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Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024

Jupiter and Uranus 2023-2024

From May 16th 2023 until May 25th 2024, Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Taurus, the finance sign. This is a rare money cycle for you when you will be given opportunities to benefit enormously from sudden changes around you. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus is what the world needs as I write this on 18th December 2022.

Looking a year or two into the future, astrology says you will gain. If you need help, you’ll get it. If you are in line for enormous profits, a windfall or big bargains – they are coming.

Circle April 2024 in Your Diary

Circle April 18th-26th 2024 in your diary as a time to make or save a lot of money. On those dates we will see a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus and then 22 Taurus.

If you have anything in your chart at 21 or 22 Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn then you are in luck then, as the ripple effect of other people’s financial gains, spreads out to you, helping your career, academic career or unpaid work (you may be hired or promoted). People may invest in you. There could be a boom in your field.

Jupiter is about opportunity. Uranus is about liberation. Put them in Taurus, the sign ruling wages and salary, and we will also see a repeat of a 1941 cycle that put male wages in women’s hands. (Images: Wikimedia).

We Can Do It NARA 535413   Restoration 2 232x300 - Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024 inspired 2016 03 rosie riveter honors main 1 232x300 - Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024 British Sailor First Soda 225x300 - Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024

Equal Pay for Women

The last time we saw this cycle in 1941 in Australia the ACTU pushed for equal pay for women because they were doing mens’ jobs. By 2024 women will get it. 1941 was also the year of Rosie the Riveter. Women were forced to work in male careers in 1941 because their husbands were at war – and earn a wage.

As every Jupiter cycle always moves the story forward, we would expect governments in several countries to introduce legislation for equal pay in 2023-2024.

Check Your Birth Chart

Male or female, if  you have anything in your birth chart at 21 or 22 Taurus you will profit or gain, if you take the opportunities which come out of the blue, then. The biggest and best financial opportunities and the most liberating new changes are coming.

Universal Credit, One World Currency

I was chatting to my friends Imogen Edwards-Jones and Sarah Vine about this, in December 2022, for Sarah Vine’s Femail Half-Hour at the Daily Mail.

We will see Universal Basic Income introduced into several countries. Called UBI for short, it is an obvious outcome of this Taurus conjunction, but also Pluto in Aquarius, the great leveller of rich and poor.

One world currency will also be here for the same reason. This is an unusual, radical, historic cycle. It won’t be Bitcoin. Expect a new digital coin.

We will also see tax reform by May 25th 2024 which stops the greed at the top. Finally, there will be money laundering arrests which result in the seizure of billions of dollars/pounds worth of assets, to all our benefit.

horoscope chart wheel 300x200 - Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024
Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus are coming

Taurus in Your Chart

Taurus in your chart, where we find problem-solving Jupiter and liberating Uranus, rules your Second House. If you have anything at all in the zodiac sign of Taurus, then Jupiter will pass over it.

You can expect some or all of the following  on this list to occur, on a grand scale. Jupiter does everything in a big way. In astronomy he is a gas giant. He is associated with expansion, growth and booms. Jupiter is always shown with a thunderbolt in his hand by the Romans, who considered him ‘Optimus Maximus’ – the greatest and best of the gods. The dramatic, magnificent ‘boom’ sound of thunder is a good way to think about what is coming for you as Jupiter slowly but surely forms transiting conjunctions, with Taurus factors in the Second House of your chart.

Tax cuts
Deep discounts
Bigger percentage shares
A buyers’ market and lower prices
The sale of the century
Free offers galore
Big bargains
Huge profits
Large gains
Record-breaking offers
Steep increase in value
Your market worth goes up
Pay rises

Are you  Aries or Libra?

You are the two luckiest signs of all, as Jupiter goes into your Second House of personal income (Aries) and Eighth House of joint income (Libra). You will save or make a small fortune by May 25th 2024.

What 1940, 1941 Tell Us About 2023, 2024

Lend-Lease was signed into law on March 11th, 1941, and ended on September 20th, 1945. It was a $31.4 billion gift to the UK which never had to be repaid.

America sent aid as follows: $31.4 billion to the United Kingdom, $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $3.2 billion to France, $1.6 billion to China, and the remaining $2.6 billion to other Allies. Jupiter and Uranus were both in Taurus from May 16th 1940 until May 26th 1941. This is a classic astrology outcome.

We will see a new US world trade deal in 2023-2024 which benefits Britain. This time around, China and Russia will be treated differently in the deal. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus put America at the centre.

Cheerful News for the Economy

Cheerios were invented on this cycle, but cheerful news also arrived in America with the end of the Great Depression in 1941. Finally,  unemployment dropped and output went up.

Watch New Inventions in 2023-2024

In 1941, the last time we saw this rare cycle, the world’s first working general computer arrived. It was called the Z3. Watch for lucrative new investments when Jupiter and Uranus are in Taurus.  Jet planes arrived in 1941. Uranus has always ruled new inventions. Jupiter rules potential gain. Watch what arrives by 2024. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus are certain to bring the distant future into the present. Should you invest?

Look at the blue highlighted dates below. Thursday 18th through Friday 26th April 2024. I am always asked about lucky dates. Well, here they are. Mercury Retrograde is here too, which suggests rapidly changing prices on sharemarkets worldwide and an exciting, unpredictable time for shares when bargains can be bought and resold. You will need your own chart to see if this applies to you. This feels like a gigantic global jumble sale.

Let’s leave it there. But do take a closer look, as we peer two years into the future…This is an Ephemeris for April 2024 supplied by one of my favourite astrology websites, Astrodienst. 

2024 JUPITER - Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus 2023-2024

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221 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, I hope you are doing well I have a Taurus Stellium so this seems really cool it seems from what I have read you are predicting a lot to change starting from march when pluto goes into Aquarius Since Jupiter Is going Taurus I’m really excited to see what happens, I wonder though since I also have an Aquarius stellium how these two energies will impact me simultaneously?

    Also just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done so far keep it up!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus man with stelliums in Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio. Reading your public (Taurus) chart alongside your birth chart, your Aquarius stellium in the Eleventh House of friends and groups is the most important focus. This also shows up in your solar chart, as you have Neptune in Pisces in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and he will be joined by Saturn from March 2023. That month is pivotal. In March we also find Saturn leaving Aquarius and Pluto moving in. In the smallest way, March 2023 is the entree to life until 2044, regarding your allies, social circles, Twitter, members’ clubs, teams, associations and so on. March finds you no longer stuck with a situation where you feel you cannot get out, or cannot get in. So, you may have been lumbered with a friend in 2021, 2022 early 2023, or really restricted, even barred from joining or accessing, a particular community of people. March ends this and opens a door to the future. The group or friendship will change and become more powerful from March, but the barriers will go. Alternatively you will make new friends or join a new group where you realise people power can do anything; the collective is a potent force. You have your part to play with that as you are so strongly Aquarian and understand how to give people what they need; how to help them pool resources; how to work with the most diverse, tolerant, collective of your fellow human beings. Just go in slowly; what you agree to in late March is something you may have to live with longer than you expected, so do some research first.

  2. Hello Jessica
    I have a stellium in scorpio. Will this have any impact when jupiter and uranus goes into Taurus?
    Thank you,

    1. Good question. Your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House describes joint finances. Typically, a sexual and financial relationship (like a marriage and mortgage) but also the legacy your family makes, which names you – and the contents of the legacy or will you have made, naming others. This is part of your life and personality, but ever since the South Node went into Scorpio, opposite the North Node in Taurus, you have been dealing with the difference between your life budget, and the life budgets of those around. For example, I had a reader whose boyfriend was obsessed with his car and his renovations (the Australian suburban dream) but she could care less and didn’t like him being in debt. It strained the relationship. Sometimes this pattern shows up as your views on spending, versus those of a parent. This tug-of-war ends in July 2023 when the nodes change signs. Just before then you have Jupiter joining Uranus in opposition, from May, so any remaining differences or gaps are beneficial. Any tug-of-war no longer keeps you stuck. Instead it offers you benefits.

  3. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for all your insights and gifts! I’m excited that finally Libra will experience financial luck after what feels like decades of worry.
    Would you mind looking at my chart as I have a taurus and Airies stellium as well.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. With Uranus in Taurus transiting your Second House since 2018, you have probably felt that the most unpredictable, unstable house guest has moved into your life. Before 2018 you knew where you stood with your bank account, credit card, house, apartment, business, valuables – even your shopping. Since then nothing has been fixed, firm or finished; it is always a work in progress. What you gain from this instability is freedom. You have been offered independence from (insert word here) or independence through (insert word here) repeatedly. There will be bigger and better offers from May 2023 to May 2024 as a person, organisation or situation which offers big win-win answers for you and others, appears.

  4. Thank you Jessica for this hopeful blog.
    There has been challenging times for all of us as a collective so good to hear out of it will bring positive change to one and all.

    If you would be so kind to take a look at my chart for this time ahead I would appreciate what you have say .

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries woman with stelliums in Aries and Leo. That’s unusual. You shine brightly when you put effort, time and energy into your appearance, title and reputation. The packaging. You are at your brilliant best when you are upfront, front-and-centre and flying the flag for something greater than yourself. Fearless and forthright. Now until May 2023, you are being given one opportunity after another to do that. Have your portrait painted; your photograph taken; a YouTube clip made – it will show you at your best. The Leo stellium in your Fifth House is about the bedroom; courtship; heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. It can be about a daughter; a godson; young people en masse whom you influence. This area of your life is a growing concern/a going concern for many years into the future. Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries will form terrific sextiles and trines in your chart from the end of the Twenties into the Thirties. That is when you realise you are Queen to a younger court, but also the Queen who has her commands met in the royal bed chamber too.

  5. Hi Jessica, I have a Taurus stellium too, finances are not great at the moment, hopefully this means a positive change x

    1. A Taurus stellium in the Second House of personal income, shopping, selling, business, houses, apartments, charity, collectors’ items and above all your values is at the heart of 2018-2026 because Uranus is in Taurus for that entire period. You have already seen the last thing you expected as your world turned upside-down in 2020 with Covid. That is typical of Uranus. It also sets you free. So, even though Covid has been a world economic shock, if you are honest about it, 2018-2023 has liberated you from something/someone – or given you freedom and independence by offering it to you. A very common example is not going to the supermarket any more, but having home delivery or going to an open-air food market. Free from aisles and queues. A less common example is saving money from not eating out/not recreational shopping/not flying (all Covid protections) and realising you can use it to be free from credit card debt. You will have your own story. If Uranus is freedom, Jupiter is solutions, abundance, luck, benevolence, growth, expansion. Put that together and as soon as May 2023 you will see the most dazzling answer staring you in the face.

  6. Oh well! Taurus is the only sign I have absolutely nothing in! ‍♀️ (15.9.56)
    Thank you though Jessica for your such interesting articles.

  7. Hello Jessica! Happy Lunar New Year!
    April 18-26, 2024 seems to be far from a stagnant, boring time for me, with many transit planets aspecting many of my natal ones.
    Would these bring me a new, fulfilling job (with technological breakthrough)? I’ve had a very rough time for a looong time now..

    Also, if you don’t mind, more generally, will we see a new wave of technology in the space of rejuvenation, self-awareness, meditation, alternative reality now with Ne and Sa in Pisces? A scientific, objective understanding of what is hard to define? Would science accept (and give some structure to) the subjective?
    Thank you so much for your very inspiring blog articles!

    1. Jobs are Virgo and Capricorn in your chart so I’ll take a look next. There is no evidence that Saturn and Neptune in Pisces bring new technology to meditation. New technology is Uranus. It’s a good question about science lending structure to meditation (or prayer) and that may happen again; we may find research proving prayer works, for example, with its impact in laboratory experiments. Your chart shows you are a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium, so the transit of the South Node in Libra in your Tenth House of career (from July 2023) will bring career, university or unpaid work karma from 18 or 19 years prior, and you will go through the cycle to 2024. At the same time, in your natal chart, we find Pluto leaving your Tenth House in March and returning in June, but retrograde (backwards). These two backwards cycles from June/July suggest mid-year if you do gain a new job, you will see it is karmic in nature from your life as it stood 18 or 19 years before, but you are also being set on the road to sign-off closure with powerful people or dominating groups/organisations. You will see these faces or businesses/corporations go backwards as their structure is doomed, or their future is finite. It begins in March and will be immediately obvious to you.

  8. Hello lovely Jessica – Thank you so much yet again for an amazing article. I have Taurus factor at 19 deg and a Virgo factor at 23 deg – would that count at all? I also have a libra stellium. My husband has a Taurus and Aquarius stellium – sun Taurus 19 (10/05/75) – very keen to hear what you think. We had a huge financial breakthrough in 2020 but haven’t been able to take full advantage of it – been stuck and gone backwards in the last few months. Do Jupiter and Uranus finally help us move forwards? Thank you once again for all your brilliant work. Long may it continue.

    1. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will help both you and your husband save or make a lot of money, starting in May 2023. You have until May 2024 to take advantage of the offers and opportunities ahead. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Lunar New Year.

  9. Thanks for this article Jessica! I have stelliums in Taurus, Cancer, Aries and Aquarius so am looking forward to upcoming changes. I also drew a two of pentacles when asking about what I need to know at the new moon, and the interpretation mentioned balance, and Taurus/Scorpio. I noted the April dates – I don’t have any Taurus factors at the degrees you mentioned but have the South Node, Psyche and Ceres at 29 degrees. I’m also due for my Jupiter return (I’ve Jupiter at 23 Aries). I’ve been waiting a long time to buy my first home so hope Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will help Melbourne house prices to continue to fall. Can you please share your insights about my situation? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The Tarot went straight to your Taurus and Scorpio stelliums, which are all about money. The New Moon itself didn’t aspect your chart, but the faithful cards hopped to the transits you now have in Taurus and Scorpio until July 2023. You need a new budget. You are being pushed and pulled in two directions are not grounded. The world economy is unstable which is not helping. Rather than juggle, create a new system which is easier to manage. The situation will ease up from July when the nodes leave Scorpio-Taurus.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    You just gave me a hope for a better future for me and my family. I’m Aquarius ♒️ and I have Mars 21 Capricorn and Jupiter 21 Taurus in my natal chart.
    Thank you for a great article!

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your amazing insights. I am just wondering how this impacts being an Aries and Libra stellium? I don’t believe I am impacted by the Taurus change altgough I have 3 planets with Taurus, highest being 18°

    Have a fabulous day


    1. Thank you Kristy. If you have Aries and Libra stelliums, you are destined to go through karma with your other half/the other side from July 2023 when the lunar nodes go into those signs. By 2024 you will realise that the repetitive nature of one situation with a partner/opponent owes a lot to life as it was 18 or 19 years before. You owe, from that time, or are owed. Hence the need to develop, spiritually, which will come with this transit.

  12. Hello Jessica

    This coming time seems to be amazing , although I slightly worry that last time women’s work was recognised because they were doing it so much (1941 as you say) was when males were away at war, and the attendant deaths would presumably have been associated with the change to many family trees that is apparently also coming this year world wide. I hope these two issues don’t come together for us this year in the same way. And, of course, I check the Harry thread every day for new comments and responses! Your work is brilliant – and assiduous. We are so lucky.

    I’m wondering whether you are able to provide any insights for financial gains for me in March 23 onwards, since Fortuna and Mercury are both at 20deg in Taurus. Does this mean the opportunities will apply to me as well – and, if so, what sort of things should I be especially aware of? Is there also any possible interaction effect from bodies at 20/21 degrees in other houses – Vesta at 21 and Hygeia at 20 in Aries, and then Fortuna and Mercury at 20 in Virgo, and Proserpina at 21 Scorpio? I’ll understand if you can’t because you’re so busy.

