back in) – this allows me to make and save some money and then launch sometime next year in a better way – raise VC capital thereafter. Astrology and timing wise your help would be much appreciated.

    Seperately, and sorry I am being greedy & U don’t need to answer if u have a long queue – I was left heart broken again a second time by a guy who is a capricornian ( Jan 5, 1981) I first went out with in 2016 ( came in on an eclipse) and we started something again this feb ( & ended just when Saturn entered Aquarius!) Same pattern – started with he wants commitment then into can we please leave it loose with lets see where this goes. I walked away again but having second thoughts that if I do leave it loose maybe it will take the pressure off him & we will end up in a better place (He has sexual performance issues which can be dealt with but they do exist; the past 2 years have been terrible for him business wise and looks like going forward as well). This time I have finally admitted that I do love him, the sense of belonging with him is unreal, it feels karmic ( my Saturn on his NN; his Saturn close to my NN so maybe that’s why). However, he openly admits he is commitment phobic has not been able to manage to hold a relationship with anyone for a long time but while he really likes me and wants something real when push comes to shove he gets scared and does not want to give false hopes. Please advise Jessica – there is an eclipse July 5 on his sun and close to my moon; Aesculapia the planet of resurrection is conjunct my descendant – am I clutching at straws? Was he sent a second time so I could learn a lesson – the pattern was the same – or is it that It’s another chance and I need to handle it differently – or maybe he will change and we will have a real chance. A lot of wishful thinking here and so confused – If you can advise I wouod be ever sooooo greatful.

    Thank you as always for your work, your kindness and all the knowledge you share – it makes a big difference in my life!

    1. Thank you. India is in transition. Give this time before you invest, please. You have no idea how much your country is going to transform in 2020 and you are too premature. Give this time. Can you speak or write both languages on a business level? That skill is golden, soon. You are going to see all kinds of business options spring up which were never there before. So, don’t do this just yet. Keep researching in May because that month the entire world is going to transform as a trading entity and India will be part of that. This means one business after another changes in the blink of an eye. Find out what people want in India. What they really want and need. It won’t be what they wanted and needed in 2019 or before. As for the man, he has pushed all your hormonal and emotional buttons so you are being knocked around by that. It’s karmic. It ends May 7th, in terms of the emotions, the memories, the situation. He is not right for you. Ask yourself why you want someone who cannot be with you, cannot have children with you, cannot marry you, cannot adopt children with you. Why is that? Use your Astrology Oracle cards, guidebook and your journal to go deeper.

  7. Hi Jessica! Just a quick question generally. How is all that lovely career promise and solutions for Aries in 2020 going to work out in lockdown? Will it take time or just not be able to happen at all? Many thanks and stay safe and well.

    1. You’ll find luck is on your side with amazing career, academic, unpaid (but precious) and other opportunities tailored to your specific skills, talents, abilities and experience in 2020. You already had one door open and I hope you went through it. There will be others before December.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    For some reason, astrology is keeping me sane during this “new life”. So, i finally quit my job On 24 January 2020 to pursue my business, against everyone’s objection. But i had to quit my job as my business is in direct conflict with my former employer’s mandate. I used February as a set up time, introducing my business and setting up meetings for March. During February i also had many offers of traveling which i was looking forward to as i had not travelled for sometime. Being a regular reader of astrology i knew mercury retrograde would cause havoc, which it did. I had to cancel all traveling. Since March and now April, my business is on hold. No activity, my potential clients are all frontline deliveries who are in the thick of providing service for COVID19. I have been kept busy during this time by an organization that i volunteer my time to which is fighting for protection of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, which i am enjoying immensely, but is not bringing in any income. I intend to start a movement in my country soon, as part of my voluntary work, which i am scared of but believe it is time to try the movement again. I have reason to believe i will lose many friends and some family members over this, what do you think Jessica, is it worth a try? Also, do you think my business will survive this? I have money for now, but I am not sure it can sustain me past beyond October 2020. Or should i start looking for a job again?
    Anywho, i started a small herb garden last year, which i am enjoying taking care of during the lockdown. And i will be planting beetroots too on April 24. Might add ginger to the mix. I hope you are keeping safe

