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Welcome to 2020 Vision. If you’ve already headed straight for The Psychic Oracle section of the book, I don’t blame you. I’ve had some interesting times experimenting with the US election, using the Oracle in the week of the book’s launch, March 3 2008.  For example, what is Hillary Clinton’s present situation now? Answer 23-23 ‘You are at the point of no return with a friend or group. You either have to give up on a situation and walk away or you must launch yourself on a powerful new path. In either case, you are ready for much more control.’ So…that’ll be about the Democrat nomination, then! Maybe you’d like to try looking at the US election in this way for yourself.

The Psychic Oracle

One of the best ways to get to know any oracle, including this one, is to test it on fictional characters and also real news headlines. I have used Harry Potter as an example in the book but you could also try Romeo and Juliet, or any other famous saga where you already know the beginning, middle and end. The more you get used to the way the oracle seems to ‘talk’ the easier it will be to give yourself, and those around you, precise readings about the past, present and future.

Some people in the media have asked me if you can use The Psychic Oracle alongside the other methods in the book. This is a good way to begin experimenting with time travelling in the mind, so please try it. The Psychic Oracle often seems to back up what Speed Astrology (for example) is saying, as you’ll notice when you start trying it for yourself. Hillary Clinton’s oracle reading for March is an excellent example of this kind of double-message. She has a lot of emphasis on the groups in her world – namely, the Democrats. This is also the case in her Speed Astrology reading. As a Scorpio, she has Saturn in her Eleventh House of groups right now, triggered by the Full Moon in Virgo (Lunar Eclipse!) on February 20th. So the ‘random’ reading for her present situation in The Psychic Oracle is an exact mirror of her Speed Astrology forecast.

Speed Astrology

Speed Astrology is solar chart astrology, the preferred method of professional media astrologers worldwide, and a way of life for millions of people since the 1930s. It remains the most popular kind of astrology in the world. If you haven’t yet explored its accuracy, start using it either with other methods (like natal chart work) or by itself. I hope you’ll be blown away by its specific, detailed predictive potential.

I am enormously grateful to the astrologer Steve Jolley who provided the tables of the planets, points and dates in 2020 Vision, just as he did for my other book with Viking/Penguin, Astrolove. Steve passed away very suddenly during the last editing stages of 2020 Vision, which was a huge loss to astrologers everywhere. I personally used and relied on his famous Astrological Diaries for years. I am sorry he was not here to see the final publication of the book through to completion, or its launch, but I know his name will live on through the diaries, in particular, and his meticulous gathering of Australian and New Zealand birth data.

Here are some more points about Speed Astrology that may help you as you read the book:

* Watch for clustering! Three or more planets and points in the same sign, at the same time, show big events and important changes of attitude. Look for the weeks when (for example) you have three or more planets in Capricorn and you will get a really strong, unmissable signal that something major is about to happen.

*Remember that the entry/finish dates of the planets and points throughout the book have been averaged to cover all time zones, around the world. If it really matters to you that you know the exact day and hour that a cycle begins, you will need to check with your local astrologer using your location. This explains why so many astrology books vary their entry/finish dates – purely because some of you are reading this in Auckland, New Zealand, and some of you are reading it in Los Angeles. Alternatively, buy astrology software and you can time the exact start of a cycle, in your town, to the minute.

The Santa Method

You may also be curious about The Santa Method, in the Cosmic Secrets section of the book. Try an experiment right now to see if it can work for you. Just make a wish list of 36 ‘wow’ wishes – the kind of hopes, dreams and desires that would truly seem miraculous if they came to pass. Now, set yourself a time frame of 35 days, and see what happens. If you have two or more miracles in 35 days, you’ll know something weird and wonderful is going on. By the law of chance, you might expect one breakthrough in 35 days, but two or more…and you’ll know The Santa Method is working.

Sometimes you just know you’re on the way. In other words, you may not get the trip to a tropical island in the bag within 35 days, but you’ll certainly be at the first stages of it. In most cases, though, my guinea pigs for The Santa Method have found they end their 35 day test period with at least two or more ‘wow’ results. Try it!

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