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Uranus in Taurus – True 2018 Predictions

Uranus in Taurus and true 2018 predictions about global finance - and your finances. Do you have Taurus factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees? You'll be first affected. Here's how astrology called economic drama one month before it happened!

Uranus in Taurus – True 2018 Predictions

Uranus in Taurus has been the big news headline in astrology in 2018. The planet which triggers revolution, radical change, new freedom and independence has moved into Taurus, the sign of the bull, with all its focus on bull markets and gold bullion. If you have early Taurus factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees you will have been personally zapped since May 2018 when this planet changed signs. Even if you just have a Taurus chart signature (factors in the sign of the bull at any degree at all) you will have felt the impact of this planet moving into your Second House of finance, values, business, houses, apartments, possessions, charity, taxation and economics.

It’s really been like having a new tenant in your home. A dramatic new arrival you have never hosted before. Classic signs of the new Uranus in Taurus weather? The need to make decisions about money, business or property based on your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. Standing firm on ‘price’ (whatever or whomever is precious to you) is a Taurean thing to do. Uranus in Taurus is challenging that.

It’s rather like being on the same old financial journey your entire life then finding out someone or something surprising – even downright shocking – wants to take over the trip. You’ll have felt this first, the earlier your Taurus factors fall in that sign. People with Taurus factors from 3-29 degrees will experience the strange new ride later on, beyond 2019. It’s a slow cycle.

ptnomfik3am 600x400 - Uranus in Taurus - True 2018 Predictions

Global Financial Crisis 2 Predictions

On 15th April 2018 you read this prediction:

“Global Financial Crisis 2. Lightning Strike! It Begins with the FTSE in May 2018

The FTSE was ‘born’ with Psyche at 0 Capricorn, the sign which rules big business and government. She also has Pluto at 1 Scorpio. As soon as Uranus moves to  Taurus for the first time in most people’s lives, he will trine Psyche and oppose Pluto. That is a massive moment for the FTSE. In fact it’s historic. It’s confronting and it will change the balance of power for some time to come, as Uranus will return to this position after the initial May 2018 hit.”

You’d be expecting headlines about the FTSE 100 or the pound and that is exactly what happened. The Independent ran with a story about a May 2018 crash-out for Britain’s currency.

On 21st May 2018, the Financial Times ran this front page:

FINANCIAL TIMES GFC e1537088602345 600x454 - Uranus in Taurus - True 2018 Predictions May 21 2018 GFC 2 e1537088664841 600x343 - Uranus in Taurus - True 2018 Predictions

Not Doom and Gloom. Radical New Beginnings!

What you also read in that old April prediction was an astrological story about revolution. Not doom and gloom. What we’re seeing, with Uranus in Taurus, are extreme rides. In fact, this Guardian story from May 2018, around a month after the April prediction (below) says it all. Low U.K. inflation against a ‘down’ pound. You have to make of that, whatever you can. 

It’s like the lowest recorded unemployment figures in the U.S.A. (since the 1960’s) also showing up in the key month of May 2018. Not doom and gloom. Radical new beginnings. Against the backdrop of this astrology, you have to invent each new day. Are you downsizing? Ditching shopping? Putting integrity before your salary? That’s Uranus in Taurus weather.

Here’s what you read back in April, one month before Uranus changed signs to Taurus the Bull – now, over to you!

“On Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th May the world will enter Global Financial Crisis 2. The difference this time is – if you invent, innovate and co-create a radically different new business, taxation and trade world with like-minded people – you will gain in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond. 

Tuesday 15th May 2018 New Moon 24 Taurus. Mercury at 3 Taurus. Uranus enters Taurus at 3.16pm.
This begins the cycle, the way that one electrical storm can begin a whole season of unpredictable weather. We can allow for world time zone differences in the sleep/wake cycle, here, but in general from Japan to Europe, the world will be zapped.

Guardian GFC e1537088732212 600x336 - Uranus in Taurus - True 2018 Predictions

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110 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I have Chiron 08° Taurus 29′ 31″ R in my chart.

    I have to be honest I have had and still have a pretty good life, I don’t go with out but I have a bad relationship with money. I can’t save to save myself. I am always “surrounded” by money but its never really my own.

    Can you give me any advice on how having this placement affects me and how Uranus in Taurus will affect me?

    Basically will my relationship with money ever change?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Kane, when Uranus conjuncts Chiron at 8 Taurus you will be caught up by quite unprecedented astrological weather affecting you personally at the same time that if affects the world, or your country. Think of electrical storms and lightning strikes. Adapting readily and rapidly to weather conditions is part of success on this cycle. Try not to turn back or freak out. Read the weather and the signs and see your way clear to a dramatically different way of operating financially, in business, in charity or with property. This is really about your values at heart. You’ll see small signs and clues in 2019 but it won’t really be until 2020, 2021 that you begin to see what is required, especially in your career or unpaid work, as we are also seeing major Capricorn weather in your Tenth House then, at the same time that you have this Taurus weather in your Second House. You were born to see what you can get away with – and what you will never get away with. Testing the known limits is part of this cycle. Read more on the Second House to see what makes you tick and why it’s going to change! Hit Search for that.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I have 3 factors in Taurus. What will this mean for me. There is quite a lot of stress and disruption in my life at the moment, including financially, is it going to get better or worse?



    1. Lisa, the North Node at 4 Taurus and South Node at 4 Scorpio are the key to your chart. Uranus is hovering around 4 Taurus, so you will experience transiting Uranus conjunct the North Node and opposing the South Node at this time, and also in 2019. Disruption is normal though nobody likes it. The best advice I can give you is to let go and change. This can be so hard if you are strongly Taurus because you like to repeat what worked before, and go on repeating it. You have attachments and investments to X, Y or Z and it is part of who you are. This is totally understandable as Taurus is a fixed sign. Yet, in conditions like this, you have to learn how to dance in the storm and make quite radical u-turns and left-hand turns. This will work out for you, but it’s karmic. It owes a lot to what was going on around 1999, 2000, 2001 for you as well. Try to keep things as flexible and open as possible, so that you can move quickly when you have to and follow what makes sense or who makes sense at the time. What you will ultimately end up with is financial freedom and total independence with your business, house or apartment. You’ll become a free agent. Forget the past.

  3. Hi Jess, I have Taurus in 2deg and believe me I have been experiencing this cycle. First, I got out of a lease and negotiated better rental for a biz space, next I sought advice on a employment pay matter and I am hopeful it will be resolved in my favour soon and I got an ongoing role. Thank you so much for your insightful posts, very grateful. My worry is what was mentioned in the Fire signs post, saying that Aries may have to deal with death within Dec 2018, I lost a dear relative, unexpectedly, I hope there aren’t anymore. I couldn’t deal with it, the Saturn years have been stressful, I need to heal and build again. Best wishes Jos

    1. Thanks for letting me (and interested readers who also have early Taurus patterns) know this, Jos. You were born with Mercury at 2 Taurus, so for the first and last time in your life, Uranus is conjunct your Mercury – they say, it’s on your Mercury in astrology – also at 2 Taurus. You’re doing some good things here, getting out of a lease, negotiating a new business rental and seeking advice on pay. I’m not sure where you read that Aries may have to deal with death in December 2018. Astrology does not predict death. I’m going to check this in case something’s gone wrong. Thanks, Jessica.