    1. Astrology was actually built over about 2000 years, as a knowledge platform, to keep us sane. So I am glad it is helping you stabilise. I am sorry you had travel chaos with Mercury Retrograde but at least you knew it was coming. Your volunteer work on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights is really needed, too. There is a lot going on now, and you are over-thinking. I am not sure if you are a Premium Member but if you are please use your Astrology Oracle cards for an intuitive reading. This will help you. I don’t know what your movement is and you need to be extremely careful, please. Any group movement after the year 2023 could have extremely high stakes. Double that message if you are going to use the Zuckerberg cluster – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Regarding work – find what people need. People have very new needs, most of which sprung up overnight. There are a ton of websites servicing those needs which are part-time, casual, gig economy but – interesting, decently paid and a way out of the screen. really started a revolution didn’t it?

  9. Hi Jessica, your articles are always enlightening. I live in Italy and I am working at home. I had hated my job for many years and was looking for an escape, a change without ever finding it. This lockdown has been the answer I have been looking for for years !!! and despite all the seriousness of what is happening globally I do not stop feeling a positive ferment, as if something great is about to happen to humanity and myself, in a very positive sense.
    Can you take a look at my chart please?

    1. You are correct. Well done for seeing through the situation, to the other side. You hated your job and now you have choices. There are some boom industries and businesses coming, particularly in Italy. One of them is traditional soap and cologne. There will be a huge demand for these beautiful products. Many of them associated with the convents and monasteries. Another boom is home tutoring and education. This is about children but also adults. Everyone wants to learn – affordably – at home. It does not have to be video. It can be done by email with MP3 audio recordings. Other booms which will take you along – the new relationship between Italy and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That is quite new. Anyone who can speak both languages, and write them, and remove obstacles in the path to trade and business, will be in hot demand. You are in the right place at the right time, as Jupiter (opportunity) is in your Tenth House of success. At the same time, you have Uranus (freedom) in your Second House of income. You also have the North Node in Gemini in your Third House of languages and the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places. This might also be about America, although Britain is closer. She is also most free to trade with Italy, which will leave the European Union. I do trust that prediction even though it was made a long time ago. Prepare to change your life for the better. And well done for enduring this time. It has been so hard for us who love Italy to watch, on television, but you have all done the most incredible job. Keep going.

  10. Hello, hope you are safe and healthy. Thanks for informative article. A friend recommended your site to me and I’m glad I’m here.
    I have Taurus in Vulcano and also my north node. Lately everything seems topsy turvey- with work and outside life, as well as at home with my partner (ongoing for several years now). Any insight as to this?
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you very much, to you and your friend. You are strongly Taurus and are always strangely at peace, and greatly comforted, when there is money in the bank and food in the pantry. The rest of your chart is a little different and I don’t think you would identify as being such a simple creature, but actually – it’s fine. It’s who you are. This sense of security is the foundation you need for your other adventures. Having said that, the world is turning upside-down. This is one of the key phrases for Uranus in Taurus. When you say topsy-turvy you are putting it gently! As you are approaching your North Node and South Node return in 2022 and 2023 it is very important that you get yourself into a highly flexible, extremely adaptable position. I mentioned money and food – just that. Your partner would be part of the story and in fact 2022-2023 is also about the house or apartment you share, or the possessions. A double bed, for example! The best advice I can give you is to be super bendy. Don’t lock yourself into any heavy new commitments and arrangements for your money, pension, insurance, taxation, shares, investments and the rest – whatever you agree to, find the get-out clause. Or, at least, the ‘twist and pivot’ clause. Life is going to change on the turn of a dime, over and over, until 2026. For that reason you need the luxury of being able to find options at your fingertips. You are going to see banks and governments, but also employers and businessmen, offer a ton of amazing options in May 2020. They will fall over themselves to entice you with different appeals – to your vote, to your hip pocket and so on. Grab the most tried, tested and trusted financial advisor you can and start looking at how to live a bendy life. Super flexy.

      1. Thank you for the guidance. I look forward to All of this, especially to see where I am as far as all you mentioned, especially whether my partner and I will stay together or not. Stay healthy.

