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Men and Astrology – Part II

If you want to understand men, their Sun sign reveals the area of life where a man shines brightest (or not).

See Part I of Men and Astrology here – where men with planets in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo are covered.

Men and Astrology Libra 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


Men with a stellium in Libra believe in love. Some of them are marriage celebrants; some of them just celebrate marriage. The wilder Librans skip the ceremony but like to think you were together in a past life. Rules by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, men with a Libran side can be hopelessly romantic. They are also far more at peace when they’ve found their other half, or match.

They see it in these terms too: Yin and Yang, black and white, quiet and noisy, male and female Beauty and the Beast. Walt Disney had a Libra Moon. When he’d created Mickey, he had to create Minnie.

gsqwzpaqgb0 600x400 - Men and Astrology – Part IIWhatever a Libra-influenced man believes that he lacks, he hopes to find it in you. The scales describe Libra:One set of qualities must always balance another, and in this symmetry these men find a kind of beauty and order. Libra stellium men are drawn to partnerships which are like a set of scales in search of balance. If you are from different genders, that’s a start (feminism) but different races, ages, classes, nationalities will do. It’s the quest for symmetry.

Libran-influenced men enjoy the mythology and poetry of romantic love and will either be traditional romantics (‘Let me open that door for you’, and ‘Roses – for you’, and ‘God, you’re beautiful without your glasses!’) or … radical romantics. They only turn off their Pursuit of Love when there is unfairness or injustice. A separated or divorced Libra stellium man is among what XTC would call The Disappointed.

Ruled by the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Libra also goes looking for Love and Beauty. This is the sigh sign. It’s also swoon sign.

With Libra stelliums it is hard for them to exclude all that is intensely female and romantic from their vision of perfect womanhood as for straight, traditional men, it highlights what is different yet also complementary about ‘the two of us.’ They buy into Cinderella and the Handsome Prince. Guinevere and King Arthur. If they have short hair or bald hair, they prefer a woman with long hair. They know it’s sexist nonsense, all this pink-blue divide, but another part of them likes the challenge of making pink and blue work on the spectrum. Then there are the gay or bisexual Libra stellium men who have complicated ideas about sexuality because they are more complex than society (still, in some parts of the world) will allow. Across this rainbow spectrum, though, is the desire to blend paints and make art.

There’s a lot of Romeo and Juliet tucked away in a Libran type, and lots of them are permanently affected by reading the play or seeing the film.

Libra planets give men an eye for design. Some of them express this professionally and others express it in their houses and wardrobes. Libra-influenced men really care about the way things look. Architecture magazines make some of them drool, while others disappear inside art galleries and never come back. Strangely enough, their taste always comes back to Venusian principles: symmetry, harmony, curve, line, balance and shape.

Let other men grow cabbages – Libran types want roses. Why this link between aesthetics and Libra? It’s really down to Venus, the ruler of Libra. She has been more celebrated in sculpture, painting and music than any other goddess. She was beautiful and seductive. All breasts and bottom. So, Libra is about great works of art – the look.

Seduction was her claim to fame, and it rested not on her beautiful personality (she was in fact, jealous, vindictive and adulterous) but on her stunning sexual appeal. Her jewelry, robes and hair styles were part of the Venus package. Heavily Libran men carry Venus with them. Think about Harry Styles, who was born on 1st February 1994 at 0.06am in Redditch, England. He has the Moon in Libra, and his Ascendant (Rising Sign) is also Libra. The data is from and that time is pretty specific, so even though this is a DD chart (Dirty Data, we professional astrologers call it) you could bet on that Rising Sign. Harry’s so Vogue.

Libra stellium men also want a balanced set of scales at work and in society. Equality. Justice. Peace. Harmony. All these issues are classically Libran, and inevitably this leads these men into all kinds of battlegrounds. The unpalatable truth for a man with a Libra stellium is that in order to achieve peace, he must sometimes get involved in a fight.

Unbalanced and unfair situations always throw the Libran type into a dilemma: argue the point, or walk away? Destiny says that occasionally he’ll have no choice, and it doesn’t matter if the issue is ideological or personal. His Libran side loathes aggression, but it equally detests any situation which is patently unfair or wrong. The preferred option? Always peaceful protest and skillful diplomacy.

