Astrology and the 2017 UK Election

Theresa May and the Conservative Party are 20 points ahead of Labour as I write this on 19th April 2017. That seems to make horoscope predictions pretty irrelevant. But the public opinion polls have been wrong before - and astrology was absolutely right.


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British Prime Minister Theresa May has always denied she would call a 2017 election, so when the news arrived about an 8th June snap poll, the media (including The Sun newspaper) declared Westminster was ‘stunned.’

If you follow astrology, though, you will know that last year, back on 23rd August 2016, the UK Labour Party horoscope clearly showed a coming crisis – in June 2017.

This is what you read:

To win another election, against PM Theresa May, Corbyn and the party must cross the next bridge as Saturn moves through 27 Sagittarius in May 2017, followed by Uranus at 27 Aries in June, 2017, alongside Chiron at 27 Pisces. Those are tough obstacles.

May and June 2017 will pile huge pressure on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in historic patterns not seen in years, but if they can survive that, they can survive anything.”

So, will he survive? The polls say not, but then polls have been wrong before. My first hurdle as an astrologer, though, is that we still don’t have a proper birth time for Theresa May. She may be in Vogue, but she’s not in our AA horoscope data base.

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Our politicians have a habit of giving conflicting birth times (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton) or no birth time at all. Without a firm time and proper birth certificate from the beginning, doubts are always cast on the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli – and you really need these to predict elections. The Theresa May data is unusable.  In fact, it’s almost as bad as the Trump data!


Theresa May and the Conservative Party are 20 points ahead of Labour as I write this on 19th April 2017. That seems to make horoscope predictions pretty irrelevant. But the public opinion polls have been wrong before – and astrology was absolutely right. In fact, if you had listened to astrologers at the last election and not the political experts –  you would have won the bet at your local pub.

All pollsters had forecasted a hung Parliament, underestimating the Conservative Party vote by an average of 4.2 points and overestimating the Labour Party vote by an average of 2.4 points. Astrologers, using different techniques, saw not only the Conservative Party in power, but also a record number of women in office. One of those, Theresa May, would be fated to end up as Prime Minister, many months later.

The YouGov survey in April 2017 has the Conservative Party) on 44 per cent, 21 points ahead of Labour on 23 per cent, with the Lib Dems on 12 per cent and Ukip on ten per cent. Does the astrology agree, though? Will there be any surprises in this apparently ‘done deal’ election on Thursday 8th June?


As Jeremy Corbyn seems set for defeat, the media is already asking if he will resign if his party loses in June. We cannot read his chart accurately as he also lacks AA data. The charts for June 8th, Election Day and the United Kingdom itself do show a reshuffle in both parties, however. This reshuffle may occur as early as April, May.

The reason for this is the mess and muddle of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, which will be with us until its final shadow on 21st May. Here are some typical outcomes for British politics at this time, with Mr. Corbyn (below) stuck in the middle.


Here are just a few of the outcomes to expect in April and May 2017.

  • Candidates announced then withdrawn.
  • Flaws in early postal voting – fraud or missing/delayed forms.
  • Ballot paper errors.
  • Accusations of Russian hacking.
  • Wrong opinion polls.

Any votes which come in early, about two weeks before the voters turn up, may be in dispute in June. This situation echoes the American election, which also had pre-voting on Mercury Retrograde. Russian interference in that election remains under investigation.


To predict the future for groups (political parties) you always use Aquarius, which rules the Eleventh House (communities). Using the Natural House system here, we can see Diana at 6 Aquarius, Panacea at 22 Aquarius, the South Node at 26 Aquarius and Aesculapius at 27 Aquarius. That last one interests me. Why? Aesculapius is a symbol of resurrection. It describes people coming back from the brink – just when you thought someone’s political career was over, it isn’t!