  4. Hi, Jessica. I just wanted to request that you write more about this and other aspects of the economy. It’s especially thrilling when you write about the dwarfing of corporations! Sometimes I feel exactly the opposite is happening, but there does seem to be a growing resistance. And in the interest of hopefully giving something back, do you ever read The Idler or books by Tom Hodgkinson? The Idlers often have seminars in London, ranging in subjects from playing the ukelele to meditation. I think they need a good astrologer! I really enjoyed Tom Hodgkinson’s book Brave Old World, a sort of husbandry calendar with many references to ancient festivals, philosophers, etc. I think you might like it, too. Thank you. Jessica.

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica. Tom is right across Uranus in Taurus, quite accidentally. I keep meaning to contact Tom and friends and never do. So that will be followed up for 2019 gigs across the land…Thank you. Stonehenge calls yet again!

  5. Yes Jessica and hi ! I’m thinking about when Uranus went into Taurus in May. This was when I decided trying to exist on my pension and paying an extortionate rent was nigh on impossible so I gave up renting , moved out, and am temporarily living at friends and my mother’s house and really feel fine and I don’t honestly see any change to this until November and then hoping there will be some resolve in 2019 to my finances. I am listening to my gut feelings and however much others try and have me ‘settled again’ I really don’t feel that this is right for me at the moment! I’m sure you will have your take on this and thank you for all your hard work and diligence . Astrology is a strong part of my life too. Kind regards Joyce

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron and Vulcano in Taurus. I’m curious as to what this means for my finances. I have been a SAHM for over 18 years, but as my children are getting closer to leaving the nest, I am beginning to think that I would like to earn an income as well. I have slowly been working on some creative endeavors (photography, a blog, and a rough outline for a work of fiction), but have not attempted to monetize any of those. Any advice based on my chart would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. You will feel Uranus crossing your Chiron at 5 Taurus first, with signs from 2019. You are a little bit ahead here, but your vision of earning independent income is in line with this transit. What you are probably feeling more is your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of publishing and the worldwide web. In November, Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion) enters Sagittarius and your Ninth House for the first time in 12 years. What you were doing about 12 years ago will help you now in terms of writing or photography. You will find you are thrown an opportunity or solution in November that stalls, goes backwards or is reshaped by Christmas – yet keep the faith. In 2019 you will be given what you need, to grow as a writer, photographer or perhaps through another medium. Will it pay? You have Ceres at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, and Uranus is going back to oppose that at 0 Taurus, so income will be erratic and unpredictable. Yet the gains you make with expanding your knowledge, ideas, writing, photography and the rest will be worth their weight in gold.

      1. Thank you. I wasn’t sure if the fact that I have no factors in Capricorn would play a part in the process. I do love expanding my knowledge on most subjects of interest, so I’m glad to hear the process with be worth it.

  7. I have Taurus at 1 degrees and other higher degrees, but this year has felt like I’m stuck financially. It’s been a very strange year for me!

    1. You have your South Node at 1 Taurus so Uranus has crossed 1 Taurus and you have experienced transiting Uranus conjunct the South Node. This happens again next year. The South Node describes your karma from other lifetimes. In Taurus, it concerns karma about your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Along comes Uranus – the revolution – and you are being asked to change. At the heart of this is the question about selling your soul, or selling out. What do you put the highest price on or value most? This is really what 2018 and 2019 are all about. You may end up doing the last thing you ever thought you would do. It’s that kind of cycle.

  8. Hello I’m may 6th …Taurus what can I expect it..couldn’t get any job yet ..financially very weak…

    1. You will be offered an opportunity to make or save money from November. It will go back and forth, or be delayed, but from Christmas onwards, you will enjoy almost 12 months of solid options to either increase your income, or change your budget so that you make huge savings. This is the cycle when people are offered something for nothing. If you are applying for jobs by email, do yourself a favour and use a grammar or spelling check first.

  9. Hi Jessica –

    I have Taurus factors:

    Diana 2 degrees
    Hygeia 5 degrees
    Fortuna 9 degrees
    Proserpina 17 degrees

    I’m curious as to what this Uranus in Taurus transit means for me?

    1. You’re strongly Taurus and this is a fixed sign, symbolised by the bull with his hooves firmly in the ground. You must now accept change, over the course of many years, with your income, budget and approach to charity, shopping, banks, borrowing or business. In fact it has already begun as you have Diana at 2 Taurus and Uranus has been crossing 2 Taurus recently. He will be back there next year so your Diana (a fiercely independent free spirit when it comes to her values) is being challenged to change. Uranus flips people over and you may find yourself doing a huge flip in the years ahead, financially – but specifically with your values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. The best way to handle this cycle is to learn how to dance or surf – so to speak – so that when the music alters or the ocean shifts – you move with it. That is the best analogy I can give you without knowing anything at all about your financial situation or your personal code of values.

  10. Hi jess
    Any thoughts on the baby boomers that have natal placements in Uranus in Taurus?
    There’s a lot of us so I’m sure they will have a big impact.
    Personally I have Apollo conjunct Uranus in Taurus . Any suggestions.
    As always thanks for the advice

    1. You have Uranus at 20 Leo, actually – but scanning your chart I can also see a ton of Sagittarius factors, Baroona. You are going to love the holiday or relocation that is on your mind in November, December and becomes real in 2019. The trip or move of a lifetime.

    1. You’re going to explore independent income sources – starting now – and within just a few years you will be separating yourself from the idea of being paid by ‘them’ or borrowing money from ‘that’ and so on. You will be shown new and quite radically different ways to run your budget and make your own money, but save it too. You have already seen a few clues this year. Fortuna at 1 Taurus in your chart has been crossed by Uranus and he will cross that way again next year. Essentially, be prepared to do things very, very differently and try not to become too attached to what you used to do, or how you used to think about money. The more open you are the better you will ride this new wave.

      1. God bless you! You are my angel- smiles
        I need steady to care for myself. On the other hand, I am thinking about opening my own business and/or looking for additional source of income. A vision and dream of proceeding with a passion I have. I hear voices in my head and bites and pieces of an idea. Money is tight for putting equity in this idea and lack of guidance part of it too. Big hug to you Jessica and keep me in your prayers! Regards

  11. Hi Jessica ,

    Thank you for this article, theres been a bit of financial disruption this year..Please give your advice and insights on this .
    Is the worst is over for this year in terms of finances , rental home ?I have to pay a pending amount on my lease by 10th October , will I be able to organise it ?
    Is it advisable to launch my new project during the remainder of the year ( are the planets suitable ? ) this is an each year event .

