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The 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

Before I look at the Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021, it’s important to confirm that astrology can, does and should predict the future.

Using Astrology to Predict the Future – Predicting a Trump Shock

markus spiske RX BevgxSXs unsplash 400x600 - The 2021 Saturn-Uranus SquaresI predicted a Trump shock as you may remember here back on October 20th, 2020. Between May 25th and June 12th, 2021 (eight months into the future as I write this), we are going to see a sudden bolt from the blue, hit the Trump Plaza Casino story. What you thought you knew – you did not.”

We saw this come true on May 25th, 2021, with news of the Trump investigation in New York as reported by The Washington Post. In fact, the prediction was date-stamped.

Using Astrology in the American Chart

We have no reliable birth data for Trump. But, using the American chart, it’s been possible to see tomorrow’s headlines, today.

In fact, ever since I realised Trump’s data was not working, I’ve used the USA chart to predict his downfall from illness in October 2020 (he became infected with COVID-19) and his election loss. That’s on YouTube and was posted on September 26th last year here.

America and the 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares

So, where is America with this Saturn-Uranus square in 2021? This is an economic revolution waiting to happen.

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123 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another interesting article! I have my natal sun at 13 degrees Pisces. How might this play out for me in terms of the saturn uranus square?

    Many thanks

  2. Hello from NJ!
    I have Salacia at 13 Aquarius and Panacea at 14 Gemini (also Mercury at 14 Sag- this one I get).
    Could you be so kind as to cine to the dots as to the connection with Saturn/Salacia conjunction and Saturn/panacea trine? Thank you!

    1. You escape from the real world through friends and groups. In fact, you can inhabit two ‘unreal’ realities quite well, through these friendships and circles. A classic example would be Twitter. This makes sense as Gemini rules the internet and Panacea here (how you fix issues and resolve problems) is there, in an almost exact trine to Salacia in Aquarius in your social zone. Mercury is tied in, at 14 Sagittarius, so this is about foreign people and places. Twitter and the like are global. The square is basically the big wake-up call and reality check about the world economy affecting particular faces in the group, but also the ability to travel (Mercury in Sagittarius is connected and global). For all that people get excited about ‘the vaccine’ there are only attempts at vaccines, nothing more, and Pfizer has just been found to be far less effective against the Indian variant, after one injection, in the United Kingdom. That’s just one example. So – this kind of thing crunches the world economy where there is a stubborn refusal to accept that vaccines are not magic wands, and that globalisation is basically the problem. This is a direct playing out of Uranus in Taurus (economic shock) square (up against) Saturn in Aquarius (the reality of the UN, the world’s biggest group, is that it does not work). A good way to ease your path is to keep things where they are, socially, online, and to be incredibly careful about any thought of travel. But I think you know that.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have my Sun in Pisces at 13 degrees, Ceres at 13 degrees in Cancer, Salacia at 13 degrees Aquarius, and psyche at 13 degrees Gemini. My Mum also died in early May which was a real shock. I’m interested to know how this saturn uranus square will play out for me?

    Many thanks

    1. I am so sorry to hear your mother passed away in May. You have Ceres at 13 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, and Ceres is a symbol of compromise over control; sharing the power differently. Apart from the awful shock of that and the loss, you had Saturn at 13 Aquarius aspecting Ceres, for the first time in 29 years. So the family circle itself has to be divided differently, in terms of who shares what role, responsibility and so on. Psyche at 13 Gemini is in the Third House of siblings and cousins, so if you do have a brother, sister or cousin who was drawn into that chapter of your life, again Saturn would have been trine Psyche. The Saturn-Uranus squares from Saturn at 13 Aquarius to Uranus at 13 Taurus continue in June and you will see a few astrologers commenting about this. To find out the ‘what’ of the story you go back to your Pisces Sun. You shine brilliantly in situations involving religion, spirituality, dreams, meditation, hypnosis, Tarot, active imagination, and hypothesis creation (the inner world or inner life). This is connected partly to your family background, ancestors and relatives, as Ceres in Cancer is linked – and the politics within the family, and perhaps shared households too, spurs you on to pursue your inner life. Friends and groups are also connected to this story about yourself, with Salacia in Aquarius, and you are part of networks, teams, clubs, societies and so on, which offer an escape from the real world. The whole thing in your chart works as a loop, and of course it brings in the internet (Gemini) and your way with words and ideas (also Gemini) which lasts forever (Psyche). So much of the material online or on paper does that. You likely gained your understanding of language and communication from a potent relationship with a sibling or cousin, perhaps because you were left alone to babysit each other when young and learned the words. So what does a larger issue in the world do to you? Essentially, the economic shock of the pandemic, up against the reality of the failure of the UN (Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius) means just about every aspect of retail, business, trade is impossible to ‘square’ in 2021. This has a direct impact on friends of yours, and groups you belong to, or are affected by, and your Salacia in Aquarius, which usually allows you to wriggle away from reality, is now firmly forced into a hard reality check. This makes you turn back to your Pisces/Cancer/Gemini side in order to deal with it. And yes, the family shift is part of that, as Ceres is involved. It takes time and you will get there. A good rule is not to add to things more than you have to. So don’t join new clubs, or join new groups, or make new friends – you will have enough of a stretch dealing with who and what is already there, Astrid. This obstacle course is temporary and you will learn a lot.

  4. Hello Jessica. The Saturn Uranus Square transit is going to be fascinating as to what will happen in world events. I have Neptune in Scorpio at 13 degrees, so I already have had the Saturn square which has not been too dramatic yet. Uranus will be opposing my Neptune too. According to the Uranus opposing Neptune transit is about higher dimensions and the metaphysical. So that gets me to the question – seeing they are outer planets will it be more generational with my age group as many in their 50s have Neptune in Scorpio? I am thinking of the UFO stories that have been coming out lately, and how it might affect my generation and our belief in that phenomenon and the paranormal. Also, the American authorities have acknowledged that Alien life may exist, but I get the impression that they are still holding a lot back. Interesting that it comes out between two eclipses which is all about cover-ups. So, it appears that it is still a big cover up.
    I should be having an interesting astrological fortnight as the new Moon 19 degrees Gemini eclipse also aspects my 19 Jupiter in Aries. Plus, I have a 13 degree Chiron. Anyways, let me know if you see anything significant happening. Interesting that it would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday on the June 10 eclipse, so I wonder if any royal news or cover-ups will occur. Thanks for the informative article and stay warm in beautiful Tasmania.

    1. Thank you. The UFO stories are interesting, though likely tied to the South Node in Sagittarius (foreign people and places!) which occurs every 19 years. NASA and distant destinations are the most extreme expression of Sagittarius and I have a feeling they’ll fade away by January 2022 when the Node moves on. Someone told me a long time ago that UFO visitations were probably us – humans – several hundred or thousand years into the future – visiting our old planet. That makes sense to me. Your Neptune at 13 Scorpio is really about your pension or superannuation. Finding out what is real and what is not real, as you have Uranus in opposition from 13 Taurus and Saturn square. Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House is also about blurred lines between people, regarding a house, apartment, bank account, possessions. This is pretty common with common law marriage when nothing is ever in writing, or marriage, when it’s all rather muddled in the name of love! Your situation will be your own. In general try not to do anything new and dramatic, financially, when you have that squeeze on Neptune. This will most likely turn out to be a reality check about what things are worth, and where things are at. Boundaries, rules and regulations for yourself will be required once Neptune in your chart has finished with these transits.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Would the degrees either side of 13 still have an impact? I would be most grateful if you could tell me a little about these in my chart. Thank you Jessica.
    12° Scorpio 57′ 38″
    14° Pisces 11′ 08″
    13° Taurus 58′ 03″
    13° Cancer 37′ 02″ R
    14° Taurus 35′ 48″

    1. Yes, you have a one-degree orb, as it’s known, and in modern astrology, that is enough to create those shapes we’re talking about – the squares. This is about your money, business, charity, valuables and/or property. Uranus (the changes) is in Taurus (the economy) and opposes your Moon (your need to be needed) in Scorpio (your budget and bank account). Uranus is also in conjunction with Chiron (your experiments with life) again in Taurus, so this is financial. Ceres is at 13 Cancer, which rules your house or apartment, any property investments, but also the household or family. Diana, again, at 14 Taurus is very much about the freedom to do your own thing – with your life budget. You will reshape your entire way of making, saving, spending or repaying money in 2021, 2022 and for an easy life may prefer to avoid big decisions or huge judgements (like a mortgage) when you have Saturn square Uranus, in Taurus itself. It’s just really hard. And it may result in an arrangement which you find gives you obstacles until next year, and beyond. So if you can do things at any time at all, you may prefer to go right past the final dance of Uranus at 14 Taurus, which is January 2023. Of course some of us have to make decisions because we have no option. That may be the case with you, because you are in a pandemic, through no fault of your own, and there is no more normality. If that is the case, then take a deep breath and do what you must, but try to keep your situation as flexible as possible, because you need to be able to bend, twist, pivot and flip, with these transits. You were born with the Moon opposite Diana. The Moon opposite Chiron. Just taking that pattern alone, there is a schism between your values (what you will and will not sell out for) and the other side, in relationships, or in the family circle, or with others tied into your financial position who have a really personal connection. So there is something here which is a lifelong pattern, anyway, and it’s being triggered by the unpredictable, the unusual and the unexpected (you can say that again) in the world economy and also your own country’s situation with business, property, government taxes and so on. I don’t really think you will see the last of this until February 2023, when Uranus goes to 14 Taurus for the final time, and makes that last conjunction with Diana. You will have stunning solutions and opportunities in 2023, when Jupiter (abundance, answers) goes into Taurus and moves so closely with Chiron and Diana in your chart. You may want to look up these horoscope symbols to dig into them more. I suspect you will hang a price tag on being free. A lot of women who have Diana in Taurus, do. They price space, independence and autonomy in pounds, dollars or euros and pay it. And they’re happier for it, natch.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I have Neptune at 13 Scorpio, MC at 13 Scorpio, IC 13 Taurus and Bacchus at 13 Capricorn. I am going through a difficult divorce. What does this mean for me.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, the difficult divorce is exactly what is happening to you – and the astrology is bang-on. I am sorry you are having to put up with this, and I would expect your Neptune at 13 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, family and property, marriage and mortgage – to be the culprit. Your MC or Midheaven (your highest achievements in life) is also at 13 Scorpio if your birth time is strictly accurate, so that can make the whole thing feel like your entire direction in life, not just the marriage. It’s 7th June now and on 12th, 13th you may want to skip any of the really time-consuming negotiations, as Ceres is at 13 Taurus, the money sign, and she is about highly emotional deal-making, at the best of times. Of course, it’s sod’s law that the other side might decide that is the time to send an email! But use astrology. Put things on hold if you can. I also think Mercury Retrograde just makes things more complicated and we’re not out of that until July 7th. Do you absolutely have to pursue this now? If not, you’d move it to later. In terms of when it all ends, you’re waiting for Saturn to leave 13 Aquarius and/or Uranus to leave 13 Taurus. You are experiencing what is known as a T-Square in astrology, when factors in Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius make a T-Shape and it’s historic, well-known and – it has an end point. By June 18th it eases up a bit. You get break until October and do me a favour and don’t negotiate on the Full Moon at 13 Libra on Wednesday 6th October! You then get a much-deserved rest from all this malarkey and Saturn makes his last pass at 13 Aquarius on January 11th-19th and he’s on his way. Uranus is back at 13 Taurus for the last time in April 2022 and then that’s it. The actual square bit, though, does not last long at all – so what you cannot square about your ex, and what cannot be squared about the outcome, is pretty temporary. Long-term, you should be pretty happy when Jupiter goes to 13 Pisces at the end of February 2022 and makes a stunning trine to your Neptune and MC, a sextile to your IC and picks up Bacchus. Bacchus, by the way, is about your career, unpaid work, academic career, position, mission, status and ambition. So it’s tied into this too, but the real deal is Neptune.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your wonderful insights!! I have my natal moon at Leo 13 very close to the midheaven and in a super-tight T square with Saturn and Uranus. What do you see as being the principal issues for my chart over these next few weeks??

