The New Age of Aquarius

What is #TheNewAgeofAquarius and when does it begin? Why will simple people power change the planet, and how does your personal astrology chart chime? Hint: If you are an Aquarian it's time to set your alarm.

lpimaz00gpu 600x600 - The New Age of AquariusThe best-known song from Hair was a hippy anthem about peace, love and taking your clothes off. It referenced astrology (although the song got it wrong). Many people today still think the Sixties was The Age of Aquarius. Also wrong!

In astrology, we have many different ‘ages’ of Aquarius, the sign of community, diversity and equality. (Brotherhood and equal sisterhood). Whenever we see a line-up of slow moving planets or other factors in Aquarius, we see a worldwide shift to power that is shared equally, across (not from the top down).

Resist, Reclaim, Repair, Renew

It begins with the message ‘RESIST!’ (resisting the old Age of Capricorn values of greed, money, patriarchy, suits, corporations and big business) but ends with something quite new. A strong and confident creation of a new planet for everybody.

Watch the American election of 2020. By the time we get to Electoral College and Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius, just before Christmas, the new thinking will be – not so much resist – but renew, recreate and repair.

Aquarius the water-bearer (or water-carrier) is an image taken from astrology 2000 years ago. Every time we see another ‘Age of Aquarius’ come around, the themes of community, and ‘form one planet’ thinking advance. This time round in 2020 we are seeing a global campaign to replace harmful plastic water bottles, with 100% recycled water containers. Boxed water (below).

an 2dz56gas 600x400 - The New Age of Aquarius

Teenagers – Millennials – Born in the Last Age of Aquarius

These new voters and politicians will save the world from Climate Emergency, racism and sexism. That’s their mission statement – the Aquarius vision of ‘everyone, all together, pooling resources.’ 

They arrived on the planet in two batches. The most famous batch came in January 1st 2000-March 10th 2003 born with not only Uranus (radical change) but also Neptune (visions and dreams) in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer.

Another wave arrived, September 16th 2003 through December 30th, 2003. As I write this on January 16th 2020, they are aged between 17 and 20 years old, and they will bring the Democrats into power in the United States of America in the 2020 election, unless the Republicans magically change themselves into a party that backs women and minorities.

The biggest issue of all, though, is Climate Emergency. The new American leadership must support worldwide action on an overheating planet. Again, this is the Democrats. The Republicans are simply not doing it, any more than China or Australia. In a moment we’ll look at leadership change in both those countries, too. But what about the other Age of Aquarius teenagers?

The Second Batch of Generation Aquarius

Born January 30th 1998 to August 23rd 1998, and again from November 29th 1998 to December 31st, 2000, this group of people are often called Millennials, born at the turn of the New Millennium. In their early twenties, they are also the new voters (and new politicians) who will be the youth quake that so many people want.

Do You Have Aquarius Factors in Your Horoscope?

If you are a Premium Member, check your chart now.

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It doesn’t matter what your age is. If you have Aquarius factors, today’s teenagers and early twenty somethings will meet you in the middle. Why? Aquarian types don’t believe in age barriers. The main thing is – are you part of the world party?

As Ceres, then Jupiter and Saturn – and finally Pluto – pass over Aquarius, you’ll be woken up. Called to action! There are so many books in astrological libraries around the world that give us the definition of Aquarius. Warren Kenton’s old classic, Astrology: The Celestial Mirror (Saracen Books, Sydney, 1974) is as good as any.

“Aquarius. 21st January to 19th February. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Element Air. Humour Sanguine. Cross Fixed.”

Let me translate. When the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of community, from 21st January to 19th February every year – babies are born who shine when they bring people together. Oprah Winfrey was one such baby. President Abraham Lincoln, another. This is the time of year when we see extreme temperatures around the world. Freezing snow that blocks the roads and terrible heat that creates bushfires or drought. At such times, we turn to our friends and the local community for help, often because the council or government has failed us – or literally cannot access where we live. People power.

The Outsider, Loner and Individual in The New Age of Aquarius

c4ozyntry14 600x393 - The New Age of AquariusThis photograph by Daniel Salcius, shows what will become a commonplace part of life in The New Age of Aquarius, as it slowly takes hold in 2020 and is here to stay from 2021. This is the ‘friend to all’ who is still apart. It’s a phenomenon of Aquarius. In Rome, the Aquarius was the water-carrier who fed the Roman baths where people gathered. Yet he never got in the pool. He supplied the community but stayed outside it. Aquarius is friendly to everyone, but never fully and completely part of the gang. He or she can ‘feed’ the people but must always return to duty. A quick dip is allowed, but that’s all. Aquarius is a symbol for both the vast network, but also for the independent individual outside it all.

Saturn and Uranus and Aquarius

A lot of the old astrology books from the 1970s get the rulership of Aquarius wrong. It’s not ruled by Saturn at all (that’s Capricorn). It is wholly and exclusively ruled by Uranus. Uranus was the father of a diverse community – Saturn was actually his son. Venus was his daughter. Alongside them, Uranus produced all manner of weird and wonderful children. Two of them were even, two different kinds of lightning! Uranus is associated with the great spread of existence.

China and Australia Leadership Change

Climate criminal countries, as some call them, where coal and other fossil fuels continue to increase global temperatures, cannot and won’t continue with current (old) 2019 leadership as The New Age of Aquarius unfolds.

By all astrological laws, it just won’t work. We have to move towards one-planet thinking about lack of clean water, failing water supply, flooding and fire. Also – the extinction of birds, animals and insects.

As I write this very early in 2020 on January 16th, it looks like the end of PM Scott Morrison and his Liberal-National party (unless they radically change direction). Certainly, too, the end of China as we know her – unless she also switches!

Both nations have been stuck in Capricorn thinking during the Old Age of Capricorn, fast disappearing. Men in suits. The elite.

Welcome to the Latest Aquarian Nation – New Great Britain

Countries have star signs too, which still surprises some people. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has many horoscopes, throughout her long history, but the latest and greatest will be 31st January 2020 at 11.00pm as Big Ben (probably) chimes – thanks to crowdfunding. This will be a very Aquarian rebirth for a new Sun in Aquarius country.

All Together, All the People, All the Time

download - The New Age of AquariusCharity group efforts are Aquarian and, if you have factors in this sign, you may have been actively involved in such ventures, or still are. You are the first to give or get on board. Aquarius weather tends to bring this out. Thus, as Dennis Elwell notes in  “In July 1985, Jupiter in Aquarius was sextile Uranus in Sagittarius. Not only the planet of surprises, Uranus lends encouragement to those who spring them. It prospers the unpredictable, the unprecedented, the nonconforming, the innovative. The planet looks with favour on those who make their own rules. A remarkable event took place on 13th July, Bob Geldof’s Live Aid rock concert for famine relief in Africa. It tapped a deep vein of international fellow-feeling, an apt expression of the potentialities of Sagittarius-Aquarius.

The Sagittarius-Aquarius Weather of 2020, 2021, 2022

isdznmdalsu 1 400x600 - The New Age of AquariusThis international community of sharing and giving repeats, in the most fated way, in 2020, 2021, 2022 as we see Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and the South Node in Sagittarius. Again, if you have Sagittarius factors as well as Aquarius factors in your chart, you are really going to feel the call. You will be travelling a lot, or travelling in the mind – via the worldwide web.

This photograph, by Ranu Stadescu, shows Greta Thunberg as Joan of Arc. A Swedish heroine of planet rescue, in the armour of a French icon. Over the years, many have tried one-planet, global thinking about the environment but always failed. Why? Wrong age. We have been stuck in the Age of Capricorn with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in that sign, at varying points, since the election of President Donald Trump. In 2020 The Age of Capricorn crumbles to be replaced by The Age of Aquarius.


