The indispensable horoscope bible, Astrolove, contains all the essential tips you need to navigate your way through your love life. It includes:

  • Who you have great chemistry with and who you should avoid
  • When you are most likely to date, relate, mate, procreate or separate
  • What your partner’s birthday says about his attitude to sex, kids or money
  • Why you broke up with your ex – and how to make it work next time
  • How to get the very best out of your relationship right now
  • What’s in store for your sign to 2010
  • Fifty-four common relationship patterns
  • Love styles of the rich and famous

Astrolove can help you time it right and cope better when things go wrong. Designed for singles and couples, this book will tell you all you need to know about what’s around the romance corner. Don’t venture into the dating game without it!

Astrolove is published by Penguin Books in Australia, Corgi in the United Kingdom, and by Tokuma Shoten in Japan. It covers major astrological relationship cycles, and the importance of the personal planets in dating, mating and relating.

ISBN: 978-0552169028

Australia: Penguin Books
United Kingdom: Corgi
Japan: Tokuma Shoten

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