Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

The astrology of 2023-2029 suggests that anyone with Cancer factors in their chart (property) gains from Jupiter in Taurus (the lucky economy) sextile those, from the very first year in the cycle. Your life in 2023-2029 may involve moving to a bigger and better home or a superior area – perhaps, emigrating. 

If you have Cancer chart factors then your house, apartment and/or garden is central to your existence. Cancer the crab is named for the creature whose home (the roof) is wired into its very being. Crabs have a strong sense of locality – they don’t go far. Whatever factors you have in Cancer, in the Fourth House of your chart, make the roof over your head extremely important.

Between 2023 and 2029 we are going to see a classic ‘gain’ cycle with property for you. At the very least you can overcome any obstacles with houses, land and apartments. At the most, you could see the value of your home double, or land yourself a terrific deal.

Do You Have Taurus or Scorpio Factors Too?

These are the money signs. They rule banks, mortgages, investments, purchases and sales. If you have Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio factors then the long Jupiter cycles of 2023-2029 will help you save money, make it, or remove issues. You may want to think laterally about those years. The most obvious outcomes are a profitable rise in the value of your home, but there may be new, extremely low mortgage interest rates for you – or perhaps government incentives involving your city property market. Be open to all that comes.

card secondhouse 1 213x300 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

The Cancer Factors In Your Chart

Jupiter bounces around Taurus (the Second House of your birth chart), then Cancer itself, then Scorpio after 2023. A sextile from traffic in Taurus, which rules cashflow – is also flow. A trine from Scorpio is also good to see. Conjunctions with your Cancer factors will trigger decisions about home improvements, the sale or purchase of property, investments and so on. The residences are not always what you might expect: they can be houseboats or castles.

Cancer rules houses and apartments, land and other residences, like holiday homes. Jupiter is of course luck and abundance, and here we have other patterns, too, also in the money signs, starting in the very first year in the cycle, 2023.

Watching 2023

The North Node in Taurus in 2023 will also be sextile your Cancer factors – and the South Node in Scorpio, trine. That is a stimulus to move, perhaps just to renovate, but certainly to look at another place to live or invest in. It seems to be the start of something, too. Beyond 2023 we see Jupiter move into the right positions, twice more.

In fact, this Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio pattern – is a sequence that usually works out quite dramatically for the UK housing market.

I will look at America and Australia further on, but scanning the British chart is quite interesting, as the history proves the astrology correct. We do in fact see these three signs prominent in important periods for the housing market.

card fourthhouse 213x300 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029Watching 2023, 2025, 2029

We skip a year, to begin with, and then skip four more years, in between, but there is a strong pattern here, that goes from the middle to the end of the Twenties. If you have Cancer factors, in your Fourth House of property and home, you will find the Jupiter transits are strong for removing obstacles, and can even lead to tremendous profits, or big, simple luck.

2023: Jupiter in Taurus, North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio. Uranus in Taurus.

2025: Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Taurus.

2029: Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Taurus, Chiron in Taurus (This year seems historic for the British economy).

Watching the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a good country to watch for Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio patterns involving Jupiter in those signs. Why? The 1801 astrological chart for the U.K. shows she has important factors in all those three signs. The Moon in Cancer, for example. Mars in Taurus. Neptune in Scorpio.

How Britain Proves Astrology

In fact, all the homes built since 1801 in the various boom construction times (see below) still standing today, have gone up hugely in value.

There is an astrological reason why that stylish block of Art Deco flats in central London built in the Thirties (a key horoscope period) is worth an absolute fortune today.

You tend to get Jupiter (abundance, good fortune, opportunity, expansion, growth) in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, but also Cancer itself, during a long period of house and apartment price rises.

If the people concerned (that particular generation at the time) also have the slow-moving outer planets in Cancer (the property sign) or Taurus and Scorpio (the money signs) then the chemistry is complete. Millions of Britons meet historic cycles, rare in nature and life-changing, too.

Capricorn copy 2 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

1981 to 1991 and the United Kingdom

For example, in the United Kingdom, house prices rose 42% between 1981 and 1991. According to Property Reporter UK, this was greater than the increase of 30% over the previous ten years. If you are a Cancerian, then I wrote this book (left) for you. Even if you just have two or three horoscope factors in Cancer, 1981-1991 was a game-changer for you, or the family – with your home.

Thatcher’s House Price Rise

Under PM Thatcher, house prices rose 16% in 1987 when Pluto was in Scorpio and a further 25% in 1988, again with Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto is empowerment, control, influence. Scorpio is of course, the banks – but also people with marriages and mortgages.

For millions of Britons born with Neptune in Scorpio in the Sixties, empowering Pluto would form an exact conjunction with their natal Neptune at this time. That can only happen once in their lifetime and it happened under Thatcher.

Neptune in Scorpio and Bubbles

Neptune rules the ocean, the sea and thus – bubbles. Sixties-born Britons as young adults in the Eighties found the bubble burst in the Nineties, as interest rates were raised to 15% on mortgages and homes were repossessed as unemployment doubled to 3 million. House prices fell.

So what was different about the Nineties and what burst the bubble for everyone born with Neptune in Scorpio in the 1960’s?

Well, the rare opposition of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, to all the Cancer placements in the charts of millions didn’t help.

The collective Fourth House was hit by difficult cycles – slow-moving oppositions from Capricorn traffic, to Cancer factors in the birth chart – put huge pressure on people with mortgages. The shared apartment/house stories of millions of Britons were hit by these historic, long, slow oppositions. It didn’t matter if you rented or owned. This was the era of terrible homelessness.

London in the Millennium

In the 2000s in Britain, the population rose enormously. London became overcrowded and of course flats and houses were in shorter supply. Very few homes were built.

The average house price more than doubled between 2000 and 2006, before the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 ended the boom.

It’s interesting to see each year in turn, of that period, to see the astrology working. This is not just one planet like Pluto parked in Cancer for years. It is a highly unusual sequence of transits in the money and property signs, in succession.

Jupiter is about expansion, growth, and all that increases. In astronomy he is a gas giant. In astrology, Jupiter is about ‘More, more, more.’ He came back to the money and property signs repeatedly during this period of property price increases. This photograph (by Luca Micheli) of the vast expanse of London and the huge sweep of high-rise apartments alongside the Thames, shows a classic Jupiter ‘eagle-eye’ view of the property market. Jupiter has always been associated with eagles since Roman times. And of course Londinium was the first real-estate opportunity for the Roman invaders!

oyuxvzq 7po 300x200 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

How Astrology Worked 2000-2006

2000 – Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus

2001 – Saturn in Taurus, North Node in Cancer

2002 – Jupiter in Cancer

2003 – North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio, Saturn in Cancer

2004 – North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio, Saturn in Cancer

2005 – Mars Retrograde in Taurus for five long months, almost half the year.

2006 – Jupiter in Scorpio

People Born in the Sixties

This isn’t just the ‘weather’ of Taurus (income), Scorpio (mortgage) and Cancer (real estate). As with all these things, you need a big population with the slow moving outer planets, like Taurus, Scorpio and/or Cancer to make the boom happen.

In the Eighties, people in their twenties, the first-home buyers, born in the Sixties, all had Neptune in Scorpio. The sign that rules banks.  Transiting Jupiter formed oppositions in Taurus, conjunctions in Scorpio and trines in Cancer. Later on, they would go through a burst bubble period, but while the going was good for them, it was very good.

The Scorpio-Taurus 1960’s Boom

In the Sixties itself, as a decade, while Neptune was in Scorpio, the banking sign, housebuilding in Britain reached record levels – in 1966 and 1967 the North Node and South Node were in their ‘money’ signs – Scorpio and Taurus. By 1968 a record number of 425,830 homes had been built.

Back to the Sixties again and those babies who became twenty somethings in the Eighties snapped up the Right to Buy scheme.

The 1919 Housing Act

The specific years that Jupiter is in the three signs ruling money (Taurus), property (Cancer) and the banks (Scorpio) are the most dramatic.

For example, in 1919, PM David Lloyd George passed the 1919 Housing Act 

As a result, council houses rescued renters from bad landlords. In that year we saw Jupiter in Cancer. Pluto was also in Cancer. The North Node went into Scorpio and the South Node entered Taurus. This is the classic astrology line-up of the signs ruling property and banks, working for British people. What happened then was historic.

Pluto stayed in Cancer during the housebuilding boom of the mid-1930s when all those stunning Art Deco buildings went up: this slow-moving cycle is about empowerment through property ownership or investment.

HomeSweetHome 300x145 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029

Uranus in Cancer in the Fifties

In the 1950s Uranus went into Cancer (another long and slow-moving cycle) and council house building peaked. Every year 250,000 new homes were built, in new towns like Crawley. No matter where you thought your ‘Home Sweet Home’ was in the Fifties in Britain, by the time that original house had come onto the market again in the early Millennium, it still had that same chart. Uranus in Cancer. Those particular homes from that era lend themselves to extreme renovation and quite radical overhaul – Uranus being the planet of all that is perpetually new and different.

The Seventies

The Barber Boom of 1973 led by the Chancellor Tony Barber, saw house-price inflation peaking at 36% and home prices doubled by 1976.

When we look at 1973 we find the South Node in Cancer (predictably) which can only happen every 19 years. As the South Node travelled through Cancer it was opposed by the North Node in Capricorn and in a difficult square with Chiron and Pluto. That’s a big squeeze on the Cancer factors in people’s charts, in their Fourth House of … housing.

In astrology you basically use history and sociology to make predictions. It’s not just a case of seeing Jupiter (fortunate changes, solutions) in Taurus (cash) Cancer (property) or Scorpio (business).

You have to look at the people who are actually affected by these transits, and particularly massive world populations who all share factors in these signs too. So now it’s time to look at America and Australia.

Finally, I’ll give you pointers about reading your own chart and how to see if any combination of Taurus, Cancer and/or Scorpio can work for you in the years ahead. If you don’t have a chart, you can pick one up on this website and become a Premium Member.

America, Money, Property and 2023-2029

The most recent drama in the United States housing market was the real estate bubble before the subprime mortgage crisis.

House prices peaked in early 2006, then fell (ongoing) by 2007, and reached a low in 2012. During that time in 2008, the home price index had its largest drop in history. Credit crunch.

America and Britain were in similar positions in 2006, when Jupiter was in Scorpio. This 12-year cycle triggered millions of people born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio. The sign ruling – mortgages. In Britain, as we’ve seen, house prices went through the roof. It was the same in America. And then came the decline of late 2006, 2007 and 2008. So what was going on?