Libra and Taurus are the most over-represented planet signs in the modern music industry. Both signs are rules by Venus, a goddess who believe in love songs and dressing up. The man with Libra planets is either musically talented or just completely sold on music; without his iPod or Bose speakers, he’ll typically feel lost. Music is a great portal for a Libra stellium as it allows men to strike a pose in a velvet suit, and croon romantic ballads. If you think about Sun Libra men Sting or Bryan Ferry, you’ll get a feel for this sign. It’s silk tie.

Men and Astrology Scorpio 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


Astrologers associate planets in Scorpio with a deep understanding of the darker side of life. If the man in your life is heavily Scorpio, then he may find a career or a personal life, which is very dark indeed, and full of intrigue and complications. Scorpio is symbolised by the scorpion itself, which has a ‘kiss or kill’ approach to its relationships. The scorpion can cannibalise its partner during mating, or poison with a sting in its tail. This is ‘until death do us part’ in the marriage vow. It is deadly serious.

Scorpio rules legacies and wills. Marriage and mortgage. Separation and the separation of possessions. Sex and the rent. The reality of death within a long- lasting marriage.

This is not a trivial or a superficial sign. It lends a kind of depth and intensity to those who have it. A Scorpio-influenced man may have planets in other, lighter signs. But one part of him is intensely private and rather serious. If a large chunk of the Scorpio-influenced man seems to exist below the surface, it is usually because he knows certain things are not fit for public consumption. If you think about the private (public, private) life of Charles, Prince of Wales, you will immediately recall the adultery with Camilla; the death of Diana; the drama.

6erzqwfncuo 400x600 - Men and Astrology – Part IIScorpio stellium men can have lives and personalities which suit opera or soap opera. Charles, Prince of Wales was born on November 14th, 1948 at 9.14pm in London. The data is impeccable and from Prince Charles has the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, death and money. He married a woman who cost him a lot of money when they divorced. Her death continues to transform his life. The Crown would be a different series without this Scorpio stellium man.

Scorpio planets are concerned with taboo – what is forbidden or off limits. Death and dying is more area most people have a problem with, but this is precisely where Scorpio often goes exploring. This sometimes points the man in question to the supernatural; everything from vampires to seances.

Occasionally the death issue is just what it looks like – a life marked out by important bereavements and losses, all of which have a major effect on the Scorpio type’s personality.

If the man in your life has a stellium of Scorpio factors, then he has a huge capacity for understanding the most difficult human issues, and the twin passages of death and dying are high on the list.

Many men working in professions tied to the law, or welfare, or medicine have a Scorpio planet expressing this side of them.

Crime reporters have Scorpio stelliums. It is not enough to politely look the other way and change the subject to something nicer, because Scorpio is not particularly interested in that.

Perhaps for this reason, men with Scorpio planets often seem to attract intense situations, or intense people – or be drawn towards experiences which ask them to go more deeply into life. The Eighth House, ruled by Pluto (the god of the underworld) is Scorpio’s domain and here we find the legacy in a sealed envelope in the safe; the memory of the marriage vow; the erotica in the locked drawer.

Along with death, human sexuality – in all its manifestations – is part of the Scorpionic journey. Two friends of mine, both of whom are Scorpio Suns, work on soft porn magazines. Two more work in social services and deal with pedophiles. Opera is full of Scorpionic types – perhaps because they are dealing in a medium where sex and death are part of a professional vocabulary! I mentioned The Crown – well, this sign is associated with most drama or soap opera plots.

I have also seen several charts with Scorpio planets belongs to men in the Catholic Church. Catholicism has been the best way they know to manage all the big sex, death and morality questions. Scorpio types make excellent amateur or professional psychologists too – everything from homosexuality to the Oedipus complex intrigues them.

The keep secrets too – their own, as well as other people’s. And even if the man in your life has to be dragged screaming into a Roman Catholic church, there is a part of him which instinctively understands the ritual of the confession box. Scorpio types are never afraid of peering into the murky depths of human existence, no matter how dark it becomes.

Having a stellium in Scorpio produces an intense focus which can border on happy fanaticism. Scorpio types are never ‘slightly interested’ or ‘quite into’ things. This man dives in, totally oblivious to ringing telephones or other mundane distractions, and gets lost for hours. This sign is all about passion. If the Scorpio- influenced male doesn’t burn for this work, he’ll burn for something else on his days off – astrology is often on the list.

Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto was an obsessive. He was infatuated with Proserpina and had to have her. He carried her off, borne on his chariot, drawn by black horses, to the underworld – Hades. His brother Neptune ruled the sea. His other brother Uranus ruled the sky. He claimed ‘down below’ which is about wealth (diamonds, coal, petrol) as much as it is about mortal burial (cemeteries, graveyards). A lot of this thinking about Scorpio is very old; it goes back centuries to the era of the dowry and ‘bride price.’

Heavily Scorpio people can understand all that is rational, sensible, logical and civilised about modern life, but a part of them belongs to the Middle Ages and don’t you forget it. The connection with high finance is best shown by the 21st century example of Bill Gates, who made a fortune from Microsoft. Not very Scorpio, but the partnership with Melinda Gates is.

Men and Astrology Sagittarius 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


I have yet to find a man with a strong Sagittarian side who isn’t an explorer of some kind, be he surfer, swimmer, walker, rider, fisherman, diver, country day-tripper or pilot.

Even those men with a Sagittarius planet who stay glued to the television fantasise about having a rugged-looking four-wheel- drive parked outside the front door or a round-the-world ticket to exotic places. This is the sign of the traveler, be it local or global. Online or in the real world.

The man with a stellium in Sagittarius needs broad horizons. He may be fascinated by the endless ‘out thereness’ of it all. He can’t resist thinking about life at the other end of the globe or in the cosmos and loves foreigners (or aliens) as much as he loathes small-town attitudes.

297y42pv8r8 480x600 - Men and Astrology – Part IILots of them become drawn to other cultures, belief systems, philosophies or exotic religions as they become older. In other cases, they pick and mix from a whole range of global ‘isms’ and develop their own eclectic world view. Sagittarian types seldom end up believing in the things their families or schools taught them, though. It’s their mission to explore further, educate themselves, and expand their spiritual or political horizons.

With Sagittarian men, you often have to put the adjective ‘international’ in front of most of the things they enjoy – or have a flair for. This sign likes to think big. It looks at reality as a map, not a corner of the street, and enjoys stretching out.

To really see a measure of Sagittarian energy, visit the once secret underground War Cabinet rooms in London, where Sagittarius Sun (and Sagittarius Venus) Sir Winston Churchill directed the strategies which were to win World War II. The ‘think global, act local’ philosophy that is so successful for Sagittarius is embodied in the rows or telephones and coloured pins on maps in these tiny rooms.

There are a lot of preachers, legal eagles, political animals, philosophers and true believers on the Sagittarian list. If the man in your life has a stellium in Sagittarius, then he may have a little

– or a lot – of the true believer in him. He can become preachy… occasionally. But a lot of what this man is about comes from the times of crisis that he lives through. From there, he develops his own particular view of the world, even of the planet. Whatever his particular brand of faith, he has to find a sense of meaning in all, or life is not worth the exercise. He also needs a thought system or set of values to justify his decisions, as destiny says he’ll often be put in ethically or morally challenging situations where he must lean, hard, on his beliefs. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and also rules the Ninth House in astrology. This is where we find college and university. Libraries and bookshops. Publishers and the worldwide web. It is a space for big ideas, philosophies and ideologies. Vast subjects, often tied to a particular nationality or country.

And… just when you thought you’d heard it all about Sagittarian types – did you know that this sign is linked to comedy? This comes from the rulership of Sagittarius by Jupiter, known as Jove to the old astrologers. Jovial people are strongly Sagittarian – so, funny, or with a very good sense of humour.

Men who have three or more factors in Sagittarius in their natal charts can be drawn to astrology, because of its connection with Asia and India (two very different kinds of astrology come from both countries). You can also find staunch sceptics here, but they believe in quantum uncertainty in physics, which is also a belief system. The strongly Sagittarius man will make a joke about it all, though, when challenged.

Men and Astrology Capricorn 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


Men with a stellium in Capricorn are hung upon time. They collect clocks, or they are intrigued by Stephen Hawking’s theories in A Brief History of Time, or they make a point of buying the best watch they can afford. As children they are fascinated by the clock-swallowing crocodile in Peter Pan, and the watch- bearing rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Time, history, calendars, antiquity and age are their things. Men with a strongly developed Capricornian side often gravitate towards careers or social positions where they are expected to take an eternity to find success. They enjoy a distant mountain-top to climb to and are often classic examples of a thirty-year crawl for overnight success! I have known a Capricorn man train, for years, for three different professions. He is overqualified and it all took a lot of time. It gives him stability, security and a sense of achievement, and I suspect kept him going towards retirement age and beyond.

