Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

Financial Astrology 2021

It seems a bit late in the year to be looking at financial astrology, as I write this on Tuesday 21st September, but my friends Olga Morales and Kate Silas, who both specialise in economic horoscopes, on Twitter, alerted me to some key sharemarket dates in October, November and December. They watch Wall Street, Bitcoin and the rest for their readers and clients, so have an intriguing view of astrology.

Olga singled out 7th, 11th and 18th October. Now, financial astrology is not my special subject, but I do look at broad global predictions all the time – and the money signs, Scorpio and Taurus are ringing bells in 2021 and particularly 2022.

2023-2029 Set Up in 2021

What I am seeing in the long-term future is a welcome period of solutions, breakthroughs and for you (perhaps) some solid rewards. If you have Cancer factors in the Fourth House of your natal chart, which rules property, and particularly if you have Taurus or Scorpio factors too – then the years 2023 to 2029 are very special. I have posted a long feature on this elsewhere on this website. And it is clear that in the smallest way, the final quarter of 2021 has its part to pay in the potential (rich potential) of 2023-2029. Do read this if your chart shows Cancer factors.

Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

American War Karma is Coming

I’ll go into this more in a moment, but the North Node and South Node in Taurus and Scorpio (the economy signs) will rotate and repeat, from January 2022. They will eventually reach their wartime positions, in reverse. This triggers the American astrology chart and we are going to see karmic settlement from the 1940s by 2023.

American war karma of $4 trillion (that is what it cost the country by the end) and the current 2021 $3.5 trillion package proposed by President Biden are an almost exact match. The debate in September 2021 is ongoing about the exact amount, but the two amounts are fascinating. There is no evidence at all Biden uses astrology, nor Pelosi either, but they just happen to have hit upon a meaningful number.

Will this affect you personally, even if you live as far away as New Zealand? Yes. The American chart is tied into so many other national charts. If you are strongly Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio then it will have an impact. For example, your clients or customers may be American, even if you run your business from London.

Astrology, Money, Property and You

Of course no astrologer, including me, should tell you what to do about your money or property without a stack of charts by her side. Just one astrology chart can’t tell the full story (you need the charts of, say, partners in a house or apartment) and in any case – you are your own best judge in the end.

What does work really well with business, charity and property, though, is the combination of the Solar Chart and Natal Chart. Look for the Second House, Fourth House, Eighth House in both and then line up the dates. Finish with a Tarot card, chosen by you – for you. That is something I’ve found since I began my first job as an international astrologer on ELLE magazine, back in my early twenties.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio

In 2022 we have the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, alongside Uranus in Taurus. This is rare. It is also karmic in nature, as I’ve often mentioned.

On 3rd September 1939, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany and the United Kingdom and her allies entered into not just a military fight, but an economic fight as well. Rationing is the first thing most people remember about the last war, which arrived with the Moon at 0 Taurus, Saturn at 0 Taurus, the South Node at 0 Taurus. The North Node was at 0 Scorpio. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 have to factor that in.

You would expect the start of the Second World War to be an astrologically rare event and it was. It takes the South Node and North Node about 19 years to appear in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, It takes Saturn around 29 years to appear in Taurus.

The Spiritual Debts of the War are Back

What made the start of the last war karmic in nature (and I’ll talk more about spiritual debts and credits in a moment) was the exact conjunction of the South Node in Taurus to Saturn, at the same time that the North Node in Scorpio was in exact opposition.

That war was about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany’s land grab. It was also about the Jews and Hitler’s obsession with their role in business and the world economy. Taurus and Scorpio matters.

What made the last war even more unusual was the appearance of Uranus at 21 Taurus, very close to a trine with Neptune at 22 Virgo. This pattern with two slow-moving outer planets, one in the sign of finance (again) and the other in the sign of service, duty and employment shows the mood of the times in 1939.

The shock of rationing and the shutdown of normal sharemarket trading in London, together with the escapism of the Army, the Air Force and the Royal Navy – as well as women’s rush to do their duty on the Home Front – is summed up by that Taurus and Virgo trine. What remains these days is a sense of countries owing, or being owed. Well, a reckoning is coming.

thought catalog gbQ3EsFSdG8 unsplash 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021 piotr laskawski 1AIiZzBtymY unsplash 300x199 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

19th January 2022 and the Beginning of Financial Karma

So, there is lots to think about from 1939 as we consider the arrival of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio on 19th January, 2022. They land at 29 Taurus and 29 Scorpio.

Is your natal chart showing factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio? Your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of banking, will both be pulled into this long Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026 and the intense nodal cycle of 2022-2023. If you are a Premium Member your chart will automatically show on this feature, and of course, you can always ask me a question in the Comments section at the end.

These nodes in the money signs are hugely important for Europe, Japan and America in particular in 2022, 2023. I know that 1939 is a long time ago, but we may be seeing war profiteers called to karmic account, in 2022 and 2023.

The nodes will slowly make their way back to 0 Taurus and 0 Scorpio, so the war karma of Germany and the United Kingdom, Poland and other European countries, lands with a bang at the end. July 7th to 17th 2023 finds the North Node at 0 Taurus and South Node at 0 Scorpio, triggering the original position of the nodes back on the day war was declared, 3rd September 1939.

Scorpio, Sex, Money, Trump and Epstein

The core of Scorpio and its long association with sex is the billion-dollar pornography industry online, which uses the youngest possible girls of legal age to make its fortune. Related to that, if we are talking about the potent mixture of sex and money,  is the ballad of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

Make of that what you will, and there are total denials or just silence – everywhere you look. Yet, the astrology is really clear that you don’t get through a chain of Scorpio-Taurus oppositions in 2021-2026 without sudden shocks. We are barely at the start of this cycle and 2022, 2023 looks like a time of reckoning.

Do You Have Factors at 0 Scorpio or Taurus?

There is a reasonable argument for reincarnation here, or past lives. If you have planets (say) at 0 Scorpio or 0 Taurus in your natal chart, then you may be here to examine your values in this lifetime. To deal with charity, business, valuables, retail, property and so on. If so, the month of July 2023 is an historic karmic reckoning for you.

America also has karma in this war and so does Japan. America, principally, because she did not fight alongside the United Kingdom and the allies until after Pearl Harbour.

I am really struck by the similarity of the line-up between September 1939 and July 2023. In July, two years from now as I write this, we will see Uranus at 21 Taurus again.

The skies are different. Jupiter is also in Taurus in July 2023. That is a blessing and it suggests an opportunity for global economic improvement. Jupiter is about abundance, largesse, big acts, huge and sweeping solutions.

icons8 team Ph5 4TnXXYE unsplash 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

America and Karma

Perhaps it is time for America to give back to the United Kingdom. Maybe Germany owes the rest of Europe. Karma is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s not for me to say what the July 2023 payback will be, but it will be immense and tied to the last war.

So what does all this have to do with the final quarter of 2021? Basically, nothing comes from nothing in astrology. You don’t reach the epic economic story of July 2023 without starting somewhere, and we have quite a strong Taurus and Scorpio signal as we go towards October 2021.

Venus at 14 Scorpio moves into an opposition with Uranus at 14 Taurus on September 23rd and 24th, depending on your time zone. That is a little far in advance of Olga Morale’s action dates,  7th, 11th and 18th October, but it is important.

There are billions of people on the planet with factors at 14 Scorpio, because the slow-moving outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all sat on 14 Scorpio for long enough, to trigger many more birth charts than usual, with this placement.

People with Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto in Scorpio have stories about sex, death and money in their charts. Usually marriage and mortgage. Sometimes inheritance or legacy. This pulls in the big-picture items of life – houses, apartments, shares, trust funds, valuables, collectables, life insurance, pensions and superannuation.

What happens on September 23rd and 24th 2021 is a shock, as Uranus always is, and it is a challenge, as an opposition always is. Thus, we might conjecture that an event on the sharemarkets or with Bitcoin has an immediate impact. Uranus in opposition to Venus strikes at the heart of any financial relationship or economic marriage. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 really focus on the Uranus oppositions.

ws4wd vj9m0 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021Bonfire Night on 5th November

As we move through time in the Solar Fire software or the Ephemeris in our hand, we find the Sun entering Scorpio on 24th October. The Moon is there on the 5th and 6th of November, which is significant in the United Kingdom, as the fireworks go off for Bonfire Night. It can be heard and seen, from the old City of London and the corporate heart of the city, across the Thames.

So is this a Bonfire of the Vanities at the Wall Street end of reality? What we are really seeing is the beginning of financial karma in 2022 and 2023, at that point. On 6th November, Mercury enters Scorpio and races through that sign, leaving on the 24th of November. This is a fast and furious period for trading, as Mercury rules merchants, merchandise and the markets.

The kicker in November 2021 is Mars in Scorpio, which lands on Halloween, 31st October. November will see rapid action with big business, the sharemarkets and Prime Ministers and Presidents steering the world economy. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 probably kick off then, on Halloween.

Given the dates in question, Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ Night (Bonfire Night) which pull in 31st October to 5th November 2021, I am honestly wondering if Anonymous and/or the media do not already have something planned for the sharemarkets, for money laundering, for the banks or offshore banking in particular. Financial astrology predictions in 2021 have to be about the mavericks (Bitcoin, Anonymous) as much as the insiders.

November will bring drama with currency. The banks are the big background players in all of this, because you have to wonder where the freedom is coming from, financially, with Uranus in Taurus until 2026. Isn’t it freedom from debt? Freedom from mortgages and personal loans, credit cards and (perhaps) taxation? This is a banking story for us too.

At every point these Scorpio transits meet road blocks from Saturn and Jupiter, in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. So this part of the year looks like an obstacle course.

November Spawned A Monster

Morrissey has this great song, November Spawned a Monster. There is something about the Sun-Uranus opposition on 5th November which suggests that. As it’s Bonfire Night, in memory of Guy Fawkes and other conspirators, you’d have to expect activists against the Conservatives at that point – and perhaps the London Stock Exchange. Guido Fawkes is of course the symbol we associate with Anonymous and their hackers’ masks.

Uranus is the great symbol of rebellion, revolution and radicals, so you’d not be remotely surprised to see the hand of Anonymous affecting the money men, on 5th November 2021.

There is still something larger here, though, which leads us to the economic war karma of 2022 and 2023. (And that necessarily involves the European Union and Brexit).

Watching 14th to 18th November 2021

On 14th November 2021 we have Mercury at 12 Scorpio in opposition to Uranus at 12  Taurus. A few days later we find Mars at 12 Scorpio in opposition to Uranus at 12 Taurus – on the 18th November. Now, that’s an event.

What kind of event? Again, we have to go back to the fact that billions of people have placements at 12 Scorpio, because so many babies were born with the slow-moving outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto at 12 Scorpio, too.

You don’t really get earthquakes in politics, the markets or business without a lot of feet on the ground, and what happens on November 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th 2021 is about billions of us, dealing with economic shock.

It’s all very close to the nodes entering Scorpio and Taurus in January 2022, which is why it is worth paying attention to.

We also have eclipses too, which are important to the financial astrologer Kate Silas. On December 4th  a total solar eclipse falls at 12 Sagittarius. An eclipse always conceals, it never reveals. There is always a cover-up. A blind spot.

Sagittarius of course rules foreign trade and foreign policy. It also rules the airlines – Richard Branson’s Virgin, British Airways, Emirates and so on.

William Lilly 300x262 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021

William Lilly and Astrology Rules

It was the astrologer William Lilly, working in the 17th century, who advised other astrologers to be helpful, rather than utter dire warnings with a wagging finger. I photographed his plaque in London just before I left in 2019, ahead of a plague that I could see coming. Lilly was also a plague astrologer, like me.

His words of wisdom resonate with astrologers today. The whole point of what we do is to minimise issues, to keep the challenges small – to act in advance. If there is one piece of advice astrology can give about what is to come, it is to try and reduce debt as much as possible. Do not borrow any more than you have to.

What can we say about Uranus in opposition? It liberates. I mentioned the banks, and also the taxation system, which are usually the two institutions which make us feel most trapped. Debt and tax bills turn the key in the lock for most people.

So, whatever is coming, is challenging, as an opposition always is, but it may mean some people go bankrupt and liberate themselves from debt. They can have the money owed, discharged.

We are living in a pandemic. Death, illness and every State of Emergency or Lockdown, means people cannot pay their rent, their bills, their mortgage, their credit card obligation. That seems very likely in October and November with all that Taurus and Scorpio crossfire. As much as no astrologers like talking about financial hardship, you’re not really going to get through the Scorpio-Taurus weather, without an unusually high number of bankruptcies or government handouts.


The $4 Trillion Spiritual Debt

In fact, this may be the time for a large gesture by President Biden, who is a Sun Scorpio and would be in the spotlight between late October and late November. Or, perhaps it is time for the world to turn upside-down, which it often does with Uranus, and for America to hold out her hands.

All of this leads us into the really important years for the world economy; in fact they are the most important years since the last war. In 2022 and 2023, we will see the wheel of karma turn.

The United States of America spent more than $4 trillion fighting the Second World War. Up against Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan, Americans reached into their pockets repeatedly. Americans today have parents or grandparents who remember the sacrifice. Americans gave.

Repayment from Germany involved labour, machinery and manufacturing, once the war was over. It was not until 2006 that Great Britain finally paid off its war loans to America, putting $83 million back in the kitty. Britain’s awful war debt was in the region of £21 billion.