Well, Jupiter left Scorpio on November 25th 2006. The usual good fortune, solutions and protections of that planet – in the banking sign, Scorpio – disappeared.

The really big factor in 2007 was the planet Ceres in the money sign Taurus, between June and December. That was a long six-month transit.

card ceres 213x300 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029Ceres in Taurus and the G.F.C.

Ceres is the equal of Pluto in astronomy, since 2006 and thus in astrology too. She is a powerful player. I really like this illustration of her (right) which we use in The Astrology Oracle. It shows the potency. 

Ceres stayed in Taurus into 2008, for the first three months of the year. In other words, she was in opposition to the charts of everyone born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio – banks and mortgages.

The really big factor in 2008 was Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, however. Immediately opposite the Cancer (property) placements of millions of people in the United States. It takes about 248 years for Pluto to end up in the opposite sign to Cancer, and it happened in an historic homeowners’ crisis.

When people want to know about the astrology of 2007-2008, it’s really basic. Ceres went retrograde in Taurus, the money sign. She is an ancient symbol of a change in the balance of power. Taurus is right opposite Scorpio, which rules the banks – marriages and mortgages.

Millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide affected by the G.F.C. all had something in common – they had been born with an outer planet: Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio. They all went through oppositions from Ceres. At the same time.

If you then pull in all the people with Cancer factors (houses, apartments) and realise that Pluto was also moving into opposition in Capricorn, from 2008 – you have a perfect storm.

The American Chart

There are a few charts for America, but I only use one, set for January 2nd 1776 at 12.00 noon in Cambridge. This is an averaged time for an important day – the first time the formal title ‘The United States of America’ was used in government paperwork. You might say the U.S. was christened on January 2nd.

She has Venus in Scorpio, Salacia and Psyche in Taurus and the IC in Cancer, using this chart. So just like Britain, she has the three key signs for property and finance represented.

Australia and the Property Market

In the 2000s, house prices in Australia were among the highest in the world. In 2011 they were six times the average income, compared to four times the average income in 1990.

In 2011 Jupiter was in Taurus and Pluto was in Capricorn. This is a precise picture of huge wealth increase (Jupiter in Taurus) for landladies, landlords and property investors. At the same time with Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Cancer factors in so many Australian horoscopes, people renting, or struggling to save the deposit for a first mortgage, felt enormous pressure. What else was happening in 2011? Chinese investment in Australian apartments and houses, land and other buildings. The North Node was in Sagittarius that year, the sign that rules foreigners and foreign countries.

The North Node and Immigration

Economists at Macquarie Bank suggested immigration (overcrowded cities) caused the crisis in affordable homes. Again, in 2011, this points to the North Node in Sagittarius – the sign always linked to foreign emigration.

The Sydney and Melbourne boom, with house prices rising around 100% in both cities, took place after 2009 and throughout this period, Pluto in Capricorn ruled. It’s a good example of what can happen when Pluto is in opposition to anything at all in Cancer, the sign ruling home and family. After 2009 it became impossible for young couples in particular to get on the property ladder.

At the same time, Pluto in Capricorn was trine the Taurus factors in millions of charts, and also sextile the Scorpio factors. The two signs we associate with mortgages, interest rates, the tax system, investors and so on. A trine and sextile are flow. So, the astrology for Australians has been a perfect storm. 

Our Global Property Future

Here we are in 2021, as I make these forecasts, and we are in the middle of a pandemic which is being mishandled in many countries. That makes life unpredictable, and Uranus (the unexpected) is in Taurus (money) until 2026, as we’ve seen.

And yet, for all that there are no guarantees and certainties about the global economy for at least another five years – we are going to see this historic period of growth, improvement and problem-solving from 2023 to 2029. It may even happen, in property terms, because of the wild ride, the unpredictable changes, the stop-start revolution to come.

Fotolia 104752817 Subscription Monthly M 300x200 - Your Cancer Factors and Life in 2023-2029How To Read Your Chart

If you have anything in Cancer in your birth chart, and particularly if you also have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors, you can really gain from chasing solutions, breakthroughs and advantages with the housing market in 2023, 2025, 2029.

The fact that these patterns involving Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer and then Scorpio also trigger the charts for the United States, Great Britain and Australia – shows something big. In fact, no matter where you live, it is very likely that your homeland has patterns in one, two or all three of those signs.

It’s All About the Horoscope Factors

It’s really all about the horoscope factors you were born with. If you have Saturn in Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio then it’s hard work for you. It’s a lifelong obstacle course, with money and property. Yet, the aspects from Jupiter will help to give you some answers.

If you are lucky enough to be born with Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio then 2023, 2025 and 2029 are action-packed financially. Decisions wait and there are some good opportunities to use.

It’s the same with all the horoscope factors. You really have to look at what it is you have in Cancer, particularly – and then judge from there. If you have Mercury in Cancer you may be a born real-estate negotiator. If you have Mars in Cancer you may be a renovator who buys the worst house in the best street and makes a fortune doing it up.

You can find out more about your natal chart factors by using the guides that come with membership and of course, hitting Search.

Judging Your Horoscope

The professional way of judging a chart is to use the solar chart and natal chart together, to pick dates. Your solar chart is based on your Sun Sign, and your natal chart is your birth horoscope. What you are looking for in both, are future transits in the Second House (money), Fourth House (property) and/or Eighth House (the banks).

In your natal chart this will always be the houses ruled by Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. In your solar chart, or Sun Sign chart, it looks like this.

Aries – Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio cycles.

Taurus – Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius cycles.

Gemini – Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn cycles.

Cancer – Leo, Libra, Aquarius cycles.

Leo – Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces cycles.

Virgo – Libra, Sagittarius, Aries cycles.

Libra – Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus cycles.

Scorpio – Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini cycles.

Sagittarius – Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer cycles.

Capricorn – Aquarius, Aries, Leo cycles.

Aquarius – Pisces, Taurus, Virgo cycles.

Pisces – Aries, Gemini, Libra cycles.

Is Your Sign Strongly Affected?

If we’re talking about natal chart cycles in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio then it goes without saying that if your solar chart features these sign cycles too, you will be strongly affected by what is to come.

This pulls in – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The fire and air signs. You will experience transits which trigger both your charts at the same time, in the property and money sectors.

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

If you have a business partner, family or household member born under any of those signs (above) then of course that intensifies the message. What happens to resolve issues or take you higher with property in 2023-2029 will transform your life.

Neither I nor any other astrologer can tell you what to do about your money or property. Yet, we can steer you in the right direction to make your own choices, if you find that astrology works for you. You can certainly see for yourself how accurate astrology is, in terms of America, Britain and Australia.

Adding a Tarot card once you have narrowed down the dates that both your charts are triggered, can give you even more detail in a reading that you control – for yourself.

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  1. Dear Jessica,
    I do have all the markers!…Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Taurus and Moon/Neptune in Scorpio.My husband and I are getter older and waiting on retirement etc. So there will be partnership buy-outs and property sales I’m sure! So exciting to think about 🙂

    Thank You,

  2. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. Thanks again for this fascinating post! If you have time to reply (among thousands of other comments), how will it affect me? I don’t own a property and I have always rented. I guess I am an unwilling part of what we call Generation Rent. I have been waiting for a big housing market crash (which has yet to come) to be able to get on the property ladder. Many thanks. Namaste!

    1. Generation Rent were left behind, weren’t they? It’s extremely unfair and yet unfortunately homes became investments. It may not be until 2023 and later that you finally discover what you are looking for, as things change so much, around you, from that year onwards, far beyond 2030. There is no doubt that 2022 is hard work and you will have to be patient. Snail’s pace is really the approach, yet it can help to know that you become financially empowered after 2023 and will ultimately get what you need, either because of your joint efforts with another person, or by your own volition, but perhaps with an inheritance to help at some point, or a family favour. You may also decide that property is not your priority, but something else – financially – certainly is. Sometimes people change their minds about rent and find what they want, even if they do not own it, but attain the economic power through a successful business or charity. Your career is really the big story and you will be delighted at the number one hit, promotion, new job or similar in late 2022 and 2023.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have a Cancer stellium (Sun 6,Jupiter 8, Uranus 22, Mercury 17 , with Saturn at 2 Scorpio and Vesta and Bacchus in Taurus. Thinking about the next steps in my work and home life. Does this bode well for supporting options for change?

    1. Jupiter in Pisces will trine and sextile your entire Cancer stellium, the Scorpio and Taurus factors in the first half of 2022. That is a solution and opportunity all in one. Later on in the Twenties you will find that again, Jupiter comes in to help, and his trip through Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio will pay off in incredible rewards with one house or flat. Perhaps more. Maybe even land – it really depends on what you are looking for.

  4. This is a great article Jessica I love it! I have been investing in the UK property for around 15 years, brought something recently, hoping/planning to get something else 2023. I have Saturn in Cancer (in my 7th house natal chart). Has been very hard work indeed. I also have another 5 factors in Cancer and nodes in Scorpio and Taurus. If you had the time I would love you to look at my chart. Thanks Kate

    1. Thank you. Kate you are strongly Cancerian so have a nose for property. That will add to your bank balance after Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2023, and you no longer have to deal with that ongoing obstacle. In fact you will find opportunities galore in the first half of 2022 when Jupiter trines your Cancer Saturn and Cancer stellium. Beyond that the late Twenties will deliver for you, particularly with one neighbourhood, village or town.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I am a sun sign Scorpio with six factors in that house, IC in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer. Will Saturn being in Cancer (natal) affect me adversely? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks

    1. Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House is usually hard work, with the symbol of obstacles, tests, trials and long timing in your zone of property and family, household, home town and homeland. Yet Saturn also teaches you how to manage and it becomes easier over time. Most towering achievements (castles, even) come about because of long building and deliberate structuring. That’s you. You will find the late Twenties delivers for you with property and money, and may inherit if you have not already done so. Beyond that, it will be one house or apartment that is a solid reward for you, based on the work you put in now.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I loved this one and thoroughly enjoyed reading it . I wrote down all that I could about relevant charts. Mine you can see. Money and property has been pretty sucky for quite awhile now. I went from high to very low and poorer than I have ever been financially. It doesn’t feel good for a strongly cancer person to have no real home and no real nest egg. My husband (Leo 8/22/73) has Saturn in cancer and although we have so much good together I feel financially a strain since we have been together. We have moved to a virgo country (Costa rica) and I am trying to make some money with a food business here. His factors are CANCER: Saturn 02, Bacchus 23, Apollo 24, ops 01, south node 06
    TAURUS: Mars 03
    SCORPIO: ascendant 11, Fortuna 05, Psyche 15. We are realizing that the town we have come back to (we previously lived here for a few years and then Went back to our birth country for a couple years and we were miserable so came back here) has become super expensive and not sure whether we will stay in this town. We are even open to another country. Can you take a look at my chart and tell me what you think. I am open to any possibility. I am looking for financial success hopefully and the ability to have a nice home at some point where we can have a comfortable life. I feel as if we have been running in place for years and anytime we get to a certain point, we get smacked down again. Feeling defeated but hopeful

    1. Thank you. Yes, I know your chart and recognised it. You two will find the late Twenties rewards you. At the moment you are stuck with conditions beyond your control. So, the pandemic. Yet, the 2023-2029 cycle will reward you separately as two different people, with fantastic solutions and opportunities – yes – involving an apartment or house – but also the choice of town and country. You are a little early at the moment but life will deliver answers for both of you.

