Astrology and Your Body

If you are concerned with health, healing and your body, there are some tried and tested clues in your astrological birth chart.

The Sixth House

The Sixth House and all Virgo horoscope factors in your chart, rule the connection between your mind, body and spirit. Virgo and the Sixth House describe how your physical condition affects your capacity to work, do housework, study or engage in unpaid work.

Astrology has always linked your job and your body. Your housework and your health. Your chores and your well-being. Virgo and the Sixth House are where you will find the connections between your paid work, unpaid work and your physical condition. The placements you have in Virgo in the Sixth House of your birth chart will give you useful insights into what makes you tick (or not tick) and why it might be happening, even on an unconscious level.

Look to Pisces factors in your chart (shown above for Premium Members) too especially if they make exact aspects to your Virgo factors. If this is the case with you, then you may be unconsciously programming your body and it may be helpful to look more deeply at that. In astrology, Pisces rules everything that is hidden, mysterious and unfathomable about you – some thinkers call this your Higher Self. If your higher self is taking your health and wellbeing in a particular direction, for reasons you may not be aware of, then it is these Pisces-Virgo oppositions in your birth chart which will reveal it best, according to astrology. Worth a closer look!

The Sixth House shows how your body dictates your whole life, but particularly in terms of employment, university and chores. We find depression in the Sixth House, but also the lives and careers of successful homeopaths. If you are strongly Virgo then you could easily make the lessons you learn about your own body, into the basis of a career. Having a string of colds as a child could turn you into a pharmacist or naturopath, for example.

A Virgo stellium (more than three chart factors in this sign) can also result in the common scenario of someone whose body issues dictate her job. You may be the taxi driver whose back pain means you can only work part-time. You might be the Prime Minister who has to delegate to other ministers because of your secret health issues!

Taking apart the meaning of everything you have in your Sixth House will show you the story. Destiny is about rewriting that story differently if you wish or editing a chapter. Consider each horoscope factor in turn and what it means. Do you have Uranus in Virgo? You may have a pattern of rejecting food, or perhaps your body rejects what you put into it, like nicotine or even colours and flavours. Do you have Pluto in Virgo? Perhaps your sense of power and control is linked to food. If you are in the Virgo Generation, you can read more about this horoscope signature on my website.

Look carefully at your Virgo factors in the Sixth House and see which patterns they trigger. You are looking for matching numbers (or degrees) of any other horoscope factor, in any sign. Allow one degree’s difference. Beyond oppositions to Pisces, your Virgo factors may aspect heavenly bodies in Capricorn – which triggers your Tenth House of career. That’s just one example.

What this means is that whenever you attend to your body and its wants and needs, other areas of your life also become triggered. Another example might be the person who has Pluto at 15 Virgo and the Sun at 15 Libra in the house of partnership. For her, health issues automatically involve her husband.

Aspects stand out. They are unusual. If you were born on September 22nd, 1968, then you have the Sun at 29 Virgo and Uranus at 29 Virgo. That’s striking. How do you explore the mind, body and spirit connection in your life?

If you are a Sixties baby, then you were born at a time when The Pill revolutionised the planet and transformed everything from the family unit to the global economy. Pluto and Uranus, slow-moving planets which trigger deep change, were in Virgo at that time. If you think about it, you’ll see the cosmic joke. Virgo is associated with virgins and this tiny pill put women into what the old astrologers would have seen as an artificial state of virginity. They would be ‘maidens’ all their life if they wished and never become mothers!

halgatewood com  jbClosDsD4 unsplash 600x400 - Astrology and Your Body

Pills are ruled by Virgo and if you were born in the Sixties you need to remember that the tiniest amount of any drug can have a massive effect on your system. You are in the generation who have been forced to look at the impact of even small amounts of food on your constitution – like sugar, on a daily basis, or particularly gluten and wheat. If you are in your fifties as you read this, you may have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Check.

Asteroids, Braille, Fleming and Pasteur

Some people’s entire lives are dictated by the patterns in Virgo in their Sixth House. Louis Braille invented a reading and writing system for blind and vision-impaired people that became world famous. Braille was blinded as a child when he accidentally stabbed himself in the eye. He passed away from tuberculosis aged 43. His physical condition ruled his life.

Braille had the MC or Midheaven at 11 Virgo in his Sixth House. The MC was his life path or highest achievement. He used his own experiences to reshape his career and ultimately changed the world.

The Virgo MC in Braille’s birth chart is widely connected by a stack of aspects. That pattern, involving eight horoscope factors, takes up about one quarter of the horoscope. The presence of the asteroid Hygiea at 10 Cancer, sextile his MC at 11 Virgo, is particularly important, because she is part of a family of famous healers in astrology.

Hygiea in Your Horoscope

Hygiea 312x600 - Astrology and Your BodyWe get the word ‘hygiene’ from her name and the idea that prevention is better than cure. Clean water and air prevent epidemics.