The Big One – Pluto in Aquarius – 2023 to 2043

Before I look at the rolling Aquarius weather of 2020 and why The New Age of Aquarius comes in stages, I’ll look at the really big one – the new style of world government (forget the old United Nations) which arrives when Pluto goes into Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of sweeping, permanent transformation. Two things will take us there. One is the nuclear threat which American President Donald Trump has triggered with his actions on Iran and North Korea in 2019, 2020. Another is Climate Emergency.

The third magical factor is the Harry Potter generation, born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius – as above. They are here to help and they are here to ‘Hogwart’ for us.

How rare is Pluto in Aquarius? Well, he’ll be in that sign March 23rd 2023 to June 11th 2023. Then back again, January 21st 2024 until September 1st 2024. Then again, November 19th 2024 until March 9th 2043.

This is Generation Aquarius taking over with Pluto in Aquarius, so as these special generations go through their twenties, thirties and forties (into big business and politics) we will see one-world thinking.

d0xqqszovws 600x399 - The New Age of Aquarius

How The New Age of Aquarius Shows Itself in 2020

I’ve had a question from readers about The New Age of Aquarius and why people with Aquarius factors in their charts have been so far ahead of their time, in terms of going vegetarian or vegan; recycling; purchasing from charity or second-hand/thrift outlets; voting Green; going on protest marches to save forests; going on Climate Strike – and so on. Science is now making some politicians change their minds. In 2020, Australia is burning and California has gone the same way. Tiffany’s is taking out full-page newspaper advertisements urging politicians to take action. Climate Emergency has become a Hollywood cause.

So why were Aquarian types so ahead of their time? The answer is really Pluto in Aquarius. They were hearing the call during the first round of Aquarian weather, at the very end of the 1990’s and the early 2000’s, when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius. Now, what stirred and motivated them – is stirring and motivating the entire world.

Dates for The New Age of Aquarius in 2020

Remember, Aquarius is about young and old. White and non-white. Male and female. Right and left (but not too far right, or you won’t fit in). Rainbow sexuality. Rich and poor. Aquarius is about ‘we are all in this together’ and power is shared horizontally, not vertically.

I am going to highlight Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius first. This will bring chaos and delays with sports teams (cricket teams, rowing teams), political parties (Liberals, Labour, Democrats, Republicans, Greens) and all Aquarius-ruled parts of our lives. In your own world friends and groups will send you into the world of waiting games, reversals and rewrites. So you need to know;

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius – February 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2020

This is chaotic for all groups, teams, clubs, societies, associations and networks. We would expect this period to hit Facebook particularly hard, as it triggers that chart. Facebook may be hacked, for example, or you may see ‘Facebook down’ reported on Google. The share price of Facebook might fluctuate – let’s see. F-Book is an Aquarian entity. It trades on a social network. 

What we have here is Mercury hopping around at 28 and 29 degrees Aquarius as February begins – then he disappears – along with the discussions or plans – only to boomerang back from around March 5th to 16th (adjust for your time zone as astrology is based on London UT). As I mentioned, this is also a chaotic period for all kinds of sporting teams, from football to rowing, and all sorts of clubs, associations, charities and the rest. Be aware and treat life from 2nd February as a dress rehearsal.

cuhssb9roau 600x400 - The New Age of Aquarius

Friends, Groups, Teams, Clubs, Societies, Associations, Trade Unions, Bands, Political Parties Affected

Allowing for different time zones (and for the world to catch up with itself) please assume that what you hear, read or plan regarding the above – and social plans involving friends too – will not be final. It will not be fixed, nor firm. It’s a very good time to rehearse, to put down rough ideas in a notebook, to ‘talk around’ an idea or make very loose plans.

Mercury Retrograde is linked to extreme weather and the first weekend of February 2020, Saturday 1st February, Sunday 2nd February, into Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th February will see extreme heat, flooding and storms that tangle up air traffic, motorways/highways and shipping/ferries. Always have Plan B and Plan C on Mercury Retrograde. In Australia we are going to see extreme bushfire risk. We know that is a fact of life anyway as Climate Emergency has made the nation hotter and drier. The astrology agrees.

This is Mercury Retrograde Shadow, the period when trains are cancelled because of signal failure further down the line. This is exactly what happens in astrology too. The Mercury in Aquarius ‘train’ is receiving signal failure notices up ahead from March 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th.

In fact, you can use these dates to factor in chaos. Cricket and football teams may have technical issues with scoreboards, or results will not be final. Aquarius also rules political parties, so – the Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives, Labour, the Brexit Party and so on. We’re going to see reshuffles, and retracted statements.

The New Age of Aquarius Rolls On in 2020!

The New Moon in Aquarius
Friday 24th January 2020
Sun 4 Aquarius conjunct Moon 4 Aquarius
This will directly affect you, if you have factors at 4 Aquarius and is the birth of a new beginning for friends and groups.

Ceres in Aquarius
Saturday 1st January to Thursday 23rd April 2020 – Ceres passes across 0-29 degrees of Aquarius
Ceres is a symbol of compromise and carve-up within the group and will affect sports teams, political parties and all causes.

Saturn in Aquarius 
Monday 23rd March until Wednesday 1st July 2020, then Friday 18th December 2020 until Tuesday 7th March 2023. Saturn passes over 0-1 degrees of Aquarius.
Group co-operation, friendship and ‘pooling resources’ becomes serious as Saturn moves through Aquarius. It’s a tough task.

Mars in Aquarius
Tuesday 31st March 2020 until Wednesday 13th May 2020. Mars passes over 0-29 degrees of Aquarius.
Mars speeds things up, and raises the emotional temperature, leading to heated and rapid decision-making among groups.

Jupiter in Aquarius
Sunday 20th December 2020 until Wednesday 29th December 2021. Jupiter crosses 0, 1, 2 degree of Aquarius.
Jupiter is the planet of growth, opportunity, problem-solving, improvement, expansion, optimism, luck and protection.

The Full Moon in Aquarius
On Monday 3rd August 2020, the Sun stands at 11 Leo, opposite the Full Moon at 11 Aquarius. A time of reckoning for friendships, clubs, teams, groups, societies, associations, unions, bands, parties and so on.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius – History Made! December 2020
Jupiter will form a conjunction with Saturn at 0 Aquarius on Sunday 20th, Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th December. We might call this new era for the world, ‘serious optimism’ for one-planet policies.

Key Words for Aquarius in Astrology 2020

I always turn to this huge dictionary, owned by the late Brian Pirkis, father of my friend Professor Jane Pirkis, when I am looking for the deeper meanings behind astrological symbols and signs.

The Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language, The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York, 1962.

Aquarius – The water-carrier, from aqua, water. A large central constellation, supposedly outlining a man pouring water from a container in his right hand. The eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Aquarian – One of a sect of early Christians who substituted water for wine in celebration of the Eucharist.

Just working with two dictionary definitions gives us a range of associations for this sign. Throughout the tragic Australian Fires of 2019-2020 we have seen repeated images of firemen, wildlife volunteers and local heroes/heroines racing to save koalas by giving them water. Literally, bearing water. Australia herself (a Sun Aquarius nation) is giving imagery to the idea of Aquarius here.

110294587 koala3 600x338 - The New Age of Aquarius

The Right Thing To Do

The idea of pouring from the right hand gives us the idea of ‘what is right’ or what is ‘only right’ in a situation. What is the right or correct, decent thing to do.

As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of community, friendship, collaboration and cooperation. If you are a Premium Member, you can read more about this in your guide to the houses of the horoscope, available in The Members’ Lounge. Remember, a cricket team is composed of eleven players. Cricket is a good image for Aquarius.

What is most interesting here is the link with Christianity. Now, astrology comes to us from Ancient Rome, and yet the Romans who have passed on their symbols and signs, gods and goddesses were profoundly rejected by early Christians. They worshipped God, not Jupiter.