    1. Thank you. The story here is Diana at 14 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places – and the Moon at 13 Leo in your Fifth House of younger people, children, teenagers and Millennials (as well as parenthood potential sexual relationships). It’s almost exact, so Saturn at 13 Aquarius square Uranus at 13 Taurus will certainly catch you. On the most basic level this is about the pandemic and its impact on travel and emigration. So, the foreign people and places who cannot/should not be accessing your world, and vice versa. We have an Indian variant on the loose and Astra Zeneca falls down against it. I don’t know where you live, but if you are in Britain, quite clearly June 2021 is all about those realities – be it train or plane. The actual square is being played out through Saturn (hard reality checks) in Aquarius (the group; the European Union but also the United Nations) versus the shock to the economy (Uranus in Taurus). In the middle of all that, you find yourself unable to ‘square’ what is going on with your Diana, who does like freedom and space in relation to foreign places and people – but also your Moon, which needs to be needed, where much younger people are involved – or lovers. It’s a tussle and a wrestle but it doesn’t last. While it does, be aware particularly of the realities of the new Covid-19 variants and the huge amount of denial and delusion out there!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    It’s a pleasure to read your insights for a long time. I was wondering if you could also make a little comment on my birth chart aspects regarding the Uranus – Saturn square.
    I have;
    Sun at 14° Leo 33′ 29″
    Uranus at 14° Sagittarius 4′ 8″r
    True Node at 13° Taurus 27′ 50”
    Chiron at 13° Gemini 31′ 41″

    Thank you!

    1. You were born with a T-Square from the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio to your Leo Sun, well and truly triggered by this transiting square. So this is about the money. It may be about the house or apartment. It could be about the business. It involves your godchildren, perhaps (your will or legacy). It may involve your own children if you have them. You have moral or ethical choices to make, in quite a difficult situation for you or the younger faces, and it will have a financial outcome. Take your time deciding what you put in writing as it’s going to have long-term outcomes.

  9. Very interesting and ties in with my financial adviser who said we could see hiccups from the US property market in 2022.
    We are currently renovating franticly as our particular area is booming price wise at present so need to cash in quick before retirement next year. I know I have told you many times, I was going to retire in 2021 but business is booming so want to cash in while we can. I have Vesta at 13 Taurus so not sure if this is great or ghastly. Hope you can guide me on that and rug up for your arctic blast which I think you are receiving today in beautiful Tassie.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Biden is quite out of touch with the property reality. There are two Americas and two American economies at the moment and they do not meet in the middle. One of them is not remotely real, and the other one is all too real. No wonder they call it ‘realty’. Cashing in is always good, isn’t it? Especially if you can do it quickly. Vesta at 13 Taurus is about the money, business, house, charity or apartment being controlled by gender politics, in a situation where there is one male and at least two females. You can read more about Vesta on Search.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn 14 Pisces, Uranus 14 Virgo and Fortuna 14 Libra (Pluto 15 Virgo though not sure if pinged with this Saturn/Uranus square). If you could, please shed some light on the impacts I can expect with this upcoming aspect. Thank you!

    1. Uranus at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and study is the focus here. Uranus in transit at 14 Taurus will trine natal Uranus, which is classically a period of quite sudden change; exhilarating and liberating. Pluto close by is also in line for a trine from Uranus, and as Virgo rules your entire lifestyle, embracing how you eat, how you exercise, how you sleep, how you handle the details of your mental health and physical wellbeing – it’s not just about the job. People who work from home and work for themselves, often have your chart pattern, or they come into a self-reliant, independent existence once the transits come to pass. A variation on a theme which is very common now is accepting job share or a three-day week. Uranus is a symbol of ‘My Way’ and nobody else’s so the lifestyle and work style you end up with will be unique, quite unconventional, rather unorthodox by most people’s way of thinking, and tailor-made to give you as much space as possible. In exchange you give up absolute certainty and watertight security.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    Will my mom born February 5, 1939 suffer from Saturn-Uranus square of June. Today morning she ended up in hospital but my sister April 7, 1973 was with her and help her stay alive.

    I have a Cupido 13° Leo 14′ 31″ and other aspects in 14… I was wondering how this will be aspected by the Saturn-Uranus square of June 13th-18th, 2021…

    Thank You

    1. I am sorry your Aquarian mother is in hospital, but you have a determined Aries sibling to stay with her. You are already experiencing the Saturn-Uranus square in your chart, and your mother’s illness is part of that. The aspect is exact a little later, but even now, it is within orb (so will be seen and felt).

  12. Hi Jessica, Thank you for another interesting and ponderful article. I have IC 13 degree Taurus, MC 13 degree Scorpio and Cupido 13 degree Libra. I appreciate it if you can comment on how this will affect me in this weather? Many thanks, Aylin

    1. The IC and MC depend on an absolutely accurate birth time, Aylin, but if you have it, then this is a complete rethink of your finances, values and life budget, as a result of wider changes involving the UN, WHO and sharemarkets, but also global trade agreement. The pressure is on worldwide, economically, with this Saturn-Uranus square so your career, unpaid work or study (MC) would be affected if your birth time was spot on. How affected? Change will have to meet change. You will do best if you can get yourself into a flexible position where it is possible to alter your plans quickly and easily rather than find yourself bogged down by commitments you cannot change.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    So a reality check for the power players in the world. I have Jupiter at 13 Leo, but also some at 1 deg. away:
    Venus at 12 Virgo
    Saturn at 12 Aries
    Diana at 14 Aries
    ASC at 14 Leo
    Desc. at 14 Aquarius. What kind of impact might I see? Tq.

    1. Jupiter protects, and in Leo, it protects where babies, children, teenagers or younger adults are concerned. Parenthood-potential relationships, too. The opposition from Saturn is challenging, but you have a safety net or umbrella. The square from Uranus is also challenging, but this will work out for you. A very common example at the moment is mothers who assumed their children could be taken out of school for the summer holidays, who must now change their plans, as they made false assumptions about timing on Mercury Retrograde. I don’t know if you have children or not. Yet, with Jupiter in Leo, things tend to come good. Another common example is life as a teacher; being told that you must now Zoom educate your class will disrupt your plans, but you may be offered more lucrative work with a second income as desperate parents need more at-home tuition and will pay for it privately. It’s really on that level. The Aries tie-in with your chart is about self-promotion and self-interest. Virgo is about work, unpaid work or academia. It’s hard for me to say more because I have no idea if you have children or not.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your Saturn – Uranus information. You said that : “Anything at 13 degrees at any zodiac sign at all will be aspected by the Saturn-Uranus square of June 13th-18th, 2021. ”
    Could you ascertain what that means for a man with Mercury at 13 Taurus, Pluto at 13 Virgo, North Node at 13 Gemini and then South N. at 13 Sagittarius?

    I was wondering too what you meant by “There is nothing at all stable about the situation and it would not take much for the US dollar; for Bitcoin; for other cryptocurrencies – to ‘turn’ and leave the property market exposed.” Are you seeing a “grounding” event possibly indicating a collapse of crypto currencies?
    Thanks much!

    1. You’ll definitely find your financial, business or property interests (Mercury at 13 Taurus) radically changed by Uranus at 13 Taurus, as this transit only happens once in your life and up-ends what was previously in place. The trine to Pluto at 13 Virgo in your work, unpaid work and study zone suggests this will be tied to your salary or other income and also suggests that you will accept the price of freedom, or be prepared to pay the cost of independence. People commonly go into business for themselves and leave full-time employment on this cycle, but you have your own life G and I don’t know anything about you. Uranus in conjunction with natal Mercury in the Second House only happens once in your life and it’s as well to be flexible because the changes tend to come suddenly and demand pretty quick responses. The global picture of Aquarius-Taurus clashes is about the UN and WHO (Aquarius; the group) up against the economic shocks of both cryptocurrency and of course the pandemic, and this feels like a trickle-down effect on you, from that. As your Nodes are also at 13 of Gemini-Sagittarius this will involve foreign people and places (Sagittarius) but also, your life online (Gemini). As for the wider comment I made about America, there is a disconnect between Biden and his economic policies and the reality of the American property market. Bricks and mortar exists in a completely different space to the altered reality of the President’s economy and it would not take much (a sudden and unexpected event) for that to hit home. Crypto will not collapse, by all the laws of astrology, when Uranus (new inventions) is in Taurus (cash) until 2026; it will only become more prevalent, but individual ‘coins’ may fall sideways to be replaced by other alternatives. That would fit a Uranus transit.