  11. Hi Jessica
    I LOVE these lessons. Astrology definitely appeals to me as it blends our connection to the universe, detective work, Research, synchronicity etc giving us a sense of understanding events and patterns. I read all that you write as well as other respected astrologers. You are my favorite. I feel you give so much valuable information with well thought out explanations and empathy. My subscription has been one of my most valuable purchases and has helped me thru so much. I would love to study astrology as a possible career and even signed up for Sun Sign School but never finished. I think I get to a point that I feel it becomes too much for me to learn well and I should have started earlier in my life as I can never catch up. Then I kind of shut down. I have a tendency to start many things and never really fully finish to make a career out of it thinking I won’t be able to learn it all. I have been itching to find a focus for awhile now.i have been retired for years from my last career (Paramilitary) due to an injury. This may be a long shot but, Is there anyway that by looking at my chart you can see a direction I should absolutely focus on that would put my skill set to valuable use? Also, (I am just gonna throw this one in, too lol) do you see a move in the foreseeable future for my husband and me? Thanks For all you do, Jessica!

    1. I’m so glad you love the Introduction to Astrology course. We will continue this throughout 2020 and perhaps 2021 as well. And thank you for the compliment. It’s something I will pass on to everyone who works with me here. You have retired from your career because of an injury which was designed to get you to switch your life path. There really are no accidents, are there? You are also thinking about moving. Have you considered teaching or tutoring? You have some impressive qualifications there. There is a boom in online home tutoring now, and you would be very welcome. This may not be about the paramilitary – it may be another skill you have. I also think you will be studying. You say you don’t finish things, but the North Node going into Gemini and South Node going into Sagittarius, into your Third House of internet and Ninth House of academia, tells me that you will. This cycle ends in early 2022. By then I would be amazed if you were not guiding and mentoring others but also coming away with qualifications. Moving would seem less important to you in that context. I do feel that if you switch residences, you would still go between two places. Does that make sense to you? Wherever you are, the water view, or the freedom to walk near the water, is tremendously useful!

      1. Yes! My studies since retirement (20years) have been focused on natural health, nutrition and wellness. These have always been interests of mine and I already have a BS psychology but I just haven’t found my niche yet. It’s funny that you say the water is really helpful. I have a water view and am a short walk from the beach. I have always lived by the water and feel the need to(now i am living in Hawaii) and do not really want to move but my husband is a chef and this industry has been really shaken by COVID-19 (especially in this tourist destination) and who knowS what will be the ultimate repercussions. He may have to think about a change in career (after 30 years). We always dreamed of having 2 places to go back and forth so it is funny that you say that. Thank you!

        1. Thank you. Yes, you will be studying and teaching (both) in the area of psychology and natural health. You will always be near water. I am sorry your husband has lost his job as a chef. I also know chefs who have lost their roles. When the time is right, he will use his skills again, in a very different way, but it may even be more rewarding for him, than the previous role. Going between two places is not out of the question. Hawaii and America as a whole are destined for a sweeping transformation in the property market in 2020, and people are thinking laterally about renting, selling, home exchange, housesitting and so on. Write down what your heart desires from your future lives in a notebook or print out your journal from this website. Make some sketches. Open a Pinterest account and clip images. When you are crystal-clear in this way, it is easier for your spirit guides and helpers to deliver. Show them. Someone else will have a need which meets yours in the middle and when the time is right, you will be connected for a win-win. The spirit world really does love that kind of ‘dream’ matchmaking.

  12. My Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are in Taurus. Before covid, I was working on starting a dog walking business that I was hoping would evolve into a dog training center where clients would drop their dogs off for a day of training. However, now it seems like the next couple of years for this endeavor likely will not be sustainable especially for a newbie. I’ve been racking my brain with how I can make a living with dogs or in some other field that I would enjoy and that would benefit society in this new world order. I’m open to ideas. I have worked as an elementary and college teacher but really don’t want to get back into teaching unless it involves dogs; although, I love elementary-aged children and hands-on creative learning but probably not full-time. Any thoughts after looking at my chart and accessing your psychic intuition?