Yet, the Aquarian ideal of humanity – the common family – giving and sharing, doing the right thing, pooling resources – is very close to the Christian ideal of ‘Do unto others.’ What is your experience of the zodiac sign Aquarius? Is it big in your chart?

Next: The Astrology Show will feature Stephanie Johnson on the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius, in our free February episode. Don’t miss it.

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92 Responses

  1. Holy Moly! It seems this year there will be a lot of action on my MC at 01:28 Aquarius! I am abit afraid to even ask what this would mean to me, it seems rather serious. I take my MC very seriously, if that even makes any sense.
    What is your opinion, Jessica? Thank you in advance.

    1. If your birth time is spot on, you will join, or become more involved with, a very important group in March 2020. It will change your life from December 2020. And again – from 2023. There may be a second group, actually, which has overlapping circles of friends with the first. People power can change a corner of the world and if you genuinely have your MC at 1 Aquarius, you will take your place in the new world, very close to where you are now.

  2. Thank you Jessica.
    Fascinating and giving hope for a brighter future for the younger generations and for us all.

    1. Thank you. Even though the fires in Australia have been heartbreaking, frustrating and horrendous – you have seen what is going on. People who did not realise they were miracle-workers have found their community spirit and their can-do approach has raised an absolute fortune. This is just the start. It goes beyond money. It’s Australians remembering mateship formed the nation – both genders. She will be reborn quite radically in the years to come and will draw on cutting-edge science and technology to protect her land and her animals. In fact, she’ll be the example the world follows. First, though, we have to deal with the ‘breaking down/clearing away’ part of the cycle…

  3. Hi Jessica
    I work with websites and podcasts and get to travel quite a bit with my job all over the world in short spurts, I’m thinking about the future this year and having children, and hoping that that can still be the case when I have those responsibilities as I enjoy it and meeting so many different types of people and cultures. I have a lot going on in Saggitarius and Aquarius.. Does my chart indicate this?

    1. You want to have children? That is a Fourth House (family, Cancer) and Fifth House (Leo, pregnancy, adoption) matter. You need to sort out the money first. You will have travel as often and as far as you wish, until 2022, but your chart suggests that parenthood will cost you and as you are going through a rather unpredictable time with Uranus in Taurus, you may want to do your sums first.

  4. Hi Jessica, my rising sign is Aquarius. How important do you think a rising sign is in a person’s chart? I have seen another astrologer say to read your sun sign horoscope as well as your rising sign horoscope. What do you think? Thanks

    1. The Rising Sign is so over-rated. It’s just your Wikipedia entry, and even then it’s a few lines. Maybe a little Google entry! At the end of the day you are judged far more by your Sun. And if you are using this website, only ever read your Sun. I don’t use that Ascendant method, thanks.

  5. Hi Jessica, I’m wondering if you could please tell me how my Aquarian trine will play out over 2020? Traveling in the mind is all I do, lol, and I’m getting fed up. I also give , financially and donate, etc as much as I humanly can. At the end of the day, I want to be a positive role model to my children and leave a philanthropic legacy behind while building some sort of sustainable income (my nanny work is very sparse), but I honestly feel like I’m always behind the 8 ball due to lack of personal resources, heck, I can’t even afford a bicycle right now! Where/how do I power my little Aquarian pedals to serve the community and myself (hopefully that doesn’t sound ridiculously selfish!) in 2020? Many thanks to you x.

    1. A nanny who cannot afford a bicycle is an expression of tough Cancer-Capricorn weather and you have been slogging through it. You likely know it ends in May 2020. (Cancer rules nannies – this Capricorn weather has hit Cancer very hard). You just need to reorganise yourself. You have the skills but you need more – again – from May you can pick these up. You can and will make the money once you realise you are a package and have to come with layers, ribbons and a message. People pay for packaging. You could also add another string to your bow, and will do that quite lucratively once you realise that you are under-rating what you can do. It takes time, be nice to yourself as it evolves.

  6. Thank you Jessica. How interesting you use the dictionary to get to the roots of things, as linguists do.
    As a Capricorn w/stellium and Ascendant in Sagittarius and Venus, Mars and Juno in Acq, I felt I was always a bit outside of the prevailing and current trends and ideas. Most of my life I looked for stability and labored in a very large administration (a Cappy structure) feeling oppressed by the hierarchy, while plodding my ascent. It took a long time, over 20 years — a typical Cap life. Now I am almost there but am hoping for changes … What do you see coming in my life? Many thanks!

    1. I do love that dictionary! Thank you. Your whole life is going to change, so take a deep breath and get ready. You will see the signs in the last week of January, actually. Look around and you will see so many people waking up, as they discover people power and their own power. You have been doing a really great job of coping with weather that is unsuitable for you. You are very good at faking it until you make it, so have figured out your own way in the system, the establishment, society, the hierarchy and the rest. Yet, the whole time it has unfairly restricted and frustrated you, on a soul level. Your spirit is absolutely longing to experience a totally different way of living and it will come to you in rolling stages in 2020, with the big year really being 2021. That is when joyous and jovial Jupiter goes right over your stellium in the Eleventh House of friendship and life-changing groups. At that point you can forget the past. You are going to wake up and find yourself with people just like you.

  7. Great little piece Jessica,
    I have my Moon at 13 Aquarius and Vesta at 16 whole life I have felt like I never ‘ fitted ‘ in anywhere. My thoughts, emotions and ideas are always contrary to the mainstream, I also have no water in my chart. Some people seek me out because of this but many think I am slightly ‘ crazy ‘ so perhaps in the ‘ third age ‘ of my life I will be far more in tune with the young people of today…

    1. Thank you. Yes, you will find you are far more in tune with teenagers, who enter their early twenties, as you also go through The Twenties. They don’t have any barriers. They understand that we are all like-minded souls and that appearances or superficial things are pretty meaningless. It’s the mutual goals that matter. This will be very refreshing for you! In fact 2021 will change your life. You will continue to feel slightly outside, but also absolutely needed and required. You are about to become Grand Mother Hen in 2021 so get used to it. You’ll love it. (Just avoid any gender politics).

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have Salacia and South node in Aquarius. I am already seeing a shift in the dynamics with my colleagues/work groups. I have new cool friendships developing. Will this be a new world for me as sometimes I feel good things never stay long.


    1. You knew these people before in many lifetimes and will come back together again in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. The new friendships are actually old faces, and you have made soul contracts together. Your Node is about reincarnation and karma. You will come to see why some bonds precede you, as Jupiter goes over your Node and Salacia in 2021. Friendships and group loyalties can matter quite as much as marriage or a family and yes, good things will stay, Fiery. In fact they will change your life.

  9. Hi Jessica –

    I am a sun Aquarius at 4 degrees!! I’m not sure what to make of the upcoming new moon in AQ at 4 degrees – hid under the bed until it’s over? Do you have any advice in terms of how this will impact me?

    Thank you!

    1. This is a terrific New Moon as it is the rebirth of your identity with/around a group, likely dedicated to a single aim. You are there to give the group what it needs. This may be an online social circle or something more formal, like a theatre company or football team. You may find it comes in slightly before/after, as we have Mercury complicating the issue. Hang in there if you like the friends involved, or want to make new friends, as eventually Mercury corrects himself in March. From December 2020 the original face/faces start to become ever more important to you, as do their own friends, and from 2021 you see why it’s all meant to be. Of course you can say no…but history is calling you.