  15. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing post!
    Sorry if you receive this message twice; I’m resending it in case that my previous one is missed in the queue.
    I have venus at 13 Sag (my husband has venus at 13 Gemini).
    Recentley, I am offered an excellent temporary job for fall which will change the look of my resume enormously. But I don’t see myself at the level of doing that job beautifully as I wish to. I had the same type of excperience in fall 2002, but even if it was a very hard work, I suucceeded to do the job and it gave me a lot of confidence.
    Any insight from you on the venus at 13 Sag or the job offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Please pursue the job. You are in a life-changing cycle until 2026 when the last thing you expected happens, with your work – and as a result, you decide to ‘meet change with change’ and find the freedom, independence, excitement and exhilaration that comes from work that is so new and different. You are in a cycle when you need to experiment and explore. You’re not going to win every project, every role and every position by 2026, but it does not matter. Out of everything comes the new life you need and you will be thrilled at what comes to pass, over the next five years. Start now.

  16. Hello Jessica, I am posting my question again in the hope that you see it: could you please tell me what the effects of the square may be for me? Saturn is sitting on my ascendant (13° Aquarius) right now, and I have Jupiter 14° Cancer, Juno 13° Gemini and Vesta 13° Leo and my MC at 11°33 Sagittarius, and I also wonder how this will affect my husband and our joint life as his Saturn is at 12°43 Pisces (Virgo Sun). Hopefully nothing too difficult …. Thank you

    1. Sorry, we are now up to 13,070 comments so questions can sometimes go astray. If your birth time is strictly accurate then yes, Saturn is in conjunction with your Ascendant in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. You are judged by your social life, social media, circles, networks and friends. Your image, reputation, appearance, is filtered through those people. Now there is a serious test. On the most obvious level, social distancing can do that to you. Of course, the problem with friends or groups may be one of separation; you are parted from them. Or, it may be that you have found old friends disappoint you in some way; you cannot go on being true friends with them. The aspects to Juno in Gemini suggest the internet (so Twitter for example, or Facebook, which so many people have problems with). Vesta in Leo is about children and you don’t say if you have them or not. The interesting thing about having Jupiter at 14 Cancer is lifelong protection, good luck and good fortune with houses, apartments, the family. This square will bring it out again. The world may be grappling with economic shock, but you find you have a safety net. Sometimes it’s the fact that your home value goes up. Your husband’s issue here is Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House. This is about his religion; mediumship; psychic protection; God; spirituality; Tarot; spirit guides; hypnosis; therapy; counselling. It’s about the inside of his bonce, basically! The soul or spirit. The psyche. He has some work to do, but as Jupiter goes over his Saturn in February 2022, there is a massive piece of progress here. In fact, a long-standing problem he’s had with any of these areas (or similar – the inner world) will be removed in fine style by next year.

  17. Hi Jessica I Sun at 12 Aquarius. I have other aspects at 12. I am renovating; staying with in-laws; dealing with my mum who is under palliative care and running a busy law office. Can you advise how this will trigger and figure in any of these areas?
    Thanks for your attention

    1. Saturn and Chiron are at 13 in your chart, so transiting Saturn (now at 13 Aquarius) is already showing up. The planet of challenges, obstacles and hard work, is already evident in your renovations, your mother in care and your law office. If it feels like too much, it probably is, but unfortunately Saturn transits are notorious for testing us. As you go towards the square of Saturn 13 Aquarius and Uranus 13 Taurus it may feel as if something has to give. This is quite correct, and it should not be seen as anything more than a useful excuse to change. Do you use yoga? Meditation? We tend to get a lot of resistance with Saturn-Uranus so any practise which actually uses resistance (to train you) works well on this cycle. Resisting the urge for your mind to wander in meditation; physical resistance of your body against the yoga mat too. You do need an outlet. This transit does not last but while it is here, even 30 minutes of something, every day, will really help. Saturn is also going over your Sun at 12 Aquarius at the end of June, so it is very important that you have time to recharge, sleep, meditate, do yoga if you are not already doing that. You have to put yourself first. Even for half an hour every day.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are well! How will this Taurus weather affect me? Planning on a divorce from my Libra sun partner(no kids) this year. You had previously mentioned that the long stuck cycle may break this month. Between the divorce and my struggling HR consulting business, I’m incredibly afraid that I’ll be left financially struggling. I’ve also lost quite a bit of money in the stock market this and other crypto investments.

    Can you please have a look at my chart and advise how I will fare through all this? Thank you in advance.

    1. I am sorry you are going through a divorce, and business issues – as well as losses on investments. The good news is, you will turn your lifestyle around. This is incredibly important, as you fundamentally need your health, fitness, wellbeing, mental health, workload, housework, daily routine – to serve you. If that is correctly in place, everything else becomes so much easier. You are on the road to that now and should have one or two more sparkling options in the light at the end of the tunnel. Do all can, August-December, to sort that out. Your body should be as important as your job. Who or what you need, is there to help that happen, right now – and will be back front-and-centre from August. The divorce with the Libran man needs to be crystal clear, in writing, firmly set in stone. Don’t leave any vagueness or fuzziness in the arrangement and keep the boundaries in place. This can and does get better with him, but it is really important that you are almost professional about putting things in compartments. Don’t leave others to try and guess what is going on, and don’t use guesswork yourself. That way you will come out of this rather confused and confusing period by 2026, with the least possible fuss or bother. Do not be afraid of the financial future, as you will make or save a lot of money once Jupiter goes into Aries, from 2022. However, I have to say, the stock market and crypto currencies offers nothing but lightning bolts, shocks, upheaval and the unpredictable until 2026. So be aware of that Uranus in Taurus cycle. We’ve not seen anything like this since the last war. What worked then? Keeping it real. Growing it in the ground. Just saying.

  19. Dear Jessica how will these aspects in 13 and 12 degrees affect my mother my everything

    Sun 15° Aquarius 45′ 10″

    Saturn 13° Aries 37′ 37″
    Uranus 13° Taurus 55′ 10″

    SouthNode 12° Taurus 41′ 01″ R
    NorthNode 12° Scorpio 41′ 01″ R

    DESC 12° Sagittarius 11′ 34″
    ASC 12° Gemini 11′ 34″

    “Anything at 13 degrees at any zodiac sign at all will be aspected by the Saturn-Uranus square of June 13th-18th, 2021. ”

    How Will my mom born February 5, 1939 affected from Saturn-Uranus square of June. I am in USA so far away from her but we need each other more than ever because my brother passed to Heaven last year…

    How can I help my mother to stay strong healthy and alive for me because I need her. My mother was strong woman but grief doesn’t choose… Something happened to her in 3:00 am in the morning in her dreams… Will Saturn Uranus square hearth my mother health more or this event only…

    Love you Jessica
    Thank You

    1. Your mother’s illness is really shown by the transits. On a really practical note, you need to check that her will is up to date. I would do this myself, if I was in hospital, or a parent had been admitted. The North Node at 12 Scorpio is just one degree away from a T-Square with Saturn and Uranus, and the South Node, and it’s sensible to make sure that a legacy is all it should be. This applies to you too. This should be a reminder to get your own paperwork in order. Scorpio always has, always will, rule legacies. Beyond that, for your mother, this is about the family. It is about meeting change within the family, with the ability to change. What is taking place within her family circle will reshape that circle, and she needs to be involved with that, so she can find the freedom which is on offer. This goes beyond illness. It’s really about finding independence from, or independence through, particular family changes. You can assist with that.

  20. I thought I posted a question here but I can’t find it.

    I have only one single planet at 13 degrees and that is Venus in Aquarius which would be my second house. I have nothing at 11 degrees; however I have a slew of planets at 12 degrees. Is there a +/- of a degree or must the degree be exactly 13 or 11 for the factors to be triggered?

    Venus in Aquarius at 13 seems sifnificant to me, but really I know nothing. I would thing that has to do with finances. Hopefully GOOD news about such.

    I have all of these factors at 12 degrees; Moon in Aries, Saturn in Pisces, MC in Leo, IC in Aquarius, and Minerva in Virgo.

    Can’t wait to hear your expert input on this line up for me.

    Thanks Love!


    1. I just checked the comments here and we are up to 13,075 so messages do get lost sometimes, Patrice. Anyway I am here at my desk now, looking at your question. Venus is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, using the Natural House system. The Eleventh House rules friends and groups as you likely know. We allow one degree’s orb in modern astrology, so Venus at 13 Aquarius is obviously pulled into the Saturn-Uranus square, but anything at 12 or 14 degrees is also pulled in. Venus in Aquarius is about complicated relationships with friends and groups. So this is about one friendship which has many layers, or a particular club, team, circle, Twitter account, society and so on. Venus is a symbol of beauty, jealousy, seduction, possessiveness and most of the things that you find in the great songs, novels and films. This is likely a female friend, or a whole lot of female friends. Saturn on Venus limits and restricts the friendship or makes the group commitment terribly heavy and serious, for a time. Uranus square, suggests that the unpredictable and unexpected, plays its part. As your whole chart is tied to Venus, a great many aspects of your life are affected at the same time, by what occurs with/for your friend, or the group in general. I saw a similar chart before. The reader worked for a British political party and had fallen in love with her girlfriend, who worked for a minister. It wasn’t the sort of political party where you can be openly lesbian and she found the year very, very difficult! I am sure nothing like this is occurring in your own life, Patrice, but it’s an example of what can happen. In general don’t join new groups on this transit. It’s too hard. You’ll have enough to cope with, with the existing Twitter account or similar.

  21. I thought I posted a question here but I can’t find it.

    I have only one single planet at 13 degrees and that is Venus in Aquarius which would be my second house. I have nothing at 11 degrees; however I have a slew of planets at 12 degrees. Is there a +/- of a degree or must the degree be exactly 13 or 11 for the factors to be triggered?

    Venus in Aquarius at 13 seems sifnificant to me, but really I know nothing. I would thing that has to do with finances. Hopefully GOOD news about such.

    I have all of these factors at 12 degrees; Moon in Aries, Saturn in Pisces, MC in Leo, IC in Aquarius, and Minerva in Virgo.

    Can’t wait to hear your expert input on this line up for me.

    Thanks Love!


