China, Evergrande and Astrology

How a Chinese Astrology Chart From 1912 Shows the Future

I’ve looked at China a couple of times in recent years, using the chart set for 1st January 1912 in Nanking, at 12.00 noon (in the absence of a ‘birth’ time for the arrival of the Republic of China under Sun Yat-sen).  So how does it look with Evergrande?

Photo on 4 1 22 at 6.40 am 300x200 - China, Evergrande and Astrology I used this chart to predict ‘a virus’ on 10th January 2020 which would bring about a change in the world order involving China. This is the original page from my trusty bible, The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). There are a few charts for China but when I scrawled THIS ONE it was based on the start of what we would come to know as COVID-19. So, what does it tell us about Evergrande and the end of communism?

You always glance at Taurus and Scorpio in any national chart to see where the economy is at. Here we have a perfect storm. Karma from the Second World War is coming back. So is economic shock and revolution, years into the future. This is freedom, independence and radical change for people in China, but also the end of Made in China. I hope you can see now where the supply shortages and rationing of 2022, 2023 is coming from. I was just recording a podcast about this yesterday.

The End of Communism

This prediction (The End of Communism in China, see earlier post) dates from 2018, so a couple of years before the Wuhan Corona Virus, and four years before the news that Evergrande shares had been suspended. Using Mercury Retrograde cycles in 2022, it’s possible to see when this suspension will become critical, not just for China, but the world economy, because of course – we are all exposed to their money.

In the very short term, before I look at the massive changes in 2023, we need to pick up Mercury Retrograde at 28 Capricorn, right on Uranus at 28 Capricorn, in the China horoscope. This symbol of suspension, chaos, delay, flux landed here on 1st January 2022, when the Evergrande crisis deepened. Watch the next backward pass on Thursday 27th January 2022 and the final one, Sunday 13th February 2022. This is a classic sign of market turmoil and it is going to pull in Chinese leadership.

I’ll say this a couple of times in this feature, but astrologers ignore Ceres at their peril. She always shows a change in the balance of power, politically and on the markets, and she turns up at the same 28 degree pattern, in Taurus (the world economy) from December 29th 2021 until February 1st 2022. Ceres always means a new deal. An agreement to differ. This is a picture of world sharemarkets in turmoil, because we not only have Mercury Retrograde (notorious for this) but also Ceres Retrograde.

Why the China Horoscope Hotspot is 28 Degrees

In astrology we always look to Uranus for signs of upheaval and crisis, in a country’s chart. China has Uranus at 28 Capricorn, the sign of big business and the Communist elite. It’s really close to a trine with Pluto at 27 Gemini, the sign which rules the worldwide web, actually. So even though China was ‘born’ in 1912, the internet, computers and smart phones were always in her future. Mainly because she is the factory for the world.

I am sure you know Gemini also rules the newspapers, the television and all media. So China is in a weird position where her power comes from her factory parts and the supply chain for all our computers and phones and fax machines. Yet she has a tradition of crushing free speech. This was tragically carried through at Tiananmen Square. June 5th 1989.

This historic archival footage from CNN, easily the world’s best television witness, says it all. This is awful astrology in action. When this happened, on June 5th 1989, the Moon was at 27 Gemini, on China’s Pluto at 27 Gemini. The True North Node was at 28 Aquarius, semi-sextile China’s Uranus at 28 Capricorn. The True South Node was at 28 Leo, quincunx China’s Uranus at 28 Capricorn.

Why is 28 degrees (and close) such a trigger for China? Because she was created as a republic on 1st January 1912 with the True North Node at 28 Aries and True South Node at 28 Libra. This forms a T-Square (tense, tight) with Uranus at 28 Capricorn, so this country is primed to explode. This is what happened at Tiananmen Square and it’s going to happen again. The comfort of astrology is that we know when, why and how.  You can either have a small explosion or a big one. Politicians choose.

I’ll talk more about this in a moment, and come back to questions about world trade and economies, but you’d really have your eyes on July 29th 2023 until August 17th 2023, because the transiting True North Node goes to 28 Aries; the transiting True South Node goes to 28 Libra; Neptune is at 27 Pisces and crucially transiting Pluto is at 28 Capricorn. This time around, forces bigger than China are going to take over.