  10. Thank you for your excellent work and guidance. I am really exahusted with the last movements of saturn, pluto and uranus since 2019 reversing my personal relationships and my media as you have been saying since last year in your predictions (add neptune). I have saturn in the Aquarius. Will the future still be worse for me? Further my boss is Aquarius and our relationship is cold, distant and difficult to understand. He doesn’t appreciate me, me neither.
    Thank you Jessica . Best whishes

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. I am sorry about your Aquarian boss. Please do not worry about him. He is ancient history as the year goes on, either because you leave, or because he is no longer an issue for you. I am sorry you have to put up with it. Please use the Sagittarius-Gemini cycles coming from May 2020 as you will be able to learn (master) two languages to a very high standard if you take the opportunity offered to you in 2020-2021. This would give you a huge advantage in what is going to be a completely different world, in 12-24 months from now.

  11. inner caps still around. very quiet 3 weeks for us. i would say that the 12th was a energy loci /stasis point. world leaders are waiting to make the endgame move

    1. You are typing in no caps, about inner caps! I agree that world leaders are waiting to make an end game move. What I like about astrology is that it is always on the side of we, the people. We have been put through Capricorn weather of the worst kind you can hope to see in a democracy since we first hit this Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn transit. Treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and given manure. Even though January is intense and very, very hard work for us – the goats at the top of the mountain who flung the manure down to the rest of us are going to fall off – and various mountains will come down. I hope that is suitably cryptic for you!

  12. hi Jessica,
    Quite an interesting article. Thank you for it. I enjoyed reading it.
    I have 5 factors in Aquarius in my birth chart. Ops at 08°, minerva at 10°, chiron at 18°, diana at 24° and MC at 26°. What does this mean for me?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Aquarian and will find that 2021-2022 changes your life, and as you go towards 2030, start to see that sexual relationships and marriages were never going to be as important as friendships and particularly friendships within groups. Your birth time would need to be strictly accurate for the MC in Aquarius to lead you to a calling or career with a group in 2021, but if you know it’s spot-on, then a door would open for you to become heavily involved with a circle of people who have come together for a common aim or cause. Even if your birth time is out, the other placements are correct, and as Jupiter goes across Aquarius in 2021 you will find friends, old and new, lift you up where you belong. If you do get on board with some kind of group project or plan it will change your life forever – for the better.

  13. Hello, Jessica.

    I am following the news about AI and some big names in tech admit that universal income is inevitable (not because we want communism but capitalism that needs stable and sustainable society.) It seems the age of AI and The age of Aquarius are coming together. The Age of Aquarius sounds nice and positive. But if it is the equality comes from technology that force us to be equal, are we , humans, still happy? is it possible for you to see it from horoscope?

    What do you think about. having mercury retrograde in the age of technology? I think we seriously needs astrology to reduce the risk of confusion!

    Great reading, thank you.

    1. Thank you. Perhaps because I detest robots, I am guilty of never having looked at Artificial Intelligence. This is a good reminder that I need to turn the astrology in that direction. Uranus is new invention and innovation. In Taurus, it is the economy. You would have to expect that A.I. will become embedded in banking within just a few years. Uranus is in Taurus alongside this Aquarius Age, most strongly in the years 2021, 2022, 2023 so it may be quite rapid. I don’t think we’ll really see the big A.I. revolution until Uranus goes into Gemini, though. Gemini rules speech, communication, the daily commute and short-haul aviation. Way back in the early 20th century this period in history coincided with the birth of radio and television, and particularly code. In 6-7 years from now all the stuff we are seeing now with Siri will look pretty primitive!

  14. Hi Jessica, I have Salacia at 4 degrees in Aquarius, as well as stellium of planets in Aquarius and Sagittarius. I feel like I’m going to be affected, hopefully in a good way!! I’m ready to change the world 🙂

    1. Be careful what you wish for, but in your case, this is what you were always going to do. You will find that Saturn and Jupiter at 4 Aquarius as you go from 2020 into 2021, whisk you away into a group with friends and like-minded people, or deepen the commitment you already have. It will feel like an escape from the real world and in fact it is – this circle of people takes you to places that have no relationship with what is normal, ordinary or everyday. The highest expression of Aquarius is to make the world a better place (even a small corner of it) through people power. You will say yes, I expect, even though you can see how heavy the responsibility is. When Pluto goes to 4 Aquarius after the year 2023, you will see the capital P Power in the people power.

  15. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all you do. The recent posts have been particularly fascinating.

    If you have time, I was wondering if you have any insights into how my chart may be affected? My Aquarius placements are as follows. I’m particularly concerned with my health which has negatively impacted my finances and career, and lead to stress that has also impacted my love life. I have long term GI issues that may be celiac as opposed to IBS, and am getting tested in June. Hoping to get some answers after being ignored by my previous doctor.

    11° Aquarius 27′ 10″
    07° Aquarius 41′ 39″

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry about your health and also the stress as well. This is classic Virgo/Sixth House territory and nothing to do with Aquarius weather. But let’s take a look. Juno at 6 Virgo in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit is exactly aspecting Uranus at 6 Scorpio and Cupido at 6 Sagittarius. Every time you commit to a new way of eating, exercising, drinking, taking drugs, taking medication, sleeping, healing (alternative methods) you ‘marry’ or wed yourself to a particular system and expert. This is fine, but it also ties you down and does rather mean it feels like capital C Commitment and that can be very hard work. Every time you do this, you also bring in Uranus in Scorpio, which is a rather deep piece of information about your sexual relationships and the financial or property considerations within them! You did say stress has impacted your love life. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House describes people who habitually have to deal with upheaval and disruption as the need for freedom and independence is so great. I expect you’ve had all sorts of revolutions or rebellions whenever you try to mix sex and money (for example, marriage and mortgage). It’s not a stable part of your life, but it is also tied to your body, mind and spirit. We then get into Cupido in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which is also set off every single time by the same pattern. This is really the mark of someone who inspires tremendous passion and longing, in the world of travel, foreign people and places, academia, education, publishing and even just the worldwide web. At the same time you are vulnerable to falling very hard for distant parts of the map, or people who hail from what you could call a culture or country completely different to your own. I hope you can see how all these patterns go around together. The question to ask yourself is, what does your body achieve for you when it seems to fail you? Does it get you out of a relationship, or at least out of a shared bed, or even a shared bank account? Maybe your body gets you time off work, so you can read at home instead (Cupido in Sagittarius loves books). These are fairly cheeky questions for an astrologer to ask, but as you are sick of being ignored by your doctor, I would suggest you try to crack your own code. There is a pattern here. It repeats every time, and actually whenever the Moon goes over 6 degrees of Virgo, then Scorpio, then Sagittarius every month you probably have a flare-up. Ask yourself what you can’t tolerate. Beyond the actual gluten intolerance or whatever – what do you repeatedly find intolerable about never really having permanence or security or reliability in sexual/financial liaisons? Armed with your journal, Astrology Oracle guide, cards and so on, you should be able to do some digging here. In astrology we always interpret Virgo and Sixth House factors as body (yes) but body tied to mind and spirit. The three work together, so this goes way beyond just a physical condition for us…I hope this gives you some inspiration and a place to start, anyway!

      1. What great advice Jessica. I have had my own health journey and have tried all sorts of ways to heal with little luck. Even though this is not for me the question about “what does the body achieve” is giving me another perspective with which to work. Thank you.

    2. Hi reinvention18,
      Having had long term health issues as well I can empathise. I don’t want to go too much into it on here but IBS is used a lot by doctors to say we can’t be bothered. It’s like a catch all for GI issues yet not really helpful as it’s not specific. So keep digging. Sometimes a naturopath or dietician can point you in the right direction too. Have you been tested for helicobacter pylori? Your mircobiome could be off due to previous infection or it could be celiac – blood tests can show up certain things however I think colonoscopy confirms. Wishing you good luck and a healthier 2020.

  16. Welcome back to (smoky) Melbourne, Jess. Lots of Aquarius in my chart…. I’m back to uni this year and rebuilding a relationship… does my chart suggest I can make them both work? I’m excited about both… but nervous I’m being overly optimistic. Cheers, Kate.