    So thankful for your amazing insights they are so accurate and have been so helpful . Thank you so much for your valuable time . blessings
    J xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words, J. I happen to work with three people whose names begin with J and I am a J too, so I am fond of that capital letter! Your financial disruption this year has been timed by Uranus at 2 Taurus conjunct your Minerva at 2 Taurus. You only get this once in your life. You were born with Minerva (wisdom – the wise old owl) in Taurus, the sign of the bull (bull markets, gold bullion) in the Second House of finance, charity, business, possessions and property. Minerva makes an exact trine to your natal Jupiter (protection, good fortune, generosity) at 2 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. Normally, this works very well for you, but you have been visited by Uranus, the planet which we associate with instability, revolution, upheaval and independence. Uranus has been conjunct or ‘on’ your Minerva and also trine your Jupiter. He will go back to this spot in 2019 by which time you will have sorted out your lease issues, but beyond that – altered your whole budget and approach to money. In other words, you’re going to change, because you have to change – but it will work very well for you. Be radical – you can afford to be. Launch your project before Halloween or in 2019. November, December are dotted with retrogrades.

      1. Thank you Dear Jessica , apologies the question i posted came in so many times , I have read your advice and insights over and over countless times past weeks , looking for answers only your insights have given me in the past , last year you had said look for solutions under the family tree , the branches bear fruits , I dint know what it meant then but it revealed in time a family member returned a 10 year old borrowed money which i assumed was gone and forgotten …
        So I always look for meaning in your words , they are powerful ..
        There is a storm coming , so it feels and my blood pressure has shot up and severe migraine past two days , I have a deadline approaching .. have to pay pending rent next week . Oh Jessica are we going to be evicted ? me and my son , nothing has worked out yet and no where to go , please keep us in your prayers . I am so grateful for your insights , thank you for your valuable time , blessings
        J xx

        1. I am glad the family member returned a loan from 10 years ago. Thank you for the feedback. You are worried about being evicted and have migraines. Your Tarot card for October is The Chariot. You have two choices of home, both in two different locations – or you could go between both. This may be in two separate neighbourhoods or suburbs. You could hit the road (go travelling), lead a new life where you spend time in both places, or make a huge commitment and actually leave one behind to go for another. When this happens, you will have the space and time to study. This may be study which leads to better/new work, or study which just makes you feel better about the world – like reading astrology, spirituality or self-help books. Everything will be okay. It will be different, but it will be okay. For your migraines and blood pressure please see the website of my friend and colleague Kerry McNally who is a Reiki master, but also look at YouTube for the many different videos on there – all free – generously given by professionals. This would be in addition to the treatment you are getting from your doctor.

  12. Hello Jessica,

    I have Chiron 01° in Taurus as well as my sun sign in Taurus a couple of other aspects. Can you please give me some insight on how this affects me? The last few years have been a constant struggle.

    Thank you,

    1. Mandy, you are being given an invitation to drastically change your approach to money, work, shopping, banks and business. So far you may not have accepted the invitation because you dislike having to shift so much in your life. In actual fact, shifting is exactly what you should be doing. This is also true in 2019. It is very easy to get set in your ways and stuck with your usual way of seeing life, when you have a Taurus stellium. You can read more about this side of your personality by looking up Taurus and the Second House on this website or in your ebooks. You may not even realise just how stuck you are – meanwhile the rest of the world has been busy making huge changes in the way it does business, banking, selling, borrowing and so on. Life should not be a constant struggle. Surf the net for a few hours next weekend and see where it takes you, in terms of discovering ways to cut costs, increase income and so on. Your answer will be radical. No other word for it. In fact 2019 could be a revolution if you’re up for it.

  13. What does this mean when one’s Midheaven is at 2 degrees Taurus? Change of job/career? Happened already, last March, but may change again. Could this mean success in Uranian fields like astrology, or energy healing like Reiki?

    1. You need a strictly accurate birth time for this, but if your MC or Midheaven really is 2 Taurus, that would fit your change of job in March. Yes, you could easily change again. Uranus rules astrology because he is the old Roman sky god. He also rules electrical engineering, new inventions, science and astronomy. I wouldn’t use that planet as a symbol for your actual career choice, but it is fair to say that Uranus on your MC will revolutionise your idea of what achievement means to you and there may be a sudden, out-of-the-blue twist in the tale in 2019 which flips things around for you.

  14. Hello! I have Ops at 00 and Chiron at 01, plus a handful of others at later degrees in Taurus. I’ve been riding the wave the past few 3-4 years–specifically by ditching a series of highish-paying but toxic jobs. Last year, I followed my gut and started my own business, one that aligns more with my values. It started out fine but now feel that I’m in a bit of a financial free-fall. (Despite solid efforts, I’ve been having a tough time finding clients. Retrogrades?) I’m wondering now whether to go back to a corporate job, start something completely different, or stick with what I started until November–when things are supposed to shift, right?

    Can you tell me what I should be looking for in my chart to know when the cash–personal income–is going to start flowing back in? I thought it would be this month, but no signs of revival yet. I’m starting to surf job ads, even though my heart wants to make an independent business work. Would love to know timing specific to my chart if that’s possible. Thank you!

    1. You bailed out of corporate jobs to start your business but clients are hard to find. You are now thinking you should go back, even though your heart says to stay independent. This sounds like a textbook Uranus in Taurus transit and in fact you have Uranus at 0, 1, 2, 3 aspecting your Moon at 0 Leo, Saturn at 2 Leo, Vulcano 1 Libra as well as your Ops at 0 Taurus and Chiron at 1 Taurus. This is a squeeze. You have also been putting up with Saturn stuck at 2 Capricorn, and I believe that is why you have also been stuck. Saturn is now moving forward and you will find it much easier to try alternatives, seek new solutions, experiment with different approaches – all of which would help you with your business model. You have one of those charts where it never rains but it pours. That pile-up of factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees in your horoscope is also being transited by Chiron moving across 0, 1, 2 Aries between now and 2019. From November we also find Jupiter going across 0, 1, 2 degrees of Sagittarius. That’s the shift I have been writing about. You also pass the transit of the North Node in Leo at 0, 1, 2 and South Node in Aquarius at 0, 1, 2 along the way. I suspect November will answer your question about the business, versus a return to employment. One factor will be a foreign company, client or overseas opportunity, that month. You’ll see an opportunity there and no doubt use it. Sometimes ‘foreign’ can mean the other side of your own country, depending on how foreign you find that – but in general it’s usually in Europe, Asia and so on. The wild and unpredictable ride with money will take you on another rollercoaster in 2019 when Uranus returns to cross 0, 1, 2 Taurus but there will be other factors in the mix to help you. The fortunes of the U.K. in particular next year will have an impact on you. Your ultimate choice will be based on pricing freedom and independence versus predictability and certainty. You might find it interesting to literally hang a price tag on what you would pay for that. Good luck!

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Would really appreciate your thoughts on how Uranus in Taurus will affect me.
    I have Chiron 07° Taurus 55′ 36 &
    MC 04° Taurus 32′ 52″ , Fortuna
    15° Taurus 39′ 11″ & Bacchus
    11° Taurus 49′ 52″.