We are going to see a huge comeback for a Labour party figure who British voters had assumed was gone forever. This may be Ed Miliband. It may even be Tony Blair. Could it be Jeremy Corbyn, staggering back from the brink? My eyes are drawn to that conjunction between the South Node at 26 Aquarius and Aesculapius at 27 Aquarius. It is sextile Uranus, the planet of revolution, at 27 Aries, so this is a statement about a new, independent Britain. Let’s not forget the other ‘ghosts’ in British politics, though. David Cameron. Nigel Farage. The other great ‘goner’ has been The Liberal Democrats. Is this another comeback?

There is a real feeling of ‘Ghost Who Walks’ on June 8th and it’s rather like The Phantom. If you are curious about Aesculapius, you can look him up in your ebooks if you are a Premium Member. He’s a powerful asteroid and a relative of Jupiter in our astrological family tree. If you had the plague/were plagued, then you went to this god, in Ancient Rome, for a miraculous cure. The South Node is about karma, so I suspect this remarkable resurrection is fated, both for the players and the parties.


A key factor on the day will be the pound, with Venus in Taurus (women and the economy) and Minerva in Scorpio (women and finance) – female voters will be the ones to win over, in terms of the economy.

So how does the future look? Fantastic. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, problem-solving, growth and win-win outcomes will move into Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, from October. This also triggers the chart for the United Kingdom itself. She has Neptune at 18 Scorpio so is always looking for an escape (usually heavy borrowing or property bubbles). The nation also has the other money sign, Taurus, strongly accented.

When people vote, they are doing so with Pluto (power) at 18 Capricorn (leadership) exactly sextile Neptune (escape routes) at 18 Scorpio (finance) in the United Kingdom horoscope that was was ‘born’ with in 1801. This is a vote for a big banking bubble.

The country we know today came into the world on 1st January 1801 with the problem-solver Panacea conjunct aggressive Mars at 11 Taurus in the Second House of cash, property and business. Psyche  is at 20 Taurus and the deal-maker Ceres is at 23 Taurus. The moment Prime Minister Theresa May called the 2017 election the value of the pound surged.

You might say that the election result of June 2017 will put a rocket under the British economy in future. The conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in the national horoscope in January 2018 is just the start. There’s another big, bouncy bubble in May 2018 and the final ‘bounce’ happens in September 2018. Throughout this period, Jupiter will also oppose the Taurus stellium in the nation’s chart, so this is a momentous period in her economic history. Further ahead, of course, we are going to see a revolution when Uranus moves to 11 Taurus in May 2021, but that’s only hinted at in June 2017. The bubble will pop. Explode!


As we all know, an election can be decided with a coin-flip. If there are two horses in the race, it’s really no big deal for astrologers to say ‘Corbyn’ or ‘May’ before they nip off to Paddy Power to place their bets. The real fun comes when you look at the other predictions – the details which may come to play a much, much bigger part in the future!

Ceres is conjunct the Sun in Gemini. That’s a media carve-up. In Britain, the media is dominated by Rupert Murdoch but also the BBC. Are we going to see a major policy change in funding for the BBC as a result of the Downing Street outcome? The largest stellium on the day is actually in Gemini, in the Third House of multimedia. This is very interesting, and with Mercury (who rules Gemini as he is the messenger) and also Fortuna there, alongside the Sun and Ceres, this looks like a big shake-up.

Gemini also rules the Post Office as well as the media – The Sun, Sky, the BBC and so on. The new policies in Downing Street will involve a carve-up, here. Not only do we have an exact Sun-Ceres conjunction at 16 Gemini, it is also aspecting Juno at 16 Capricorn. This is very close to the position of Mercury at 17 Sagittarius in the United Kingdom chart, in the Ninth House of foreign people and places, and publishing. Diana is at 17 Capricorn, too. The outcome of the 2017 General Election in the UK will transform the BBC for many years to come. The other transformation? The Post Office and telecommunications industry.

Gemini also rules Eurostar, the English Channel ferries and short-haul flights to Europe. This Gemini-Sagittarius pattern suggests a massive change here as well, ushered in by the Downing Street results.