Capricorns work at success.

ws4wd vj9m0 600x400 - Men and Astrology – Part IIAll this connection with time and clocks (and waiting games) comes from Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. You often see Saturn with his famous scythe draped over French clocks. He can sometimes be seen with an hourglass. We think about Stephen Hawking and his Brief History of Time. He was curious about astrology. He was a Sun Capricorn. He was old before his time, in a wheelchair which most people do not normally greet until their very senior years. He is timeless today because he laboured for so many years at his brilliant life’s work.

Capricorn stellium types are builders by nature. Block by block, brick by brick, Capricorn. Their finest hour? Usually, the one they gave up twenty years earlier, when everybody else was at a party. Developing discipline is part of what Capricorn is all about.

Destiny says that remarkably few shortcuts will be available to them, and extraordinary ambition is necessary to fuel this long slog. If the ambition is realistic, then the Capricorn-influenced man will have an extraordinary life.

The planet Saturn, their ruler, is surrounded by rings. Circular walls and defenses. There is something rock-solid but very ‘defended’ about a strongly Capricorn man. Saturn is pale yellow, through a telescope. The colour of fear. Cowardy custard. If you have great trepidation about life – making it, or not making it, hanging on or holding on to status and success – it can scare you into constantly shoring yourself up.

Protecting and defending yourself, by whatever means available.

Strongly Capricorn men have a rigid look. Turned to stone, to quote E.L.O. and pretty stoic and solid. Easter Island statue men. Lead is actually Saturn’s metal and so we link ‘heavy’ with Capricorns stellium types. Lead balloons. Led Zeppelins, but without the rock’n’roll. This idea of fear being at the center of the man is very true, and perhaps that is why you end up with someone who does not want to put a foot wrong. Who does not want to give anyone or anything an inch unless a mile is taken?

This caution also comes from the mountain goat which informs the Capricorn symbol. If you watch the goats after which the symbol was named (the old-school goats who flatten themselves against the side of towering mountains in high winds) you get a stronger feeling for the sign. Tiptoe, stop, tiptoe, stop. Freeze! That is the Capricorn stellium way.

A man with a stellium in Capricorn will typically have an ‘old man’ in his life who has a major effect on his development. It may be his own father. It may be a senior male authority figure, like a manager, a teacher, or just an influential relative. This man will play the archetype of Saturn out, posing as the very image of the god that Romans associated with trials and tribulation, before teaching.

Sometimes the link with ‘the old man’ or the Saturn type can be so intensely personal that the Capricornian type will not particularly want to discuss it. It is through this figure, however, that a Capricorn-influenced man will come to terms with his own manhood.

The star of the American men’s movement, Robert Bly, places a great deal of emphasis on father figures and ‘elder statesmen’ in his ideas on manhood, as does the Australian psychologist and author Steve Biddulph. Who is the old man in your Capricorn stellium type’s life? Understand that, and you have the keys to a lot of mysteries about him. If something goes wrong, a Capricornian type can find his ‘old man’ (literally) or a male authority figure becoming a burden, not a reward – as is the case with a dominating or abusive father, for example.

One way for a Capricorn-influenced type to resolve this kind of problem is to seek out an older mentor, or wiser, experienced guide figure. This can be achieved through work, or other interests or activities. In this way, he’ll earn his substitute father figure and get on with the business of being who he is – a serious, seasoned, savvy individual. The rock-solid, heavy individual who has learned the hard way from the school of hard knocks and is here to teach others.

On some level, any man with a Capricorn planet is only asking this: ‘Teach me…’ Ultimately with enough mentors and guides along the way, they themselves swill become an ‘old man’ or a ‘Father Time’ figure for somebody else.

Turning twenty-eight, twenty-nine and thirty is a big deal for this man. It’s his Saturn Return, and Saturn rules Capricorn, as we’ve seen. It marks the true entry into manhood, if he’s typical of his sign, and serious decisions (marriage, mortgages, parenthood, divorce, new jobs, higher education) usually come with the territory. Sometimes, depending on the chart, there is a suitably heavy event, which adds to the life path.