    1. Try to be excited – you should be – despite the radical changes which are coming over the next few years. Your approach to making and saving money will undergo a revolution. Uranus flips people upside-down and there is often a ‘flip’ in values on this cycle. Historically, we have seen people who formerly had no interest in the share market become investors (avid investors) – and people who were wealthy downsize and reject their previous lifestyle of consumerism, shopping and big spending. So, you are in for quite a few years of life reshape. Your MC depends on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have that, then 2019 finds Uranus conjunct your MC at 4 Taurus and that is a swivel in your life direction, specifically in terms of property, charity, salary, business or your micro version of macro economics. We then find Uranus slowly but surely triggering Chiron, Fortuna, Bacchus over the course of the next few years. You just won’t be the same person. Why? Because your values are a core part of who you are. What you will (or will not) sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. I just don’t think the values you had over the last few years are going to remain the same. You’ll be offered exciting new independence and tremendous freedom. Try to join the ride. Don’t look back.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Yes, the headlines are all talking of a new world. And the pressures seem to be building up. The revolution seems quite personal for me.
    I have in the last few days quit my job yet again. I tried to steer clear of the drama but without any great success. The result is that I am out. That seems like a relief. I do not need to deal with that kind of uncertainty, yet I feel a little lost too. My north node is at 9 Aquarius. And my relationships too are under reconstruction. Taurus in Uranus doesn’t seem to hit me right now. Yet, I do feel quite rudderless.
    Any word of advice would be helpful. Tks in advance.

    1. You quit your job – so let’s look at what is happening in Capricorn factors in your Tenth House of career. You were born with Apollo at 1 Capricorn. Apollo describes your ability to lead. You are a natural boss, or a natural boss of your own company or business. What is happening now, is Saturn the planet of hard life lessons, waiting games and heavy reality checks – transiting at 2 Capricorn. That is very close. The good news is, he’s soon out of your way. You were also born with the Moon at 1 Virgo in your Sixth House of work (everyday work, as opposed to status and success) so of course, you have also had Saturn trine your Moon. Again, he has been just one degree away. Saturn now moves forward and you can say you’ve finished with this for another 29 years. You have learned a big, basic lesson you will never forget – and that’s good. Now, for 2019. This is really not about the North Node in Aquarius. It’s been about Saturn so look him up when you finish reading this. Look up the Tenth House too because that is where he’s been sitting. Given your chart and the fact that Uranus (the revolution) goes to 1, 2 Taurus in 2019 and trines your Moon and Apollo (it’s actually a Grand Trine) your potential is massive. This is nothing less than a total reshape of your life path and mission statement. The other reason I am saying this is that Jupiter the planet of good fortune, growth and expansion moves to 1, 2 Capricorn – right on your Apollo – at the end of 2019. You are going to enter 2020 with a promotion, remarkable new job, big hit or other success if you take an opportunity. You can read more about Apollo in your ebook Asteroid Astrology, and elsewhere on this website.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Taurus and have 5 Taurus factors- things have felt so restless and crazy in the last 6 months, and I feel like I have some huge changes on the horizon- any insights would be greatly appreciated- Thank you so much, you are amazing! xx

    1. Thank you! You have a stellium in Taurus in the Second House of money, valuables, values, possessions, charity, business, economics and property. This is the Karl Marx and Richard Branson pattern. You either lean towards communism or capitalism. Feeling restless and crazy over the last six months is a sure sign that Uranus in Taurus is at large. You were also born with Uranus himself at 28 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business – and Jupiter will move to 28 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, as you head towards Halloween. If you are signing or accepting signatures in the second half of October please read what I wrote on Mercury Retrograde (hit Search) at this time. In general, you are now being moved into a brand new cycle when your old attitude towards your salary, payments, business and the rest is being moved around on the board. A recent, unusual, unexpected event that took place May-September is part of that story. Your values have gone on the line. This entire cycle is about questioning your values. For example, people who never used to care about money, and just take the pay checks from big business, may now find themselves challenging that – becoming far more money-minded – and far more keen to make their own cash! None of us like change with so many Taurus factors and you are rather set in your ways. Did you know? That can’t go on and it won’t go on. Think about the magic word ‘independence’ and see where it takes you with your questions.

  18. Dear Jessica,
    please could you have a look at how this relates to me, having in Taurus Vesta 29 and DESC 8. I feel stuck the past year, and wondering how to move forward in my own business, after corporate life.
    Thank you and all the best!

    1. This is actually part of a destined life path taking you to your lucky Jupiter Return at 0 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, which is destined to reach you in the final quarter of next year. So, feeling stuck and trying to move forward in business is actually part of the obstacle course which leads to a brilliant finishing line across November, December 2019 and into January 2020. You are strongly Leo and do best when you guide, mentor or lead younger people. This may be a ‘teaching’ role or a mentoring role. If you were an astrologer I would tell you to write horoscopes for children, teenagers and perhaps Millennials or Gen Z. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the youth market, or the parental market, or if that is actually what your business is. You don’t say what you do. But there’s a clue. In any case – hurdles now lead to success later.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica, indeed I want to have a successful coaching, mentoring, leadership development business. I did not see it being focused on younger people, still will be open as things crystallise in my mind. Thank you!

  19. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is 24/04/1991, can u tell me about what will be my career matter, what will be best for me, music, job or bussiness??
    Thank you so much for helping people.

    1. You were born on the 24th of April and with Uranus crossing your Sun, you want to break out, be free, get recognised, be special and be excited. This happens again in early 2019 when Uranus returns to your Sun. You only get this cycle once in your life so you understandably want to feel the electricity of ‘Me’ as the Sun is about how you shine – how you are brilliant. Your big question is, do you want to make money from it or not?

  20. Hi Jess
    I’m born on May 4th. This has been by far the worst year for me – financially, emotionally, even romantically. But have been feeling slightly positive since September. What can I expect for the remainder of the year. I sure could use a few miracles.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus so I don’t understand why 2018 has been the worst year of your life in terms of love and sex. Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities) is still in Scorpio in your Seventh House just long enough to help you there. Go back to the situation or person you rejected over the last 12 months and try again before Halloween. If you were rejected ask yourself what lesson you learned or what option you were squeezed into, because there is good fortune locked inside that. Again, go back to it. Jupiter can surprise, though, so if a thunderbolt arrives with a new date between now and the third week of October, dance in the rain and take an umbrella.

  21. Hi, Jessica!
    Reposting because my earlier comment seemed to get stuck and not show up, but would love your take interpreting this in my chart as it relates to career, financial growth, property, savings, relocation…
    I see so many factors (Taurus factors, same degree factors, Scorpio and Cap weather opposite my aspects) and not sure how to pull it all together, what aspects to look out for, how much synastry plays into and how to overlay that (career relationships – tied to Sag, Libra, Cap) (former/ current/potential relationships – ex husband, son both Scorpio, potential rel w Cap). Love making the connections, want to work with my chart and align myself well, but also makes my head spin a little! (help) Thanks for your insight and brilliance : )

    1. Thank you. I just saw 6,095 comments in the queue and this morning in Britain I am having a coffee and opening the first page…which is you. Okay, so your chart reveals enough Sagittarius factors in the Ninth House to make me take your attention away from career, children and former partners to travel. Why travel? Look up Search when you finish this and read more about the Ninth House, but you will be overjoyed to have the holiday of a lifetime from November 2018 to November 2019, or even total relocation. Neptune, the Descendant, Diana and the North Node are all in Sagittarius. Even without an accurate birth time, you will still have the escapism (Neptune), the vacation from the real world (Neptune, again), the freedom (Diana) and the fated, karmic return to a familiar place (North Node) waiting. This will happen slowly and in stages but by this time next year you will be thankful for an amazing new chapter in your life where your journey, or big move, also takes you on the intellectual or spiritual trip your soul longs for. Watch the tiny clues and signs from November.