COVID SINGAPORE 300x152 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021The War on COVID-19

So here we are in a new war – the war against COVID-19. There is also a fair amount of sabre-rattling going on against China by Britain, America and Australia, and their nuclear submarine strategy. 

This diagram, right, is from the Singapore Health Ministry. It shows restaurants opening (business as usual) after a ban. Vaccinated people were allowed into restaurants – and then came a surge in new COVID-19 cases .Look at the graph. Those graphs are human lives. The classic Taurus question of 2022-2023 is about money versus life. The vaccines do not stop the spread of infection. Like Singapore, Israel is heavily vaccinated. They are seeing an all-time high in COVID-19 cases in September 2021. What happens to the 20% who have not had needles? They tend to end up in hospital. Some of them die.

Taurus is really about economics and morality. Ethics and bucks. What we are seeing some politicians do, is use ‘the greatest good, for the greatest number’ or Utilitarianism in their policies. And for them it really is about numbers, not lives. Some people find this repulsive.  I do. How do you put a costing on one human life? Two of my friends are dead from this. My godson lost his father, who was in his early fifties and worked in Hollywood.

One life is priceless to those left behind, and to the person diagnosed and dying, isn’t it? But here, in the age of Uranus in Taurus, just as we saw in the last war, we have politicians hanging price tags on our fellow human beings and doing sums.

The Challenge to Change

Globally, we will see a classic Uranus in Taurus ‘challenge to change’ with our household budget, our apartment or house, shopping habits, paid jobs and so on. From the sweeping revolution at the top of economics, we will all be affected.

On a practical note, given the dates above, you can do some pre-planning. Oppositions are not useful times to start a business, or borrow money, or buy property, or sell valuables. People are at odds with themselves on an opposition. Or, you see conflict. What price, peace of mind?

Jupiter and Neptune 300x145 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021Jupiter in Taurus

We should be optimistic about Jupiter in Taurus up ahead. There are solutions. First of all, though, we have to get through the spiritual debts and soul repayments of the countries caught up in the last war, and those will be paid in dollars, pounds and euros.

We are also seeing a very similar theme to the last war. What price a human life? Many of you, leaving comments on my website, are repelled by the current reaction to COVID-19.

We are seeing politicians whip out their calculators and add up percentages, when vulnerable people have their lives at risk.

There is a stark difference between the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her promise that nobody will be left behind – and the attitude of Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney.

The facts about COVID-19 as given to us by the real-life proof of countries like Israel, shows us that vaccines do not top virus infection or illness. Yet politicians continue to bank on them, even though not everybody will be vaccinated, when business is resumed.

These are dodgy moral areas and grey ethical areas, particularly for the airlines, the tourism and travel industries, as our modern plague is spread by travellers, just as it was spread during The Black Death.

During the last war, people made life-and-death decisions based on money, property – and the bottom line – food.

Rationing, Recycling Are Back in 2022, 2023

Values are ruled by Taurus. Your value system – what you will and will not sell your soul for, who and what you consider to be priceless – will be at the heart of what happens to us in 2022 and 2023.

Some other Taurus concerns, like rationing and recycling – will be central to our lives in 2022 and 2023, just as they were in the Forties. Homegrown food is another Taurus concern, and Dig For Victory and Make Do And Mend will be back.

Do you remember the popularity of KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON a few years ago? This famous wartime poster went viral and ended up on mugs, T-Shirts and stickers. Nobody really knew why. Perhaps we were collectively channelling COVID-19 but most of all, I think we were preparing ourselves for 2022 and 2023, because you and I have seen nothing like this in our adult lives.

Fate is at hand here. It is fated that billions of us have Scorpio factors in our charts, far more than people at other points in history. We have landed on the planet with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio – and we are being taken through a long period of transiting Uranus oppositions to 2026. That is why there is no return to normal, despite what some politicians will tell you. Normal is history. Uranus rules the abnormal.

The other fated factors in our lives, are the return of the nodes to Scorpio and Taurus. Again, billions of people will experience financial karma to be repaid or paid, as their Scorpio factors are triggered – and this is very specifically 2022 and 2023. Between January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023 (July 2023 being the ‘war return’ karma peak) we are set to see a permanent transformation in the money that we use and the things that we buy, and the salary we are paid, for the work that we do.

July 2023 – House and Apartment Prices

There is something about July 2023. Kate Silas (Profit With the Planets) is unusual in financial astrology, because she worked on Wall Street during the Crash. July has also been singled out by her, as the North Node moves from Taurus to Aries then. She’s been looking at 1929, the year of the first crash, and singled out 19th July 2023 as important.

July 7th to 17th 2023 is my date window for world-changing economic events, which pulls in Kate’s date, for different reasons. If we are to see karma from the start of the last war rotate on those dates, in the nodal cycle, then perhaps we need to come back to our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on.

House resting on calculator scaled 1 300x200 - Financial Astrology Predictions 2021
House resting on calculator concept for mortgage calculator, home finances or saving for a house

The sacrifices they made to defeat Nazi Germany (and many Germans resisted) extracted a huge price. Wartime deprivation was a reality my own father remembers very well. Everyone gave up so much and Britain went into terrible debt. Australia and New Zealand, the ANZACS, put their lives on the line. And how do you price a human life?

You might say, entire generations are now owed. Families are owed. So if we are to see property decline in 2023-2025 as Kate Silas suggests, perhaps the outcome is simple: house and apartment prices plunge and finally become affordable to the descendants of the people who gave so much, from 1939. Young first home-buyers who have been priced out of the market.

Jupiter in Taurus is there in 2023, alongside those karmic node patterns. Jupiter is always ‘best and greatest’ of the planets in astrology. Jupiter Optimus Maximus. If we are to see homes become within reach, at last, for people who have always rented – maybe that is a sure sign of Jupiter at work. I guess it depends if you are a property investor or not. Or a bank.

This is pure conjecture. I am not a financial astrologer. Yet, July 2023 is shouting to us from the future. What do you think? You can find Kate Silas and Olga Morales on Twitter and of course, Comments are open, below.

Images: Jessica Adams, Unsplash: Thought Catalog, Piotr Laskawski, Icons 8, Andre Taissin, Ruthson Zimm

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138 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    WOW….Just WOW.
    I’ve got to say it’s both a frightening and an enlightening article, after all knowledge is power.
    I am downsizing and my house is nearly all packed up to move down your way actually.(Moving quotes already done, they just need two weeks notice to book)
    Due to circumstances we need to sell, downsize and purchase with whatever is left over so as we have no debt.
    As it is clear to travel at the moment (since we will have to travel by plane), we are currently trying to get a rental down there as we will leave our current place empty to sell, as the market is really hot here and it should sell really quick.
    Could you look at my chart and see if this is actually a good plan for now or do I need to try to delay?
    If I should delay, when would be a good time?

    1. Thank you. Downsizing is smart, on this Uranus in Taurus cycle. It frees you up so you can zig-zag with the zig-zag. You are obviously in a couple and actually doing a lot of the moving on Mercury Retrograde in Libra. The planet which rules paperwork and plans, going backwards and getting stuck, in the sign of partnership and marriage. So the short answer is, you will need Plan B and C in September and October. Check the fine print and terms and conditions for likely changes, delays or even reversals. Long-term, it looks like December 2021, January 2022 are the key months for the new home and lifestyle and in 2023 you should see a big uptick in your finances, either making or saving a substantial sum.

  2. If I have Taurus at 15 in south node and Scorpio at 15 in both node but no other Taurus factors and only one other Scorpio, how does this affect me? Trying to get out of debt and increase income .

    1. You actually have Uranus in Scorpio which is important. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances, family property and ‘other people’s money’ guarantees an unpredictable life, so that eventually you learn to take life as it comes and keep on changing, as change meets you. This is very much the case at the moment, and it will also be the case in 2022, 2023 as you will have your nodes also under transit. You’ve been here before, with both wealth and the need for money; in other lifetimes you experienced all facets of money and property, charity and business – so now you have landed in the middle of not only Covid, but also the end of fossil fuel and the start of renewables. It doesn’t get much more challenging than that, but you will find you have innate knowledge to help you. You have past life wisdom in other words and it is not impossible that you were here during the last war, actually. Maybe that rings true for you. You certainly know a lot about making ends meet but also being true to your values and that will stand you in good stead.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have Stellium in Taurus, could you take a look at my chart and see how I might be affected financially with the Scorpio and Taurus weather. We are currently doing our best to get out of debt one day at a time. Slowly slowly. Thank you in advance. F

    1. Thank you F. You should get out of debt, completely, and even gain – in the second half of 2022 – if you take the opportunities that appear then. You are a Sun Pisces who has transiting Jupiter joining Chiron in her Second House of wealth in late 2022. That augurs well, as does Uranus in Taurus in the Second House of your natal chart, moving slowly towards Hygiea at 26 Taurus. Hygiea is about protection; how you literally insure yourself but also how you shield yourself against any potential future issues. In Taurus it is about your money, business, valuables and home. So Uranus suggest a radical new approach to that. A genuine alternative. A unique and quite original, rather exciting way of setting yourself up. Uranus is obviously about independence so it may be that you want a DIY approach to your security rather than doing what you always did, prior to 2018, when this cycle first began.

  4. Morning Jessica,

    Fascinating, and scary! Thank you for these warnings. I’ve followed your work for a while now and taken heed – credit card debts on plan for repayment within 6 months and mortgage paid.

    This week in the UK we are seeing: gas prices sky rocket; energy firms going bust; fertiliser plants shutting so no CO2 production leading to shortage of fizzy drinks (darn), dry ice for frozen products, unable to use stun guns to “humanely “ slaughter and hence predicting meat shortages. So it begins….. All a bit scary.

    The last time the nodes were in Scorpio/ Taurus we had our ‘year from hell’ in 2003. Started in late 2002 and no respite until 2004 said “Hi”. Given I’m loaded with placements in Scorpio and Taurus I’m hoping our ( husband and moi) experience is not a repeat. If you have time or inclination could you take a look at my chart? I have Volcano late Taurus so that would hit soon wouldn’t it? Interestingly the nodes move the day after my birthday (18 Jan) and leave the day before my husband’s birthday (18 Jul) in 2023. I have been dreading these node movements I must admit – Quietly praying that is not significant 🙂 Hope to hear from you but appreciate others may need your input far more than me. Take care x

    1. Thank you. It’s great you are getting ahead of the banks. I have seen the headlines in Britain this week – shortages and changes at the supermarket. You are strongly Scorpio-Taurus and so quite fixed, and what is going on until 2026 requires you to unfix, what has been fixed for years. You took certain steps on the last nodal cycle in those signs, and largely in response to hellish challenges in 2002-2004. Repetition is unlikely; this time around the sky looks quite different. In fact, if you are ‘owed’ on any level, you may be repaid. You are a Sun Capricorn who will have Saturn in her solar Second House in 2022 and in your natal chart, you of course will have Uranus in your Second House. As Jupiter is in your solar Second House right now, until December, carpe diem and pursue every answer, open door and solution that appears. What you end up with should see you through 2022, 2023 but it is really clear that your life budget will be your chief concern for the next few years. Certainly until 2026. Your Second House is about so much more than money, home or business though. Even shopping. At its heart it is about what or who is priceless. Absolutely priceless – beyond price. You will become powerfully familiar with that question in 2022-2026. Sometimes it’s “The best things in life are free” and on occasion it can be more intense than that. Your Sun Cancer husband has the same cycles – in his solar Eighth House – so you two are obviously going through it together. As a duet, try to do all you can by Christmas – he should also be pursuing as many answers as he can.

  5. Hi Jessica, this blog is fascinating. The mention of Karma is interesting as my Jewish Oma was living in Hamburg as a young woman but because her father was a radio technician he was “a valuable jew” and the family was kept alive. He taught himself English and listened to the BBC broadcasts in his basement and forwarded information to the underground against the Nazis. My father was 3 when the war broke out and his memories of living in the bomb shelters in Berlin were horrific, he lost 3 siblings to typhoid and diphtheria. (my late Aunty’s, the last survivor, small estate has been held up because we can’t prove the babies died in 1945 )
    I am sure many readers will revisit this in the next few years. In July 2023 I have Jupiter near my Juno and the Nodes on my IC/MC (NN 1 degree 23 T and SN on my MC 1 23) and Uranus on my Mars. We are about to become debt free but I am concerned for my job a NSW teacher and also my small super. Do my charts transits eg Mars under Uranus signify anything for you. Many many thanks J

    1. Thank you so much. What an incredible story about one family’s experience of the war. The story of the children who died is absolutely tragic and it is incredible that your aunt’s estate is still tied to it. Obviously you don’t have all these charts, but the estate is a Scorpio matter and we are about to see 2022 and 2023 turn that wheel, so you may well see resolution for your aunt. You are a Sun Taurus who is experiencing (now) the transiting nodes in your solar Second and Eighth House, so again, there is some karma here. Becoming debt-free is part of that but you are also concerned about your job and retirement. Neptune at 20 Scorpio opposite Mars at 21 Taurus is worth watching. When you see the transiting nodes pass 20, 21 Taurus-Scorpio and then finally Uranus go to 20, 21 Taurus there will be a characteristic Neptune experience: the need for boundaries. You may want to look at existing paperwork to track that before it becomes an issue. Or, more likely, a lack of anything in writing – assumptions, guesswork or fuzzy thinking. Neptune in Scorpio can be rather confused and also confusing on matters of property, banking, insurance, pensions, taxation and so on. The opposition can be troublesome if you let Neptune go all over the place, and really there needs to be a situation where you, perhaps with professional help you can trust, is containing and controlling what is there. You might want to do that long before the transits go over the opposition. Minimise the potential for Neptune’s muddy waters by putting in the filters and fences early on. Workwise, use every solution and opportunity that appears by Christmas and try to set yourself up for 2022 and put your head down that year and get through it. From the year 2023 you may transform your career entirely; promotion is possible by 2024 or a brand new role in quite a different area where you have a great deal more power than you ever did, as a teacher.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another comprehensive article. I noted your comments about the aspects of 19 January 2022 and the nodes at 29 Taurus and Scorpio, especially as I have saturn at 29 capricorn – which I noticed was triggered 3 times last year by Jupiter retrograding back and forth, in relation to positive property matters.