  7. Hi Jessica, love reading your posts. I am in the process of paying down my mortgage and hope to be free of it next spring. With my husband (pisces) we have been trying to sell our house since 2019 but it didn’t work out and have now decided to pay off the mortgage first and then save for the next one and we are hoping to move to something better in 2023/2024. How does this impact me with Saturn in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio? I am also trying to understand astrology a lot more (slowly!) and I noticed that you have said you use a different house system. In my chart as a Virgo ascendant is my 1st house Virgo? Then 2nd house libra, or is the 1st house Aries, 2nd house taurus? What is the difference between the house systems?

    1. Saturn in Taurus in your Second House can require patience, over a lifetime, as things tend to unfold rather slowly. You didn’t sell your house and now you are trying to pay the mortgage off and save for a better space. Saturn requires plodding and you are doing that, so ticking all the right boxes. I use the Natural House System having tested over 30 of them for accuracy in prediction, and it is really because I can get exact timing with it, for readers (and myself, when I actually do my own chart!) I also use the Solar Chart so when I look at you as a Sun Capricorn I also compare the chart with a Natural House chart (natal chart) which puts Aries on the cusp of the First House. (Not Virgo). Okay, so you should try to snap up every opportunity to save or make money by December. If you botched one, do your utmost to get it back. Next year, 2022, will be an obstacle course financially, but you will jump them easier if you did the work in 2021. From 2023 it looks as though you are on your way with property, both selling and purchasing and will end up in quite a powerful position later in the Twenties. This may be because you inherit, for example, or because you find a professional niche that pays (either of you). The timing does feel like 2023 to me, because of your husband. So the first half of that year. You would both get good signs and signals with property from late 2022 and by early 2023 have pulled off something that feels like a decent reward – at last.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    This feels like a ray of sunshine. How do you think India is affected by these factors? I happen to have a cancer stellium as well. How could that possibly play out for me?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. I have written about the future of India using her astrological chart, if you want to hit Search and look your country up. Your Cancer stellium is about home and family, home town and homeland, and you have a series of delightful trines from Jupiter, the planet of abundance, opportunity, solutions and resolution – after Boxing Day and into the first half of 2022. That will really help you with real estate, home improvements, the clan, or local government decisions – perhaps national decisions too.

  9. Hi Jessica and team, you’ve really outdone yourself this week with the succession of blog posts about the future.

    My question focuses on your Cancer factors post.
    I have a stellium in Cancer (inc ascendant & Saturn), Venus at 0 Scorpio, Mars at 9 Taurus. For a few years now I’ve been considering selling or renting my house in Manchester, England. My boyfriend lives in Ireland and we have talked about me moving there. Nothing so far has come of it and I’m wondering if the 2023 period you talk about might be a turning point.
    Can you take a look at my chart. My house price will be my pension so a rocket or slump could make all the difference one day!
    Thanks as always
    GY x

    1. Your house price is your pension, as you say, and you are thinking of moving from Manchester to Ireland to be with your boyfriend. For a start, avoid paperwork or promises until the first week of November, as Mercury Retrograde is with you in Libra, ruling couples. It may be this question or another, but you two will go backwards and forwards in September, October. This may be transport of course. Looking further ahead, from January 2022 a rather stuck situation with your home, the property market, and perhaps Manchester itself – and England – will stop. Whatever you had to complete karmically you will have done and the wheel will spin again. At the moment it keeps jamming. The nodes change signs next January and normal transmission will be resumed. From that point you will likely make your choices – because you can. You and your boyfriend will make all the important decisions you need to make, in the first half of 2022 – again, because you can. In the second half of 2022 you will either make or save a small fortune, so you clearly make up your mind then about Manchester, Ireland or because of a third option. The Tarot can enlighten you about those dates I’m giving you in a more personal way, GY.

  10. Hi Jessica, thanks for this, and the articles you posted this week. They are all very timely for those who try to run their lives like a business, and start next year’s planning by September. I was wondering if you have time, if you could please look at my chart and see if there is anything in particular I should watch out for. In particular, am looking at changing jobs to be more of a contract consultant with my own clients as opposed to working in a company, and I would like to get back to owning real estate in my birth town (where I currently live), in part as I don’t like the impermanence of renting. My concerns before I read your posts are COVID’s impact on North American and global economy. Thanks for any insights you can provide!

    1. Thank you. You want to change jobs to be a consultant, not an employee and would like to buy a home in your town. You are worried about COVID-19 and North America (quite rightly). Well a lot of this is down to January 2022 when everything changes. You are stuck at the moment and will be spinning your wheels with work and home until then. This is really bigger than you are; you are being taken back to the past, repeatedly, until you can be released from a long karmic loop that began about 19 years ago. That happens as January arrives. You have a new income source in the second half of 2022 showing up which may be your new business or just a promotion/new job. Embracing new technology online for the computer and cell phone will be part of your future success and so if you are not already right across Twitter and its (daily) announcements about new inventions and innovations, it’s time to do that. Even though the cases are rising in the pandemic, for whatever reason that seems to benefit your business and search for a home, from the second half of 2022. A classic example is a buyers’ market in a town full of rentals, for example, where nobody wants to be there any more. We are increasingly going to see a shift away from the big cities out towards more spacious regions. Better managed regions too, as it is becoming clear all over the world, that the level of illness or (worse) death that one sees, is down to the politician in charge of the area.

  11. Wow!! Just sold my house in the hopes to retire next year. Sold for alot more than it is actually worth due to boom in Sydney at the moment and being in the right place at the right time. The sale was prompted primarily as we need to retire from a business that has been draining us emotionally and physically for some time now. Very hard for me to sell though as I love my house and where I live. We are born renovators and have always done well by it. The next place we buy will obviously be a downsizer so we have money to retire, but we are planning on another renovators delight for the next couple of years and then possibly moving to QLD to be with the grandchildren in 2 or 3 years. I have 7 cancer, 3 scorpio and 3 taurus in my chart but I have no real idea on how to read my chart with the planets associated with those signs. I have tried in the past but find it a bit confusing so really hoping you can help?
    Once I retire, I think I will sign up for your astrology school as I would like to be able to do it myself without having to bug you.

    1. Congratulations on selling your home at a profit in Sydney. Retirement sounds inviting and downsizing is smart and you will enjoy the renovations. If you are thinking about moving to Queensland to be with the grandchildren as well, that fits your huge Cancer stellium very nicely. You are a classic property hands-on investor who improves houses and makes money. You will do very nicely from 2023-2029 but actually your luck begins sooner, after Boxing Day, as Jupiter in Pisces starts to make perfect trines with your Cancer and Scorpio factors, and sextiles to your Taurus factors. The first half of 2022 looks so solid for you with making or saving money, with one eye on home and family.

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you once again for another fascinating post and thanks in advance if you have time to reply. I don’t own a property yet as I’ve always rented although I would love to secure somewhere eventually. I am at the early stages of saving for a deposit and have a long way to go although it’s part of the long term plan as my home will be my pension. I am obsessed with interior design (I’m genuinely good without boasting) and home improvements and wondered if this could also play a part in the future? I have started a interior design qualification. My dream life would be to live between 2 countries and own property in both countries although I’m aware of the complications of buying overseas. I have a cancer stellium and would love to know how this plays out with my chart? Is there anything I should look out for? Thank you x

    1. Thank you. Just sitting down with a cup of tea in Tasmania on Friday morning and looking at your question – there is always time! You are a Sun Cancer who dreams about two properties in two countries. Do we see that in your Ninth House transits in Pisces? Well, you could try, but it would be extremely difficult long-term as you have mutable sign weather pushing back against Pisces transits for many years into the future. The mutable sign weather always takes place in a plague and this plague will continue along with other epidemics, which of course we hope will not become pandemics. Virgo (health) Sagittarius (long-haul flights) Gemini (short-haul flights) are up against the emigration and global citizenship sector of your solar chart for years, most notably after 2026 with Uranus in Gemini obstructing any plans. You have always rented and want to own. If you use self-control and willpower, then from 2023 onwards for many years, you can get control over your finances and become financially empowered, as Pluto can reward that sort of effort. A home of your own would certainly be within reach.

  13. Hi Jessica, love your articles and always learn so much from you and are truly fascinating. Thank you. All the factors are in my chart and if I understand correctly, between July 2023 and March 2024 would be ideal to sell up and downsize as the property is our pension? This would correspond with Pisces husband having transiting Uranus conjunct his natal 21 Taurus in Jupiter. Does this bode well with the Uranus in Taurus cycle and approaching our second Saturn return?

    1. This looks like the same question from another forum but with a different email address. If so, please look across to that feature.

  14. Hi Jessica, thank you for your fascinating and helpful articles. I always learn so much. All the factors are in my chart. If I understand correctly, then selling our property, our pension to downsize between July 2023 and March 2024 would tie in well? Pisces partner has transiting Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter 21 Taurus. Hoping this bodes well for our second Saturn return? Any insights much appreciated.

  15. Ahhh I have Saturn in Taurus, I have never felt settle in any property, getting too old now for more drama in my home life , will it ever end

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter in Taurus and Sun and Neptune in Scorpio. I am very eager to know the financial outlook for my sign in the next 5 years or so. I am usually very conservative with my investment and pretty much sitting on the sidelines in the last two years of run-up in the market. Not sure should I continue to be that way or take a bit more risk. Will appreciate your answer.