They found and named Hygiea in 1849 when Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor in American history. In that year, John Snow made his famous study of cholera which led to advances in epidemiology. You need to know your Hygiea sign and house. Even if this big asteroid is not in Virgo and your Sixth House of the body, her very presence in your birth chart shows you where you can immunise yourself, protect yourself, insure yourself and ‘inoculate’ yourself against particular outcomes. Hygiea in Taurus in the Second House of money helps you protect yourself against debt, for example.

Sir Alexander Fleming, who gave us penicillin, was born with Hygiea at 24 Cancer next to Mercury at 24 Cancer. Like Louis Braille, Fleming also had Hygiea in caring Cancer.

Hygiea, that great symbol of pre-emptive measures and protection (health insurance, or healthy living) is Jupiter’s great-granddaughter. Her sister is Panacea, an asteroid like her. They are all part of the same healing, helpful family tree in astrology.

Panacea in Your Horoscope

Panacea rules remedies, lotions, potions and drugs of all kinds – along with surgical procedures and even euthanasia. Panacea is in charge of ‘the answer’ for yourPanacea 450x600 - Astrology and Your Body mind, body and spirit. There is a catch, though. She raises moral and ethical questions about the cure. She can be controversial.

One example of this might be the doctor who cures a patient with a sugar pill, using the placebo effect. It is dishonest, but it works.

They found Panacea in 1980, the year that Elvis Presley’s doctor was indicted on 14 counts of over-prescribing him drugs. Perhaps it all made The King feel a lot better, but was it ethical? On May 5th, 1980 the Vatican also made its famous Declaration on Euthanasia. In ancient times they used hemlock. Panacea can also point to the use of marijuana for medical purposes for obvious reasons, and of course the termination of pregnancy. There is always an answer with Panacea but there is always a moral question as well.

If either of these two (Hygiea or Panacea) aspect your Sixth House, that’s a major statement about your body and your approach towards medicine or healing. Look carefully at the patterns Panacea and Hygiea make with other horoscope factors. What’s the story?

Louis Pasteur created the first vaccine for rabies. He saved a boy’s life with it. He was born on 27th December 1822 at 2.00am in Dole, France.

He had Vulcano at 1 Virgo aspecting Hygiea at 2 Aquarius. Pasteur also had the asteroid Juno at 1 Leo, the sign we associate with children and Mercury at 0 Capricorn, tying into the pattern. It dominates his chart.

The more patterns you have around Panacea, Hygiea and the Sixth House, the more likely you are to pursue health, medicine, fitness and healing – or to grapple with issues about your own body which mean you end up dedicating your life to finding a cure or managing the issue.

You cannot ignore your physical state or condition with a big Sixth House and Virgo signature, or an emphasis on Panacea or Hygiea. The body rules the mind rules the body. It can become a real-life statement.

Aesculapia the Miracle Worker

Aesculapia 1 - Astrology and Your BodyThe powerful asteroid Aesculapia reveals where you can always make a comeback. By sign and house in your birth chart, this is the asteroid which reveals where nothing is truly ‘over’ and where miraculous returns, resurrections or revivals are possible.

When she was known as Camilla Parker-Bowles, the lady was demolished by the media. You might have thought a happy comeback was impossible, but with Aesculapia in royal Leo in her birth chart, Camilla came back…and back…and young George and Charlotte will live to tell the tale.

Transits involving Aesculapia through your Sixth House and making aspects to natal Sixth House chart factors may help you turn your health around.

The most dramatic healer in the horoscope is Aesculapia. The Romans set up temples to him, where people would stay overnight, hoping for a dream that would give them the diagnosis and cure, or a miraculous recovery.

As Dianne Skafte explains in her book When Oracles Speak, “In all of Western history, no institution has brought dreams and healing together in a more powerful way than the temples dedicated to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.

As with most of their gods and goddesses – behind our modern astrological symbols the Romans imported him and made him Italian. In fact, they shipped him in from Greece to cure the plague and believed he arrived in the form of a snake.

The temples thrived for nearly a thousand years. They were free and usually built near natural springs. After baths, fasting, ritual and prayer patients descended into chambers and slept, hoping for miracle cures. Afflicted Romans made casts of the relevant body part, to offer up to the God – and the priests in the temple (the Roman version of a hospital) would attend the patients.

Aesculapia is Jupiter’s grandson and the father of Panacea and Hygiea. He’s a big part of that healing, helpful family in astrology. The Hippocratic Oath taken by the medical profession names him, along with Panacea and Hygiea. These are the healing gods that mattered, along with Apollo, who was a multi-tasker – both leader and healer.

Aesculapia describes the process of coming back from the brink. He is crucial in astrology when we look at life-threatening injury or illness – like rabies. He is a miracle worker. Aesculapia 2 - Astrology and Your Body

To the Romans, he was the god who could cure the plague. To us, he may be an important symbol when we look at other serious illness.