    I’d be grateful if you have any thoughts on the upcoming aspects in January 2022, and it’s likely impact on my chart.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thank you M. Yes, the nodes at 29 degrees will trine and sextile your natal Saturn in your Tenth House of career, vocation, status, success and position. You might say world economic karma, left over from the war, has an impact on your professional life then. It’s the same for academic work or unpaid work too. The structures you have patiently built up to make yourself feel more secure about your career and social status, are occasionally tested for usefulness (or not) and this will be a test. Of course January is the time of year when people see reshuffles, appointments, departures and so on – sometimes mergers in business. This seems very likely to be the cause. The world economic karma may be pretty straightforward. Nations owe each other, from the Thirties, when we last saw these patterns in Scorpio and Taurus. The presence of Uranus in Taurus (which will eventually trine your natal Saturn at the very end of its cycle, approaching 2026) is always, always the known world turning upside-down. So it’s as well to know your Saturn in Capricorn well and to understand what you are structuring, and why, and what you want it to do for you in life.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Your posts are so timely and relevant. They provide a very particular insight into the political-social events as they unfold around us. It’s a pleasure reading these pieces.

    Please do take a look at my chart. I have a scorpio stellium and planets in Taurus. Many in Scorpio are at 0 deg. Is there something I need to be aware of or look forward to?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Leo with Juno and Ceres at 0, 1 Scorpio. You will make or save a lot of money if you accept the offers and opportunities of 2022. They will mostly cluster around the first half of next year as Jupiter passes through the Eighth House of your solar chart. In your birth chart, Jupiter will also trine (make a stunning angle) to Juno and Ceres in your natal Eighth House, and this takes place as he moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, at the end of 2021 and start of 2022. Juno is about a commitment. Ceres is about a compromise. You’ll see a terrific chance to pledge yourself to something or someone financially, with property, charity or business as 2021 ends and 2022 begins, as both charts tell the same story. Later on, much later on, in July 2023 you will find the nodes going over Juno and Ceres, and a landmark piece of karma (you owe, or are owed) will take place, likely involving a legacy, inheritance, or a sexual/financial partnership like a marriage.

  8. Hi Jessica, what an amazing article! I always read your articles with great interest but this one really struck a cord…
    I wonder if there’s financial karma in my family on female side that could be settled soon: my maternal grandmother lost everything in second world war and was abandoned by my grandfather; my mother lost everything in ex-Yugoslavian war and my father abandoned her; and I lost everything slowly from early 2000 to 2012 as my brothers stole my inheritance (one born 12 Nov 1971, and one born 12 Dec 1972). Is there karma here and is it time for balance to be restored by finding a way to give me my inheritance back or in some other way?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. War has cost your family dearly – this is a reminder that our relatives have survived a lot worse than we are seeing now, even in a pandemic. You have personally had inheritance issues with your Scorpio and Sagittarius brothers. You wonder if you’ll gain, karmically, or see some kind of restoration. Yes, you will. It will happen in 2023. Destiny will have a way of settling up fairly with you.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Is it possible to take a look at my chart and see how my finances will fare over the next year or so? I’m going to meet with a free legal service to discuss my rights so I can leave the father of my children as I cannot continue to sell my soul by staying with him.
    What do you see happening for me in this regard financially?
    Thank you x

    1. You are a Sun Taurus who has a karma cycle involving money and property, which ends in January. You owe the father of your children, or he owes you, on a soul level. Perhaps literally, in cash terms. This cycle has been with you for a long time but it is over in January 2022. That means you have to focus less on your budget and what it means. The new node cycle from January is really about your life without him, but also with him, as of course the children have a father relationship. The financial questions will largely go. You will very likely have to find a job that pays proper money, though, in 2022 and take that on. Take your time when you choose it.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this feature. I have saturn at 13 degrees in scorpio and my finances have been upside down for quite a bit now, both in my consulting business and my stock portfolio. How does this opposition at 12 and 14 degrees affect me? I’m assuming an opposition means ‘bad’ but interacting with natal saturn could mean what exactly? Could you please help me grasp?

    Thanks so much, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Upside-down is standard with Uranus, and in fact this planet was discovered in 1781 when a popular folk song, “The World Turned Upside-Down” was played when the British surrendered to the Americans at Yorktown. Uranus was also discovered by an amateur astronomer who turned the Solar System upside-down by adding a new discovery. So having Saturn at 13 Scorpio with Uranus in opposition is really about the known world becoming quite unpredictable. Life before 2018 (before Uranus went into Taurus) was really about a fixed world economy. We knew where we stood with pensions, superannuation, currency and so on. Now we live in a world where Bitcoin is ascending and nobody knows from one day to the next, what the pandemic will do to business. I am sure you have seen it in your stock portfolio and also your consultancy. You have the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio so have past life experiences being both wealthy and in need. You may have covered all the bases in other incarnations, from big business, to charity, to vows of poverty as a monk, to a rich family and so on. Ever since 2018 when Uranus moved into your Second House of values, slowly proceeding towards the opposition to Saturn, it has been like having an unpredictable tenant move into your home with all kinds of strange noises and unexpected, sometimes shocking developments. Out of this, though, comes the new life budget. The new life budget will ask you to question the structures you have built in your life (Saturn) with finance, property and business. Some of this building has been protective or defensive in nature, as previous experiences have made you vulnerable and you have no doubt moved heaven and earth to ensure you are covered – for as much as is humanly possible. Along comes Uranus by opposition to Saturn and you are challenged to change. It is rather like an electrical storm that reveals the walls and roof that must be renovated, quite radically so. Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and with the nodes there too, you may not want to bend and sway, but you are going to have to ‘unfix the fixed’ as much as you can. It does not mean feeling unprotected or insecure, but it does mean accepting that sometimes freedom and independence arrive in disguise. Uranus is very much about the revolution that sets you free and in Taurus in your Second House, where you already have those previous lifetimes of experience, you can draw on your instincts and perhaps a vague ‘memory’ to put a price on what it means to be free. And pay it.

  11. Given that I have a stellium in Scorpio sure to be hit by this financial weather, my question is twofold: my (Taurus) husband and I are in the process of securing a mortgage, which will likely be finalised in mid to late October. Is this a huge mistake given this forecast?

    You’ve written a great deal about what one will or won’t sell out for recently. I left my previous job because a lucrative new position came my way; however, I am preparing to contact my previous employer (we parted on quite amicable terms) to see if they might rehire me, because I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my time to get more money from a company who treats their employees so poorly. Is this a positive move, or is my fixed nature just running back to the safe and known at the worst possible moment in astrological time – as might be this mortgage we’re about to procure?

    As always, thank you for any light you can shed!

    1. You may want to read the fine print on the mortgage and get absolutely everything in writing with your husband, as you are doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Mercury is the planet which rules negotiation, paperwork and contracts and Libra rules marriage – in retrograde you tend to get rewrites, or rescheduling, or retraction. It really depends on your husband’s chart, which I can’t see, but it’s worth paying more attention to the terms and conditions than you might normally do. The Descendant and Diana at 26, 27 Cancer/Capricorn will also be opposed or in conjunction with Pluto at 26, 27 Capricorn as he slowly leaves that sign, by 2023. Cancer and the Fourth House are associated with property and that opposition takes place around the same time that the Fourth House of your solar (Scorpio) chart is under transit from Saturn. So you need to really look at every aspect of this home purchase in great detail and be canny about all possible outcomes. In your natal and solar chart, in other words, you have quite hard work cycles; this may be the state of the property; the neighbourhood; the bank’s terms and so on. You are also pondering a work move. You’d like to be rehired because your employer now treats employees poorly. You will be thrilled at the change in your lifestyle, employment, daily routine and wellbeing – and job satisfaction – in the second half of 2022 when Jupiter moves into Aries and the Sixth House of your solar chart. Jupiter and Chiron will let you get away with the so-called impossible or outrageous, and going back to a former employer is one example of that. So there is nothing stopping you trying them now. Or even trying them again later in 2022. That period would tally with a likely promotion, hit, new role or other success and as it involves Chiron in Aries too, there would be a maverick involved.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I am a sun sign Scorpio with six factors in Scorpio and just one, IC in Taurus. Do you have any advice for me since I am planning to settle down with a stable job and buy a house in 2022? I am anxious to be financially secure as soon as possible as I am tired of moving around. Thanks

    1. Scorpio is a fixed sign and this is actually a cycle, until 2026, when you have to unfixed, what is fixed. Settling down and finding stability and security is something you would expect a heavily Scorpio person to seek, but with Uranus in Taurus for the next 5 years or so, you will have to surf the waves of change and try to land where you can, when you can. I understand you are tired of moving around but you may want to look at the realities of a mortgage, or the realities of the actual area where you want to buy. This is really because 2022, that specific year, will be pretty challenging in terms of the repayments, or the actual physical structure/condition of anywhere new – Saturn is in your solar Fourth House in 2022 – by himself – without Jupiter’s solutions. That can be quite hard going and sometimes this cycle brings the purchase of a place, which later on ends up with issues which need to be fixed – or the place itself gets caught up in local planning changes, or extreme weather events and so on. I would extend this to the suburb or town actually, as you need to be aware of pandemic realities too. Sorry to be a bucket of gloom, but if you wanted the best outcome, you would use the rest of this year, while Jupiter is still in your solar Fourth House of property (Jupiter being the planet of opportunity) to do what you can, when you can – as you can. Just make sure whatever you sign up for, can take all sorts of inevitable challenges in 2022.

  13. Fascinating! I love your take on this, as always. I’m heavily Scorpio, with my Sun at 15 alongside Pluto, Mercury, Hygeia and Fortuna. Uranus in Taurus has been radically reshaping my personal financial situation, as well as my partnerships. Any insight for what the rest of 2021 could bring based on these factors!? Thanks so much, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. In both chart systems I use for you, there are transits in the Second House (Sagittarius in your solar chart) and Eighth House (Gemini, also in your solar chart) and then in your birth chart you obviously have a stellium in your Eighth House in Scorpio, currently under transit from Uranus. So it’s an intense year. Some of that intensity disappears when the nodes leave Gemini/Sagittarius in January 2021 and thus exit your solar Second/Eighth houses. What is going on at the moment is the slow completion of karma in 19 year loops, going backwards in stages. You may not even be aware of what you owe, or why you owe it. Just take it in good faith that the astrology is clear on an ending, departure or final chapter in January which will settle something with the money, house, apartment, business, charity or valuables – once and for all – in fact that is where you will leave it for another 19 years. Longer-term, everything you learned about sex and money in 2020, 2021 will help you until 2026. You now know that you have to meet change with change, even if you are a heavily fixed-sign person.

  14. Fascinating article, as always, Jessica.

    I’m fixing up my house right now to sell in early spring. The market is very hot where I am. I have no doubt it will sell.

    All I want right now is OUT. Out of this house, out of the city, out of any debt, and having a nest egg for my old age.

    How does it look?

    1. Thank you. You are in a hurry to sell – yes, you will sell and see the money flow after Christmas, with more money to be saved or made in the first half of 2022.

  15. A very happy greeting to you Jessica! I was thrilled to see your new blog posts, as I am always excited to read them. As I post to you on my birthday (and for the first time), I do so because what I read seems really significant to many of my chart placements – though I don’t fully understand how. It seems that my natal Uranus at 0 Scorpio, and natal north/south nodes in Scorpio/Taurus may be big in 2022, and July 2023. I would really love your thoughts on how these things could play out with my interior design business, which is dependent on clients with a high discretionary income, environmental regulations, and supply chains. Income wise, are these coming karmic changes positive or negative? My libra stellium also suggests much going on, particularly starting tomorrow. Your blog and horoscope all feel really big for my placements right now. Thank you so much for your continued insight! My info: 9/22/75 7:06am Fort Collins, CO, USA.

    1. Happy birthday. You have the chart of an interior designer, with your Sun in Virgo and MC (Midheaven) in Cancer. Virgo rules meticulous attention to detail where the client comes first, and Cancer rules homes. You will make or save substantial amounts in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. Try to avoid financial, business, property paperwork or negotiation now through the first week of November, though, especially if it involves former or current partners (personal or professional) as Mercury Retrograde is with you and you are strongly Libran (it is in Libra). The biggest challenge in 2022, 2023 will be to accept unavoidable lifestyle and work changes, and you will need to accept new restrictions which were not there before, in 2022 and from 2023 be willing to transform your working life. As you say, supply chains are an issue, with your work. That may be part of the story or there may be other reasons for needing to shift, quite dramatically. This will be empowering for you and from 2024 you will realise that work has become so much more to you. You may have adopted a new lifestyle by then, in terms of food, fitness, complementary therapy and so on. It will change your life. What you will also find happens long-term until 2026 is repeated involvement with foreign people and places, until you decide to move yourself, or just open up your life to those from totally different cultural backgrounds. It will be very exciting, very new and different and feel like freedom.