    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. The family tree which shakes for all of us in 2023 is down to transits in Aries, Libra and Capricorn all destabilising branches on your mother’s side or father’s side, as well as any self-created family you have. It’s not a bad thing to let a tree renew but this is the transition when the old has to go, so the new can grow. Another reason for this is the entry of Pluto in Aquarius which will trigger Millennials who want to leave home. On a global level we will find our roots exposed for examination so people in the Commonwealth may be peering at the history of slavery or colonisation which surrounds their ancestors. All change. Your money is Taurus and the Second House and you have the South Node there. You thus have the North Node in Scorpio in the Eighth House and a Scorpio stellium too. The historic stretch (tug-of-war) between two sides of yourself, or between yourself and a partner or relative, ends in July. You currently have the nodes transiting those signs. The strain or inner conflict/external differences finishes in July and there is karmic closure then. It will not be until 2026 when Uranus leaves Taurus that you can finally say your finances are on an even keel, but until then, learn to be flexible. You could easily save or make money from May 2023 with those Taurus transits, but remember everything is opposite Scorpio, until 2026, so stay light on your feet so you can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

  13. Good Evening Jessica,
    It is so nice to hear this good news!
    Keep our fingers crossed, 2024 is expected to be good year.
    I pray this cycle will be financially better for me.
    What do you think? Thank you

    1. Thank you. I think you mean 2023. March 2023 is the end of endless questions about how much power you have with a particular sum of money, a grant, a house, an apartment and so on. You have learned all about using your willpower since 2008 but no longer have to do that after March. Even the replay of a situation from June can no longer affect you, as particular situations are on the way out. This is very commonly a cycle when you lend your sister money to build a house and she does not repay it; you let your friend rent your home at a bargain rate; you find yourself liable for big business issues in very complicated arrangements; you rely on your husband to pay the mortgage but in return he controls your life at home. So you see. Pluto can be really demanding. From March, he’s over.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I have Ceres Diana and Proserpina in Taurus and I am Libra Ascendant
    My Husband has stelliums in Libra
    and we are currently looking for a new home and would this period help us or how it will impact us


    1. Yes, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, from May 2023 until May 2024 will help you save enough money to get the home you want, or find a bargain which is affordable to you. You may also purchase and find the value of your home increases. All these are typical outcomes of Jupiter’s transit through your Second House. He will form conjunctions with Ceres (a deal) Diana (your independence) and Proserpina (you are the middle person in a situation) so this looks like paperwork ahead, to your advantage, in that time-frame.

  15. Hi Jessica – After a break from being a member of your website due to financial constraints, it’s good to be back. I enjoy reading your insightful blogs. Can you please have a look at my chart and see if anything applies? We’re in the middle of building a new house, I’ve just accepted a new job with higher pay and still studying and wondering when will the right time be to push my creative pursuits (writing and photography).

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini with stelliums in Gemini, Aries, Libra, Scorpio. The new house and pay increase are tied to Pluto in your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property. You used your willpower and found the power. The intensity of the situation ends in March, never to return. Gemini is the sign of the writer and photographer. Push it when Jupiter goes into Gemini and opportunities increase – so that is from May, June 2024 when the Sun is also in Gemini, guiding Jupiter in. Uranus in Gemini from 2026 will turn your writing and photography upside-down with sudden, unpredictable events involving new technology and new inventions which you find liberating, enabling you to be far more independent.

  16. As a big Libra stellium, I’m happy to hear that luck will be on my side. My only Taurus factors are Chiron and the Descendant, which are close but not quite conjunct to where Jupiter and Uranus will meet up. Being this is in my 8th solar house, could this represent some sort of financial “healing” with a partner? I’ll be curious to see how this plays out, as there’s no obvious partner in my life at the moment that this could refer to, though some of my forecasts in the coming year seem intent on changing that.

    1. Chiron isn’t a healer. He was a music teacher – a centaur – who worked with medicinal herbs – but that’s about it. You have Chiron in Taurus in your Second House of money and property, possessions and business, charity and valuables. Chiron is a symbol of getting away with the impossible. You can be outrageous, actually, with some of your decisions. Jupiter will pass Chiron so luck is on your side then and you may well stretch all the known limits of credibility or social acceptance with what you do. No healing just experimentation. If your birth time is accurate then Chiron is in a conjunction with your DC or Descendant so a partner would be involved.

  17. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for highlighting the Jupiter activity! I feel like it helps give some uplifting to some weary people out there right now. If you feel you have a moment to dissect and help me understand my chart with stelliums in Capricorn and Virgo, and Saturn in Taurus. I’m appreciative. Thank you for holding a lantern. Keep well.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Capricorn and Virgo stelliums, which describe your job, unpaid work or academic career. He will also form a conjunction with your natal Saturn in Taurus, which is very important for your finances. So May 2023 to May 2024 is good news with a new role, project or goal which expands your horizons and helps you lift your game. It’s about being more successful on your own terms. Your natural tendency to end up in situations with the bank (for example) which are limiting and restrictive, is a lifelong pattern, and you can’t always avoid it. Feeling fenced in, or unable to gain access, is very common. Jupiter is here to fix that. There will be the most satisfying solutions and sweeping answers for you, by May 2023.

  18. Hi Jessica, Wishing you a very happy new year and I hope you have been well. I do have Vulcano 21° taurus Taurus 26′ 07″ and I wanted to request for your reading in my career area. I do work for one of the big tech companies since June 2021 (this was actually your prediction that came to pass that I will be hired between May-July 2021 ) and right now as I see it Microsoft, Google, Amazon have all announced lay offs. I wanted to know my career prediction for this year, if I will be in the same job, or promoted or actually get a new job which is far better paying than this one and a much better environment and less toxic? Or will I be fired? I have been thinking what my next is but haven’t found any yet. I did put in a comment earlier but I can’t see it – adding this comment again.

    Thank you Jessica and looking forward to your reading.

    1. Thank you and Happy Lunar New Year. I am glad my prediction came true for you and you were hired. You are wondering about jobs and looking at layoffs with Amazon and so on, and speculating about your future. You are a Sun Gemini with stelliums in Gemini, Leo, Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus. March 2023 is important as it ends the 2008-2023 cycle when questions about your control (or lack of control), your power in a situation, or lack of power, dogged your footsteps with the bank, income, the house or apartment, business, shares and the rest. March is the start of a totally different atmosphere for you. From May 2023 you will make or save quite a lot of money. March is also important because you have a major career choice then. Take your time and take good advice; really research what you are going to do, because it will put you in a situation which is quite hard to get out of. As I said, though, May 23 to May 24 is about financial expansion, property benefits and so on, thanks to Jupiter going through your Second House of all that you own, earn or owe. The other twist in the tale involves a group, which you are involved with, yet separate from. From the final week of March you realise that there is real power here if everyone joins forces and you have a choice to make.

  19. Really interesting article – thank you, it seems there is a lot going on at the moment in the world. I am pleased to hear there is going to be more recognition for women as I feel very passionate about equality for women and sometimes I despair with the attitudes of our government and the example they are setting to the younger generation (UK). I have a Taurus stellium and my North and South nodes are in Aries and Libra, does this have an impact on me? My husband is a Taurean too and works in education and I volunteer as well within education alongside my job. I feel a lot of frustration at the lack of compassion from the government to education and in turn children. I hope this will change too! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. We have been in the patriarchy cycle since 2008. As you are in Britain you have seen it for yourself. Almost 50% of the Brexit ‘Leave’ vote was female. Most of the country voted Leave in 2016. It would be four years before various men at the top of the EU and elsewhere would allow those women to get what they voted for. And even then there were men at the top trying to reverse the vote and stage another one! The cycle ends in March as you know. You will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024. You will either get something for nothing (or at a bargain price) and save, or actually increase your income. You have a Gemini stellium, which is the sign of the teacher, publisher, author, journalist and broadcaster. Stay with your passion for English/languages/literacy/ideas/internet as from 2024 it is incredibly lucky for you with Jupiter in Gemini and from 2026 it’s a revolution, as new inventions will set you free to use your way with words, ideas and images in an exciting way, with even more progress from 2030.

  20. Hello Jessica

    Thanks for this post which delivers good news !

    I have a Taurus stellium in my chart . Over the last 4 years and more particularly since 2020 (covid crisis indirect impacts ) I have been thought a lot of professional difficulties that led to a persistent financial uncertainty and I am getting worried for the future . I have tried to impulse changes but my multiple initiatives to turn things around have failed, and a feeling of bad luck or bad karma is prevailing. So I am really hoping for some change !
    If you could have a look at my chart and tell me how these transits could impact me it would be great.


    1. Sometimes things are not your fault. You have been through Uranus in Taurus since 2018 and the North Node in Taurus, opposite the South Node in Scorpio, more recently. Covid overturned the apple cart. Nothing is certain. You keep trying to make things better and it doesn’t work. You are a Sun Aquarius, with stelliums in Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius. In March there are new rules and regulations for you with money, the house, apartment, any pension/superannuation, insurance and the rest. Why? Because there have to be. You will figure out a new strategy then. Don’t jump into a commitment or an exit, please. Take your time and do your homework. The years of confusing and confused situations, financially, are balanced from March, by a new ‘necessary waiting game’ but sometimes, it’s better to nail things down and be practical instead of floating. In May you begin a terrific cycle when you will save money, or make it. That runs to May 2024. You have transits in Pisces in your Second House of personal income in your public Aquarius chart, and transits in Taurus in the same place, in your private birth chart. March 2023 through May 2024 is one of the most important new budget/new economy cycles of your life. Your life will also change for about 20 years into the future, from March, as Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of groups and friends, and forms a chain of sextiles with your Sagittarius factors in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. That works for you. It’s very new. Yet, it will enable you to revive your interest in other cultures, other nationalities, other languages and pins on the map. The group or friend which is on your list by the first week of April is really powerful.

  21. Hi Jessica, I am a Sun Taurus and it shows at 21 degrees on my chart. I was told by a psychic last year I would buy a home before I turn 30 which is this May. Financial situation currently states that will not happen, however, on a previous post you said to me a group changes my life in March this year. Is this in a financial aspect at all? I am really excited for the future for the first time in ages and I definitely think my luck is changing as I’m having a more positive outlook on myself and my life and my future. It really is true that you attract what you feel.

    1. There are a lot of psychics out there who should be in another profession, unfortunately. You want to buy a house or apartment. That’s Taurus-Scorpio in your chart (the money) and Cancer (the actual home). You tick all the boxes there and are a Sun Taurus. When Jupiter (opportunity, hope, growth, luck, expansion) moves into Taurus from May 2023, he will form conjunctions in Taurus and also sextile your Cancer factors. You have until May 2024 to see the odds change in your favour. All sorts of things could happen. You could inherit. You may gain a boyfriend who owns a house you move into. You may find the property market drops where you live, so a studio apartment becomes affordable. And on it goes. May 2023-May 2024 is your big window.

  22. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for the hopeful post. I have one celestial body at 22 Taurus and a whole gaggle in the general neighborhood (20 to 29 degrees) of Virgo, Taurus, and/or Capricorn. Wondering if I will still benefit from this cycle – could you please take a look?

    1. You gain from Jupiter in a conjunction, but also in trine, so you will benefit enormously from May 2023 to May 2024 as people or organisations which are larger than life; beneficial; open-handed; full of largesse – come to town. You gain financially (Taurus) through work, unpaid work or academia (Virgo, Capricorn). The standard prediction is a pay rise or a new job with better pay. That can happen. Use the New Moon in May 2023 to make a new beginning, tied to saving or making money, or just ‘making it’ in your chosen field. You’ll be pushing off on the perfect tide to do that.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    thanks for this article. I have mars Capricon at 22. What will be the impact during this cycle?

    1. You will be pleased to see the back of Pluto in Capricorn, as you have been through a work, unpaid work or academic situation where you were dominated, controlled from the top down, or manipulated by an elite. Usually a top boss. The top dog. That is history and in fact March may see a person or organisation ‘Plutoed’ so there could be defeat, resignation, sacking or something even more dramatic. Jupiter trines Mars in Capricorn as your reward and you will find your professional, academic or voluntary role as officer material, expands and improves. You’re all about ‘Charge!’ and you will be allowed to do that, in fact, helped and encouraged to do that, and potentially pull off quite the victory.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    yes, I do have a stellium in Taurus and Aries…. And I just feel right this minute like I need things to happen, like I postponed stuff for too long, personally (love, I’m single /place of living, would like to move) and financially (everything). And it’s frustrating. Just my current state of mind. Btw, I have 21/22 degrees in Aries & Pisces, and Juno is at 3 like my Jupiter Taurus, if they matter in this case.
    Thank you, as always, any opinion is very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Taurus stellium people often get stuck. They don’t move when they should, or change position. Taurus the bull digs his heels in. Puts his head down and refuses to be pulled. That is why the ring goes in the bull’s nose (very cruel). Uranus in Taurus has forced Taurus stellium people to change their position on currency (Bitcoin), shopping (Covid) and income (again, Covid). So you need to have a conversation with yourself about being stubborn or slow. May will bring 12 months of opportunities to change, as Jupiter joins Uranus. The Tarot can help you find more about the story.

  25. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the information! I am a Taurus born in May and have stelliums in VIRGO (6), TAURUS (5), GEMINI (4) and PISCES (4). I am wondering if you can tell me more about how this will affect me. I’m really wondering about student loan forgiveness, a raise or outside income or anything else you see.



    1. Thanks Kara. You are one of those Taurus people with a Taurus stellium whose life has been turned upside-down since 2018, with Uranus in Taurus. More recently you have been dealing with the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, so have had inner conflicts about money or property – maybe external differences with people. I just had a reader who sacked his employee; she was also his lover; the relationship ended, although his budget gained. So this has manifested in all sorts of ways for people. The strain is over in July. Just before, from May, you have reasons to hope for a new path to save a lot of money, or make it. Jupiter will form a conjunction with your Taurus factors, expanding and increasing what is possible, by May 2024. Jupiter will also sextile your Virgo stellium (work, lifestyle, unpaid work, academia) which is terrific, as this is the other half of the story.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for explaining these transits and affects. I have stellium in Aries, Gemini and Cancer. I feel like with the current Jupiter transit, I maybe missing something because I don’t see any major changes or opportunities to change the course of life. With Jupiter changing signs, how can I make sure I am looking for the right path to take?
    Thank you for your help and have a wonderful 2023!

    1. Jupiter is now well and truly in Aries transiting your First House of title, appearance and reputation. You have been given one really big opportunity to make more of that, or fix an issue, already. It’s odd you’ve not seen it. Maybe it came and you ignored it. Jupiter has a job to do, so there will be another, or a return of the first chance, by May 2023 when the cycle is complete.

  27. Hi Jessica! Thanks for sharing your insights. I have Mars retrograde at 23 degrees of Capricorn–is that close enough of an orb to take advantage of the opportune financial gains? Could definitely catch a break! Also couldn’t help but notice that Bitcoin’s Venus is at 19 degrees Capricorn.. I suspect those dates would be good news for the markets then!

    1. Capricorn isn’t actually about money. It’s about ambition. Taurus and Scorpio are about money. Bitcoin has a few charts (have a look at Bitcoin on Search to see validated predictions. You have Panacea and the Descendant in Taurus. If your birth time is accurate, you will have higher hopes for saving or making money from May 2023 and it will involve a cure, solution, remedy or ‘fix’ (which does have some ethical questions attached). So, for example, pulling a tax move which saves you cash although others may not think it’s right. There are a ton of examples. Jupiter on the DC is your partner or other half; usually your husband, because of the name change. It can also be your opponent or enemy on the battle field of life. Taurus DC if your time is correct describes someone identified with finance, charity, business, property, retail, collectables. Jupiter on the DC will introduce someone like this to you (good news) or refocus you on them, with terrific opportunities attached.

  28. Thank you for your wonderful informal article. Born May 13 1940 you have given me hope.

  29. Hello Jessica, Thanks so much for this, How I am really keeping my fingers crossed that some of that can manifest for me and my family! Me ( Sun Taurus) and Husband ( 01/27/1972) and my daughter ( 04/18/2012) have to find a new home this Spring. Previously you had predicted that thanks to my Husbands chart we would be offered a superior option. Low and behold that is exactly what we were offered last week, moving in May possibly!!! I just wanted to let you know how absolutely right you were back in August!! That said this superior home will cost us way more but at the moment the only option, maybe we do it for a year. I am working two jobs, none paying well and hoping later this year I can find a better one that can take care of our family financially. Looking into the not too far future, we were also hoping to buy a small apartment instead of continuously pay a high rent. Would you say it is wise and can this be a possibility for us a bit later on?Thank you so much for all your work and insights always.

    1. Thank you. I am glad my prediction came true for you, after you read it back in August. With factors at 0, 3, 19 and 22 Taurus in the Second House of personal income and property, business, charity and possessions, you will see a rare opportunity in May 2023 and have made up your mind by July. Luck is with you until May 2023 so just keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when the last thing you expected comes to pass. Life will be unpredictable, but also liberating – and you will find you are very satisfied with what comes your way. Your daughter will also save or make money from May 2023 (piggy bank, pocket money) so something’s about to go very right.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the info. So far your predictions have been really helpful.
    I have stelliums in Scorpio, Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius and I’m about to start my own business in fitness industry. I’m still trying to put everything together and big part is setting up my online business, social media, photography etc.( I guess that’s Jupiter in my Aries stellium). Wondering what to expect from this Jupiter and Uranus transit in Taurus?

    1. Thank you. Self-branded fitness business is Aries and Virgo, so you tick the boxes with your stelliums there. You are right in thinking Jupiter in Aries favours that branding. Focus on your title, reputation and appearance by May, when one opportunity after another will land in your lap. Jupiter trines your Virgo stellium from May itself, until May 2024, so you will find the business works very nicely with your lifestyle as a whole; your own need to be healthy and fit; your own wish for work-life balance. In July you complete some financial karma from 18-19 years ago as the nodes move on from Scorpio-Taurus and you are free to spin the wheels differently, instead of always being stuck. Just be aware of Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 to early 2026; he will oppose your Virgo stellium so you will feel that there a new restrictions, new limitations, new boundaries, barriers and obstacles with health and work, housework, unpaid work, study – which were not there before. Figure out your strategy slowly and with expertise to help if you need it. What you get into in March is hard to get out of, or past, so take your time when you strategise.