Pasteur, the man who defeated rabies, had Aesculapia at 24 Taurus in his personal birth chart. It formed a perfect trine to Mars at 24 Capricorn in his house of career. Minerva was also very close at 23 Taurus.

They found and named Aesculapia in 1923, when a Nobel Prize was awarded to Banting and Macleod for the discovery of insulin. Magnified images of insulin show snake-like coils. The symbol for Aesculapia is a snake, wrapped around a rod. It is an ancient image, over 2000 years old.

You still see the Rod of Aesculapius on the side of ambulances. The snake can also be seen if you look at images of Hygiea, his daughter. She often holds a bowl and snake. I’ve seen it on the windows of Spanish pharmacies. The famous coil shape of DNA resembles the snake and rod of Aesculapia. So does the Indian chakra system.

All of this is an important part of astrology, which runs on synchronicity – the powerful and meaningful connection between symbols. In fact, it’s the Astrological Method in action.

None of these asteroids in your Sixth House, natally or by transit, stop you running to the doctor. They do open up new and intriguing angles on your body, if you have an open mind. Where is your Aesculapia?

Coming Back From the Brink

Aesculapia British Museum 2 - Astrology and Your BodyI have a friend – a brilliant astrologer – who was diagnosed with what they told her was “aggressive” cancer. I looked at her chart and saw Aesculapia about to travel through her Sixth House.

She did not use asteroids, but she was broad-minded about her astrology. I explained that the symbol for this famous Roman healing god was a snake, wrapped around a rod.

The following day the local council sent her a pamphlet with a snake on the front cover. That’s fairly unusual in England! She took it as a good omen. And so, it turned out to be. Her cancer scare is now ancient history.

Dig into your birth chart. Look at the Sixth House. Remember that Chiron rules healing herbs and plants, quite specifically. He is mostly a maverick, though, as you can see elsewhere in this book. He can turn up when you are seeing a medical maverick, not a mainstream doctor!

You will get a great deal more from ancient statues and old paintings of the healing family of astrology, than you ever can from me. Rediscover these archetypes. Of course, as astrology is synchronicity, it may well be that they go and find you. One of my favourite places to discover these old Roman helpers and healers is the British Museum. You will find Aesculapius on the ground floor. The statue has itself survived all this time – a good tribute to the old miracle-worker himself.


Edited extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.

Images Courtesy of, Pinterest and British Museum.

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22 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I have an empty sixth house (pieces) what does that mean?
    BTW, I love my gift Funny Bones 🙂
    Thank you and Alicia.

    1. I am glad you like Funny Bones, I will pass that on to Alicia. You have Mars at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of health, fitness, daily routine, wellbeing, lifestyle, work, housework and unpaid work. You were born for an action sport, like football, and for a job where you have to be fast, first and number one.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I’m reposting this from another blog topic – this is perfect!

    Hope you’re keeping well.

    It’s been a while since I contacted you to ask a question but hope you can find the time to help.

    Back in 2017/18 I contacted you about my wonderful dog and that I’d done his birth chart – I remember feeling somewhat bashful about admitting this – still do a bit 🙂 It is amazing how connected our charts are. Without boring you about all of the, to me, amazing conjunctions, trines etc, I wanted to remind you of his virgo placements: Minerva 21 Virgo, Apollo 9 Virgo, Psyche 10 Virgo. My Aesculapia is 11 Virgo.
    Also his South node is 14 Gemini so his node return coming up and his Aesculapia is 27 Capricorn on my Sun – don’t know if this is meaningful.
    We’ve been on a healing journey together, I could write a book, suffice to say the immune issues from 2017/18 healed (thank you Universe), the terrible allergy and skin issues from 2019 healed (thank you to so many, myself included – big time) and now we face another immune issue. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma on 4 Feb and we are heartbroken. Treatment currently on offfer? None that we could/would accept – we’ve been down that canine cancer, “how much insurance do you have?…..Great!….. we can treat (aka poison) him for that amount” path before. We will treat palliatively, unless we can find another way.

    Our vet now also sees the connection between the start of all these immune issues and a reaction to a vaccine back in August 2017 (the eclipse date actually). We are seeing more and more of this in our animals. Anyway, I’m not looking for a platform to rant…..

    So, why am I writing to you?

    I noted the following placements today: (2 days ago now)
    Minerva 21 Virgo (Minerva return for Jasper)
    Apollo 21 Virgo (Conjunction)
    Mars 21 Taurus conjunct my Mars 21 Taurus.
    Nodes at 16 Gemini / Sag

    Virgo connections – healing potential?

    Can you please help me make sense of these? Is there anything my ignorance is preventing me from seeing? He’s only 9 yrs and I felt so, so certain we would have him until he was 13ys – just a feeling and more than likely wishful thinking.