Saturn in Aquarius – Again

Aquarius rules Communism. It is the sign of diversity, community and equality. That is the ideal. The reality is often different. When ‘Tank Man’ and his shopping bag faced Chinese power, the North Node of karma was in Aquarius at the exact hotspot in the Chinese chart we call a trigger.

If we go back to that original Chinese ‘birth’ chart for 1st January 1912 we find Aquarius cycles (true Communism and true people power) always trigger China.

The Mao Long March on October 21st 1934 shows us Saturn at 21 Aquarius. Saturn goes to 21 Aquarius again on March 22nd 2022 and stays there until March 31st. This time the story is economic. We’re seeing a story building here, until it hits a point of no return in July and August 2023. And it builds very soon, as I write this, on 4th January 2022.

This is a perfect square coming, on March 22nd-31st 2022 – to the Moon at 21 Taurus, the economy sign, in the chart for China set for 1st January 1912 (above). China cannot square the grim reality of Communism (Saturn in Aquarius) against her ‘need to feed’ economically. That’s going to be a global problem, across those few days. Remember, China is the factory for our computers and our mobile/cellphones.

How does Evergrande show up? And the entire Chinese property market? Well, Neptune (fantasies) is at 22 Cancer (real estate, high-rise, property developers) in the chart above, too. It is really close to an exact aspect to the Moon, and thus to transiting Saturn. We could allow a window for China sharemarket crisis, then, from March 22nd until April 12th, 2022 – if we are going to pull in Neptune as well as the Moon. Spreadsheets in the sky and China’s stake in foreign countries are in real doubt then.

zhang kaiyv e7EYI33D9ss unsplash 300x200 - China, Evergrande and AstrologyKarma With Japan From 1935 and 1937 – and Britain

Because the lunar nodes (karma) are in the economy signs (Taurus and Scorpio) in 2022 and 2023, we are being taken right back to the 1930’s and China, along with Japan, has karma to face. Tokyo is pulled into this.

On June 18th 1935, The Nationalist Government of China “caved in” to Japan. There’s that 22 degree pattern again. (So we now know we can allow 21, 22 degrees as a hotspot).

On that day, the True North Node was at 22 Capricorn and True South Node at 22 Cancer. Again, Cancer – which rules real-estate. Capricorn, of course, always rules the men at the top. Japan is tied to the end of Communism that is coming.

This is what remains of the old ideology of Mao Tse-tung. The Red Flag. Why? Japan and China both owe each other and this will be repaid as the transiting nodes go to 22 Taurus and Scorpio. (Image Zhang-Kaiyv, Unsplash.)

A Crisis for the Chinese Sharemarket

That is really close to the March date I singled out as a crisis for the Chinese sharemarket. We’re talking April 3rd until June 18th 2022. Again, we have to look at Tokyo. The Japanese invasion – the Japan occupation. On August 29th 1937 Japanese bombers ‘shattered’ Shanghai. British women and children were evacuated on a P&O liner. So the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be pulled into the karma at this point. Remember, China is a nuclear stakeholder in the UK.

This is really proving that hotspot at 21 and 22 degrees. We find Ceres at 21, 22 Aquarius (Communism) in August 1937.

Australia is also pulled in, because on June 1st 1938, Australia banned exports of iron ore to Japan. The Prime Minister at the time, Joseph Lyons, upset the Japanese because they had invested in iron ore in Western Australia. The karma goes on. 

The Japan ten-year deal with Germany and Italy on September 27th 1940 pulled her into lifelong karma with those two countries, but also the allies – the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. What we are going to see is spiritual debt repaid financially. This is the world economy. We owe, or are owed.

Taiwan, America, War and China – We’ve Been Here Before

In 1996, when transiting Neptune went to 28 Capricorn and formed a conjunction with Uranus at 28 Capricorn in the Chinese astrology chart, the USA and China nearly came to blows. The new Australian government, elected in March 1996, led China to 1995 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis 255x300 - China, Evergrande and Astrologybelieve Australia was changing to be pro-America and anti-China. When America sent her navy into the Taiwan Straits during Chinese missile tests during the Taiwan elections, we were seeing cycles not possible in decades.