  22. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I have quite a bit of action at 13 degrees (Salacia in Aquarius, Psyche and Apollo in Gemini and Ceres in Cancer) and Chiron in Taurus at 14. Things have been changing for me deep down but on the surface level have remained the same (we’re striving for change in business and location). Will these placements usher in some much needed external change for my sun Taurus and I? Thanks so much for your thoughts 🙂 Lauren

    1. Lauren, you have Chiron at 14 Taurus and Uranus is passing over that, at 14 Taurus, for the first time in your adult life. If you are striving for change, it will arrive suddenly and faster than you expected. So be careful what you wish for. Chiron is a symbol of quite audacious experiments and daring feats. There is also the question “Can I pull this off? Can I get away with it?” Usually you do, and so despite the pressure of 2021, when national and global economic difficulties affect you, there is a chance to do something with the money, house, business, charity or apartment (perhaps the possessions) which ‘they’ say or think cannot be done. Perhaps you are breaking new ground entirely. Don’t underestimate how hard it is going to be, though. Saturn in Aquarius square your Chiron in Taurus, echoes what is happening on a global scale with the G7, WHO and the UN – so you are affected, by six degrees of separation. This makes it really tough to try anything new with business, so just be aware of that. Lauren, if you go ahead with radical change, on this square pattern, you will need to set aside a large amount of time and energy to tackle the obstacles. There are easier times to do this, but if you want to proceed, use the Tarot on this website to give yourself some useful ways to save some of the time and energy.

  23. Hello there to you Jessica from a sunny UK waving across the pond to you in Tas, I hope all is well with you and yours x

    We are looking to move and would like to own our own home this time.
    Finances since Taurus came in to Uranus have improved (Minerva 4 Taurus)
    I have Aesculapia at 13 Taurus, and the North Node 13 Aries with the South Node 13 Libra. my son has Vesta at 13 Sagittarius.
    But if you pull in ’14’ then my Ascendant Libra 14 and Descendent at Aries 14 get pinged along with my sons Chiron in Aquarius 14.
    And he was 14 last birthday! I also have Mars Cancer at 12 degrees.
    Would there be a ‘miracle’ of increased sales, publishing contract or windfall to help us along?
    Many Blessings

    1. Thank you Louisa. I’m just having my second cup of coffee this morning in Tasmania, and waving back. You have a lot of 13-14 degree placements and that will be picked up by the Saturn-Uranus square. Ignore Mars in Cancer. It’s too wide. The key is Aesculapia at 13 Taurus in your Second House of property, finance and business. This is a symbol of coming back from the brink; reviving; resurrecting. It can sometimes feel miraculous. Just when you thought something or someone was over, it comes back. Uranus right on 13 Taurus will bring a bolt from the blue, quite unpredictable, which emphasises this for you. It may be a pension fund you had assumed had gone forever, for example, or a ‘retired’ bank account. Uranus is always the last thing you expect so there is no point in running through the options; you’ll likely see none of them. The square from Saturn suggests there is something hard to square about it all. It does not compute or easily fit into the pattern of your life. So of course you can move and even own your own home in the long-term – that is not in question. In fact, when Jupiter finally goes into Taurus in a couple of years from now, you will have a fantastic opportunity or solution, financially, not possible in 12 years. Just for the moment, though, you may want to see where things end up after quite an unpredictable, hard-work situation in the world economy and thus the British economy, unfolds. Publishers, by the way, want to see bottoms on seats these days. So the way into that is a website where you can track your traffic and/or a Twitter account where you can wave numbers around. It is worth persisting with good ideas, and committing to them beyond 2026, for this reason. From 2026 Uranus goes into Gemini, and your Third House of media, internet and new inventions, which change communication forever. So you can take an old idea and give birth to it all over again, in a way that works very well for you, given your Aries/Libra dominated chart. Your son’s chart placements, by the way, have nothing to do with any of this. He’s a different kettle of fish.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    Oh dear, I have quite a lot at 13 degrees… How will this astrological weather affect me?
    NN in Sag
    SN in Gemini
    Vulcano in Pisces (I always wonder what Vulcano means?)
    Minerva in Leo
    Apollo at 14 degrees Virgo

    Thank you for yet another great article, and thank you for your help! xx

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. You have the classic traveller Nodes (Sagittarius-Gemini) which suggests a past life spent wandering the globe. We also associate Sagittarius-Gemini with foreign languages. The other factors are tied into this. Vulcano is a symbol of self-control and strength; a powerful position comes from holding back emotions. In Pisces it is about your religion, or your spirituality; use of the Tarot, therapy, counselling, dreams, hypnosis and so on. Your inner world. Minerva in Leo is really about a younger generation, and Apollo in Virgo is about your workload and wellbeing. So you might say that a huge part of your life depends on how you deal with foreign people and places; travel and travellers; the worldwide web and all its global traffic. It’s all interlinked. The square out there, from Uranus in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius, is about to have a really obvious impact on you. New rules about border control, quarantine, tourism, visas, passports, residency, immigration and the like, will come out of the G7, but also the UN and WHO, which are the Aquarian groups which rule our planet. British politicians are even being photographed in front of a wavy-lines logo (Aquarius) by ‘chance.’ So the domino effect on you in 2021-2022 is really about your access to Europe, primarily, but also the impact on the globalisation economy of some very tough new realities about the Kappa and Delta variant, in particular. You have to make your own decisions, of course, but the more you update your research on the global picture of COVID-19 the better. We think we know where we are at, with this pandemic, then we realise it has moved ahead of us, yet again. Dig very deeply and frequently for the facts, because we are living in a world of fudged facts and a lot of faffing at the moment, motivated by money (of course) and there is quite a lot of evasion and avoidance going on, not to mention denial. I think you’d gain from using the Tarot on this website to fill out this information.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have a few aspects at 13 degrees and a few others within 1 degree of that. I am curious as to what I might expect from this weather.

    Thanks so much,

    1. You tend to get the knock-on effect of really big global outcomes from the UN, WHO and the G7, so it’s rather like The Butterfly Effect. Biden flaps his wings, or Johnson flaps his wings, and you get the air currents. We are yet to see what comes out of this square for the world, but what cannot be squared between nations, results in ongoing uncertainty about your finances. It may be your superannuation or pension, for example, which is hard to pin down, as the sharemarkets are so uncertain. The value may fluctuate while the square holds. It goes on, Amy. Other people may find their income stopped or reduced, which affects your business. I am sure you can see how the currents from larger decisions work in your own life. Expect a period where you cannot ‘square’ the new financial uncertainty with other issues in your life. It would also not be a huge surprise to hear that particular friends have become really hard work for you in 2020-2021 and that your life on social media, or your social life, has taken a hit. Of course, being at home will do that for you! Yet these things are in the heavens and they were predictable long before social distancing arrived, or the new divided opinions over what to do about this pandemic.

  26. Hi Jessica, I Have ASC at 13degrees cancer and my DESC at 13 degrees Capricorn , Jessica what does this mean for me for this Saturn – Uranus Square .Thank You So Much… I Follow you on Twitter i’m always looking to see if you post anything about American Politics and anything about Trump!! You keep me Sane Thank You..

    1. Thank you. Okay, the first thing to say about the ASC (Ascendant) and DESC (Descendant) is – they rely on strictly accurate birth times. Your clock time of birth seems accurate, because it’s an odd number and pretty finely judged. So yes, the general world problem with the group (Saturn in Aquarius – G7, WHO, the UN) and the world economy (COVID-19) does affect you in terms of your Ascendant, or image, and the duets or duels in your life (Descendant, the other side or other person). You might say that the ripple effect from the very top of world politics and economics reaches your shore, as the waves spread out. To be seen, judged, rated, through a Cancerian ascendant is usually a statement about the family, the household, the apartment, the house, the town, the country. That’s all in your shop window. That will be influenced by the larger trends of 2021. So, for example, if you are seen in terms of your home, but you have to move because of larger issues, that absolutely affects how you are packaged. Perhaps it’s a family situation. This does rather suggest the family or home, because the duet or duel (the Descendant) is so often a marriage, or a former partner, or a common law marriage and this brings in the mortgage or rent. This is a knotty issue to solve, creatively and thoughtfully, and you may be redefining the way you project and present to the world as a result.

  27. Dear Jessica,
    Should Americans prepare for high property prices, or wait for lower prices? Or what did you mean by the changes in the real estate market?
    Thank you for your hard work!

    1. It’s dependent on population density in each state and its major cities, because the issue here is high-rise. COVID-19 is airborne and the emerging variants like Kappa and Delta are showing up the ineffectiveness of the different vaccine attempts. What is an apartment in Manhattan worth, if Kappa comes to stay and takes the elevator? Questions like these are useful.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your deep insights and talent. Could you help me understand what these mean in my chart?

    14° Scorpio 28′ 47″

    13° Capricorn 06′ 34″

    Also, would anything at 15 degrees be impacted by the Saturn- uranus square?

    15° Libra 34′ 08″

    15° Sagittarius 53′ 27″

    15° Cancer 01′ 23″

    Thank you!

    1. The story here is your money, house, apartment and/or business (Uranus in Scorpio) and the opposition from transiting Uranus at 14 Taurus, ahead. You’ll also catch the much bigger, global Saturn-Uranus square, which goes from Aquarius (the group – so the United Nations, WHO, G7) to the world economy (Taurus). That will have a trickle-down effect on your salary, debts, savings, superannuation/pension. Ceres at 13 Capricorn is about your career, unpaid work or study so putting this together, it’s quite clearly an upheaval (Uranus) of a financial nature (Scorpio) caused by, or affecting, your job, unemployment benefits and the rest. A square is always ‘what you cannot square’ It is best fixed using Sacred Geometry which you can look up on Search. Thank you for the compliment.

  29. Thank you for your time, Jessica. I really appreciate. I save all your responses and usually re-read them when I’m feeling hopeless.

    1. Thank you so much. Please don’t feel hopeless. If you need a quick time-out, please try Gregorian Chants. You can listen on YouTube. They are powerful and ancient. I have a feeling they will open some gates for you.

  30. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your generous & extensive website. Lacking an exact birth time but always knowing to within a couple of hours, I became a member upon having my birth time rectified by Stephanie Johnson after you mentioned in one of your articles that she gave this service. It seems to me that Fire (Spirit) signs are the best at getting astrology onto the world stage.
    I have: Chiron at 13 degrees Aquarius R
    North Node 13 degrees Scorpio R
    South Node 13 degrees Scorpio R
    This appears to me to indicate difficult days for money matters at the least. Also, Mercury is Retro, which I understand affects Virgo & Gemini Suns
    more than others as Mercury is our ruler/foster ruler planet? (Have been somewhat afraid to ask, but astrology has always been a big key for me generally).
    Thank you for any insights/corrections, which I hope we have for many moons to come.