I’ve had my eye on Arron Banks, the multi-millionaire who bankrolled the Brexit campaign, for months. His birth chart hits the United Kingdom ‘birth’ chart exactly and his fate is part of the nation’s fate.  This is an old prediction about him from July 25th 2016, when it was possible to peer into the future, a year ahead.

What you read: “We are going to see Brexit Two and UKIP Two in September 2016 – dramatically – and then Brexit Three and UKIP Three (Newkip? NUKIP?)  in March, April 2017.  Who’s the main player? Arron Banks. The Arron Banks horoscope chimes with the times. Mr Banks, the multimillionaire who bankrolled the Leave campaign, was born on March 22nd 1966 with Jupiter at 23 Gemini and Ceres at 23 Aries. His personal birth chart, even without a time, has a fated connection with the new Britain.”

One thing to watch is his career, post election. This is someone who is not going away, and although he has a low profile compared to Nigel Farage, Mr. Banks also has the kind of chart that says he will push, push, push for a hard Brexit – as quickly as possible. His pressure may be one of the reasons the British may not have to wait quite as long as they think, for independence.

Jupiter passes 23 Libra in September 2017.  That’s an open door to radical change. The North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius are also at 23 degrees, that month. Ceres is at 23 Cancer, the sign of patriotism. September 2017 will fast-forward the quest to leave Europe, no matter what the paperwork and the pundits are saying. There is a huge independence push on, that month!


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66 Responses

    1. Chills for the second time! You are the second person to mention his name to me, and my spirit guide is saying ‘YES’ over my shoulder. I am going to find that chart and write about David just as soon as I can confirm some data. Thank you.

  1. I was wondering what about Scottish politics /push for independence and Northern Ireland’s devolved administration in all of this?

    1. I haven’t had time to look at the Northern Ireland horoscope, but I wrote a feature on Scotland and her future quite some time ago, because the chart was so accurate. It clearly showed she would become independent, after a second referendum. If you hit Search you can find the predictions and the follow-up. I do think we’re looking at a free Scotland across November 2019-January 2020.

  2. Good Morning Jessica,

    I have been looking at the chart of Theresa May and the chart of Elizabeth 1 and comparing them there are many similarities. I realise that the chart for Elizabeth 1 is Julian Calendar and TM Gregorian but the similarities remain compelling.
    Maybe Nicola Sturgeon is Mary Queen of Scots who as we know was imprisoned by Elizabeth 1 and had executed ! Obviously that won’t happen now but I believe there is a golden thread here that is playing out something great for the UK and its people.

    1. Good morning. It would make this election so much more interesting if we knew that Theresa May was the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth I and Nicola Sturgeon was the reincarnation of Mary, Queen of Scots. You then have to wonder who Sir Walter Raleigh is!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I was waiting with a bated breath to read your take on the GE2017. I am not the slightest fan of PMTM and for all his flaws, I am a Corbyn supporter. TM has proven time and again, she lies through her teeth and is a hypocrite. Her party and govt has ruined communities and lives across the country (disabled benefit cuts, NHS crisis, 2child policy tax credits with the “rape clause” now, doctors on strike and more!).

    But, being a Libran myself, and reading so much about the Jupiter in Libra transit, I know that she is going to be in power again. Also, reading about all the upheaval in the Labour chart, we can forget about them being in power for the next generation? I am hoping you will have better news and that a revolution to bring about equality in the British society is not far off.

    I am feeling quite disheartened at the moment.

    1. Pri, it takes more than Jupiter in Libra to get someone back in power, although it certainly helps. I’ve had a few questions about the Labour party horoscope so I am going to dig it out. I’m not sure why you feel disheartened. No matter how crazy the economy becomes from 2019 onwards, the UK is going to boom, boom, boom from October 2017 and by November 2018 most people will have held out their hands and gratefully received some of what they need or want! Jupiter in Scorpio does not discriminate about who receives. Everyone does.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Do the Labour Party charts reveal anything significant about the election result? You mentioned last year that the current Labour leader was destined to fend off his second internal party challenge at thetime because there was a fated period happening for the party in terms of its original ‘grassroots’ identity and founding purpose – is this election the start of a death and rebirth process for the party itself?
    Does Nicola Sturgeon’s chart give any clue as to how it could affect her mandate for a new Indyref in 2019? It could be impacted in either direction.