Does he have a lot of planets in Capricorn? He’ll be among the most serious men you’ve ever met – and unbelievably cautious as well. He’ll also have made phenomenal professional or social progress in his life, usually ending up a whole social class or two above his parents – or making it to the top in his career. Capricorn is symbolised by the goat, which climbs steadily upwards. A man with one or more planets in Capricorn typically has this kind of upward trajectory in his life too.

Anxiety or depression may be an issue for the strongly Capricorn man. And if you’re going to live with him over the long-term, understanding the planet Saturn, its cycles and its influence will be incredibly useful for you. Ask your astrologer to look at this chart with particular reference to Saturn and see where it takes you.

Men and Astrology Aquarius 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


Men with Aquarius planets are ahead of their time, partly because they are profoundly interested in tomorrow. They embrace technology, theories and inventions which seem unusual or ‘difficult’ in the present but make remarkable sense several decades later. Their ruling planet is Uranus, associated with new inventions, ever since he was discovered in 1781 with powerful telescopes, owned by William and Caroline Herschel. They were also new inventions at the time.

Uranus himself was the father of sheet and forked lightning, and thus electricity. Electricity powers most modern inventions, even today, including the farther reaches of Zoom.

An Aquarius in Ancient Rome, where modern astrology comes from, was a water-bearer. Thus, the sign with its wavy lines of water – yet they also double as waves of electricity.

The word ‘Aquarius’ in Latin translates as water-carrier or cup- carrier. This was a real job in Rome, and the ancient astrologers wisely decided that the constellation behind the Sun, as the year began, was just like that. A memory-jogging clue about men who were born at that time of year, who just happened to be at the heart of new inventions or interested in them. Technology, we call it today, though the ‘Aquarius’ of Ancient Rome was a very basic engineer. If you read Pompeii by Robert Hughes, you will find the protagonist is actually named Aquarius. These were the men who maintained the Roman aqueducts. This gives you another clue about Aquarius types. They supply the community. The symbol of the man pouring water from an urn is the supplier of the Roman Baths – the group, the people, the collective. Without their Aquarius they had nowhere to swim, or to be together as a circle. Aquarius is also about people power.

The rich and poor came together at these baths to enjoy what they could not have at home. Together they shared the luxury of a swimming pool. This idea of pooling resources is at the heart of Aquarius.

xz8 g nmhs0 600x258 - Men and Astrology – Part IIThe Aquarian fascination with technology (computers, chips, bytes or satellites) or (even if they don’t understand it) their habit of surrounding themselves with the latest inventions and gadgets, is well-known. Give them the machine that goes ping, every time.

Aquarius planets promote an interest in change and innovation and ‘the shock of the new’, and men who have them are less interested in tradition and the status quo and far more excited by the idea of change and reform – new ways of doing the same things. Better ways of handling traditional ideas. Brand-new concepts to completely replace what was there before. Uranus, the planetary ruler, is about the revolution in thinking that liberates everybody.

The Roman ‘aquarii’ were the men who patrolled, inspected and cleaned the aqueducts of the city. Aqueducts were built throughout the Roman Empire and supplied the famous public baths, along with latrines and fountains – more public spaces, for the people.

Aquarius gets its energy and its inspiration from a place so far out of most people’s field of vision that the things the Aquarian type becomes passionate about are frequently missed or misunderstood. Transmat beam, anyone? The internet? Cable- fax-microwave-home-computers?

The world before Aquarius and the world after Aquarius always looks like a radically different place. The internet began its popular life when we had the entry of Uranus into Aquarius in 1995. By 1998 when Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius, the pooled resources of the ‘netizens’ of the internet were the modern equivalent of the old aquarii of Rome, supplying the baths.

Age 21 or so, is an interesting time for Aquarius-influenced men. From this time into their early twenties, they are given more legitimate freedom by society than at any other stage of their lives. Rebellion and wildness are almost expected of young males then. And that may explain the unexpected images in the Aquarian man’s photo albums: ‘This is me running around naked on a desert island with a lampshade on my head’, or ‘This is me being dragged away on a protest march’. Uranus begins to make aspects, or patterns, with its natal position in the birth chart at about age 21 – transiting Uranus square natal Uranus.