That 28 Capricorn hotspot. This was the Third Taiwan Strait crisis also called the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis. Missile tests by the People’s Republic of China. This shows up in the Nationalist China chart when the country was ‘born’ again in T’aipei, Taiwan on 25th December 1947 at 00.00 CCT. Venus is at 29 Capricorn. One degree away.

The U.S. government under President Bill Clinton at the time, staged the biggest display of American military power in Asia since the Vietnam War. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

July 29th 2023 until August 17th 2023, is over a year into the future as I line up these charts, but Aries, Libra and Capricorn transits (the cardinal signs) are always war alerts. Why? Aries rules the army, navy and air force. Libra rules allies in partnership (Australia and New Zealand together; the United Kingdom and the United States, together). Libra also rules duels as well as duets. So, China against Taiwan. Capricorn is always the men who make war. The top 1% of wealth and power. This can either be sabre-rattling or something worse.

War Karma and the World Economy 2022 and 2023

We are now deeply into the complex chain of ‘money owed, lives owed’ and it’s coming around again in 2022 and 2023. In fact, Japan signed her pact with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy on September 27th 1940 when Uranus was at 25 Taurus (making history, Uranus is back in Taurus now) and the True North Node was at 11 Libra, the sign of partnerships and the True South Node was at 11 Aries, the sign of war. In an age of globalisation, we are all exposed to the sharemarket then. All connected. In fact, if you flip through The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, you find Saudi Arabia has Saturn at 28 Capricorn. New Zealand has Mars at 28 Capricorn, in one of her charts.

June 2024 and War Karma – Europe and Japan

This is repeated in June 2024, about two years into the future as I write this. The True North Node and True South Node flip their mirror image from the war. The North Node is at 11 Aries and the South Node is at 11 Libra. And we find Uranus at 25 Taurus. This is how you make predictions in astrology.

In June 2024 we will find Japan, Italy and Germany paying their karmic dues to the United States and most of Europe. This is an historic repeat. Trade deals.

Evergrande as a Jupiter Symbol

Evergrande is a Jupiter word. Jupiter is ‘grand’ and anything outsized, large, impressive. Ever suggests ‘forever’ but there is nothing permanent about Jupiter in the China cart. She was born on 1st January 1912 with Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius, the sign of foreigners and foreign countries. That is where she expands and grows.

So, Evergrande has a large foreign stake. But this is not a particularly lucky Jupiter. Nothing picks it up in the China chart. My colleague, the financial astrologer Kate Silas, picked up eclipse patterns in Sagittarius, connected to Evergrande, on her website Profit With The Planets. An eclipse is always, always a cover-up.

The China Crisis of March-April 2022

In March and April 2022, we find the following transits. The perfect storm for China. I am looking at the signs of economy (Taurus, Scorpio) and government, big business (Capricorn) but also Communism itself (Aquarius). All these transits trigger the China chart, which I scribbled on  (top of page).

True North Node 22, 23 Taurus
True South Node 22, 23 Scorpio
Uranus 12, 13, 14 Taurus
Pluto 28 Capricorn
Saturn 22, 23, 24 Aquarius

Why is this a crisis for China? Because it’s a Grand Cross. A Grand Cross is when transiting planets line up in the same element, at sharp angles to each other. This happens April 3rd-8th 2022 as Saturn at 22 Aquarius is in a Grand Cross with the True North Node at 22 Taurus and True South Node at 22 Scorpio.

This is the China trigger, because she was ‘born’ with the Moon at 21 Taurus (very close) and Neptune at 22 Cancer, the sign of property development. They call them spreadsheets in the sky. Those ugly Capricorn mountains of greed and social climbing.

We can pinpoint the crisis date further because Mars goes to 22, 23 Aquarius (Communism) on April 5th and 6th. That’s public rage. Remember, we’ve not seen the nodes in the signs of economy, Taurus and Scorpio, or Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus since the war. I’ll be astonished if the current Chinese leadership lasts. For whatever reason – by 2023.