    1. Melbourne is dust-mask territory, just like Sydney was, at the events we had over the last two weekends. Now we have two weekends ahead of us here, and I wonder how many more masks we’ll see. Okay, so you are back to University, which is well-timed, because in May 2020, the South Node goes into your Ninth House of academia, and the North Node goes into your Third House of communication and information – and of course, the web. It’s quite a long transit and until January 2022 you will be constantly pulled back to the past. Retracing old connections, rediscovering familiar faces, some rather old ideas and angles – all helps you. In fact, we are going back years, right through your education (formal) but also the learning you did away from any classroom. We may also be going back into past lives here, as some foreign or regional differences are showing up in your chart and these would have a strange familiarity. You might want to hit Search and look up Sagittarius, Pluto in Sagittarius, Uranus in Sagittarius, Neptune in Sagittarius, South Node in Sagittarius to see what is going on. The other person in the relationship is part of this karmic story. You are here to learn in 2020, 2021 but also to teach. You absolutely must be with a lover who does both as well. It will become clear from May if that is the case. If not, you will move onto someone else who fulfils that role. The teacher-student dynamic will be pretty obvious by 2021 if you two do decide to take the journey together. But in any case – this is Year of the Rat. From Lunar New Year, in the final week of January, the stage is set for ‘two’ and duets all over the place in your life. You only have to choose, really. But see what you can rebuild in the relationship now as it is certainly being laid open for you to investigate.

      1. Thanks Jess. I hope you have a great year and thank you for your voice for the planet (and koalas), Kate.

        1. Thank you! The great news about the koalas at Friends of the Koala in Lismore (who benefit from Climate Strike here every Friday) is that they are now in possession of 192 new trees – to eat and live in. So keep on, not reading your horoscope, every Friday!

  17. Hi Hessica, wonderful article full of good hopes. Can you look at my birth chart and tell me how these transits will affect me?
    Thanks so much

    1. Sure. You begin 2020 with everything under construction, then reconstruction, and it will likely be the one thing about yourself and your life you always know ‘is there’ and have never done anything about. This goes way back to 2017, 2018, 2019. Now, in January 2020, everything is laid bare and exposed and it seems silly to waste this fantastic opportunity to do some long-overdue repair work. Actually this goes beyond repairing yourself or your world. It is really about enhancement, because it is in the nature of Jupiter in Capricorn to not only help us fix up what has been neglected for such a long time, but also to offer us something potentially quite wonderful in its place. So keep on digging, fixing, amending – until 31st January. This would suit the Ceres in Capricorn transit which is also showing up in your chart. I have to say, anything or anybody that is really past its time in your life, has to go. We’re basically talking going, going, gone…by the end of the month. Some stuff about yourself or your life really has to be cleared up and dispensed with!

  18. Hi Jess,
    If you can spare the time – Just wondering as I have only minor planets Salacia, Proserpina and Diana in Aquarius – all at varying degrees. How do I best work these planets at this time? Cheers,

    1. I’m now back at my desk with a cup of tea after our Melbourne Astrology and Tarot workshop, so have plenty of time to look at your chart and very happy to go over the Aquarius weather. It begins with the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday 24th January. It does not stop for years, actually, as we are also looking at the arrival of Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius – all the way into late 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond 2023. This will change your life. The groups you were once involved with (for example, group projects, teams or clubs) will come back to you, for possible recycling or repair work. There may be buried treasure with those people, or the results of what you achieved – particularly if it happened when we saw Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. This took place in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. This year, and particularly in 2021, you are also going to join new networks of people, and realise you are one of many, as everyone with Aquarius factors is hearing the call. It’s rather like dogs hearing a whistle and racing to gather together! Within these circles you will find old acquaintances or friends become far more important, and new friends are also made. You are having similar patterns to John Lennon, actually. He experimented with different groups all his life, from The Beatles to his partner Yoko’s bands (she was a Sun Aquarius, he was a Moon Aquarius). He also obviously became involved with movements and wrote the immortal line ‘power to the people.’ He didn’t really do authority. He believed in the family of humanity. This is something in you which hasn’t really woken up yet, but when it does – if you go with it – it will transform our life. You will have a role as go-between, mediator, connector or negotiator within a group or between at least two groups. You will also discover or rediscover genuine feminism as a result of all this. How much, far and fast is up to you, but it’s in motion now, as a massive life choice for you. I would have said the same to John Lennon if he ever had the internet!

      1. Thanks so much – your Astro Workshops? God-willing, one of these day’s I’ll get to join you! So much for “minor planets”? I’m surrounded by close family and friends who are either Sun Aquarius or Aquarius Moon. Specifically, my tweenager – whose chart echos mine on many levels – is a Sagittarius with Jupiter in Aquarius. Feeling a sense of responsibility in guiding her through these times, so I found this article helpful in a very practical sense. For so many reasons – I feel affirmed by this. Before I leave, I had to smile regarding the John Lennon connection. that is just wonderful. I love the man. Take Care Jess x

          1. And one more thing before I go. While journalling this morning I heard him sing – not for the first time lately –
            ” Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

  19. Hello Jessica,

    This article is so hopeful after Uranus in Aries era. This new moon is on my Ops at 4 Aquarius. Sometimes I think I protected my kids as Ops did. I had my partner evicted because he either used the kids as bait for me to come back to him or threatened to harm them so that I fall at his feet. I believe that the time well-spend with the younger faces (teach, read or play with them & mentor) can have far better results than the time I spent with nurturing my ex-partner (moon in Cancer).

    All Aquarian activities trine my Libra stellium and my MC is in Aquarius too. Any insights you could share?

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you Saru – you did in fact, act out the Ops-Saturn myth in your horoscope. Very hard work and you have shifted a lot of old karma. As you are seeing, you have Aquarius transits, coming in rolling waves, which will trine your Libra stellium and conjunct your Aquarius MC. Between now (right now, January’s New Moon in Aquarius on Friday 24th) and going beyond 2023, you are going to find that the revival of so many trade unions, associations, charities, societies and popular movements – enriches your partnerships. We are going to see a resurgence of people power within groups, and just as we saw in the last outer planet transit of Aquarius, as the Millennium approached, there will be a fascination with teams, (like Olympics teams) but also ‘one world, one planet’ thinking. This has a trickle-down effect on your own life, and will either boost the partnership you are in, or bring a new partner to your door, who is thoroughly involved with a group or movement, you are also drawn to. This last point depends on an accurate birth time, as your MC is fixed to minute-specific movements in the chart.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Great article. I had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight about how out of step we feel regarding current world issues. Maybe because I have a stellium in Aquarius and he has a few things too we have always thought and felt this way and wonder where everyone else had been. I guess it’s that 20 year ahead thing. Your bit about the Outsider, Loner and Individual is spot on too. One thing I am happy about is Morrison and co. That can’t happen soon enough. What should I be looking at in my chart to make the most of this time period as this all seems like so yesterday? I also might be moving in February (I was trying to make it happen sooner) and there’s that retrograde coming.

    1. Watch out for this Mercury Retrograde as it’s in two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, and very tricky. If you have to move in February, have Plan A and Plan B and do more checking than you normally would. This is not so much your own chart, as the charts of the people you will be dealing with – for example, landlords, landladies, real estate agents, tenants, builders, neighbours and the rest. This particular Mercury Retrograde is more chaotic than usual because we find Neptune with all his confusion, alongside Mercury, in exactly the same sign – Pisces – which is always contradictory and conflicted anyway! Having a back-up plan, and another as well, is a good idea. As for the new world that is coming, you will be amazed at how quickly everything turns around just before Christmas 2020. The year 2021 will help a great many people who have been feeling out of tune with the world, finally ‘come home’ and this has not been possible for them since 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 – the last time we saw outer planets in Aquarius.