    1. I don’t see your chart, so you haven’t logged in. I will read for you psychically. (I love dogs, so I understand your situation completely). Dogs carry the virus on their fur, which is awfully sad, so your dog walking business is over. You are lucky that you are an experienced college and elementary school teacher. Teachers are gold. Everyone wants home tutoring so they can have an hour away from their children! (And the children can of course be educated to a high personal level that they were never offered before). Do you have a dog? That would be your U.S.P. or Unique Selling Point. Encourage the students to have their dogs on Skype too. You bring yours. If you are educating small children in particular, that could be incorporated into the lessons. Maths with Snoopy. Brand yourself that way. (If you don’t have a dog you may have to get one!) You can also foster dogs of course. Many shelters need that, right now. We are in the kind of astrological cycle when invention, innovation, originality and quirkiness work incredibly well. You could do this part-time. Make the dogs your brand but show them your qualifications too.

  13. Thank you Jessica, I have loved being a member with you and have found your regular posts both inspiring and calming over time even though I am an astrology novice, more of an admirer than a student. ( I would love to be more of a student). Recently due to a lot of forced down time, i have turned to astrology and spiritual guidance even more so and felt very dark emotionally with alot of anxiety. I have been thinking of all of my wrong doings and mistakes over the years, particularly around 19yrs ago, which i know is kharmic and in all honesty i don’t kmow how i buried incidents so deeply and simply carried on with my life for so long.
    I have been such an egocentric, hard hearted creature who really doesn’t deserve my gorgeous family. All i want to do is turn back time and ask for forgiveness or own up to mistakes made. My question is, how do I ask for the forgiveness of people who have passed over, is this even possible or all in my head. Or do I just sit back and wait for kharma to bring it!! I know i deserve all i get but don’t want my family to bear it. Hoping astrology may have some guidance. I know the whole world is transforming right now.
    Thankyou as always, Jane

    1. I am sorry you have been dealing with anxious thoughts. Jane, you need to realise that your body influences how you feel, emotionally, and also in terms of your headspace. There is something called the parasympathetic nervous system, which isn’t very sympathetic at all. When you have anxiety to carry around quite often, you can ‘gear’ your system for stress. So, you end up with – for example – heart palpitations, or you tense up your hands or neck muscles, and so on. This can make something seem far bigger than it really should be. I think your memories of life 19 years ago are like this. Of course you are being taken back to the past because you have the North Node in Cancer (family karma) transiting your chart for the last time, before vanishing for another 19 years. So it may feel as if you have to get closure and I understand that. But do look at your anxiety and find ways online to manage that. Simple relaxation techniques, the Dr. Claire Weeks method (see her book, Self-Help For Your Nerves), meditation, and the rest can all help you put things in perspective, because your body can reset. The people in spirit who have passed would not want you to be troubled now. Please write each person a letter. When the time is right, and you feel calm about it, shut the door, open the curtains or blinds so you can see the sun (even on a grey day) and ask your spirit guides to help you get the message across. Surround yourself and the room with white light and say a simple thing: ‘Help me to help them, and help myself.’ If you are spiritual or religious say a prayer. You can read the letter quietly, or say it aloud. It will be heard. Every sincere intention always is. Spirit will carry it, like a postman does. Rest assured at some point there will be a clear sign that your heartfelt apology and request for forgiveness has been heard. And as a bonus, you get to find really great ways to handle your body, mind and spirit connection – which will be with you for the rest of your life, so you can turn to them whenever you need.

  14. Hi Jessica!
    Your knowledge and the way you explain astrology is amazing! I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, but In such a short amount of time I feel as if I have a better understanding of myself. Thank you for that!
    There is a piece of my chart that I am having a hard time figuring out and would love to know your insight. It’s my North Node 7 in Gemini (South Node Sagittarius) along with Juno conjunction Ops at 12 and Vesta 26 in Gemini.
    I keep thinking it all ties in with a specific man who has been in and out of my life since 2012. It’s like I’m pulled to him, I try to ignore it and did ignore my feelings for him for 4 years but when I saw him last July I fell in love all over again. So I happily got sucked into trying again with him. Then this past March (12th to be exact) I said something that fluffed his feathers and then he stated he needed to concentrate on work and I haven’t talked to him since.
    What I am trying to figure out is if this with him is bc whatever we karmic-ly owe each other. And is it over now because we succeeded this time around? Or am I misinterpreting what the nodes are about?
    He is Leo – August 22 1982 6:30p Monterey CA
    North Node 12 Cancer (South Node Capricorn) with Vulcano 20 in Capricorn, nothing in Cancer.