    1. Well RK you are a Sun Scorpio with some karma to dispense with, financially or with property, valuables, business or charity. This takes place in January 2022 so you do not have too long to wait. This may be karma from around 19 years ago or even further back. You are owed, or owe. You may feel you are owed, or others may feel the same. January releases you from the wheel and you get off the merry-go-round. Long-term there will be a radical change with your money when Uranus moves into your solar Second House from 2026. A radical change will affect your personal income and earnings from that point until 2032. The revolution that liberates you. Your old life budget, values, income sources will dramatically alter and you will find independence and freedom which can’t be bought in a catalogue. The second half of the Twenties is the big shift for you – have a look at another feature on this website written for people with Cancer factors, which you have. This story later on in the decade is very much about real estate, property investment and perhaps the family – this is life-changing.

  17. HI Jessica,
    Thanks so much for this – a ray of sunshine and hope for so many people who are probably very disillusioned and feeling worn down by world events.
    I have quite a significant Cancer Stellium plus the Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus.
    I haven’t specifically thought about moving, but I don’t feel that my family is settled yet. We have a lot of ideas, but nothing has come to fruition. This is a really interesting post, with so much to think about and I’m looking forward to digging deeper.
    Any insight or anything that stands out in my chart would be really helpful – Thank You!
    Stay safe.

    1. Thank you Din P. You are a Sun Cancer who has Jupiter and Saturn transiting her Eighth House in Aquarius until Christmas. That’s big. There is an opportunity here to resolve a problem with the money, house, apartment, business or valuables. Take it and make it, by December. Try to use the solution to set up a new situation which will see you through 2022 which is hard work. From 2023 everything starts to change, financially, as from 24th March, Pluto enters your solar Eighth House too. The gauntlet will be thrown down to use your willpower to become financially empowered, and your self-control to get control of your money and property. This is long-term. Until March 10th 2043, actually. Is the same story showing up in your natal chart? Yes. Ops 13 Scorpio and the North Node 29 Scorpio are in your natal Eighth House, under transit from just about everything, for the very long term. The South Node at 29 Taurus is important too (money again). April and May 2024 are a huge turning point for you and no, you are not settled yet. After that, though, you most certainly will be. Jupiter will transit your nodes (big opportunities) and so will Uranus (in May-June 2024) so we can pin this down to May. The last thing you ever thought would happen, will happen, but it will expand your finances.

  18. Hi Jessica. I have the sun, Mercury, panacea and the north node in Cancer. I also have Jupiter, Ceres, desc, ops in Scorpio and Chiron, Minerva in Taurus. We have always dreamed of moving to a bigger place with more land but currently that seemed impossible in the current market. Would love to hear what you see in my chart for beyond 2023. 😉

    1. You are a Sun Cancer so I will read your solar chart and natal chart together, which gives the best results. Your solar or sun sign chart shows your public self and life, and the other one shows your private self and life, as only you know your birth time, but the world knows your birthday. Publicly and privately, you have Eighth House transits for many years. Do all you can by Christmas to use opportunities to solve issues with money, business or property. There are some solutions there, and you need to take them, to put yourself in the best possible position in 2022, which is hard work. Stay the course as after 2023 and for many years to come you are in a position to become much more powerful, financially. That is when you could move. Pluto moves into your solar Eighth House then and he tends to reward self-control with the controls. He rewards willpower with empowerment. So, if you set your mind to it, and dedicate yourself to saving and making money, from 2023, you will move to a bigger place with more land. Do not underestimate how much the economy is going to change, in the most unpredictable ways, right around the world – by 2026. The last thing we expected to happen, will happen. Those are the rules with Uranus in Taurus, but it looks as though it is going to benefit you. The whole story is really tied to your partner, at any point, but also the family as well. So this is not the money you earn under your own bat, it really is about the marriage or partnership, and likely some family members. That’s long-term, as I said, because Pluto hangs around in Aquarius until 2044!

  19. Dear Jessica, your blogs are very interesting. In particular as they make me think about the plans I am putting in place. I am a renter who, for a variety of reasons outside of my control, has decided to buy a property outside of the UK. Having read your blog, I do wonder if this is the right time, even if I am right to go for a non UK location. Would you have any thoughts on the subject. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Well, you are buying on Mercury Retrograde, when paperwork and negotiation can go backwards, change or even come to nothing. So you may want to treat now through the first week of November as rehearsal time. You are renting and want to buy in a foreign country. You could do that quite easily after November and ongoing past 2022, but just be aware that your finances are unpredictable until 2026 so you may want to be a realist about rises and falls in the value of homes in other countries; changes to the laws on quarantine, visa passports and testing; the reality of the impact of the pandemic on the new country where you are looking (things can change in a matter of months, as we have seen in India) and so on. If you are prepared to expect the unexpected in connection with your finances, that is fine, but I have to tell you, not until you are past 2026 will you really know where you stand, all the time. That is why it might be an idea to keep the stakes low and rather than go for something miles away, possibly with a culture and language you don’t know, you stick to something you can micro-manage, should you be dealing with something very sudden – and you will be.

  20. Dear jessica.l have Fortuna and Pancea in cancer. I’m new to astrology l think in my 4th house? I know these are astoroids rather than planets. My husband and l have a rental property. I don’t know if this is significant or my family in any way. Do asteroids affect the horoscope as much as the planets? Also l hope you don’t mind my asking but other daily horoscope sites recommend reading for your rising sign rather than the sun. Could you clarify if this is so? I appreciate you take the time in I’m sure a very busy schedule to answer not just mine but all comments. Thank you Selina

    1. Yes, Fortuna and Panacea are in Cancer in your Fourth House of family, country, birthplace, adopted country or town (if you emigrate or move), the household – ongoing – and your sense of history, roots and culture. Your inheritance, psychologically and emotionally, from your ancestors on both sides of the family tree. Asteroids are as important as planets in astrology, which is divination. Selina, don’t use your rising sign to read your daily chart – that is only for people who use a particular house system – and it’s not really going to give you accurate predictions in my experience. If you find it works for you better, that’s great, but after working for magazines like VOGUE for 30 years, I have found that the Natural House system and Solar Chart system, in combination, will give you more specific information. You are renting now but will be in a position to buy in the second half of the Twenties.

  21. I have no factors in Cancer but Saturn@22, Ceres@7 Juno@ 20 and Mc@ 29 Taurus. In Scorpio i have Jupiter@ 2, Neptune @ 28, Ic 29. I list my job, properties and Devorced in 2015. Will my life change for better soon?

    1. I may have told you this before, but education is the state of your nation. Information and communication result in elevation. That’s a rap. It’s also a wrap! Use your computer gateway to sites like Open Culture where the best things in life are free.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I would love your help again as I have my North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio ,Karma lessons a go-go 2023 onwards ?? yikes !! Plus I have Cancer in Mercury, a Setllium in Scorpio and two signs (Fortuna & Proserpina) in Taurus and have a possible home move in the near future that is going to be emotional . Any advise is always greatly appreciated .Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. You may be moving to a new home and it will be emotional for you. You are not logged in so I can’t see the whole chart, but your Taurus-Scorpio nodes, Mercury in Cancer and Scorpio stellium, and the two factors in Taurus, make that certain. Yes, you will move. It is pretty common for people who have water sign dominant charts, like yours, to be emotional. Cancer rules feelings and so does Scorpio. I strongly suggest you move in the first half of 2022 when Jupiter is in Pisces, because the planet of opportunity and solutions will make stunning trines to your Cancer and Scorpio factors, and a lovely sextile to your Taurus factors. Financially and for practical reasons, but also because of an easier ride emotionally, you will find that is a superior time to move.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your fascinating, riveting, informative blogs. I have factors in Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus and was wondering what this would mean for me, particularly as I am currently going through a divorce. I expect the decree absolute and financial settlement to come through in about six months time and anticipated I would be moving out of the marital home next year when I’ll have my Jupiter return, which is virtually sitting on my IC. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you, that’s very generous of you! Your divorce will result in financial settlement in about six months, so around February 2022. You want to move out next year. You also know your astrology. So let’s start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Leo going through Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Seventh House of marriage and divorce. You have Uranus and Pluto in Libra, natally, in your Seventh House of marriage and divorce. Right now we have Libra weather until November 3rd, so for you, or for the other person, there is a long, winding road until that date, with some retracted statements; some delay or change with paperwork; some communication obstacles. Please pay attention to the paperwork, and get everything in writing, with a second pair of eyes, if it helps. Mercury Retrograde and other factors in your natal Seventh House can be tricky and as you have Saturn alone in your Seventh House in 2022, without Jupiter (using your solar chart again here) you really do not want a burden that could have been avoided, dating from September, October 2021 – and all because of an email that was not seen, or a telephone call that was not made, and so on. If you can stay conscious about that the cycle ends on 3rd November and by then you will know exactly what’s what with the end of the marriage, with no more delays or changes. That leaves you free to use November and December’s opportunities (Jupiter in your solar Seventh) to overcome Saturn’s usual obstacle (Saturn in your solar Seventh) right up until December 29th, so Christmas feels like a useful and meaningful sign-off. Yes, you will get your money, or cash in kind, and possibly not just from this – in 2022. Jupiter then goes into Pisces from December 29th, and your solar Eighth House of sex and money. You will gain or save. He is there for most of next year. Meanwhile in your natal chart, we find the South Node in Scorpio, also in the Eighth House of sex and money. This is also the house of death and property so it is associated with the contents of your will and the contents of any legacy naming you. In both systems I use for you, in 2022 you will gain and the South Node suggests karma from 2003 and 2004 either with this person or from quite a different story – but the Universe will decide you are owed. If you want validation on that timing use the Tarot on this website, but you are on the right road now.

  24. Woah! I have a Moon, Jupiter, and DESC in Cancer and Pluto in Scorpio. BUT I have a lot of Capricorn running through my chart. I am hoping this means good things for me. Any insight? Thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Virgo and the solar chart comes first, so you are going to save or make quite a lot of money between May 11th and October 28th next year (2022) and December 21st to May 16th (2023). Jupiter, with all his big answers, productivity, solutions and largesse, is coming to your solar Eighth House. This is where we find legacies, inheritance, and the twinning of sex and money, or sex and property. In your natal chart we find the South Node in Scorpio, also transiting your Eighth House, at exactly the same time. So there is karma here, and it dates from 2003 and 2004. I expect you are karmically owed from those years and will receive. Your Cancer factors in your Fourth House are about the family, the household, the house or apartment and Jupiter in Pisces will trine that stellium in 2022 in your natal chart. So in both systems I use for you, it’s the same story. Gain.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this interesting article, I really enjoyed reading it. I have Diana, Venus, Descendent, and Ceres in Cancer and a lot of factors in Taurus/Scorpio so property is a big issue for me and and I am considering if I want to stay settled where I am or move in the next year or 2. I am very nervous about making the right decision and tend to stay stuck when I’m indecisive.