      1. Thanks Jessica. The moving situation started to go ahead at the beginning of Dec then stalled later in the month, recently went ahead a bit and has stalled again. Almost like a mini mercury retrograde. I figure it’s been meant to be this way so I can think some more about my choices. If it’s meant to happen it will and the delay will only be for the best. I’m thinking after the retro should be my new move date if it feels right. I’m looking forward to the changes this year is going to bring.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your work. I have a stellium in Aquarius with my MC at 28. I have strong group involvements already. As a Scorpio, Aquarius is the 4th house as you sometimes describe.

    I wonder if you seen anything for me. I also look forward to whatever you will write about the next node transit through Gemini/Sag as I have stelliums there as well, I feel like a lot of change is up ahead for me.


    1. You will go back into the groups in 2020 and by 2021 have made deeper and more powerful friendships with the people involved, and also found new friends who are currently on the outskirts of these groups. The biggest lesson of 2020 with this Aquarius stellium is to set aside the old Capricorn way of thinking about friendships, social media, your social life, clubs, teams, associations, networks and so on. Capricorn thinking is very ‘straight’ and rather regimented. It’s about the rules, and also the goals – the ambitions – the formal side of people in circle. What happen as that fades and Aquarius takes over will make a massive difference to your friendships and the groups themselves. It’s a little bit 1960’s CG and the world will come to you, and you will go to the world. Like-minded people from every culture and nationality are part of your new world by 2022.

      1. Thank you. Some really big thing always happens when Jupiter passes over my MC. Like a big achievement, something really positive. Last time I got my master’s degree from my dream school. The time before that I led a national youth conference. So I wonder what the stand out achievement might be on this next cycle.

        I am also wondering when my true love and life partner is going to come along. <3 Nothing happened when Jupiter passed over my DSC last year.


        1. Thank you. Not everyone gets a life partner! It’s actually a phenomenon of strongly Libran people and even then they need to be born at the right time. Lifelong marriage is increasingly looking like a lifestyle choice, since we all went through Pluto and Uranus in Libra, a few decades back in history. Jupiter on your Descendant would have given you an opportunity to fix any issues with former partners, or even love rivals – or exes who became enemies. It would have also opened a new door to a new lover. No more than that.

          1. Right lifestyle choice for many, a financial choice for many. Thank you. I have not given up on love and I remember all the things you told me before about Uranus in Taurus shaking up and waking up the ‘love/romance’ area of my life. I will let you know what happens.


  22. Happy New Year Jessica.
    I noticed that fellow member Nadir said she takes her MC very seriously and like her, have my MC in Aquarius. I also have Saturn in Aquarius at the same degree…Any thoughts?

    1. Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House is about to go under transit by a number of horoscope factors, ranging from Saturn himself (your Saturn Return) to Pluto, in the years ahead. It is through your friendships, your social life, social media and the groups you are involved with, that you learn every lesson your soul requires. This hasn’t really started. You will notice a new path opening up very close to this Friday’s New Moon in Aquarius, on Friday 24th January, as it falls in your Eleventh House. It will feel like all the lights going on, and you will see particular faces turn up then, who will be a feature of your year as a whole – and Saturn guarantees important lessons about group psychology. Rather than just take particular friends, groups, clubs, acquaintances, teams and so on, for granted, now is the time to do some research. Look once, twice, three times at who you are deepening your involvements with. Are there unwritten contracts? Look at any written agreements, too. The year 2021 is going to change your life, massively, for the better as Jupiter also transits Aquarius and your Eleventh House, and the group you are involved with then, will hit a big high, which draws you in too. Yet, the nature of the reward depends on the hard work you do now, starting at the end of this week.

  23. Hi,
    Thanks for this insightful article. Being an immigrant in USA, I have often felt like an outsider and the picture in this article is so relatable. I have Hygeia 4 Aquarius and Psyche 5 Aquarius. Can you share some insights about my 2020?

    1. Feeling like an outsider, yet also intuitively connected to groups, is part of the Aquarian path. If you are an immigrant then you are part of the new world which is coming, once the South Node goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House, on May 6th. This long cycle lasts until January 18th 2022, and it will bring about closure for every nation, as some ancient debts and credits are settled. Some of these concern the Second World War, when we saw this cycle. Others go far back in time and concern trade – The Silk Road! So, take a deep breath because your life is going to change in stages, starting with the New Moon this Friday, which conjuncts your Hygiea and Psyche at 4 and 5 Aquarius. That is a fresh start with old friends, new friends, and networks of all kinds. Circles upon circles. You then experience one wave after another of possibilities involving communities and clubs, teams and societies, associations and unions. Any cluster. This then begins to draw in massive changes right around the world regarding immigration, visas, residency, trade tariffs – from May. All of this has a domino effect on your own life, and you may decide to relocate in 2021, or take an extended break in a different place. The year 2021 finds Jupiter (opportunity and solutions) also on your Hygiea and Psyche, so the groups that you are involved with so heavily that year, will allow you to see how valued and important you are to the community, in a brand new way.

      1. Thanks for that information!
        I am 36 years old and super worried about when will I get married. Have been dating for many years now, unsuccessfully. Sometimes I think the Gods must be tired of my constant prayers 🙁

        What can you say about marriage?

        1. Marriage is Seventh House and ruled by Libra. Marriage, mostly for money and a home, is Eighth House and ruled by Scorpio. Your chart suggests you would benefit from losing the labels you hang on marriage. For whatever reason you associate it with worry, lack of success and tiredness. That’s really not going to get you very far. The fastest way out of your issues with marriage, love, sex and possibly money and property (attached) is to go with friendship. The weather of 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond is about friendship first and everything else later. So make new friends and put more energy into old friends. Forget about rings and cakes. Do friendship and groups and see what comes your way. Much easier and way more fun.

          1. Your insights and the words you use to translate them into are worth more than you know!
            Thank you, again.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Another amazing article. Thank you so much. I love your work.
    I am sun sign Aries but I have Juno, Ceres, Fortuna, Bacchus, Salacia, Vulcano and Psyche in Aquarius.
    I have been out of work since last July and have set up a company on my own. I just can’t seem to get a decent contract to keep me afloat despite years of global experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I either get a response from companies I contact saying they don’t need someone as experienced or don’t get a response at all.
    Also, some friends, family members and associates seem to have distanced themselves from me. They don’t contact me at all or as much as they used to.
    Am beginning to think I’m cursed for some reason.
    Are you able to look at my chart and shed some light on this?