The End of Old China – March and April 2022

The end of old China (and the end of Communist China, Made in China) comes during that perfect storm period, pulling in the non-reality of their property market (Neptune rules bubbles) but also the really big one, the transit of Pluto at 28 Capricorn for the first time in over a quarter-century, landing exactly on the natal Uranus at 28 Capricorn in the Chinese chart.

We have timing for this. It translates as a deep change in the. balance of power – so this has to be Xi doesn’t it? Right across the very top of Chinese power and wealth. China was born to disrupt herself. She was born to see periodic upheaval and revolution in ‘the system’ and it’s back. In fact, it is so ‘back ‘that we will never look at this country the same way again.

Dates? Same window. Pluto goes to 28 Capricorn from March 11th 2022 to June 21st 2022. That’s the first pass. The second pass is January 12th 2023 until February 11th, 2023. During this period, the crisis deepens and reverses for China, with its leadership – but also with its place in the world order.

November 2nd-14th 2023 and the Astrology of China

The final pass of transiting Pluto (takeover, change in the balance of power, critical transformation) at 28 Capricorn (the old system, waiting for disruption) is July 28th 2023 until September 19th 2023, which is when the nodes move to those old war positions involving Japan, Italy and Germany. This pulls in the European Union and the United States of America.

Pluto is in a conjunction with Uranus in the China chart for the last time in our lives, when he goes back to 28 Capricorn from November 2nd 2023 until December 20th, that year.

This is the most radical change to the Chinese economy (Made in China, manufacturing, spreadsheets in the sky) that she has experienced for a quarter-century and more. Not only do we find Pluto at 28 Capricorn on the natal Uranus at 28 Capricorn, the sign of status, position, the government, the hierarchy, the world order – we also find transiting Uranus itself at 21 Taurus, in an exact conjunction with the Moon at 21 Taurus, the sign of the economy, in the chart for China.

We can narrow these dates down again to November 2nd to 14th in the year 2023, which is a fair way into the future as I publish this on 4th January 2022. We should all be watching China and her relationship with foreign countries (us) then. Ceres is usually ignored by most astrologers but I predicted Brexit with her. She shows up at 24, 25 Scorpio (the banks) on November 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th 2023 – so this looks like a massive deal at a critical time for China. Ceres will be in a conjunction with China’s Venus at 25 Scorpio (banks and mortgages) then – but also in opposition to China’s aggressive Mars at 24 Taurus, the money and economy sign. That 1912 Chairman Mao chart is about to be well and truly triggered. Cue exploding little red book.

Main image: Zhang-Kaiyv, Unsplash
Sources: The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004.
Chronicle of the 20th Century, Chronicle/Penguin, Victoria 1990.














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  1. What are the chances of China creating a diversion with war with neighbors? Taiwan, India, or in South Sea China. I read somewhere that there is drought in China, water tables low, there will be shortage for food etc. To avoid scrutiny at home they might create a diversion. Also, how does Russia fit in this big picture. With Putin trying to meddle in Ukraine and threaten a war, China and Russia are on the same page and in fact might be in pact.

    1. I had a look at Russia’s many charts a while ago. She’s on the decline actually. I agree, China and Russia cut a deal, and we saw the results in 2020. The bigger picture is Uranus in Taurus, though, globally. So the old Communist/Rich Elite models of both are going down the gurgler as we speak. A force of nature is here and you can’t really stop it. Both have to change under pressure of historic transits.

  2. Thanks for this article and your podcast Jessica! I’ll have a Pluto in Capricorn exact opposition to my Cancer Sun. I’m a bit concerned because I’ve been dealing with Pluto in Capricorn for years and went through a painful divorce a few years ago. Is there anything you recommend doing to protect myself? I’m also patiently waiting for a chance to buy my first home. Do you see Evergrande triggering falls in Australia’s property market, perhaps on one of those dates you mentioned? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have a T-Square actually, so the Sun is at 28 Cancer, Uranus at 28 Libra, Chiron at 28 Aries. Don’t buy a home when Pluto goes to 28 Capricorn. It creates a Grand Cross. Too hard. Cancer rules real estate, Uranus rules marriage and partnerships, Chiron rules image/title and Pluto is, of course, very difficult. Astrology is about minimising what comes, so just skip that period. It’s not here for very long, but you don’t really need it. If you are tempted by a new sexual relationship then, keep the stakes low. At the very least get professional advice. Same with any issues with your ex-husband. Just avoid. Astrology is about life management so don’t sweat it, just shrink what is at stake and use The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle to validate, closer to the time.