    I hope you get to read this and “thank you” for any insight you can offer.

    TA x

    1. Animal companions always come with an end-life reality that we happily ignore, don’t we. My animal friends have been as important as the human kind since I was small and I am sure you are the same. But they have four legs, and we have two, and they have a limited life span. Your friend Jasper has Minerva 21 Virgo, Apollo 9 Virgo, Psyche 10 Virgo. Your Aesculapia is 11 Virgo so very close to his Psyche in the Sixth House. Psyche lives forever – she goes on forever. Psyche is a symbol of immortality. Aesculapia is a symbol of someone who can bring back people, organisations or animals back from the brink. So the 10/11 degree transits of any horoscope factor trigger both of you. He was diagnosed on 4th February and Jupiter was at 10 Aquarius. Is there hope? Tons of it. Jupiter is a symbol of solutions, optimism, hope, solutions and improvements. So on the day he was diagnosed, Jasper had Jupiter quincunx his Psyche in the Sixth House. You had Jupiter quincunx your Aesculapia, again in the Sixth House. To me, the solution is a group and/or friends. Dog lovers or dog owners. I am sure you have been online. Jupiter in Aquarius is ‘social media answers’ or ‘friendly group solutions’ and if he is nine years old, it may be that you need to filter everything out on Google by looking for dogs in that age group, or his particular breed. If your vet saw a reaction to a vaccine in August 2017 it was not just the eclipse (the blind spot). It was the fact that Mercury was retrograde at 11, 10 Virgo. The vet is right. It was the vaccine or a second issue you still do not know about. The solution is here. If you want to find answers for Jasper now, with the vet, and the cancer, go to groups of dog owners and lovers like you. Find out what is going to work for him. Be open minded. You may be told to try an animal healer (Britain has excellent animal healers). You may be told to foot the bill and go with the vet. There may be another financial solution for you which comes from the community. Or – there may be an answer involving his food and drink. There is hope. I can’t tell you more than that, because this is your dog and life, not my dog and life, but on the day he was diagnosed, there was reason to keep trying and searching, no matter if you want to ease his suffering or find a way through. I wish you and Jasper the best, TA.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another interesting article. I have Jupiter and Venus in Pieces but nothing in Virgo.
    I used to take care of my physical health very well (walking, hiking, gym, marital arts, pilates, swimming) until about 2007/2008. Then, something happened (no idea what) but depression and anxiety took hold of me and I just couldn’t, however hard I tried, to get a grip of myself. In 2018/2019, it was like I woke up from a deep sleep and suddenly the world brightend up. At the same time, I noticed I was about 30lbs heavier than I should be. And, I’m struggling to lose it just as I struggled to get a grip of depression and anxiety.
    I’m happy with my life and am generally fit and well. My family and friends are well and supportive. I enjoy my job in the pharmaceutical industry. There’s no obvious reason for me to carry the excess weight or to struggle losing it.
    Would appreciate your thoughts on the effects of Virgo on someone with no Virgo in their chart in relation to their physical appearance and weight.
    Thank you.

    1. This is an excellent question. You have nothing in Virgo but tick all the boxes. Depression and anxiety ruled you from 2007-2019 then you ‘awoke’ from it. You were 30 pounds overweight when you did. You also work in pharmaceuticals. You don’t really understand ‘why fat’ or why it’s so hard to get rid of it. Okay, so transits (cycles) in Virgo in your Sixth House always meet with obstacles to overcome in your chart. Virgo is a mutable sign. Whenever you get planets transiting or cycling through Virgo, which rules mental and physical health, they are in opposition to Pisces factors in your chart and square Gemini and Sagittarius factors. That puts a really tight squeeze on. You were born with 11 mutable sign (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius) horoscope factors out of a possible total of 34. So one third of your chart is tilted that way. You have an opposition from Diana at 24 Sagittarius to Mars at 25 Gemini. Every time the Moon goes to 24, 25 Virgo, which happens every four weeks, that creates a T-Square or point of tension in your chart. I suggest you start keeping a diary and take notes on what happens when the Moon is in Virgo. That could be an eye-opener. A food and drink diary, and a mood diary, is a proven way for people to lose weight. You can find out what sign the Moon is in, in England, by using any number of free Moon/astrology/lunar websites. You can use this one. You were also born with the North Node at 21 Sagittarius and South Node at 21 Gemini. Whenever the Moon goes to 21 Virgo, again in your Sixth House of health, you have a T-Square. Going back to the years ou were depressed and anxious 2007-2019 we find heavy mutable sign cycles. In 2007 the North Node was in Pisces and South Node was in Virgo, triggering your Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius factors and creating a T-Square from 0-18 degrees. I hope this makes sense. The South Node was in Virgo in your Sixth House of health, passing through, but as it moved, it triggered your Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC) and Minerva in these difficult patterns. The real kicker in 2007 and 2008 was transiting Pluto at 29 Sagittarius, right opposite your natal Saturn at 29 Gemini. If ever someone was a diary or journal keeper it’s you and if you are prepared to write, write, write and also rip up and recycle in the bin when you’re done, you could go a really long way into finding out what your triggers are, for eating too much/drinking too much/eating or drinking unwisely – and any depression or anxiety triggers. In short, you had ‘weather’ in Virgo in your Sixth House for years, which was always made more stormy, difficult or hard to live with, because it just happened to set off a whole one-third of your chart, which is in the mutable signs – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces. The other thing that will work really well for you is dream interpretation. Drop into my YouTube and Zoom session with the dreams expert and TV presenter Jane Teresa Anderson, if you are curious. You can join free on Meetups – just look for my name.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for the in-depth article. I have Jupiter at 6 virgo, south node in 6 Pisces, north node in 6 virgo and Ceres in 6 Aries.
    In short, I have had history of various episode of depression. I am working with disable people, a job I love . Tried to do many other things, but always came back to disability. Others issues are brain fog, memory problems and I feel like an alien in the world. Feel very out of place. I am also highly into energy healing and manage my issues with energy healing. Never took any medicine for my problems.
    What else do you see do you see in my charts regarding my health and mind issues. Asculapia is in 0 Taurus.
    Thanm you very much Jessica1