    1. Thank you! Your situation sounds rather heavy, and being out of work for nearly eight months is very hard to deal with. You are also noticing some friends and family have fallen out of touch with you. You are not cursed, but you are probably having Cancer-Capricorn issues, as Cancer rules family and Capricorn rules career. On closer inspection we find the Moon at 3 Capricorn, Panacea at 5 Capricorn (more on her in a moment), Apollo at 9 Capricorn, Ops at 15 Cancer. Panacea is a symbol of cures and remedies. As you are experienced in the pharmaceutical industry you probably know she is named in The Hippocratic Oath. She is a 2000-year-old symbol of the ethical and moral issues which surround solutions. In other words, we know medical marijuana helps people living with cancer, but in some parts of the world it is illegal. We know euthanasia is considered as a mercy by some, but again, it can be illegal in some countries. This is all pretty heavy stuff, but as you have Panacea in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, you may want to look that up. It works both ways. It’s not just about your actual job, but it also indicates that you are suited to corporate life, big business, government departments and other mountain-shaped hierarchies and institutions – universities and academia too. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the biggest peak. With Panacea there, but also Apollo (who also healed) and the Moon (a symbol of the ‘need to be needed’) you are very well suited to massive structures with distinct layers, and an elite at the top. You can plug into those and give the people climbing, as well as the ‘top goats’ what they want and need. At the other end we have Ops in Cancer in your Fourth House of family, describing your role as the fix-it woman. So, here we have a picture of someone who professionally but also personally is really there to repair. What is happening to you is this – first Pluto, then Saturn and the South Node-North Node complex, but also Ceres -are all triggering Capricorn and Cancer in your chart. These are very demanding and difficult cycles and they bring up karma as well. So, you have been dealing with past life stories, but also more recent karma from 2000-2001. You are over the worst and the break you need is coming. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, breakthroughs and big answers, crosses Ops at 15 Capricorn around the second week of February 2020. Son and mother meet, in your horoscope. By then, you also find the North Node-South Node complex about to pass over Panacea in March, at 5 degrees, then finally your Moon, at 3 degrees, in the very last week of March. You are going to find a big door opens (Jupiter) to possible long-term outcomes for you, professionally. There will also be some past-life soul contracts coming into play, as the North Node and South Node go over Cancer (family) and Capricorn (career). We could be talking the Second World War actually, as the cycle goes back that far. Yet, we may also be talking Ancient Rome! None of this is going to be easy. All of it will be hard work. Yet, all of it will benefit you for years into the future and in many ways, cancel old soul debts and credits. The conversations you have with a relative in February, March 2020 are as important as the conversations you have with those who are high up in your profession. Once you get to May 6th 2020 and the Node cycle breaks at last, you will feel like a completely different person and be operating in a new world. This is literally true. You will be dealing with the new world of free trade agreements and N.H.S. overhaul in New Great Britain and you will be stunned at the change.

  25. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year. I hope I’m not to late with my question. I have a stellium in Aquarius and Sagittarius and be grateful to know how this transit will work out for me. Thanks in advance as I know you are so busy.
    Best wishes,

    1. Happy Lunar New Year, Agnes – we are nearly there – Friday 24th January. You are very lucky to have both those stelliums, as you are set to take your place in the new world that is evolving, from this New Moon in Aquarius on Friday, five days away, right past 2023, as Pluto goes into Aquarius. You were born with a Sagittarius-Aquarius signature which is all about being a world citizen, a traveller, explorer, permanent ‘student of life’, teacher for others (unofficially), social butterfly and friend to all. Aquarius is rather separate from the groups, friends and acquaintances around, while being quite indispensable to them. Sagittarius balances that, because there is such a tremendous need to know. To discover and uncover. To learn. Yet, also, to teach in some way. At different points in your life this becomes formal, so you find yourself mentoring or guiding younger or less experienced people. What happens, in stages, as we go through the New Moon in Aquarius, the Mercury Retrograde transit of Aquarius (February 2nd until March 16th), the Ceres transit of Aquarius (February 1st until April 23rd then September 28th until November 9th), the Mars transit of Aquarius (March 31st until May 13th), the Saturn transit of Aquarius (March 23rd until July 1st, then December 18th onwards) is the long, long, rebirth of your social life, friendships and group involvements. As you can see, we have some retrogrades in there. Mercury is going backwards. So are Saturn and Ceres. That can buy you time, actually. You are going to hit some long delays, reversals and changes with these networks of people in 2020, but it serves a purpose, as you are very new to this cycle, not having seeing this kind of heavy Aquarius weather since 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, when Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius. This pulls in ‘the new Europe’ (after Great Britain leaves the European Union on 31st January) but also ‘the new World’ as the free trade agreements which are coming will redraw the map. As the South Node of karma enters Sagittarius and your Ninth House of learning, teaching, exploration, adventure, emigration, vacation, publishing and the worldwide web after May 6th 2020 and will be there right through this Aquarius weather arrival (until January 18th 2022) you can be sure that the planet will open up for you to supply what it needs, in terms of knowledge flow, and there will be old friendships revived and new friendships made, ahead. You are very likely to say yes to a tempting new project or plan which pulls together a range of faces from different cultures and nationalities. Together you can do just about anything!

  26. Hello, Jessica. I’m a bit late for personal question. I hope I will hear from you. I have a stellium in Aquarius and also…as my name suggests, I have stellium in 6 signs. I really don’t know where to look at. I am trying to sell our home and find a new one in the same region but different city. I am longing for having my time to work on my ideas while taking care of my young child which is wonderful thing but takes most of my time. I had a few years of searching what I could do next and when I found something (very motivated) , I had my baby in 2018. So I could not have done much at all. Now I am starting to have a bit of my time but not enough. Could you look at my chart and tell me how the transit works for me, please?

    Best wishes,

    1. You’ll find other people like yourself with the same issues about time, energy, money, lifestyle, home – as the year goes on. Eventually by 2021 you will be in a position to help each other out and time-share, exchange, job-share, chore-share, lift-share. It’s the share economy. An obvious example is pooling childcare. It is so very new and different it hasn’t really hit yet but eventually you’ll see it and use it. The sale of your home may go back and forth for a while as you are entering Mercury Retrograde in February, early March. Have Plan B.

      1. I’ve never heard of pooling childcare. So will look up. Thank you very much for your time.

  27. Hi Jessica, thanks for such an interesting article. Out of all the placements I have I’ve struggled most with making sense and good use of my Aquarius factors (I have 5 placements there, 6 in Taurus, 4 in Cancer yet have always felt more in tune with my 4 planets in Pisces chart signature!). I’ve been reading the other comments here and can definitely relate. It’s been a lifelong of feeling somewhat on the outs, struggling to find my people and place, wanting to help people and animals and even the fulfilling expression of my soul work… a moving feast is fine but some clarity would be marvellous! How can I work best with these influences? You’ve mentioned before that 2021 will feel and look hugely different- much like the planet it seems! Any advice on how best to handle the juju in such a big period of change? Thanks so much, Lauren 🙂

    p.s – After decades of reading horoscopes and loving everything Astro I have just enrolled in Sun Sign School and cant wait to soak it all in!

    1. Welcome to Sun Sign School. We’ll have events in Australia, Great Britain and the United States (from 2021) so do stay in touch, as meeting other people on your wavelength is the best way of learning. Lauren, the Aquarius weather will pick you up and carry you, in stages, as you realise that there are others like yourself who want to connect with people through ideas and ideals, rather than other motives, and stick quite purely to those shared goals or visions. This will bring you back into an old network you were already part of, but it’s a case of ‘once more with feeling.’ It will also greatly encourage you to do what comes naturally and become involved with a brand new circle of people. There is nothing strained or artificial about any of this. It comes logically and naturally in its own time, rather like rolling waves on the beach – starting with a small wave this Friday and Saturday. More waves come in March, April, and particularly from December, and February 2021 is another big patch of surf. As you are also strongly Pisces you intuitively feel where others are coming from so this saves time for you. Ultimately, it may be music that pulls you together with people, or music itself which is the shared goal.