  31. Hi Jessica – Trying to understand astrology certainly keeps us all on our toes! With the sun at 22 Virgo and Aesculapia at 21 Capricorn, I’m trying to make sense of how this plays out even though I have no planets in Taurus. I think Aesculapia is about revivals, returns etc. and in Capricorn that relates to career, work and study (and like another of your readers I also had dominating bosses throughout much of Pluto in Capricorn) but I am now retired so is it then about housework (more or less of it?) or more likely that I return to study something new? How is Virgo (health and wellbeing and serving others) connected? Could I study something new that would help others and it would benefit me financially and also my health because I love doing it? Thanks Jessica, there is so much to grasp about how everything fits together in our charts.

    1. Thank you. Astrology is complex and I am happy for readers to go as far as they can with it. Sometimes you only need some very small, simple things. Jupiter is the greatest and best. Uranus is freedom and independence. Put them in Taurus (currency) and we will all gain from May 2023 to May 2024. Elon Musk may decide to give Twitter users free e-currency. We’re all rich. It’s on that level. You are correct with your interpretation of your chart. You are retired and wondering what 2023 holds. You are a Sun Virgo with Virgo and Cancer stelliums and will thoroughly enjoy May 2023 to May 2024. Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Virgo stellium and sextile your Cancer stellium. This is about your lifestyle, unpaid work, study, paid work, house or apartment, garden or local natural environment, housework, roots, culture, heritage, history, family and/or household. The whole tenor of your life is raised from May and if you take all the opportunities and solutions you will find retirement is better than you ever dreamed. Have a look at your Virgo and Cancer stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Really love your work, I have been reading your columns every day for over a year now, loving your articles.

    My life as been stop start for over a decade now, lots of false starts and financial hardships along the way, but it seems like there may be good luck coming through, I wonder what you think given my stelhums listed below, would love to hear your initial thoughts.



    Your chart has stelliums in scorpio – Display Birth Chart SCORPIO (6) libra – Display Birth Chart LIBRA (5) taurus – Display Birth Chart TAURUS (4) capricorn – Display Birth Chart CAPRICORN (4)

    1. Thank you very much, Martin, I appreciate it. The stop-start decade is your Capricorn stellium in the Tenth House of success, position, mission and ambition. It started in 2008. As your Capricorn patterns run from 0 to 28 degrees, you experience the whole cycle. It commonly brings great power if you use your willpower and the more you pour into your career, the more influential you become. The caveat is you have to be fair and square about the way you share the power. You have to cast your bread upon the waters. This transit is also about finding people or companies who control you, or overpower the whole agenda. You often get this with merged companies who hog the whole field. Or, you get people who over-rate their importance who seek to undermine or play games. It’s all pretty yawn isn’t it, but it’s over in March. Pluto can only go backwards from June, and then he’s gone, so you are likely to see people or organisations losing power in March, then just going over old ground from June, before they vanish in importance. Your other big stretch has been Taurus-Scorpio, so your personal income and family or partnership income or property. Sometimes business associates. You began the tests in 2018 and they’ve become bigger, because of the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio. This ends in July. No more karma to complete. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 if you accept the opportunities. A classic example is being lent a home to house-sit, so you save on rent. Or, you cash in your chips on the market. The other really important thing about your chart is your Libra stellium. You and a personal or work partner are on a karmic journey together from July 2023 and by 2024 will have sorted out so much together. Life as it was 18-19 years before will play a part; this may have been the same partner, or quite a different face, but you owe, spiritually or are owed. The circle will come around.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I am new to your site and I appreciate the guidance and enjoy your blog entries. I am a Saggitarius with a Taurus rising ( relocated 3 years ago, not sure if this has any influence on the rising sign), Chiron and Minerva in Taurus as well. If I am understanding correctly, Jupiter will be transiting my 6th house from May 2023 onwards and there will be some effects in regard to that visible up to May 2024 – a better job, and a new health routine? Currently, Jupiter is an Aries – I have Fortuna in Aries – and is transiting my 5th house which may bring a new relationship?

    1. Yes you are reading your solar chart and natal chart correctly. As you know, I use both for accuracy. As a Sun Sagittarius you have Jupiter in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study from May 2023 to May 2024. He joins Uranus. These symbols of growth, expansion, luck, freedom, independence and autonomy suggest a new or refreshed role – one that works for your lifestyle and wellbeing. I’ve seen women gain new jobs near the local swimming pool on this cycle and flexible hours. You are right about Jupiter in Aries too. He is in your solar Fifth House of the bedroom and courtship. By May 2023 more than one new opportunity will appear. When we go to your natal or birth chart, we find your Seventh House (partnership) ruled by Libra, also under transits. So the stage is set. You will find you make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes through Taurus, so May 2023 to May 2024 looks like a lucrative position or project.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mercury at 22 Capricorn, Apollo at 22 Taurus & Hygeia at 22 Taurus (I have a Taurus stellium) is this of any benefit to me at all?

    I took a huge paycut last year to retrain which will take longer than expected, and a contract that has been widely criticised by colleagues who feel it unfair.

    Any extra in the future would be a bonus, thank you for taking the time to respond.

    1. Your huge paycut and unfair contract were set up by Pluto at 22, 23 Capricorn transiting your pattern at 22, 23 degrees of Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus. Pluto is often dominating and controlling. This person or the organisation will be sacked, resign, lose power in other ways (demoted or via a merger, financial issues) or disappear from March 2023. Pluto goes, so does he/she or they. You will make or save a small fortune, with sure signs from May 2023 and delivery by May 2024 if you play your cards right. Jupiter at 22, 23 Taurus creates marvellous patterns in your chart.

  35. Hi Jessica

    After almost three years, I’ve got a job offer and I am excited about the new possibilities. I haven’t started yet but I feel it is a start.

    I have Jupiter in Taurus at 22 and was wondering if perhaps in 2024 I could get better work conditions (working nearer home for example).

    I also have stelliums in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Virgo. Diana (22) and Aesculapia (23) in Virgo.

    Your prediction about making or saving money, came true. Thank you again and Happy Lunar New Year.

    1. Thank you, I am glad the prediction about your money came true. Happy Lunar New Year. Congratulations on the new job .You have your Jupiter Return coming so as soon as Jupiter enters Taurus in May, you see big, big possibilities for the future. Take all the opportunities and you will gain great success but on your terms. Jupiter trines your Virgo stellium, which rules quality of life, work and lifestyle, but also returns to his old position. Around age 12 you were very successful. Bits and pieces of your childhood will come back to you by May 2024, though this time you get to drink champagne not orange juice.

  36. Hi Jessica

    It sure feels like there is something in the air this year. I find myself torn sometimes between career progression and defending my work-life balance: but if the latter is under threat, that’s enough for me to want to move. I have really been feeling that urge to shake things up recently, so I have applied for a number of roles across some finance, energy or government institutions; perhaps I’ll get a ringside seat to all these cosmic changes :).

    I do love the idea of women getting a fair shake on equal pay in the next couple of years. More power to our elbows! 🙂

    As always, thank you for all your online insights – always fascinating!

    1. Thank you. Yes, women move into positions of power and influence, as never before, from March 2023. This long cycle until 2044 will change the world but also change society. No more of this ‘terf’ nonsense. Your career is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo. You are a Sun Cancer with a stellium in Virgo so are in a terrific position to get the top job by May. Then in May, Jupiter (expansion) begins his slow trines to your Virgo factors. Work-life balance is exactly that: Virgo and the Sixth House. A great job should not involve health or mental health downsides! You’ll be very happy by May 2024 at the absolute latest.

  37. Thanks for this article, Jessica. I have Uranus at 22 Capricorn, moon at 12 Taurus and south node at 17 Taurus. What can I expect from the Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus transit. Thanks for your time.

    1. You will find a story with several chapters, about your profession, unpaid work or academic career, assisting a solution with your bank account, house or apartment. It works in your favour, as Jupiter goes to 12, 17 and then 22 degrees, so you have plenty of time to accept new answers, which will be a gleam in your eye in May 2023 and so much more by May 2024.

  38. Hello Jessica.

    I have Taurus stellium how does this affect me. I need employment and accommodation. Everything is not working out. Do you see anything in my chart for job opportunities and accommodation.

    I know you so busy but desperate for some guidance and light.

    thank you for your work that so inspires. I really hope you able to give me some feedback

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius going through ‘the transition’ of Pluto leaving Capricorn and Saturn leaving Aquarius. That’s huge. So you are between jobs and homes. I am sorry things are not working out. Use the Tarot as a fast way into why – and what to do about it. You have The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle to use here too. Give yourself a three-card reading for your questions and follow the steps. You will be delighted with your house, apartment or other accommodation from May 2023 and feel free – much more independent. I know you don’t want to wait until then, but we are talking really, really big improvements. You can help yourself in smaller ways until May, to feel happier about where you live. Jobs again will be so much easier after July. You are stuck with a repetitive situation with the South Node in Scorpio, but it vanishes from July and you will find yourself let off the loop. Again, you can get a job, study or volunteer in a good position before then, but the actual jump off the wheel comes later. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 with Jupiter in Taurus, so take all the solutions and opportunities. Again the Tarot can confirm that for you. Something else to try, which has worked for readers in the past. Divide a sheet of paper into what you can offer – and what you need. Professional skills but also talents and abilities which people could really use. Date what you need and want. Read it aloud and ask your people in spirit to help you. If something odd occurs after that which reminds you of the sheet of paper, tis a sign. Act on it!

  39. Hi jessica, Ohhhh this is finally some exciting news. I would love to see know how you think I might be able to use Jupiter in my chart to ride ‘the wave!’.

    P.s I bought the 2022 forum access and report but have had to wait a year (until feb this year!) to post my question. There are three of us in the forum, all posted by the deadline, (and all unanswered) but I’m wondering if mercury retrograde has struck and we have been overlooked?! I’ve sent a note to support but no reply. I’ve been counting down to post my question, so I’m hoping we don’t get lost and forgotten!

    1. Thank you. I have answered all forum questions now (January 15th) and we had a couple of latecomers, whom I also answered. I am sorry Support has not replied to you. Let me copy this and forward it to them. You are a Sun Aquarius so if you asked your question by the 15th of January would have had a reply from me. As an Aquarius stellium woman, you would know from your report that March is the biggest turning point for your social life, friendships and group involvements in years. The barriers and obstacles come down at the start of March and by the end of it, you realise that so much of your life has been about preparing to play a crucial role with a community of people who can change a corner of the world – or more than a corner.

  40. Thank you Jessica, for your reply, as always spot on, it just so happened that I have moved into a friends house, prior to Xmas, house sitting for him, while he looks to sell the property, keep up the good work. 🙂

  41. Hi Jessica, I feel very hopeful generally about life from March onwards and especially after July with the nodal change. I have stelliums in Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio and wondering about their interplay relative to finances? Hoping the Jupiter transit favours the Libra aspects at least. I’ve gone back to study in what seems like a lucrative career and hoping to land a job next year in that industry(Environment related). What does my chart say please?

    1. The Scorpio stellium is the one to work with. You will lose the stuck, circular nature of your financial life in July when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio. However you need to be flexible until 2026 as Uranus in Taurus will oppose the Moon in Scorpio every 28 days or so, until then, and you will have ‘the challenge to change’ on a regular basis, even in a small way. Scorpio as I am sure you know rules joint finance and property. You are studying and want a new career. Pluto is out of Capricorn in March, so again, you will meet ‘change with change’ that month. It will probably be in your industry or academic field; a reshuffle is very likely March-June and that will affect your plans too, so for example there may be a vacancy for you later as a result of this, or the departure of a professor may mean a shake-up in your course.

  42. Hello Jessica You mention Taurus factors at 21 and 22 indicate profit. I have Taurus at 23 and 26. Does this apply then also? Thank you

    1. Yes, you will have transiting Jupiter in conjunction with your natal Taurus factors, in your Second House of personal income, banking, collectables, shopping, selling, superannuation-pension, houses, apartments and the rest. Jupiter is about hope. He is about luck. He is also about win-win outcomes when everything and everybody benefits. You are in for a treat.

  43. Hi Jessica – Happy New Lunar Year! You have been huge in my life since 2018, and I have been following you for comfort in uncertain times. Your predictions for me have always been spot on…so thank you so much for what you do.
    Recent events have me very rattled and I am hoping this note doesn’t get lost in the many questions you receive. Second half of 2022 was unreal to put it mildly …. suicide of a close colleague, loss of house in a flood, tragic death of a young adult in the family, loss of job, all putting additional stress on marital relationship. How can so much happen in few months is beyond me. I keep hoping it is a nightmare, I will wake up from soon. Shock must be wearing out, since panic is setting in and I just don’t know how to even think about 2023. Any advice on what to expect and how to prepare for this year? Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus seem to be helpful for me? Courage is my word for 2023. Much love and many thanks for sharing your light in a time of darkness!

    1. Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say. You have had a very hard time in late 2022 with a great deal of loss and a difficult marriage. You have been in shock. Now you are wondering about 2023. You are a Sun Libra with a stellium in Libra, Virgo, Capricorn and Leo. Your marriage goes through a karmic phase from July 2023, into 2024, which is hinted at now. From July, the South Node goes into Libra so life as it was 18 or 19 years before, has something to tell you, by 2024. This period in your life with your husband will be circular, repetitive, rather stuck. It has to be this way because you need to change on the inside. When nothing alters ‘out there’ with him, it is time to become your best self, so you can have the best possible outcome. The karma from 18-19 years before is evident from July 2023 into 2024 and you are owed, from that time, or you owe. Closure will come by next year. This is all about balancing the scales with him. You can find out more about this side of yourself by looking at Libra stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. You also have a stellium in Capricorn, which is about your ambition, mission and position. In March 2023, Pluto leaves Capricorn and you are free of incessant issues about power and control. You have seen it all in your career, academic career or unpaid work since 2008. People in positions of power undermining or ignoring you – even rejecting you. Your own power, which has increased every time you use your willpower, self-control and self-discipline. You have seen company or business mergers when powerful people lost their influence, which also affected you – and others gaining tremendous new power in the scheme of things. It’s all been like some grand chess game. Well, the game stops in March. You will see what life feels like without Pluto, between March and June, and then permanently, some time later.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Love your articles and would like to know how these transits will affect me and in which areas.
    I have Minerva at 22 in Taurus and Moon at 21 in Capricorn and a stellium in Gemini and Pisces.
    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you. Lucky you with a trine from Minerva at 22 Taurus to the Moon at 21 Capricorn. Your wisdom is best seen through finance, charity, retail, collectables, business, economics. Minerva is the daughter of Jupiter, so she is good news, and was born fully formed from his brain. In fact, the head of Minerva is all that remains of her at the Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath. So you lead with your head. You may appear to have a ‘head for numbers’ or a ‘head for business’ to others. This works perfectly with your need to look after people. In fact, your maternal instinct is channelled through your career, academic career or unpaid work. When Jupiter moves to 22 Taurus you will make or save a small fortune, and it will be linked to your role, or goal, so we might expect a profitable enterprise, or a better-paid job, or a promotion with benefits which saves you money. The stellium in Pisces is about your inner life, and Saturn there from March 2023 to early 2026 requires some careful handling, as Saturn joins Neptune. Have a look at Saturn and Neptune in Pisces on Search. Your Gemini stellium is dormant until 2024, when you begin exploring fantastic new media, digital or internet options, and it changes your life from 2026, when new inventions take your way with words, images or ideas into the stratosphere.

  45. Thank you so much. I will definitely do the list as advised.

    You are incredibly gifted…thank you for the good news which has comforted me and made me cry. I have made some bad decisions and am so grateful for another opportunity to change my life.

    Thank you so much.

  46. Hello Jessica
    I enjoy reading your blogs. Really appreciate you!
    I have a stellium in Taurus and Aries. Will this have any impact when Jupiter and Uranus goes into Taurus?
    Thank you so much,

    1. Yes, you will be given the opportunity to relaunch your reputation, appearance and title by May 2023 (for example, joining Tik-Tok or finding a good cosmetic surgeon, gaining a prestigious new agent to represent you or losing weight through hypnosis). It is on that level. The new you, or a new version of the old you, is waiting to hatch at Easter. You will make or save a lot of money, if you take the opportunities which come, from May 2023 to May 2024. For example, being offered a spare room, free, so you don’t have to pay rent – or discovering that the house and land you purchased years ago at a rock-bottom price, has more than doubled in value. Your own life choices will show what happens for you, but life as it was 12 years ago, will show itself from May 2023 to May 2024 and you will realise an acorn you planted then is growing into the most fantastic oak, financially.