  16. Dear Jessica
    I was wondering how this might impact me.l have the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Apollo in Taurus in my chart. Love the website look forward to up dates every day. Best wishes Selina

    1. Thank you Selina. You are strongly Taurus so ‘live’ in your Second House of charity, shopping, property investment (both your own home and any second homes), business, collectors’ items and valuables. This becomes more important, the older you become, and your later years will remind you just how essentially Taurean you always were, as decisions made when young, start to pay off. Having Uranus in your Second House since 2018 has been like living with a wildly unpredictable new tenant, who is at the heart of sudden upheaval every so often. I am sure you can see that digital currency was the first shock after 2018 (Bitcoin and so on) and the pandemic of March 2020 was the second massive change. There will be more. Trying to adapt and adjust for every change that comes with your economy, currency and so on is the key. You will need to do this constantly until 2026 as just when you thought your personal finances had settled down (or even the shopping list) something else will come along, like a supply shortage, or a new government decision on furloughing, and so on. You will make your way through this and in fact do very nicely, probably with property, later in the Twenties.

  17. Hello Jess, amazing analysis. Always enriching. I have 27 Scorpio in Saturn, 2 Scorpio in Vesta, 4 Scorpio en Pluto, 20 Scorpio in Minerva and 22 Scorpio in South Node; also 22 Taurus at the North Node, 16 Taurus at Ceres. So I could imply that next years North and South node moves with highlight positively my money et al. situation? I have been patiently dealing with tons of setbacks and troubles repaying debts. Is there any hope for this last few months of 2021 for money to start flowing again? Could be beginning 2022 be the change? Thanks and all the best for your kind dedication to publishing these articles.

    1. Thank you so much. You’ve had debts and setbacks and hope 2022 is the change. Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in your chart are the main story here. For the first and last time in your adult life you are going through Uranus in Taurus in opposition to that. This is a really long cycle until 2026, so for the next five years you will see highs and lows, but you will make or save a lot of money in the first half of 2022 which will help you repay some of the debt, or even be let off, partly or wholly. That can happen in a pandemic. It is important to know that none of this is your fault; the Uranus in Taurus cycle is with everybody and it hits some people particularly hard, and that happens to be you. It can and does get better and a house or apartment, and perhaps your family, is at the heart of the change. Having made or saved money after Boxing Day, until May 2022, and hopefully got rid of debts in some way, you then have the years 2023-2024 to help you with a relative, perhaps someone who is sharing your home with you – and the actual real estate itself. This may be a huge gain or advantage which you enjoy, but it will make a happy difference to your finances. Try to avoid whatever got you into debt, ever again. Lesson learned and all that. You really don’t want more of the same and I have to be honest; there is a risk of that.

  18. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for the excellent article, I always enjoy reading them. I have a stellum in Taurus, Ceres 10, Cupido 11 and both Panacea and Saturn at 17 degrees. I’m looking towards the future and any karmic debts or repeating history heading towards 2024 as historically 2004 was without a doubt the worst year of my life. Any good news on the horizon please?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces so I will read your solar chart and natal chart together for accuracy. You will make or save a lot of money after May 11th 2022, until the end of October that year – and again from Christmas 2022, until May 2023. You have Jupiter (abundance, solutions, largesse, the greatest and best of the gods) on your side in Aries in your Second House of earned income, money saved, and your own valuables, business and so on. Do we also see the same story in your natal chart? Yes. Uranus in Taurus in the Second House of your natal chart is the liberator. Despite old fears and unhappy memories, you are going to be liberated. Set free. Life will be unpredictable but be open to radical change because a slow revolution is underway and in both charts I use for you, those dates above are a breakthrough.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you for your fascinating and helpful articles. I always learn so much. Looking to be debt free and unfixing the fixed, by selling our property, our pension, to downsize. With my second Saturn approaching and being Taurus sun with Neptune in Scorpio directly opposite , asking for the best dates to work around. Pisces partner has transiting Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter 21 Taurus. Hoping this bodes well for our second Saturn return? Any insights much appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. You know your astrology, which helps. If you combine that with the Tarot you will end up with some strong guidelines. Use The Astrology Oracle (also on this website) for another angle. You are a Sun Taurus with the nodes in your Second and Eighth House of financial and property concerns, business and charity interests. That ends on January 19th 2022 and with it, your karma with your partner, and perhaps with the family. The end of karma means you are free to go. As a Pisces your partner has had the same transit in his Fourth House of property and family and Tenth House of career. He is also free to go, karmically, from that date. The nodes go backwards through the signs and so are associated with long-ago cycles when people feel owed, or owe – or they may genuinely be owed, or owe! They can keep you stuck in Groundhog Day and both of you have been there – you with the house or apartment in financial terms – he with the house or apartment in more emotional terms. That stops on January 19th.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for your insightful blog. I will have to read it a few more times to digest it thoroughly. I have heavy Scorpio factors, North node in Taurus, and South Node in Scorpio! What does this mean for me financially and karmically? What do you see in terms of job stability, and saving for a rainy day?
    You speak of incarnations, yet if someone had foretold what I experienced from 2017-early 2021, I would have never believed it, in spite of my cultural upbringing. I met so many lives through sudden and strange coincidences (even via movies), and I somehow knew that I had known them from past lives. Very spooky, and I had a tough time believing my own self. Do you see those with North and South nodes being triggered come across reincarnations, or develop psychic tendencies?

    1. Thank you. The North Node and South Node describe a prior incarnation and perhaps several. They go backwards through the signs, not forwards, and rotate about every 19 years. The nodes were known at Stonehenge and we have proof of that because of the very particular patterns in the Aubrey Holes. The nodes are known as Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail in other cultures and the dragon chases itself. You can still see this design in ancient astrolabes. In India the nodes are central to the culture and history. So they are really important and transits to your Nodes can result in life-changing karma. Your North Node and South Node at 0 Taurus/Scorpio will be crossed by the transiting nodes, July 7th to 17th 2023. May 17th-21st just before, sees Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, abundance) on 0 Taurus, so this is all pretty rare and life-changing stuff, with your money, property, valuables. Good karma is coming. Don’t sit around waiting for this as you have a life to lead, a job to do, and money to save. Yet in 2023 you will welcome what comes. You have had many lifetimes of being rich and poor and are here to use your money wisely and well.

  21. Hi Jessica, Very interesting. I am a pieces born 17.03 looking into important financial transactions in October. My set is the following syche 02° Aries 34′ 51″ NorthNode 11° Pisces 47′ 30″ SouthNode 11° Virgo 47′ 30 What do think? Thank you Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. Yes, the financial transactions in October will take place with a New Moon in Libra in your Eighth House on October 6th and Full Moon in Aries in your Second House on October 20th. The lunar cycle is important because it only works out like this once a year, so there is a fresh start near the 6th and a bridge to cross, near the 20th. Are we also seeing this in your natal chart? If so you would have factors in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House, under transit, and natal factors in Taurus, in your Second House, also under transit. Scorpio 4, 25, 27 factors are showing up. At 6, 7, 23, 25 Taurus you also have factors there. Transiting Pluto is at 24 Capricorn in October, aspecting your Taurus and Scorpio factors. This is a powerful person or organisation which dominates and changes everything and everybody, and yes – Pluto will visit your money chart. It works in a flowing, easy way because Pluto is trine your Taurus factors at 23 by just one degree, and sextile your Scorpio factors at 25, again, by just one degree. Saturn is at 6, 7 Aquarius exactly square your Taurus factors at 6, 7 so there is also a situation which is hard to square. You can’t make it fit. It’s hard work – to make it work. Jupiter at 22 Aquarius is also square your Taurus factors at 23, by just one degree. This is better, because Jupiter is helpful, but again it’s hard to square what is going on. I would say that the timing for this is exact, Anna. You have a Full Moon at 27 Aries, opposite the Sun at 27 Libra, in your solar chart – triggering the finance sectors – on 20th October 2021. This Full Moon will trigger Proserpina at 27 Scorpio precisely, in your natal Eighth House of family money, relatives’ finances and valuables, marriage and mortgage, sexual partners’ property and possessions – and other quite close, intimate connections. What happens in October will change your path for the long-term. It will not be perfect but it will work out for you. Proserpina in mythology was the wife of Pluto and daughter of Ceres. There were strained relations between mother-in-law and son-in-law. The uncle, Jupiter, solved the issues. I mention this because sometimes astrology can be literal. In other words, this is rather an Eighth House story about family or partners. Proserpina resolved the issues by agreeing to be the go-between or piggy-in-the-middle with her mother and husband. She spent half the year with him and half the year with her. A new deal came out of it. Whatever you are up to with your money and so on, you will be the middle person in October, on or near that date, and a new arrangement will emerge by November.

  22. Hello Jess, I have been reading your recents posts with a mix of alarm and a hope that the world will change for the better. Personally I have already had quite a few slings and arrows to deal with in the last few years and am concerned as to what might lie ahead… I have become financially very vulnerable – sole carer and provider for a child with disabilities who will always need care. My capacity to earn has been reduced as a result. I had hoped I could reverse my fortunes – I devised something which was commissioned – however the person I pitched too – someone I thought was a friend, who told me I could trust them – has claimed all the credit and the promises they made of paying me a percentage of the very large fee they have received have been forgotten. I can’t afford the legals fees to pursue this… especially as I am worried that the small amount I have left is about to disappear on the rising cost of living. I have no assets, no inheritances coming, and a tiny pension… I don’t know the exact time of my birth but any reason to have some hope, or even a hint of what I could avoid personally would be extremely welcome. Thank you.

    1. You are doing well as the sole parent of a child with disabilities. I am so sorry about your ‘friend’ and the rip-off (there is no other way of putting it). How disgraceful. You have a tiny pension but obviously have talent. So let’s see what is going on. Okay, so you are a Libra going through a long, ongoing transformation with your child. There are some solutions and opportunities for you by December, please take them. Put them in place as a parent, for 2022, which is hard work. I would be amazed if there were not helping hands, government offers or even council or school options for you by Christmas. Take the and instal them and they will help you in 2022. From 2023 the situation for you as a parent slowly begins to transform and you will be empowered by it, over a number of years. If you realise that you are a leader and guide, not just for your own child, but perhaps for other children (maybe in the same position) you will slowly but surely move on up into quite a powerful position. I would describe it as ‘Queen to a younger court.’ You have Ops in Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood. Ops was Saturn’s wife. Her name is hidden in the words optimism and opportunity and in fact she gave birth to Jupiter, the greatest and best of all gods. Ops is a symbol of determination, persistence, problem-solving and nerves of steel! She always wins in the end and there is something special about your child, which I am sure you know. There may be another younger person too, likely a godchild or young relative, or perhaps a step child. It’s not always just about one. I do think that as you go past 2023 and beyond there is a role for you with younger people in general – teenagers or Millennials, even. You will have a chance to work (or study and receive funding for it) in the first half of 2022 which will be much better than any other job in the past. Jupiter will move into your Sixth House of work just after Christmas. Snap that up. Long-term your finances are unpredictable, but you will be able to zig-zag with the changing times. In fact you will make or save money very nicely in 2023. Jupiter (your friend in astrology ) goes into Taurus and your Eighth House of finance then. You have enough Taurus and Scorpio (finance) factors in your chart to suggest that you need not fear at all about the long term. Life will have a way of looking after you, and the second half of the Twenties will show you why. Do focus on paying work in the first half of 2022 if you can; you will never regret it.

  23. Hi Jess, You’ve provided your usual incisive analysis of all patterns past, present, future, and incarnated. I have Saturn at 0 Scorpio, my MC at 2 Scorpio, and my Moon in opposition at 1 Taurus. Although I’m a workaholic (Asc in Cap, Saturn conjunct MC), I am concerned about my financial future, not to mention Covid (although I have been vaccinated, I live in the plague pit that is the USA). I may (hopefully) inherit some property in the next couple of years, and would love someday to retire. I believe Pluto will be aspecting this mess also around May of 2023. What can I expect? Any hope? And what did I do in a previous life to choose this chart to work out some karma? Thank you for your insights!

    1. Thank you very much. In both chart systems I use for you (solar chart, Sun Libra) and your natal chart, you have some temporary pressure with your Fourth House of property, family and homeland. In your Libra chart you have transiting Pluto in Capricorn going through there until 2023, ending a very long and challenging cycle which began in 2008. In your natal chart, we find Uranus, the Descendant, Hygiea and South Node are all in a stellium in Cancer in your Fourth House. So Pluto has opposed, or will oppose that stellium during this cycle. When we look at your finances in the same way, you have transiting Uranus in Taurus in your Eighth House of finance and property in your Libra chart, and in your natal chart we find you have Mercury, Saturn, the MC and Apollo all in Scorpio in your Eighth House, and of course they are under opposition from transiting Uranus. So the same stories are being told twice. Out of this you can conclude that 2021, 2022 and part of 2023 are the end of the cycle. As you feel the USA is a plague pit, that stops in 2023. Either you no longer care; the pandemic is finally properly managed – or you may even leave the country. Whatever happens, that feeling of constant challenge with your home, home town, homeland vanishes, never to return. It also looks very good for the later Twenties for you, as a result of this focus in your chart on Cancer and Scorpio, because Jupiter begins his slow move from Taurus in 2023, to Cancer in 2025, and then onto Scorpio as the decade ends. I have just filed a feature on this transit, which will help so much in America, Britain, Australia and also benefit people who have those patterns. I would say, yes, your inheritance is on the way, but there may be another surprise in store connected to family and finance, relatives and property or romantic partners and your security. You will retire and may even take a sabbatical in the first half of 2022, actually – or could change your work and lifestyle then, or have it changed for you, in a way that feels like a vacation from the real world. You would see signs of that after Boxing Day.