      1. Perfect. My favourite piece of art is a beautiful seascape canvas in my living room called ‘Rolling’! It’s where I visualise my future. So the wave analogy really speaks to me on a few levels. Thank you so much 🙂

  28. Hi Jessica, wow changing yet hopefully exciting times ahead . I have a stellium in Aquarius and Sagittarius and am wondering which areas of my life in particular will be affected by the astrology over the next few years? Do you see big changes in my life? If so, will it be a little way down the track given I’m in the later degrees of Aquarius? Kindest regards, Aquarius Dreamer

    1. You will see signs of your new social life and group involvements in 2020, as the foundations are laid for a new pathway in your life in 2021. That year, Jupiter will move through your Eleventh House of community, co-operation and collaboration, opening new doors for you to expand your circle of friends. You will also get so much more from existing friendships. You will join together with others in a group venture which brings wonderful rewards. You will also make new friends who are well-connected, successful, wealthy and/or well-known. By 2022 you will realise you can do more together than you ever could alone, and that being ‘married’ to a society, association, club, team, or other circle of people is as good as marriage.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    At the start if this article I thought ‘oh I don’t think I’ve got any Aquarius factors’… then I looked at the dates and positions bit, and remembered – ah, my South Node at 11 Aquarius! And then found I could frame my long term (21 year) career muddle as ‘Leo vs Aquarius’. Despite being highly creative and artistically talented my first degree is in… sociology. Because I felt responsible for the lives of others. I remember being offered a chance to swap courses, to history of art, because I yearned for an artistic focus – but I decided to stick with sociology because I felt guilty for ‘abandoning’ the cause of vulnerable people. I went on to become a market researcher, helping businesses to understand people, but it never sat right. I kept drawing, studied design as a second degree – but again, felt guilty about ‘indulging’ my own wants/needs, and worried what my peers would think – so I worked in the charity sector. Put creative stuff on the back burner… Now I’m almost 40 and am still wrestling with this. I’ve started being selfish enough to give my time and energy to creative projects, and I love it – I feel like I am unfurling my butterfly wings. But I need an extra income, and find myself mostly considering work based on the needs of others…

    The Leo bit wants to boldly say ‘I’m a highly creative person, an artist and author, ta-da!’ but the Aquarius bit wants to say ‘how about training as a speech and language therapist to help kids and stroke patients…’. But I suspect that would take over and I’d still be a frustrated artist… I feel I’d rather shine in my creative pursuits, and then use my profile to run workshops in schools, and teach at a college… also use my work to subtly champion the underdogs, and if I’m ever even vaguely well-known, I’ll use that to raise awareness of the causes I care about…

    Thanks for prompting a bit of insight! Please excuse my slightly lengthy comment… : /

    1. Thank you. The Leo-Aquarius clash in an astrological chart is unusual because the signs are so far apart that few people have planets, asteroids, angles or other factors in the Lion or the Water-Bearer. The clash was known hundreds of years ago. The lion leads and rules the people. The water-bearer supplies and supports the people. They are very different roles.

  30. Jessica,

    It is truly a great thing that you are such a prolific researcher and writer. There is No lack of substantive change in the world!

    As to Aquarian points-I have always wondered how my natal Chiron, in the initial minutes of Aquarius in my tenth house ,would play out especially with the forthcoming transit of Jupiter/Saturn conjoining in December at that point for a new 20 year economic cycle. Also, Fortuna in Aquarius-is that the same as Point of Fortune? and how would it play out in the New Aquarian age?

    Blessings for your vigor- and peace- in these highlighted times.

    1. Thank you very much GB, I am raising my cup of tea to you, on Wednesday morning in Melbourne. Fortuna is not the Part of Fortune, they are different. She is an asteroid daughter of Jupiter. She describes how you ‘spin’ fate and fortune for other people without realising what you are doing. If you pick up the guides that come with Premium Membership you’ll find out more about her. The Aquarius weather passing through your Eleventh House, goes in waves. The first wave is this Friday 24th January. We then go into another, deeper wave in February, then a real tidal wave in March. December, though, is the beginning of the sea change for you. All along, this involves old and new friends. Different social circles, communities, groups, clubs and teams. They overlap so there are circles, upon the circles. You will find a current you like to cruise on, socially, or because you have a strong sense that a big dream can be achieved with the right people. You’ll sail along this, spiralling upwards, for some years – beyond 2023 when you realise how sensationally powerful these people always were, with you.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I am loving reading your posts, I do get very excited. the Capricorn affect was amazing and so spot on . This post makes me curious because I am a Sun Capricorn with a stellium in Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio. I do tend to be a bit of a hermit or loner, spending a lot of time by myself, with small bursts of social outings to connect . The last ten years have been so changeable in all life areas and the last 2 years I have been trying really hard to get back on my feet and start again, it’s been challenging!! What I miss the most I guess is having like minded souls in my life. I am spiritual in nature with interests in astrology, cards, meditation etc. I’m a mum with 3 teenagers at home … 2 of them Aquarius milliniels ( one of them is a vegan ) What kind of things do you see from from my natal Aquarius planets especially since a couple of them are apposed to my natal Leo planets ?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to Alyas, Brooke, James, Justin and Kerry, who make this website possible. Looking at your chart, I can see that you are at a classic crossroads in 2020. You are going to see ‘the beginning of the end’ of situations, organisation or even people which you feel have taken over (and not in a particularly good way). You are also going to see ‘the beginning of’ the beginning. So it’s this really intense year for you, with a massive final chapter – and the start of a new book – all overlapping each other. I expect you will travel ambitiously or even move. You have major Sagittarius weather coming from May 2020, into your Ninth House of relocation and vacation. The South Node goes into Sagittarius then, for the first time in 19 years, and it will trigger your chart. This is great as it brings out the explorer and adventurer in you. Your Mercury in Sagittarius will wake up. My only comment here is to prepare carefully and use your Capricorn side to be a little bit more cautious about the big adventure, journey or new home. Listen to even the smallest voice which tells you to slow down, pause and check out each and every possible pathway to the new destination. But – this will speak to your soul. You’re going. The Node stays in Sagittarius until January 2022 so you have plenty of time. Like-minded souls will not be an issue, as there are a ton of fellow wanders or adventurers out there who are also looking for people like you, either on the road, in the new place, or online, throughout the trip..

  32. Well thankyou for your insights Jessica, i had a chuckle when I read this , because I would really love to travel !! And I do get the vibe that everything is in the middle of a change, In between!! I will definitely take it all on board. Cheers

  33. hi jessica
    thank you so much for all your wonderful insight. I am new to your blogs but am following all the time. thank you for sharing your gifts.
    I would like to ask 2 questions. I am cancer 22/7/65 2.30pm. its meant to be fab for career but I never seem to be lucky. Do you think it really will be this year. HS2 ive not seen any comments on this from you – do you think it really will happen – its so sad for the environment, for wildlife – surely in capricorn weather the people can change this course and not allow the big greedy companies to do this.
    thank you so much for all your support

    1. Fab year for Cancer career? It’s complicated, actually. You have Chiron in Aries in your Tenth House of career, so the issue is not fabulous projects, roles, luck or goals – it is quite different. It is about discovering what you can get away with. How you can bend or break the rules. You will be guided, mentored or influenced very strongly by someone who is on the fringes in some way. If you are not already being shown a new path, it will happen in April or May 2020. I note that the suffering wildlife in the path of the new PM Johnson government development don’t have a choice or a voice. This can and does get better, for all creatures, drastically so from May 2020. We’d hope your protest was heard and acted on. On the plus side, every development I have ever seen ‘go full steam ahead’ on Mercury Retrograde falls over, sooner or later.

  34. Hi Jessica
    Another great article. Just watched the Oscar ceremony, from the first foreign language to win best picture,
    Speeches for equality and sustainable fashion. I can feel the age of Aquarius is slowly folding before our eyes.
    What do you think?

    1. Thank you so much. You are absolutely right. Hollywood usually gets trends 1-2 years before they break and this is absolutely Aquarius thinking. One world, one planet.

  35. Hello Jessica,

    What does all this Aquarius weather mean for me? Im currently suffering mercury retrograde conjuct my venus. I had anew start with love on Jan 24th, that faded as mercury hit eventhough I know mercury wasn’t the culprit. I have my IC at 0-1 of Aquarius. What can I expect with Saturn this month and then again with Saturn and Jupiter in Dec. Please advise if possible. Feeling lost and loney.

    1. I am sorry you feel lost and lonely. You are not alone in finding March really, really difficult. It does get better. Please know that your peace of mind and happiness does not depend on this person. I know it is really hard work to coax yourself out of this, because your hormones have likely had a field day, but find out what works for other people and do it. Treat yourself to that. Do some serious internet research on how people deal with a break. Your chart suggests you are really good in groups, so start there, when you feel okay again. Social distance, but find your tribe. It works.

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