    1. Navi, I am sorry you are living with depression. You also have brain fog and memory issues and you feel alienated from other people. You are an energy healer and you work with disabled people, which you love. This all sounds like a highly developed use of Virgo/Sixth House factors despite the challenges. So where can you take it? You were born with Jupiter at 6 Virgo, Saturn at 23 Virgo, Minerva at 19 Virgo, Apollo at 12 Virgo, the North Node at 6 Virgo (an exact conjunction with Jupiter). This is past life and you have incarnated to heal your own and other people’s mental or physical health issues. You may have been disabled yourself in a prior incarnation or had mental health issues. The North Node always shows a soul contract in your life between lives, and you may have agreed to come back, even in a time of pandemic, to focus on new ways to resolve mind, body and spirit issues. So you are an old soul when it comes to sickness and health and may have been a doctor or patient many times. For as much as you have a Virgo Sixth House stellium, you also have Jupiter at 6 Virgo opposite the South Node at 6 Pisces in the Twelfth House of the spirit, soul and unconscious mind. That is the tension. You will find that whenever you have issues with work, unpaid work, study or housework, your spirit, soul or unconscious mind (however you want to label it) kicks in. That is when you find you can go no further with your normal routine because you are depressed, or can’t remember, or feel foggy, mentally. The answer is to have an honest conversation with yourself about work with disabled people. You love it, which is great, but it must also be really demanding. Take this apart. Use Your Oracle, The Astrology Oracle and the Tarot on this website. As much as your mature, sensible, civilised self says that you enjoy your job, there is another part of you which needs time out. Or maybe it is quite another sort of work you do (housework?) which part of yourself wants out, from. The answer is likely in your daily routine, lifestyle, the hours of work/relaxation/sleep in the finest detail, your work ethic, your sense of service and duty to others, and your sense of duty to yourself. This stuff will go really, really deep if you have an exact Jupiter-South Node opposition from the Sixth House to the Twelfth House. You may gain from reading about Apollo as well. He is Jupiter’s son from the famous Jupiter healing family. Your own quest and search with mental and physical health, will help you lead others. You are already doing that but you can go further. Have a look at Aesculapius too (sometimes called Aesculapia) who was Apollo’s son. Look at the DNA spiral, the snake held by both Apollo and Aesculapia and the snake as a symbol of the chakra system (kundalini) in Indian energy medicine. There is so much for you to uncover here. Use your dreams as well. Your dreams will talk to you.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting article, thank you.

    I have Sun at 23 Virgo and Saturn / Vesta at 23 Scorpio. It has a link with my wellbeing, job and living situation. It seems that shared house situation and partnership affects my health and has impact on my job. In the last few years, I had very stressful family shared house situation that left me burned out and pushed me to give up my job.