  47. Jessica, I am feeling crushed, literally, with worry. Over the years, I have taken in cats that no-one else will take; those that literally would be put down if not for being able to live here. Ones with serious behavior problems or those that need insulin, cancer treatment or other specialized medical care. I have enjoyed a good living and have been able to do this for many years now. I have currently 142 cats and 13 dogs that rely on me. That is about a ton of food per month, plus vet care. And I love them all, dearly, even the ones with bad habits. In all these years, I have never worried that I would not be able to continue caring for them. Now, and for the past few months, I have become obsessed with worry that I will not be able to continue, as if my whole life will instantly fall into disarray and everyone in my care will starve to death for my lack of forethought. I live small with very little expense for myself. I do not have savings or a back up plan, stupid in hindsight, but I have always just paid whatever needed to be paid for whatever care was needed. I have no valid reason to believe it will all fall apart; it is just in my gut. My income is the same as last year and the year before that. Am I obsessing for no reason? Is my life going to fall apart or is it all in my head? I’ve tried reading everything you post and write to figure this out and it is just too far over my head. Your talent is amazing.

    1. Thank you. You are an angel to the animals who need you. Now you are worried about money and the future of the 142 cats and 13 dogs. You have a gut feeling it will fall apart, so are you right? Well, money is Taurus and Scorpio so let’s take a look. Let’s also look at Virgo which rules small animals. You are a Sun Cancer woman with a Scorpio stellium and Pluto at 0 Virgo. You care for the cats and dogs, as only a Sun Cancer can. Cancer is the sign that rules maternal instinct, mothering, nurturing and protection. Your financial situation, with the stellium in Scorpio, is always going to be central, because Scorpio rules joint finances and shared property. You will find it easier to fix this after July, when the South Node leaves Scorpio and a stuck situation with your legacy (the legacy you make, or any owing to you) lifts. Even before then, you will be asked to make a change to your lifestyle, workload, daily routine and self-care when Saturn goes to 0 Pisces in March, and Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius. This is an historic pattern which aspects your natal Pluto in 0 Virgo. Pluto in Virgo shows how you control your role as cat and dog carer. It also shows how you use your willpower and self-control to completely run your work. What is about to happen in March asks you to change your approach. Your gut feeling is correct. Transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto, and transiting Pluto quincunx natal Pluto, is important. You have to put the cats and dogs first but also your own wellbeing and so you will need to strike a compromise. The good news is, Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023, until May 2024, will trine your Pluto in Virgo immediately (May, June) and help you to improve things. The right group will be there. You may already know this group (for example the RSPCA) or they may appear at the end of May, or in June, but you must listen to what new friends, or revived old friendships, tell you. This is a multiple sequence of cycles, starting in March (the basic facts), raising your hopes and rewarding you in May, then on a financial level, very likely altering the paperwork after July. What you do within that space in your life is up to you. But it looks very positive once you have faced facts. One person cannot do this by herself. Your Pluto in Virgo does make you very, very powerful with these beautiful creatures, who are so vulnerable. Power is a good thing, but the truth about Pluto in Virgo is you have to share the power. Empower others to also look after the dogs and cats, or to help you financially. You won’t find that suggestion easy to take, because Pluto wants to run the show, but with Jupiter on your side in May, June it is very important that you approach people who can help. I think they will help you anyway and I suspect it will be in a circle of people who are diverse in background, made up of both men and women, who you realise are offering you freedom. Have a look at The Garden Oracle for this one, but I expect you’ll see good reasons to say yes. My dog Tess waves a paw.

  48. Dear gifted psychic author Jessica,

    I had chills when I read about the universal currency from head to toe. CNBC and Google will cover this soon.

    Thank you Tina, AL, Johenry,

    I wish I knew why I keep getting the Queen of Swords.

    I used some novel techniques to create ways of allieviating the pain the some 250K patients face every year.

    My work was stolen.
    I have mounting debt and no way of fighting these Plutonic old men.

    Do you see any aspects to North Node 23 degrees Capricorn via Uranus and Jupiter to help undo this loss ?
    How do I fight back and reclaim my work as an inventory/ creator ?
    I am a Virgo, may experience Pluto trine Pluto soon.

    1. Thank you. Yes, universal currency is coming from May 2023 until May 2024 with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and the North Node in Taurus too. If you have the North Node at 23 Capricorn and South Node at 23 Cancer then Jupiter at 23 Taurus will trine the former and sextile the latter, which will help improve, expand and create progress where you are dealing with your career, unpaid work or academic career – and of course, home and family too.

  49. Thank you so much for the reply! You are SO RIGHT – I have seen all the power plays and the grand chess game in my professional world…and yes, through sheer will power and refusal to be victim I gained more power at each step which seemed like a huge blow. So happy to hear it becomes easier, since I am pushing forward with more might. I have faith in my marriage and will aspire to be my best self which can only help us. Thank you SO MUCH – you have unbelievable light. Much love

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this piece. I also read your Substack.
    I have Ops at 21 Taurus, and Hygeia at 22 degrees Virgo. As these are minor players in my chart, do you believe the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will have any effect? There is also Juno at 20 Taurus, but I am not in a relationship, so the conjunction would be sitting on nothing!

    1. Thank you. You are lucky with an Ops trine to Hygiea. Not minor players at all; the asteroids matter quite as much as the classical planets. Taurus and Virgo is money and work. It’s highly productive, intensely female, very practical and can-do. Jupiter and Uranus going across 21, 22 Taurus is about to solve so many issues for you financially, or with a house or flat. The trine to Virgo suggests gains for your lifestyle, not just your work, and your health is front-and-centre with that. So it’s a reshape. And you make or save money.

  51. Hi Jessica, Do you think Marianne Williamson could win 2024 US presidency she eluded to running for President again on her Instagram. I know she is a cancer July 8, 1952. We really need a smart woman. Your amazing and love your work. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. It is more likely to be a black woman/blak woman/woman of colour (depending on your preference). Pluto in Aquarius is about all the tribes sharing the space together and usually, female leadership. Having been through Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, with all that white patriarchy, a non-white woman leading the White House seems like a classic Pluto outcome. So that’s my tip.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another informative article. Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus will oppose my Ascendant, Uranus (13 Scorpio) & Venus (21 Scorpio). What should i make of this? I am in process of splitting up my business with business partner who threatens legal actions (not exactly sure why..). Saturn in Aquarius will soon oppose my Saturn at 1degree Virgo and square my sun at 4 degrees Sagittarius.
    Any word of wisdom would be very helpful, especially as I have this lingering feeling of fear 🙁
    Thank you

    1. You are splitting up the business which is an Eighth House matter, as Scorpio rules the contents of your legacy left to others. The big picture, financially. Your Ascendant is 20 Scorpio in conjunction with Venus at 21 Scorpio and both are in opposition to the Descendant at 21 Taurus. The Ascendant is sometimes shown as AC and Descendant as DC. So what you have here, is exactly what is going on. We have the transiting nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, and Uranus in Taurus, so that axis of ‘My money/your money’ is being rent asunder. Find out why legal action is threatened. Is this person a past or potential lover? Venus is about complicated relationships, like mother-son, lover-lover, husband-wife, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. So it’s personal. Fear is not required, but do get to the bottom of this. Taurus rules your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who and what you consider to be so precious it is priceless to you. Scorpio rules the two of you. Different values. There is some karma going on here from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, which may ring some bells. You have to complete the karma with this person, which you will do by July. In future think carefully before you get into bed with someone financially, never mind if it’s business or sex. You may want impartial advice if you do this again. Your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House is left alone from July and so the big tug of war is over.

  53. Fantastic article…thank you so much Jessica.
    Wishing you health and happiness in 2023…♑️‍♀️

  54. Hi Jessica

    My husband and I made a move in July last year which involved moving our family, change of jobs, change of house, school, childcare – pretty much everything!

    We thought it was the right move but the cost of living is putting our choice under strain.

    I have two Taurus elements in my chart : Ops 22 and Juno 0

    Will things improve in 2023?

    Many thanks


    1. You have Ops and Juno in Taurus in your Second House of money and property, and moved house, and are now financially stretched, Krystle. This is pretty common on this cycle, as you have had Uranus in Taurus (the unpredictable, the disruptive, the radically different) and also the strain of having the North Node in Taurus, opposite the South Node in Scorpio. Yes, it does get a lot better. May 2023 is the beginning of solutions, improvements and opportunities, and if you take them, you will fix so much of what bothers you, financially. Ops is a fixer. You are that woman. From July 2023 the big gap between your income and your husband’s, or your life budget and your husband’s, will close. You will have ‘done your time’ karmically.

  55. Hi Jessica
    Great article! I have Venus 22 in Taurus 00. Can I please ask what does this mean. Finances and my work have been all over the place the past few years. Thank you

    1. Anyone with Taurus factors in her chart, has been living with the unpredictable since May 2018, when Uranus moved into Taurus and the Second House. Your Second House, ruled by Taurus, covers your house, any lease (say on an office), apartment (say, as an investment), business income, actual business, superannuation/pension, accountant, taxation, collectors’ items, bank accounts, savings, expenditure and so on. Uranus is a symbol of sudden ‘shocks to the system’ and the first one was Covid. Cryptocurrency has also affected the world. With Venus in Taurus you form financial and sexual relationships all the time, or form quite complicated phases with existing lovers or partners, tied to all that you own, earn or owe. Venus is about lover-lover, husband-wife, mother-son, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationships too. Nothing is ever carefree or simple, but it is also never dull. So you ‘live’ in your Second House for some of the time, based on this, and yet you have been living with disruption for five years. It stops in 2026 but not before you see the rather nice side of the rug-pull. You could end up making an absolute fortune, you see. Or being worth far more than you ever realised. That comes when Jupiter goes to 22 Taurus, but in fact May 2023 to May 2024 as a whole is lucrative and enriching.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    I do not have any 21 or 22 factors, does it mean that i will not be impacted ? Can you please have a look into my chart and see if It will change something in my life?

    Many thanks!

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. In your Virgo (public) chart you have transiting Uranus (freedom) in Taurus in your Ninth House of people and places abroad, in 2023. Ever since 2018 you have found new independence through other cultures or countries, perhaps emigrating or having a relationship with someone – sexual or professional – which opens your eyes to another nationality. You may have found yourself in academia or publishing, also ruled by Sagittarius, with foreigners involved. This transit is here in 2023, alongside aspects to your natal chart as well, as the Sagittarian part of yourself is brought alive. May 2023 to May 2024 will involve you far more fully (and enjoyably) and you may go on an important journey, or move, or find yourself rewarded for your commitment to a foreign country.

  57. Hi,
    can someone please take a look at my comment. I wrote it on 22nd comments written way after that are getting answered.

    1. There are 16,712 comments today, and the way WordPress works is random. I come to my desk with a cup of tea, usually every other day, and just reply to whatever is there at the front of the queue. So even though the computer tells you a comment is in ‘moderation’ I will often never see it. I do my best to answer what I see, but there are no guarantees. The only way to get a guaranteed answer is to be among the first to order a personal chart for the year ahead, and join a forum on your birthday. So you could do that in 2024. Keep an eye on Twitter as I announce the chart sales first there. Thank you.

  58. Love this article Jessica, much-needed hope and optimism :). I recently registered for your Sun Sign Astrology course and am learning so much – I’ve even started looking at the ephemeris tables but have some way to go before I can make predictions for myself and my family – I picked up an interesting pattern coming up soon – looks like it could hold exciting possibilities:

    On 11th – 14th March 2023, Jupiter will be at 14 Aries – this will trine my Ascendant in Sag and SN in Leo, and sextile my NN in Aquarius and Descendant in Gemini, all at 14 degrees – would love your thoughts on this.

    For the 2024 dates and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, I have Hygeia at 22 & the Sun at 23 in Virgo; and Vesta, 23 in Capricorn. I also have Cupido (22) & Psyche (21) at a square in Leo – would it all be lit up by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction since Jupiter is involved?

    My son, Matt is a Cancer sun, with stelliums in Virgo, Pisces and Sag – this is a set up of squares, which I’ve recently started to fret less about now that I use no more than the 1-degree orb as you teach – thrilled to see that he has Vulcano and Chiron at 21 in Virgo – ever grateful for your insights into this too.

    Very best

    1. Thanks so much Marls. This reminds me, I need to add a lot more content to The Sun Sign School for 2023 and bring in/bring back online tutors. I am adding Tarot and Natal Astrology to the website so you can combine it with Sun Sign astrology too. The Jupiter aspects from 14 Aries will expand and improve your natural Sagittarius profile, at the same time that your Gemini ‘other half’ also expands. The Ascendant (AC) and Descendant (DC) are dependent on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have it, your reputation, title and appearance are tied to foreign people and places. Your partner, on any level, is tied to internet, publishing and/or media. If this does not ring true your time may be wrong. However, if true, Jupiter will increase and improve things for you. It commonly occurs when people marry or begin dating someone who is good for their image, or begin a work partnership with a person who enhances their reputation. Once we go to the nodes, we’re on safer ground, as they move so slowly it is unlikely that even with a wrong birth time you’ll be much out. Have a look at Modern Astrology 2050, free to you, to see when your past life may have been. Any time the North Node was in Aquarius before, qualifies. You have a past life where you were the leader, authority or even ruler of a group of diverse people, but found the hive mind and ‘the people’ quite challenging. At the same time, you sometimes found yourself feeling like one of the people, and were really challenged by (say) the monarch at the time. Did you know the former actress Meghan Markle was born with this node combination? Anyway, the Jupiter aspects will resolve a lot of issues. You will also find you ‘remember’ old patterns around this, which of course is your last past life. The Jupiter and Uranus transit trines your Virgo factors and Capricorn factors. New role, new job, promotion, big hit, new project are all very likely, or huge rewards for something existing. Yes, the Leo factors will be hard to square at the time – hard work – so this may affect your courtship, life in the bedroom, the world of pregnancy, children, teenagers or Millennials. Matt will also enjoy the trine to his Virgo factors so will be given an opportunity to ‘grow’ in terms of his lifestyle, health on all levels, paid work, academic career or unpaid work. Matt is ohviously your Leo side, so whatever comes your way, involves him, much at the same time. Squares are useful, productive. The grit in the oyster that makes the pearl. The Beatles had a lot of them and what they could not square, made them try harder with each other, and the world, thus the brilliant albums.

  59. Hi Jessica

    Jupiter in Taurus and Salacia at 21 degrees the latter, I’m really not sure if that is a positive.


    1. Well, if you read the article again, you will realise it is positive. You have your Jupiter Return in Taurus and will make or save a fortune. For example, seeing the value of your home skyrocket, without much effort from you – or having your agent send a book to auction with a record bid.

  60. Dear Jessica, it seems to me like March 2023 is a pivotal moment for a lot of us as I see it frequently in your articles. I don’t know though whether March would be positive or not, based on my chart. Would appreciate any insight you can offer. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a Pisces stellium, so you shine brightly when you show off your religion, psychic ability, spirituality, counselling, hypnosis, Tarot and so on. You live in your Twelfth House for much of the time, which is secluded, private, invisible to others, involves your God, your rejection of God, your psyche, soul and subconscious. Neptune has been in Pisces in your Twelfth House since 2011 so for over a decade now, you have been drifting, floating, unanchored and sometimes ‘all at sea’ with these matters. Perhaps wading in and getting in over your head, or just out of your depth sometimes. This changes in March. Saturn enters Pisces and your Twelfth House and remains until 2026, so suddenly there are restrictions. Be cautious about who or what you commit to, or even leave, in March as once the walls go up, you will find it hard to get out, or hard to get in. An example might be a very expensive Zoom hypnosis course with some rubbish teachers and a class of faces that you just don’t want to talk to. It happens. The workload may be too heavy and you may regret ever having committed. So before you go into your Twelfth House, or in again, in March, do your homework and research, fully, about who and what is involved.

  61. Hi, is it possible to have a daily horoscope that doesn’t talk about next March? Or are the days leading up to March not worth talking about?

