How We Met

True confessions of love, lust and that fateful first meeting – How We Met celebrates the surprising, sweet, funny and downright weird ways in which people have found love. Join a who’s who of writers as they share their sometimes romantic, sometimes bittersweet true stories of finding the love of their life – the one they are with, or the one that got away. All royalties from sales go to PEN, a worldwide association of writers, which works to promote literature, defends the freedom to write and to read and campaigns for writers around the world persecuted for expressing their views.

The book is a grand flirtation with that captivating idea that we all have one special person out there for us; that it is written in the stars that sooner or later we will meet and fall in love. THE AGE

Contributors include Susan Kurosawa, Lisa Jewell, Di Morrissey, Elizabeth Stead, Adele Parkes, Tony Wilson, Kate Veitch, Maggie Alderson, Danny Katz, Jessica Adams, Lee Tulloch and Rachael Treasure

ISBN: 9780143005681

Penguin Books Australia

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