    Then he has Uranus conjunct Ops at 00 and Neptune conjunct Juno at 24 all in Sagittarius (near my South Node)
    And I have Neptune at 1 and Jupiter at 12 in Capricorn (Jupiter conjuncting his South Node)

    I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!!

    1. Thank you. Okay, so your North Node in Gemini in the Third House (the worldwide web, publishing, multimedia, education, communication) and South Node in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (foreign people and places, regional differences, cultural gaps, academia, sophisticated ideas) are not about love or sex. They show your past lives and you were likely, a translator, journalist, poet – very likely a tutor – and perhaps are drawn to one foreign language in particular, because you used to speak it fluently. This will come alive for you from May, as you will experience your Nodal Return, for the first time in 19 years. By January 2022 you will have revisited a karmic relationship with a different country or its history, culture and people. Unless this man is the gateway to that, he has nothing to do with your actual Nodes. He would be really hard work in 2020. Do you want that? There is karma here, very likely, but it would be on that basis I talked about: perhaps you two were pupil and teacher once, or were trying to speak across a language barrier. He ‘gets you where you live’ and so I can understand why you are anxious to know if it could work between you. He is likely to find any sexual relationship in 2020 very heavy going indeed, with all sorts of responsibilities, obstacles and waiting games. This is likely to do with Rona as much as anything else! But there would be other reasons too. I don’t know if you want to be that lover. There are substantial issues for him about being a father (or not) and he is dealing with that until May. I realise you have been in and out of his world since 2012 and it is time to find out why. This is particularly important if you do decide to go back in there! Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to ask ‘Why him?’ and ‘What is the story?’

  15. Hi! So, I just read the upcoming horoscope for the week and then this post (loving the astrology school!) – does this affect people who even if they don’t have Taurus at the precise degrees in their chart? Like I have Taurus at 5degrees – not 6 this week. Also, what if the 6-degree planet is different (in this case, Mercury 6 Virgo)- curious how it all links together. Thanks!!

    1. Yes, you can use a one-degree orb and see similar impact. Astrology is based on Sacred Geometry (you can look that up on Search if you are curious) and consequently we use exact patterns, in modern horoscope work. With computer software and asteroids to work with, it is possible to discard the old 19th and 20th century rules about wide orbs of up to 9 degrees, and just work with exact, precise aspects. Having said that, one degree differences do frequently show up. Maybe you can be the person to test this. Report back when this Taurus pattern is triggered. Even with your chart being one degree out, are you going to see similar effects? Thanks in advance. Let me know here or @jessicacadams if the queue here is too long (9,804 people now!)

  16. Hello, Jessica! I am so glad that you are back. Not just I felt very boring without your comments sessions but also wondering if you are having difficult time in many ways. You seem to be doing fine. How are you and your families?

    I always wish that I have enough money to have easy life but it seems this dream will become real “dream”.
    I don’t have much energy in Taurus or Scorpio but I do have one asteroid in each sign. Could you tell me what these energy will bring to me, please?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. We did have some temporary issues with the end of Mercury Retrograde, but I now have my computer, a cup of tea and I’m ready to look at your question. You want to make some money or save it? Great. Don’t aim for an easy life though. Aim for a satisfying, interesting life! We are now in a new cycle until 2026 when dreaming is over. That’s fine. Too much dreaming made everybody forget about reality and the reality is – people are shopping too much, borrowing too much money, spending too much. So we have to get back to what we earn, going into what we eat. That is your very first rule. It may be alfalfa sprouts in your kitchen. It may be a tomato in your window box. Maybe you are lucky and have access to land. The Uranus in Taurus cycle is also about recycling and repairing. “Make Do and Mend” they used to say during the last cycle in the Forties. All of this is pretty basic stuff – even a little dull – but Taurus is about what is down to earth, natural, simple and fundamental. If you stick to that you will be so much better off in every way. Swapping and saving, too. Your asteroids in both signs will help you with that. Until 2026 it is the little things that will work really, really well. Do you know about fiverr. com? That is a really good example of new-thinking economy.