  62. Hi Jessica, I found quite interesting that at the time of Uranus finishing its retrograde, I felt so physically wired. My to do list exploded and I was struggling to feel any calmness. A few days later, i have adapted, writing my daily list and crossing the top one off, and feeling my life moving again (after so much being on hold for months on end). I asked what does March 23 hold for me as I drew tarot, and drew the Ace of Wands. So while I have nothing at 21 22 Taurus, I take this as a good sign. Having had a few lean years, we are now paying off bills, and with our major income tied to the airlines, am steering the financial ship with the uncertainty of that sector in my mind. What came to mind on reading your article was that Jupiter being the gas giant, and with Jupiter in Taurus, maybe I need to buy gas energy shares. (it is probably fortuitous that my gas stove has been broken down for months and I have been cooking dinner on the outdoor bbq, as the 2023 ,4 gas bills will be beyond our salary)

    1. Uranus is associated with nervous tension and feeling wired, and some people register the retrograde, stationary and direct motion of Uranus in quite a personal way if it hits their chart. Uranus was discovered in 1781, when ‘animal electricity’ was also discovered by the Italian scientist Galvani. You now feel life is moving and are ‘galvanised’, the word coming from Galvani’s name. Things get going, don’t they? Your Ace of Wands is a big, promising, idea which needs to be planted firmly somewhere it can happen – and grow. Otherwise it’s just another brainwave. When it comes to money and shares, a good, trustworthy relationship with the Tarot and your own psychic ability is your best friend.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    You are amazing with your ability to read astrology. I have a stellium in Taurus – Moon at 02 deg, Venus and Ceres at 03 deg, Vesta at 04 deg and Vulcano at 23 deg. I am hoping to find a new job easily when I move even though I am now in my 60’s. I still have at least another 10 years working life ahead of me. Could you shed any light on that for me please?

    1. Thank you. Virgo is workload, service and duty and Capricorn is career, ambition and position. You want a new job over the next ten years or so. You were born with Saturn at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House, which is extremely important. You also have the North Node at 0 Virgo and South Node at 0 Pisces, which is again, extremely important. Pluto is going to 29 Capricorn (transiting Pluto conjunction natal Saturn) in your Tenth House of status, success, climbing the ladder, making it – staying on top – achievement, rank and the rest. Saturn here suggests that you have learned to live with quite heavy restrictions and limitations, all your life, no matter if it was gaining qualifications or training; working in a particular position; dealing with the realities of your chosen field. Saturn tends to lock us in, and keep us stuck – or we find it hard to get in, and find there’s no access. Pluto will appear as a person, organisation or situation which takes over. You may feel as if your ‘known world’ is being challenged. Pluto retrogrades at 29 Capricorn later in 2023 so although there is a break from career or retirement questions in March-June, things are not resolved for some time. The Pluto experience is usually one of empowerment. You realise that you have to use your willpower and self-control of you end up being utterly dominated. This is your training wheels. It makes you stronger. I think March 2023 is pivotal for you as this is Pluto’s last stand at 29 Capricorn until he retrogrades, and in the same month we also find transiting Saturn at 0 Pisces, in a conjunction with your natal South Node in the Twelfth House, in opposition to your North Node at 0 Virgo in the Sixth House. It is very important that you put your health and wellbeing first in March. Virgo and the Sixth House rules the body and mind, and your ‘fitness for purpose’ as an employee, or as a self-employed person. Saturn’s opposition is challenging, no doubt about it. It doesn’t last very long, but it is very important that you put your wellbeing first in March 2023. I know your focus is working for another ten years, but your chart says your good health is the number one priority. Something that is useful; be honest with yourself, deep down, about how you really feel about your working life. About any unpaid work, study or housework that exists alongside paid work. Checking in with yourself is a good idea, as the Pisces South Node suggests your subconscious mind can run the show. If your subconscious has an issue with working, then your body may carry out orders. This is a really common manifestation of Virgo-Pisces and you may have found it coming up before. Consciously you were trotting along to work, or university, and so on – but part of you was not in agreement and so you had to take time off, or even leave, to look after your health. This feels like a moment of truth to me. You have Jupiter going to 29 Aries and then 0 Taurus in May, which is terrific, and suggests a turnaround, as Jupiter will aspect your lunar nodes, but also Saturn, on the way out. Jupiter is always the solution. First, you have a bridge to cross in March. Take your time and get the best advice you can when you make it.

  64. Thank you, Jessica. Yes, yes, yes to more content for The Sun Sign School! I love independent study but I have so many questions and online sessions, as well as more info on how to interpret natal charts and work with solar charts would be so welcome! I will check in regularly to see when this comes on.

    On my ASC and DSC, the time I have is from my clinic card when I was born, which my Mum kept very safely – I do wonder, however, if the time is called and recorded accurately when a child is born or if paperwork is filled out with estimates after the delivery! Before I verified with my Mum, I used 9:56 am, going on instinct, no idea where that came from – would a 14 min variance change my ASC/DSC?

    I have an on/off partner who is a foreigner but not in media, so accurate in part and maybe this is about a professional partnership coming up?

    Love the way you explain squares as being “…useful, productive. The grit in the oyster that makes the pearl”. Never really thought about it like that and it certainly is a good challenge to get things right. It’s been that way for me with my natal Saturn/Mercury square.

    On using the 0-1 degree orb, does this also apply to out-of-house orbs? I ask because Pluto’s transit will sextile my natal Jupiter and Neptune once it gets to 29 Capricorn if that is the case, but will also apply at 0 Aquarius, same for the trine with my natal Pluto and Venus at 29 Virgo and a sextile with Aesculapia at 28 Scorpio.

    Separately, would love your insights into a few of my asteroid placements:
    – For Aesculapia in my 8th house, I was going with the interpretation that it could be the ability to bring relationships back from the brink but saw your recent comments in another blog that this applied to the 5th house – what does it mean for the 8th house?
    – Is there any significance to having Cupido & Psyche conjunct at 21/22 Leo?
    – My Virgo Sun trines Vesta in Cap – is this likely to generally be issues around power at work or does this stay dormant until aspected by a transiting planet?

    Much gratitude always

    1. Thank you Marls. The Sun Sign School in 2023 will also make use of Tik-Tok as well as Twitter and YouTube, Substack and Meetups. Everyone has his or her own preference online, so I will try to meet you, on the website you prefer. You are lucky that your mother saved the card when you were born. A good way to judge the accuracy of a birth time and Ascendant (AC) degree, is to look over your past for job title changes. That is something you tend not to control; it happens to you. A title change is always about the Ascendant, so you would be going back over the past to look for, say, an exact conjunction by Jupiter (if you were promoted) or an opposition from, say, Uranus (if you were suddenly made redundant and lost your business card). The rule of 0-1 degree orbs applies to out-of-house aspects, yes. As for Aesculapia in the Eighth House, Catherine Middleton has this – the Princess of Wales. It is usually about the legacy you make, and any will which names you. It is also about partnership finance, business and property, so what you share, in unison with (say) your husband. In your case, it may be your on/off partner if he pays half the rent. Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, revival, return – on a near-miraculous level. Just when you assume a legacy is complete, or history, it comes back. Just when you assume some old arrangement with your husband over property is done and dusted, it isn’t. In the case of the Princess, we would be looking at the sealed wills of the late Prince Philip, and our Queen. There may be terms and conditions there, which mean – some aspect of the legacy is about to come back. The conjunction of Cupido and Psyche at 21-22 Leo is about the bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares or pretenders to your throne (not Catherine’s) and suggests a lifelong tendency to fall in love, with love. Yet, those passions live forever, even though they are intense and typically of ‘crush’ or ‘second honeymoon’ duration. It’s the same with your children, if you have them. Cupido is always shown as the baby, or teenage boy, whose mother Venus adored him. If you do have a child, or even a godson you love dearly, that bond lasts forever, beyond this life. The trine from your Virgo Sun to Vesta in Capricorn suggests that you shine at work, and stand out in your field, as a result of a harem situation with one male authority (say, a male boss) and a majority female circle who compete for his approval. Sir Richard Branson is a good example of this. He does not have Vestal Virgins; he has a bevy of Virgin female flight attendants. So you see…!

  65. Hi Jessica,
    in my natal chart I have Mars at 23 Taurus, Apollo at 20 Taurus, Fortuna at 20 Capricorn and Pluto at 25 Virgo.
    What does this Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will mean for me?
    Many thanks for your kindness.
    Mary 🙂

    1. Well, Mary, you’re in luck, as transiting Jupiter in Taurus in your Second House of good causes, generosity, competition prizes, scholarships, large lump sums, inheritance, business growth, property profits and so on – is here to help you increase the money in your bank account. This will be the result of a pay rise, grant, new job or business boom, as Capricorn rules work, unpaid work and academia. Virgo is similar and rules your job, any voluntary efforts, and university or college courses. The only rule with Jupiter is – you have to take the opportunity. If you do not attempt to resolve any obstacles that stand in your way with a bit of effort, you may throw the baby out with the bath water. So see who or what is so precious and do whatever you can, to fix anything that might stop you from gaining this seriously lucky delivery from Jupiter. May 2023 to May 2024 gives you plenty of time.

  66. Jessica, thanks for this and all your prolific content. I read and rely on it so much and I thank you.
    Reposting my prior comment. I will have a Jupiter in Taurus return conducting other Taurus factors, trining the Virgo ones but opposing my Scorpio stellium. How does all this play out for me? Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. Your Jupiter Return in Taurus in your Second House of charity fundraising, property investment, big wins, large lump sums, values (say, the environment or philanthropy), shopping, business and inheritance is likely to deliver something big. Jupiter in conjunction with Taurus factors in your Second House expands and increases what you have already. So, for example, the value of your house may double. You may pull off a huge business deal. This cycle runs May 2023 to May 2024 so there is plenty of time. There may even be clues now. Transiting Jupiter in Taurus trine Virgo factors helps to improve your lifestyle, workload and wellbeing, which Virgo rules, over the Sixth House. A good example is so much more money saved or made, that you can afford expensive medical treatment. Or, you can afford to ditch aspects of your business that could be delegated, giving you more room to move. The opposition to your Scorpio stellium is still beneficial. Jupiter is always beneficial. The Romans called him ‘Juppiter Optimus Maximus’ from which the ancient Latin gives us optimism, optimise and maximise – and maximum. Transiting Jupiter in opposition across the Taurus-Scorpio axis is about your values, versus other people’s values. You may be extravagant, but your mother is frugal. You may be generous with charity but your boyfriend would rather spend the money on his car. You will really notice the gaps then with family or partners, typically, but even the inner conflict you have will reward you. So, for example, it may be a business deal that changes your will or legacy forever, to others, because it is so lucrative – yet you have qualms about the company, or the deal itself, or the product. Once you figure that out, you still gain.

  67. Hi Jessica, Very interesting read. As a Taurus with Jupiter and Uranus both at 24 Cancer, I’m intrigued to know what you can tell me about how this might align with the upcoming Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus cycle.

    1. Lucky you. Opportunities and solutions galore, May 2023 to May 2024, involving the house or apartment, the land (or another residence or property investment). Family or household members may also be part of the journey. Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with your natal Sun in the Second House will put you centre-stage as someone whose finances, property or life budget helps her dazzle. Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Jupiter and Uranus in the Fourth House suggests the fantastic turning point is sudden and was never in your plans.

  68. Hello Jessica,
    I have Stelliums in Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo & Virgo.
    In Taurus I have my MC at 14 deg and North Node at 16 degrees.
    In Virgo I have Psyche at 12 deg, Pluto 20 deg, Uranus 24 deg and Mars at 28 deg.
    In Capricorn I have Cupido 12 deg, Bacchus 18 deg, Salacia & Fortuna at 22 deg, Aesculapia at 23 deg, & Proserpina at 28 deg.
    In Scorpio Opposition I have IC and Minerva at 14 deg, South Node 16 deg, Mercury 18 deg, Neptune 22 deg & Hygeia at 26 deg.
    The only other concern is Chiron 21 deg and Saturn 22 deg in Pisces.
    April 18th, 2024 Moon will be transiting over my Ascendant at 22 deg Leo.
    April 19th, 2024 Mars will be transiting over my Chiron at 21 Pisces.. and then making its way over my Saturn at 22 deg Pisces.
    My husband Michael is a Sun Libra (with a Libra Stellium) and Salacia at 20 deg Capricorn. (I purchased his chart.)
    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to moving past this Scorpio/Taurus karmic period that
    we have been stuck in and getting some needed closure.
    Do you see any moves in our future? Eventually- we would like to relocate to a different State for retirement.
    However, we do love the home and area that we live in now (bought this home 15 years ago) and are looking at doing some landscaping and home renovations this Spring!
    Thank you for all you do!!

    1. Thank you. March 2023 is an important crossroads for you, which may be a mortgage, loan or a move – or renovations. Your husband Michael also experiences a crossroads in March. It will likely be borrowing money for landscaping and renovations. Just take your time getting into the commitment, if you do have to borrow money, or when considering the impact it will have on your lives in 2023, 2024, 2025. The Garden Oracle can help you there.

  69. Dear wonderful Jessica, if you have time out of all the readers contacting you, do you think you can let me know your thoughts on my mars in taurus for a financial outlook? thank you Jessica, so so much.

    1. Your Mars at the start of Taurus in the Second House of collectors’ items, charity fundraising, property investment, shopping, values (the environment, say) and business – is where you push, push, push. This is where you are in it, to win it. Jupiter in conjunction with natal Mars increases your drive to be first – and come first. Luck is also with you, when this happens. Jupiter is about innate good fortune; he was the lucky one who escaped his father’s teeth, and was raised on ambrosia. You have a lot to look forward to here. The Tarot can tell you more.

  70. Hi Jessica. Knowing that Bitcoin has reached all-time highs during 18, 19 and 20 degrees, can it be that we will see another all-time high close to 20 degrees, therefore making many people wealthy?
    Uranus represents electricity which indicates digital currency.

    1. Good point. I will go back to my Bitcoin astrology predictions, which from memory, have come to pass. Thank you.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I’ve been meaning to be in touch to validate some predictions. I’ve been in touch before about my challenges with my agent in finding the right publisher for my book, after many years of being Plutoed by the industry as a Sun Cap. You told me not long ago that for whatever reason, the struggle would not be there from March 2023 and that luck would be on my side in 2024 with Jupiter in Gemini. Well, in the last days of Jupiter in Pisces/my Solar 3rd House, I received word that I’d been shortlisted for an important prize, which led to queries from publishers and multiple offers, including one that felt perfect and which I accepted, with the contract being worked on now. Publication will be in 2024. So, you were right! I can’t tell you what a comfort your work and words have been in so many difficult moments. Thank you so much!

    Re: your article, I have my Sun at 22 Cap, Venus 21 Cap, Diana 22 Virgo, Asculapia 21Taurus. It’s lovely to know that these factors may be supportive with transits this year. If you have time, would you have any specific tips or insight on how to make the most of them?

    All my thanks again,

    1. I am thrilled for you. I remember your question and also the astrology prediction. You have many offers for your book after being shortlisted for an important prize. Publication is 2024, right on cue. Jupiter in Gemini. Your luck is in again, though, as Jupiter at 21, 22 Taurus will trine your Sun, trine your Venus, trine Diana and Aesculapia. You may well TV or film rights or more translation rights, or snap up a second book deal. The first small glimpse of what is possible will appear in May when Jupiter enters Taurus, LT.

  72. Hello Jessica ! Thanks for another great article. Patience and Fortitude give their best regards! My coworkers and I were just quoting your thoughts while we discussed who we thought would be the next king of England.
    With all this Jupiter,Uranus, Saturn and Neptune movement my head is spinning. I am a Leo rising with stellium’s in Pieces, Sagittarius and Virgo. I am about to get my second Saturn return and a Jupiter return plus Uranus conducting my Jupiter!
    Whew!! What’s the rub? Thanks, and keep up the brilliant work

    1. Waving to New York City. I miss Patience and Fortitude. Actually you have a stellium in Libra as well as an important stellium in Virgo. The Libra stellium describes a sexual partner, or a professional partner. It can also describe an opponent or enemy. Libra is the scales, so the scales are either balanced in a two-way balancing act, or unbalanced (unfair or illegal, even) in which case justice is sought. This becomes central from July 2023 when the South Node enters Libra for the first time in about 18-19 years. By 2024 you will be in a stuck situation with the other person where you must go around in circles with him or her, until you finally feel you have closure. The Virgo stellium tells me you must put your health first from March 2023, until early 2026. Nothing else come first except your health please.

  73. Hello Jessica. Do you see a solution to the illegal migrant situation in the UK?. I feel quite anxious seeing hundreds of young men with no ID landing on our shores every day. It is a threat to our security and I can’t believe MPs are hardly speaking about it. Of course we must help those in need, escaping from war torn countries etc but these people are coming from France! They will become a huge strain on resources. Other countries seem to be addressing the issue. Now for something completely different ……….. I am always puzzled when I am told that, as a Capricorn, I am ambitious and a social climber but I am not at all. Why would this be? I really don’t recognise myself from the typical description.Thank you!