    However, I cannot see how Aesculapia at 4 Gemini can help, and where to look for solutions?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Justina, the family shared household burned you out – and you left your job. You are probably still getting over that, but the worst is over. You were born with a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth house, which rules the housework, your paid job, your mental health (anxiety and depression) and your physical health and wellbeing (what you eat and drink, but also any serious or chronic conditions that need a doctor). A cycle that is only possible once in your life came past. Neptune was opposite most of your Virgo factors in Pisces and the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius created a T-Square. So you had oppositions and T-Squares to your Virgo self. Your Virgo self needs a clean and tidy space but does not want to be a slave to housework and is troubled by people in any household who do things differently with the kitchen, bathroom, shared space. Your Virgo self is also very, very prone to dealing with conflicts over jobs, or housework, by producing health or mental health symptoms which force an exit. The soul or spirit wants X, but you don’t do it, because your logical brain tells you that you should be doing Y. As a result your whole system intervenes and you end up with a doctor giving you a reason to quit the home, or quit the job. I hope that makes sense to you. You are strongly Virgo and the more you learn about that sign and the Sixth House, the better. As I said, the worst is over, yet September 2021 when the North Node at 4 Gemini and South Node at 4 Sagittarius aspect your natal Mars at 4 Virgo, is the ideal opportunity to own your mental and physical health and your work. To run it. Your immune system and your mind, body, spirit connection need to be understood in depth, and you can start now. I have seen some readers with Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House gain enormously from martial arts or competitive sport – like women’s football. I have also seen them gain from specific kinds of yoga created to address the mind, soul and spirit as well as the body.

  6. Hello Jessica, thanks once again for you brilliant work. You gave me some guidance about another area of my life, which was perfectly accurate. May I please ask you shed some light on the health aspect for me. There seems to to chiron and saturn opposition, albeit not exact. I have touched upon this before… I had a near total physical breakdown in 2016… I am a martial arts practitioner. In 2016 I started teaching it too but eventually had to stop even doing that in the summer of 2019. During this period, unable to do my normal job, (make a living) and I believe due to some old karmic dues tied to Malta where I had been living. I ended up losing almost everything, including my clothes even… and unable to make myself better, last year just as the pandemic was about to hit, I got myself to India, where I have mainly rested, had some ayurverdic treatment (3rd since 2016)and following the routine that has been suggested to best of my ability. Not having a home of my own or to even any idea about where to live and how is the biggest challenge in my recovery. Apologise for the legnth of my query. I would be ever so grateful to have your insight. With love and respect

  7. Hello Jessica, thanks once again for your brilliant work. You gave me some guidance about another area of my life, which was perfectly accurate. May I please ask you to shed some light on the health aspect for me. There seems to be chiron and saturn oppositions with uranus, vesta and venus respectively, albeit not exact. I have touched upon this before… I had a near total physical breakdown in 2016… I am a martial arts practitioner. In 2016 I started teaching it too but eventually had to stop even doing that in the summer of 2019. During this period, unable to do my normal job, (make a living) and I believe due to some old karmic dues tied to Malta where I had been living. I ended up losing almost everything, including my clothes even… and unable to make myself better, last year just as the pandemic was about to hit, I got myself to India (here I am supported by my mother) where I have mainly rested, had some ayurverdic treatment (3rd since 2016)and following the routine that has been suggested to the best of my ability. Not having a home of my own or even any idea about where to live and how, is the biggest challenge in my recovery. I do have a devoted partner, a superior man as you had forecasted :), separated since the pandemic.
    Apologise for the legnth of my query. I would be ever so grateful to have your insight. With love and respect

    1. I am thrilled that you were helped by the astrology. Thank you. You are a martial arts professional who had a physical breakdown in 2016. Fortunately you got yourself to India with your mother, have a terrific partner (though you are apart during the pandemic) and want to know next steps. In astrology you always begin with the year of a crisis to do the detective work. You were born with a Grand Cross, with Venus at 26 Virgo in the Sixth House of health and fitness, Saturn at 25 Pisces in the Twelfth House of the soul and spirit, the AC or Ascendant at 27 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and places, and the DC or Descendant at 27 Gemini in the Third House of communication. A Grand Cross is always a cross to bear. Bringing other people and organisations into your life changes the pattern so it is broken up and made easier. (Look up Sacred Geometry on Search to see how this is done). In the year 2016 when you had your body break down, you had transiting Chiron trigger the pattern you were born with, the Grand Cross, as he reached 25 Pisces. For good measure you also had an eclipse at the New Moon at 18 Pisces on March 9th 2016, which is always a cover-up or blind spot. This was exactly opposite your natal Pluto at 18 Virgo in the Sixth House of health. I mention all this so you can work with your chart. Even though 2016 was so tough, you were born with Diana at 17 Capricorn and Minerva at 17 Libra, aspecting Pluto at 18 Virgo so you have built-in inner support and help from yourself. And life will always protect you. It’s the same with Uranus at 21 Virgo in your Sixth House of health, in conjunction with Vesta at 21 Virgo, aspecting Mercury at 21 Libra in the Seventh House of partners, Neptune at 20 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money, Salacia at 22 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Transits or travelling planets going to those degrees, trigger old patterns and old solutions. The most healing potential in 12 years is coming when Jupiter moves to 26, 27 Pisces in April 2022. Jupiter will heal your Grand Cross. I would not be surprised if you go more heavily into spirituality, astrology, Hinduism or another religion then. Perhaps therapy or counselling. Jupiter will be in conjunction with Saturn at 25 Pisces in the Twelfth House. At that point doors will open everywhere to a complete change involving your soul, your health, your partner and your appearance. I’d say your final choice about where in the country/the world to live, will fall into place then. There is karma with India and Malta which will have been settled by now. You have finished that part. To figure out your chart always look at the 26/27 pattern and the 20/21/22 pattern. Jupiter will bring a lot of answers for you as he is at 20-22 Pisces and 25-27 Pisces in April 2022. Neptune is at 23-24 Pisces in the same month, so this feels like a spiritual transformation to me. Perhaps a psychic awakening. You will certainly be very close to God or whatever it is you believe.