Uranus is a symbol of rebellion and revolution. Saturn rebelled against his father and cut off his penis and testicles with a scythe. His brothers and sisters escaped with him, and broke free, away from their father’s heavy entrapment, inside their mother.

Friends and groups are the Aquarius stellium path. He’ll either have a network of friends that is virtually a second family (or a substitute family), or involvement with at least one organisation, and possibly more. Like a true Roman Aquarius, he may be outside the group. The water-bearer did not get in the pool. He supplied it. I find it interesting that The Sex Pistols was dominated by two Sun Aquarians, John Lydon and Malcolm McLaren. They were always outsiders, but they fed the band, and they fed punk rock.

They were ‘aquarii’ in 1977.

How do you pick a man with a stellium in Aquarius? Go through this wallet for all the membership cards or look at his email lists for his never-ending list of friends. It’s always online.

The people in the Roman baths were distant, spaced out, not close, not intimate. They were together but apart. They were also equals. Men, women, straight, gay, black, white, rich, poor were all in it together.

The friends of the Aquarius stellium type are varied and not particularly emotionally or physically involved with him. The internet is thus ideal for him. So, he typically knows an eclectic bunch of people because ‘on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’.

More than any other man, the strongly Aquarian type is also gifted at being platonic friends with women. He’s a forward- thinker, and consequently a natural feminist. Women pick up on it and discover that his light touch makes it easy to do the just- good-friends thing.

Does he have three or more planets in Aquarius? Then he’ll be noticeably cool and detached about life. Outside, but on the inside of any large group of friends and acquaintances. Ahead of his time. Interested in new technology or just radical new, quite revolutionary ways of operating. He uses Twitter for its purest intention: to befriend; to pursue activism; to make the world a better place. Unless he is also strongly Capricorn, he does not use Twitter for social climbing or narcissism.

He does fine being single, or if he gets married, he’ll hang on to this single lifestyle longer, with plenty of time away from the marriage for the social world out there – or the world of activism, people power and the passing parade. Heavily Aquarian types are extraordinary to watch in times of emotional crisis or drama, as they have the ability to instantly remove themselves from the situation and analyse the whole thing from a distance. You want tears? Blood? Sweat? You’re unlikely to get it from a heavily Aquarian type. When they go through Uranus transits to their natal charts, they can spearhead a revolution. At that point, the entire last few years of their lives makes perfect sense and they come into their own.

Men whose time has come. As we go into the Pluto in Aquarius years from 2023, that time is approaching.

Men and Astrology Pisces 600x289 - Men and Astrology – Part II


Pisces is the sign most associated with what can be seen with the mind’s eye – if your man has a stellium in this sign, he’ll be imaginative and highly visual. Put a canvas in front of a Piscean type and you’ll see just how differently his vision functions from everyone else’s. Or…give him a camera and he’ll either produce a work of art, or something so unfocused it looks like art anyway.

A blank notebook? An excuse for poetry…

gqheahja5m0 414x600 - Men and Astrology – Part IIPisces rules the Twelfth House in astrology which is also ruled by Neptune. The two fish and the sea. That gives you an idea about the unreality of Pisces reality. Abstract art, surrealism, computer games and experimental filmmaking are all associated with this sign. It lends itself to fractals and to microscopes. The other reality of a rose petal, or a bee.

Have you heard about the link between Pisces planets, drugs and alcohol? It’s famous in astrology. It’s down to this: most men with more than three factors in Pisces need to escape into an alternative reality. Certainly, hallucinogenic drugs or vodka can function like dressing-up boxes for the Piscean head, and many of them enjoy the blurring, or distortion, that occurs with them.

However, lots of them figure out early on that drugs and alcohol have a stronger effect on them than most people, so sometimes they get into other escapes instead – like scuba-diving, an addiction to the cinema, or art, or meditation.

Pisces and Neptune are associated with zero boundaries. Like the action of the ocean on sand, the Pisces type blurs the lines and washes away the usual parameters.

I remember Kurt Cobain (Sun Pisces) whom I was lucky enough to interview when I worked as a music editor. When you see him being tossed over the top of a Nirvana audience, you see Pisces.