    1. The Labour Party chart shows a direct repetition of an old cycle where they lost power and regrouped. I looked at Nicola Sturgeon’s chart (which is AA-rated, thank goodness) some time ago. She will get her independence referendum, or similar – whatever it takes, really – and Scotland will be free. What we are seeing for all these different parts of the United Kingdom is the massive, historic pile-up of Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn, which peaks in November and December 2019, leading to a new year/new nation in January 2020. Because the United Kingdom is herself a Capricorn, founded on 1st January 1801, you are going to have a new flag, new currency, new constitution – the lot. It’s a carve-up to end all carve-ups and I really must find that chart so I can pop it online.

  5. Hi
    Wonderful analysis Jessica.
    Only you can do this. Teresa May still has the chance to become the PM? I bet she has an astrologer.
    I have a lot of 20 to 23 degrees too. September 2017 is important.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. In general, the 20, 21, 22, 23 degree patterns which are sweeping the old United Kingdom are also affecting you. So 2016-2017 will go down as the Independence Years when you broke free from who/what was keeping you small, or holding you back. Uranus crossing those degrees is a powerful symbol of freedom – and always has been.

  6. How about the return of Ed Balls (husband of Yvette Cooper) who narrowly lost out to the Tory candidate in 2015. He has since become better known through ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ where he was kept in the competition longer than expected on the back of the public vote.

    Apart from being in the political shadow of his wife at the present time, he lost the election to an opera singer (Andrea Jenkyns) who describes her style as akin to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. I jest – or half jest – but Ed Balls and his wife are both ‘big hitters’ in the Party at the moment.

    1. Ed Balls could most certainly be the Ghost Who Walks, although it would be the Ghost Who Waltzes in his case. I am very interested in the synchronicity about Phantom of the Opera! Perhaps what we are seeing here is the full-blown rebirth of the dying Labour party. The party itself is intensely Aquarian, having such a long history of equality between classes and gender. Aquarius is really about the commune, the community and communism at heart. It’s more left-wing than right-wing.

      1. The shadow side of Aquarius and the Labour party is authoritarianism or the the curtailment of freedom-especially the freedom of speech. Whilst equality under the law is both desirable and achievable; equality of outcome can only be imposed. History has shown us repeatedly, that so called egalitarians , frequently become murderous tyrants. Thankfully, Aquarius is not a communistic sign per se. There is a quirky, individualistic and libertarian streak within many Aquarians that could never be comfortable within a hive mind collectivist society.

  7. Never mind Ed Miliband and Tony Blair coming back – what about David Miliband??
    The Labour party leader that should have been but never was? Currently exiled in America doing work for charity – time to get back and sort the UK out!

    1. Now, that is quite remarkable. I have tremendous chills. So I think my spirit guides agree with you. I had not even considered David Miliband but I am racing for his horoscope to see if he’s ready for his big comeback.

      1. He used to be an MP near to where I live in the UK. Always full of energy, eloquent, knowledgeable, with international experience but with an understanding of the economically deprived constituency he served . He was a great loss to British politics.
        I’m encouraged to see his future chart looking so interesting!

  8. Many thanks for this article, interesting times ahead, looks like Brexit is going to steam ahead, when my friends around me are all worried I just say don’t worry, Jessica says it will all be okay.Cannot wait to see what happens with the BBC! Thanks again for your time and for sharing.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for posting these predictions so quickly.
    Despite all the turmoil going on out ther It was still quite amazing to hear that a GE had been called.

    Can I ask if you see anything with regard to the future of that great UK institution – the NHS?

    I fear if the Tory party wins outright then they really will ramp up the ‘funding crisis’/privitisation programme that has been going on quietly in the background for years now.

    I can’t imagine how most people in the UK will cope if it is further eroded.