  24. Hi Jessica, as always your articles, are very insightful.

    I know there are lot’s of readers waiting for your valuable insights. Please can you give me a piece of advice too. It is the second time in a row my questions remain unanswered.

    I am heavily scorpio & taurus and have my sun at 12:degrees scorpio. Please, can you tell me how I will be affected from this scorpio weather in November, since the 12 degrees is being accentuated?

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    1. Sorry, Juno, it looks as though there are 12,348 messages now and I’ve just come back to my desk on Sunday morning in Tasmania, at 8.00am with a cup of tea. Okay so we start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Scorpio. There is stuck karma with finance, property, charity, valuables, business which ends on January 19th 2022. That is when the nodes finally leave your Second House of personal debt and income, and your Eighth House, which involves other people and their money. So that’s the pure cash side of things. You will not find you have to concern yourself so much with the bank account until 2026, when there will be a revolution on the way that gives you financial independence, but that is five years into the future, so let’s stay closer to home. On January 19th a circular and repetitive situation with your finances ends. That is useful! Yet you need to sort out your house or apartment. Try to do this with the solution on offer, no later than Boxing Day or perhaps a day or two after that. That would be leaving it late. Of course, the solution might come from outside you. I would have thought a family or household member would be involved as it’s Christmas. Try to use the answer you have to a difficult situation with the house or apartment, in November, December. Use Jupiter in Aquarius in your solar Fourth House. Ongoing, it is actually all about the property for you, and although 2022 is hard work, from 2023 you can use your willpower to get yourself into a powerful position with the house or apartment, or perhaps with properties, plural. This is a very long cycle taking you past 2030.

  25. Hi Jessica, I am a Gemini with Saturn and Venus a degree apart in Taurus. I am happy where I am financially atm, however I am thinking of starting my own realty agency early Novemeber or December (n country SA). What do you think about this timing? Thank you.

    1. If the demographic for your realty agency is foreign (overseas buyers) be careful as in 2022 you have Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. If not, and it’s a local buyers’ market, then your timing is right. November and December, and January 2022, are the times for strong decisions about your business, finances and your own property actually. This is the Capricorn weather in your solar Eighth House of serious money. You also have the South Node in your natal chart going into Scorpio, and your Eighth House, in 2022, so it is an important year, with karma returning to you from 2003 and 2004, the last time the South Node was in Scorpio. In pure career terms you have this wonderful Jupiter in Pisces transit starting, after Boxing Day 2021, taking you into 2022, which is packed with opportunities, growth, solutions, expansion, hope for the future and lucky breaks. This tallies with your natal chart too, as you have Pluto in your Tenth House of success, at the same time that you have Jupiter in your Tenth House of success in your solar chart. Use the Tarot for more detailed validation on dates and choices, but the astrology looks solid and important, too.

  26. Hi Jessica, I’m not surprised that the word “Women” appears just once in this blog post on Finances and when it does it’s only in relation to Women “doing their duty on the Home Front” during WWII – which essentially meant the same in 1939-45 as it does today. Exactly what do I mean by that? Well… women in the United States have never received Equal Pay for Equal Work. For instance, during WWII skilled Women in the American workforce made an average weekly wage of $31, while their equally skilled worker male counterparts made $54 per week. Why? Long standing societal discrimination against the “fairer sex” for starters. This wage discrepancy has never been rectified in the past 8 decades as Women in 2021 America make only 82 cents for every dollar that their
    male counterparts make. This issue has recently been brought to the forefront as the US Women’s National Soccer Team has taken up the quest to receive equal pay to their male counterparts who play on the US Men’s National Soccer Team. Same game, same rules, same skills, the only difference being XX or XY chromosomes and an unconscionable inequality in pay. I believe the first step to gaining equal pay for Women (yes, I’ve capitalized that on purpose throughout because it’s that important!) in America hinges largely upon their rising above the status of being second-class citizens. How? Well, for starters the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) must be added to the Constitution as soon as possible. Ratification of the ERA will prove to be the foundation upon which Women will begin to find equal standing and equal pay in 2020s America… at least from a jurisprudential standpoint if nothing else. Jess, this is where I ask you to please dedicate an entire blog post to the ERA from initial proposal in 1972 to its current day state of limbo in the halls of Congress. Will the ERA fly or die? Will the ERA need to start from zero again? Astrology must give us some clues. Please do tell!

    1. Yes, women around the world continue to work for less money than men. It is deeply unfair. Soccer (football around the world) is a good example of this, as you point out. I can’t write a post about ERA as I have a global audience and most of them are British at the moment, so it is not relevant to their lives. However, I can reassure you that equal pay will come about, worldwide, by the time Pluto has finished his long series of trines to the natal Pluto and Uranus in Libra positions of millions. This begins when he goes into Aquarius on March 24th 2023. Libra is about equality, fairness, justice and the scales being balanced, as I am sure you know. These generations born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra have already won equal marriage in many nations. Equal pay for equal work will be the next breakthrough, it will happen in America, but also other Western countries, and it will happen by the time Pluto finishes the Aquarius transit, way past 2030. Aquarius itself is a symbol of diversity, equality and community and men and women pooling resources together. So that’s a fit. ERA will probably start from zero, as you suggest. It may take a female President to oversee it – but that is also extremely likely.

  27. Hi Jessica Thank you so much for such good insight!! I’m a scorpio sun 14 deg, having a lunar eclipse in Nov fall on my natal north node in taurus at 27 deg. Any advice on how I will be affected for end of 2021 and 2022/3. I’ve had a very tough 19 year cycle that I have broken out off, but a minor child is involved in a legal case. I’m anxious about still being stuck in karmic patterns with my ex. Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a child, legal case and ex-partner to sort out. I use both chart systems for you, solar and natal, so starting with the Scorpio story, you will find that 2022, 2023 sort things out with this person. You are right, the karma has to complete and assuming this is the father of the child, that is really important. Do all you can from December 30th 2021, just after Christmas, until May 10th 2022, then again from October 29th to December 20th 2022. This seems to be about the Christmas spirit for you, the child and the co-parent and/or him. It’s December 2021, December 2022. Solutions and opportunities to resolve issues appear in those time-frames and you should take them and use them, because they can only come up every 12 years or so, in terms of the child. This is not a long-term story and you will complete the karma by the time the North Node leaves Taurus, which is July 18th 2023. So you have a fair bit of work to do but this does reward you in the end. Just skip the eclipse. Don’t act or judge during an eclipse as it is like driving without headlights on a new road. What you need to know/who you need to know about is usually hidden in plain sight but it is easily fixed – in matters relating to yourself, your duet or duel, and particularly if finance is involved – steer clear – act and judge later.

  28. Hi Jessica, you’ve painted a sweeping landscape which makes it easy to understand how interdependent this all is – so interesting and comprehensive! Accumulating and building wealth has evaded me so far, although I have a head for business the unfairness towards women and work style of the corporate world made me ill! My heart is drawn to the arts/design although this doesn’t come with the same ease for me as the business world. Consequently I am seriously non-financial, so I worry about the future. I’d like to change this and become financially secure – had hoped Uranus in Taurus might have brought some hints or inspiration! I have North Node in Taurus, my Sun is pretty close to 0 degree Taurus too, would this be the main area of my chart affected in these coming years? Thank you!

  29. Hello Jessica, my birth data is 2 april 1976 Lisbon Portugal, and I have Jupiter in Taurus 1 degree, moon in taurus 14 degrees, and Pluto in Scorpio 7 degrees. Do you think the planets are adverse or helping? Is my characteristics a help for the current trends?
    I have a large business, hundreds of families dependent on us, and my business grew with debt to acquire companies. We are currently acquires other business and it will envolve acquisition debt of course.
    What is your advise?
    Thank you

  30. Hello Jessica, my birth data is 2 april 1976 16h15 Lisbon Portugal, and I have Jupiter in Taurus 1 degree, moon in taurus 14 degrees, and Pluto in Scorpio 7 degrees. Do you think the planets are adverse or helping? Is my characteristics a help for the current trends? I have a large business, hundreds of families dependent on us, and my business grew with debt to acquire companies. We are currently acquires other business and it will envolve acquisition debt of course. What is your advise? Thank you

  31. Hello Jessica, my birth data is 2 april 1976 16h15 Lisbon Portugal.
    I have Jupiter in Taurus 1 degree, moon in taurus 14 degrees, Pluto in Scorpio 7 degrees and nodes in Taurus and Scorpio 12 degrees (south node in taurus, north node in scorpio).
    I have a large business, hundreds of families dependent on us, and my business grew with debt to acquire companies. We are currently acquiring other business and it will envolves debt acquisition of course. There is also possibilities of allowing investors coming in or mergers. There are also companies asking for our help as investors and managers.
    Do you think the planets are adverse or helping? Is my characteristics a help for the current trends?
    What is your advise? Should I proceed with the acquisitions or give it time?
    Thank you

    1. I can’t see a full birth chart here unfortunately and if you have hundreds of families depending upon you, then you also need the chart for the business. It’s not enough to just look at five factors here, to judge mergers. Thank you.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the great article and heads up. I’ve been watching Sydney real estate market for a while and am astounded at the jump in house prices. I look forward to the day when the prices are more realistic. I just cannot understand where people find $2 – $3 million for a roof over their heads. I have advised my daughter to watch and save in the meantime.

    1. Sydney prices are regarded as being abnormal by most people, aren’t they? (Except those who were on the property ladder for decades, inherited money or bought from overseas). They are not normal, in terms of salaries – they have become their own reality. By all the laws of astrology, when you see Uranus in Taurus until 2026, the last thing you ever thought you would see – is the first thing you get. So high-density, high-rise apartment living in Sydney CBD looks like it will take a hit, because that is where the highest prices have escalated. The last time we saw this cycle during the war, in London, people were shocked to see how drastically prices fell, but of course nobody ever expected Chelsea and the City to be pulled into The Blitz.

  33. Hi Jessica, you write wonderful blogs packed full of information. So much disruption ahead in the next five years – wow, what a rollercoaster ride – not something I’ve ever liked even though I feel I’ve been pretty open to moving and change! Anyway, can you please tell me if once the nodes move out of Gemini and Sagittarius in January 2022 if it’s then a good time for me to sell my house or if it’s better to wait until the years 2023 – 2029 when you see financial opportunities across the UK, US and Australia? I have Cancer and Scorpio placements but nothing in Taurus. The sale would be for financial gain with the intention of setting me up more securely in the future (if that’s even possible!) rather than because I don’t like the house or location, which I do. I have Saturn in Scorpio which I think you have said is hard work when the nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio and have a stellium in my sun sign Virgo which you say means I tend to live in my sixth house so I’m not sure if I should also factor this in. Your insight would be much appreciated and also any other advice you have from taking a look at my chart. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You want to sell your house and have Cancer and Scorpio factors. You are really looking for a profit and wonder about the timing. You are a Sun Virgo, so using both charts (solar and natal) the astrology suggests you sell and buy once Jupiter (abundance, luck) goes into your solar Eighth House from May 11th 2022, until October 28th 2022 and then again from December 21st 2022 until May 16th 2023. That can only happen once every 12 years so do use it. In your natal chart, this same period sees the South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus dance around your Cancer (property) and Scorpio (finance) factors making conjunctions, trines and sextiles along the way – all flow aspects. At the same time there is no ‘perfect’ here because of course Saturn is triggered too. The verdict would be – good, if hard work – and timed in the second half of 2022 and first half of 2023. You can draw a Tarot card to look at this timing as this is such an intensely personql question for you to answer.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Your article is deeply insightful and nerve-racking at the same time. I have a stellium in both Taurus and Scorpio and many factors at zero degrees. I am now the sole supporter for my children, just purchased a home with a mortgage and I was hoping to retire within the next couple of years. How will this transit affect me. Thank you!!

    1. You’re not the only person with Taurus and Scorpio factors, and this does work out for you, long-term. You are a Sun Capricorn who is going into years of Aquarius weather in your Second House of property, money, business and valuables. Try to use every solution you have until December (and there will be an answer for every question) so that you are set up for 2022, when we are all challenged by what is going on with the world and our national economy. (So you are not alone) This gets you to 2023 when you have a good chance of finding more power, more control and more influence through property, but also through other income/savings/gains – far beyond 2023 – to 2026. By using sheer willpower and self-control, self-discipline and self-mastery, you can steer your finances to 2026 taking full advantage of the most unpredictable world economy we have ever seen. So it’s a case of surfing the waves, with your eyes on the prize – which you will do. Try to use October, November, December as much as possible to figure out solutions for current money or property questions as it will stand you in good stead for many years.