    1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has neighbours, within and without, and neighbours are a Gemini matter. We currently have Mars Retrograde in Gemini (it has been there since September 2022) and it ends in March. Mars is attack, Gemini is neighbours, so here we have illegals attacking the borders from France across the English Channel and Scotland’s leadership attacking the rights of women and girls across the borders too. Again, this is typical of Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Jupiter and the Sun in Gemini from late May 2023 and then particularly Uranus in Gemini from 2026 will solve these neighbour problems. As for your Sun in Capricorn, you shine brightly when you climb to the top of any system, be it the class system, a corporation, high society or academia. The mountain goat dazzles when she ascends and makes it (reference point: Catherine Middleton). Not everybody finds it easy to express the Sun in her chart. Sometimes the Sun is blocked. Proserpina at 26 Cancer in your chart blocks the Sun at 27 Capricorn. They are in opposition. So, likely because of your family upbringing or your family now (Cancer) you get in your own way when you have a chance to scale the dizzy heights of ambition (Capricorn).

  74. Hi Jessica, This is my first time contacting you and would like to ask you for some thoughts on today’s planetary system. Today 26/01/23 I have six conjuctions in my birthchart…17/10/1959.
    I feel that my whole life exists in another world and have never been good at navigating the everyday one. My mother was 11/04/1933 my father 22/11/1925. They feature in this chart? would you say? Can you give me some insight into these conjunctions? and will their effect culminate into something real for me as I live on the breadline at the moment.

    1. Thank you for being a Premium Member. You say you have difficulty navigating the real world and also live on the breadline. You have Ops at 6 Cancer trine Neptune at 6 Scorpio. Your question about your mother and father is correct. Ops in Cancer in the Fourth House describes your mother. Neptune at 6 Scorpio in the Eighth House describes the family inheritance, and the legacy where you name others, as well as any legacy naming you (say by your father or both parents). Neptune can leave us feeling all at sea. Drifting and floating, and never in the real world. The Eighth House is about joint finances and shared property, so not just about legacies, but also about marriage and mortgage, or renting with a boyfriend, or any arrangement where you have to manage your bank account with one eye on other people. It’s usually partners or relatives. If you are on the breadline you may have found Neptune in the Eighth House has distorted your ideas about your budget, or taxation, and so on. You are not alone. Everyone born in 1959 has Neptune in Scorpio so a whole generation right now is treading water with money, primarily because you never budgeted for inflation. It’s not your fault, to some extent, but you also need to stabilise your finances by inventing a new budget to replace the old one. You are also in a very tricky cycle which ends in July 2023, so you will turn the corner. It gets better in May, but the feeling of being stretched ends in July, when the lunar South Node leaves Scorpio. You do have some thinking to do about your mother. You have inherited problem solving abilities from her, or perhaps your grandmother. This is the Margaret Thatcher ‘can do’ approach. And yet I wonder if you give yourself problems to solve in the first place. It is very important that you figure out a new system. You may need expertise to help you do that. Borrow a stack of library books from the experts and begin. Watch the experts on YouTube or have a look at their websites. When Jupiter goes to 6 Taurus (he changes signs in May, so not too far away) you will be in an excellent position to see the rewards of a different approach. You can find out more about Ops and Neptune in your library on here, free.

    1. Absolutely. You have the Sun and Panacea in Taurus, so shine brightly when you show off your ability with charity, property, business, collecting, sales and the rest. This is also where you come up with solutions and remedies, all the time. You fix things. This side of your personality will open up and reward you May 2023 to May 2024. Just don’t rob a bank please. I’m joking.

  75. Hello Jessica,
    I have ic 21° taurus in my Birth Chart and wondering how this impacts me. Thanks! WL

    1. If your birth time is accurate then your IC or Immum Coeli is in Taurus, the sign of charity, finance, banks, sharemarkets, insurance, property, shopping and sales. So your ancestor/ancestors has that background. It can be linked to poverty and bankruptcy. Taurus is both ends. So a relative may have made it on Wall Street or been a victim of a crash. Or perhaps he or she just worked in a mint. Jupiter going across your IC will give you a big opportunity to enjoy making more of your inherited abilities with money, or give you the chance to fix issues, if you have inherited them from an ancestor. Have a look at your family tree.

  76. Hi Jessica,
    I found your reply very interesting on those born in 1959. I too am of that generation and sense the world may be opening up with new opportunities even though I am well over sixty. Any insights as to where these may be ? I have always wanted to be a writer …

    1. Thank you. Age is irrelevant for writers, scriptwriters, playwrights and poets as Mary Wesley proved. I am not surprised you have always wanted to be a writer. You have a stellium in Virgo, ruled by Mercury (the planet which rules media, publishing and the worldwide web) and you also have the Moon, Ops and Proserpina in Gemini, again ruled by Mercury. You will be given stunning opportunities to make more of your ambitions from May 2024 until June 2025. Then from 2026 new inventions and innovations, online, will turn your life around as you use the new technology to experiment with exciting ways to be heard or read. At this point I think language translation will come into its own. You will find it all pretty irresistible, I suspect.

  77. Hello Jessica, i am working on understanding my chart and you recently said one of the things that stand out for me is self worth and value. Is this because Saturn is in Taurus 2nd house? I have always worked hard but never really reaped the rewards of my efforts, missing out on promotions to other more self confident people. Jupiter is in Scorpio 8th house so how will this transit affect me with Jupiter opposing Saturn in Taurus – will it make things easier for me to get a new job where I am valued and rewarded? I’m amazed on the accuracy of astrology and since following you over the last couple of years have learnt so much so thank you. I’ve also been thinking of either renovating/moving house with my husband (Pisces). He wants to move and I would renovate and stay put for a bit but the market seems very unpredictable at the moment.

    1. Thank you. Ops and Saturn are both in Taurus in your Second House of finance, property, business, charity, possessions, superannuation/pension, shopping, selling and insurance. This is unusual. Ops and Saturn were married in Roman mythology. You and your husband may be acting out aspects of the myth, as he wants to move and you want to stay (and renovate). If you are curious, have a look at Ops and Saturn in your online library here and look at the paintings of the pair. The Second House is about self-worth and self-value as it describes what you consider to be so precious, it is priceless, and also reveals what you will never sell your soul for. So people who say ‘I’m worth more than that’ are expressing Taurus/Second House ideas. You are very lucky to have balance with Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House. In fact, this is even more unusual, as Jupiter was the son of Ops and Saturn. Sometimes these Roman myths ring true in the most astonishing way, even though we are 2000 years on. You will always be protected by the joint financial and property relationship with your husband and at its best it will give you huge rewards. Perhaps, other family members too. Take your husband’s instincts seriously as he is in a position to make or save a lot of money by May 2023. You can tell him I said that. But joking aside, have a look at the Tarot too.

  78. Oh my I read this and felt excited! I’ve written to you before, telling you of my money struggles which have left me in debt and housesitting post-divorce and post-Covid. But this morning I think there’s potential good news on the horizon as I have a stellium in Taurus and Saturn at 21 degrees Taurus! I’ve seen my very Taurean friends already increase their worth dramatically 22-23 so hoping some of this bullish luck does run off. I’d be grateful for any insights into how to make the most of the good fortune.

    I continue to be so grateful to be a subscriber and all the fascinating insights you share


    1. Catherine, Taurus factors at 4, 9, 11, 21 (including Saturn, at 21 Taurus, which is important) in your Second House of finance will be in a rare conjunction with Jupiter (big solutions) in June, July, October, November 2023 and February, March, April 2024. Much of what comes your way owes a lot to all you did, with money, property, business, charity, shopping, selling – on the last cycle. So that was 2011-2012. Jupiter is the acorn which grows into a mighty oak. The red spot on Jupiter looks like an acorn; the Romans associated Jupiter with the oak tree. You would certainly have a milestone in 2011-2012 when Jupiter was in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn in Taurus in your Second House describes a lifetime of situations with finance, houses or apartments where you are either obstructed and stuck – unable to get out – or very much blocked and stopped – unable to get in. You divorced and likely found yourself in this kind of situation. It may or may not have happened in 2011-2012, but that period will tell you a lot about what to do, when Jupiter comes your way in 2023-2024. Jupiter is Saturn’s son in Roman mythology which informs modern astrology. Jupiter resolved every issue Saturn created. Thank you for your kind words, enjoy this transit.

  79. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for guidance and hope. What stars are telling for me – I have Vulcano 22 Taurus, Uranus 22 Virgo, Jupiter 22 Cancer. Thanks in advance and God bless you!

    1. Lucky you. Jupiter will reward you for your self-control with money, charity, property, business at the same time that you find freedom with your work, unpaid work or academic career – and huge gains with the house or apartment. It all happens at once. There may be thunder or lightning when it does. Strangely, that can happen when you have Jupiter (thunderbolts) and Uranus (electrical storms) in the mix. Enjoy this twist of fortune.

  80. Hi Jessica. I have Ceres at 22 Taurus, vesta at 22 Virgo and Bacchus at 21 Virgo. Could you help comment what may happen in short future and those lucky dates?

    2022 had been my worst year in my life and hopefully I can have more lucks on coming 2023 and 2024, especially in career and financial aspects.

    Now I am interviewing a quite promising job. Pass through 2 interviews and 1 more zoom meeting to go. But it is in stop and go situation now maybe because of lunar new year holiday and maybe, Mercury retrograde.

    Hope it is all ok when Jupiter is in Aries now.

    Thanks Jessica for your generosity to share us so many info, lucky dates and answer so many questions.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Virgo. You are in a rare cycle when transiting Uranus in Taurus is in opposition to your natal Scorpio factors, at the same time as the North Node in Taurus. The big stretch is over in July and the strain will reduce, with your money, house and/or apartment. You will find all your job solutions line up between now and May 2023 and the position or arrangement you take, is good for your lifestyle and wellbeing too. Make your health your number one priority after March, please. Keep it number one until 2026.

  81. Dear Jessica
    Thankyou once again for your valuable information. I’m pleased to see that you are predicting good things for us. Most of what I’m reading is doom and gloom. I get it’s a tough world at the moment. But it does brighten when hearing good things. I myself have Saturn in Taurus if you could enlighten would be marvellous. But most of all I’m asking on behalf of my poor down husband. He was born 26/05/1971. His father was never part of his life even though he tried. He works so hard and yet never seems to get appreciated and has severe anxiety issues. We have over the years built a wonderful life but would like some positive feedback for him. It’s not something l would normally ask and unfortunately l don’t know his birth time.
    Very many thanks Selina.

    1. Thank you. Your husband was born on the 26th of May 1971 and is a Sun Gemini who is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. It is common for people who have Gemini or Virgo placements to live with anxiety, which is of course the parasympathetic nervous system feeding off the state of mind, and the state of mind being influenced by the parasympathetic nervous system. I have had readers report good results with (just) one book by Dr. Claire Weekes or the audio hypnosis of Glenn Harrold and Dr. Paul McKenna. Your husband will find one stuck work and health issue ends in July. Financial or property issues end in March. They may return, but without their old power. March does bring a crossroads decision about his career. He needs to take his time and take good advice as he does have choices, but the path requires careful selection. He will make new friends or remake old friendships, happily and successfully, until May. From May 2023 until May 2024 he could cure his anxiety and sort out his father. It’s the best cycle in 12 years for counselling or other approaches, like hypnosis. He is lucky to have you as his wife. Your Saturn in Taurus in the Second House of finance and property also benefits from Jupiter in Taurus May 2023 to May 2024; your entire life, you have either been locked inside situations, or stuck on the outside, unable to get in. Transiting Jupiter in conjunction with natal Saturn in the Second House will offer you a stunning solution.

  82. Oh my gosh, how accurate. I have spent a lifetime being stuck financially! I bought a flat 2002 and tried to sell it twice – the first time in Summer 2017 when Brexit knocked the UK economy for six, the second time in Summer 2022 just before the mini-budget and soaring inflation. I haven’t been successful either time and am now also trying to pay large debts.
    I can’t remember what I did in 2011-12 except I was earning a good sideline income from catering, which I no longer do. I will keep eyes and ears peeled.
    And I really mean it, I love this site and your work. Thanks for the reply.

  83. Dear Ms ADAMS,

    I can not believe. It is me here, but the answer for Catherine, it is amazing the same! Yes, my husband left our home on 4th March 2011 and my life was broken and now it is almost the same! And my heart, for ever! It was written in the star, is it not?

  84. Jessica very interesting. Confirms what I heard but not sure of. Concern of privacy/freedom w/new world currency valid? CBDCs first? Also familiar w/astrology but new to my chart. No 21/22 deg, Cap w/Leo rising, Taurus moon@26 deg and stelliums in scorpio, aries, pisces, aquarius, Libra. Any $ benefit from 2023/24? Longterm health issues stopped me from role I loved in biz husb and I grew then sold 2018. My dream and only baby. Buyers sadly screwed us w/no recourse. Happens – hard lesson. Sag husb’s chart (or juju) sabotaging mine for $/success maybe. He’s older semi retired (consulting) w/no worry over $. I do obv esp about growing savings investments more or faster then they have. So many in world struggling far more and yet here I am. Hope planets will help resolve my family’s sml trust due soon – estranged yrs (toxic). PS Tasmania is beautiful. Always good to see successful women esp while helping others. Thx for post and ability to see my chart. Fun!

    1. Thank you. Looking at your chart, you have stelliums in Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius and Libra. The biggest stretch in 19 years, financially, ends in July 2023. The nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus, so the gap between your personal income, personal life budget and values – and the realities of being involved with other people’s money, possessions or property – is closed then. You still need to have a flexible budget until 2026 as Uranus in Taurus will be in an opposition to the Moon in Scorpio, in your packed Eighth House, every 28 days or so. You need to be able to zig-zag, when life does. Your marriage enters the past karma zone from July 2023 and by 2024 you will realise a lot of what happens owes much to life as it was 18 or 19 years before, the last time the South Node was in Libra in your Seventh House. You owe, or are owed, spiritually, and there will be final closure next year. Life in or around a group will change everything from the last week of March, for many years into the future. If you do happen to join a team, club, band, community then, you may find it ends up being extremely powerful, as Pluto transits Aquarius and your Eleventh House of the collective.

  85. Love to hear about and support entrepreneurs esp female. We’re stronger where broken (sort of Hemingway). Never give up on you and follow your gut and head equally. Peace, health and success for future. PS take care of you and always put health first. Im ex driven type A who learned the hard way.

  86. Dear Jessica,
    i was reading your post and comparing my chart with my family and noticed that my Dad’s Uranus conjuncts my Ascendent. i wondered how this plays out as I have tried to support my parents over the years. He is getting frail now as an octogenarian. is he likely to see and enjoy the success he has sought his entire life, while he is still with us eg buy the home of his dreams and publish his book? everything is taking longer than he anticipated. Any guidance for him or on how i can best support him would be greatly appreciated. My Dad has Scorpio, Taurus and Leo stelliums. I suspect his ascendant estimated at Sagittarius is actually in Capricorn, from his personality, which adds that to the list. I pasted much of his chart here. thank you very much Jessica.

    Sun 12° Sagittarius 38’21”
    Moon 23° Aquarius 03’11”
    Mercury 23° Scorpio 38′ 02″
    Venus 10° Scorpio 19′ 44″
    Mars 09° Scorpio 22′ 34″
    Jupiter 06° Taurus 50’15” R
    Saturn 09° Taurus 01’07” R
    Uranus 23° Taurus 23’12” R
    Neptune 27° Virgo 31′ 06″
    Pluto 04° Leo 08′ 52″ R
    Chiron 01° Leo 06′ 21″ R
    Juno 04° Virgo 48′ 04″
    Vesta 27° Leo 58′ 49″
    Ceres 25° Scorpio 54′ 25″
    MC 27° Leo 43′ 02″
    Diana 06° Capricorn 17’21”
    Fortuna 11° Aries 24′ 16″
    Minerva 08° Pisces 25′ 00″
    Bacchus 14° Capricorn 37’36”
    Apollo 11° Libra 49′ 30″
    Aesculapia 00° Gemini 12’01” R
    Hygeia 23° Pisces 16′ 11″
    Panacea 01° Libra 00′ 42″
    Ops 14° Sagittarius 49’37”
    Salacia 16° Sagittarius 28’39”
    Proserpina 28° Capricorn 24’20”
    Cupido 14° Taurus 42’14” R
    Vulcano 06° Scorpio 41′ 58″
    Psyche 09° Gemini 08′
    NorthNode 08° Libra 41′ 45″ R

    1. Thank you. Did you know your Ascendant describes you when you were a newborn baby? How fascinating that his Uranus at 23 Taurus is in a conjunction with your Ascendant at 23 Taurus. Your birth time sounds accurate as it’s not rounded up, so you decided to enter the world, in a moment of truth for him, financially – or regarding his values. Taurus is about what we will not sell our soul for, but also what or whom we consider to be so precious, it is priceless. Uranus is how we figure out what freedom means, to others as well as ourselves. Will he obtain his dream home and publish a book? Dream homes are hard work in 2023-2026 and it could be done, but likely with quite a heavy commitment. Renovations or a mortgage would be typical. If he does decide to make property moves, especially in March, he needs to do the research (as do you) on what is involved. Don’t just assume, find out. He will indeed begin writing, perhaps a book, maybe another medium (a website, for example) at some point after March 2023 and having been quite blocked, likely by the internet itself, or maybe computers, will discover new possibilities from the final week of March. He has plenty of time. Pluto in Aquarius will be here until 2044, so the potential is there, as it aspects Gemini and Sagittarius factors in his chart, and these both rule writing in all its forms, and across all mediums and media.