    Thank you

    1. Suzie, the NHS is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House, so for that we have to turn to transits to Virgo factors in the United Kingdom horoscope. There is Ops at 2 Virgo, and it’s the only placement in the whole chart. This seems right. Ops is a symbol of optimism and hope – and hard work – bringing ultimate triumph in difficult situations. In mythology Ops was the wife of Saturn. When he began eating her children, she planned a successful escape for Jupiter, the youngest, who then grew to manhood and saved his mother, banishing Saturn and ushering in a time of prosperity. Whenever we see Ops, we see a problem waiting for a solution. In fact, Margaret Thatcher was elected in the year they discovered and named Ops – strange but true. The NHS will be fine. It will battle on and always win the day, somehow. What you are really waiting for, I think, is the birth of a new horoscope for England (it may not even be the UK any more if Scotland departs) and that will be mind-blowing in terms of what it shows us for British health care. Ops will be gone, but what will be in Virgo next? There’s your answer!

  10. Hi Jess,

    After your recent posts about the German and French elections, I knew you’d be all over this and I wasn’t disappointed.

    However, I fear everyone may be missing the point. Whilst the election is on the 8 June, the result will not be known and the new government will not occur until 9 June, which has a full moon at 18 Gemini in the early afternoon: quite possibly around the time Mrs May meets The Queen. With Pluto at 18 Cap there will be a lot of questions from authority figures lining up too, I suspect most will be about Brexit. This will surely be forever linked with 23’ aspects in UK politics, which makes me wonder about Arron Banks too.

    In my own chart this full moon axis forms a mystic rectangle with my MC/IC axis. However, Pluto at 18 Cap forms a configuration I call The Grand Tower (Big Ben?), so it must surely have a direct and permanent political bearing on me as well.

    I had picked up that Uranus and Aesculapius sextile at 27’, a degree that I think of as the key moment in any drama, film or novel. People are too distracted by the image of Corbyn as the dead man walking, but you are right that Aesculapius is about rebirth. So who is the ghost that is reborn who can unite Labour left and right? I rather think the answer might be Hilary Benn. He is considerably more measured than his late father, but that name (and ghost) will be enough to rally the left behind him. The old node is at 26 Aqu, so within an ace astrologically and politically, but of course the new node is 26 Leo, giving a dynastic but new feel to things. This all forms a new Red Wedge at 26/27’ with Uranus providing a fated ramp with the nodes.

    Something else that may have gone unnoticed is that Diana, Vulcano and Fortuna form a Grand Air Trine at 6’. In the sixth month, this might well be a rebirth by sixes. We can be sure that dialogue will ensue about freedom (Brexit) and it looks well favoured, though I can’t really see David Davis as Vulcano.

    An interesting aside on this is that Admetos and Phaeton enter Gemini too. So things will now get serious in this dialogue with a lot of weight and drive put into it.

    Meanwhile, there is an interesting pattern with Pallas, Saturn, Bacchus and Cupido all between 24½ and 25½. I call this pattern The Tooth (though I think might really be called The Butterfly). The root of the tooth is Bacchus and Saturn, so this is a story of reconciling joy with duty. Pallas and Cupido are an interesting pair, so I wonder if this is about Prince William and Prince Harry. They recently cast doubt on the old fashioned image of royal duty (Saturn) in favour of a more modern (Pallas) approach in which they hoped to give demonstrative (Bacchus) displays of feelings and love (Cupido) to their nearest and dearest.

    I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts. Your effort in preparing such thorough articles is always appreciated.

