The Garden Oracle

The Garden Oracle validates astrology predictions and also confirms what you are seeing in the Tarot and The Astrology Oracle.

Using The Garden Oracle

The Garden Oracle validates astrology predictions and also confirms what you are seeing in the Smith-Waite Tarot and The Astrology Oracle on my website.

It’s like seeing the same film from several angles. As a Premium Member, you can give yourself a complete reading.

Of course, you can use The Garden Oracle by itself, but for an important question or a long-term prediction (the next six months or the next year) try all the options together for a detailed forecast.

Writing The Garden Oracle

I began writing The Garden Oracle many years ago and it has been through a number of changes, to get to this point. Just like a real garden, it was seeded, replanted and is now grown – but it will go on growing for you, over time.

Writing the Garden Oracle Shelby Miller Unsplash 1024x749 - The Garden Oracle

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33 Responses

    1. Thank you – I will pass that on to James and Justin at Asporea who made it come to life.

  1. Hi Jessica, Thank you very much for providing the Garden oracle. It is really helpful and a three-way reading is very powerful.
    You suggest read the Garden Oracle loud. I feel hear the reading from Miguel Cullen is also very powerful and healing. Do you have all the card reading by him? like a Audio book? It could be really good to hear the Oracle regularly.

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass that onto Miguel. We’re talking about ideas for 2022 and that’s at the top of the list.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I just tried your new garden oracle and it has been so insightful and accurate, thank you!

  3. Thank you Jessica. Wonderful! It works! The three way reading is really helpful and adds depth and perspective. Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom and empathy ❤️

  4. Hello Jessica
    Wanted to thank you for the Garden Oracle. Flowers are one of my loves. Thought both one card and three card readings were on the spot, also.
    Have Happy Holidays as much as possible after the year we’ve had.
    Your work and your website have been a balm.

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that on to James and Justin at Asporea who create this website. Merry Christmas.

  5. Hi Jessica
    The Garden Oracle is great, spot on.
    Will it be possible to know the name of each flower? I am curious.
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks Rosario. There is a list of the photography credits at the back in the flipbook that accompanies the cards.

  6. Thank you Jessica and to all that contributed to the new oracle, absolutely love everything about it.

  7. This is the most beautiful and unique divination tool. A lovely Christmas gift for your readers. Thank you for this! Wishing you and your team a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that onto James and Justin at Asporea, who created this from my words.

  8. This was great! Thank you. On another note, and I apologize if this isn’t the correct blog post to look at, I recently had an astrological reading here in Bali. She mentioned that my Saturn squares my mid-heaven, and that’s a challenge for money in my life. Is that true? I’ve had my ups and downs with money, and it does seem like I have to work harder for money than anything else in my life, but that information from her kinda put a worry in me.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you are seeing results with The Garden Oracle. Saturn square the Midheaven is never about financial challenges so just ignore that. You also don’t have it, according to the chart I see here. You are a Sun Gemini who has had Pluto in Capricorn in his Eighth House of joint finances and property since 2008, so I am not surprised you’ve had ups and downs. They end for good from 2023 but even so, you are in a far easier cycle now and on the downhill slope. You’ll make or save a lot of money when Jupiter (opportunity, growth) moves into Taurus – not so far away. Get through 2022 first and then from 2023 start dreaming bigger. You have a classic Taurus-Scorpio finance, business, charity and property signature in your chart and Jupiter will trigger that in the sign of Taurus, for the first time in about 12 years. That will be an unforgettable period of expansion for you.

  9. I will ask again for the third time, how is one to use your garden oracle, horoscopes and astrology articles for help if one cannot afford your premium membership?
    You give a glimpse of what could be very helpful guidance then, that is it pay for what could be life changing help….
    so what does a broke unemployed person do

  10. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this beautiful Garden Oracle gift. I tried it out this morning and wow!! I used the one card spread and the accuracy of the message was mind blowing! You truly are gifted spiritually and I have so much appreciation for all that you do and share.
    With love and blessings
    Linda x

    1. That’s fantastic Linda. We’ll do more with The Garden Oracle in 2022 so watch out for it. Merry Christmas.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are good & thank you for years of free insight
    I’m joining the chorus above; these beautiful cards are great & spookily spot-on
    Just one card, confront what it really means for a week before getting another, is best, for me anyway
    Love from NZ, Donna

    1. Thank you so much Donna. I’ll remember your thoughts for a 2022 feature on new and different ways to use The Garden Oracle. Waving to New Zealand.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Just wanted to say thank you to your team and yourself for this fabulous resource. It’s very insightful. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much – I will pass this on to Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin – Merry Christmas.

  13. Thank you Jessica for this resource, i love it! I gave myself a three card reading in anticipation of my 40th birthday coming up in a little over 12 hours 🙂

    1. Happy Birthday. A three-way reading for the year ahead is a really good way to use these three oracles.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I’m just starting to work with this, and I love it. As you know, my life revolves around gardens, and this couldn’t be a more perfect addition to my growth in learning about astrology and the tarot.

    The sunflower has particular meaning for me since I love the Greek creation myth about it, and I have a Halloween costume based on it. I won a local a costume contest with it a few years ago. It’s seen many lives including leading a fringe festival parade in Philadelphia, PA. You haven’t lived until you danced to the B-52s at a costume ball on Halloween or walked a city street in early September dressed as sunflower. I’m 6’4′ so the height is natural compliment.

    Also, this is another layer of Floriography, which is always welcome!

    Thanks for this, and the download!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. What amazing synchronicity Jeff. The sunflower was literally your costume. I’ll pass this on to Justin Tabari who dreamed up the visuals. And I need to find out more about Floriography. Merry Christmas!

  15. loving your garden oracle I got the money man the successful man and planting ideas so hoping it means something good for the new year.

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