    1. You wonder if you should move in 2022 or 2023. You are a Sun Leo so let’s start with the solar chart. Putting the house or apartment to one side for the moment, and looking purely at money, you will make or save a lot of money in 2022. Jupiter (opportunities, solutions, breakthroughs) is moving into your solar Eighth House of finance, property, charity, valuables and business and for most of next year, starting just after Boxing Day 2021, you are in a terrific position. You have the South Node in the Eighth House in your natal chart, in Scorpio, also in 2022 and as you have a packed Eighth House, and are strongly Scorpio, there is karma to sort out here, as you are owed (or perhaps you owe) from the years 2003, 2004. That is really your own personal story and it is up to you and the Universe to decide if you receive or give. Maybe both. The Eighth House is associated with legacies, inheritance, marriage and mortgage, sexual relationships and a house or apartment, and so on. You will find that it all happens in 2022 and 2023, actually, and I think you need to look at what you stand to save or make, by moving in 2022 in particular, as Jupiter will trine everything you have in Scorpio, the bank sign and Cancer, the property sign (a trine is a terrific flow). Really research real estate trends starting just after Boxing Day 2021 and ongoing into 2022. It feels to me as if you will gain karmically but by the end of 2023 you may have also had to give back in some way. Fascinating chart. See what the Tarot tells you as you get closer to your 2022 choices.

  26. Hi Jessica, long time reader, new participant here.
    Is it possible to consult directly with you, regarding ways I can maximize upon the preparation time leading up to 2023-2029 as described above?

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t give personal consultations, unless it is for a charity auction. The last one I offered was during the Australian bush fires, in aid of the Red Cross and the winning bid was AUD $2000. You can use the Tarot on this website, as a Premium Member, which I use for myself. You are a Sun Pisces so the timing you are looking at is – 2022 – when you could make or save a lot of money. This is because of Jupiter’s transit of your solar Second House of money made, or money saved. At the same time you have Uranus in your natal Second House, which is liberating and brings freedom and independence, financially. So 2022 is important. See what the Tarot suggests about next year. Thank you.

  27. Morning from sunny Queensland lovely! I have a curious Cancer sitting at 7degrees with the asteroid Hygeia. Although it is the only Cancer in my chart and it doesn’t sit with a major planet – I feel it is significant. If for no other reason that I’m sure it sits in relationship with many other aspects of my chart at 8 and 9 degrees – such as my moon in Virgo. What also has me curious is that my home, that I love, was my pot at the end of the rainbow following a long, exhausting separation…from my ex-Cancer! FYI – My nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus but at 22 degrees. Can you shed any light? Beginning now, I’m aiming to gradually wean myself from my lifelong career in health to build security elsewhere. Xxx

    1. Waving to Queensland from Tasmania and congratulations on eliminating COVID-19. You have worked in health all your life and want to switch. You are a Sun Libra and will have a fantastic chance to do that, appearing just after Boxing Day and for most of 2022. A bigger and better lifestyle. A holiday from reality, actually, and very likely to emerge in January 2022. The reason I say that is that you have Jupiter (opportunity) in Pisces in your Sixth House of work, and also health and lifestyle, at that point. You also have Pluto in your natal chart, in the Tenth House of career, activated throughout January. So that timing is right in both charts I use for you. If you are thinking about money, then long-term you will see a slow revolution with property, income, the bank, business, shares, pension/superannuation, insurance and the rest, until 2023. The years 2022 and 2023 will be karmic in nature, so karma from the years 2002, 2003 will be back in your life then. What you’ll be doing in 2022 and 2023 is putting a price on freedom and independence and likely, paying it. If so, you will have it.

  28. Hi Jessica, thank you for a great article. It’s so timely with what we are all experiencing at the moment. If you have time I would love your take on our path. I have loads of factors in Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio and my partner is in a similar boat with:

    Sun 18 Taurus
    Moon 29 Taurus
    Mercury 5 Taurus
    Hygeia 23 Taurus
    Asc 29 Taurus
    Psyche 3 Cancer
    Proserpina 8 Cancer
    Pluto 5 Scorpio
    Cupido 22 Scorpio
    Desc 29 Scorpio
    Midheaven 10 Pisces
    Jupiter 16 Pisces
    Vesta 21 Pisces
    Minerva 22 Pisces

    I’ve mentioned before that we’re moving – or trying to – and looking for another business to purchase (in the Health industry). We’ve been given the run around for a few months with a potential business that is looking like it’s maybe not quite what we are after. We also have to sell our house in the next few months to free up some money (I know, Mercury retrograde is not the best time!). We’re feeling the pinch of time as we need to be on the move by Christmas. Is there a window we should shoot for or anything that stands out? You have mentioned previously that my partner needs to sew up this new work opportunity by 2022. Beyond next year I am hoping that the years from 2023 are much more fruitful for real estate, and in general, for us. I’ve had a small unit for 10 years (it was my home, now an investment) that is only just starting to pay its own way and on the flip side we are watching house prices completely out of control in the areas we are looking to relocate to. We won’t be able to afford quite what we want this time around but perhaps a little further down the line!? Thanks so much for your advice and time 🙂

    1. Thank you. So the solar charts come first. You are a Sun Pisces and your partner is a Sun Taurus. You want to move and buy a business. You need to sell your house quickly. House prices are going up where you want to move. You are wondering about the long-term. Okay, so your partner (Taurus) is stuck in a financial and property karmic loop, probably with you, and this ends on January 19th. The Taurus chart is then cleared for major stories about the Second House and Eighth House until 2026 when the most radical change will come for them financially; it will be a revolution actually. If your partner does sign on paperwork that covers 2026 and beyond there needs to be room for him to make quite radical changes. Coming back to the present, there is nothing substantial in his solar Fourth House of property either. What does show up, is his career. So this is the business. If the business is his profession, then there are solutions there that he needs to use in November, December and then leave the set-up for 2022, to get him through that rather demanding year. Long-term he may change his profession entirely, past 2023, as Pluto (transformation) goes into his solar Tenth. There is a change in the balance of power coming in his business sphere from 2023 with demotions, promotions, mergers, downsizing and some disappearing acts as well, and this will profoundly affect his choices after 2023, ongoing. For you, the story is karmic as well. You have stuck, repetitive ‘circuit’ karma with the house, apartment, household and/or family, your town or country – and this does not stop until January 19th 2022. So that is a key date for both of you. Until then you can’t do much to affect the situation as you are always being dragged back to the same story. It can and does end, though, so you have that to look forward to. Again, in the year 2026, we see a revolution for you in terms of the house or apartment, so you need to check that any paperwork leaves you free to change quite radically that year. You will make or save a small fortune as Jupiter goes through Aries; May 11th to October 28th 2022 and then December 21st to May 16th 2023. That is Jupiter in your solar Second House at the same time as Uranus in your natal Second House so there will. be all sorts of unexpected, sudden, rather exciting events in that time-frame. You can use the Tarot on this website about those time-frames I have mentioned for validation, but as you are tied to him, you will need to get him to do it as well!

  29. Hi Jessica, this is absolutely amazing and detailed! I have reread everything you wrote and then went through all the comments of the various cancerians out there. There are definitely themes and it feels good to know there are many who think and feel like I do! Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus all feature for me strongly. My question for you is, what will 2022 bring? We have been trying and trying to move out of our current place but cannot agree where to go or even what to buy. Thanks as always! XX N

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer person who may want to avoid September, October for ‘definite’ decisions about moving, as Mercury Retrograde (stuck and reversed paperwork, agreement, communication) is in your property zone until November 3rd. You could go ahead but it may come to nothing, I have to be honest with you – or you may find the original plan is reshaped or delayed. This is particularly true if dates around the Full Moon in Cancer (January 17th 2022) appear on a lease or mortgage, for example. Buyer beware. Have Plan B and C if you do go ahead and read the fine print. The money is the key. If you find a way to save or make money quickly, with a sign-off in November and December, then pursue it. Jupiter (help, backing, good fortune, solutions, answers) is in your finance sector until December 29th before he goes. Whatever you decide, the set-up has to get you through 2022, which is hard work financially. From 2023, though, you are in a position to become financially empowered, likely through money made or saved with property, as Pluto goes through your solar Eighth House. Long-term it is not actually about the home itself, or the area, it is about the financial or budget issues, so there is no point in taking this question out of context; you both need to look at your income, debts, insurance, pension/superannuation, assets, shares and so on. Try not to be too distracted by the actual property matter – that is what your chart is saying.

  30. Dear Jessica,,,I am in awe with optimism of your forecasts. I am 76 yrs old and followed and studied astrology all my life. Rent he above..I have moon, 29 cancer, Saturn 7 cancer, north node 18 cancer. Asc 26 Taurus, Fortuna 17 Taurus, ,
    I need to read and re- read your report ….thank you in optimism for next years.
    Stay well and safe in beautiful Tassie..

    1. Amazing that you have studied astrology all your life; I am flattered that you are a Premium Member. You are a Sun Capricorn so using the solar chart method (your usual horoscope, as you know) we see Jupiter and Saturn in your Second House of property, money, valuables, business, charity until Christmas. Then Saturn is on his own, and then Pluto arrives from 2023. This is a very long transit and it is about your values. Your life budget. Your ethics, principles, morals and ideology in the context of money. This covers areas like insurance, but also the house or apartment you live in, and what that involves. It also involves your earned income or pension/superannuation/savings. As a Capricorn you have Second House transits for many years which will offer you a stark choice; if you want to do well, you will have to change. If you want the opportunities on offer (even now) until Christmas to save or make money, or benefit from ‘cash-in-kind’ (for example, free access to something you want, like a yacht) then you will have to transform how you operate. There is no such thing as a free lunch on this transit but you have September, October, November, December, to go back and earn it, if you feel you have left the table. The chance is still there. There are lots of Capricorn people who have done the right things, though, and are now sitting pretty with a new income source, and a free present from the universe, to boot. Hopefully you are one of those people and have not chosen the Saturn path instead of the Jupiter path! Further afield, as well as these transits in your solar Second House, you have Uranus (radical change) in your natal Second House and in 2022 and 2023, the nodes in your Second House and Eighth House of inheritance, legacies, property, pension, shares, superannuation, government benefits and so on – taxation too of course). This is why the Twenties are so massive for you. If there is anything that desperately needs to change, then it will – it may be that – as some Capricorns are seeing – overdue taxes must be paid. Or perhaps there needs to be a very different approach to the people you name in a legacy, or those who name you in a legacy – a relationship shift. Underneath all this paperwork and the numbers, is the very real question of what you value, whom you value, what or whom you consider to be priceless, and what you will sell your soul for, but also never ever sell your soul for! So it is about your core ethics and life budget. At the heart of this will be your home (Cancer), family, home town and homeland, particularly once Jupiter goes into Cancer, by 2026. You will be putting a price tag on freedom and independence and will probably pay it by then. You can’t buy autonomy and liberty, can you?