      1. Thank you for your reply and for reference!
        I finished an online graphic web design course in 2019, while I had to feed my new born baby who was not and is not easy one. It was very tough. Then now I don’t have much time to use the skill! Having checking the platform you mentioned, maybe I start to develop my portfolio from 23rd April and see how it goes. 😉 I have some other ideas to do on 23rd, but hey, it’s me. Complex.

        1. That’s great about your online course. You may in fact use it with/for children later on. You are now on a nice, long, slow road to achievement with this, either part-time or very, very part-time. Don’t pressure yourself. You’ll find your way by December, with two important doors opening along the way.

  17. Good Day Jessica born Manchester England 10/18/1938 early am
    Maybe it is because of what the world is going thru and all the news turmoil, but I thought I was making progress as I read so much on your informative site ….it is as if everything I read has gone for naught , how can I have so much confusion, overwhelmed with work ( essential worker) relationships do not seem to make sense anymore , going through the motion of keeping everything going, I pitifully ask will normalcy ever prevail for me …..will my relationship of over a year bring happiness for all parties…..I attempt to get my writing going, but constantly catastrophe’s occur. If I stick to my plans I appear to be selfish ……any suggestions would be welcome
    Thank you

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this at the moment. You poor thing. Okay, so before anything else, what I can see in your chart is very much about the relationship and you are spending a lot of time thinking about this person, putting energy into that (mental and emotional) trying to get some kind of order. There is actually no real order there – the relationship is an ongoing experiment. Does that make sense to you? It’s like seeing what you can get away with, and the other person seeing what they can get away with. That is really hard work on top of your real job. Can I suggest that you look at minimising this in your life? Or shrinking the issues down, or somehow putting them out of your hair? Give yourself a nice clear hour, please and use your Astrology Oracle and the guidebook that comes with it. Use your journal too and start figuring out this question “What can I do, immediately, and into May 2020, that will take care of my concerns about this person or the situation?” Keep going and then write it down and commit to it. Put your writing to one side as well, please, unless you feel relaxed and joyous doing it, or just liberated. That can happen. You most of all need to reduce the load on yourself. You need sleep, mind rest, one hour a day of yoga, walking or whatever you like to do. You need to be able to switch off. You are unselfish, giving, put others first, and your horoscope is saying ‘It’s time that changed.’ Be really self-centred please. Put yourself front and centre. Number one. For now, keep working. But around that, look at every single situation, person and circumstance that demands energy from you and really figure it out. Do you need it/that? Can you shrink it? This is about the Sixth House of your chart, ruled by Virgo. There are 24 hours in every day. Eight to work, eight to sleep, eight for you, you, you. Now ask yourself if there is anything or anybody getting free rent in your head. This New Moon on Thursday is a really good time to find a new way through.

  18. Hi Jessica, I have been listening to some Joy Division and David Byrne these days, they go well with what is going on at the moment. I am quite okay despite everything, sometimes we surprise ourselves with how we cope in difficult times. I am healthy, I still have my job, I just hope I will be wise enough not to forget what is important in life after all this passes and we get back to our routines. The only thing I honestly am hopeless about are relationships, just read Thursday daily horoscope and thought about it… I enjoy reading your work for years now. I learned so much and not only about astrology, learning even a small detail gives such a great joy to me and I am grateful for that! Take care!

    1. Thanks so much. Music is helping a lot of people now. I am listening to The White Album by The Beatles in its studio form. Loving it. (I am a fan of Joy Division and Talking Heads too, like you). Relationships are hard work for just about everyone on the planet so it’s not just you! You have to remember it’s only been since 1969 that The Pill gained widespread acceptance and so many generations are still dealing with that atomic-level explosion for men and women. You are very good at friendship, actually. And friendships within the wider group. You are now in a really good position with those sorts of relationships, which can be solid gold, and will be connected through a club, team, society, association, band, cause and so on. This is a huge turning point for you. Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 and then Jupiter in Aquarius from Christmas, through 2021, will allow you to go to the next level with someone who relates to you on an Aquarian level – so friendship first – brotherhood and sisterhood – and in some ways the transits are bigger than you are so all you have to do is let a higher power take you there. Sex, money and children which so often are the reasons people move in together or get married, have absolutely nothing to do with this. It’s a soul connection – a similarity in ideals and ideas – the two of you want, what the group wants – and that’s the link.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all of your work.