  87. Hi Jessica, I enjoy reading your articles and also the comments section. I am spending some time attempting to understand my chart and the patterns. I have a Taurus stellium and Saturn at 21′ virgo plus Aesculapia at 20′ Taurus – just wondering how this may play out over the year. Thanks again, love your work.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries, with stelliums in Aries, Virgo, Taurus and Aquarius. You are in a good position to improve your appearance, change your title and/or enhance your reputation until May. You live in your First House of image and profile – exterior – much of the time. All that can work very hard for you, as it is your persona and aura which carries a great deal. So, with Jupiter in Aries and Chiron in Aries until May, the stage is set for a new you, particularly in April. Your Taurus stellium will help you to save or make a small fortune from May 2023 to May 2024. Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, revival and miraculous returns; some aspect of your finances, possessions, property, charity or business that you may have written off, will come back from the brink, May 2023 to May 2024. Finally, your Aquarius stellium defines the next 20 years. March is historic. Saturn leaves Aquarius and your Eleventh House, where you have been stuck in a waiting game with friends and groups, your social life or social media since December 2020. In his place comes Pluto, empowering you. You’ll be in a group, but also outside it and set apart – but with huge influence.

  88. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all that you do. I’m amazed at how much time you take to help your readers.
    I’m a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo and Virgo. I have MC and Vulcano in Taurus. I’ve been in a tech job where I have seen some growth and progression but also feels very mundane and tiring at this point. I’m looking to switch jobs but with current uncertainty in the tech world it feels scary to switch and take a risk. Especially given that Saturn enters Pieces, my house for finances.
    On the other hand I’m also hoping to start publishing a blog. I’ve read the 2023 yearly astrology and there seems to be dates in Feb-May period that seem to be aligned for new beginnings. Would you be able to suggest a good time to start on this journey?

    1. Thank you. It’s a pleasure. I have more time at the moment so happy to visit my desk more often. You sound as if you have itchy feet professionally, as it seems mundane and you’d like to publish a blog. You are a Sun Leo with stelliums in Leo and Virgo so although you find it scary to think about a change, you won’t be able to avoid it in May and June 2023. Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Taurus, alongside the North Node, in your solar Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement. Life will expand, improve and set you free, and it will happen very quickly, as Uranus turns the world upside-down in the blink of an eye. You have already seen this in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 anyway as Uranus has been in Taurus all that time. Yet, if you feel tired with work, you will be unshackled. People or organisations which are big (even huge) and extremely positive and cheerful, optimistic and big-thinking, will enter your life or reappear in May and by June you may have accepted a better role or project, or signed up for a course. When the North Node exits Taurus in July the sense of repetition will vanish. Your life path is actually with younger people. You can have children and be very hands-on in their tuition and development, almost like a teacher. Alternatively you can actually teach, tutor, lecture or advise – a blog is one way of doing that. Leo stellium people tend to impart their leadership, authority and guidance to a younger generation, old enough to be their own children, and eventually you will find your niche with a generation below your own. Substack is very popular with my friends who write and broadcast. I’m on there too. So we may see you there!

  89. Hi Jessica, I learn astrology and am stimulated by life-enhancing ideas every time I read your posted responses to your readers. And you are kind to reply to my comments (questions) as often as you do. Thank you. You are brilliant at weaving astrology with much care and warmth for our personal histories: reading this website is so supportive. Thank you for the grand-scale response on a continuous basis!
    My best to you today, Cecelia

    1. That’s so kind of you Cecelia, I really appreciate your thoughtful and kind words. Waving my tea from Tasmania.

  90. Hi Jessica,

    Chiming in a bit late on this one but I have Mercury 21 degrees and Vulcana at 22 degrees Taurus… what could this mean potentially??
    While I thought I couldn’t be in more of an unsettled state, I now have to move out of my current place. With no savings and with a dog, on top of the rental shortage crisis we’re already having.

    I just can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel…

    1. That’s very tough about needing to move with your dog, and no savings. I am sorry you are being put through the situation. And I think the shortage of rental apartments and houses is worldwide, because Air BnB has been allowed to take over. Okay, let’s see what is going on. You are a Sun Taurus, with a huge stellium in Taurus, but also Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius. The situation settles down in March. Until then you may find you go backwards and forwards with new arrangements for your money, possessions and home. In the grand scheme of things you won’t even remember this, but just for the next few weeks, you have Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Second House (rent) in your solar chart, so you have that classic to-and-fro. In your natal chart, we find Mars doing the same thing in your Third House (neighbours, the neighbourhood, neighbouring suburbs) so this also makes sense. Much, much later on – from May 2023 to May 2024 you can save or make money. So please don’t worry. Just for now, you may want to have Plan B and C up your sleeve, be light on your feet, cover your tracks and just assume a bit of stuck gears or reverse, until Mars corrects his motion in March. March is actually going to change your life, as Saturn leaves Aquarius (friends and groups) and Pluto enters (same thing). So I would not be hugely surprised if you were in a share household or living with a friend then, or if the friend took the dog for a while. You will make new friends from late March, or reboot old friendships, and realise – this is powerful. It may be a scene. It may be a band. It may be some other kind of collective. It’s a little bit like realising your boyfriend plays drums in New Order, you can play keyboards and you’re all living in Manchester.

  91. Thanks Jessica for sharing this! How will this impact me with Jupiter in Libra within my chart and also with a Taurus factor in Chiron?

    1. It’s a pleasure. You were born with Chiron at 22 Taurus in the Second House of personal income, quincunx Pluto at 22 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership. This is there all your life but occasionally comes to life. You were born to see what you can get away with, when it comes to money, houses, business, shopping, charity, apartments, collectors’ items. Every time you stretch the boundaries, you bring in your partner. This may be a professional or sexual partner. It works the other way too. Every time you try to control the partnership or control the partner – you find yourself in a situation with your bank account, or home, where you experiment with outrageous options. When Jupiter goes to 22 Taurus the pattern takes off, to your advantage. Don’t be Bonnie and Clyde now, but you and a certain someone have what it takes to hit a so-called impossible bull’s eye.

  92. Hi Jessica,
    I’m wondering whether to apply for a more senior role, closing on Feb 6th. It’s not exactly what I’m after (I’d report to a tricky male manager) but I’m also trying to make use of opportunities because my Jupiter is in Aries. I drew the “strike a beginning” Garden Oracle card which was positive, but also the 5 of pentacles which appeared less positive aside from the message about “windows of opportunity” so I’d appreciate your take on the situation. if I don’t apply for this role, I’ve probably got a brief overseas work trip to a country that takes COVID safety seriously as well as a possible workplace restructure in March. Could either of these lead to better opportunities? Thank you!

    1. You should apply for the role, and all other (any other) roles until May as you will not only have your Jupiter Return, but also Jupiter in your solar Tenth House of success, until May 2023. The Garden Oracle card was telling you to proceed. The Five of Pentacles, if it was about exactly the same question, may be talking to you about others involved. This looks like a senior role or benefits from the restructure, or even a third opportunity outside this current company. As for work trips, that’s your call.

  93. Hi Jessica, I’m a bit late to this thread but I wanted to ask a question about my company, it was incorporated on 20th April 2016, before I knew anything about astrology and in the shadow of a mercury retrograde (I think). Does this mean my company will always struggle? Does my own personal chart override this? Will this Taurus Uranus cycle help? Many Thanks x

    1. Yes, you started your company on Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Taurus in the Second House of banks and income, taxation and accounting. Whenever Mercury is under transit in that chart, you will find that you change your mind, or go back on your word, or others do the same. Paperwork may be delayed or scrapped; computers or telephones may be issues. It is not necessarily a struggle but it doesn’t really help. Your own chart does not override it. Jupiter in Taurus will help with offers and options (larger amounts, bigger savings) but you’ll still find stop-start, go-slow or ‘scrapped.’ It’s not the end of the world, but if you want a simple life, you may want to relaunch the company. Ask the Tarot for this very personal question.

  94. Hi Jessica,
    I am Chinese and live in Taiwan. I’m sorry my English is not very good, maybe the words are not expressive.
    You are my favorite astrologer. It has been six years since I read your articles. It inspires and amazes me a lot. Thank you.

    Now it’s just Chinese New Year, I’ve been trying to learn program trading for several years, would like to ask if I have a chance to succeed in 2023?

    happy new year

    1. Hello there. Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. I saw five rabbits this morning walking the dog, which I think is auspicious. You will have success with study and work until May, if you take the opportunities ahead (and keep going with the opportunity you just had). This goes beyond program trading into other areas too. Try to be open to everything as sometimes the universe has a better idea than you, of what would suit you best in life.

  95. Thank you Jessica, that’s very touching and sweet. I know my birth gave him great joy, I was told his personality transformed in my presence. I feel humbled, seeing how far my parents have journeyed.. I will pass on your message to him. his book is almost ready, but he has indeed had many blocks. He loves working hard so this is indeed good news that time is with him to work through challenges. I wish you good health and happiness this Lunar New Year Jessica.

  96. Jessica, I can’t believe you take the time to answer so many questions! We are so lucky to read so much follow up; I always learn so much more than your initial blog post with your detailed answers! I am always fascinated by your analysis and predictions, but this one hits home. I have my Moon, Mercury, Mars, Vesta & Diana at 21 & 23 degrees, Jupiter at 22 degrees, and my south node at 22 Taurus. In addition, I have Libra and Aries stelliums. Do these factors compound with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to my south node, and having Jupiter at 22 degrees? Thank you so much for all you teach your readers!

    1. Thank you, it’s very kind of you to say so. You have a tight pattern at 21, 22, 23 degrees and Jupiter moving to 21, 22, 23 Aries and then Taurus will open up your options in one fell swoop. Jupiter is about expansion. In fact, they just found out Jupiter has even more moons than astronomers ever realised. Like the acorn with which he is associated, he grows exponentially. Is more better? Well, it gives you more choice. The South Node at 22 Taurus is crossed by Jupiter and Uranus, so we can at least say, saving a small fortune (or making it) gives you far more freedom to select who and what you want, in other areas, including partnership. There is no ‘perfect’ in this, but in general, Jupiter is auspicious. The Romans knew him as greatest and best of gods; in astrology he has been all this and more for over 2000 years.

  97. Hi Jessica, I have been following your blog for a whole year now. Thank you for spreading hope when it feels hard and heavy.

    I have been trying to change my job for a long time without success. I feel that I am stucked both in my career and financially.

    Looking at my chart I see that I have Ops in Virgo at 16 degrees,
    Ceres in Taurus at 17 degrees and Salacia in Aquarius at 16 degrees.

    Can you please tell me how this will affect me when Jupiter enters Taurus -financially and from a career point of view.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you, that is really good to hear. You have been changing your job against Pluto in Capricorn, but also more recently Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, in your Tenth House of career. Mercury is still going backwards and forwards, though he corrects his motion on 7th February. That date will see your organisation/industry sort itself out, as there has been a very long period of flux since the end of 2022. You will really enjoy Jupiter at 16, 17 Taurus as you will cut a deal or compromise over money which is to your total benefit – and find yourself being the problem-solver everyone needs, on the job, with a new job, or with a new project.

  98. Dear Jessica, a small US-based research group, Hindenburg, released its research on the Adani Group. Excellent analysis of the malfeasance we’ve heard whispers of but thanks to political protection, Adani was protected.

    Do you think this could presage the beginning off the end for Adani and his political partners? You’ve been saying that the age of plutocrats is coming to an end. Is this the shock Uranus is bringing?

    Do you see this impacting India as a whole since he’s been granted control over so many of our airports, ports, and other infrastructural facilities?

    You’d predicted that along with the rest of the world, India too would see economic chaos after March. Do you think this is the beginning?

    Thank you!

    1. I noticed Adani making the news (for all the wrong reasons). Geoff Law retweeted a story about Adani and I added that he was doomed, as he is such a textbook example of Pluto in Capricorn. An elite majority of one, overpowering his country and the world, by profiteering from fossil fuel and controlling the temperature for the rest of us. He’s going, going, gone. I’ll talk more about this at The Astrology Collective next week, but the Pluto in Capricorn cycle which began in January 2008 (and ends in March) is about power struggles at the top of global control. It is also about system change at a deep level – the end of the old and start of the new. Back in January 2008 the power struggle was between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They were competing (debating, even) for Democratic leadership. Together, the Democrats were also battling the Republicans. Black man, white woman, white man’s system. By the time we get to the end of the cycle, in March 2023, we have Kamala Harris as Vice President. In between, we had Donald Trump and Mike Pence – and a mob at the Capitol. What was happening in India was ‘same, same, different’ in terms of a tiny elite having absolute power as the cycle began, leaning on an old system – but facing huge transformation over a period of years. America is responsible for climate crisis as is India. This can’t and won’t go on; the turning point will be the UN conference in New York in March, just as Pluto makes the switch. If the only way to get rid of plutocrats is to break them financially, then that is what will happen. Plutocrats have all sorts of ways of going down, though, when Pluto changes signs. They can be guillotined (Louis XVI) or stab themselves (Nero) or be stricken by gout (Henry VIII). All of this happened during every Pluto transition out of Capricorn into Aquarius. Less dramatically, they sometimes just go to jail, or lose their cash.

  99. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing the info above! Your writing is always so interesting!

    I have been following/reading all of your posts and Zooms about upcoming transits this year and Jupiter for me is all about money (I’m a Pisces with Aries and Aquarius stelliums). This was good news for me because I have been out of work for an extended period of time and pushed myself to the brink financially.

    Yesterday my former boss (who is now at a different company) offered me a role but the salary was really low, well below market value and what’s expected for the role. The job would be mostly remote with occasional travel to their office in another state. Probably 2-3 days per month, maybe a bit more initially due to a special project that is going on.

    I was hurt / disappointed with the offer and planned to decline today. My mom said I should say a prayer before bed and ask for guidance. I didn’t consciously do so but I dreamed that I asked you for advice and you advised me against it. In the dream you said that you saw yet another mass shooting happening in the state and if I took the job I would be there when it happened and one of my relatives, of Italian descent, would likely shed blood. In the dream I took this to mean my mother. I woke quickly from the dream after that as it was quite disturbing.

    How odd is that dream and does it have a less literal interpretation?

    There is also another job I am interested in with a different former employer. Same type of role but salary would be well more than double this one in line with market value. I haven’t applied because while it would be exciting and lucrative it requires being on-site full-time in a high rise building (hello Covid), facing a long commute or finding a second place to stay during the week (which would negate the extra income), dealing with all the negative elements of the city and having no other life to speak of but work (the job / company is very intense).

    Should I keep looking? Thank you as always! Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer. You have a job offer and a lower salary, but you work from home with interstate travel. Your mother told you to pray for guidance and your dream told you, to ask me. This is quite peculiar because you believe one of your Italian-descent relatives will be involved in a mass shooting. I was actually meditating last night and heard ‘Italy’ very clearly. Before we get any further confused, let’s go back to the job. There is another, offering more than double this one. It has Covid risks – high-rise building and long commute. As a Sun Pisces with Aries and Aquarius stelliums, your life is certainly changing rapidly in the first quarter of 2023. Saturn goes into Pisces in March. Jupiter is in Aries, until May. Pluto goes into Aquarius in March. These are major cycles and they ‘get you where you live’ so it’s about so much more than work or money; it’s about who you are and what you need. You are in a lucrative cycle until May when you will save or make money. However, you also need to put a price on your health. If the office does not have HEPA and/or UVC protection, you are at risk and 5% of people with Covid get Long Covid. Public transport is not protective of travellers. Saturn in Pisces is moving into a slow opposition with your Virgo factors in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload, from March 2023, so that’s not a cycle to risk your health. It only happens every 29 years and the last time it happened, AIDS became the biggest killer of Americans under a certain age. Covid will likely repeat that in 2023. It should be possible for you to get a good salary, but also work from home, or work in a Covid-safe office. If you are not in any tearing hurry, write down what you can offer on one side of a sheet of paper. On the other, write down what you want and need – with dates. Read it aloud to your spirit helpers and sleep on it. The spirit world is always ready and willing to assist, but you have to ask – that’s the etiquette. A little bit of matchmaking may take place with your spirit people, and maybe some faces you’ve not even met yet. On this forthcoming Saturn in Pisces cycle, never, ever risk your wellbeing. Not for 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026.

  100. This is exciting! I don’t think I have Taurus stellium but I do have my sun in Taurus so hoping for some good news financially. With my health so bad these past 2 years, I have racked up a litany of hospital bills. Hoping for some relief there too. Fingers crossed!