    1. Thank you KC. Hillary Benn is a fascinating prospect as the Ghost Who Walks but I am increasingly beginning to think about UKIP and Farage, if only because of Uranus in Aries in the First House, which is such a fiery statement about the fight for independence. The First House is about the UK flag (her image) and perhaps the old 1801 Union Jack is the issue here. Of course, the Aquarius Eleventh House patterns could be about all those ‘dead’ parties including the Liberal Democrats, and if the polls are to be believed at the moment, the dying Labour party. Moving right along – thank you for reminding me of that crucial Full Moon on 9th June when the results become official. It is astonishing to see the Sun at 18 Gemini and Moon at 18 Sagittarius then. This is a real Gemini-Sagittarius election, so I am also beginning to wonder about trains, along with Eurostar! Finally, I don’t use Pallas, as she’s Greek and not part of the Roman/Latin family tree of astrology – in fact she was replaced by Minerva (same goddess, much evolved). Thus I can’t really comment on what you’re saying about the Princes – but thank you.

      1. Pallas is very significant for me, so I always forget you don’t use her. Apologies.

  11. Thanks Jessica, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, although I think the UK generally is a bit fatigued with elections and referendums at the moment!
    I wonder if you can comment on what you see happening with Scotland here? I know you have predicted Scotland will eventually vote for independence. I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK, but do you think it is beginning to look more likely now in the near future?

    1. I wrote about the Scotland astrological chart some time ago, and it should be tucked away on this website somewhere. You are most certainly looking at a break with England, but your destiny is linked to Greece. I expect once the EU and Euro starts to reshape itself (polite way of putting it) from may 2018, Scotland will be on her way.

  12. I strongly feel that David Miliband has a lot of potential. If he had been leader of the Labour party then maybe we would have had a different outcome. I feel that with his placements in aquarius, libra and gemini this could fare well for him!

    1. I am longing to find out his time, place and date of birth on the public record and I’m hoping an astrologer with links to the Milibands can find out! We really need the full chart, but I am also wondering why my spirit guides are so excited about him. If not now, then for the next election, he could well be Labour’s man.

  13. Hi Jessica. Splendid analysis of a complex matter. Well done you. just wondered with all the Gemini activity there might be a duality of leaders after a hung Parliament?

    1. Thank you. We associate hung parliaments with Mercury Retrograde, and although this election is being fought across this particular period, by the time people get to the polling stations, the shadow is well and truly over. It seems very unlikely that we’ll be left hanging.

    1. Jupiter-Sun conjunctions are always wonderful for publicity, but without the angles of her chart, (no matter how much the polls predict a victory for her) we can’t really say too much. Not knowing the Immum Coeli or IC, for example, is very difficult – because Prime Ministers need to know if they are staying at 10 Downing Street or leaving it, and only the IC can show that!

  14. Really interesting article, thanks! I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on your thoughts on this.

    Politically I’m also not a fan of TM and I think that the Tories are doing an awful job of running the country – even if Britain booms from 2017 onwards it probably won’t do the majority any good as no doubt they’ll continue to chip away at civil liberties and ringfence the wealth and opportunities for themselves and their mates. I tend to see them as the political embodiment of Pluto-in-Capricorn, and I’m not a fan of that, either!

    I was really interested in your points about the media – one day in and the most interesting development has been the explosion in open and public critique of media bias (see May’s refusal to debate) – Mars is about to enter Gemini so I suspect (and hope!) that that’s a theme that will continue over the next month.

    I don’t know if Dan Jarvis qualifies as a Ghost Who Walks (he was touted for the 2015 Labour leadership campaign but didn’t run)? – he’s always struck me as someone who potentially could become very prominent in the party.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Pluto in Capricorn is very hard to take for all of us – the total domination by those at the top of politics and business is not really working, for ‘we the people’ at the moment, and the naked ambition out there is astonishing. Thank you for reminding me that Mars is about to enter Gemini. This makes perfect sense, in terms of the United Kingdom – I do wonder how long it will be, before the BBC becomes a hot potato, and very likely the trains. Of course Mr. Corbyn has already taken an interest in that!

      1. If I’m right in remembering the UK birth chart, its Moon is being directly opposed by Pluto for this election (I think it’s the same as my Sun at 19 Cancer, so it sticks with me!) I keep clinging to what you’ve said about Pluto oppositions being about working out and using power in relationships – interesting to watch the ways that people are developing their relationship with the government and trying different ways to get political clout.