  22. Hi Jessica!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
    I have Sun Venus Mars at 0 Cancer, DC on 6 Taurus, and felt a huge financial declination since spring’18. I feel the financial ups and downs with the Di and RE of Uranus. For a long time I’m single and had never a long relationship in my life, but now very interested and loved by a spiritual friend with uranus,pluto,mercurius conjunct his sun & DC on 21 Taurus conjunct his Norhtnode and my moon. He is living 2,5 hours driving from me. As you write about values of the heart, does it mean to change the way I want a relationship or could he even be the LAT-love of my life? He is into polyamory and I’m not. Tks in advance!

    1. Polyamory is one man + many women. I smell Vesta. If you had a personal chart I could spot Vesta for you but you’re only telling me about your Cancer/Taurus placements. Be very careful with men with small or weak self-worth who manipulate women into situations where he is the Pontifex Maximus and they are the Vestales. Hit Vesta on Search. If you can’t afford a chart through one-month membership on this site, look Vesta up at

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have Psyche at 4 Taurus, Venus as 9 and Diana at 16. I don’t know what to expect as I know Uranus square my Venus in 1998 brought a sudden love affair into my life which went on to cause me much grief. Not sure what I should have learned from that. Uranus on Psyche first and although I’ve looked up Psyche, I’m not sure how that could pan out. I know I’m ripe for change and desperately trying to get things moving, financially and property wise amongst other stuff. Any insights would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    1. Psyche in Taurus is about your enduring legacy – probably literal, Lesley – in terms of your will and testament. Psyche is what lives forever. In Taurus in the Second House it is about your house, money, apartment, assets, charity or possessions. Life will put you through tests and trials regarding this – and in fact it already has – but you still end up achieving something that outlives you. Venus and Diana there suggest mixed feelings about relationships and marriages in connection with money or property. Venus wants the complication but Diana wants to be free. Uranus going across your Second House and eventually to a conjunction with Psyche, then Venus, then Diana suggests many years of radical rethink about your values. What you are happy to ‘sell out’ for once you have reached agreement with yourself. What you absolutely refuse to sell out for, on any level. It may be pride, integrity, personal taste – but most of all the Second House is about self-worth. Starting in 2019 it will be clear that it’s all change and you need to change with it. That is when you will cut a new deal with yourself. And maybe the bank.

  24. My husband has his Sun at 8 degrees Taurus and Mercury at 15 degrees I realise these conjunctions aren’t until 2020/21 time which are obviously going to cause something in terms of our financials, as I’ve also got some stuff happening with Uranus opposing my Neptune next year I wondered if his conjunctions would help us more financially after my opposition? In your opinion Jessica are conjunctions in general more helpful and less challenging than oppositions? I realise Uranus sitting on top of your Sun could be quite mad!

    1. This is very much about your husband and your joint bank account, or perhaps either set of parents if they benefit you financially. Space does now allow for all the outcomes with Scorpio factors in your Eighth House but in general it is ‘other people’s money’ and ‘matters of a joint financial nature.’ Born with Neptune at 6, Ceres at 24, Cupido at 11 you are set to experience transiting Jupiter conjunct your Ceres when he moves to 24 Scorpio and that is a new deal – very beneficial – downright fortunate for both of you, in terms of a solution or open door. It’s a compromise, and yet it works for you. This takes place within weeks. Try to sign off before Halloween to avoid delays or changes. Further along, we find Uranus at 6 Taurus opposite your Neptune at 6 Scorpio. Try to keep it real. Keep the bubble very small. Neptune is a bubble waiting to burst so in terms of the minimum amount of hard work, you need to take steps now to minimise the level of ‘unreality’, fantasy, imagination or illusion that is there with your credit card, mortgage, property price and so on. This is personal to you and you may know what I am talking about, but in a totally different context. You won’t experience this now, but as you go further into 2019, particularly from March when Uranus moves back to Taurus, do your level best to keep the unreal as real as possible so the bubble that bursts is small, like bubble bath, not huge, like some kind of hot air balloon.

  25. Hi Jessica, I have no Taurus/Scorpio factors save for the Asc/Dsc axis at 6 degrees Scorpio (Asc). I have lots of factors at 0 to 3 degrees of other signs and you already explained to me previously that Saturn was hammering my Sun at 2 Capricorn, which tied in with a really difficult time in my last job, which i ultimately left due to an exceedingly difficult relationship with my boss, and an inability to make any positive progress (the job also felt like being in an extremely controlled environment, which didn’t suit my personality at all). Now, I feel things are much better for me psychologically, although I’m yet to start working again. I am interested in how Uranus in Taurus will affect those of us with barely any factors in Taurus or Scorpio. Could you give some insight? Thanks.

    1. I don’t see a chart, so I will use Solar Sign houses and a basic Capricorn Sun Sign horoscope for this question. Uranus in Taurus is transiting your Fifth House, which rules your children (you don’t say if you have any), relationships where you may become a step-parent, uncle or aunt (if marriage is the outcome), youth as a whole (those born 20 years after you, and following, who you identify a generation gap with) and of course, godchildren. Uranus is the wild wind blowing that tells you, no matter how unexpected, unusual or unique the circumstances – or how unpredictable the twists and turns – the trick is to keep moving. Keep thinking laterally and shifting left, right and sideways as conditions alter. Excitement follows. A whole new, radically different way of operating follows – by 2019.

  26. Hey Jessica!

    I got quite a few Taurus factors in my chart, from the early degrees to 19 degrees. Any advice on the most productive strategy during this challenging cycle?


    1. Venus at 2 Taurus and Saturn at 4 Taurus in your Second House of finance, property, charity, business and your values are pretty close. They describe complicated relationships which involve the money, house, apartment, company and so on – and a fair amount of serious caution. Walls have gone up over the years to make yourself feel safe, for very good reasons. Vulcano at 6 Taurus and Hygiea at 19 Taurus, further along, suggest it has not been particularly easy for you. As a result you tend to be very protective, or in total denial. We find this pattern when people either give up and bury their heads in the sand about the bank, or the legacy, or the budget – or they overdo it and the walls are so high that life can’t get in. Thus we associate this pattern with Scrooge or with Miss Spendalot. Needless to say, Lena, this has to change. In fact, Uranus in Taurus is like a force of nature and now through 2020, when we begin to see the Capricorn weather also triggering this in your chart, it’s a total reshape of what you value, why you value it, how you ‘price’ the things money cannot buy and so on. Uranus always, always brings the choice to be flexible enough to change your ways and get on board with the new wave – or get stuck. Try to keep moving and shift, with the weather around you. You are strongly Taurus, rather fixed, and you use your ‘walls’ (or even your denial) as a way of getting around what is undoubtedly a really hard-work situation, but now more than ever, you have to see the way the wind is blowing and alter the way you deal. If you are looking up transits, then ‘transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn’ is the big one.

      1. Hi Jessica!

        You really hit the nail with my description! lol A scrooge when it comes to myself and a spenalot on steroids when it comes to family. And neither is excessively good.
        I have a property abroad, like “my private girl den”, which I love but visit very very seldom nowadays. It appreciated nicely over the years and since I became very single, Im in two minds, whether to keep it or just to sell instead of waiting for the markets to drop ( alot of talk about that possibility lately). And try and reinvest. What’s the general guideline under the Uranus influence? Take a calculated risk and try a new path?