The lack of boundaries gave Kurt a chaotic and confused life, but it also helped him identify completely with other people and he was a compassionate and sensitive person and writer. This is also typical of the sign. Born on 20th February 1967 with an AA Rodden Rating ( Kurt came into the world at 7.38pm in Aberdeen, America with a huge stellium in Pisces.

The Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Venus and Saturn were all in Pisces in his Twelfth House of other realities. And drugs. The Twelfth House is associated with escaping into different realms, and it can be done safely or with extreme danger. You can visualise the world of time and space and weave ground-breaking scientific theories about it (Einstein) or step across the threshold into mental illness.

Planets and asteroids, angles and points here can produce the classically dazed and confused individual who does not know where the line stops. Rescuing these rare, but lost Piscean types can end up being a life’s mission for some women. It’s rather as if they are drowning, not waving. Much depends on the aspects to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, in the chart. Getting down-to-earth; gardening; making soup; cleaning the bathroom – is therapy. Pisces is a water sign and if a man is too watery, emotional, fluid, then the boring but gritty jobs can be useful, in terms of balance. Of course, a heavy Piscean man may not want to know about them.

Pisces planets give a man a strong sense of the absurd because escaping from the too-real, boring, real world comes so naturally.

When I interviewed Kurt Cobain for the British magazine Select, he spent the first five minutes trying to convince me that Nirvana was going to organise a gigantic hypnotic wheel on stage to mesmerise the audience.

A whimsical imagination and a happily overdeveloped sense of the ridiculous are Piscean trademarks. Their sense of humour is particularly loopy – like Dr Seuss, via the Muppets. If it’s nonsense or gibberish, a limerick or a cartoon, they relate.

Aspects to Neptune in the chart reveal the deeper life story of the Pisces type and a lot of lines stretching out from the Neptune symbol in his horoscope, show you what an escape artist you actually have.

Put him in, or near, water! Neptune rules the ocean, but even if he’s not lucky enough to live near the sea, a long bath with candles will do the trick. The best way to deal with a Pisces overload is to have a schedule for the bath.

The Pisces stellium man needs to submerge himself in an alternative world in order to feel normal. This is why baths can work such amazing magic on him – or a few laps in the local swimming pool or better still, wild swimming in the sea. He also needs poetry, fantasy and music more than a lot of other men if he is strongly Piscean and Neptunian. If you let him disappear into these other worlds with a clock, calendar, barometer and set of flags, so much the better, because this man classically has no idea of ‘when’. At home with The Simpsons, frequently in denial of reality, the strongly Pisces man does not do ‘normal.’

Edited extract from The Secret Language of the Stars by Jessica Adams.

Images Courtesy of and Pinterest.


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  1. Hi Jessica, Not sure if this is the best place to ask you but would like to understand what the 26 degree pattern/story in my chart means and how Pluto in 26 Capricorn and Neptune in 26 Pisces (whenever it happens) and other 26 transits might affect me? Thank you!

    1. Capricorn, Sagittarius and Libra in your chart rule your career (Capricorn) and social status, along with your ambitions and position in life (Capricorn, Tenth House). Sagittarius rules your life as a traveller, or as an explorer of knowledge, and transmitter of knowledge too (Sagittarius, Ninth House). Libra rules duets and duels of all kinds, from the romance of marriage, to the challenge of rivalry or competition (it is always about two people). Now, in 2021, comes transiting Pluto hovering around the sign of Capricorn, forming a conjunction, semi-sextile and square to your chart. So three areas of your life are affected at once, and what you are living with is a challenge to discipline yourself. To find self-control that gives you back control. To find the willpower that empowers you. Pluto can show up as people, organisations, situations where something or someone tries to dominate. A feeling of being taken over is common. Setting aside the Neptune transit at 26 Pisces for the moment – and focussing on cycles closer to home – your task, if you should accept it, is to face who/what is creating imbalance and a lack of normal harmony in your life – and rule yourself, so that you can at least control your own world and what happens to you there. An extremely bossy boss at work is one example of Pluto in action. Yet, I have seen dogs ‘do’ Pluto, so that dog owners find themselves being pushed and pulled on a leash! The answer this year, at least, is to create a life where, no matter how hard others try to take over, you are the queen of your own domain and run your own show, on whatever level that works for you. At work, for example (Capricorn) you might create your own system and your own set-up, which enables you to push back against (for example) a corporate system that seeks to put you in your place. Moving ahead to the end of the transit, once Pluto finally moves off 26 degrees, you will find the gift is lasting empowerment. For all that Pluto is a dominator – or tries to be – he also rewards those who learn tremendous selfhood and self-discipline, on his transits. You will not be the person you were before. What you learn, will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life and give you a certain resonance and authority that lives forever! Look up Pluto on Search if you need to know more, or in the guides that come with membership.