        I’ve just had a look and Mars leaves Gem on the 5th May (what timing!) so it looks like we’ll be arguing about the media and transport for the whole campaign…

        1. Correct, the United Kingdom Moon is at 19 Cancer and we now have this epic transit of Pluto, only possible every 240+ years, at 19 Capricorn. It dominates April, May, June and then returns for January, February 2018. We then see the final pass in July, August 2018 and the long farewell in November, December that year. If this country was a woman, you would say that her entire sense of family, roots, heritage, culture was being dominated by passing trends tied to power-mad, dominating, big business moguls or Prime Ministers/Presidents. You would also tell her to use her self-control and self-discipline to become mistress of her own domain and stand firm for the time that this relentless cycle is operating! Of course the nation’s family is the Royal Family. There is something very wrong here. I suspect we’ll find out what, when the Sun passes over 19 Cancer in July this year. This rather ties in with the Princess Diana Eclipse cycle, which I’ve written about elsewhere on this website, due in August.

  15. I saw on your prediction on the Scotland chart being hit repeatedly with a stick of rock
    what will this election mean for Nicola sturgeon?
    will the SNP win same amount of seats or less seats or get the full 59?
    I take you see conservatives winning the election

    1. Good question about Nicola Sturgeon. When I have a moment I will find her chart again, and the chart for Scotland and compare them to our new election day horoscope. Long-term, though, of course you’re seeing your Edinburgh Rock – and roll.

  16. what will happen to Scotland on its own ? as I can not see them surviving long term without us. How will they cope financially.i Will they be happy?

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks again for your predictions.

    Could Michael Gove be the ghost who walks ?

    Good luck to UK for the Brexit

    1. Good thought. I wonder if we’re going to see a lot of resurrections, actually. I’ve not seen Aesculapia play such a big part on an election before, so I don’t have any comparisons. It may be one ‘Phantom’ or several of them.

  18. Hello Jessica your insights are very interesting but I am concerned that you are paying a lot of attention to the polls and I wonder how much influence this is having on your predictions? We all know that polls can be unreliable so is it possible to ignore them and look at the planetary activity completely objectively?

    1. The polls are best ignored with astrology – you can see how we all ignored them last time and called the result correctly! So no, the polls have no impact at all on these predictions. It’s the Labour party chart doing the talking.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    it appears that Tony Blair is uniting with the Liberal Democrats, could he be your ghost?
    I hope he doesn’t get far!
    Thanks for your hard work

  20. Hi Jessica
    With the hung parliment and the political mess we are in at present, how do you see this affecting Brexit. The Labour party and particular Jeremy Corbin’s ascendance seemed to come from out of the blue, only a few short weeks ago he was seen as a no hoper. This worries me greatly as I think he would be a disaster for the country. Is it time for Arron Banks to step in to save Brexit as you have suggested? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. I’m fairly sure you’ll see Mr. Banks back on the scene in a major way – his chart is far too entwined with the country’s – and this isn’t over yet. Further ahead it will actually be currency that decides the future of Europe. More shocks from May 2018 when Uranus changes signs. The Euro is at stake.

  21. Another interesting thing is the Sabian Symbol of Gemini New Moon on 25th of May: A radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page.

    Check out the keywords that Lynda Hill describes about this New Moon Sabian Symbol:
    Speaking one’s mind. Messages and news that awakes or shocks. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking out of constraints. The media. Issues of propaganda. Headlines that promise more than they deliver. Revolutions. Social or emotional causes. Conspiracy theories. Printing presses. Publishing. Publicity. Gaining attention. Speaking one’s truth without fear of consequences.

    I believe both LAB and CON released their policies just before (about one week time) 25th of May? Probably both sounds-nice-but-not-feasible promises and hard truth were involved.

    What kind of responsibilities the media (or the people behind the world’s media) should take on for this world?

    1. Yes, Lynda Hill is one of the world’s great astrologers. I think it’s the Full Moon that really nailed this election, though. And what a crazy decision to time it then.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for repinning this – really interesting read after everything. What did you think of it in the end??! 😀 Exciting, wasn’t it? Any new thoughts on the Ghost? And any thoughts on when the next election will be?