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I have quite a few of these factors in Cancer, Taurus/Scorpio and Aries. I don’t currently work, have no assets and even if I’m able to find work I doubt I’ll ever own my own property or have the luxury to choose where I live (am in a low rent place now but it is tied to the area I’m in, if I move I lose it and even the regions are higher rent!)

    So I’m wondering how any of these transits could possibly affect me? If you have the time would really appreciate your insights, am still a little hopeful !

    Thank you

    1. You are strongly Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio – the money and property signs – and are unemployed and in a low rent situation. You are also a Sun Aries. Your financial situation will turn around by 2026 and you will be in a completely different position, thanks to the most unexpected and unpredictable turn of events. Never say never when Uranus is in your solar Second House. In your natal chart as well, we find Uranus at play, and as he is a symbol of freedom, independence, revolution, radical change and liberation – and moves like lightning – what happens will do so quite rapidly. No point in waiting around for it, just get on with your life, but when Jupiter (opportunity and solutions) in April 2024 is in conjunction with Uranus (both at 21 Taurus) the natal Mars at 22 Libra in your chart is connected. Mars in Libra is about action regarding duets and duels, and Libra can rule two people sharing a house, or two people in a marriage. Hard to see how you would get financial gain from a duel, so my money would be on your half of a two-way street, but it would benefit you financially. Jupiter goes onto Cancer (property) and finally onto serious finance (Scorpio) after that so the second half of the Twenties is a dramatic and welcome departure from where you are now.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping you are still answering questions on this blog. I have so many questions between the last three blogs: Pluto, cancer, libra. I am not well versed enough in astrology to know what much of it means. As a sun cancer I lost everything through the pluto cancer: my home, my marriage, all of my savings. It is really a fresh start for me. I’m not miserable amazingly, quite hopeful most days. Could you take a look at my chart and give me some insight on what the next decade will look like from a love & financial perspective?
    Thank you! And I love your new website!

    1. Yes, answering questions whenever I can return to my desk – and thank you for the compliment, which I will share with Asporea. I am so sorry you lost everything in your life. Pluto has been in a tough position for marriage for many Sun Cancer people. Okay, so you will find your lifestyle, health, wellbeing, peace of mind, daily routine and work skyrockets from May 2022 and with a little care that year will be your best, professionally, for over a decade. Just be aware that finance is a huge change area past 2023 and you need to be aware that you are living in a different world economy from 2022, 2023 and will need the best advice about money and property you can afford. Love will be so much easier from 2023 and the worst is actually over. Of course you can date before 2023 but it is only that year when Pluto changes signs that you will finally be in partnerships where power and control are not issues.

  33. Hi Jessica, I have a lot of planets/asteroids in cancer as well as a few in Scorpio. Can you please tell me what this transit means for me? Thank you in advance.

    1. Sure, you are a Sun Cancer who is going through the same story told twice, in both your solar and natal chart. In your solar chart you have a year of hurdles, obstacles, opportunities and solutions with finance, property, business in 2021. Then, after Boxing Day, you have about another year of hurdles alone – with money – but hopefully you will have set up enough systems and solutions by December to get you through the course. From 2023 you realise that if you use sheer willpower and self-control you could transform your finances, and by 2024 it will be clear to you that this could be for years to come – a new era of empowerment – taking you to 2026 when every radical change that has happened out there with banks, currency, world economy, investment, business and so on, has a way of serving you, if you have the self-discipline to harness it and use it.

  34. Hi Jessica!
    I’ve got the NN in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio as well as Chiron and The Moon in Taurus.
    I do believe Chiron is the key for me to expansion (Jupiter) in my fourth house. Can you please tell me if I’m correct here or way off base?
    Thank you! Waving from New Jersey!

    1. Thanks Melly. Chiron in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio in your natal chart are at 2 and 19, and bound up with the whole chart, actually, so just about everything leads back to money, and money leads to everything else too. Yes, Jupiter is expansion. It is also protection. No matter how unpredictable your finances are until 2026 you will always have a safety net; something or someone to catch you or hold you. At particular times, like your Jupiter-Chiron conjunction (once transiting Jupiter moves into Taurus) you will have a big opportunity to get away with the so-called impossible, in terms of a house, charity, business or apartment. The years 2022 and 2023 are life-changing for you.

  35. Hi Jessica hope you are keeping well. Love all your articles regarding what the future holds worldwide and watching them all come true. Regarding your article on Cancer Factors 2023-2029. I have 5 cancer factors Uranus Diana Minerva Panacea plus 3 Taurus factors Fortunate Volconvo Oops and Scorpio Vesta with Sun Aries. Can you enlighten me on how my finances will be effected. Also as l am unsure of my time of birth how can l find out. I have read that you can look back at your timeline of events in your life to establish birth time. Have you or someone you know wrote an article that would help me and l should thousands of other people with the same problem. Many thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you. Figuring out your birth time begins with guessing the Ascendant or Rising Sign. The name given to a baby is often the clue, as the sign rising or ascending at birth is literally the moment of arrival for a child. It’s not hugely important if you use the Natural House system. If you think about how you arrive in a new situation (how you walk into a party) and how you appear to people for the first time – that is your Ascendant. People born around sunrise have the same Sun and Rising sign, so if your parents welcomed you as dawn broke you may have an Aries Sun and Aries Ascendant too. If so, you would have entered the world pushing back in a hurry to get out; that kind of thing – and have an Aries name or nickname: Marcia for example (Mars rules Aries). Okay, so your finances are erratic until 2026 as you have Uranus (all that is unpredictable) in your Second House of money until then, in both chart systems I use for you. In 2022, 2023 you also have the nodes transiting the Second House and Eighth House, which rules other people’s money and property – so you will be caught up in the UK economy and world economy loop, which is bigger than you are. A lot of karma is about to be played out from the war, so some will be repaid, and others will have to pay up. This starts in January 2022. So how do you deal with these tides of time? Well, you learn to put a price on independence and figure out how to pay for your freedom. The bank is the obvious culprit here and perhaps the taxman. There may be more personal reasons. With any luck you are already striking out in quite a radical and exciting new direction now, financially, or with a house, apartment, and so on. By 2026 you will be amazed at how much you have changed, and how much things have changed. If there is anything or anybody preventing you from being free, with your finances, then it will either transform or just leave your life, pretty quickly.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I’m not at all sure where to park this question, so here goes! Being in such an impasse in my life, I got the urge to foster an animal. Wanted a dog, ended up with a cat and we all adore her. the problem is that she adores our budgie and it’s making me nervous. Naturally, our bird is in the cage when she’s around, but I feel like it’s a matter of time before a real life version of Tweety and Sylvester breaks out with terrible results.
    I’m due to return her, but am so torn on what to do. My loyalty lies with both creatures, but fundamentally with our family bird as he was here first. I realise this is a weird question! But can looking at my chart help explain/advise on my dilemma on whether to adopt the cat? Do animals (even foster ones) show up in some capacity on a chart? I remember watching with interest your psychic paws interviews on Youtube. I swear sometimes I feel like I can telepathically communicate with animals…but this dilemma has thrown even my best judgement out of whack…

    1. Cats and budgies are both Virgo matters – the Sixth House – where you engage in daily routine feeding and regular cleaning. You don’t have anything at all in Virgo, so it’s not really a life-defining question (though it might be if you were a vet and you were strongly Virgo). So don’t sweat the small stuff. You are fostering a cat but own a budgie who was there first. Both creatures need to be free. The cat makes the bird far less free and equally the cat is being monitored/watched. So it’s your call really but if you kept both, you inhibit the independence of both, unless you move.

  37. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Cancer and Taurus. You have kindly left me a comment on the last feature which suggested that the second half of next year would be good for us financially (debt free and more ). If you have time could you let me know how the cancer and Taurus factors combine with that? We currently live in a really beautiful rental with no hope of buying in our home town. I’d be happy to stay renting where we live as investing and renovating property has been exhausting for me in the past (lucrative, yes). I am considering looking into creating some digital art (NFT)..might that be our way out of debt? Thank you, I am grateful. F

    1. You are a Sun Pisces F and NFT is a natural fit. It is erratic and unpredictable, though, and particularly when tied to cryptocurrency, until 2026. So you absolutely have to know what you are doing, before you risk it. Uranus in Taurus has a habit of producing bizarre, exciting new business trends and then they shock us – not always for the best reasons. I’m not madly keen on 2022, 2023 for NFT or Cryptocurrency as the South Node in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus and that’s the last thing anybody ever thought would happen. And it’s tough. You are now renting and find it easier than investing and renovating. This is a pure Cancer-Taurus response. The true Taurus-Cancer type has her own life budget, irrespective of what the financial advisors are saying, and is very firm on price. She prices freedom, peace of mind, integrity, credibility, self-respect and the rest, not in dollar, euro or pound terms – but with a definite sense of worth and value. You will make or save a lot of money after Jupiter changes signs in May and that shows in your natal and solar chart. You will get away with the so-called unthinkable or unimaginable then. Just remember that long term NFT is vulnerable to Uranus in Taurus shocks.