    1. I am glad Stephanie Johnson could rectify your chart. Okay so you have a T-Square based around friends, groups and money. T stands for tension. Square is what you cannot square. It’s coming alive in 2021. The whole point of astrology is avoidance (skip the issue). Or, minimise the potential concern! Scale it down. You are in the year 2021, with this Saturn-Uranus square dancing around, and so you may want to avoid lending money to friends or going into business with the team/club/association/society. Or, if you already have (or you cannot avoid it) lower the stakes. Chiron in Aquarius describes how you see what you can get away with, in terms of friendships and circles/communities. You hit impossible targets. The Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus are very much about the bank account, house, apartment, valuables or charity. So, you can see why this is a tense point in your chart anyway, and it will be triggered as you go into the second half of 2021. Mercury is also retrograde, and obviously you know this is about travel rescheduling. I published that cautionary note on Boxing Day last year and now PM Boris Johnson has announced that Britains’ C-19 restrictions will go beyond the announced date of 21st June. Astrology is older than all of us and it works. From your point of view, this is a chain reaction across the world and it will have an impact on people’s savings, salary, business cash flow, bills to pay and so on. You can see why you would not want to mix friends/groups with money/ valuables/ property at this time. And if you do, keep it way down.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your words for this upcoming aspect. I believe to have noticed in my chart Psyche 13 degrees Scorpio – how may this be interpreted may I ask? Would factors located at 12 degrees be taken into account as my NN is to be located at this degree? In addition, I am aware of the recently passed Gemini Solar Eclipse to have occurred at 19 degrees. What would this suggest as I notice my IC close at 18 degrees and Mercury at 20 degrees?
    Thank you very much for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. You can always allow a one degree orb in astrology, in any modern chart. So 12 degrees/13 degrees works. Well, Bea, it’s really about the money. As Saturn-Uranus kicks in, you may notice that the value of a house or apartment rises or falls. The value of shares, rises or falls. The value of shares within a pension, rises or falls. It really depends on what you committed to. And it can turn up in a legacy, with money left to you, or your legacy, left to others. This is a major global economic squeeze and it has a domino effect on the big item paperwork. It’s not a bad idea to go over that on this transit.

  32. Hi Jessica
    My Asc is Sagittarius 9 degrees. Sun is 4 degress Virgo in the 10th house
    I have 17 degrees Moon in Gemini in the 7 th house and 20 degrees Chiron in Gemini in 7 th house,
    20 degrees Venus Libra in the 11 th house and 22 degress South node Libra in 11th house .
    And i have Jupiter in Pisces 19 degress in the 4th house .
    I have a relationship that has not ended for 7 years but didn’t go to marriage.We were dating 7 years ago and it took about 6 months. Then we broke up. It continued later on but sometimes like a lover and sometimes a friend. When I want to talk about making the relationship serious, he doesn’t make me talk. But he’s not leaving my life.We can’t break up with him, but we can’t get married either.
    He’s the Asc Leo, his Sun is in Virgo.And he has Mars 19 degress in Sagittarius in the 5 th house .
    I know you’re not work with synastry chart. How do you think the eclipse on June 10 will affect this relationship? Or how do you think the eclipse will affect these natal charts? Espacially mine ? 🙂
    Also, he is tall, dark and handsome, as in your comment for the month of June Sagittarius, and has no apparent reason not to get married.
    I would be happy if you share your opinion with me.

    1. No, I don’t use synastry charts. I am sorry you are unhappily involved with a lover and that it has been years. You are using a completely different chart system to me. Venus and the South Node in Libra are in the Seventh House of marriage, engagement, separation, divorce, adultery, affairs and flings. So that is the core answer to every question you have about unrequited love. The eclipses have nothing to do with it. It’s your Libra factors. Have a look at Venus, Libra, Seventh House and South Node, Libra, Seventh House on Search to find out more about your patterns. This is karmic in nature but sometimes karma has to be broken.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another great post ! Will be interesting to see how this plays out in America,

    I’m not sure how to put these together or whether those at 12 degrees count, I asteroids, Hygeia at 13 Capricorn, Vulcano at 12 Gemini and Ops 12 Cancer.

    Would that be shock or surprise in those houses, does the asteroid or planet matter?

    I’m hoping to get work part time this year in an area I’ve studied but not worked on, has been 14 years since I worked for someone else!

    Hope you have time to get to this and thanks for all your replies.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the square will affect you, through the value of your house or apartment, the cost of the rent in your area, mortgage interest rates, the cost of builder’s supplies and all matters related to the home, or property investment. Ops at 12 Cancer is in an almost exact opposition to Hygiea at 13 Capricorn and we’re going into Cancer weather from late June. Keep an eye on what things are worth/what the pundits are saying.

  34. Thanks for this article Jessica. I have a T-square with Bacchus at 13 Aquarius, Mars at 14 Taurus and Ops at 14 Scorpio plus Juno at 14 Cancer and a few factors at 15 degrees. We’ve just come out of two weeks lockdown in Melbourne. I’m grateful to have a job but as a single parent it was stressful trying to juggle my paid work and supervising remote learning for two young children. How will the Saturn-Uranus square impact my chart? Thanks for your insight.

    1. You actually just had the transit in its first stages – being at home with the children, without a partner, was your Juno in Cancer (the commitment to the family) being utterly tested. Okay, so thanks to the amazing willpower and dedication of yourself and others in Melbourne, you have won a big victory over this latest challenge and are now slowly being released from the usual rules. What we have here, though is a situation where you cannot square what you are going through, in terms of your life budget (Mars in Taurus) and the financial realities for your children (Ops in Scorpio) as well as the glaring realities of living where you do (Juno in Cancer) and having the particular family set-up that you do. Try to stay in the gap for a bit. It may not be particularly easy or smooth, but sitting tight in the space that this transit covers, will enable you to find the energy, commitment and conviction to make some long overdue changes about the money, the home the family. The Aquarius side of things is your friends and the groups which you are a part of, or the groups which affect you most. They will also have their part to play. From this square will come, you guessed it, change. Later on you will realise you had to go through this, and sit in the gap between the past and the future, in order to get much closer to what you really want and need. That is a good thing.

  35. Hello Jessica – I am embarking on a new role from 17 June for 6 months and am curious how my Mars at 13 in Aquarius and Jupiter at 12 in Aquarius and South Node at 14 Leo might be impacted- can you advise please?

    1. The new role will have a fair bit to say about your friends, the groups you are involved with, the community or circle connected to the new job (like a trade union or staff football team) and the idea of feeding a network of people with what they need. You have a huge pile-up in Aquarius there so there is a new cycle starting here, extending beyond 2023, when you will be shown what it means to supply a community. You can never get involved too heavily or closely as you have a role to play. You can’t just dive in and merge. You will always be a little separate or outside. I expect the tension point here is the financial position of the others and their salaries; the company or business; the economic realities of 2021. In general, with Jupiter in Aquarius, you are always protected through groups and friends, and by them. Even Saturn can only really test that innate good fortune. Further ahead in time when Pluto goes to 12, 13 Aquarius in years to come, you will understand why this role was so important. It’s a massive training experience in what will become your powerful destiny.

  36. Thank you for this! I love your posts. My ascendant is almost 13 degrees Cancer and Juno at 13 degrees Virgo. How do you see this playing out? During the Feb Uranus-Saturn square, I found myself in conflict with a relative. We worked it out relatively easily but only after I did lots of processing. I’m curious if that might strike again. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Your Ascendant is your reputation and profile and in Cancer it is connected to your relatives. Thus, if the Saturn-Uranus square already caught that conflict with a relative, it certainly raised issues about how you are seen. It’s good you fixed it. You will now go to the next level of progress with the same person or find it’s a similar issue, but elevated, to challenge you at the next rung! It’s only image and it doesn’t last.

  37. Thanks for your kind words Jessica! Lockdown was tough but necessary. You’re spot on! I found it hard to square my responsibilities to my children and my responsibilities as an employee. I’m also living in a tiny home that I’d lived in with my ex-husband so am keen to make a long overdue move to somewhere with more room for my kids and I. But real estate agents have been quoting obscene prices for small properties so I’m staying put for now. Hopefully the return of Jupiter to Aquarius will help. I drew a 9 of swords then a 10 of cups so I’m hopeful there’s light at the end of the tunnel after this difficult time of feeling in limbo! All the best.

    1. Oh, Ten of Cups? Very happy outcome for you. And yes, the heart of the matter is your need to move. A few possible shifts with work/children/lifestyle/life budget (what you do and do not value so much any more) will help you make the change.

  38. Dear Jessica,
    I don’t mean to sound stupid, but could you please explain what you mean here.
    “So, here’s the thing. None of this is grounded in the real world. The last call for this picture of ‘security’ is the final Saturn-Uranus square of 2021, falling with Saturn at 11 Aquarius square Uranus at 11 Taurus on December 24th to 29th, for Christmas. I’m giving you these dates ahead of time, so you can make informed decisions.”
    Thank you !

    1. You don’t sound stupid. Basically, the Uranus-Saturn square is about the need for the world to get real about the big disconnect between what treasurers are doing, within governments, and what the property and business real estate market is doing – which will be completely different. Being informed means, knowing where your money is banked, or in what pension fund (for example).

  39. Good afternoon Jessica.

    Hope you are enjoying a sunny afternoon in Tasmania to warm the soul, given the recent cold front. I’m just curious want might be in play for me with the Saturn and Uranus Squares. I understand I’ve only got a few hovering in the 1 degree orb from 13. Mostly curious.

    Have a super week ahead.

    1. Chiron at 12 Aries is the main factor here. Expect the challenge to change your physical appearance, name, image or brand. This paves the way for good things when Jupiter goes to 12 Aries in March 2023 when you could time a relaunch for yourself. Or a launch.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Property values are way up in my little country town. I think they might continue their rise from just reading here. I think moving is out of the question for me at this point. So, is this a good time to remodel for a long-term stay? I am itching to redo but concerns about saving and spending money are slowing me… I do have 13 degrees in my chart but minimal?… Will I be affected? And how long do you see Covid and its variants stop starting the world?

    Thank you, Tonia

    1. Tonia, the last thing you expected is happening and your little country town has become a property hotspot. This is just one of the many, many huge surprises until 2026, so although you want to renovate, you also worry about overspending. You’ll actually be shown new ways to think about house, garden, apartment, home, residence and the rest – after July 7th. In fact you could strike a deal with someone. Most of the talking or research will happen when Mercury goes through Cancer in the second half of July. Your chart is actually more about the cash, the possessions – than the home. I replied to you elsewhere about saving. And as for COVID-19 and its mutations/variants – the years will prove there was never any vaccine. Just attempts at vaccines with varying degrees of success. The only answer is the end of globalisation which will come from 2026.