    1. You have the Descendant, Mercury, Hygiea and Sun in Taurus in your Second House of income, savings, profit, shopping, sales, houses, apartments and so on. The Descendant or DC describes the other person – your other half, or the other side – in a financial situation. Mercury is the paperwork. Hygeia is the protection and safeguarding against possible future financial risk. Who or what insures you against a rainy day. The Sun is how you are admired and noticed. So, when Jupiter forms a chain of conjunctions to those, you are in the best position in 12 years to work wonders and receive rewards.

  101. Hello Jessica, thank you very much I always follow you with passion from Italy. How do you see my working and economic situation? I started a project with products that I make by hand. I have stellium in Taurus( the moon 21°) and in Aries in scorpion and pisces . Thanks for your time

    1. Thank you. Waving to Italy, which I miss very much. You have a huge Scorpio and Taurus stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and Second House of personal income. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, from May 2023 to May 2024, will change your life. This is an unpredictable time, as Uranus brings the last thing you expected. Jupiter brings huge solutions and big gains, as you save or make money. This may be the products you make. It may be something else. Try to have the most flexible budget you can and a set-up which allows you to change at a moment’s notice, as your life certainly will. You are owed, from 18-19 years ago, karmically. What you did without expectation of reward, will result in rewards for you, by June 2023.

  102. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply!! I decided not to pursue the more lucrative opportunity. Aside from the previously noted risks and required lifestyle changes that I wasn’t keen about, I felt the stress of the position would take too much of a toll on my body, more than I could “afford”. My health has been challenged for a few years now and I need to be cognizant of my limitations. The lesser paying role will take that into account and be a much better fit on that front.

    As for the lesser-paying role, the offer was time-sensitive and my back was against the wall with my personal finances so I accepted despite my reservations about and disappointment with the salary (he did come up some on the offer but it is still below market value). There are a lot of other positives that factor in though, including that it is primarily remote, so I am going to focus on those and use this experience to address my pattern of not valuing myself / self-sabotage while I get back on my feet. After the initial onboarding and a one-time project that has to be completed by April I am going to focus on building a side hussle that hopefully I can exit into at some point. I need to break some very damaging patterns in multiple areas of my life that I step into time and again.

    Thank you for the advice regarding requesting help from spirit guides, I will definitely try the method you suggested! I did ask for, and receive, a sign yesterday before I read your reply and before I accepted the offer, so have come to terms with taking this as my next step based on that but will reach out to them again for more guidance. That dream still worries me, especially since you heard “Italy” on your end. Hopefully it was just to nudge us to connect as opposed to being an actual premonition.

    I will have to travel (by personal car) to their office for a few days next week, which I hope will be ok with mask and distancing. There is a requirement though to be there in mid-March, just past the peak you’ve cited in your other posts for COVID risk, so I have to figure out how to avoid or navigate that as I really don’t want to go / take that risk. I have a bit of time to sort that out though.

    Thanks for the help and guidance, it is very much appreciated! Jennifer

    1. I’m glad you saw a sign after trying the writing exercise, Jennifer. As for the dream, I pull my guides up short, if they give me a name, but no more information. There’s really no point in saying ‘Italy’ to me without a clear warning that is useful to people! I’m wondering if there are other people at work who want the employers to offer Covid protection. Do you have a union? If you don’t, think about a group representation. From the final week of March, Pluto is in Aquarius and people power moves mountains. HEPA-UVC filters plug into any room and are affordable for a business. There is a lot of ignorance out there, but there is no excuse for it. Twitter has information. Every office should have one.

  103. Hi Jessica:

    You’ve been wonderfully responsive to my past questions, which I greatly appreciate. Not sure where best to post this, but here goes…

    This time I’m writing with respect to a specific health matter.

    In early November 2022, I underwent right breast surgery to excise an area of concern. The pathology result came back as: DCIS (Stage zero “0”, non-invasive) breast cancer. (My research seems to indicate that this is a nearly 100% curable type of cancer.)

    In late November + mid-December 2022, I underwent 2 additional breast conserving surgeries, which ultimately resulted in adequately clear, cancer-free margins.

    — Genetic Testing + Benefit of Radiation Therapy (RT) —

    Comprehensive genetic testing indicates that I have no genetic markers or inherited risk for any form of cancer, which is a relief.

    Subsequent advanced lab testing assessed the benefit of post-surgical follow-up Radiation Therapy (RT). Result: my specific 10-year total risk of recurrence (either DCIS or an invasive breast cancer) drops from a 19% risk (with surgery alone) down to an 8% risk (with surgery + RT).

    Accordingly, my Radiation Oncologist has prescribed a minimum series of fifteen (15) whole breast RT sessions – with an optional 4-5 sessions as a “boost”, which I declined because the benefit of these was minimal.

    — Radiation Therapy (RT) | CT Planning (Feb. 8) —

    On February 8th, I have a CT Planning appointment, where the treatment area will be mapped/marked-out and the RT plan will be designed/developed.

    The actual RT sessions will be scheduled to begin soon thereafter – 15 consecutive weekdays only with weekends off.

    — Questions —

    1) Does my astrological chart indicate an optimal timeframe or date to commence the course of the 15 Radiation Therapy (RT) sessions? (I’d like to schedule accordingly.)

    2) Does my chart indicate any risks or caveats (either present or future) with respect to undergoing RT?

    2) Ideally, after completing the RT, this health “crisis” will be fully resolved. Really hoping there’s some indication of this in my chart?

    — — — — —

    As always, thank you so much, Jessica!

    With kind regards,


    1. SKW, this reminds me to set aside a feature just for Virgo factors in the Sixth House, which rules health, as we are about to go through the opposition by Saturn in Pisces, which hasn’t happened for 29 years. Okay, so you are on the breast cancer journey, which several of my friends have also been on/are on now. I am sorry you are going through it but at the same time, thank goodness we have Radiation Therapy (RT). You have a planning appointment on February 8th and want to know when to do it/ when not do it. Okay, so we go to Virgo in your chart. You were born with Uranus at 3 Virgo, Pluto at 10 Virgo and Juno at 29 Virgo. On February 8th 2023 we find transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn, trine your Juno at 29 Virgo by just under a degree. This is the only aspect on the day, which is useful as it tells us about the 15 sessions. Pluto is a symbol of “the regeneration of the body” according to my faithful copy of The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills (American Federation of Astrologers, 1971). Pluto also rules cancer, according to Bills – and cauterization, radiation, radiotherapy, recuperative energy in the body, regeneration, renewal, x-rays and x-ray technicians. As you can see, I went alphabetically. The odds of Pluto being at 28.53 Capricorn trine your natal Juno at 29.33 Virgo, in your Sixth House of health, on the day you have your meeting? Put it this way. It can only happen every 248 years. Have a look at Juno in your chart. She is a symbol of who or what you wed yourself to. You commit yourself. This is you, ‘wedding’ yourself to your treatment. Pluto goes backwards and forwards over 28, 29 Capricorn, ending on March 24th, then coming back from June 12th, leaving at 27 Capricorn on 20th September 2023, then reappearing at 28 Capricorn on November 2nd, finally leaving Capricorn 29 on January 21st 2024. He then goes back into Capricorn at 29 on September 3rd 2024 before vanishing for good on November 19th 2024. This is about your commitment to your own wellbeing, supported (trine) by a process of regeneration and renewal which involves the recuperative energy in your own body. It augurs well, SKW. Of course you use other approaches alongside, and I am sure you already do that. I recommend Matthew Manning, the healer, who has a subscriber-based website. He has an astonishing track record with cancer. Complementary therapies are great things and if you like the sound of his voice (he works mostly with audio recordings) then this could become a strong part of your routine. This transit is also about your work, unpaid work or academic career. Very much so. Have a close look at Juno, Virgo and the Sixth House – you will be living there until 2024 – so this is not just about your body, it is also about your work ethic, duty and service to others. I would include housework and even the dog or cat in that. It’s all connected. I wish you well and hope to hear good news from you one day, as I put the kettle on and come to these comments. More power to your elbow.

  104. Hi Jessica, such a fantastic insight into these transits. I have a stellium in Taurus but with quite a few hard aspects my my natal Venus, which is placed there. I’ve had a really tough time at work recently and would be so grateful if you could give me some insight into whether the Jupiter transit is still likely to be a positive impact for me? Many thanks for all your fantastic work.

    1. Thank you. Venus at 15 Taurus is in opposition to Juno at 15 Scorpio, which is really the inner conflict you have about complicated financial, property, business or charity relationships – your own life budget, your own values – against the commitments you make when a sexual partnership becomes economic, or when the family inheritance (or your legacy to the family) goes on the line. Taurus-Scorpio splits are more accented when the lunar nodes transit Taurus-Scorpio, which is the case now. It ends in July. You are talking about work here, not finance, but your chart is saying, that is actually the core issue. You have the MC or Midheaven at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, and transiting Pluto is at 29 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years, trine the MC. That is an overpowering, dominating, person or organisation trying to reshape your ambition. And your ambition is to serve, do your duty and look after yourself at the same time! This situation ends in the final week of March, for whatever reason. Despite the opposition from Juno to Venus, you can and will save (or make) a small fortune from May 2023 until May 2024 so enjoy the new freedom. When Jupiter goes to 29 Taurus in 2024 and trines your MC you will be in a terrific position professionally which makes up for the current merde.

  105. Hi Jessica:

    I’m so grateful for your detailed response and recommendations – and good wishes! So kind of you!

    If I’m correct in my understanding, it appears that the February 8th CT planning session is scheduled on an “auspicious” day, and the subsequent 15 RT sessions are astrologically supported in my chart.

    This is all greatly reassuring.

    I most definitely look forward writing with a positive update!

    Thank you again and kindest regards,


    1. Yes, you wed yourself to treatment on the 8th on the Pluto trine to Juno. You will be empowered from that point but also need to use all your willpower and self-control, which I am sure you are ready for. Beyond the actual treatment, please read my comments again about the general Pluto transit: it is about a long period of regeneration for your body, mind and spirit and goes beyond the RT. The constant repeating trines from Pluto to Juno, though, are supportive and enabling for you.

  106. Hi Jessica. This just sounds amazing and we cannot wait. Things have just been so expensive and it’s been hard to not overspend when you are trying to also support 4 children. I have Cupido 22 Virgo and my partner has ASC 22 Capricorn and SouthNode 21 Capricorn. What do you see for us. We have a self employed small business together.

    1. That is a really good combination between partners; even if your partner’s birth time is out and the Ascendant isn’t exactly 22 Capricorn, the nodes are at 21 Capricorn-Cancer in his chart and they form trines and sextiles to your Cupido at 22 Virgo. The honeymoons never stop. It’s very much tied to the children (Cancer) and home (Cancer again) and Cupid needs no explanation. You have a small business and feel the pinch with four children in an erratic economy. You are a Cancerian with Jupiter at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, which protects you all your life. Even when you are stuck, there is always a safety net from someone or somewhere. When things are good, they are very, very good and you’ll eventually reach transiting Jupiter at 0 Cancer trine natal Jupiter which will be marvellous for the house, apartment or garden as well as your shared account. That’s a few years away, but 2023 will bring the end of the restrictions and limitations for both of you, from March 7th. From March 23rd it’s a completely different world for the pair of you, and you will see by June how empowering it can be when you accept the challenge to change. It really will be change, too, but you will also be shown your potential and your clout, financially.

  107. Dear brilliant Psychic,

    324+ comments and counting for the Pisces Weather blog post in record time.

    I have been gathering some numbers for you.

    Now, when people search for Pluto and Taurus, your blog posts show up in the top 20-40 matches, and in some cases the top five matches.

    That’s high quality work.

    That’ll rule Substack!

    There’s more. I am preparing a small report.

    So happy and excited to see your work with Rachel Wells/ Faith, with respect to the Leo Moon mysterious. The world will get a gift from you.

    ” First in, best dressed. This week’s birthday girl is Faith Bleasdale, also known as Rachel Wells (Alfie), who is my co-writer on The Leo Moon Mysteries, set for Audible UK launch later this year. Many Happy Returns, Faith.”

    What can I do to maximize Pluto trine Pluto ?
    Pluto is karmic, so how should I proceed ?

    I am all about work.

    I have been approached by someone whose Pluto is conjunct Juno , Neptune and Nodes sextile my Juno.

    I haven’t dared to respond or show any interest… work is all I have cared about, and I live in a world of research.

    Is this a good sign in synastry ?

    Thank you again for the high quality you maintain.

    Sincerest best wishes and thanks,


    1. Thank you Jo. The Pisces Weather was really popular with Deborah Houlding as our special guest. And I’m chatting to Faith Bleasdale/Rachel Wells tonight so will wish her a happy birthday again. Transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto is just what you might think. Assuming you have Pluto in Virgo at late degrees (you say you are all about work, and Virgo rules work) then an influential, dominating, potent, rather controlling, extremely seductive person or organisation will show up, or show up again, enabling you to serve – with more clout. You can do your duty to others, as you always do, in great detail and with an eye on perfecting the finer points, but you will have a power boost.

  108. Hi Jessica, hope u are well Jessica and great post as always. How many degrees off the 21 22 Taurus would one feel the effect of the conjunction? Thank you.

    1. Thanks. It’s Jupiter at 10 Taurus and Mercury at 10 Taurus in your chart you need to use. You were born with this terrific pattern in your Second House of prizes, money, possessions, property, charity, business, windfalls and so on. Jupiter is huge, occasional gains or lucky rescues and breaks. Mercury is the paperwork. By all the laws of astrology you stand to gain massively when transiting Jupiter goes to 10 Taurus and is in a conjunction with natal Jupiter (your Jupiter Return) and natal Mercury (transiting Jupiter in conjunction with natal Mercury). Do it your way, but this happens in July 2023. You get two bites of the cherry; Jupiter goes back to 10 Taurus on Halloween 2023 (31st October 2023) until November 6th. Third bite of the cherry, February 21st through 28th 2024. You have Neptune at 10 Capricorn so this involves an escape from reality in your career; unpaid work; academic career. A holiday from the real world. Report back on how the laws of astrology have delivered, but if this was me, I’d be planning a project to make or save a lot of money, pulling in work, philanthropy or academia, along those timelines. Draw your own Tarot card to validate/confirm.

  109. Hi Jessica…I have read this blog post a couple of times now and I am very curious how this speaks to my chart as I have my Sun at 22 degrees in Taurus and Vulcan at 21 degrees in Virgo?

    Thank you!

    1. Jupiter will be in a conjunction with your natal Sun and around the same time, trine your natal Vulcano. Taurus is salary and Virgo is work. Assuming you are in paid employment, you will be offered an opportunity to make money or benefit from cash in kind, thanks to a new role or project as Jupiter moves to 21, 22 Taurus and one which allows you to display your values, business or charity sense, property or banking experience, or distinctive traits as a buyer or seller. Expect the spotlight. Your self-control (Vulcano) and ability to hold down strong feelings about your workload, will assist. This is quite a rare transit not seen in about 12 years.

  110. Hi Jessica,
    I am a long time Premium member of your website and truly enjoy your horoscopes, the Blogs etc. and all your offerings.
    Please thrown some light on my chart as I have had some challenging times during the past 10-12 years.
    I have stelliums in Pisces, Aires, Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius in my Natal chart and cannot wait for Jupiter to give me a break that I so desperately need.
    I am willing to embrace with gratefulness everything that Jupiter has to offer during the next year plus more.
    Thank you in advance for all that you do. Many Blessings to you for a very long life of health and happiness.

    1. Thank you Juakali. Jupiter in Taurus will give you a break from May 2023 to May 2024 as he transits your Second House of money, house, land, apartment, valuables, charity and business. You will save or make a lot of money if you use the opportunities. He will also trine your Virgo stellium which benefits your working life; your lifestyle; your wellbeing. Jupiter will also sextile your Pisces stellium so May 2023 to May 2024 is a terrific period for hypnosis, Buddhism, Tarot, mediumship, counselling and so on.

  111. Thank you so much, dear Jessica. I feel hopeful now, having just seen your reply.
    Truly grateful for being a Premium member and learning astrology your way.
    Have a great weekend and many blessings.

  112. PS. Jessica, I forgot to mention it but Jupiter moves into Taurus on my birthday, May 16th. 2023. Not long to go now. I am sure you probably saw that as you have my birth details. Again, feel rather elated after reading your earlier reply.
    Lots of love and peace always,

    1. That’s good, Juakali. Jupiter usually appears as a positive, open person who expands your horizons and feels like the woman (or man) who comes into the house and opens all the windows and doors to air the place with new possibilities. For you, this will be financial. Sometimes it can be a group but usually Jupiter shows up as someone who has a big smile and a lot of answers.

  113. Thank you, dear Jessica!
    Awesome and I am certainly looking forward to changes in my financial situation. Have a great week and a great month.

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