        1. Thank you. Lena, watch your Neptune at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property and investment. Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) moves to 26 Scorpio within weeks but as Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins right at the end of the month, try to close your offer or open that door, no later than the third week unless you want the typical delays, changes or u-turns that this cycle brings. Neptune can be confused and confusing in your Eighth House with few boundaries, not much in writing, and lots of porous relationships where it’s unclear as to what’s business and what’s personal. Thus, when something arrives very close to 21st October, get it checked out by a professional and then sort it out as quickly as you can. For more on this hit Search and see what I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in 2018.

  27. hi
    many thanks for this thread, one of the sweetest thing for me is reading your blog.
    I have 8 degree Sagittarius rising, Chiron at 7 Taurus, retrograde Saturn 8 Virgo, moon 6 cancer, Venus 6 Pisces,
    I’ve changed my job October 2017 but from the first day I’ve felt it isn’t my destiny, I have many other program on my mind, but I am afraid of quitting this job because of financial matters, and I don’t know which of my proposals are the best, the one to teach or the one to publish books and magazines and servicing pets and shelters, I am very confused and don’t know what to do, would you please let me to know your opinion?

    1. Thank you. Teaching, publishing, books and magazines are all ruled by Sagittarius in your chart. I don’t have a full chart in front of me and your Sagittarius rising sign is not enough to say a definite ‘yes’ – but in general, when Jupiter (expansion, growth, solutions, opportunities) moves into Sagittarius after November 2018, you need to look at every single door that opens. This is global and it will be marvellous news for anyone with Sagittarius chart factors right through 2019.

  28. Jessica, I’m 0 degree Taurus and OMG Uranus is amazing, money is coming into my life in amazing ways, which is great for a freelance writer/copy editor. I’d like to know more about the long-term impact of Uranus. I keep hearing about big changes in 2020. Does the energy shift during the transit?

    1. The changes in 2020 are down to the end of the heavy Capricorn weather in your Tenth House of career and the start of the new mini Age of Aquarius, in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of money will have been there the whole time, but from Christmas 2020 he changes gears, as the situation is no longer about shocks to the global economic system, but the new, social media based digital currency. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes.

  29. Good evening Jessica,
    You may already be sleeping if so hopefully you have a beautiful night sleep.
    I have Ops 11 Taurus and Saturn 08 (R). Can you please help me with that? I feel like I am just existing.
    Thank you again for your expertise.

    1. Thank you. Your personal birth chart shows a lot of Capricorn factors in your Tenth House of vocation, ambition, career, unpaid work, success, status and goal-setting. You were born to climb higher and go further, but what you are experiencing at the moment is both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, moving slowly through this area of your chart – the Tenth House. You can and will figure out everything in 2019, 2020 about your ultimate life direction. Nothing to do with Ops. Yet, the transit of Saturn in particular will make you look at the path you have chosen and if you are committed to that, or want a new one. It’s essentially a reshape of your life direction and in 2019, when the South Node is also firmly in Capricorn, you will realise a lot of what is happening, has its roots 19 or 20 years in your past. From Christmas 2020 you will have completed this life reshape.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Regarding my path the funny thing is I have really been thinking about changing my career path to something I actually like doing (since I have 20 more years to work) as oppose to being in something that just pays my bills. Have a beautiful day!

        1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is working for you. I’m going to London to meet not one, but three great friends, so I’m counting on not only not only a beautiful day but also supremely entertaining!

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for these fascinating insight. I am a Capricorn and have Mercury in Capricorn in the 2nd, Mercury in Capricorn in the 2nd and Saturn in Taurus in the 6th house. Since April it has been crazy with new job, split from partner in .july, he was Taurus and It was heartbreaking, finding a new home which I am sorting now and things ever changing in job.

    Are things going to get back on an even keel or can I build confidence and get some rewards in 2019.

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. I’ll focus on the fact that you are a Sun Capricorn as I don’t see a chart, and I don’t use the house system that you do (Mercury would be in your Tenth and Saturn in your Second). The home situation will calm down from March 2019. The partnership split was/is essentially about your future as a parent or step-parent which will be very different to everything you have ever known. It was not so much about the man, but the future relationship you have with a son, daughter, stepchild, young niece or nephew or godchild. It had to change radically and it did. Your best bet between now and the third week of October is to lean on a friendship or group you are involved with as there are plenty of rewards there, if you did the work. It’s not too late.

  31. Hi Jessica, great insights!! Amazed how astrology and economy correlate. I have got quite a few Taurus factors in my chart, from the early degrees to 27 degrees. Have quit my job end of may and on a entrepreneurial pursuit and completing higher studies. Wondering when I can expect some stability with money and expansion of wealth! Many thanks.

    1. You are strongly Taurus and this sign is associated with big charity fundraisers, philanthropists, business leaders, economists and also communists, because of their big interest in capitalism! You are wondering about stability – well, to be honest, there is none. No stability or permanence at all, not for years. You are going to need to read the weather and move with the storms. If you were in the French Revolution in the 18th century you would have done that. If you were in New York in 1781 when they were throwing out the British and slavery looked not long for this world – you would also have done that. I’ve written a chain of stories about Uranus in Taurus if you want to hit Search, but essentially the old financial, banking and economic world as we knew it is over. Why? The Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act sanctioned by Her Majesty the Queen in May 2018. This, along with the rise of digital currency, means a radically different world is ahead of you. Security? Nope. Excitement, freedom, independence and liberation? Yes. The other thing I should tell you is that Uranus transits classically flip our values around so that we end up with a totally different approach to houses, apartments, shopping, possessions, business, charity, banks, salary, taxation – one that often surprises us. So expect the unexpected.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Love to read your blogs. Thought I should leave a comment this time.
    I have Taurus 2 degrees in Prosperina and Taurus 0 degrees in North Node.
    What can I expect?

    Thanks Jessica for your expertise!

    1. Thank you. Actually, this has already begun. The revolution is already in motion. You also have Scorpio factors which Jupiter will cross, so between now and October 28th (try not to sign any later, or agree any later) you will be given one solution or opportunity after another, in business, or in terms of saving money. There may be other advantages via ‘cash in kind’ as they say, or through a house, apartment, your job and so on. Take it further if you are given an inch – as my mother’s side of the family used to say ‘Give an inch and she’ll take a mile’ – but actually that is in your favour. If you are asked to contribute to a project or plan where you just know you could do more, and get paid more for it, then go back and follow up. It’s really that kind of situation. There are a couple of things going on here. One is the slow-moving revolution of Uranus in Taurus over many years and the other, more immediate, seems to be 1, 2, 3 or 4 really great chances to make more money, or save it. Just remember, sign off by 28th October or if not, you will have to allow for delays, changes or even reversals as Mercury Retroshade is upon us.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I have 4 factors in Taurus. What does it means for me? Anything changes in my financial situation soon? I am very worried.