    There is a wonderful new friend in my life, right on time with Uranus in Taurus, as you said my love life would get shaken up, this friendship cold potentially go beyond the platonic. He is unhappily married and stays due to the kids, grandkids and not wanting to let anyone down.

    I do not want him to leave his marriage for me.

    I wonder should I just enjoy the friendship and take it a step at a time or what.

    His dob is 5/24/45 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    Yes another Gemini man in my life.

    He is sweet and kind and adorable and gorgeous and smoking hot. Very youthful, looks and acts much younger than he is.


    1. Gemini and karma this time – different to the rest. He has karma from the moment the South Node enters Sagittarius on May 7th (and his Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation) throughout 2021, and early 2022. I am using his solar chart here but it works well. The karma is likely with his wife, possibly with you. It would be past-life. Let’s see. Well, CG. He is a workaholic. He uses his work to escape from the real world. His family is a very distant second, but it gives him a sense of security. He is now on a mission with work and money and will be for some time. Relationships, even with his wife, children and grandchildren (the real thing) are not in the picture. Given the shaky economic situation in America there is a near-obsession on securing himself financially at the moment and I doubt he will have much time for anything else. That is what I am seeing with this birthdate, even without a time and place. He’s a sexual being and he does exist below the waist, sure, but who wants somebody below the waist while the rest of them is fixated on money? I will lay it on the line here which is what psychics and astrologers do, CG. I wish it was hearts and flowers but you are looking at the wrong person.

      1. Thanks for the perspective. Yes he is a doctor who never wants to retire. His spouse is also a doctor and they are business partners, they have had some ups and downs, she overspends. Sorry I do not know her dob. Whoever has been managing the money all these years has not done the best job. He does want to straighten this out in his own life.

        We have similar spiritual beliefs. He sends me poems and music and sweet messages every day. He tells me he loves me several times a week, almost daily. I will enjoy the friendship.

        Looking forward to you writing about the Gemini/Sag node transit. Please 🙂


  20. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this interesting and informative post on Uranus in Taurus! I am new to astrology and find your insights so helpful. I am a bit nervous about this transit, as my birth chart has a lot of Taurus/Scorpio factors. What changes do you think this transit will bring for me? Thanks again for sharing your insights and knowledge- it is much appreciated during this lockdown period!

    1. Thank you. I am having an interesting hibernation/cocooning month and hope you are too. Now through 2026 you will develop your negotiating skills into a fine art with men (rather than women) who have money. Property questions will surround you for some years too – probably apartments rather than houses, or even investments in other kinds of real estate, like office space, hotel developments and so on. Learning how to break through with one particular man who has money will be worth the time and energy. Uranus in Taurus is about freedom from what/who binds and traps someone. You could be the agent of change for just such a man, or even more than one man, who is ‘all of a type.’ Quite well off, even wealthy, very secure in his bank account, rather obsessed with what he owns. Yet, all around him, have grown possessions and assets that keep him really tied down! So while he has some satisfaction and security, and you obviously need to strike a deal with him, he cannot see how much the material world restricts him. He could do so much with his life but until he pays someone to help him shake off the past and start again, he will be increasingly stuck, even to the point of being in real trouble in a few years’ time – long after this transit (which finishes for good in 2026) is over. Something that will be really useful for the next few years? A book on male psychology. And some psychic skills. I’m not joking. The more you can read the hearts and minds of the money men, the better off you will both be. His attitude is ‘Make me an offer’. You need to get right inside his mind to be able to do that. Your odds are excellent and you need to offer him freedom. Excitement. Liberation. Liberty. What he lacks. How much happier would he and men like him be, if they spent a bit of cash where it was needed, let go (let go, let go, let go) and went off hiking for the weekend!

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