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In Bed With

IN BED WITH – a collection of sexy bedtime stories by award-winning bestselling women novelists.

To protect identities, each writer has adopted an x-rated pseudonym – the name of their first pet combined with that of their first street

Who are Pom Pom Paradise, Minxy Malone, Tutty Monmouth and Sunset Proudfoot?  Can you work out who is who?  And who wrote what?

Read about lavish boudoirs, sleazy brothels, shady adulterers, sci-fi seducers, and more.  This is a short-story collection where the blinds are down and the sex is hot.  Entertaining and unashamedly erotic, In Bed With is a delicious collection of fiction provocateur.  What are you waiting for?  Slip under the covers with this book.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Jessica Adams
Maggie Alderson
Emma Darwin
Louise Doughty
Stella Duffy,
Imogen Edwards-Jones
Esther Freud
Joanne Harris
Linda Jaivin
Rachel Johnson
Tobsha Learner
Kathy Lette
Emily Maguire
Chris Manby
Jane Moore
Adele Parks
Justine Picardie
Bella Pollen
Helen Razer
Ali Smith
Joan Smith
Emma Tom
Daisy Waugh
Fay Weldon.

ISBN: 9781742538501

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