    Proserpina 00° Taurus 44′ 40″
    Aesculapia 27° Taurus 29′ 43″
    Mercury 22° Taurus 52′ 57″ R
    Venus 07° Taurus 15′ 26″

    1. Panacea is also at 27 Scorpio. She is a symbol of remedies, solutions, ‘cures’ and big answers. She is in your Eighth House of banking, family money, partnership finance, business and charity. She is exactly opposite her father in Roman mythology, Aesculapia, who is at 27 Taurus. So, you can expect a really important offer or opportunity when Jupiter travels to 27 Scorpio, in the second half of October. To avoid any delays or changes to the agreement then, or the paperwork, try to complete everything by Monday 29th October. This would be a very neat trick you could pull off, to help you long-term. Over the next few years you will find that you radically change the way you come to think about making money (or saving it) and switch your old method of earning, or just accepting particular deals. If you’ve always just gone along with a particular way of banking, or doling out commission (for example) you may surprise yourself by taking quite a different direction. Uranus is associated with flipping around/turning over/going sideways, you see! Uranus has already been to 0 Taurus in May 2018 and landed on your Propserpina, a symbol of your ability to be a go-between or the middle person in any arrangement, sale, purchase or agreement. So, brand new circumstances arrived then. It was the start of a whole new story in your life in terms of your values (what you will, or will not, sell your soul for – who or what you consider to be precious or priceless). This is repeated, again in March 2019 when Uranus goes back to 0 Taurus. The best tip with this cycle is for you to surf the waves not try and resist them. Over the next few years you will hit one wave after another, but don’t push back – get on board and move with the action. Bend, flex, twist and turn as the astrological weather also shifts and you will be astonished at how much more free you become.

      1. Oh wow! Thank you Jessica. I am so happy you answered my question. You are helping me sort what’s going on in my life which felt like in limbo.

        Early May an opportunity came when my twin sister’s 24 yrs old son (Aries) called me for help. He wants to open up an eSports cafe in Tokyo along with his younger brother (Taurus) who is forming a pro-gaming team in Japan. It so happens Japan just opened up its door to easports. After I helped with the business plan I approached my family to craw-fund his project. I too helped since my 24 years old son (Scorpio) wants to join him and my brother’s son 25 yrs old too. So for our kids sake, I am mentoring them via messenger and email. I am helping creating their website and other social media. My own financial consultant commission job is getting neglected. A job I no longer enjoy but I just continue hanging in there until I know what I really want to do. Last month a close friend (Aries) in Canada offered me partnership with a new venture that is all fully funded. My friend has bought a commercial property but need to build the building and she wants me to think of a business to put in there where we can build and grow and later our kids will take over. It will take two years to build the small building. So I am making a business plan for it too. The eSports company is now registered but still lots of work to be done. I am also studying for my CFP designation, a requirement for my consultancy job. So I am pretty much just going along with the trend since I have no idea what I will be doing and what is the outcome of any of these projects. My fear is owing lots of money if I don’t bring in income soon. And not knowing where to focus on mostly. All of these work are for the kids.

        But your reading is giving me hope and direction. Thank you. I just need to figure out what agreement or paperwork that I need to finish by end of October. Again thank you so much.


        1. Thanks Tess. It is always fascinating for me to hear the follow-up on predictions. The eSports company is part of the story. You won’t actually know about the news or paperwork until Mercury changes signs – it is still too early to call – but do try to make the most of everything that comes your way well before Halloween.

  34. Greetings Jessica! As you stated in Feb 2017 I have saved a small amount of funds that I feel I can invest. My problem is and has been my adult life–my intuition on most financial decisions is way off. Just when I think its a good time to invest the stock market plunges and vice-versa. What is my problem–any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. You have a Taurus stellium in your Second House with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Ceres, Aesculapia and the South Node there. You should be keeping a diary of stocks you pretend you have invested in and watch what happens when the Moon (for example) goes into Taurus and moves across those same degrees, hitting those same factors in your chart. I am not surprised you are so interested in shares as your Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio suggest many past lives being rich and poor. You also have Neptune at 0 Scorpio which is all about escaping from the real world by borrowing money or investing in frothy bubbles which get bigger and bigger, although what they are tied to is more bubbles! Be very, very careful please as Uranus is moving to 0 Taurus, right opposite your bubbly Neptune, in March 2019 and you do not want a shock (Uranus) to burst anything too big. Do try tracking the Moon in Taurus and Scorpio in a diary and see how your chart is actually working. If you really want to see astrology in action, track October, November, December as Mercury goes back and forth in Scorpio. Read what I wrote on that – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2018 – on Search.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I have one factor – Diana 3 Taurus. I’m curious as to what this means for my finances. I have slowly been working on various endeavors (photography, a blog, and non-fiction works), but have not attempted to monetize any of those. What would be suggested if there are no other factors in the chart? Any advice based on my chart would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards

    1. You might want to jump on any money-making opportunities with your photographs, blog or ebook before Jupiter leaves Scorpio and your Eighth House of finance for another 12 years – and before Mercury goes retroshade in Scorpio. This gives you from now through the third week of October – good luck!

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you so much for you reply to my message, I am deeply grateful. I’m worried that I don’t think I have enough time to ensure the project is to be complete by that time. I was wondering, can you see anything that could explain why for the past 7 years I have felt like a engine in terms of expanding my mind through research yet only this past year felt somewhat stuck? I’m trying to see the clues in the chart that may help explain this experience and suggest how best to move forwards with reference to the natal planets. In effect, health matters are declining; I was wondering, as I were hospitalised during Uranus in Aires would the return of Uranus into Aires suggest this to be a matter I may return to? Sorry for all of my questions, just trying to find a way. Take care, kindest regards, Bea xxx

        1. Stuckness is usually Saturn and sure enough, you have Saturn currently transiting (travelling) in Capricorn in your sign of ambition, goals, career, academia, unpaid work and success. He is slowly trawling through this sign and will hit Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in your chart, having already hit Cupido. This is all happening in your Tenth House which as you probably know rules your profession or special subject area. It does pass but it takes time. Slow down across 2019 and rewards come in 2020 when Jupiter goes through Capricorn. Uranus in Aries in your First House is about your physical appearance, strength, posture, energy and the need for a revolution. You don’t say why you were hospitalised but if this sounds correct, then the revolution is not yet over – there is one last bridge to cross just before Uranus goes out of Aries for good in March 2019. Radical change which brings more room to move (for example, the kind of surgery which makes it easier to run/stride) would fit that symbolism. I can’t really say more Bea without any more information. Thank you.

          1. Dear Jessica,
            Thank you so much for your reply to my message, it is much appreciated. I really don’t know what to do. I realise these transits are happening in the Tenth House which rules profession or special subject area and feel its a challenge to make a single decision on what route to take of many. If I had not have applied for higher education during this transit would that be a missed opportunity if everything were in place for this year? For I care to notice the following aspects:
            Jupiter Sextile Neptune Orb 0°13′
            Jupiter Sextile Uranus Orb 0°43′
            Mars Trine Jupiter Orb 0°52′
            Mercury Trine Sun Orb 0°48′
            Mercury Conjunction Jupiter Orb 1°08′
            Sun Conjunction Jupiter Orb 2°26′
            Moon Sextile Sun Orb 0°23′
            Moon Opposite Jupiter Orb 1°32′
            Node Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°28′
            Ceres Trine Sun Orb 1°56′
            I believe these aspects look promising but finding it a challenge to interpret the message. I believe Jupiter in the natal is being aspected, is this associated with an opportunity? In regards to health, I believe what you are to have described seems to relate and in part something to be considered. Thank you so much for your support and guidance, it is much appreciated, take care, kindest regards, Bea xxx

          2. Bea, the education trends swirl around from now through late 2019 so the moment you see that special chance to teach, lecture, run online courses, study, enrol in a degree or upskill – take it. There will actually be more than one and a younger dynamic male will be involved. You’ll love it.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I have NN @0.42* Taurus. I want to buy another house and move! Is this a good time to do so?