  38. Hi Jessica I have several factors in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Chiron in Taurus, what does that mean for me financially and property wise? Hoping jupiter means growth and expansion in my 8th house. (Hopefully you can see my chart) I am in the process of buying a property this year, so I hope this generates a positive move for me in the coming years! Many Thanks

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with that classic Scorpio/Taurus signature which suggests property is the way for you to save or make money. You are buying something now. Do all you can to get a financial system in place by December, at the very latest, which will help you in 2022. Next year will be very heavy going, financially, and you will need to be patient with what comes to pass. This is bigger than you are; the national and world economy goes backwards in 2022, 2023 and you will find yourself caught up in that. If you created a financial system and property or business structure to get you through in 2021 it will certainly do that. From 2023 you face the fascinating possibility of becoming quite powerful financially, and if you use your willpower, you will find that self-control gives you control, long-term.

  39. Hi Jessica

    Jupiter and moon in cancer with Jupiter in an exact sextile to Venus in Virgo

    However Uranus in Scorpio and Chiron in Taurus alongside my MC & IC respectively!

    Have been out of work for 3 years; doing a bit of consulting – do u forsee a job next year? I have been applying but being in hotel reals estate development it’s a tough industry due to covid but slowly improving. I would love to move cities and away from my toxic family – do u see a job whixh lets me also relocate?

    Look forward to hearing back – I am so glad to finally here positive news !

    1. Being out of work as a Sun Leo has been liberating. Free from work means – freedom. However, you are learning from consultancy that the key is part-time and freelance. You are being pushed out of the industry you were in by the pandemic. That is also liberating. You will be in a terrific position to make or save money in the first half of 2022 and a new role is possible. It would have nothing to do with what most people think of as your usual career. It would be exciting and use new technology and inventions; new innovations. You also want to move as your family is toxic. You have huge karma with the family and this will be resolved in 2022, 2023. It may involve moving but the choice to move would also be karmic in nature. Use the Tarot to show you the nature of that spiritual debt which is owed, or must be repaid.

  40. Hi Jessica
    Let me say thank you for all your predictions I follow you and has come to realize they are bang on !
    I have a son who I am worried about he lacks motivation to do much I am supporting him with all his choices but this new generation is what baffles me. Please advice

    1. Thank you. It’s always good to know the astrology predictions are bang on. You’re worried about your son who has no motivation. You are a Sun Virgo who is stuck with Pluto in Capricorn transiting your solar Fifth House. That ends in 2023, but in 2021 and 2022 you will have to deal with the usual Pluto questions about power and control. This is tricky but it can be done. For all that you probably want to take over, it will not work. You find the cycle ends in 2023 and his motivation is back, or the generation gap closes. Either that or it will no longer concern you! So that is not too long to wait. This is your solar chart. What does your natal chart say? You have Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House (the Fifth House rules parenthood) natally so that’s a blessing. You are always protected with your son – and in fact any other children or Millennials in the family. The trine from transiting Jupiter in Aries to natal Jupiter in Leo, which slowly begins to build from May 2022, will help you hugely with your son. In fact you will see steady improvement from the second half of next year into 2023 when the issues disappear. Until then look up Pluto in the Fifth House by transit and natal Jupiter in the Fifth House – which will be useful. Use the Tarot to validate what you are seeing. This does end.

  41. Good morning Jessica, If you have time I would appreciate you looking at my chart. I’ve spent the last few years working hard through tough personal circumstances to be better off financially. I live in NZ and even though we are incredibly lucky to live here the dream of owning our own home feels like a distant dream. My Virgo partner and I would love to buy a small sanctuary to plant roots. I’m anxious to do it before Christmas 2021, but realistically it looks more like 2022 which I understand from your articles wouldn’t be ideal. If we can’t buy this year, when would be a good time? Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you Renée. You are in New Zealand with a Virgo partner and wonder if you will ever have a home of your own – as soon as possible. Your Virgo partner has been stuck in a node cycle in 2021, which is rather like being trapped in a situation which never changes. Not just with the home question, but also with New Zealand itself; perhaps the region where you both live. So he is half the story here, but from January 2022 that cycle ends for good. He will be in a terrific position financially in the second half of 2022, saving or making money. So does your chart tally with all this timing? You are a Sun Scorpio who ultimately finds her power through her land, house, apartment or other residence – from 2023. So over the long-term, you will find the property situation gives you control, influence and quite a lot of potency. The late Twenties will reward your willpower with renovations (for example) and for investment in a home. Assuming you two are together throughout 2022, then it looks like his financial situation will help him hugely, which is a good thing, and at last the stuck circuit is over. For you, the actual home will be a burden, but not for long – from 2023 you begin to see that the burden is vanishing and the chance of becoming empowered is there to take. It’s not that distant a dream – use the Tarot to validate the timing or answer other more personal questions – that will give you a really full reading.

  42. Dear Jessica, I’ve been trying to analyze my chart after reading this blog to see if and when I will sell the house I’ve inherited. My remaining parent wishes me to sell and reinvest in another property but with the uncertainties all round us in India, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Especially as I have two children still to put through college. I would be grateful for your insights. These are my factors.

    26° Cancer 05′ 20″

    12° Cancer 18′ 20″ R

    03° Taurus 19′ 20″ R

    03° Scorpio 19′ 20″ R

    20° Taurus 34′ 30″

    25° Taurus 12′ 18″

    21° Scorpio 38′ 33″ R

    19° Scorpio 32′ 56″

    19° Scorpio 59′ 59″

    11° Leo 05′ 01″

    Thank you!!

    1. Using both charts, solar and natal, we begin with solar to look for anything important in Libra. There’s really nothing there in 2021, 2022. Why Libra? Because this sign rules your solar Fourth House of property and family. You have two children to put through college and you’re being asked to sell. The natal (birth) chart shows your Sun in Cancer, being opposed by transiting Pluto, which isn’t helpful as it shows pressure from someone/something trying to take over. I expect that is your relative. If you are asking about timing, the timing isn’t there. But it’s your life, so please use the Tarot for a second opinion on the timing of 2021, 2022. I believe it will be the South Node going in to Libra which probably triggers a move, if you are ever going to do it. The South Node is karma and in Libra in your solar Fourth House, it will return old debts and credits with the family, and this property, and likely your town and country. That can only happen every 19 years and it takes place from 2024.

  43. Thank you for your helpful advice – which coincides with my instinct that things appear stuck. This despite the fact that a buyer is interested in the house I inherited which is not the one I live in and not in the city I call home. Your astrology always ties in elements from ones own karma, country karma and global karma. Plus it deals with what we owe from our past lives and what we owe to our ancestors.

    You may be interested in knowing that on the 6th October IST, was the most important no moon day (is that the correct translation in English for the last day of the moon’s waning?). For Hindus it is called Mahalaya Amavsya and the day after is the start of the 9 day festival of the Goddess Durga (Navaratri). On that no moon day, we pray for our ancestors so that they can keep moving onwards and upwards to higher realms. When I got your reply on the 7th, the day after, I knew it was no coincidence – the messaging is clear. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for this message about the Hindu view – and I am glad the timing was right.

  44. (1) ASC 06° Scorpio 22′ 07″, (2) Sun 22° Scorpio 29′ 07″
    (3)Venus 05° Scorpio 25′ 45″ 21°,
    (4)Mercury 21° Scorpio 43′ 40,
    (5) Diana 23° Scorpio 05′ 31″
    (6) Neptune 28° Scorpio 13′ 01″
    (7)Apollo 17° Scorpio 48′ 58″
    (8)Fortuna 26° Scorpio 11′ 41″
    Saturn 04° Taurus 08′ 05″ R.
    Mars 07° Aquarius 24′ 36″
    Moon 01° Aquarius 07′ 02″
    Jupiter 24° Libra 05′ 47″
    Uranus 07° Libra 13′ 51″
    Chiron 02° Aries 44′
    Juno 16° Capricorn 46′ 14″ can someone help me with my chart? I will really appreciate it. Thank you

    1. If you use the guides and features on this website you can easily decode this. The golden rule is to look for stelliums, or signs that turn up a lot. You have (on average) around 1-3 factors in any one zodiac sign, in modern astrology. More than three is a stellium and it describes your personality and future. You have a Scorpio stellium. See it there? Ascendant, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Diana, Neptune, Apollo, Fortuna all in Scorpio, all in the Eighth House. The Eighth House is where you ‘live’ or where you base yourself. It rules sex, death and money. So you may work with legacies or life insurance. Your house or apartment may be there because you inherited, or it may be there because you married someone with money, or a property to offer up. Scorpio and the Eighth House is sexually intense; the relationships or marriages in your life are complicated, sometimes with an edge. Scorpions when they mate can kill each other by cannibalism or the toxic sting of the tail. It is absolutely typical of even the most casual relationship with a Scorpio type that it should involve questions about money, or the flat, or the house. Sometimes she has the cash and he does not. There is usually a question about how power or control is used, with money (who pays for the dinner at the most trivial level) and on a greater scale, we find men who pay a mistress, or women who pay the gardener (who is also the lover). It’s really on that level. You will have your own story, but over 2022, 2023 as the South Node goes through Scorpio, you will have life-changing decisions to make about money, charity, business and/or property.

  45. NorthNode 18° Pisces 51′ 10″ R
    SouthNode 18° Virgo 51′ 10″ R
    Proserpina 17° Libra 19′ 44″
    IC 09° Aquarius 43′ 03″

  46. Hi Jessica
    thank you for all your insights. I am finding it all very unnerving – what the future will bring and if we will all be safe. please could you look at my chart – there seems so much going on , so much change and uncertainty for me at the moment with job and career , security, property and wanting to move in the next couple of years if we can find a property for retirement.
    I am cancer sun with scorpio rising 22/07/65 2.35 pm uk.

    1. You will have huge career, success and/or status opportunities after May 2022 and in the closing months of 2022. I don’t see a natal chart but just your Cancer Sun is enough for me to pass that on. Scorpio Rising doesn’t really matter. It’s just your packaging and even that depends on an accurate birth time (hard to come by). Cancer Sun people shine brightest when at home with their adopted or natural town, village or city. With their family on either side or an adopted family. Then they are at their brilliant best. Homes cost money. Snap up the solutions with hard questions about finances in November, December 2021 and lean on them in 2022. Get to 2023 and you will realise that self-control gives you financial control, long-term and that willpower empowers you – also long-term.

  47. Morning Jessica,

    I found myself waking at 3am and reading and re-reading your latest blogs. Thank you again for all the continued insightful and timely content.