  41. Dear Jessica,
    I have an opportunity to spend 2 years in the middle east working on a projects in Sustainable development and it would be fantastic if it would work out starting September. But i have a teenager daughter and husband who will stay at home in Europe.
    I have sacrificed my career while our child was young but now i feel it would be good for me to let go and go for a while, and make the best of family time during extensive holidays.
    How will this aspect affect me?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Saturn is in Aquarius (groups, allies) and Uranus is in Taurus (economics, business) so this doesn’t really apply to your question at all. You want to move to the Middle East for two years, leaving your husband and teenage daughter behind. You’ve been told you can see them on long holidays. So, September 2021 to September 2023. That is going to make travelling but also local commuting, a burden for you. I would say that anyway because we are in a pandemic, even though there is a great deal of denial about what that actually means. Short-term in 2021, the situation with the airlines, quarantine, and COVID-19 looks positive, but in 2022 it is rather different and again in 2023 – reality bites. This may be from the Middle East back to Europe, or from your family home airport there, back into the Middle East. It can come from either end. Weigh up the realities of the travel itself, plus the situation with your car or other transport, and perhaps domestic internal travel, where you are headed. Look at what is going on right now, in Europe, with the Indian variants (Delta and Kappa) and also right across the Arab world. Making your choices depends on knowing about these astrological cycles, but it is your life, not mine, and you make the choices, of course. Use the Tarot, Your Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to give yourself private third opinions – from yourself.

  42. Thank you so much Jessica. Sitting here thinking of my hair and pondering a Jessica fringe. 🙂

  43. Hi Jessica – this eclipse season has been especially intense. Myself and so many people around me have been confused, sad, anxious and short tempered. Can you please look at my chart for any potential breaks allowing me to feel good and hopeful again? Do I have a period in my life that will be generally happy and easy going? Can you look at a persons chart and tell if they are set to experience ongoing themes like sadness, loneliness or other human conditions? On paper, everything would appear to be going well. I am more financially free and independent than I have been in my adult life, in addition to exceeding my savings goals, I just received a 30% raise on 6/2. My daughter who is the love of my life is going to HS, a milestone I wasn’t quite ready for. I feel very alone right now and wondering if I will ever truly be happy. Thank you for taking the time to read…hoping you can send some love via your words or wisdom and insights.

    1. You have transiting Pluto at 26 Capricorn, exactly square your natal Pluto at 26 Libra. This only happens once in your life, so if you feel unhappy, you are entitled to have those emotions. You were born to be in a duet. You are passionate, sometimes obsessive, focussed, powerful and quite potent as a wife/girlfriend/partner. This goes beyond marriage, though, and into professional double-acts, or any kind of ‘two’ including two people who live together, but are not involved. So, Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of your chart chimes with the need to be one of two. Now, along comes (transiting) Pluto to square that, or bring situations you cannot square. Pluto is at 26 Capricorn in June, then you get break, and then he returns at 26 Capricorn in January 2022, August 2022, September and October 2022, November and December (ending the year) then he’s gone for good. Phew. You have some work to do until then. Basically Pluto transits are about finding the self-control that gives you control, and finding the willpower that empowers you. This will be very specifically about duets and duels in your life. It is in your nature to want to run the agenda with that other person. This may be an ongoing conflict or feud, or just a long-term business partnership or sexual relationship. Pluto is about owning the situation. Yet, you cannot do that all the time, and there have to be compromises, either with the other person, or just with the universe. This may be your daughter’s father, for example, or perhaps your daughter (whom you call the love of your life) and she’s now going into High School, so your duet is broken up. Have a look at Pluto, Seventh House to find out more about yourself, and Libra too. This cycle does end, but transiting Pluto square natal Pluto is a stretch, and it is going to require some patience and self-discipline. Give yourself a break with something that is a total escape, like meditation, swimming, walking, music, hypnosis and so on.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    You mentioned the end of globalization in 2026. How long will that last, and will we ever get back to the way things used to be?
    Will we ever find out the actual origins of this virus? Will China be held accountable?

    1. The past is going, going gone. “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” (L.P. Hartley) The end of globalisation comes when we have these really long transits in the mutable signs, like Uranus in Gemini, opposing all the billions born with Sagittarius factors; the sign of the traveller and wanderer; the international trader and explorer. Local is the new foreign. As for the virus, money talks. And it goes on talking. Yes, we will get closer to the truth when enough money has changed hands.

  45. Hi Jess,
    I’m re-posting my comment:
    I’ve got Chiron in Aries at 13 degrees and a few other placements at 12 and 14. What can I expect from these squares?
    Also, I’m thinking about changing jobs from education sector to finance this year so would love your thoughts about the timing of this.
    Much love

    1. Chiron in Aries in your First House of image, branding, reputation, personal appearance and ‘the hologram is the whole of me’ is important here, as you have Chiron returning (your Chiron Return) and even though there is a reasonable amount of tension and stretching involved, you can find out who you are. Chiron is a symbol of the maverick mentor, and you are that. Now, you get the chance to discover it. The other factors close to Uranus at 13 and Saturn at 13 are the useful friction that helps you ‘square what cannot be squared’ about how you project. I suspect this is connected to your job move. If you want to switch careers then a fair amount of shifting around on your title, your wardrobe and the rest is required. Switching would not be without its obstacles, but if you are absolutely confident of your financial knowledge in this huge era of quite radical change (until 2026) then you may well find that Uranus in Taurus is the inspiration you need. In any case I suspect you will return to education of one kind or another from 2026 when Uranus goes into Gemini and your Third House of communication.

  46. Hello Jessica

    You won’t believe what happened to me…
    The company I work for born in 1942 is going under sale or closures whatever comes first.
    Our leaders announced it today….
    Wow this square Uranus Saturn crashes right in the center of my life…
    I stay calm with the question what’s next…
    Will they sent me soon on layoff or will I find job before that or will I linger in this company to the end will they have a good payout compensation…

    Oh wow
    What now…

    I also received rejection from two promising companies

    1. I think I touched on this when you asked a question about your work place previously. You’re lucky to have a good group behind you, or a trade union, perhaps. You will be backed by this network of people, perhaps because it is a career-related community and you all stick together – or of course, this may be a collection of people quite outside work, who will help you. Jupiter goes back into Aquarius at the end of July and this is the good news, good fortune planet in the sign of ‘we the people’ amongst who there are friends and allies. This will make all the difference to your questions about work and money.

  47. Jessica, I don’t know what is going on. Last you had kindly replied to the post about 26th May eclipse:

    On that day, I had just an online call, Skype with my mom, it got quite emotional and high strung. tears on my part, I get anxious about house stuff – thanks to a legacy of fear given my father – which I have to let go off, permanently.

    The thing is, three days later, the internet phone went off and I was completely disconnected from my family (I am at present in another country , from which I am just dying to move out of permanently) for two and a half weeks. I had just a few message communications and I was on my own. I just got the internet yesterday , but I find out that it is still unstable and the phone has just gone off again.

    But May end to June 16th yesterday was a time that I was isolated. It was horrifying , as my mind began to delve in the past. Difficult childhood, parental experience and questions about what I am doing. Every morning nearly, I had these thoughts and it took 2 / 3 hours to calm down. I had too much mental anxiety and getting to the yoga mat was so difficult but I am doing it.

    I never ever want to be left with no communication channel like I had these two weeks. Never ever. I was not able to speak to anyone close. My mind, in the past, I was so terrified and even now am scared how I came out of it.

    As well, I got a series of totally unexpected expenses news, out of the blue these two weeks and I could not speak to my mom. Am still completing the bank work. I hated every moment of this time. Cried so much , mornings.

    Why did this happen Jessica. I cannot be without speaking talking my mind. Felt I was made to be silent, having no communication channels. I am Mar 21st ’78 (6 05 am) and not sure why this horrible time had to come. I never ever want to experience anything like this again, surprise expenses, no internet, phone. As well, I just want to leave this country.

    The reality of the kind of place I am at present hit hard, I want to leave like now, but know that I have to move away sensible – with academic funding. I couldn’t check email, write , read , nothing. Am still shaken by this whole experience.

    I do have Minerva at 10 Taurus
    Fortuna at 12 Aquarius and Salacia at 10 Aquarius.

    The Saturn Uranus square that you have detailed does square my Apollo in Leo at 13 degree. Venus at 14 Aries.

    The day I spoke to mom, 26th May, around that time, Mercury was at 24 deg which was on natal Mars at 24 Cancer and natal Saturn at 24 Leo.

    I don’t know what to say. Am still coming out of this two weeks , it was not good at all. I have clearly seen now I am not one to have no channels of communication And now the phone has gone again, and the internet is still unstable. I can;t go through this again, ever.Most importantly, I have to move abroad, to the country of my focus.

    I have Jupiter in Gemini, 27 degrees – apart from Cupido at 21 and IC at 26 and Vulcan at 5) so shouldn’t I be having no such problems? Why did I have this time Jessica please? If you have the time, kindly your insight appreciated much. And sorry for typos, am writing after two weeks. Thank you.

    1. It sounds as if you have some anxiety at the moment and you need to pick up the phone and call a friend; a sympathetic family member; a good listener at (for example) Samaritans. Astrology can only take you so far. You need an outlet. You are doing a lot of thinking, and a lot of head miles, using astrology. This is pretty indicative of anxiety and I think your first move should be to get some support. You might also want to chat to the doctor about what you are experiencing as he/she may have some good suggestions. Throughout all this, of course, you have been living with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. So communication, particularly with your mother, was never going to be a walk in the park! Yet, there are steps you can take later on that will help. Much of what you are experiencing now is temporary; life will return to normal in a couple of weeks or so, and you can slowly start figuring out 2022 and your family and location – where to live, how to live. The expenses now will be forgotten later as you will find the money comes in again. For now, please lean on someone who can listen and help, that is very important. You also need to switch your brain off. If you are not already familiar with the amazing work of Paul McKenna, try his videos on YouTube.