  35. North node in Taurus will conjuct natal MC @ 29, Juno @ 20 and Ceres @ 7.
    North node will Oppose Neptune @ 28 and Jupiter @ 2 Scorpio.

  36. Morning Jessica, (nearly 3am in Scotland). Thanks for giving access to your site for so little money.
    I’m a Virgo born on 08.09.61 7pm, Ireland at 54.9520 N, 8.3576 W. (still not confident with what’s where in my chart).
    It’s been a long slog moving from a life I’d always known.
    Now I have strong, clear vision how to improve life for kids and young people, even from before conception. Their education, quality of life and levelling up can be exponentially improved for little or no money as can the strain on health providers too. I’ve been working towards this steadily.
    Can you foresee anywhere I might get blocked or have hurdles to jump?
    Also, have arterial stenosis which will require an op. in the next 2 years. How will the coming weather affect availability of surgical interventions.
    Many thanks, Marjorie.

    1. It’s a pleasure, Marjorie. I am sorry you are living with arterial stenosis. As you probably know, Virgo is the sign to associate with the mind, body and spirit which all affect each other. You have five Virgo factors in your Sixth House of health and mental health, work and lifestyle, which is quite high – it is a Virgo stellium. You need an operation by 2023 at the latest – or will have what you need to get better. Sun, Moon, Minerva and Pluto in Virgo are all there to help you (Minerva being your wisdom about the situation) and Jupiter in Taurus will trine that for the first time in 12 years, from 2023. You want to help children and teenagers and have a huge stellium in Leo in your Fifth House of youth. Starting in May 2022, Jupiter in Aries will trine your Leo stellium, making it easy for you to be queen to a younger court, which is partly your destiny in life: to lead, guide and set an example to children, teenagers and young people.

  37. Hi! I’ve been grateful for your guidance in the past and hope you can point me in a great direction now since you’ve talked about Jan 19 since last year. Scorpio rising, and Libra Sun…I have just purchased a house that I can afford, and am wondering where to put some extra money – save in cash? The US stock market? Cryptocurrencies? It feels all daunting right now.. I’m wondering if it’s safest to just buy more land? Any help would be very appreciated and heeded! — Vikki

    1. You are lucky enough to have extra money, Vikki and wonder how to make your life budget work best. I have replied to you elsewhere.

  38. Hi! Grateful for your insights… asking for help because I have Scoprio rising but Libra stelliums… how does Jan and into next year look for me financially and how might I think about positioning myself these next few months? Many thanks for your work with us all!

    1. You are a Sun Libra and your solar chart tells a similar story to your natal chart. Until 2026 you will be living with the most unpredictable, erratic, but also exciting financial, business, charity and property options. This has been the case since 2018 actually. You are already being coaxed onto quite a new path that was never in your plans before 2020. You are either reinventing the wheel, or actually replacing the wheel – given where you were with money, possessions, ownership, business before. If you can bank on everything being in a constant stage of change until 2026 you will be doing well. This is really down to the transit of Uranus in Taurus in your solar Eighth House, which is about other people’s money, property and assets. This is classically a marriage and mortgage but it can also be a family legacy. You are implicated in other people’s situation, and they in yours. Uranus is a symbol of revolution, independence and freedom and it will be with you for around another 5 years so take that into account when you are mulling over possible outcomes. In your natal chart, we find Uranus is in transit in your Second House, which is your own income, life budget, values, ownership and so on. And in 2022 and 2023 we find the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, triggering both. So in both the chart systems I use for you, the same outcomes are showing up. Rather than banking on what cannot be banked on – you may prefer to keep your position flexible. Light on your feet, sums it up. You need to be able to move swiftly when opportunities open up, and get out of a situation quickly if you have to. The biggest factor in 2022, 2023 is your own independent choices about your own life budget. Your own values. Society and your country has its own rather stuck, entrenched values and system, but what is showing up here is a unique approach to what you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you personally consider to be priceless. You don’t have stability and certainty in these years, but you do have your own freedom and you cannot buy that in a catalogue. Be very wary if people or organisations tell you anything is ‘a dead cert’ because it may not be. If you are curious about this cycle have a look at the war. That pile-up in Taurus is exactly the same.

  39. Hi Jessica, Many thanks for your insightful analysis of the past and current global debts. It seems like nothing has changed since 1939 in terms of the relations between the leading nations. We can only hope and pray for peace on Earth.
    On a mundane, personal level, this will be the third time in my life that I am witnessing fuel/food shortages, that was twice in my country of birth and now in the UK where I live. Also your predictions suggest that I stand to see for the second time in my life devaluation of property and Sterling. I do have Saturn in Taurus and have Scorpio as Asc and have read your past blogs on Diana, Fortuna, Minevra, etc, but can’t find the right lead into the financial side of my horoscope/life and in particular will I succeed with my project to make my house my own sanctuary. The start of the building works on my home has just been thwarted with the fuel shortages and Mercury going retrograde.

    1. You want your house to be your sanctuary in the cycle that is coming. You’ve started building works during fuel shortages (Mercury Retrograde) and yes, issues with traffic jams and rescheduling are common on this cycle. I put the dates up months or years in advance so you can plan ahead, so next time you may want to avoid renovating on Mercury Retrograde if you can avoid it. Long-term, you will be very happy with your sanctuary. From just after Boxing Day your solar chart, Sagittarius, shows your ruler Jupiter (opportunity, abundance, solutions, luck of the draw) on your side, moving into your sector of property for the first time in 12 years. He stays there until May. In your natal chart, we find Jupiter in Pisces making beautiful angles to Taurus (your own money), Cancer (property) and Scorpio (the bank) and in fact, Jupiter’s aspects to the Moon in those signs are regular, every 28 days, so you have ample opportunity ahead. Your instincts have been right about your home. Things look up hugely by January.

  40. Hi Jessica!
    Fascinating read as always. I wrote to you last time when you highlighted Scorpio and Taurus factors and upcoming changes especially in 2023.
    I also have factors in Cancer.

    My question is related to my work and money.I recently changed jobs, and while this new job is challenging and fulfilling, I feel unsettled about the level/grade I am at within the organization. I am interested to know if this has any hope of changing for the better given my Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer factors. Also money wise, will I be ok in 2023? Should we be thinking of having an emergency fund? Thanks again in advance.

    1. You want a promotion or better conditions at work, having just changed jobs. You’re also concerned about your money. You are a Sun Pisces so in both your solar and natal chart we are seeing similar stories. Quite radical new financial trends out there in the world of taxation, banking, business, government policy, currency – will help you enormously in the second half of 2022. Take all the opportunities and advantages then. This may be a direct outcome of your employers’ policies (for example, they offer you a deal on working from home) or it may be an indirect benefit of a much bigger shift on the sharemarkets, which trickles down to you, in the form of (say) lower interest rates on a mortgage or higher interests rates on savings. Whatever this financial opportunity is, you will see it from May 2022. The actual work situation which you feel stuck with, ends in January 2022. You have been on a loop with this for a long time but the sense of never being able to change anything, will vanish next January. From 2023 the politics or power and control issues you have felt, ongoing, with career for many years will also end.

  41. Really eye opening and a tad confusing – only because I need to understand 4th house and nodes more. But as a person who lives in Britian and has just refinance 3 of my flats – I am a little concerned of the proposed crash in 2023. I survived one crash, but it looks like the best thing to do is to sell. I have started dabbling in crypto / forex instead. I have Cancer and Scorpio but dont know if they are in my 4th house. Thank you for your continue world readings.

    1. There is no proposed crash in Great Britain in 2023. I’m not sure where that comes from. There will be fluctuating property prices depending completely on the part of the United Kingdom you live in, or invest in. What we are seeing is a slow-moving trend towards a revolution in local life, and a radical new approach to public transport and also domestic travel, between neighbouring countries like Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. Even within England you are going to find a huge difference between London and the North. So that’s where we are headed, with the first signs in 2021, and then it becomes a new way of life from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini. You need to know these things if you are investing in property long-term. The most obvious outcome from 2026 will be the rising dominance of electric transport. All of this affects the value of a house or apartment, and the rising or falling stock of particular towns. You are dabbling in cryptocurrency so know it’s really volatile. That unpredictable path stays that way until 2026, once again because of the Uranus cycle, which is notoriously erratic. Your Fourth House, property, is ruled by Cancer. You are a Sun Capricorn with the Moon in Cancer, so you have a feel for real estate, on an emotional level, and are likely a good landlady because you care about tenants. You will have tremendous opportunities with property in the second half of 2022, starting in May, which seems like an adjustment period for the whole of the United Kingdom – but see regional differences (above). Even though 2022 is very heavy financially, with some really big burdens for you, there is no doubt astrologically about big new open doors from May 2022 onwards, until Christmas, which enable you to do more, have more and use more solutions with the existing flats, or perhaps new properties.

    1. Thank you. The cycles of time are bigger than we are and every time we see this pattern, around the world, we see good news on the property cycle.

  42. Jessica, Thank you for this article. Below are Scorpio and Taurus factors in my birth chart: Mars 04° Scorpio 28′ 16″ MC 02° Taurus 38′ 20″ IC 02° Scorpio 38′ 20″ Bacchus 00° Libra 36′ 17″ Hygeia 00° Taurus 15′ 57″ Proserpina 29° Scorpio 34′ 35″ How will these factors affect me?? I just get a new job with company born in USA 2008 owners husband and wife from India. This was shocking event as I am loosing one job on Friday October 1 and starting new one on October 4, 2021 Will I stay here or what will happen…

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on the new job – that was a quick turnaround. You will get a promotion, have a hit project or get a superior job (again) in the second half of 2022. Your finances will be less of a big deal to you after January 2022. By 2023 you will have chosen to stay with your current employers as you find tremendous success there, or if things are not as they should be, you will be in a new role elsewhere – and better off.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    My husband is an Aquarius 10°with Taurus 28° ascending, Uranus 29° opposing ascending. He’s in finance and has been looking for a new job in finance for almost 5 years. A lot of starts and stops. Will this Taurus/ Scorpio eclipse season be helpful or should brace myself? I feel like we have both been through a lot for years. Looking to see when we can finally push forward. I’m a Cap with Aries rising. Both of us have Jupiter and Saturn conj in Libra.

    Thank you!

    1. Five years is a long time for your husband to be looking for a job in finance. He’s a Sun Aquarius and you are a Sun Capricorn. Given that your husband could find part-time or full-time work in a huge number of places (or study and qualify for a new role) there is more going on here than meets the eye. Being unemployed means being unable to do a lot of things – so you have to ask yourself what he gains from having no job. No money. It’s hard to say more without seeing his chart. You don’t say if you have children or not. For you, with him, life until 2026 is all about figuring out the part children, teenagers or Millennials will play in your life – because whatever decisions you make about that generation, have to result in your being free. In being independent. In being liberated from (insert word here) or liberated by (insert another word here). This is the long transit of Uranus in Taurus. He has it concurrently in his Fourth House of family, property and household. That’s why I wonder at the hidden reasons behind the lack of employment or study for new employment. There is a lot going on here. Use the Tarot to help you decode it. Given both your charts, it looks like 2022 and 2023 will bring things to a head for both of you, with those issues I’ve described, and answers will come.

  44. Jessica,
    No words can express how thankful I am to you…Love you very much… Sending you all my blessings…

  45. Thank you for the article. Having a bit of an interest in economics and finance, this does line up with what might be happening out there and also with the generational change. Personally and family wise, we have done better than ok financially over the years, especially with property. I have Pluto at 0 Scorpio, Cancer ascendant and some other Scorpio factors and am interested to know what I should be aware of this transitional period.

    1. Thank you. Well, the worst is over with finances, property and business – and like all Sun Sagittarius people you are now in a double transit. In your solar chart, Pluto is in Capricorn in your Second House of money until 2023. In your natal chart, Uranus is in Taurus in your Second House of money, also until 2023 (and in fact until 2026). So the rest of 2021, 2022 suggests you continue reshaping your life budget. You’ve done well with property and the family is central to that. You will do really well again with a particular house or apartment in the first half of 2022. Jupiter will trine your Pluto almost as soon as he moves into Pisces, just after Christmas 2021. That is a tremendous launch into the new year. Jupiter will continue to trine your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of property, family, money and partnership, legacies and inheritance – throughout the first half of 2022. Use this time as much as you can to make or save money. The same story is showing up in both your charts and the key is a particular property and also a specific family member.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I would just like to say a massive thank you for all the time and energy you consistently provide. Your advice and insightful guides have personally provided me with the foundation and understanding in this current path of mine. Looking forward to what is to come in 2022-2026 as I read more and more in my discovery of Astrology, great lessons and opportunities are yet to come.
    This optimism is coming from being a 27ASC Sagittarius and finding the positives into 2022. I am fortunate to have an exciting 15North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio natal aspect. Being a cusp 27Sun Cancer and 24Moon Leo is a back-and-forth state of play, from day-to-day throughout each month. Moving into 2022 and the Taurus/Scorpio influences, I have 24Aesulapia and 29Psyche in Taurus. Versus 01Pluto, 21Saturm, 00Vesta and 16Minerva. From my amateur understanding this is going to be fun and challenging to deal with.
    At the moment everything in my current journey is up for change, like it feels everything is coming at once, house/apartment, love/partnership and abundance/finances. If maybe you have the time, what key advice should I be on the lookout, or material I should be reading to help me along the discoveries of 2022 and beyond.
    Love your work.