  8. Hi Jessica!
    I was very pleased to read this post, as Uranus has been traveling my 6th house for awhile now. During this transit, I find myself very into my health and fitness. It hasn’t been easy as I’ve been overweight my entire life. But I’m getting there and have lost 28 lbs to date and am seeing a dr for my depression. All in all, this transit has been positive for me!
    I have Mars in the 6th house, at 26 degrees, aspecting Minerva at 26 Aquarius and Pluto at 26 Libra. Could you explain this to me? How does my health cross into the worlds of friends and duels/duets?
    I have Aesculapia in Libra, which I take to mean that my partnerships whether professional or personal always make a comeback. I have Hygeia in leo and I understand that I am a total mama lion- I overprotect my kids, and not just mine, but other people’s too! Am I on the right track here?

    1. Being overweight and depressed is not unusual with Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House. As a child were you made to eat what you disliked (vegetables for example) or were you fed to reward you (biscuits) or were you made to go without food if you were naughty? The first major chapter with food and anger would have been around age two – the terrible twos – which was your Mars return. I am sure you have seen a counsellor to join the dots with the overweight and the depression. I am sure you also know about feeling ‘hangry’ which is half hunger, half anger. Well done on losing 28 pounds, that is fantastic, and also getting your doctor to help you with your mental health. The exact aspects from Mars to Pluto in your Seventh House of former, current and potential duets and double-acts, pairs and couples, is another clue. Every time you try to control that (Pluto) or dominate the other person (again, Pluto) you get Mars. Minerva is your helper. In Aquarius, the sign of friends and groups, this suggests a support circle of people who also have weight problems or depression. Have you gone there yet? If you did and it did not work, are you prepared to keep looking? You are right in your interpretations of Aesculapia and Hygiea. You were wondering how health, mental health, fitness, wellbeing connects to partnerships. I once had a reader with the same pattern, and she had a difficult husband. When she could not control him, her body intervened and she got chocolate or cheese migraines. That made him obey her. Pretty basic and crude. I often wonder if she left the husband or fixed the problems in the marriage, and thus the migraines were no longer required by her soul. You can use the guidebooks on this website to go a really long way with that Sixth House pattern.

  9. Hi Jessica, Thankyou for an interesting article. I always have a particular interest in astrology and health, starting from Pamela Rowe’s writings on health, when I was lucky enough to be in her astrology classes in the 80s. Unfortunately I became distracted by a relationship and dropped out. Big regret. I was struck by your Uranus in Virgo comment re rejection of food, as in my case it played out literally, having surgery as a baby to open my stomach entrance because my body was throwing out food intake. Certainly in many ways health has played a big role in my life journey and psyche, and I have just in the last days come back from a positive checkup visit with Peter Mac. I would be most grateful if you could make any comments on my chart. Wishing you well. Veronica