  48. Hi Jessica, I hope you’re well. I was wondering what to do about a new young employee. He’s got a medical condition and I’ve tried to be supportive and accommodating but I’ve also had tricky conversations about expected work behaviours after he’s turned up late or not at all to meetings etc. I drew the 9 swords which I feel represents him. He seems bright but troubled. Your detailed interpretation of the tarot card mentions Uranus transits and we’ve just had the Saturn Uranus square. It also talks about the possibility of things improving if there’s better communication etc which we’ve discussed. Can you please share any of your insights? Thank you.

    1. The Nine of Wands shows your staffer with a bandage (symbolic of his healing) and a group mentality which he’s rather resentful of. This may be his own friends; a group he belongs to; your staff. If he is a no-show at work the issue may go into politics there. The irony is they are all on the same page. He and this group, network (it may be Facebook if he’s on there) or club. He feels isolated. He’s green. Naive and young. He’s also in his own space, isn’t he? Troubled, absolutely. Ask him if he would heal better away from work. It may be that he needs to leave the scene, if the group issue is actually in your workspace. If it’s not (it’s his social life) then there is not much else you can do. You do have to set boundaries and get real. I don’t think you can do any more than that. You have to think of the team. You have to think of your business and yourself. He is a monumental challenge for any doctor/therapist and you are not that person. See if you can find out if the problem is a group at work. If so, get them all on the same page. Is there a Paul involved? I hear that name. Basically if this is the case, then if all concerned realise they aren’t so very different in terms of their opinions and ideas – that together they could create something amazing – this may help. It is still going to take him an awfully long time to get better, though.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I am sorry to post my question again.

    Hope you are well. I am curious to know how this transit will/ or affect me. I have Sun 13 Capricorn, Moon 12 Sagittarius, Chiron 13 Taurus. What should I expect or learn going through this transit?
    I am trying to get back to becoming financially independent after not being in the work force for almost 15 years, I am 40 and do not have children! I am contemplating moving to a different place for job. Also, are there any children for me in this life time.
    Always grateful for your insights!
    Take care!

    1. No need to apologise. I just glanced at the number of comments and we are up to 13,086 so unfortunately questions can get lost in the queue. Anyway, I am now at my desk with a cup of tea and can look at your chart properly and also your concerns about relocating, and becoming a parent. The Sun in Capricorn in the Tenth House describes how you shine professionally. What stands out about you, in your career, but also in terms of your social status and success in life. Shining (being brilliant) is hard work, but your birthday every year, your Solar Return, will show you what needs to be done – to polish your reputation – to be outstanding, which is another way of saying ‘standing out’ for the right reasons. The Moon is your need to be needed. In Sagittarius in the Ninth House, you care, protect and nurture other people through education, through the worldwide web, through academia, through publishing – and all filtered through travel, or travel in the mind. This is the person who (before the pandemic) would use her travels in France to help her teach French. You will have your own way of manifesting the Moon in Sagittarius in 2021. Chiron in Taurus in the Second House is about getting away with the so-called unthinkable or outrageous, with finance, charity, business, valuables. Chiron was a centaur in mythology who should not have existed, but he did. He had no business teaching others – but he did it – despite being half-human and half-horse. So, pulling all this together, we have three stories going on, but they all bring you back to work. The obvious thing to say here, is that as children and teenagers are being sent home (in this highly contagious new stage of the pandemic) there is a new need for tutors and teachers, to pile onto Zoom and keep them educated and entertained, so their hard-working parents in the next room can get a bit of peace and quiet. I would say that the squares do not make this work choice easy for you, or anybody else, but it is there. You could easily move or travel for work, too, as an alternative – that is showing up in your chart. Children in a chart are shown by Cancer (the family) and Leo (parenthood). You have the North Node in Leo in the Fifth House, and the South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, right opposite. You have reincarnated to repeat old karma from other lifetimes, involving motherhood. Leo is the sign of the Queen who has rulership over a younger court. In modern life we think of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who rules Charles, Prince of Wales as his mother and his sovereign, too. Then, she has rulership over his children, William and Harry, and of course their children too. Thinking about the North Node here, you may indeed have had a place in the aristocracy or in a monarchy, where you experienced the highs and lows of being a parent, but also being a ruler on some level. The other Node, in Aquarius (the group) shows other incarnations have also made wearing the crown – symbolically – really challenging. We think again about The Queen being head of the commonwealth – the Aquarian global community – and how hard that is, in the current climate of rebellion against colonisation. Leo-Aquarius is always a tussle. I mention all this because there is a reason you have not had children to date. Those reasons will be deep, profound and tied to past life experiences. So have a look at the times when you could have become pregnant; adopted; married a person with children – and did not. You will not only find you had transits to your Leo-Aquarius Nodes – you may also uncover some past life memories. In this lifetime, I have to say, if you wanted to pursue parenthood after 2021 you would be doing that with transiting Saturn and then Pluto (from 2023) in Aquarius, triggering your Nodes. Very hard work and a tremendous stretch for you. For more on this, look up Leo, Aquarius, North Node, South Node on Search and in the guides that come with membership. The Tarot (extended readings) which also come with membership will help too. Draw a card to describe the North Node in your life, then the South Node and see what comes.

  50. I wrote a long post but I think it disappeared… I’ll be glad when Mercury retrograde ends. Apologies if it appears twice later on.

  51. You’re amazing Jessica! Paul is the name of the referee that gave me a glowing reference about my employee so I’m not sure if they’re friends or perhaps his issues were better hidden before. He’s worked for me for less than two weeks so I think he has pre-existing personal issues. He moved from interstate and has a partner and sees a therapist, but aside from that I don’t know if he has a strong support network. He appeared groggy due to medication after missing one meeting and I asked if he wanted to take sick leave but he refused. His contract is until the end of the year and my manager is lovely but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to want to rock the boat. Separately I may apply for a leadership opportunity in another team when it becomes available. I drew the strength tarot card when I reflected on whether it would be good move. Your written interpretation of the card mentioned leadership which I took as an encouraging sign. The detailed interpretation also mentioned Leo and the only factor I have in Leo is my Descendant. Can you please share your insight? Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me and the other readers. It’s fascinating reading their stories and your responses too.

    1. Aha. I don’t always work with clairaudience (clear hearing in the psychic world) but sometimes it pops up. I am glad you have identified who Paul is. I suspect Paul is part of the issue with your employee. I am glad you selected Strength as your Tarot card. You are right in identifying Leo. You do indeed have a Leo Descendant and it is exactly opposite your Aquarius Ascendant. Aquarius rules the group; the team. So your DC (Descendant) which is always about a duet or duel, is in the sign of the lion, up against your AC (Ascendant, image) which is very much tied to feeding the needs of the team. When you say a leadership opportunity with another team, you are describing Leo-Aquarius in your chart. The Strength card is nicely describing a healing process for your Leo side, which does in fact want to lead. The figure doing the healing, therapy or remedial work is angelic and spiritual. (Not on the earth plane) but can sometimes show up as an angel in human form, so this may be a Human Resources officer who is ‘an angel’ or – more mysteriously – you can find that the spirit world becomes involved and helps out. Strength is usually about somebody suffering, because their Leo factors, have been hammered by something, or someone, that puts them in pain. You are currently having the transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, right opposite Leo, and moving across your Aquarius Ascendant and in opposition to your Leo Descendant. No wonder you need help. Well, this card tells you it is coming, and your rightful role as leader will be restored. Hang onto that card. Put it on your desktop or phone to remind you.

  52. Wow, you really nailed it. After I read what you wrote, conflict with the same relative resurfaced around the same issue. And you were correct re: going to the next rung as this time it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is an obligatory relationship and because of certain factors, I have either made excuses for this person or sucked up the bad behavior and told myself I can manage. I can’t. So the next rung is addressing the deeper issues between us. Not that I think he will change but because I’m tired of eating sh*t and not being seen (in so many ways) by a person I have devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to due to his needs and life circumstance. I cannot walk away completely but I can say what I have to say and not tolerate this BS anymore and stay as distant as possible. Thanks so much for this.

    1. Thank you. This sounds like a Pluto problem. I cannot see your chart, but Pluto transits usually show up as people, organisations or situations where you feel dominated. It can feel as if someone or something is taking over your life. Using the phrase ‘eating sh*t’ is the giveaway. Pluto rules sewers. It also rules depth, and you talk about ‘deeper issues.’ Not being seen is also Pluto! In the myth, he was blind to everybody and everything except his own self-interest and his own obsession. He ignored Ceres, for example, and rode roughshod over her rights. Later on Pluto was forced to wake up, when Jupiter took his power away. When you say you cannot walk away completely, you are talking about a new deal, or new bargain/compromise and that is also typical of a Pluto transit. This planet was discovered and named in 1930 when Fascism was really born in its modern form. Pluto was the midwife of the Second World War. What came out of that was a massive global new deal; territory partition; a carve-up of the control. When you say you cannot tolerate the BS any more, you are again talking about Pluto (all forms of excrement that are buried deep in the soil are his domain) so it feels like you are in the zone for transformation. Just looking at sculpture and artwork featuring Pluto (particularly in his abduction of Proserpina or his confrontation with Jupiter or Ceres) can help. Have a look on Google Images. Just seeing the myth in art can be a powerful trigger for new understanding and ‘Aha!’ turning points in your own mind.

  53. Thank you Jessica! I’m looking forward to help – in whatever form it comes. Take care.

  54. Thank you so much for the detailed insight. When asked about the North Node in life, got Ten of Pentacles and for South Node got Ace of Cups. What does that mean?
    Thank you again!!

  55. Hi Jessica I hope you are well, this iarticle is so interesting, however I was looking and found that my husband’s Uranus is at 13 Scorpio, his psyche at 14 Scorpio and Bacchus at 12 Leo in aspect with tramsit uranus and saturn is that a grand cross and also his uranus opposition? Should I be worried? My own chart has mars at 12 aquarius, mercury at 14 aquarous and fortuna at 13 aries if that helps. Any advice much appreciated Jessica. Many thanks Jill x

    1. Your husband is part of the Uranus in Scorpio generation, so what happens to his finances (likely, his pension or superannuation value) happens to millions in Britain too. If he does have a cluster around 12, 13, 14 degrees of the fixed signs, that is certainly pretty tense, but once the Uranus-Uranus opposition has passed, so has the instability. As a general rule, it pays not to take large financial risks when you have that transit. He also has the arrival of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio in 2022, 2023, so once again – this is not just unique or personal to him – but as part of an entire generation, he will be affected by some tremendous changes with the European Union in particular, as wartime karma comes to pass, especially with Germany. That has a ripple effect on things like the value of the pound, for example, or the value of a particular pension. You are tied into it with your own patterns around that degree, although your issues then are less financial and more to do with friends and groups. For you it may be sensible to avoid, say, lending or borrowing money with friends, or getting too financially involved with a club, team, society or other circle of people. Boxing clever and ducking and diving are what astrology is all about. Forewarned is forearmed. What we go through, economically, in 2022 and 2023, we go through together, but I think this is really about your husband’s will or legacy, as Psyche describes what lives forever. So, this will be about the big ticket items which he would put into a standard will; a house or apartment, any shares, and the rest. Nothing to worry about, but it may mean updating that original will or thinking more about the value is what is in there. Bacchus is in Leo in the Fifth House of children and teenagers, so perhaps this is about what he’s decided to leave to, say, a son or a godson, or a niece. It’s on that level. If he has shares in an airline, for example, it may be time to consider switching, and if those shares benefit a child, you can double that message.