  2. HI Jessica!
    I’m loving this series on men; super informative.
    I’m unfortunately still in a very lonely and miserable de facto relationship. I cant yet leave as my financial options currently keep me stuck. There’s also the real consideration that I’ll die alone and never meet another man. There’s part of me wondering if I’m better off dying in a immensely unhappy relationship or dying single.
    It’s all weighing on me heavily now as I’m not the cheating type as much as I’m missing a hug and having a healthy two way conversation.
    Can you see anything positive for me with regards to my situation?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You were born with the Sun in Taurus, and your finances are central to your identity. So is being stuck. Taurus the bull is a fixed sign, so hard to unfix. Taurus the bull is also associated with having her full weight planted firmly on the soil with her feet also firmly planted in the ground. And yet here you are with Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus. When you say ‘it’s all weighing heavily’ you are describing your sign. In 2021 the answer is work (and thus, money). Your part-time and full-time work options are excellent from August to December. The other support you have in 2021 and 2022 is friendship, within a group. So you have two outlets. Both of them will shift you. It is important that you get backing from outside the relationship, So, if you are living with depression (and it does sound as if you are). You are quite wrong about never meeting another man, to date, or even live with. That’s out there for you. Yet, nothing can change, until you change. So the interesting challenge now is to make your own money by working part-time or full-time. And to find happier times with new friends and new groups of people. Nobody can drop those people in by parachute; you have to find them. If you can’t bring yourself to move on those options (which your chart shows this year and next year) then you need to treat yourself for lack of motivation or energy, and that’s something the professionals can help with. Again, nobody can make you do that – you have to ‘fix the unfixed’ and get up on your feet to make the attempt. That’s what your chart is showing.

  3. Hi Jessica

    From my charts are you able see anything about any imminent danger that will prevent my family (my mum, sister and myself) from working together with my Uncle and Aunt (mum’s brother and wife) on selling an inherited property overseas? My Aunty just came across a damning information about my mum (who is Sagittarius) and her part of ownership that has my Aunty seriously re-consider despite this being the best thing for both families, her rage/revenge seems to overtake financial well-being that both families could enjoy if we worked together.

    Thank you

    1. You want to sell a house or apartment in another country, and in both charts I use for you (Libra solar chart and personal birth chart) there is a big question mark around money and family. Your enraged aunt is reconsidering the sale. We just had a Full Moon opposite the Sun in your Fourth House of family, which has not really helped, and in your Libra chart too, you have Pluto there, with all the usual push to resist being dominated or taken over. Hard to say more without the aunt’s chart, in particular, or your mother’s (come to that) but with Proserpina at 2 Cancer in the Fourth House of relatives, you are the go-between. We just had a Full Moon at 3 Capricorn, opposite the Sun at 3 Cancer, which was really close. Do not give up on this. You may find your last possible day to work wonders as the go-between is Thursday 1st July. However, if this all goes away or gets put on hold, come back to it at Christmas. Christmas spirit and all that, but on a more practical note, Jupiter goes back into 0 Pisces and starts moving to 0, 1, 2 Pisces in January 2022, making stunning patterns to Proserpina in your chart. If you are ever going to pull off the tricky task of keeping your aunt and mother happy, and sorting out the sale, this is it. Have a look at the Tarot for timing.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I write to you because my boyfriend is born 8th of April 19 70 around 3 to 5 AM and he claims he is separating and his wife and kids are moving to Australia this September and he than will get a divorce.

    I dont know what to make of this anymore I know the wife is a Scorpio and he isn’t a liar but should I wait until the end of the year to give him a chance we only been dating 5 months.

    1. He will make up his mind about his children by the end of August – in fact a decision is pending tomorrow, Sunday 8th August – and you need to find out the truth. I would be astonished if his wife and children were able to emigrate to Australia in September. The country is shut down. Try to find out the truth.

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