    1. Thank you Veronica. I must find out more about Pamela Rowe’s written work. How amazing that your Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House should have played out, as surgery when you were a baby – rejecting food you were given. I am glad your checkup went well. You were born with an exact conjunction of Uranus at 15 Virgo and Pluto at 15 Virgo in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, fitness, mental health, housework, paid work and unpaid work. They are all connected. You were also born with Hygiea at 20 Virgo, in the Sixth House. So, you were born into a whole generation of people who have both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, so feel a kinship with the billions who wear trainers as street shoes; have belonged to a gym; have tried vegan/raw (and that’s just Westerners who have money!) Even if we are talking the poorest Virgo generation people in Africa – they have grown up with HIV/AIDS and condoms and safe sex are a way of life. Even more broadly, everyone in your generation grew up with the Pill and the message to women your age is – if the body can be controlled with a pill, then work can be controlled. I hope you can see how there are all these messages for you about body and work, being fit for service/duty and so on. You will have adapted this to suit yourself and your lifestyle and may be a yoga amigo, or a gluten-free cook or whatever. Aromatherapy is as much a part of Virgo as AIDS awareness. The latest challenge for Generation Virgo is Covid-19 and all the attempts at a silver bullet vaccine. So far we have at least one mutation or variant of the virus which is escaping antibodies which worries some epidemiologists. That’s a Virgo generation concern. Crucially, you have Hygiea in Virgo as well and she is at home in the Sixth House as she is a symbol of prevention being better than cure. Now, you come into your own as your own best researcher, finding out what works for you best. You are long past the challenging Neptune opposition to Pluto and Uranus which took place from 2018. Now, Neptune is moving to oppose Hygiea at 20 Virgo, from 20 Pisces in 2021, early 2022. What does that mean? It’s similar to what you just experienced. Temporary obstacles which can be met with conscious management. There are some cutting-edge epidemiologists and experts on Twitter to follow, to point you in the right direction. The North Node and South Node form a T-Square to your natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction when they pass 15 Gemini and Sagittarius, in March 2021. That is your invitation to take everything you know about your immune system and put it into play. Much, much further along in time when Uranus goes to 15 Gemini, in June and July 2029, you will experience the square to natal Uranus and Pluto. By then you will have rich experience in looking after yourself. What to do, and also what not to do. I haven’t even gone into the basics of the Sixth House, but the truth is, if you have an issue with work, housework, study or unpaid work on a soul or spiritual level, or even a job you consciously dislike, your body will show up with particular conditions or complaints which bring about specific outcomes. I saw a chart like yours once. The man concerned did not meditate, but he was a medium and he needed to, as it was the only way his guides could communicate. He developed a chronic foot condition (he was a chauffeur) which stopped him, every day, from driving – so he had to lie down. And that made him meditative. Messages would come. When he owned his mediumship and actually had the discipline to set up a daily practise, the foot issues vanished. They were no longer required. I hope you can see what I’m getting at here. It is astonishing to see how often the physical body will deliver what is needed by the soul, if the brain is ignoring the message. That may also help you with your path to greater health and wellbeing, Veronica.

  10. Thank you Jessica I loved this Article As a Sun Virgo It seems I have a cluster all with in 2 degrees I have Uranus at 26 Leo and Hygiea 26 Scorpio close by Venus at 27 Cancer and Proserpina at 27 Libra Then the Nodes at 27 Leo and 27 Aquarius Then Jupiter at 28 Capricorn and Juno at 28 Pisces I see a pattern here , My Panacea is at 18 Leo and my Aescapula at 19 Aquarius Also A pattern with 24 Saturn Capricorn and Ceres at 24 Taurus opposite Diana at 23 Scorpio My Virgo is opposite Chiron at 4degrees Pisces .Would love some insight into the Uranus and Hygiea and Jupiter and Juno aspects if you are able to thankyou very much I am fascinated by these connections and how they seem to play out If being a Virgo means Uranus is in Leo my 12th house do I read it as Leo the fifth house or Leo in my 12th house I hope I am articulating this properly and so on with my chart please ?Thanks very much for reading this query of mine hope every thing is well with you Jessica .

    1. Thank you very much. Just to clarify – Uranus in Leo is in the Fifth House of the personal (personality) birth chart. So, you were born to experience regular, repeated revolutions involving parenthood-potential relationships, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, young adults. These occasional upsets are actually set-ups in disguise. They are set up to radically change your approach to a younger generation, and to intimate relationships, so that you and others can be set free. Achieve space, independence, liberation and liberty. I use two charts for you. One is your regular Virgo chart (solar houses, showing what happens to you in life) and the other is your personal birth chart, showing personality and in-depth destiny. In your personal chart, there is a close pattern with Uranus in the Fifth House, Hygiea in the Eighth House, Venus in the Fourth House and Proserpina in the Seventh House. So you can see at a glance, you have recurring revolutions, linked to sex and money (often marriage and mortgage, or rent and live-in partners), definitely the house, apartment or household, and of course – former, current or potential partners. Space and time does not allow me to go into the rest of the chart, but you can work with that pattern around 26, 27 degrees and use the guides that come with membership to decode your personal birth chart and fix the past, or have an easier time in the future.

  11. Hello Jessica! Thank you for a wonderful article. I find it peculiar that I have Chiron 6 degrees, Panacea 13 degrees, Hygiea 24 degrees and Bacchus 16 degrees in Virgo. Aesculapia 20 degrees in Scorpio which gives me return of the dead vibes but maybe I don’t know how to interpret it. And the only planets that are close by degree are Pluto 24 degrees in Scorpio and Moon 17 degrees in Aquarius. Does this mean I’m capable of being some sort of healer or is there another interpretation?

    Thank you for any insights you can share!

    1. The stellium in Virgo is the main thing. The Scorpio placement is about finance, property, sex and death (so usually marriage and mortgage, or family inheritance). You have a high count of Virgo factors in your Sixth House of service, duty, daily routine, chores, tasks, work ethic, physical health, mental health. Three of them are linked to healing. So you may have a life where you go in search of it, or give it, or learn to do both. I can’t see a chart here so I’m afraid I can only make a general comment.

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