    From my pet (Pluto) perspective, it’s been really interesting to watch how Labour (and particularly Corbyn – I remember you saying that Cancerians should look at Geminis to see how they handle any power imbalance) have played it in the face of a really hostile media and a horrendously negative campaign of smears from the Tories.

    I don’t know if this represent the pinnacle of what they can achieve, or the beginning. But, for now, Labour looks more united than it has for years and (best of all, imo) too many people have taken the red pill for the negative, inaccurate, manipulative, bullying wing of the media to have as much influence or hold.

    Country feels divided right now, though.

    1. It was a fascinating election. Although I would add, Prime Minister May could really use an astrologer. It’s just madness to call an election on a Full Moon, which is always so difficult. When I have a moment I’ll sit down with the United Kingdom chart again. I would not be surprised if the UK follows a Swiss model Brexit.

  23. So Jezza was the walking ghost!!! :-0 This is incredible!! I couldn’t stop thinking about your prediction during the campaign! According to your other predictions, it now seems that Labour could win an early election around 2019/20…Now it all makes a lot of sense!!

    I’ve been wondering this for a while…Us, the EU people with strong ties in the UK, who built our life or part of our life in the UK before the referendum…What do the star say? Are we gonna be ok? Or we’ll be thrown into chaos? I don’t even know if there is a way to determine this…But I had to ask!!!

    Fantastic website!!!! I’m following!

    1. Thank you very much. It is amazing what a powerful asteroid Aesculapia is and I am also amazed at how many ghosts walked back into politics. We might also say people coming back from the brink, rather miraculously. Not just Jeremy Corbyn but today I read, Michael Gove too. What an election.

  24. Just a thought but Theresa May has been described as a ‘Dead woman walking’ maybe adding to the ghost who walks. Her decision to call an election has really thrown the cat among the pigeons but from a cosmic point of view there has got to be a reason for this. She has a tendency to pull back people from the past and my gut tells me that you can’t pour new wine into an old bottle. There is a lot of ghosting going on here, I’m wondering what the new dawn will bring. I hope you are able to give more information on the UK and her future chart Jessica. Many thanks

  25. Thanks Jessica for yout thoughts. May I also point out that what you said regarding postal vote fraud might also be coming true. There seems to be some evidence of university students voting twice. Once in their home town by post and once in thier university town. This is being inverstigated as we speak. Intersting times !

  26. Hi Jessica, Back on 21 April you answered a reader’s question over a possible hung parliament. You replied “We associate hung parliaments with Mercury Retrograde, and although this election is being fought across this particular period, by the time people get to the polling stations, the shadow is well and truly over. It seems very unlikely that we’ll be left hanging.” BUT a hung parliament is exactly what we have got! I’d be interested in your comments. Thank you!

    1. It looks as if Theresa May has neared a deal with the Northern Irish Protestants. It did seem very unlikely that we’d be left hanging after the shadow, but we were, temporarily!

  27. Dear Jessica
    I have just been re-reading your predictions from the 29th March (the one with the Sun front page). So much of what you predicted has either come true or is coming true, including the 32 degree heatwave we are experiencing. The anger of ordinary people over the appalling fire in Kensington and the way it has been handled is a prime example of your skill. The only thing you predicted that has not happened and doesn’t now look likely is Indyref2. Have you been able to update the UK horoscope? Thank you for your amazing insights.

    1. Thank you. Do you know, I have not actually looked back at that old 29th March prediction since this awful summer began in Britain. I will check now. I understand your question about another referendum for independence in Scotland, and from memory, it’s quite a long way off. So don’t make any judgements based on what just happened with this 2017 election. Yet, freedom is coming. That chart for Scotland was right about everything else, so I think another referendum really is just a matter of time – even if it is years.

    1. Thank you for passing on that link. I’ve been travelling so am a little out of touch with the news, but this fits the astrology prediction.

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