  56. Hi Jessica,
    The Saturn Uranus Square hit my country hard. Many COVID-19 deaths. Independence Day 21 March 1990, Namibia with Venus in Aquarius at 14, Neptune in Capricorn at 14, the nodes in Aquarius at 14 and Fortune in Pisces at 12. The deaths are shocking, it took the most high profile businessman and leaders. In a short space of time, the death ratio per thousand people surpassed that of India from early June to date. When does it get better? Will the Saturn Uranus Square of December at 11 degrees have the same effect?

    1. I am sorry about the large number of deaths you are experiencing in your country. The Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus is only partly the story. Yes, it describes a clash (what cannot be squared) between the hard realities of the United Nations (Aquarius group) versus the economic shocks of Covid (Uranus in Taurus). What we are seeing is a revolution in the global economy, which was built on globalisation, up against the difficult truths about the global community. There is no real global community any more, is there, or the WHO and the UN would have shut down COVID-19 on January 10th 2020 when the first person died in Wuhan. They would have shut down every port and airport in every nation, to stop it. What you are talking about is actually a much bigger astrological pattern, way beyond the fleeting Saturn-Uranus squares, which began in 2019 with mutable sign weather. The mutable signs are Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo. Back in 2019 we saw Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The mutable signs rule air travel, cruises, infections and vaccination. Those cycles in 2019 were not possible in at least 12 years. They echoed the same cycles as the Spanish Flu and AIDS. The mutable weather carried on, from May 2020, when the North Node went into Gemini and South Node into Sagittarius. Without giving you a lot of astrological language, in plain English, the mutable sign weather carries on for many years, beyond 2026, and there will never be a silver bullet vaccine. So what can you and I do? Avoid travel, unless it is from one Zero Covid place to another Zero Covid place. Avoid travellers, who have gone from one petri dish to another (airport, aeroplane, airport, hotel, airport, aeroplane, airport). I am sure you do that anyway which is going to help you. We have billions born with Sagittarius horoscope factors who want to fly. Also, billions born with Virgo factors, in the Sixties, who are in the age group most affected by AstraZeneca and Pfizer age bans. They care about their health more. With Pisces weather for years, and Gemini weather too (from 2026) we are going to see the end of globalisation for good. Until then, protect yourself by making sure you are not in hugely overcrowded public spaces, like shopping centres, and all the common-sense measures the epidemiologists tell us about. From an astrological point of view, we have a Grand Cross in mutable signs, involving either/or big populations or specific industries. That’s health, travel and also – religion. Pisces is the fourth mutable sign. You can see how mass religious gatherings in Italy and India spread infection. Again – avoid, avoid. With some fancy footwork and common sense you can protect yourself and get through this. Businessmen and politicians took risks. You do not have to.

  57. Thank you for replying, Jessica. Indeed, I felt very tense and anxious and have to let go of them, permanently. been there since years as I recognise now. Things are difficult at the moment. Got the internet connection, phone yesterday, although are unstable still, I will just see what happens and may have to opt for a new connection if need be. Yes, family matters of the past have to be reconciled but it is difficult I am aware. This week I managed to get out the funk of the first two weeks of no communication, connection. The doctor says it cannot be so that just because one has no connection, one can decentre.

    I have to move on , and for that the first step is move out and away from this country of birth where I am at present. And yes, anxiety has to be gone. Gosh, it is difficult but I have to do it. Thank you for your reply Jessica.

  58. Hi Jessica

    I hope you’re well. I had a run in with the staffer I mentioned previously after he again appeared to go Awol for hours. I drew the the Page of Cups which represents him. I’m trying to set reasonable boundaries but he’s not really complying and I feel like he’s happy to paint me as the bad guy. Your detailed interpretation mentioned
    Neptune and my understanding is there’s currently a Neptune Mercury square. Your insight would be very appreciate because I feel quite upset about the situation. Thanks.

    1. I remember your staff member. The Page of Cups shows a younger man who is all over the place, so the Tarot was correct for you. No boundaries is a common problem with the Page of Cups and yes, it is very close to Neptune square Mercury. I am sure you do feel upset and I sympathise as he has failed in his relationship with a parent and every single person who tries to be an adult with him is scapegoated. Don’t worry you are not the first and will not be the last. How do you handle the Page of Cups? Can you allocate a physical space at work, or at home (if he can work from home) where he can be left to his own devices, but request a firm outcome by a deadline? If you cannot do that, can you move him out of full-time work so that he has somewhere to escape to, at home, that takes care of that impulse in him to do his own thing? At least it would not be on your time or dime. He is unsuited to proper work and is quite honestly one of those young men you see who fantasise about making it in more fun or creative professions but never do. Deep breath. Not your circus, not your monkey. Yet, can you somehow section him and his world off from your own, so that he has somewhere to be himself, but you have boundaries against that? The key is the fish in the cup. You still need him to bring in the prize for you – achieve the goal. It’s not personal. It’s just your boundaries being tested. If you want a second opinion have a look at The Sabian Symbols by Lynda Hill, online, and see the angle there. Lynda’s work is uncanny.

  59. Ps. I noticed the Neptune Mercury square is ithe same degree as my Jupiter Saturn square. I hope the Jupiter in Aries means this will be resolved without my reputation being unfairly tarnished.

    1. Jupiter in Aries is great for reputation protection and also reputation restoration. Squares are more of a stretch, and if you have two of them overlaid, you’ll still have help from Jupiter, but it will be a bigger ask and require more time and energy.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your ever so insightful thoughts on the challanging times that we are living through.
    I have checked back my horoscope and I don’t have 12,13 or14 degrees in any of the signs.
    I know I’m not free from the earthly troubles, so where should I look for the clues in my horoscope in order to understand my present situation that has been under pressure from Saturn for a good couple of decades.
    Thanks Xx

    1. Well, 20 years is a long time. Chronic problems are usually Saturn in the chart and your Saturn is close to a 2-3-4 degree pattern which pulls in a couple of other factors. So, you are a Saturn person. What do you do about that? It helps to understand that you can overdo this planet. You may have read too much about it, watched too many astrologers talking about it and so on. It’s just one factor out of many in your chart. Saturn over-emphasis usually results in a fair bit of caution and worry about the future; borderline or actual paranoia; a rather rigid and enclosed approach to life. This is with good reason. You have had some very tough experiences out there in the big, bad world and as a result you have built walls and defences. Saturn has rings around it. You have constructed a fortress to protect yourself. The soft centre needs hard protection. The problem with Saturn is, you can become so defended and walled in that you do not live. At a certain point you have to question what you have done to make yourself feel safer and ask yourself if the thing you fear, is actually any worse than what you are doing to yourself, in order to feel less vulnerable. They call it self-sabotage and Saturn was a great self-saboteur. If I were you I would use the Tarot as well to get to the bottom of this and to help yourself figure out a way through. 20 years is too long to be constantly reacting to just one chart pattern, you know. I hope you move past this. As Saturn is habitual, it can be useful to hypnotise yourself to retrain your subconscious. Paul McKenna, the world’s greatest hypnotist, has generously made his videos free on YouTube. Have a look. Change Your Life in 7 Days is pretty impressive.

  61. Thanks for remembering and being so generous with your advice. He already works reduced hours. I’m going to ensure everything is in writing including his deadlines so he can’t claim Trump-style “alternative facts” as he has been doing lately. I’m relatively optimistic and trusting so it’s been a real eye opener to see someone behave like this. I thought I’d behaved reasonably but at one stage started second guessing myself so thanks for the reassurance. All the best.

    1. Yes, get everything in writing – excellent idea with the Page of Cups. He’s just not on the same planet as the rest of us, so try to at least pin down this slippery individual in words. This is a one-off and a lesson learned for you.

  62. Thank you–that is beyond helpful. Yes it’s Pluto to 1000th degree. Really focused on that new deal. And transit Neptune is on Proserpina in my chart at the moment. Love the suggestion to check out the art. Thanks so much.

  63. Hello Jessica, am not sure what I missed because of pretty much May to July now being just sorting out major unexpected complete internet phone outage matters. Had to pay some more ££ and get a new connection which took time to get installed and now is working. God hope it is fluent from now on. It really was exhausting and scary because of no connectivity.
    Think I missed this because of these matters. “…You will also save or make money from a second income source too, outside education. Very, very different. Very close to May 11th I expect you to be on your way….” What did I not see please? (I am Mar 21st ’78. 6.05 am). I am now getting back to work acad emails and writing, but I see the same status quo that I had left before. There was a tiny hope that some prof would have got back to me. But all are just on their paths.. It’s me. I have to get back at this time to said profs. And the usual free writing for a prof that has been going on since a year that I have slowed down with now as I have other specific step up publishing opportunities which I have to work for.

    Just that I feel I didn’t see something because what I was caught up with? Honestly, am tired of this struggle and just want to up and move abroad , Also would love £££ as I am finan’ly dependent now. But moving makes sense only if it rightly done. So getting back to the same struggle. Your insight, what you see appreciated Jessica, if you find time. Thank you so much.

    1. You just went through Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, is the answer there. Internet phone outage is typical. You have also been waiting for a professor to reply to you. You wonder what you missed, because near May 11th you did not find a way to save or make money. I can’t help you there. I believe the chance was in front of you, but perhaps you did not see it, because you were not looking for it. Go back. It may still be there. An offer or opportunity, perhaps, to save. A reader recently wrote to say she now understood a transit (similar to yours) because an old boyfriend had invited her to share his home for half the week, which meant she could end her lease on an office and save some money. Perhaps saving was the offer for you then, rather than making!

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