  3. this is unreal, thank you. do you think you can do an analysis on the chinese central bank? founded on 1 December 1948

    1. Thank you. Well, fancy that. The Chinese Central Bank, if founded on 1st December 1948, shows Uranus at 29 Gemini. So this ties into that Chinese manufacturing of mobile/cell phones and computers I was chatting about. Uranus in Gemini is also about cars and motorbikes, particularly four-wheel drives and scooters, which had their origins in the late 1940’s. I have no idea what the CCB invests in but I would suspect, that. So the massive crisis we are seeing pulls that in. Or, they may plough into communications/transport but then find they are drawn into the crossroads. I must go and find out!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Woah there is a lot in this blog post! Thank You! I think I want to re-read it. So it looks like there is a fair bit of WWII Karma to be going around over the next couple of years.
    The concept of the end of Communist China is really, really fascinating. Especially as it is completely at odds with the narrative we are given that China is set to continue ’emerging’ and influencing as a Power centre.
    I know you’ve written a lot about the Nodes in the past. How do you see the interaction of the Nodes changing with Mercury Retrograde, and is Venus still retrograde too? I know Venus Retrograde, in addition to other factors has had a big impact on me and one one particular relationship of a friend in a very extreme way.
    I am noticing change/beginning of a shift with a 18/19 cycle, with something that really started in June 2004 and kicked into gear in December 2004.
    And thanks to you, and the resources you have provided over so many years, I always take note of Ceres now. Particularly after a comment you made to me about ‘Plutonian types’, and how they are always at the least humbled, but usually get their comeuppance.
    Thanks so much.
    DinP xx

    1. Thank you Din P. I never listen to government manure, but always trust astrology to show the truth. We are being thrown a huge amount of manure on this Pluto in Capricorn transit (over in 2023) and like mushrooms, expected to stay in the dark and just take it. China is not emerging it is actually on the road to historic crisis. Do watch Ceres, especially as she cross your Mercury in Gemini. Mars Retrograde in Gemini is also worth tracking. This is a project or course in 2022, 2023 and long-term it is media, publishing, web, academic or educational plans which change your life from 2026. 2022 is the seed.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I learn so much from you. Not only about astrology and future but history, as well. Like China, I also have Saturn 21 Aquarius and so much of what you discussed is also pinging my chart….just not sure what to make of it. Thanks for another great read!

    1. Thank you so much. It is possible China or Chinese people will affect your life once that Saturn transit kicks in. Essentially you take the group very seriously (as does China) and the community is always a rather heavy business for you. This may be a book club, yoga group, fundraising charity – anything. Your Saturn Return is tied to the Eleventh House and Aquarius so it’s very important to try and minimise the weight of friendships and circles of people then, but actually, throughout life. As a general rule the less you heap onto your Saturn house, the less you have to carry. It will be the making of you, but there are paths to that which are relatively simple or really hard. To avoid wasting a lot of precious time and energy, really think it through before you join any sort of group, make any sort of friend, or get into a position where formal organisations (political parties, social clubs, sports teams) can really influence your destiny. Those are basic 101 astrology rules but they may already have proven themselves to you.

  6. I’m a Chinese, and you say there’s a historic crisis. However,Under this background and the Global Epidemic, there’s maybe little thing to do in personal. According to my birth chart, what can i do and prepare? Which aspect do i need to pay attention to? Please give me some hint.

    1. This is really about your career, the work you do, the lifestyle you have, and how you define success. That has already changed radically since 2018 and it will continue to transform until 2026. The more flexible you are about your job the better. What alters for you will involve cutting-edge technology and so once you see a chance, and it excites you, you should run with it. Trying to stay with the old C.V. and the old professional life as it was in 2017 and earlier will strand you in time. If you are not already considering a replacement business, or a sideline that is quite different to the other one, now is the time. The future belongs to you, if you are flexible and even in a Chinese crisis, you can do very well in your professional, non-profit or academic life, with results in 2023.