    1. Thank you Simon, that’s really kind. You are one of those Sun Cancer people with a strong Cancer/Scorpio chart pattern, whose financial, business and property situation will completely transform after 2023. This is a long-haul transit with a house or apartment, and also money. It does draw in relationships because Scorpio is always about sex and money. Try to take all the solutions you can with money by Boxing Day 2021 as you will need a firm system or plan in place for 2022. Next year will require huge patience and stoicism from you, but from 2023 you realise how much more powerful you could be, in terms of your property, plans and projects. This is really personal for you, but in response to a changing world and local economy. What happens out there with business, government, the share markets and so on, directly affects you. This is most obvious in 2022 and 2023, when you begin to see the opportunities to make or save money, as a result of what is going on. Once Jupiter goes into Taurus, a couple of years away now, you will find that so many things fall into place. That transit is really important and you may want to use the Tarot on this website to confirm timing as you get closer to the cycle. As I said, 2022 will need a lot of patience, as things will move so slowly, but once you get the measure of what is going on economically after 2023, you will be ready to summon up all the willpower you have to get yourself into a powerful position.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing article! It seems our world as we know it just keeps giving us challenges.
    My finance’ and I purchased a home last year that we believed just needed to be remodeled but turned into much much more. This has changed our financial situation as he is rebuilding the house while I work. We owe money to my parents for this house so the stress of trying to fix the house so we can refinance it has become quite tremendous. Could you look at my chart to see how much longer this will affect us? He was born 2/12/65 if that is useful as well. I do worry about refinancing when we are able and when that might be best. Thank you again!!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry that the house has turned out to be so stressful. It needed far more work than you realised and you’re in debt to your parents. Assuming the dates are spelled in English format, he was born on the 2nd of December so is a Sagittarian. Or – I hope he is – because his good fortune with the property is going to help a lot, when he moves into his Jupiter cycle just after Boxing Day, in the first half of 2022. This may be his family helping out too, or just tremendous luck with the renovation work. He may find that assistance comes, or there is another turning point with property and renovation that assists him. You are a Sun Pisces who is stuck in a karmic loop with him, your parents and the property. This ends in January 2022. No more going around in circles. This whole story has not been so much about the house or the money, it has actually been about karmic debts and credits between all of you going back to around 19 years ago. Back then the karma may have been with other people but the song remains the same. It has been transferred. I suspect one or both of your parents may have been involved, though. As I said, this ends for you in January 2022 which is about the same time your partner gets this fantastic cycle with property and family. So you don’t have too long to wait before there’s a shift. Further ahead, in the second half of 2022 you will make or save quite a lot of money. All good news.

  48. Hey Jessica, thanks for writing up this article, which has been interesting and a tad unsettling at the same time. They say history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes well regardless. The last time I’ve written to you, I’ve mention I have been struggling to move out of my parents’ home. While I did manage to settle a negotiation with my mother (she’s a Gemini), where she’ll be giving her blessing to leave the place, while I did some things in return as a dutiful daughter, I still have a long way to go before I can able to fly free from my nest here. How these factors would affect me, as I have strong Taurus and Scorpio factors, with a tiny bit of Cancer in my natal chart?

    My current situation is that I’ve been trying to sign up for NDIS and also apply for an internship again after my application got blown up by powerful forces that were beyond my control. I’m currently looking at rental apartments deep in CBD Melbourne, which may be or may not be a good idea, but the deal seems good at the moment.

    I was wondering if these things would be affected me by the incoming weather? And would these factors force me to move back to my parents? I’m worried about that the most.

    1. Thank you. You want to move out of a home with a Gemini mother. You are thinking about moving out into a flat in Melbourne and don’t want to live with your parents again. You are a Sun Taurus so let’s start with that. Nothing is showing up in your Fourth House of family and property of any importance, so this has got to be about the money and the family. I expect your finances, possessions, bills are all bound up with your mother. That would make sense, looking at her Gemini chart. The trouble with the transit she’s been having (since 2008 actually) is that it can lead to tight control and a great need to dominate, because one holds the purse strings. You don’t mention your father’s sign. Just taking the Gemini mother, though, we can see a change in the balance of power with her home/money/family in December 2021, January 2022. This tallies with your chart, as from January 2022, you no longer have this stuck karma in your solar Eighth House of ‘other people’s money, other people’s property.’ It goes completely. So I think you’re on your way from January next year, assuming you have another income source by then. Something that works out in your favour is friendship – and groups. I’d be amazed if you were not tempted by a share household from just after Boxing Day. Have a look at the Tarot on this website which will give you a more personal insight into things, and also validate timing. In your natal chart, the timing is also right as Jupiter (flow) goes into Pisces just after Boxing Day and for the first five months of 2022 will make terrific patterns with your financial Taurus and Scorpio factors and of course, the property/household Cancer factors too. It’s all in the timing with astrology and yours is coming around. That issue of independent income is terribly important though. Your mother’s ‘power and money’ cycle ends in 2023.

  49. Hi Jessica and crew,
    Iron is crashing so is all the ASX iron stock – BHP, FMG, RIO, CIA etc etc..When do you see a trend change upwards….Olga Morales is talking about 10/11th of October…. I could have the wrong dates there.
    ASX Gold stock is also extremely low…when do you see the crashed gold stock heading north again?

    1. Thank you, I have answered you elsewhere. Given your hugely Taurus chart, your email address is too funny.

  50. To add to the above question the birthdates for BHP 16 July 1885, 10am the ASX opened Sydney time. FMG was floated on 4/10/1994, ASX opened at 10am Sydney time

    1. Thank you. Olga Morales is really the expert on shares, as she is a Gann authority. I’m really more interested in the human side of financial astrology, but if you are interested in working with your own chart, you are an extreme Taurus with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars in the sign of bull markets, the zodiac bull and gold bullion. You also have Juno, Ceres, Ops and the North Node in Taurus, which is extraordinary. As a general comment on what you are trying to do with finance, business, property and/or charity until 2026 – none of it will ever be predictable. So we can look at the BHP chart and try to make it obey our predictions, but for you personally, money is a wild ride for another 5 years. I am absolutely sure you know you can gain within that wild ride, and the rollercoaster will take you up when Jupiter (luck, opportunity, abundance) goes into Taurus and forms rare conjunctions with your Taurus stellium. An excellent way to organise your interests then (it’s not far away) is to look back at the last time Jupiter was in Taurus and see what happened with your chart. Particularly if you took out investments in that year, or you saw investments increase steeply in value. You also have the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio in 2022, 2023 so your karma is returning from about 19 years ago, starting next year – with finances.

  51. Hi Jessica, fascinating and challenging stuff. I live in Australia in rural NSW, we very fortunately have no debt house or otherwise but do want to move to possibly far North Queensland to live a permaculture off grid life possibly with like minded in a permaculture community, we were thinking mid/end 2023, looking at my chart any of your thoughts/advice on this would be greatly appreciated ! A large virtual hug and I so enjoy learning from you, best wishes x

    1. Thank you. In your solar chart you have another 5 years of unpredictable life with friends and groups, so if you join or start a community, it will frequently be exhilarating and liberating but never predictable in any way, shape or form. Uranus is transiting your solar Eleventh House of friendship and circles of people – until 2026. In your natal chart we see a similar story. You have Ops in Aquarius in the Eleventh House and so life will always be an obstacle course with communities of people. That particular part of the story (chipping in with others) will be challenging. Ops was Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother and she is a symbol of gritty determination to overcome problems. My eyes are also on Pluto going to 0 Aquarius in 2023, in conjunction with Ops in your chart, and so that year would be about a change in the balance of power within the community; some people may leave, for example, or find themselves with more power or control. I would be very, very careful about joining any group and get legal advice and everything in writing, as 2023 would be significant. Okay, that’s the community side of things – the like-minded people. The actual permaculture, lifestyle change, going off-grid is Virgo/Sixth House and you have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Proserpina, Cupido and Vulcano too. That is a stellium or large cluster in the sign of mind, body and spirit. So you have to ‘do you’ as they say – and you are. Over the next few years, you will have trines from transiting Uranus in Taurus (the revolution; the freedom; the liberation) which help you along, but also trines from transiting North Node in Taurus, and sextiles from the South Node in Scorpio in 2022, 2023. Trines are flow. You also have a lovely trine from Jupiter in Taurus, up ahead, again in alignment with your Virgo factors. It won’t always be smooth sailing in the years that Saturn is in Pisces and will oppose your Virgo stellium. Yet, it will be balanced with enough flow in your chart to make you feel that you have to be who you are, and do what you love. Virgo is very much concerned with the tiny details of the human body, that affect the larger whole. So permaculture is right, but there are other interests you have which will develop, in accordance with that. Homeopathy is Virgo as much as conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals are. There is also a great need to work, here – your mother or grandmothers earned the right to work – and so you have to feel you are indispensable in order to feel fully alive. As you are so strongly Virgo it would be good to really get into this sign, and also the Sixth House, because you ‘live’ there. If you are thinking about moving, look at the timing from just after Boxing Day until May 2022; in your solar chart you have Jupiter (luck) in your Ninth House of foreign adventures and exploration. I guess Queensland is about as foreign as it gets from NSW in 2022 but let’s not rule out NZ.

  52. Dear Jessica,
    What do you think, how my country will be involved with the events of July 2023 which about you are speaking in connection with the military events of the years 1939-45? Thank you very much, if you answer to me.

  53. Hi Jessica, appreciate your post. beginner here, still reading and learning your content. I’m an investment manager in Australia, trying to learn more about the esoteric world if it were to perhaps improve my investing knowledge. What comments would you have regarding my chart and what what is upcoming? what storms/green pastures/milestones do you see? I don’t even know where to start actually…. but this post is amazing, can construct so many investment profiles with these timings. appreciate your help. I have been asking question like should i be in this job, marriage (she’s 21 sep 1993), and when will things improve with relationships (esp with brother 12 may 1994). is there a point where I will gain more clarity and answers?

    1. Thank you. You are an Investment Manager in Australia hoping to figure out your job, marriage, your brother – that is rather a lot. Start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Aries who has Uranus (the constant revolution) in Taurus (money, property, charity, business, valuables) until 2026. This is also true in your birth chart. So until 2026 nothing is fixed, predictable or permanent with all you own, earn or owe. This is very similar to the cycle we saw in the last war. You have to be agile, responsive, flexible and adaptable. You’ll do really well when Jupiter goes into Taurus once 2022 and 2023 are fading. As for marriage, it’s all about the money. 2022 and 2023 are hard work with love, sex and money – property. Take your time. Family is karmic in nature and that stops in January 2022. You will have had closure with your brother, or he with you, from January next year. Career? You will have choices to stay, go or reshape the job in December, January. Then again in June, July. You then go through these options about your ambitions one more time in December 2022, January 2023 and most of the angst is over. You will learn a great deal about power, people politics and empowerment along the way. From 2023 you no longer care, or the issues have vanished, because of changes with people, organisation or role.

  54. My Capricorn October Horoscope is impressive. So far the ground hasn’t moved for me, still stagnant, however I am waiting and ready.

    I’ll let you know if my October matches the October horoscope.

    1. Thank you. You are rather early for the changes. You will be shown a way to turn around a financial, house, apartment, business, charity or ownership question in November, December as Pluto in Capricorn makes a perfect semi-sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius in your Second solar house of finances. From there you are in a long-term cycle of deep and dramatic transformation. A substantial opportunity or answer with a house, apartment or block of land comes from May next year, and is still there in early 2023.

  55. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating! I have a stellium in Scorpio and am looking forward to the nodes making aspects to these planets/asteroids. I’m also looking forward to Jupiter in Pisces. I have recently got into Crypto.. can you see anything happening in my chart with regards to that? Lots of love Nikki

    1. I can’t actually see a chart here Nikki. You could track your own chart by looking at the transits of Uranus in Taurus: I expect you have oppositions to your natal Scorpio factors taking place now, or have just seen that. Uranus is new inventions; in Taurus it is always about currency; the climate until 2026 though is always Uranian – unpredictable, unusual, unprecedented (all the u words). See what your chart is doing.

  56. Hello Jessica, A terrific article. Very much appreciate your thoughts and knowledge to help in future planning! Still in the beginning stage of my astrology learning but wondered if you might provide your thoughts. Currently I have minimal debt. I am working on downsizing and am gradually transitioning into retirement (mid- 2022). Although I am financially positioned pretty well, I am concerned if I should be doing somethings more or differently, especially with the turbulent times ahead.

    I am Leo Sun, with Libra Rising. I have strong influences in Scorpio and to a lesser extent Taurus.

    Would it be possible to view my natal chart and provide your thoughts and or suggestions? My thanks!!!