    1. You have both Nodes in the finance signs of Taurus and Scorpio at 0 degrees and Uranus will go back and forth until March 2019. That’s stormy weather and although it brings release and relief from situations which are stagnant, stuck and ‘sticky’ (rather like the flash of lightning that breaks up humidity) you also need to know how unpredictable and sometimes shocking it can be. I think you’re really acting out your Scorpio side here, as you were born with factors at 21, 25 and 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property and finance. Jupiter, the symbol of growth, hope, expansion, solutions and improvements is set to cross 21, 25, 26 between now and Halloween. No wonder you’re feeling it. Read what I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, though, on Search. It’s all in the timing.

  37. Astrology continues to amaze me. This Uranus in Taurus transit has completely changed my life. I have a Taurus ascendant on the 1st degree and without even realising Uranus would be passing there I found myself gradually changing my look and normal style. I’ve literally gone from waist level hair, to bob, to shaved head and piercings.

    My rather unhealthy and destructive relationship of 13 years also ended very suddenly and dramatically too because I was sick of the drama. Looking at my solar chart as a Scorpio sun, Uranus is in Taurus in my 7th house this makes total sense!

    While these dramatic changes have all up been for the good it has also bought up a lot of old stuff, but I’m putting that down to it being opposite my south node which is rather a busy part of my chart.

    Good luck to everyone going through this! Obviously Uranus is capable of making a big impact but I have a feeling it will all be for the good in the end 🙂

    1. You’re a natural astrologer. I hope you pursue this, because you would be a very good counsellor – you understand both house systems in your chart. Uranus is the shock that liberates. The lightning bolt that forces you to change direction. It takes time to understand who or what you were being released from, but eventually it makes sense. Your shaved head is your declaration of independence. Keep tracking this transit especially in March 2019 when Uranus really gets started in Taurus.

  38. Thanks for your last comments Jessica, they made me smile a ridiculous amount of times. Astrology is something I’ve been into on and off over the past 2 years. With some parts making a lot of sense to me and others not at all. Something in the way you use asteroids and the natural and solar house systems has really kind of clicked things into place for me. I will definitely be trying to get my hands on some of your books. I appreciate the guidance you’ve given me on a couple of different posts and of course it’s akways nice to get a bit encouragement from others.

    Cheers, Lucy

  39. Hi Jessica
    Am going through a torrid time financially- am an Aquarian / Virgo ascendant. Gave up a huge corporate job/ salary and set up my own business in 2011- it is a huge burden/ losing money and investment I have been working on all of 2018 keeps falling through. It is putting a stressful pressure on my marriage and could wipe out any money I have. Don’t know where to turn. What do you see ahead in the next 3-6 months. Grateful for any guidance

    1. You are a Sun Aquarian going through the North Node in Leo (karma) in your Seventh House of marriage. This Node leaves in November when you will finally have closure one way or another with your husband. It is very likely that money has been at the heart of past life debts and credits with this man in other lifetimes, and depending on how long you have been together, it may be going back around 18/19 years. In any case you will find life makes more sense with him after November. The financial side of things requires a full chart, but in general, you have Neptune transiting your Second House of finance and need boundaries otherwise life becomes confusing and confused. Read more about Neptune and the Second House by hitting Search.

  40. Hi Jessica just read this BINGO!! Once again spot on with your predictions! The technical hitch which affected RBS, NAT WEST & ULSTER BANK yesterday just checked all their charts, all have got either Taurus or particularly Scorpio aspects which will be rattled next year also, interesting times ahead! I’m travelling to Brighton tomorrow and really looking forward to it.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your fantastic articles and insights! They are indeed spot on! I keep meaning to post comments and ask questions, but I seem to get so caught up in all of the fascinating synchronicities of things that what starts off as one question, leads to another, and so on. I looked down at my note pad and I got a flashback to the old plot summary charts I used to make in my High School creative writing class, way back when! Oy! I guess the synchronicities I am running into as I read up on your posts are my
    Venus 01° Taurus 42′ 22″ and the career choice that came my way and I choose. My first job out of college in May of 1987 was working at brokerage firm in downtown NYC , not because I went to school or had an interest in business or the markets, but because I couldn’t type! I studied literature and psychology, and the person interviewing me said, “you don’t need to type, but psychology, now that would be a plus for dealing with these cast of characters!” 31 yrs later I am still in that industry, and yes.. cast of characters is an understatement.! What has kept me in the industry whenever I asked myself, aside from complacency, is the customer service part of the job, and the rewarding relationships I have had with my co-workers and clients over the years. Given that I began my career in the year of the 1987 crash, survived 9/11, ( I was working in midtown by then, and thankfully everyone I personally knew who was supposed to be In the Trade Center , WFC or PATH train that day, for fated reasons were not) the 2008 meltdown , I approach October 2018 with apprehension. I and have Venus 01° Taurus 42′ 22″ in my chart, and with the changing of the nodes ( that’s a whole other plot summary graph, beginning with my uncle’s mine sweeping sub being sunk in 1944!) with my My North Node 8 degrees Cancer , My South Node 8 degrees Capricorn, My MC 11 degrees Cancer and my IC 11 degrees Capricorn, My Moon 17 degrees Capricorn and Salacia in 21° Capricorn,…looking at my chart do you see any insights you can offer? Many thanks again, Donna

    1. Donna, you have had quite the life in New York – and you have seen history. Venus at 1 Taurus in your Second House of cash flow, houses, apartments, charity, business and banking is certainly the focus. In fact, this is a complicated relationship, for personal or purely financial reasons, and it is going to change quite radically as Uranus (the revolution) goes back and forth across 1 Taurus as well. The cycle began in May 2018 as you probably know and yet Uranus will swing past again, from March 2019. I think March, April, May 2019 are really the key points here as you are also approaching Taurus weather at this time of year, again in your Second House. This is not so much all that you own, earn or owe – as your actual values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. You have to be independent on this cycle. You have to separate yourself from people, organisations or situations which don’t agree with your values. One particular piece of paperwork or arrangement will ‘take’ the transit and spell out this story for you. Further ahead we find Jupiter making a trine to Venus as he enters 1 Capricorn at the very end of 2019, so you’d have to say that the art of balancing business relationships (or two-way deals over houses, apartments, shares, good causes) is a major story for you in the next year or two.

    1. Thank you CG and as predicted, this is the beginning of Global Financial Crisis II for all of us. The difference this time is that people who are radical, inventive, original, experimental and revolutionary in their approach to the world of money will set themselves and us free as well.

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