  7. Beautiful analysis, thank you very much. However I feel that there might be an element of wishful thinking.
    Prophecies have pointed that far from dying, the fake communism that reigns in China will take over the world. Lenin, Stalin and Mao were mere puppets that lead an experiment for their Masters in less developed parts of the world and the time has come for the latter to make it global.
    I remember in my communist childhood being dragged to so called “manifestatzias” where I was supposed to wave flags and flowers and express my gratitude and happiness from the rule of the Party. I couldn’t understand where the word “manifestatzia” came from. It didn’t make sense. We had perfectly usable and more appropriate words like parade but the communists insisted on the word “manifestatzia”. Only when I got acquainted with the basics of the occult did it all fall into place. They were organising manifestations on a mass scale and comatose- somatose crowd was more and more prone to believe that they are really enjoying their shackles with every single one. Genius!
    So were those peasants and barely educated workers that took part in the October Revolution dabbing into the occult? Or had Mao’s peasant father taught him metaphysics? Lol (Don’t forget Meta is the new name of Facebook haha)
    Yeah, not very likely. A more plausible explanation is that Lenin and his chums have picked up a bit more than the old syphilis from their visits to Munich, Paris, London and Geneva.
    I admire your optimism with the coming Age of Aquarius and I also try to fool myself with it but then I remind myself that the American Indians were expecting their white Gods and got the Conquistadors instead!!!!!!

  8. Hello Jessica, Thank you for all the work you do 🙂 It was great I found you through Twitter and ended up in this website. Though I use Vedic Astrology system, your articles help me learn and understand many many things in the world of astrology.
    Regarding China, I was always thinking 1912 chart resonates better and thank you for confirming that. How hard you think the us real estate/ economy be hit because of this in 2023?

    1. The economy of America in 2022, 2023 is linked to the war karma from 3rd September 1939 with the North Node at 0 Scorpio (the banks) the South Node at 0 Taurus (wages, rations, supply shortages) and Saturn at 0 Taurus (again – wages, rations). That highly unusual line-up is back, in a reflection of its original pattern, from the moment that we go into Scorpio-Taurus node cycles once again from 19th January 2022. The kicker is that Uranus in Taurus (the revolution in currency and money, the shock of supply shortages) was also there during the war, and it is here again in 2022. So America owes the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and her allies, and Poland – karmically. She was not there on 3rd September 1939. She arrived much later. Britain stood alone in 1940 against Nazi Germany and the persecution of the Jews, many of whom are now central to American life. So you see how complex the astrology is. This is about war debt, war loans, and very much the EU and the USA and as we slowly move towards the lunar nodes at 0 Scorpio/Taurus one more time (exact in July 2023) the laws of astrology state that there has to be repayment and settlement. What keeps score? The universe, chatting to us through astrology. It’s about debt, basically. What’s owed. And naturally Germany and Russia and Italy are right at the heart of it too. This cycle is ancient and they knew it, very likely, at Stonehenge.

  9. I am currently in Taiwan so I am a bit concerned when you mentioned possible war with Taiwan around July 29th 2023 until August 17th 2023. From what I heard from commentaries on Youtube etc, the possibility of the outbreak of the war would be after the Winter Olympics, in March to April 2022. You seem to think that it would be more likely an economic crises during that period. ( I hope so) What would you recommend? Should I leave Taiwan and where would be a good place to go. Based on what I understand from this article, Japan would not be a safe place either….:( Europe is also not good….

    1. Knowing the trends in advance is useful because you can protect yourself. We hope war will not unfold but it may be economic war. Watch the news and stay flexible so that if you need to relocate, or change your plans, you can – without too much fuss. You are the only person who can decide where you should live, if you do wish to uproot yourself. Use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on this website to give yourself a personal psychic reading about that.

  10. I dont understand why we owe Great Britain for not entering the war until 1940? We were supplying them with munitions before then and we went to war with GB in 1812 and didn’t sign the NATO agreement until 1949 which was after WWII? Where is the karma coming from?
    The treaty of Versaille signed by the Brits in 1920 was a punishing treaty against the German people who lost WWI so its almost like the Brits had karmic debts owed from that egregious treaty, to begin with.