    1. Thank you. Both your solar and natal chart say the same thing. You will make or save a lot of money in 2022 and need to use that period in your life to shore yourself up for the short-term future. You have Jupiter, Neptune and Ceres in Scorpio to start with, in your Eighth House of big-ticket items (like houses, apartments, shares, assets) and once you are past Boxing Day, are well on your way with a stunning new cycle not seen in 12 years. This picks up both charts I use for you, so make the most of 2022 and create wiggle room for the future; talk to a tried, tested and trusted financial advisor about the best way to create a highly flexible lifestyle and financial position, so that you can meet change with change, by 2026.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Do you see anything in my chart that I should be pay close attention too regarding this upcoming period? I have a lot of Scorpio placements and Uranus is Taurus has been quite a challenge.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Sure. Fixing the unfixed is a good idea. You have fixed sign Taurus-Scorpio patterns and are about to go into the node cycle of 2022, 2023 and also Uranus in Taurus at the same time. So try to unpack old, fixed, stuck ideas about money, or attitudes towards your life budget. The more flexible you are, the better. Uranus has already been hard work for you. Yet actually if you accept that the Uranus transit is about a revolution that you simply have to go along with, it will be easier. Try to ride the lightning and try to avoid going back to life before 2018. The Scorpio placements in your life are about the big ticket items in your will; what is in any legacy naming you by others. Uranus and the North Node oppose that pattern so you will need to ‘unfix the fixed’ in order to recreate and rethink what is there. Most of all give yourself the luxury of changing your mind.

  58. Thanks for the wonderful article. It’s very informative. I’m wondering what this means for me, being that I have the nodal return coming up in Taurus?

    1. Thank you. You will hit a difference in values (life budgets) with a family member or partner in the Taurus-Scorpio node cycle. The nodal return is always about past lives so you may have made a soul agreement in your life-between-lives, with this other person, to sort out a house, apartment, large sum of money, business, charity or particular possessions. It can go back to the Second World War actually. The trick with Taurus-Scorpio is to find a way to honour your values but collaborate and co-operate with others, whose values are so different to your own. Try to find a middle way. Another tip is to keep the stakes low if you can; Uranus is also in Taurus until 2026 so the world is in for a wild economic ride and peace of mind is priceless. Try to reduce the odds or stakes, if your Tarot readings agree, so that you are not squeezed or stretched too much when the inevitable upheavals occur.

  59. Thanks for the article! Do you see anything I should watch out for in my chart? Thanks. 🙂

  60. This is a great article as always. Really enjoyed it. I’m heavily Scorpio and since Uranus entered Taurus I’ve been paying off large sums of non mortgage debt (student loans, credit cards, vehicle loans). I’m scheduled to be debt free (non mortgage) by the end if Dec 2021. It’s been a long road but I was absolutely compelled to do this. My 2022 year will consist of building my emergency savings and investing. I live in a condo and am looking to sell in 2024-2025 and put down roots here in Memphis TN. Currently there is not much I can afford in my area outside of a condo. So hopefully during that time frame the over inflated housing market will level out and I’ll be able to purchase a new home. Any insight into my chart would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Well done on eradicating debt. That is a very smart move on this unpredictable Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026. You want to buy a new home before then and commit to Memphis. You are a Sun Capricorn so let’s start with your solar chart. 2022 will be tough, test your patience and put you through obstacles with money, the condo, and so on – but this Saturn Second House cycle ends on March 7th 2023. That should not stop you selling your condo (this is before you imagined) and buying a new home, as there is an overlapping cycle with Jupiter (luck, opportunity) in Aries in your solar Fourth House of property, commencing May 11th 2022 until October 28th 2022, then starting again, December 21st 2022 and ending May 16th 2023. So you can see the two stories going on at the same time. In late March, April, May 2023 you have Jupiter alone in your Fourth House of real-estate with no more Saturn to slow you down and test you out. Use the Tarot to see how that timing will work out for you. In your natal chart you have nothing in Cancer in the Fourth House of property, but you do have Chiron at 1 Taurus in your Second House of money. Jupiter is exactly in conjunction with natal Chiron for the first time in 12 years (opportunity, hope, growth, expansion, luck) also in 2023, specifically between May 22nd and 25th, so that looks significant – May 2023. Take a look with the cards.

  61. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your great content and astounding generosity in answering reader questions with so much depth and detail!

    Being a whistleblower derailed my professional career around 1998. I was naive. I was blackballed. Since then, there have been highs and lows in creative, entrepreneurial and even menial work.

    Currently, I’m underemployed in a French family business in the US. Contrary to what was dangled, unfortunately, it has become crystal-clear that there is no opportunity for meaningful advancement, or even reasonable compensation, at this company.

    The question is what are the prospects for finding or creating better work and finances by early next year, especially with my friend “H,” (May 10, 1957, California) with whom I’ve successfully worked twice before in film and finance.

    Thank you so much for any insight you offer! Wishing you all the very best!

    1. Thank you, it’s a pleasure. I am so sorry that you did the the right thing (‘blessed are the whistleblowers’) and your career has been derailed. You have a highly unusual chart with the Sun at 0 Virgo and Moon at 0 Aquarius. Now you are working with a French family business and the promotion or pay rise isn’t there. You are wondering about collaborating with a friend in 2022. Okay, so in your solar chart as a Virgo you are in a stunning new cycle for money, with Jupiter (abundance, solutions, opportunities, expansion, optimism, growth) moving into Aries and your Second House of finances, on May 11th 2022. Jupiter remains there until October 28th and then returns December 20th-May 16th, so well into 2023. In your natal chart you have Vesta and Ceres in Taurus in your Second House and so the transits of the North Node in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus suggest the same time-frame for a complete financial rethink. Professionally, you sign off from a stuck situation rather sooner than that, as a long loop of stuck karma is over on January 19th 2022. You are then able to try a different approach, and although 2022 is tough, workwise, as Saturn is transiting your solar Sixth House of part-time and full-time jobs, you do gain financially, either from income there, or from other sources which enable you to handle work differently. Saturn leaves your Sixth House on March 8th 2023 in the same year that Pluto leaves your Tenth House of career – you might say 2023 is a game-changer for your long-term vocation. It’s the same with H, your friend born on May 10th. H finds that 2023 is the sign-off from a really intense series of career challenges. So if your film project seems certain to commence or be released in 2023, that would fit the timing.

  62. Jessica, Thank you so much for your insightful and detailed reply!

    In general, thank you for reminding us all that astrology shows us there’s usually light at the end of the tunnel. Even if, as in the case of Covid, it may be a long tunnel . . . . 🙂

    1. Globalisation had to end, to save the planet, so the extremely unusual combination of Uranus in Taurus (economic revolution) and the mutable sign weather (the mutating virus) both joined up, in 2020. At the moment you are seeing stubborn politicians and businessmen desperately hanging on to the past, but it’s already over. We will have a better world for it, but nobody will ever forget the tycoons and Prime Ministers, Presidents and Premiers who took lives. History won’t favour them.

  63. Dear Jessica,

    I have been following your page for a couple years now and have been blown away by the insight and depth of knowledge you possess.

    I have had a fairly tumultuous few years. I was married briefly in 2015 to someone who had addiction issues and a bipolar disorder and completely hid it from me, till after we got married. We separated in 2017 and I moved from India to Los Angeles in 2018, where I got into a business partnership with an individual who has been increasingly difficult over the years. He has now made life very difficult for me by threatening my visa and existence in the United States, primarily because of greed and his obsession with trying to control me. He is born on 31 March, and is either 60 or 61 years old. I want to break free from him, and establish myself as an artist here and have applied for an O1 visa.

    Even though I have established a great business and a brand for myself, my father, who is also in business with me, has always controlled my finances. Father is a Sagittarius. Even though he is very supportive, he too has always tried to control me. He had a massive debt which we just repaid in 2021.

    My question is, will I be able to remain in the United States and be financially independent and find a good companion. I feel 15 years of my life I have worked so terribly hard and even though I have a great portfolio, there is no sense of financial independence and autonomy – and no peace and happiness. I am always struggling and alone, far from family, just fighting it out every day.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your bipolar, addict husband covered up his problems from you. Then you got into a bad business partnership. And your father also tries to control you. You are in America and want to be financially free with a new companion and feel you are struggling. You are a Sun Libra who went through years of Aries transits in your Seventh House of duets and duels (not surprising). So, Uranus was in Aries for many years, up until 2018, and nothing was ever stable or predictable. Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence in astrology and the challenge is always to break away from partners or opponents, and become your own person. So that is the bigger reason for these rotten former husbands and business partners. It’s over now and from May 2022, when Jupiter goes into Aries, you will be in a good position to find a new lover. Also a new business partner if you need one. Your father’s control will stop from 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn and your solar Fourth House of family. It will take you a couple of years to sort out your money, so 2022 and 2023. This feels like 2023 is the turning point both with your father and issues about joint finances, so you have a bit of work to do to get there, but you will make it. You will need to reshape your life budget.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping Commonwealth Fusion Systems (6 October 2017, Cambridge, MA, USA) may liberate us from relying so heavily on carbon-producing energy sources.
    On 5 September 2021 at 6:00 am, Cambridge MA, USA, MIT scientists in collaboration with CFS created the most powerful electromagnetic field to date (20 Tesla).
    In 2025, CFS and MIT plan to create SPARC, the first model of a fusion device in a lab.
    (In case it doesn’t appear directly beneath, this comment is in reply to your insights about globalisation above.)

    1. Thank you. There was an unusual line-up on 5th September 2021 with Neptune at 22 Pisces, Venus at 23 Libra, Mars at 23 Virgo. On 6th October 2017, Saturn was at 22 Sagittarius. That’s a match and it’s far, far against the odds. I expect your breakthroughs here will come when Jupiter moves to 22, 23 Pisces in April 2022.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    The past few years have been a whirlwind. The past few years it’s been difficult keeping a job, within the probation period was always let go, have my suspicions of a cover up and some didn’t appreciate being told their communication structure within the software was invalid and society shouldn’t be working and living on top of each other – need to move to the region for economic disbursement. The pandemic took my last, the job which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Managed money sensibly for once and become financially free but every interview comes a rejection call with feedback relating to things that weren’t mentioned or discussed.
    I’ve attempted to start a business but it involves dedicated learning. My partner believes if instant income is available take it. The emotional balance between earning little money delivering, self taught learning and unpaid cleaning at local community has sucked the confidence out.
    It’s good things are back opened in NSW but the future seems bleak.
    Meditation isn’t providing much and I wonder if I am supposed to be on this rollercoaster ride. Clouded signs when reading sun, moon & rising sign.

    1. I am sorry you have been having such a disruptive time. The job you took did not work out and then another one vanished with the pandemic. You are being rejected for interviews which is always hard to go through. You’ve tried starting a business but it relies on study. You’re also cleaning, which is also tough – never mind not being paid for it. You are a Sun Gemini and your solar chart shows Neptune in Pisces in the Tenth House of career, vocation, mission, position and ambition. This is about escaping from reality and it does not always work out. If you are too far removed from the real world for your employers they can’t keep you. If you are too far removed from the real world with your own business, it may not earn you any money. I’m going to check the Tenth House of your natal chart as well. This is ruled by Capricorn. You have nothing there. So your success and status in the world does not define you. It does not describe you, or say who you are. You are far more interested in serving; doing your duty; doing routine tasks for other people. You have seven factors in Virgo in the Sixth House of work ethic, chores and the perfection of detail. So actually, cleaning was the right move. You should just be paid for it. I am convinced when you say ‘society shouldn’t be working and living on top of each other.’ That is a Virgo stellium statement. I find it really interesting that you have nothing in Capricorn so you are not remotely about promotion or moving on up in the system. The hierarchy, the skyscraper and the corporate world does not speak to you. You feel moved to work, to serve, to do your duty but not because you see it as a way of moving on up. As your solar chart shows the biggest and best opportunities for success in 12 years, in 2022, you need to make sure you go for what you actually want and need. Take a look at your Virgo stellium. The strongly Virgo person is really like Jeeves to a Wooster. Had you been alive during the last war you would have enlisted and thrown yourself into the army, navy or air force. Had you been alive during the 19th century you would have thrown yourself into life below stairs in domestic service. Somewhere out there, there is a role for you, and it will be a good one, but you need to find a way of serving that you can respect; that is meaningful to you; that reminds you that God is in the details and it’s the little things that count. Unpaid cleaning or delivery is really not it. But within that framework of ‘doing for others’ you can find proper work that pays you fairly. Opportunities will roll after Boxing Day and throughout next year. This is in your natal and solar chart. You have transiting Jupiter in Pisces in your solar Tenth House alongside Neptune in 2022 and in your natal chart we find trines and sextiles from the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, to your Virgo factors, in 2022 and 2023 actually. I also need to mention that all heavily Virgo people need to balance their jobs and chores, with their physical and mental health. It’s almost a rule with this sign.

  66. Hi Jessica! Thank you for all the insightful information. Can you tell me how does the Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026 and the intense nodal cycle of 2022-2023 affect my chart? Thanks so much!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini whose solar chart shows Uranus in Taurus in the solar Twelfth House, and whose natal chart reveals Neptune in Pisces in the natal Twelfth House. The same story told twice from two different angles. From now until 2026 there will be a radical and exhilarating change of direction, which sets you free to do and pursue alternatives, with self-help, religion, therapy, psychic tools, hypnosis and spirituality. You already started, likely in 2020 and are just starting to experiment. This is an escape from reality for you, and a departure from the normal, mundane and everyday world. You need firm rules for yourself, though. No dabbling or getting lost. The nodal cycle in Taurus is the same. The North Node in Taurus is in your solar Twelfth House in 2022, 2023 at the same time as Neptune in your natal Twelfth House. You have Jupiter in Pisces in the natal Twelfth House so benefit from all inner pursuits. Solitary life, spent with God, or hypnosis, or the Tarot, is your best bet. You will grow enormously from what you do alone, with your own soul, spirit or psyche and gain hugely, until 2026.

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