    I’m curious how this will play out for me? Work is stuck (trying to get another part-time role) just to navigate 2022. In my current role, there is effective two woman and one man( boss) and the younger one has been handed all the marketing (digital) power but continues to never deliver anything which does need me to come in and re-work, fix, etc.
    It has been incredibly frustrating because primarily she is mean to be the expert and I’m doing the work. But it is a situation that I feel stuck in. I’m not being paid my worth. But I work from home which is invaluable when a sole parent with zero support or $’s from other side at all. Reality is I need this job, but have been trying to get something else where I’m valued for the contribution I bring to the table and what I do. Nothing has come to pass yet. I get very close. But, pipped to the post.

    Of course, I’m blaming myself. It must be how I’m showing up, etc – taking all the responsibility, of why I’m not enough blah. But it could be the universe steering me to other things.

    Could you please let me know what in my chart indicates any shifting positivity on career, life front?
    I have toyed with going out and doing what I do for work for myself. The question sadly comes back to the initial investment in the stock (large), website etc and the burning reality that I’m the sole provider. It’s a capital risk dilemma that I’m caught in. Security for my kid knowing we can eat if I lost my job totally. You know the drill and the cost of living that makes you get stuck.

    Simply, what is my chart showing for work, career cash flow gains through employment or second job.

    I would ideally love to move from our outright owned apartment to a house for my child and dog. But that takes income security to take out a small loan for the gap. Again, even a small loan concerns me even when I know I would be so much happier in a house with a garden than an apartment. I’ve been in survival mode for so long I’ve put happiness bottom of the list to rebuild and be debt free. But I’m not enjoying life and having more financial security and earnings would be massively freeing.

    That said, I’m eternally grateful that I have what I have which is all my own creation and work starting in 2003. Not a dim has come from anyone else.

    Tired of playing small. Tired of not feeling I’m earning my worth. And want a break. X

    1. Work and money are the perennials and always shown by the Sixth, Tenth, Second and Eighth Houses. You have a Sixth House problem here, because other people cannot do their jobs properly and you have to do the work. You are also a single mother to your child and owner to your dog. You are a Sun Capricorn so much of your story is the 2008-2023 Pluto in Capricorn cycle which was extremely intense for career matters in 2018, 2019, most of 2020. It is already improving as you look at it. Looking at your natal chart again we also find Uranus (the unpredictable) in the Second House of money and so you are very squeezed in 2021. What is going on in your solar chart echoes the story, but with useful end points for you. Yes, you have the North Node in Gemini transiting your Sixth House of work so keep going around in circles with the same old thing. You also have Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in your Second House of money. The end points are January 2022 for the end of repetitive work cycles which keep you stuck; that is also the end of a December, January reshuffle in your business or a second one, where you could take a role and fill a gap. So it’s January for the first break in the stuck feeling, and then looking at 2022, if you use the solution with money, house, apartment, business, which comes in November, December 2021 you will get through all of 2022 in the best possible shape. Not perfect but strong. Then from 2023 you have the real moment, when at last you can set yourself goals that will financially empower you for many years into the future. Pluto in Aquarius. The brakes come off from 2022, the need for caution disappears, and so on. You have many different conflicting wishes and needs here. You cannot get all of them at the same time but you can get some of them, some of the time. You will have a huge solution and opportunity with your home in the second half of 2022 which could sort out a house and garden for you. Start thinking about that now. It could be there by 2023. The change year.

  48. Hi Jessica, thank you for another amazing article! Always enjoy reading your articles wich have helped me millions of times!
    I currently live in Greece, born in Australia, but my son born 15/04/2004, hopefully ,will go and study medicine in Melbourne on feb 2023.
    I own a house here, having some issues with the mortgage, but I think everything will work out in the end…have a court case on feb 2024. But since my son will move back to Melbourne was thinking of buying a property there.,
    So I was thinking if its a wise thing to do and if I am in favour or not to do so.,
    Kind regards

    1. You are a Sun Cancer in Greece and want to buy a flat or house in Melbourne as your son is studying there in 2023. You have the best transits in 12 years for emigrating overseas, starting after Boxing Day. That’s your Cancer chart. We might also say, investing overseas, although 2022 will be really hard work for you and involve a long waiting game. So it’s a mixed bag next year. You have Jupiter in Pisces in your Ninth House of foreign countries (great) but Saturn in Aquarius in your Eighth House of joint finances (really tough). There is no perfect. It would be a totally different matter if you were not interested in foreign ownership of an Australian property. From 2023 Saturn goes into the same chart zone; the Ninth House – foreigners and foreign countries. Saturn is a symbol of obstacles, waiting games and difficult challenges. He stays there until early 2025, so if you are talking about Greece-Australia specifically, I have to be honest and tell you it will involve lots of issues for you. I don’t have your son’s chart so that’s not the whole story. But I strongly recommend you look at the Tarot on this, asking about 2021 to 2025, M. In your natal chart you have Neptune at 0 Sagittarius in the natal Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, and that’s in a tough place at the start of 2022 and again, dramatically so, in 2026. Property is long-term, isn’t it, so you need to look at all possible scenarios in the next five or six years with Melbourne and Australia. Again the Tarot can help you there.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Cancer Sun and I have actually been thinking about buying another property in the next couple of years. Your blog really fascinates me. Could you kindly check my chart and see if it is the right timing? Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hmmm, well you are in the toughest financial cycle for 29 years in 2022, so you may want to skip that year, when Saturn is in Aquarius in your solar Eighth House of property, banks, mortgages and so on. Or, you could go into it with your eyes wide open as it’s not until March 2023 that Saturn goes. He is an ancient symbol of heavy karma and so it’s not really a walk in the park in 2022, early 2023. In general you will always be protected with money or property, as you were born with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter in the Eighth House of joint finances and homes. It’s a mixed bag really. The South Node goes into Scorpio in 2022, 2023 and will form a conjunction with Jupiter, so this is good karma coming your way. Yet you still have Saturn hanging over your head. It depends if you are glass half full, or glass half empty, really! That’s personal so as the time comes, use the Tarot to help you choose.

  50. Hi Jessica, many thanks for this article. We would be thinking of renting our home out in Oz and in 2023 or 2025 going back to the U.K. for several years to live and work (dual nationality) then spending several years living and traveling before returning to Oz in 2029. Then we will decide whether we want to stay in Oz or sell and return back to Europe. As you say, so, so many things could and will happen globally by then. I would very much appreciate you casting your eye over my chart for any suggestions as to the timing of our plans. Many thanks !

    1. It depends how much stability and security you want, as opposed to uncertainty and sudden change. Uranus in Taurus until 2026 guarantees global supply shortages and continued closures of shops, cafes and restaurants with very little notice. The last time we saw this cycle, was the last war. Back then it was rations and bombs. In the Twenties it is the war on pandemics, plural. The astrology is really clear. From 2026 Uranus goes into Gemini where he will oppose the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius placements of billions of people. These are the dual nationality citizens, travellers and frequent migrants who incarnated during the globalisation of the planet. Those oppositions will stop and block globalisation and in fact may wipe it out. So you are casting your eye a long way into the future, but the future is about local, not global. Gemini rules local travel and the neighbourhood; Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. Uranus in Gemini is going to win from 2026, very likely because petrol is finished – apart from the ever-mutating virus – which will finish off a few airlines too.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I love reading your blogs, and they are very inciteful. Please bear with me. I’m new to astrology, so I’m still trying to figure things out. I have had a tough 20 years financially, and I’m hoping there are easier times to come. I am unhappy at work and trying to figure out if I should change employers or careers. If I were to change employers, I would have to move, and I don’t want to do that as I have moved a lot in the past 15 years. To change careers, I would probably need to do some more studying, and financially I’m not sure I could do that at the moment. I feel stuck, and I’m not sure which direction to go in; any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Sun 13°, Capricorn 52′ 23
    Moon 01°, Taurus 27′ 03″
    Jupiter 06°, Scorpio 34′ 45″
    Chiron 18°Taurus 09′ 45″ R
    Ceres 10°,Scorpio 11′ 04″
    Ops 13°, Scorpio 07′ 50″
    NorthNode 22°, Cancer 29′ 04″ R


    1. Thank you Kim. You have a quandary about work, money and study/moving. Let’s start with the solar chart. You are a Capricorn and will have a fantastic solution/opportunity linked to your current home, and possibly a new one, from May next year. That will solve part of the puzzle for you. Your stuck feelings about work are completely in line with the North Node in Gemini in your solar Sixth House of jobs.This does in fact keep you stuck, going around in circles, but it stops on January 19th 2022. This tallies with your natal (birth) chart as well, because January 2022 is Capricorn weather and picks up your Tenth House of career. Are you absolutely sure you have to move, to get a new job? Or to study, to get a new job? There will be all sorts of new work and money choices in January next year and I don’t think you are as boxed in as you might imagine. You are also born lucky/protected financially, one you realise the solutions are always with the family, or with a partner. It can take a fair bit of obstacle-tackling to get there, but you will always be held and helped, with money. Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House is classically the sign of someone who inherits and does well from it. That’s not really in your question but I do need to pass it on, Kim.

  52. Dear Jessica, what do Panacea and Vesta in Cancer mean in my natal chart? I can’t quite work out the relations of these two planets with properties/home (Cancer). I do have Jupiter in Taurus, which I am excited about, and a few more factors in Taurus and Scorpio. For most of my life, I live in small apartments. So, moving to a bigger home sounds exciting! Yet, if I am still with my husband who is currently working in UK, then I might have to move to UK or else I don’t know how this would pan out. Yet, after the 6 lockdowns in Melbourne, I have become a homebody, though I used to love travelling. Moving and traveling are the last thing in my mind now. I really appreciate it if you could have a look at my chart when you have time, and shed some light on this aspect of home/property/finance. Thank you again for all that you do here! Really appreciate!

    1. Thank you. Panacea and Vesta in Cancer in the Fourth House describe the family you are born into, and future households or families you may be part of. Panacea is about a woman who has remedies, cures, answers and ‘fixes’ for issues but they are not always clearly black or white – there may be moral or ethical grey areas. This may be your mother, a great aunt, a sister and so on. Panacea is always dubious morally. A placebo pill is Panacea because it gets rid of a medical problem but it is done through deceit! Vesta is obvious. Many females and one male who rules the roost. There is usually a lot of politics in the situation, so you get one man (for example) who might share an apartment with you, who comes with female friends and ex-girlfriends attached. It’s about a harem deliberately cultivated by a male and yet it is the females who make it happen. We see this with Prince Andrew who has strong Vesta patterns in his chart. He had a wife and two daughters (and still does) and the Epstein harem. Hopefully you will never run into anything like that in your future home life!

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