    1. Thank you. I am sure a lot of people will want to reply to you. It’s good to keep astrology relevant, I always think, even when it’s literally history.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I think that 1st January 1912 should be the national day of Republic of China, which is commonly known as Taiwan nowadays. The Communist China or officially known as People’s Republic of China was established on 1st October 1949. So I do not understand why you would use 1912 instead of 1949 for the chart of the Communist China?

    1. You can use all the charts for China but this is the one that has proven itself before, with (for example) the first death from COVID-19 which took place on January 10th 2020 – at least, that is the day it was reported. I like an accurate chart. Another really simple reason is that countries have old buildings, still standing, which remind us that each nation is about her history and her past. China is still visibly about the turn of last century.

  12. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the amazing analysis and upcoming story. I work at retail and my company backbone business is selling mobile phones. What this mean for us? Will the production of phones comes to halt? How do you see this affects the supply chain of goods that produced in china especially footwear and mobile phones in 2022 and 2023. Thank you

    1. Interesting. I would say this is partly about Apple and its iPhone production in China, where working people have protested against their conditions. This is the usual globalisation issue isn’t it. You sell mobile phones. Yes, production will halt. We have Ceres in Gemini February 10th to May 15th 2022. Gemini rules phones. Ceres rules issues about control and there is always a new deal at the end of it. Apple would have to be involved for obvious reasons. We then go into the really long battle within the business, likely over supply chain shortages, but again, workplace conditions – and that is Mars Retrograde (a stuck conflict, a backwards battle) in Gemini (phones) August 21st 2022 until March 25th 2023. So have Plan B and C up your sleeve. I don’t know the situation in China specifically with phones, but as everything is connected globally, she would be drawn into that. Long-term, though, if you are across emerging trends in communication, you will gain and be very happy with telecommunications/web communication from June 2024 until June 2025, with the biggest revolution in your life, from 2026. Stick around for that one. It will be very exciting.

  13. Hi Jessica, I am really fascinated about all this insights and your knowledge. At first I want to say thank you for your response to my comment on the sagittarius weather event. I was crying tears reading it…
    In this china blog you said that the karma of the war is back and some countries will paying their price.
    Since I live in Germany I would like to know what kind of future / events we have to face. I remember in another blog you spoke for instance about shortages in food supply. Will we face just shortages or will there maybe hunger too and if yes, when? I really would like to prepare myself and familiy and friends … What will be the major topics/problems to face and what else can I do to navigate through theses coming times? Thank you very much Jessica 🙂

    1. Thank you. But no more tears. Germany has thirteen astrological charts and they all show her taking her place in a new Europe, based less on the E.U. and more on her immediate neighbours. This is really where the future is taking Germany, because of the limited distance that electric transport can travel. There will also be a redrawn map of Germany, inside and just outside. Part of this new border arrangement is because of COVID-19 management. You will have shortages, but so will the whole world in 2022 and 2023. Returning to local produce (seasonal) and local manufacturing will offset the disappearance of some produce and products. It still makes sense to buy a spare when you shop and keep a trunk of what you really need. The last, recent, modern chart we have for Germany is 3rd October 1990 at 00.00 CET in Berlin (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion). She has the Moon at 18 Pisces in this chart in the Twelfth House of religion, meditation, spirituality, mysticism, hypnosis, dreams, therapy and counselling. Jupiter goes to 18 Pisces in 2022 so you can expect the most fantastic growth in these pursuits, across the country. Very likely because you are at home more, of course, but also because everyone is looking for answers.

  14. Dear Jessica,thanks for your amazing insights.
    Here is a link:
    There are predictive info and news about the virus and vaccination, I felt astonished and scared, although could not verify any…
    Could you help check and study a little bit about it?
    And according to that website, the foundation of New Federal State of China was born on: 04/06/2020, New york, US. What would you predict about its future?

    I appreciate your astrological perspectives and would like to learn from you more.

    Love and peace,

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I wouldn’t use that data for China as the nation is ancient and built on Mao, so you need to really go back to the war to get a sense of her reality today. You are welcome to pick up free astrology lessons on this website any time.

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